New Burger King Coming



New Burger King Coming
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Country Courier
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King William Ruritans Receive
Community Service Awards
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
New Burger King Coming
By Florence Cooke
(left to right) outgoing District Governor Cleve Wright and National President Elliott Hogge
present community service awards to National Director and club member Mike Morrison,
club member Dick Campbell, club member and Zone 3 Lt. Governor Bob Haas, club member
and Zone 3 Governor Bryant Wilson, and club member Gene Campbell.
Please see full story on page 11.
Museum Opens Native American Exhibit
Anyone going through the Route 30/360 intersection over the last two weeks has noticed land
being cleared. THIS WILL BE THE NEW BURGER KING. Road improvements to both
Routes 30 and 360 will be completed by the developer. In 2009 King William County approved
a 2,600 square foot Burger King Restaurant with a drive thru. The project is expected to be
completed by early 2015. The owner of the building Burger King currently occupies with the
Chill Stop Convenience Station is speaking to potential new tenants for that space.
Locust Grove Civil War Reenactment
By Gene Campbell
On November 1, The
King William Historical
Museum opened an
exhibit of Native
A m e r i c a n
artifacts donated to the
Museum by Caroline
County resident Herb
Collins. Herb who is
the owner of Historical
"Green Falls" in
Caroline County, has
American artifacts all Herb Collins (right) shows King William resident Dick Campbell
his life along the
(left) his Native American collection
Mattaponi River.
His collection is now on display at the Museum and can be viewed along with many
other historical items from King William County's past. The Museum located at the
King William Court House Complex is open on Saturday and Sunday (except holidays
and the months of December, January and February) from 1 to 4pm. It is well worth
the visit to see these and other interesting King William County artifacts.
By Florence Cooke
The 13 t h Annual Civil War
Reenactment was held at Locust
Grove Farm in Walkerton on
Saturday, November 1 and Sunday,
November 2. On Saturday the weather
was rainy and windy and Sunday
brought sun but wind, making the
attendance small.
For those who attended, there were
demonstrations by the infantry,
cavalry and artillery – even battles on
Saturday and Sunday when the
cannons could be heard.
Please see CIVIL WAR, on page 8.
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C o ur ie r
Sharon Baptist Church Prepares “Apple Butter for Haiti”
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Publisher’s Message
Peeling apples are Jesse Burch and Emmett White.
Sharon Baptist Church of King William, held
their annual "Apple Butter for Haiti" event on
October 17th and 18th. On Friday, 50 church
members and friends helped to prepare 50
bushels of apples. Several men manned the old
apple peeler in back of the church near the
social hall door. Tables were set up inside so
that all peelings missed by the peeler could be
removed manually.
The apples were also cored, cut up and
washed. Lunch was provided for the workers.
91 gallons of fragrant apple butter were
prepared. To make apple butter the apples have
to be put on to cook in copper pots in the
evening and stirred constantly the whole night
until it is ready to be put into jars. The church
borrows these pots which are from 50 to 100
years old. One of the pots is owned by David
Bradley, who goes to Haiti each year. One of
them is borrowed from the Holiness Church in
Beuna Vista.
30 people helped to stir the apple butter all
night so that it would never stick. Saturday
morning the apple butter was carefully put into
jars and sealed. Two members of Sharon
Baptist Church will be going on the mission
trip to Haiti, they are Jesse Burch and Henry
Keeton. Also going to Haiti are people from
Pennsylvania, Staunton, Beuna Vista, and
Bassett, Va.
They will be working on an orphanage that
will house 25 to 30 children. The building of
this was started three years ago and it is hoped
it will be ready in two years. This year they
will be putting power and water to the building
as well as building cabinets in the kitchen. On
another trip the septic system and the inside of
the building will be finished.
The women of the Sharon Baptist Church
Women's Missionary Union are sewing dresses
for young girls to be taken to Haiti when the
men go. Thanks is extended to everyone who
helped to make this event a success.
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I remember back in 1969, I was with the 2nd of the 60th 9th Infantry, Recon, in
Vietnam. Sometimes we would be out in the field for many days. The one thing
everyone looked forward to when we returned to base camp were letters from
home, and letters from family members and friends. Here was something you could
hold in your hand and connect with the person that sent it to you. I though it sad
when some of my fellow soldiers received no mail. I still have some of the letters
sent to me and treasure them greatly. They are a reminder, that even though I was
twelve thousand miles away, someone was thinking about me, and prayed for my
safety. Sometimes the written word can have a powerful effect on someone maybe
when they need it most. Words convey thoughts.
Special thanks to ALL Veterans, past and present from all of us at the Country
A 117 Year
Tradition of Caring
8014 Lee Davis Road, Mechanicsville ●746-8665
Bennett Funeral Home was established in 1897 to serve the needs of
Richmond families. Since then, this locally owned and operated business has continued to serve the community with its unique combination of caring and convenience.
This tradition of excellence can be seen in the four beautiful chapels located throughout the Richmond area: centrally located on Cutshaw Avenue in the
city, on Broad Street Road past Innsbrook, serving the Hanover-Mechanicsville
area on Lee-Davis Road and Chesterfield Chapel on Ashbrook Pkwy. in Chesterfield. All four facilities are under the personal direction of Charles D. Morehead,
In a time of need, you can turn to Bennett Funeral Home with trust and
confidence. It serves families of all faiths with personal service, before, during,
and after. There is a long tradition of professionalism and caring.
One way in which Bennett cares for families, is by offering a convenient
and personalized pre-need program. Through this program pre-need planning, you
can spare your loved ones the burden of making decisions at an emotional time.
Call Bennett Funeral Home at 746-8665 to schedule a pre-planning consultation.
funeral home
Caring Since 1897
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C o u n tr y
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Equine Talk Sponsored by:
360 Hardware and T-Town Tack
A Helpful Mule
By Allen Brintley and “Pip”
I was working on the barn over the
weekend when a friend named Mac
stopped by to visit. He said that a
few days back he heard a knock on
the door and it was the mail lady.
She told him that she had run in the
ditch across the road and was stuck.
She asked if he had a tractor or
something that could help pull her
out. He told her that he didn’t have a
tractor but he did have a mule that
could probably do the job. It only
took a few minutes to harness up his
mule and he walked the mule down
the road to where the car was in the
ditch. He told her to put the vehicle
in neutral and he hooked the chain to
the rear end of the car. Mac said “I
told her to stay out of the way and I
proceeded to tell the mule to pull.”
He said “Pull Jack pull.” The mule
moved a little and just stood there.
He said “Pull Belle pull.” The mule
did the same thing. He said “Pull
Roy pull.” The mule moved around
again and stood there. Then he said
“Pull Pete pull.” The mule leaned
into the harness and the car popped
out of the ditch and back into the
road. The lady was excited and
asked if she owed him anything for
getting her unstuck. Mac told her
“No ma’am.” She said “I do have
one question before I go.” She asked
“Why did you call all those different
names out for your mule? Did you
forget his name?” Mac laughed and
said “Old Pete used to be part of a
whole team of mules and he is retired because he is losing his eyesight. If he thought he was the only
one pulling, he would have never put
the effort into it so I had to make
him think that there were other
mules pulling too.”
You can email me at [email protected] or call
me at 690-7870. I’ll see you on the
*16th Annual Boot Sale Nov. 15th*
9-4 - Register to win a pair of Redwing boots
*The Sales representative from Redwing will be here on hand to
assist with that perfect fit.
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
“What in the world is 4-H?”
