Fair’s Plan
Fair cabins
Spots under the arcades
Exhibition pavilion
City Hall
Exhibition pavilion
Beer gardens
Special Guests:
Jarosław Kret
Aleksandra Kostka
Opole Regional
Tourist Organisation
Honorary patronage:
Wojewoda Opolski
Province Governor of Opole
Marshall of the Opole Province
Industry patronage:
Polish Tourist Organisation
Mayor of the City of Opole
Web patronage:
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
...And That’s How It
Was In May 2010
About 100 exhibitors from various regions of the world,
among others, Dominicana, Angola, Tunisia, Albania, Czech
Republic and Germany presented their tourist attractions.
The domestic offers included those from Podkarpackie,
Pomorskie, Dolnośląskie,Śląskie, Lubuskie and Małopolskie
The impetus behind the advertising campaign and a
number of interesting attractions drew tens of thousands
guests to the fairs.
One of the attractoins was the Tyrolean traverse from the
City Hall tower to the Market Square, under the supervision
of the famous traveler - Martyna Wojciechowska who was
also signing her books.
Competitions with prizes, karate demonstrations, dancing
and music groups performances will be held on the fair
Near the cabins of Chrzanów, Alwernia and Trzebinia all
the fans could listen to the concert of Sztywny Pal Azji.
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
...So That’s How It Will
Be In May 2011
Exotic Beach In The City Centre!
Exclusive yacht, soft, golden sand, beautiful women in
bikinis - these and other attractions will be waiting for all
the interested during the 11th International Tourist Fairs
“Towards the Sun” in Opole. The organizers as well as
co-organizers of this cyclic event will welcome you with
hospitality the city is famous for.
This time Opole, often visited by Polish and foreign
guests, invites you to attend the next holiday of tourism.
The organizer will make sure that the free time spent in
our city on 12, 13 and 14 May will be one of those pleasant
memories you will never forget.
• 3 fair days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)
• the city centre – the Opole Market Square
• over 100 exhibitors, including from abroad
• about 20 thousand visitors
• accompanying events, competitions with prizes
• free admission
• beautiful form of area organisation around the Opole
City Hall
• appealing presentations of offers from the whole
• professional advertising campaign
• rich artistic programme
In the Market Square, which is the most attractive place
in Opole, and around historic tenement houses, between
cafés and restaurants, exhibitors from Poland and abroad
present their offer in wooden cabins specially intended for
fair presentations and under the roof of the fair hall.
We have invited the following to the fairs:
• foreign regions, cities and countries
• Polish regions, communes and cities
• agrotourism farms, hotels, boarding houses
• travelling agencies
• tourist organisations
• spa and health resorts
• tourist associations.
Join us at the fairs!
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
From Exhibitors
Kołobrzeg Health Resort JSC
Kołobrzeg Health Resort JSC would like to thank the Advertising Agency “PROFIL”, for the possibility of attending this
year’s Tourist Fairs “Towards the Sun”, which took place on
6-8 May 2010 in Opole.
When participating in the Fairs for the first time the
full professionalism and character of the event deserves
special attention.
The idea of organizing the event in open space proved
to be a very good form of promotion for the participating Exhibitors. It attracts large crowds of “potential clients”
who through good entertainment have an opportunity to
familiarize themselves with the offered proposals.
The Kołobrzeg Health Resort JSC having the chance of
attending in that form of promotion became a laureate,
gaining thereby the prize for the best presentation.
We hope that participation in that form of presentation
will allow us to encourage residents of the Silesian regions
to enjoy our offer and become acquainted with our city.
A. Haraj
Member of the Board
and Vice-Chairman of Sales and Marketing
Chrzanów District
Chrzanów District would like to thank the PROFIL Advertising Agency for the organization of this year’s edition of
the International Tourist Fairs “Towards the Sun” in Opole,
which took place on 6-8 May 2010.
Participation of Chrzanów District alongside with the
representatives of the Communes proved to be an accurate course of tourist promotion for the Chrzanów Land.
Friendly atmosphere, interest of the people visiting our
stand and the diploma of merit awarded to us for the
best-prepared promotion materials are best evidence of
successful fairs.
