Portfolio Task 1
(Your Favorite Emirati
Name: Amna Adel Obaid
Mohammed Saeed Harib
Mohammed Saeed Harib, a UAE national born
in Dubai in 1978 chose General Arts and
Animation as a major when studying at North
Eastern university in Boston between
1995 and 2001. He joined Dubai Media City’s
marketing department and worked on several
high level initiatives such as the Dubai
International Film Festival, the Ibda’a Media
Students Award and in 2005 Mohammed
assumed the role of Art Director for the
Technology. He is really such an great Emirati
Director .
A simple of his work
Freej is the first Emirati
animated television series
for children and adults . My
opinion of the characters
that each character have
specific thing that shows
their personality .
This show have a lot of
audience and its for all
ages, I think its inspire the
kids more than adult .
Um Saeed
Um Khammas
Um Allawi
Um Saloom
Freej Analysis
The show was produced by Mohammed Saeed Harib, he
produced cartoon called Freej , the show talk about 4
characters living in old town which it located in Dubai to
send for the audience about emirate heritage .
Techniques : Is a 3D Animation series , Freej have
color full characters in emirate style and in perfect
way. The transition are used in Freej are cut , jump
cut,fade in , fade out, dissolveand wip. Try control in
a profissinal way.

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