I get this question a lot, followed by a statement
saying “I know it has to do with raising livestock…
right?” 4-H is the youth development education
program of Virginia Cooperative Extension. Cooperative Extension is a partnership of our land grant
universities (Virginia Tech and Virginia State), the
U.S. Department of Agriculture, and local governments.
4-H partners with volunteer staff and private supporters, providing the only national youth education
program that is an "extension" of university, teaching, and research resources. The truth is I didn’t
know what 4-H was myself until I got into college,
but it has been around for 100 years, in fact 2014 is
Virginia Cooperative Extension’s centennial celebration which established the necessary funding from
federal, state, and local governments. 4-H is a community of young people across America who are
learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. The
4-H program involves a vast array of program opportunities to meet almost every need and interest of
youth from all walks of life. 4-H participants are all
youth, ages 5 to 18, taking part in programs provided by Extension personnel in cooperation with
volunteers. 4-H is characterized as being community centered, volunteer led, extension staff supervised, research based, home and family oriented,
publicly and privately funded, and responsive to
“What do those H’s stand for”? Head: Cognitive
Development. Deeper knowledge and reasoning
Heart: Emotional Development. Developing interest,
appreciation, and wholesome attitudes Health:
Physical Development. Understanding and appreciating a growing and changing body Hands: Skills
Development. Ability to do, skill in doing, and habit
of doing Our symbol for 4-H is a four-leafed clover
with white H’s in the center of each leaf But we don’t
2 0 1 4
have 4-H in my county it’s only out in Iowa…or Kansas…right”? Nope. 4-H is in every county and city
across Virginia. We have extension agents in every
county that are dedicated to positive youth development. Extension offices are located within or near
local county government building and you can find
your local extension office by going to http://
“My kid doesn’t like livestock or live on a farm I
guess we can’t join?” Wrong again. As I have said
above we have programs for almost every child’s
interest and we have adapted from early beginnings
focusing mostly on agriculture to expanding into new
program areas like science and technology. Our
curriculum continues to expand and grow because
the interest of youth in America is diverse and ever
changing. One of our biggest programs across the
entire state is a camping program called 4-H junior
summer camp. Where youth get to spend a week at
a 4-H center in Virginia learning life skills, taking fun
camp classes, and making new friendships that can
last a lifetime. Within King William / King and Queen
Counties we have a livestock club, a horse club, a
cloverbud club (ages 5-8), and starting in the spring
a shooting education club. We also have a summer
camp every year; our summer camp for 2015 will be
July 13-17. For more information on the camp we
attend go to
“So what’s next…how do I get myself or my children involved?” Go to this websitehttp:// Find your county
office and give us a call. If you live within King William or King and Queen Counties you can contact
me, Chris Mernin, at 804-769-4955 or 804-7855979. Feel free to email me at [email protected]
Call today and remember it’s never too late to join 4H.
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Th e
C o un t r y
C o ur i e r
p a g e
P a g e
T h e
C o u n tr y
2014 Hobbs Hole Club Champions
2014 Hobbs Hole Club Champions: Senior Division Champ(50+) -Richard Hickey,
Lady Champion-Sue Ball, Super Senior Division Champion(70+)-William Lowery III,
Men's Division Champion-Reed Thorne. Congrats to all winners and participants!
Let us always meet each other with smile, for
the smile is the beginning of love.
Mother Teresa
C o ur ie r
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4
By Florence Cooke
Over 70 coats were given away by Twin
Rivers Community Church on Friday
night, November 7. This is a new nondenominational church located at 694 – K
Sharon Road (Next to Pamunkey Regional
Library in Central Garage).
The Coat Ministry began when several
teachers reported they could not send their
students outside in cold weather because
several in the class did not have coats to
wear. To the new church the idea of children not having coats was unacceptable.
Pastor Dan King states, “God laid it on
our hearts as a church for a coat ministry.”
Folks were asked to donate hats, scarves,
gloves and coats. All of the coats were
donated by Aylett Mini Storage and Henrico Police Athletic League. Names of
children needing winter gear came from
Department of Social Services, schools,
Compassion Closet and word of mouth.
Seventy children have been signed up to
receive coats.
The church started as an interdenominational Bible Study about four years ago
with four people. In addition to Pastor
Dan King there were a husband and wife
with extensive Bible knowledge. The
couple has since moved. The base for the
Bible study was a home on Rosebud Run
for three years. It was there the new group
celebrated Easter. As they grew the group
looked for a bigger space but couldn’t find
any locally. A fencing company was renting the old West’s Nursery in Mechanicsville and let the new church use the building on the weekends. When the fencing
company moved, the owners wanted to
sell. The church leaders returned to King
William looking for a new location. In
talking to Jack Bailey, the owner of the
Sharon Road plaza, a dance studio was
empty so the group took the space. So in
June 2013 the new church came to Sharon
Road. The name of the church became
Twin Rivers Community Church because
of the location between the Mattaponi and
Pamunkey Rivers.
Pastor Dan King is an ordained pastor
who has served in the Methodist, Church
of Christ and Baptist ministries. He had
lived in Richmond, moved to Mechanicsville and then moved to King William
because of the peace and quiet. He has
been involved in four church plants
(beginning new churches) – one Methodist
and three Church of Christ. He and his
new wife, Dana, have five children. One
of his daughters and her husband are involved in the new church.
The church is ministering in several
ways to King William, King and Queen,
Essex and a small group in Caroline.
School supplies were given to several
schools in King William. In November
the church is sponsoring “1 K Soup”
which is collecting 1,000 cans of soup.
Several local churches have agreed to
partner with Twin Rivers in collecting
over 500 cans. At 1 p.m. on Thursday,
December 18, the church and the Compassion Closet (located in the same complex)
will host a lunch for senior citizens at the
Pastor Dan states, “Our motto is:
‘Where God’s word speaks, we speak and
when God’s word remains silent, we remain silent.’ At our church we invite everyone to come as you are, dressed casually, dressed-up or even barefoot. Nobody
cares. Just come. We will teach you, respect you, and most of all LOVE YOU.”
For more information, please call the
church at 804 – 221 – 5641 or [email protected]
N o v e m b e r
1 2 , 2 0 1 4
Th e
C o un t r y
On Sunday, November 16, at 4 p.m.,
Four in the Morning will present a barbershop quartet concert at Old St. John's
in King William County. From barbershop to doo-wop, gospel to familiar favorites, Four In The Morning (Mike Geipel,
Ron Nichols, Emmitt Totty and Gene
Thompson) has been entertaining audiences for over eleven years throughout the
Commonwealth. The quartet has performed at almost every venue imaginable:
weddings, country clubs, church services,
parties, restaurants, business meetings,
radio and television, and even parades
(with bagpipes) .. just to name a few.
They were recently invited to perform at
the WWI Air Show in Virginia Beach, and
again this year at Ginter Botanical Gardens Christmas Festival Of Lights and
Spring Heritage Weekend.
They love to entertain audiences with the
barbershop style of close harmony as a
quartet, while supporting the Virginians
Chorus and the hobby they love.
Old St. John’s is located at 103 St. John’s
Church Lane, 10 miles north of West
Point on Route #30. A link to a map of its
location can be found at http:// Admission is free, with an
offering collected during intermission.