The event’s standard, professionalism, solidity and individual approach to the client are your assets thanks to
which we can recommend you as a reliable company.
Participation in the fairs was a great pleasure. We congratulate the success, counting on further successful
cooperation and organization of further editions of
the fairs
Janusz Szczęśniak
Kolonowskie Commune
The International Tourist Fairs in Opole were an excellent
opportunity to present the tourist potential of regions and
tourist companies.
With satisfaction we can recommend the Agency –
a reliable and fully professional partner. Furthermore we
are appreciative of the high quality services as well as the
competency and friendly atmosphere which we have experienced during the cooperation.
PROFIL Advertising Agency shows great flexibility and individual approach to the client.
Our wish would be for the working standards of the PROFIL Advertising Agency in Opole to be obligatory in all the
companies with which we collaborate.
Norbert Koston
Mayor of Kolonowskie
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
Winners Of The 10th
International Tourist
First Prizes:
Hranicko Region and Mała Panew River Valley
- for an original product
Kołobrzeg Health Resort JSC
- for the best presentation
The Land of Chrzanów
- for the best prepared promotion materials
Rymanovsko Region
- for the interactive stand
Nadrenia Palatynat
- for the most interesting, regional product - hock
Interferie JSC from Lubin
- for the professional, domestic residence offer
Jura Park
- for the educational workshops for the kids during the
Republic of Angola
- for the presentation of the country
Central Bohemia Region
- for the creation of tourist products
Dominican Republic
- for the tourist offer
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
The tradition of the International Tourism Fairs “Towards
the Sun” is the rich programme, numerous exhibitions,
competitions with prizes and accompanying events.
The most memorable events include: Balloon Flight
Contest, Opole Bungee Festival (bungee jumps in disguise),
Opole Skateboarding Contest, demonstration of the World
Champion in billiard tricks, and meetings with famous
travelers, among others, Krzysztof Wielicki, Robert
Makłowicz or Martyna Wojciechowska.
The following also appealed to visitor’s emotions: martial art demonstrations; Tyrolese conventions; knight’s
tournaments; bike acrobatic shows; parkour; horse rides;
and Majorette shows.
Fairs in Opole ensure interesting spending of family
leisure time. We never forget about the youngest visitors
and prepare a special programme for them, including
games and competitions with prizes.
The Fairs are also accompanied by photography exhibitions that shows the most beautiful places in Opole, the
Opole Region, other regions of Poland and the world.
We are planning many attractions for the 11th edition
of the International Tourist Fairs “Towards the Sun”.
Certainly one of them will be the Bollywood Show hosted
by Jarosław Kret. His numerous tales will be accompanied
by Indian dance shows, body adornment demonstrations,
Indian movie displays as well as snake dancing and fire
dancing performances. We would also like to encourage
the whole families to visit our fairs – a game of stalking
will be prepared especially for them. We are providing very
interesting and valuable prizes for the winners.
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
Special Guests
Jarosław Kret & Aleksandra Kostka
The fine-tuned duet of presenters, skillfully interweaves the
tales about distant corners of the world with the full of energy
He: a famous, Polish journalist, traveler and press photographer. Jarosław Kret was a member of the firs National Geographic
Poland magazine editorial personnel. The author and anchor of
such television programmes as: “Klub Podróżników”, “Kino Klubu
Podróżników” or “Planeta według Kreta”. Since 2002 he is the host
of the weather forecast on TVP (public television) - initially on the
TVP3 channel and since 2004 on TVP1 News. Author of numerous
reportages and documentary movies concerning - as he calls it
- cognition of the world. On November 2009 “Świat Książki” published his book “Moje Indie”, which already in the firs days of selling became a bestseller and after half a year it reached a recordbreaking sale of 50 thousand copies.
She: a television presenter, musical actress, professional vocalist, guitarist and compere. Aleksandra Kostka graduated from the
Musical Vocal-Acting School in Gdynia and the Pedagogical Academy in Słupsk. As an actress she played on many boards of the
Polish and foreign theatres furthermore, performed in a movie by
Olaf Lubaszenko as well as in the Polish television serials (including “M jak Miłość” and “Kryminalni”). Currently Aleksandra Kostka
cooperates with TVP2, where she hosts the weather forecast in
“Panorama” and “Pytanie na śniadanie”. We could see her professionalism as a host during a number of prestigious events, including with Marcin Prokop, Stanisław Tym, Maryla Rodowicz or the
“Koń Polski” cabaret.