C o ur i e r
p a g e
Campbell Selected Curriculum Development Committee
for 2014 Finance Cluster Economics & Personal Finance
King William High School’s Marketing
and Finance Teacher Mrs. Suzanne
Campbell was selected to serve on the
curriculum development committee for
the 2014 Finance Cluster Economics and
Personal Finance and Finance (6120,
6121). Passing Personal Finance is
required of every high school student
before they graduate. Many school
divisions are using this class to meet the
new on-line course requirement for
graduation as well as offering the W!SE
Certification test to also meet the new
requirement for students taking a
certification test before they graduate.
Mrs. Campbell has been teaching this
course for four years. Prior to that, she
taught Principles of Business and
Marketing, which covers many of the
same topics. Mrs. Campbell took the
Economics and Personal Finance courses,
through the Virginia Council on Economic
Education, that were created to prepare
teachers for this course. Each year, her
students participate in the Governor's
Economics and Personal Finance
Challenges. King William High School
has had a team win each year for Region 3
in Economics and one year King William
High School also won in the Personal
Finance Challenge. Mrs. Campbell is
excited about serving on the curriculum
development committee because she feels
Suzanne Campbell
all students need to learn economics and
personal finance.
Mrs. Campbell commented, “I tell my
students every year that they are my
future. The decisions they make when
they begin to vote have to be based on
knowledge so they can elect leaders who
can get our country out of debt and
increase our world standing. They need to
look out for themselves when they seek
jobs, loans, and prepare for retirement.”
P a g e
T h e
C o u n tr y
C o ur ie r
Southern States Holiday Food Drive
The fourth annual Southern States Holiday
Food Drive began November 10. As in past
years, Southern States Cooperative will
partner with local food banks in cities and
communities throughout the southeast to help
feed disadvantaged families and individuals
during the holiday season.
Continuing through December 15, many
Southern States locations will be working
with area food banks to help fill the shelves
with food that will go to families in need
during the Thanksgiving and Christmas
holidays. These participating retail locations
will serve as collection centers for customers
who bring in canned goods and nonperishable items, and Southern States will
make regular deliveries of the donated items
to the food banks.
W e
h a v e
responsibility both as an
agriculture cooperative
and as caring individuals
to be a part of the efforts
to feed hungry people”
said Turner Gravitt,
Southern States director of member relations.
“This Holiday Food Drive is just an
extension of the commitment we have made
to the community, our nation and our world.”
King William Southern States is accepting
food donations through Dec. 15, located at
485 Sharon Rd., phone 804-769-2466.
Please visit
for more information.
2015 Southern States / John Deere Financial
Scholarships Announced
Applications for the 2015 academic year
will be accepted from November 3, 2014
through February 13, 2015.
Up to five scholarships in the amount of
two thousand dollars are awarded annually
to students who demonstrate academic
excellence, strong individual character and
significant personal involvement in
agriculture. Following the completion of the
academic year, scholarship recipients will
also receive a paid summer internship at a
Southern States Retail or Agronomy
“Developing and growing leaders in this
industry is crucial to our success,” said John
Hiatt, Southern States vice president for
credit and property management. “We’re
looking for students with a real enthusiasm
for agriculture and a strong work ethic, who
share the same love of the land that we do.”
For more information about the Southern
States / John Deere Financial Scholarship
Program including requirements and
application forms, visit
scholarship or contact us through email at
[email protected]
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4
Aylett Country Day School Takes
ISAC Championship Title
Left to right - Art Neal, Tommy Owens, Flannery Pope, Andrew Klear - coach, Wade Christian,
Carter Krusz, Brad Stanley - coach, Reid Stanley
Congratulations to the ACDS golf team on winning the ISAC Championship Title. They
finished the season 4-1.
CIVIL WAR, continued from front page
This event is co-hosted by Locust Grove
Farm and the Peninsula Artillery. The Peninsula Artillery was originally organized in
York County in 1861, as Co. 1, 32nd VA Artillery under the command of Captain Joseph
B. Cosnahan. After valuable service on several battlefields, the Peninsula Artillery was
caught in a reorganization of the artillery by
1862. In October 1862 General William Nelson Pendleton gave orders that several Virginia batteries were to be disbanded, including the Peninsula Artillery. Today the Peninsula Artillery is made up of history enthusiasts who enjoy presenting history as an experience not just a story out of a history book.
On a sunny Sunday afternoon when a cold
wind was blowing across a large grain field,
there were very few people left, spectators or
personnel from the Peninsular Artillery.
When asked of a group of men in uniform,
“What makes you do this – is it your dedication to the Civil War?” One man stated, “We
think the Civil War is grossly misrepresented.
We try to project and give people an idea of
what actually took place during these battles.
These battles were scenes of absolute horror –
there were 22 states clubbing the other 11
states into submission.”
There are people
from the Richmond and Tidewater area, New
York, and other states who take part in these
events so that people get an insight into the
actual events as it was taking place.
Another member of the group was Jim
Cochrane who talked about the King William
Artillery flag that was flying proudly. This is
a large red flag with white wording of “Coal
Harbor, White Oak Swamp, Sharpsburg, Upperville, Gettysburg, and Mule Shoe, representing the smaller units in the King William
group. In the Spotsylvania battle, two King
William guns were sent to North Anna and
the other two were readied for battle. The
King William guns shot and were overrun by
the North, thus the King William Artillery
group as a fighting unit cease to exist.
The owners of Locust Grove Farm, the
Walker family, state, “We hope you enjoy
your time here on the bluffs of the Mattaponi
River. During these reenactments, you can
see living history - from the camps where the
soldiers eat and sleep and to the battles in the
open fields, and then ask questions and have
discussions with the soldiers. We are proud
of these men and women who give of themselves to sit in hot weather with heavy clothes
or to sit in the rain and cold to show what life
was like for the soldiers of both sides.”
N o v e m b e r
1 2 , 2 0 1 4
Th e
C o un t r y
The Pickle Queen
C o ur i e r
p a g e
Belfield Wins Southern Power Lifting
Federation Halloween Howl Championship
Susiette Jackson
By Florence Cooke
Susiette Jackson of St. Stephens Church is
noted in the State Fair industry for the many
different pickles, preserves, jams, jellies,
tomato juice, and salsa entered each year and
hundreds of ribbons won over the last 20 –
25 years. This year she was surprised when
someone from the State Fair called to ask if
she would like to come to the fairgrounds
and participate in a live taping with Chef Jeff
from California. He has a program on
WUPV - Channel 65 - each morning at 9
She met Chef Jeff in a portable kitchen set
up at the fair. Some of her ribbons and a
variety of pickles were prominently displayed. Susiette cooked flounder and Chef
Jeff heated pickled carrots, cauliflower, asparagus and purple onion and added the mixture to the flounder. “YUM – DELICIOUS”,
says Susiette. The emphasis of the show was
using pickles and their juices to add to the
flavor of ordinary cooking.
After the cooking segment, Chef Jeff talked
to Susiette about her hobby of preserving
food. She showed a few of her ribbons and
pickles. After talking to Susiette, Chef Jeff
gave her the nickname “The Pickle Queen,”
a title of respect now used by her many
The show will be aired on WUPV - Channel 65 on Tuesday, November 25, at 9 a.m.
So tune in that morning and watch “The
Pickle Queen.”
Susiette says, “As a retired postmaster, I
stay really busy in my kitchen, doing fun
things or sharing with others. I look forward
to preserving food raised in our garden with
the help of my husband Walter and the generosity of our neighbors. This year I put up
over 480 jars of different pickles, preserves,
etc. This year my new recipes were making
pear syrup (syrup left from making pear preserves) for pancakes and Asparagus Butts.
Each year I try to come up with something
different to add to my list. I have 17 pickle
recipes that I use and will add another this
spring. I won 15 ribbons at Richmond
County Fair and 5 at the State Fair of Virginia this year.”
Alvin Belfield
The last weekend in October, Belfield competed in the Southern Power Lifting
Federation (SPF) Halloween Howl Power lifting championships in Norfolk at Brute
Strength Gym. 65 very strong lifters in multiple categories came to compete.
Belfield competed in the OPEN any age Bench Press competition and went three for
three on the bench. His lifts were 455,475, and a very fast easy 500lb lift for the win in
his division.
P a g e
1 0
T h e
C o u n tr y
C o ur ie r
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4
The Country Courier schedule
through January:
Nov. 26 Wednesday “Before Black Friday”
Dec. 10 “Shop Local Theme”
Dec. 17 our “Christmas Edition”
Jan. 7, 2015 A New Year is here
N o v e m b e r
1 2 , 2 0 1 4
Th e
C o un t r y
By Gene Campbell
Several of the King William Ruritan Club
members traveled to Williamsburg Saturday
November 7 to attend the Annual Chesapeake
District Ruritan Convention. The Club was
recognized for their community service as they
received four silver and one bronze
award. Over $6,000 has been donated back to
the community this past year.
Ruritan National President Elliott Hogge (left)
installs newly elected District Governor Otis
Hall (right).
Do Not Miss King William’s Got Talent II
Submitted by Bill Ballard
The Second Annual edition of “King
William’s Got Talent” will be presented at
King William High School’s gymnasium
from 6pm-8pm on Saturday, November 15.
This event promises to bring together both
young and older performers with a
diversity of talents.
Included performers consist of singers,
dancers, duos, bagpipers, instrumentalists,
and crowd favorites from last year. The
event is sponsored by the King William
Education Foundation, a community and
public foundation focused upon the vision
of a fine arts auditorium located at the
county’s high school. Tickets purchased at
the door are $5 for adults and $2 per
student. Children 5 and under are free.
Refreshments will be served off the lobby,
which include Brunswick stew, hot dogs,
chips, soft drinks, and coffee.
The vocalists in the performance hail
from the various schools as well as the
local community, and will display an
assortment of traditional and popular music
and dance. Instrumentals will include
violins, flutes, piano, guitar, and bagpipes
as mentioned. Midway there will be a 15
minute intermission, and a professional
sound system by Russ Groover will
enhance these intrepid performers. This
program grew from the annual Fine Arts
Festival offered during spring and
sponsored by KW Ed. Foundation. Citizens
can peruse the web site as a link from King
William County Public School’s website.
C o ur i e r
p a g e
1 1
P a g e
1 2
T h e
C o u n tr y
C o ur ie r
W ed n e s d a y ,
Retired Master Sergeant Joan Glenn "Little
Swan" Fortune Johnson born Oct. 7, 1951 in
King & Queen County, VA lost her battle to
cancer and passed away peacefully on Oct. 29,
2014, at the home of her daughter in Mechanicsville, VA surrounded by her family. She is
preceded in death by her husband John Wayne
"Billy" Johnson, father Daniel Fortune and
brother Douglas Fortune. She is survived by her
mother, Vesterilla (Vonice) Fortune, daughter
Angela Stading, son-in-law Thomas Stading,
two Granddaughters, Zoie and Falyn Stading;
three brothers Jerry, Cochise (Joyce), Mark
Fortune; three sisters Faye (Dave) Deuber, Judy
Fortune, Vanessa (Donnie) Schoch and a host
of nieces and nephews and her closest cousin,
Barbara Williams. She served the Virginia
Army National Guard for 32 years being honorably discharged on Dec. 31, 2008. Joan was
an integral member of the Rappahannock Indian Baptist Church and Rappahannock Tribe.
She trusted, loved and served her Lord dearly.
She was very much loved, respected and will be
greatly missed. Services were held at the Rappahannock Indian Baptist Church, at 11:00 AM
Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Rappahannock Indian
Baptist Church, mailing address is 7201 Courthouse Rd. Spotsylvania, VA 22551 or The
American Cancer Society.
Joseph Perry Gibson, 78, of King and Queen
Court House died Thursday, October 23, 2014.
He was born November 6, 1935 and was a
member of Mattaponi Baptist Church and was
retired from Chesapeake Corporation. Joseph
was preceded in death by his parents, George
and Cora Gibson. He is survived by his son,
Kenneth E. Gibson and his wife, Donna; one
grandson, Joseph M. Gibson and his fiancée
Jennifer; two great-grandchildren, Owen and
Amelia Gibson; his mother in law, Alice Langford; two sisters, Edna Norman and Emma
Catherine Turner; brother C.C. Gibson; two
sisters in law, Mildred Coates and Betty Hogge;
one brother in law, Elton Langford and numerous nieces and nephews. He is also survived by
his best friend, Bucky. Funeral services were
held 1:00 p.m. Monday, October 27th in the
Marks-Bristow Funeral Home, Tappahannock
with Pastor Chris Campbell officiating. Interment followed in Mattaponi Baptist Church
Cemetery. The family received friends from 46p.m. Sunday evening. Pallbearers were Greg
Brown, David Gibson, Chris Allen, Donnie
Sears and Donald Gibson.
Barnette, Gladys “Mrs. B” 91 went home to be
with her Lord and Savior on Saturday, October
4, 2014. She was preceded in death by her husband Earl L. Barnette. She is survived by her
sons and daughters-in-law Ronnie and Connie
Barnette and J. B. and Bobbie Barnette; four
grandsons Mark (Mary Carol), Matthew (Erin),
John (Natasha) and Josh (Shireen) ten great
grandchildren; brother Guy Brown and sister
Lillian Seagroves. The family received friends
from 6 to 8 pm Monday at B.W. White Funeral
Home, Rt. 30 King William where services
were held at 1 pm Tuesday. Interment in Signal
Hill Memorial Park. Memorial contributions
may be made to King William Rescue Squad.
Harrison Claiborne Eacho, Jr. at the age of 88
left all who loved him on November 2, 2014.
He was born on September 30, 1926, the son of
the late Doris Roper Eacho and The Hon. Harrison C. Eacho, Sr. Harrison attended Washington and Lee University. One of his happiest
times was when he played on the W&L basketball team. His education was interrupted when
he joined the U.S Navy during World War II.
He graduated from the University of Richmond
and received his law degree there. He was a
member of the McNeal Society and passed the
Virginia State Bar on his first try. He loved
sports and was good at them all. Harrison
known as “Hank” by many of his football buddies was an active member of the Central Virginia Football Officials Association for 61
years and, wearing his white referee’s cap, he
officiated his last football game on October 17,
2014. He is survived by his wife of 61 years,
Avis, and their three children, Harrison “Hank”
Eacho III and his wife Donna, Jill Gilbert and
her husband Mike, and Stephen Eacho. He is
also survived by his beloved grandsons Andy
and Kevin Gilbert, and his aunts, Janice Dixon
(Arthur) and Adrienne Knowles. The funeral
service was held at B.W. White Funeral Home,
on Thursday, November 6 at 1:00 PM. The
family received friends on Wednesday, November 5, at the funeral home. We love you so our
dear Eacho/Dad/PaPa.