Special guests at our Fairs
Jarosław Kret and Aleksandra Kostka will be our guests on
Saturday, May 14, 2011. They will be hosting:
The Bollywood Show! Presenters will announce the dance
shows, body adornment demonstrations, movie displays, snake
dancing performances and fire dancing.
The Weather Show – a very interesting performance. Jarosław
Kret and Aleksandra Kostka will surprise the visitors by using various props and elements of costumes, taking the show participants
to the new and fascinating corners of the globe. Their conversation will be abound with anecdotes, songs and common fun.
singing with Aleksandra Kostka - a good show must include
good music - it becomes even more valuable when the viewers
also take part in the fun. Ola Kostka with her genius stage intuition
will bring down the house with the most famous hits and Jarek
will accompany her, of course!
a travel through the continents - Jarek Kret, known not only as
a host of the weather forecast, but also as a keen traveler, will
reveal the most interesting anecdotes concerning the weather
in different places of the world. Ola Kostka, on the other hand,
using her professional skills - will sing in different languages with
a dedication for the viewers.
It should be noted that, apart from the Opolskie Tourist Information Centre in Opole and the other tourist points in the Region, Tourist Fairs „Towards
The Sun” are the best form of self-presentation, giving the possibility to reach
the customer directly from the province of Opole.
Therefore, the more I encourage you to participate in the next - 11th International Tourist Fair „Towards The Sun”. See you in Opole!
Stanisław Rakoczy
Chairman of Opole Silesia Regional Tourist Organization
Dear Sirs,
Another, XI edition of the International Tourist Fairs “Towards the Sun” lies
before us. Previous editions revealed the great potential of this sector of
services. Numerous stands arranged in the Opole market square attracted
crowds of Opole citizens interested with the offers of local, domestic and
foreign travel agencies and other leisure organizers.
I am certain that Opole, as the capital of the region, fully deserves the
development of the tourist services sector. Taking into consideration many
attractions present in the Opole Voivodeship and it’s capital, our Voivodeship has all the necessary attributes to become a place of active leisure and
recreation for the citizens of other regions of the country and foreign guests.
In due course of years many investments realized by the Local Government
of Opole were subordinate to this goal. Nowadays the renovated and illuminated surroundings of Młynówka Canal attract with their beauty the Opole
citizens as well as guests from many parts of the country. The new amphitheatre of which construction will be completed on April 2011 and the rising
Museum of Polish Song will become the showcase of Opole which will be
worth visiting.
For this to become reality we should actively promote our tourist offer
and be distinct from the multitude of other, competitive propositions. This
aim is perfectly fulfilled by the International Tourist Fairs “Towards the Sun”
organized in Opole. From year to year the event attracts numerous exhibitors, including those originating form the partner cities of Opole and Opole
Voivodeship, who outdo one another in effective distribution of their offers
to the potential clients. Good organisation of the event enriched with performances and other attractions were conducive to it.
I wish the Organizer of the Fairs for the next edition of the event to meet with
great interest of the exhibitors and the audience, many succesful contacts
and the discovery of the beauty of our region to all the visitors.
Ryszard Zembaczyński
President of the City of Opole
Dear Sirs,
I heartily invite you to attend the next edition of the International Tourist
Fairs „Towards the Sun”. I’m glad that this event for years having it’s place
in the calendar of the exposition and fair -like event’s gains more and more
sympathy and approval of the Opole citizens.
The numerously visited Fairs constitute for us all a foretaste of the summer
and the summer leisure because they give the opportunity to learn what is
interesting in various corners of the country and the world. The exhibitors
invite us to visit interesting places, they present culinary attractions and touristic values of our region as well as the regions on friendly terms with us.
I hope that like every year the Fairs will reveal to the visitors many interesting corners of
Opole Voivodship which new tourists will enjoy visiting.