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4
In Memory of
George E. Powell
It has been five years since we've seen your
smiling face, heard your laughter and had your
warm embrace Although you are gone from the
earth, we know you are watching us from
above We often share the memories of your
love and that love will always live in our hearts
You are our "Angel" that guides us through the
days ahead Your presence is always with us
and a part of us will always be with
With Our Deepest Love,
Clara, Wayne & Lynette
The family of the late Emily
Virginia Robinson Banks would like
to thank everyone for the cards,
flowers, food, phone calls, visits and
most of all for your prayers. No act
of kindness went unnoticed. Words
can never express our gratitude. A
very special thank you to Riverside
Hospice for the tender loving care
extended to my mom.
Thank you for your continued
Ginger Weeden & Family
Call to Order your new High Speed Satellite Internet from EXEDE that
is now available in King William County and King & Queen County
● Speeds up to 12-Mbps down and 3-Mbps up. ● Plans starting at $50/month.
Home & Business Computer Services
●PC Cleanup, Optimization & Virus Removal
●Network your PC’s, Games, Phones & Tablets
●Basic Web Design & Business Facebook pages
●I’m your LOCAL EXEDE Internet Sales Dealer!
N o v e m b e r
1 2 , 2 0 1 4
Th e
C o un t r y
Mattaponi - The River that Unites Us
Extending the Season into the Fall
C o ur i e r
p a g e
1 3
Elite Force Athletics Trunk or Treat
Photo by Carter Bundy
By Armistead Saffer
The recreational river goers start to
vanish once ‘back to school’ ads start to
appear. As the days get shorter and the
water temperature gets cooler, fewer and
fewer people are out enjoying the
Mattaponi. Boating families are replaced
by the diehard anglers and the hunters who
are preparing their blinds for the winter
I extend my season as long as I can get in
the water without a wetsuit. This year the
weather cooperated and I was able to
enjoy my preferred water sport,
hydrofoiling also known as Sky Skiing
well into October. Over the winter, I try
to distract myself with other hobbies and
interest. I look for the return of the Great
Blue Heron to their rookeries in the
spring. That’s my sign to start getting
ready for the season to start again. I’m
already looking forward to getting back
out next year.
If you have an Mattaponi River related event, story, etc.
Please contact me @ 874-3294
Elite Force Athletics -Allstar cheer had a wonderful time holding their first annual
Trunk or Treat on Sunday 11/2. The kids had a great time participating between practices.
P a g e
1 4
T h e
C o u n tr y
Hamilton Holmes Students Visit VMFA
C o ur ie r
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4
West Point High School & The Duke of York’s Royal
Military Academy Performed “West Side Story”
British students, back row, left to right: Jonathan Robinson, Joseph Thomas, Robson
Phillips, Mohammed Ogugbo, Curtis Jackson, Lewis Tanner, and William Bowden.
Front row, left to right: Jasmine Yorke, Elinor Hayne, Sasha Nsubuga, Taylor Marsh,
Tam Amabibi, William Rogers, Danni Kemp, and Ruchelle Amadasun.
By Tina Oberg, HHMS Art Teacher
The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts,
which houses over 33,000 works of art,
welcomed Art 8 students from HamiltonHolmes Middle School in early October.
Through a guided tour, students learned
about the VMFA and its extensive
collection of art which spans over 6,000
years of history and represents many
different cultures. Students were delighted
to discover how art comes in a variety of
shapes and sizes. “Art can be displayed in
many different ways, it doesn't just have
to be paintings,” student Kyleigh Puckett
said. “Each piece of artwork is unique in
its own way.”
Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature
love says 'I need you because I love you. Erich Fromm
WEST POINT- 15 students and their
teachers came to visit West Point high
school from The Duke of York’s Royal
Military Academy in Dover, England.
The two groups came together to
rehearse and perform the musical “West
Side Story”, at Robinson Olsson Civic &
Fine Arts Center. After the performance
here, West Point students traveled to
England to perform with and for their
British peers.
The exchange process started almost a
year ago when Chris Russell, headmaster
of the Academy, visited West Point and
invited West Point High School to become
involved in the collaboration.
“West Point School System was chosen
because of their outstanding reputation in
the area of performing arts, and their high
academic achievements and standards”,
said Russell.
The British students lived with West
Point High School student host families.
They attended classes, field trips and
attended Homecoming activities, under
the direction of Beverly Hammond and
Louise Cottage, with choreography by
Mary Dodson Dice and Amy Gerrand of
England, The production is set in the1950s
in the back streets of New York City
featuring rival street gangs fighting over
their turf.
The Duke of York’s Royal Military
Academy dates back to 1801, and was
Britain’s first coeducational state funded
and state administered school.
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The
most certain way to succeed is always to try
just one more time.
Thomas A. Edison
N o v e m b e r
1 2 , 2 0 1 4
Th e
C o un t r y
King & Queen Elementary Celebrates!
By Richard O’Brien, Photos by Cynthia waving and smiling to parents and
supporters as the parade progressed. The
Silva -Middle School Teachers
weather held out until the floats had
600 Club Students, King and Queen passed the reviewing stand before opening
Elementary School enjoyed a strong up.
showing of support on what was otherwise Many of the students and staff were
a rather dreary and rainy morning at the visible during the homecoming game as
Central High went on to defeat rival
County's Annual Community Pride Day.
Led by Principal Dr. Carol B. Carter, Matthews High School, 19 - 8. In other
King and Queen Elementary had two news from King and Queen Elementary,
floats jammed with students, parents and the Pre-K class, with teacher Mrs. Lowry,
teachers. The first float featured students has seen their pet, Pete the Cat, visit
who scored a perfect 600 on their SOL Taiwan and other parts of China! "The
children are very proud and happy to see
achievement tests the previous year.
The second float was sponsored and all the places that Pete visited," said
decorated by the school's PTA. On the Lowry, "and will see as the year goes
PTA float students cheered and waved on." Keep checking the King and Queen
pom-poms while shouting, "Go tigers, go Elementary School website for further
tigers, GO!" Many teachers and support updates.
staff followed along behind the floats,
C o ur i e r
p a g e
1 5
From Shanghai, Virginia To Shanghai, China
King and Queen Elementary School’s
Pre-Kindergarten class has a Pete The Cat
who travels the world. Pete The Cat is a
character featured in books by James
Dean. “I Love My School Shoes” by
James Dean is one of the Pre-K students’
favorite books. Our Pete has traveled to:
New York City, where he was photographed in front of the Empire State
Building; Taiwan, where he rode in a vehicle where the driver watched television on
a TV in the dashboard; and Shanghai,
China, where he rode the bullet train and
shopped for snacks in a Chinese convenience store. Pete emailed us to ask if he
could bring us some dried octopus or some
barbeque tablets. We all said, “No thank
you, Pete!” Through Pete’s travels, we
learned about other cultures, how the earth
rotates, and how when it is nighttime in
China it is daytime in Virginia. You may
view all the pictures and message Pete
sends us on our website: https:// PreK students love seeing the pictures of Pete
The Cat and his adventures.
The Pre-K class would like to thank
Temple Lowry and Lynn Ashby from Carpenter Company for taking Pete on these
P a g e
1 6
T h e
C o u n tr y
C o ur ie r
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4
Church Calendar
Calendar entries are free up to 50 words. K&Q county residents are invited to attend so
that plans can be made to elect officers.
Over 50, will be charged 40 cent a word.
Gethsemane Baptist Church
An evening of fun and win prize’s “Bingo”
King William. Nov. 15 at 5pm donation $5.
Christian Fellowship Ministries
Sunday November 23, Pastor Mary Edwards food and snack’s will be on sale sponsored by:
will be speaking at Glorious Church of God in R.S. Carter Singer’s.