Year by year the Opole Land offers better conditions to the potential tourists and due to the effective use of european funds the touristic infrastructure
of the region improves. Also our touristic offer, directed to a diverse group of
guests, becomes more and more interesting – the admirers of monuments
as well as the followers of active tourism and recreation will find something
for themselves. The hospitable citizens of Opole Land will welcome every
newcomer with joy.
I hope that the Fairs will inspire new journeys and plans of interesting
vacation repose and will also become a chance to establish relations with
the representatives of other countries. I wish the exhibitors many guests interested with their offer while to all the participants of the Fairs unforgettable
impression during all fair events.
Józef Sebesta
Marshall of the Opole Province
Dear Sirs,
As the chairman of the Opole Silesia Regional Tourist Organization I would
like to heartily invite you to attend the 11th International Tourist Fairs “Towards the Sun” in Opole. This important event has undoubtedly great impact on the promotion and development of tourism and economy of Opole
Location of the Opole fairs attracts crowds of customers. Organisation of
such important event in the heart of the city, that is in the market square,
additionaly the guaranteed, free of charge entry on the arena of the promotional undertaking, encourage the tourists from the Opole Region, the
remaining Polish regions and the Polish-Czech borderland to visit the event.
From year to year the Opole Silesia Regional Tourist Organization records
significant growth of interest with the Silesian Opole tourist offer. The detailed statistics conducted by our association since the opening of the Opole
Silesia Tourist Information Centre and launch the regional information portal
www.visitopolskie.pl in the first half of 2010, shows without any doubt, how
huge is both domestic and abroad tourists interest in our region.
We are proud that once again, as the Opole Silesia Regional Tourism Organization, we can be engaged in the preparation of this important for everybody event which are fairs „Towards The Sun”, and during which, every
year we note increasing interest among the exhibitors as well as the visitors.
At the Market Squere of Opole we will present indigenous tourism products,
regional delicacies and we will organize many associated events.
Banquets Integration
Of The Visitors
We have prepared several competitions and attractions
for exhibitors participating in the 11th International Tourist
Fairs “Towards the Sun.” We hope that participation in the
fairs enables to establish many new and valuable (not only
business) contacts and that the time spent in Opole is one
to remember.
We will spend at least one of the evenings with you at a
formal banquet that is to integrate exhibitors and invited
guests, including representatives of city and regional authorities and journalists. We hope that you will enjoy it!
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
Flourishing Opolskie
Come and sense the unforgettable atmosphere of
Opole Lands
PROFIL Advertising Agency
Jurapark Krasiejów
Zamek Piastów Śląskich w Brzegu
Pałac w Mosznej
Excellent climatic and natural values of the Opole Region
make the tourism flourish. Owing to the lay of the land
(the Silesian Upland, the Silesian Lowland and a part of the
Sudeten Plateau, the Odra River valley), you can rest here
in summer and in winter.
Large parts of the area are occupied by forests; there are
4 nature landscape parks and numerous areas of protected landscape and natural reserves here. The largest forest
areas include the Niemodlin Forests, Stobrawa, Lubliniec
and Racibórz Forests. Fans of walking and biking will be
interested in tourist trails near St. Anne’s Mountain and
near the Opawskie Mountains, located on the border with
the Czech Republic. There are many modern resort centres
with comprehensive physiotherapy facilities (among others, a pool, classical and water massages) in the towns of
Moszczanka, Pokrzywna and Jarnołtówek. There is a modern health spa in Kamień Śląski that, was the first in Poland
to use thetreatment methods of Dr Kneipp. Furthermore,
there is going to be a regional airfield in the town. Fans of
swimming and water sports can visit reservoirs in Turawa
Opole and the Nysa and Otmuchów Lakes located at
the foot of the Opawskie Mountains. Opole Silesia is a region abundant in heritage buildings, starting from gothic
stronghold castles to baroque palaces, to nineteenth-century small manor houses. Architectural buildings arouse
great interest, including the castle in Moszna, the ruins of
the nineteenths-century palace in Kopice, the Silesian Piast
Castle in Brzeg, and late baroque palace in Kamień Śląski.
When visiting the Opole Region, do not miss Krasiejów,
a town in the Ozimek Commune, where one of the largest
paleontological excavations in the world have been discovered. Discoveries included perfectly preserved remains
of Triassic reptiles from 225 million years ago. There was a
paleontological hall constructed at the site where excavations can be seen in the place where they have been discovered. In the future, there will be a museum and tourist
complex which will become one of the most interesting
attractions of the region.