Christ Headquarters, 4806 Midlothian Mattaponi Baptist Church
Turnpike, Richmond, 23224 in Richmond, on Pastor: David Anthony, (804)725-2863 13468
Sunday November 23, at 4:30 P.M., where The Trail, King & Queen C.H., Sunday School
Bishop Morris Mahoney is the Pastor. This (10am) Worship Service (11am) Prayer
service is to celebrate his Anniversary! Come Meeting Second Thursday, 7pm Bible
join the members of CFM as they enjoy a Study Third and Fourth Wednesdays, 7pm
great time in the Lord! Please call or text 804- New Mount Zion Baptist Church of
263-2405 or email [email protected] for Walkerton, Annual Men's Program at 4:00
p.m., December 7. Guest speaker Rev. Darryl
more information.
Fisher, Pastor of Jerusalem Baptist Church,
Corinth Christian Church
9153 Dabneys Mill Rd, Manquin invites you Hague. Music provided by the Jerusalem
to worship and fellowship with us at one of Baptist Church Men's Chorus. Theme is "Men
our services. Sunday School-10am, Worship Working Together To Do God's Work" Please
Service-11am. Wed. Bible Study-7:30pm. come and help us celebrate in Jesus Name.
Choir –6:30pm. Nov. 30 after worship meal King & Queen Community Ministries will
followed by hanging of greens. Dec. 14-6:30 hold its annual Community Thanksgiving
Christmas Cantata
presented by Corinth Service on Sunday, Nov. 16, at 7:00 p.m. at
New Mt. Zion Baptist Church on Rosemount
Christian & McKendree Methodist Choirs.
Rd, near Walkerton. Please bring an item for
New Mount Olive Christian Center
Church Building Kingdom Ministry on a Solid the Food Pantry. A love offering will be
Foundation, where the Founder/Pastor is Rev. taken. Everyone is invited to attend.
Ulric L. Eley, Jr. NMOCC aims to empower, Oak Grove Baptist Church will be
equip, and transform individuals, families and celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of our pastor,
communities. Sunday morning service Rev. Dr. Raymond L. Palmer, Sr., on Sunday,
11:15am. Wednesday at 7:00pm is Spiritual Nov. 16th. The Morning Service will begin at
Growth Institute. For information please call 10:30 a.m. with Rev. Sharon Hooker of Mt.
(804) 769-3332. Friday, 107 Commons Park Gilead Full Gospel International Ministries
Circle, Ste. F, Manquin, 23106. next to Jo Richmond, VA as our guest speaker. Lunch
will be served after the morning worship
service. The afternoon service will begin at
2:30 p.m. and the guest speaker will be Rev.
Bethlehem Baptist Church
located at 4389 The Trail; Bruington, Pastor Michael L. Jones, Sr., Pastor, Gilfield Baptist
Hill @ 804-363-1167.
Church, Charles City, VA. The public is
Family Life Baptist Church
7283 Richmond-Tappahannock Hwy, Aylett, Rock Spring Baptist Church
has new Worship Service Times: Early The 137th church anniversary will be on Sun.
Service 9:30am and Late Service 11:00am. Nov.23. morning worship at 11:30am dinner
Coffee House open before each service. We served following. Afternoon service will begin
want to invite you to our exciting worship at 3p,m. Rev. Reggie Dabney and Mt.. Sinai
experience. Children will enjoy KidzLife Baptist church will be the guest. All are
worship and KidZoo. COME JOIN US! For welcome.
more information, contact: Gus Agostino St. Stephens Baptist Church
(804) All are invited to visit our historic church,
Men’s Ministry: The Quest for Authentic serving God and community since 1842.
Manhood contact Dave Anderson for more Sunday school at 10 and worship service at 11.
info cell 804-617-8118 home 804-769-2257 Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM.
We’re easy to find, right off Route 360 at the
email: [email protected]
St. Stephens Church stoplight. Go ¼ mile
First Mt. Olive Baptist Church
K&Q NAACP organizing committee unit south on Route 14 (The Trail) and you can’t
training to be held on Sun, Nov.23 @ 2pm. miss us! Telephone 804-769-8833
Please call Rev. James Dabney for info. All Sharon Baptist Church
Join us for worship. located 901 Sharon Road
across from KWHS. Sunday mornings start
with coffee & doughnuts at 8:45am in
Fellowship Hall, followed by Sunday School
all ages 9:15 am. Morning Worship Service
10:30am. Nursery provided. Sunday Evening
Bible Study & Children’s Choir 6pm.
Additional Bible Studies 10am on Tuesdays &
7pm on Wednesdays. Youth (7th–12th graders)
meet at 7pm Wednesdays. office hours 9am to
2pm Monday–Thursday. 769-2320 for more
Bethel UMC
Messy Church Wednesday Dec 3 rd @ King
William Fire Dept. 6-8pm Activities, dinner
and celebration FREE Live Nativity
Visit with the Shepherds, Angels and Wise
Men as you journey to the manger King
William parks and Rec. December 19th 6:308pm. FREE
Epworth United Methodist Church invites
you to join with us for our church service on
Sunday at 9:00 am followed by a time of
fellowship and refreshment. Sunday school
classes for all ages begins at 10:30. For
further information please contact the church
office at 769-1949.
Women’s Retreat
Women of all races and denominations are
invited to participate in a time of prayer,
meditation and renewal with our Lord and
Savior, Jesus Christ on Saturday, Nov. 15
from 1:00-3:00. Sponsored by Epworth and in
conjunction with/ and at St. David’s. If you
would like to contribute to the Toys For Tots
drive, you are welcome to bring a new toy/
stocking stuffer/gloves, etc for a less fortunate
child to the Retreat. If you and/or your church
group are interested, please call 296-8215.
McKendree United Methodist
Come join in the fellowship every week 4347
Manfield Road, Manquin; Pastor Chad
7202, [email protected] Sunday Worship
@ 9:30am, Sunday School @10:45am for all
ages. www.McKendreeUnitedMethodistChurc
Mizpah United Methodist Church will hold
its annual Roast Beef Dinner and Auction on
Sat., Nov. 29, at the Walkerton Community
Fire Assoc. building. Take-out meals are
available at 4:30, the dinner starts at 5:00 and
the auction starts about 6:15 p.m. Tickets are
$10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 10
and under. Tickets are available from church
members and at Scott's Store.
New Mount Olive Christian Center Men &
Women's Ministry Workshop Session For
Youth Please Come Join Us Every Sunday
Morning @ 9:30AM for Spiritual Growth
Institute and Worship Service @ 11:30AM.
Our Address is 109 Commons Park Circle,
Suite F Manquin (Located in the King
William Commerce Park Commons Center)
Providence Methodist Church
K&Q co.-located at 3844 Poor House Ln. at
intersections of Rts. 631 & 616 will have their
annual Christmas Song Service on Dec.7 at
6pm (new time) please come and enjoy our
local talent and help us decorate the Christmas
Tree with Love Offerings. Refreshments will
be served after the song service. If you are
unable to attend and would like to make a
donation, please sent to: Providence UMC,
Betty Watkins, Treas. 14519 Richmond Tapp.
Hwy., St. Stephens VA 23148
Saint James Presbyterian Church (the little
church next to King William Courthouse) 411
Courthouse Lane. Our regular service is held
on Sundays at 10:30 AM. Communion is held
on the first Sunday of every month, except
July and August
First Assembly of God
“Focusing on your family” is this year’s
theme. Ea. Sun @ 11am we will be teaching
vital principles from the Bible. Biblical
counseling is available by appt. call 785-5683
or email [email protected] 4 mi. east of
W.P. 3976 Lewis B. Puller Mem. Hgwy. (Rt.
Saint David’s Episcopal Church Aylett
“To Know Christ Jesus and to make Christ
Known” All are welcome to our 11 am
Worship Service and Children’s Sunday
School. 1st Sundays of the month are Youth
Service and Morning Prayer, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
Sundays are Holy Communion. 11291 West
River Rd. Aylett (next to public boat landing)
Please join us for worship on Sunday
mornings at 10:30 AM. You will experience a
message that you can understand and people
that you can relate to. Please come dressed
anyway you want. Come casual, dressed up,
barefoot. Nobody cares, just come. TRCC is
located at 694 Sharon Road, King William,
23086 (right next to the King William
Library). Donations needed for our
Community Closet! Please donate canned
goods to be given to neighbors in need. Call
221-5641 for info.
N o v e m b e r
1 2 , 2 0 1 4
Th e
C o un t r y
C o ur i e r
p a g e
1 7
Community Calendar
Calendar entries are free up to 50 &QL. Call 804-769-1623 or visit the
words. Over 50, will be charged 40 library at 396 Newtown Road for
more information.
cent a word.
Free Afternoon Off for Caregivers!
American Legion Post 314 Bring your senior loved ones to a
special event on the third Thursday
Members Meeting
2nd Wednesday of each month at of every month! Caregivers get an
6:30. Grand opening will be afternoon off (1:00-5:00 p.m.) while
announced at a later date. 6250 Rich/ their seniors enjoy fellowship in a
Tapp Tpk. Info contact Ronnie safe environment with fun-filled
Corrick @ 229-9529.
activities planned especially for
GOOD KARMA Thanksgiving and t h e m. F o r i n f o r m a t i o n a n d
Christmas food boxes are available at registration, call 804-296-0315.
KWDSS that would be appreciated. Sponsored by United Methodist
If recipients are home bound or Women, McKendree UMC, 4347
unable to pick-up an application, Manfield Road, Manquin.
information can be gathered by Christmas Bazaar sponsored by the
contacting (804) 994-9262 or (804) Women for Christ Circle will be
Saturday, November 22nd, from 9:00
a.m. - 1:00 p.m. at the King William
Walkerton Fire Dept
Dec. 6 Annual Christmas Breakfast Fire and Rescue Building on Route
with Santa and Award Winning 360 in Aylett. Come get an early
Brunswick Stew sale. Breakfast held start on your shopping. Lots of
8am to 10am. Stew is $7 qt. ready for crafters and vendors under one
Christmas trees, wreaths,
pick up from 11am to 1pm at fire roof..
jewelry, jams, purses, scarves, fudge,
house. Pre-orders call 769-2009.
Mangohick Fire Dept. - Turkey b a ke d g oo d s an d s o mu c h
Shoots will be starting every Friday more. Origami Owl, Scentsy, 31
night – Nov. 21st, 7:30pm –10:30pm Company, Nerium, Norwex ,
w/ bacon, sausage, breakfast specials, Tupperware will also be there. No
baby back ribs, turkeys just to name admission cost. BBQ, Hot dogs,
a few and a hot concession stand. Chips and Drinks will be available.
Please call if you have any questions. 4-H Event
4-H Cloverbud Club meeting is
804-514-4542 or 804-994-9800.
November 13 at 5pm open to youth
Friends of The Upper King between the ages of 5 and 8. This
William Branch Meet the Times- club will be meeting at a Club
Dispatch columnist Bill Lohmann, Leader’s farm, to see the different
author of "Are We There Yet" and animals, play games, and do exciting
"Back Roads" Thursday Nov. 20, at hands-on activities. Please contact
6:30pm in the meeting room of the 804-769-4955 to find out more info
Upper King William Branch library. about the 4-H Cloverbud club or to
Refreshments will be provided. His RSVP for this club meeting. Feel
books will be available for purchase. free to email any question
Recipe Exchanges-Diabetics King to [email protected] or stop by our
office at 180 Horse Landing Road
& Queen
Monday, November 17, 10:30 a.m. - King William, A 23086.
noon Ages 18 & up. Learn about new PETS
and tasty diabetic-friendly recipes
Good Homes Needed For Good
and gluten free treats and sample
Regional Animal Shelter, 20201
some flavorful creations.
King William Road, King William
Refreshments provided by the FK
804-769-4983. Kennel visiting hours
Mon.–Fri. 11a.m.-4p.m., Wed. eve.
until 6pm., Sat. 11am.-2pm. email:
[email protected]
SOCIETY. New meeting day and
location! IRHS will meet the third
TUESDAY of every month at
6:30pm at the KW Ruritan Bldg on
Route 30. Please join us and see how
you can help save the homeless
animals in our area.
All are
Help Wanted!
If you love animals please consider
becoming a foster parent. You
provide a safe and loving home,
Indian Rivers Humane Society will
provide food and medical. Please call
for further
804-885-3109 x2
information. Someone will call you
back. You can help save lives!
Three Rivers SWCD Board of
Monthly Board of Directors meetings
on third Monday ea. month. Public
invited. If you would like to attend,
please contact us at (804)443-2327
ext. 101.
Support Group for Family
Members of People with Mental
National Alliance on Mental Illness
(NAMI), Mid-Tidewater affiliate, is
offering a free family/caregiver
support group at King William
Counseling Center 1041 Sharon
Road. Meetings held 3rd Thursday ea
month from 7–8:30p.m. groups
provide a confidential, relaxed, &
supportive environment where family
members can share their stories and
learn how to better cope when a
loved one has a serious mental
illness. For more information,
c o n t a c t
D i a n e
at [email protected]
King William County On-Going
Nurturing Parenting Program
Every Monday 6:30pm - 8:30pm
King William Counseling Center,
1041 Sharon Road, KW. $20 Per/
Session + $20 Handbook. 15-week
On-Going Nurturing Parenting
Program takes place year round and
parents can enroll in the classes at
any time. Pre-registration is required.
To register please call us at:1-888PREV-550 or 804-642-5402 or email
us at [email protected]
King William T.E.A. Party, 7 to 8
PM Thursday, November 13th at
Upper King William Library What
the heck happened on election day?!
Join us for a lively discussion of the
surprising results of local, state and
national elections. Meetings of
KWTP are open to all citizens of
good will, usually held on the second
and fourth Thursdays each month.
This time at Upper King William
Library on Sharon Road at Central
Garage. They begin promptly at 7
PM and you'll be out by 8. Come
early if you can to see another of the
stirring and inspiring videos we‘ve
found. This will start at 6:45 but
come on in and have a seat anytime.
F o r mo r e i n f o r ma t i o n v i s i t
Monday, November 17: NAMI
Mid-Tidewater hosts David
Cariens’ presentation about school
shootings and mental illness at 7 p.m.
at the Urbanna Baptist Church.
FREE. Thursday, November 20: The
NAMI Mid-Tidewater Family
Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at
the King William Counseling
Call 804-241-7330 for
P a g e
1 8
T h e
C o u n tr y
C o ur ie r
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4
High Speed Internet
Order the High Speed Satellite Internet
that is now available in King William
and King & Queen! Speeds up to 12Mbps down and 3-Mbps up.
Starting at $50/month.