Katedra w Nysie
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
Taking A Walk
Around Opole
Opole is one of the oldest cities in Poland. On the Pasieka
Island in Opole, archaeologists have discovered “Ostrówek,”
an early medieval stronghold of the Opolans (A Slavic tribe),
partly displayed in the Opole Silesia Museum. The medieval
chequered urban arrangement survived in the city centre.
The network of perpendicularly intersecting streets runs to
the centrally located Market Square with the City Hall in the
middle. It is surrounded by mostly reconstructed beautiful
baroque tenement houses. There is the Franciscan Church
near the Zamkowa Street. The remains of Opole Piasts (royal
dynasty) are buried in the crypt in the presbytery.
Szpitalna Street, the oldest street of Opole, leads to St.
Cross Cathedral where the miraculous picture of Our Lady
of Opoleis located. Many valuable monuments situated
there include the stone gothic baptismal font. There is also
a chapel with the tomb of the last prince of Opole, John the
There is the church at the hill nearby commemorating
the possible visit of St. Adalbert in Opole. It is connected to
buildings of the former Dominican cloister, today Collegium
Maius of the Opole University. It is surrounded by numerous sculptures, including the allegory of Hartmann’s “Four
Seasons.” There is also St. Christopher’s monument by Carn
Kern located at the bottom of the former castle moat.
The characteristic Piast Tower and the image of the Opole
amphitheatre are known throughout Poland owing to the
National Polish Song Festival. You can marvel at the Avenue
of Polish Music Stars in the Opole Market Square: there are
several stars dedicated to Polish artists built into it. Opole is
a green city. Boulevards around the Młynówka Canal surrounded by large old trees are the most popular places
for walks. The “Opole Venice” is another delightful place:
facades of tenement houses, perfectly lit at night, built on
foundations of medieval city walls mirror in water. The zoo,
a walk on the Bolko Island and the panorama of the Piast
Tower also cannot be missed.
You can learn about the life of the Opolans that used to
live here in the Bierkowice heritage park. The Opole Village
Museum transports visitors to the age of wooden cottages
with threshing floor, a blacksmith’s shop with bellows, apiaries, mills, the age of baking home bread and eating off clay
Feel invited to Opole which today is a beautiful city full of
heritage objects and charming places. This is a city worth
visiting and staying at least for a while.
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65
For Exhibitors
Attractive form of displaying promotional materials. The
cabin can be opened on three sides, additionally the 4
folded shelves inside, facilitate the exposition of the promotion materials.
Optionally we may install the lighting and electrical connection. Safety is guaranteed by the patent lock, strong
dead bolt and solid construction.
For the first 6 years, the International Tourism Fairs “Towards the Sun” were organised in the Sports and Entertainment Arena “Okrąglak.” Four years ago, we changed their
form and moved the event to the Opole Market Square
and decided that admission would be free. Therefore, we
made exhibitors’ offer more accessible to visitors.
Exhibitors can select:
Wooden fair cabin
PLN 2990 net
opis na fryzie
Spots under the arcades of the City Hall- 4 m2
PLN 747 net
punkty świetlne
External area:
PLN 170 net/m2
gniazda elektryczne
60 cm
220 cm
240 cm
360 cm
280 cm
60 cm
60 cm
Exhibition area with basic construction
located in the exhibition pavilion:
PLN 241 net/m2
Unconstructed exhibition area
located in the exhibition pavilion:
PLN 289 net/m2
Light spots
Description on the frieze
Exhibitors can use the area individually – using their fair
stand. The can also use additional equipment offered in
the Application Form and additionally order electricity
Electrical socket
11th International Tourist Fairs
Opole - POLAND,
Market Square, 12-14 May, 2011
Profil Advertising Agency
13 Barlickiego Str.
45-083 Opole
T +48 77 400 98 91
F +48 77 456 43 65

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organizer: The tradition of the International Tourism Fairs “Towards the Sun” is the rich programme, numerous exhibitions, competitions with prizes and accompanying events. The most memorable events include: ...

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