Order now by Calling 874-3294
Computer Services & Repair
Home or Business
Call Armistead @ 874-3294
CNA’S, NA’s, PCA’S needed for fulltime or part-time, Tuesday through
Thursday, in West Point and
surrounding counties. Please apply at
Home in Home Care, 6736 Main St.,
Gloucester, VA 23061 or call (804)
824-9232 between 9am and 3pm.
King William County Department of
Social Services Employment
Opportunity Announcement Job Title:
Family Services Specialist II Position
L0002 Application
Open November 7, 2014 Application
Deadline: November 21, 2014 State
Application On-line ONLY The King
William County Dept. of Social
Services is accepting applications for
Family Services Specialist II.
Application instructions, qualifications,
job description and compensation
information can be found at http:// Review job
listing & apply on-lineApplications
must be filed on line by November 21,
W E E K E N D S .
Full time position with excellent
benefits including health insurance,
retirement, and paid holidays, vacation
and sick leave for maintenance
technician to perform maintenance and
repair work on vehicles, sites and
equipment. Knowledge of diesel and
gas engines, hydraulics, general
electrical and plumbing, and welding.
Must have own tools. Requires high
school graduation and 3 years
maintenance and repair experience, or
equivalent combination of training and
experience which demonstrates the
required skills, knowledge and abilities.
Will generally report to work at the
VPPSA maintenance facility in Saluda,
Virginia. Starting salary is $14.25 per
hour. Applications available at the
Virginia Peninsulas Public Service
Authority Field Office, Faraway Road,
Rt 705, Stormont Va 23149 or the
Administrative Office at 475 McLaws
Circle, Suite 3B, Williamsburg, VA
23185 (757-259-9850), or on-line at Open until filled.
VPPSA is a smoke free, drug free
workplace. EOE
Norman’s Tree Service:
removal, topping, trimming, stump
grinding, brush chipping, storm damage
and tractor work. No job too big or
small, 75 ft. bucket truck.
Estimates, reasonable prices. Licensed
& Insured. Locally owned & operated.
Call 769-7197
Steven’s Handyman Jr: Reasonable,
quality work, well experienced, any
type yard work, painting, mulching,
tree work, grass cutting, power
washing, etc.
Free Estimates &
Insured. Call 852-8403 (c)
Pollard’s Landscaping, Trees trimmed
and removed. 60ft. Bucket Truck,
Asphalt Repair & Sealing, Mulching,
Grass Cutting, Fertilizing, Seeding,
Power raking, Tree Pruning, Driveway
Repair , Fine & Rough Grading, Lot
Clearing, Trash Removal, Demolition,
Drainage Problems, Install and Repair
Septic Systems, Top Soil, Fill Dirt,
Pressure Washing, Painting, Staining.
We transport auto’s, boats, farm
machinery, mobile homes & misc.
freight. Call 445-1063 Licensed &
S. A Dunbar Construction 804-4025019. ALL your Home Improvements
and Repairs! Decks and Handrails
Custom Tile Work Replacement Interior
and Exterior Doors Custom trim
Custalow’s Piano Service: Tuning and
Repairs! Call 769-9234
TREE SERVICE: Over 30 years
experience, removal deadwooding,
trimming, storm cleanup. Firewood also
available. Fully Insured.
Estimates. Please call 804-763-9173
Auto Glass Installed: Bullzeye Glass,
Windshield replacement, rock chip
repair, same day mobile service. Direct
billing for Insurance. Locally owned.
Call 804-335-4807
Do you have a sentimental lamp that’s
not working? Excellent lamp repair and
restoration. Fear Not, call Doc at 804247-3370
Dry firewood, all Oak, split and ready Beautiful upstairs apartment for rent
for delivery. Please call 804-763-9173 with private entrance, 2,000 sq. ft.,
2001 Kawasaki 1500, black with two large decks, secluded. All utilities,
chrome trim, mileage 13,000, good appliances, furniture and Directv
condition, new battery and additional included. Close to routes 360 & 30.
Available immediately. $1,100 per
accessories. Call 769-4289
month. No Pets! Call 804-769-0592
RV 2005, 29ft Fleetwood Prowler with
For Rent: King & Queen Residence
slide. Sleeps six, a/c, full bath. Needs
with kitchen, dining, family, living and
some TLC. Storage area in back. Call
two bed rooms, one bath, central heat,
second floor has three rooms and closet
1993 Coleman Pop-up camper, electric, located on family farm near West Point.
propane gas stove, water hook-up Rent $750 per month. Three car garage,
$400.00. Call (804) 925-7244
barn and storage bldgs. 804-559-3088
Free standing wood stove with blower, (H) 514-3193 ©
blows major hot air. Takes up to 2’ logs.
N o t r e c o m me n d e d f o r i n s i d e ,
recommended for large garage or TOP CASH PAID -We’re buying
hunting garage. $750. Call 769-0592 antiques, old tools, old guns, swords,
guitars, old trains, military items, old
toys, glassware, clocks, nautical things,
other old items. If you're cleaning out a
house, shed, attic, garage, basement,
etc., Call 804-337-5329 Friendly
Critter Care Pet Sitting: We offer Service and Fair Prices Paid!
affordable and professional care for FREE PICK UP: Looking to haul
your pet in the comfort of their home. away your unwanted junk. Will pick up
We also offer walking programs. Call broken refrigerators, appliances, scrap
metal, car batteries, etc. Let me save
Boarding, Twin Ponds Kennels, you a trip to the dump. Call 804-840Indoor/Outdoor runs, heated & air 0682
conditioned. Obedience Training & Gun
Dog Training. Call Patty or Danny
Waltman 769-3095 or 370-8793 CHILDCARE: Will care for your child
in my home. Infants to five years old.
DOG BOARDING: Indoor, outdoor, Small group. Experienced provider. Pet
McCauley Park
private runs, individual attention. free/Smoke free.
west of Rt.
Conveniently located 1/4 mile off 360
near Rt. 30. Reservation suggested.
Edgewood Farm 769-4838
In home pet boarding. Go to, search Aylett.
Spruce Your Dogs Up For the
Holiday’s! Professional Dog
Grooming Serving King William
Affordable, Convenient, Flexible
Appointment Times Call Leslie
Today! (804)512-3149
Stream Ave. Walkerton-$149,950 3
Bedrooms, 2 baths Seller Highly
Motivated!! ~~ 161 Fieldview Drive-3
bedroom, 2 baths, very private– only
$95,000! ~~ .94 acres on Mahixon
Rd. ONLY $50,000! ~ Call ELLEN
OTEY with Twin Rivers Realty, Inc.
LAND. 804-241-4314
APARTMENT FOR RENT - Aylett Brick 2 Bedroom, large eat-in kitchen,
washer-dryer, excellent location, From
$735. per month. “Rent Special” 769- ESTATE SALE! Friday, 11/14 0867, Sunday, 11/16. 8am-3pm daily.
HOUSE: Furniture, vintage linens,
HOME FOR RENT: Central Garage McCoy & Hull pottery, household
area of King William~ 3 Bedroom, 2 items. GARAGE: Tools, antique John
F u l l B a t h s - - $ 1 , 2 0 0 / m o n t h . Deere tractor & parts. 2139 Venter
Available December 1st.
First Road, AYLETT.
months Rent & Security Deposit due
up front. $35/adult application fee for
Change your mood, give a room new
credit and background check. No
color. Interior Paint job by CR Seasoned firewood for sale, all Oak Pets, No Smoking. Call Ellen Otey,
and Hickory with delivery. Call 769Brockmann 929-1262
Twin Rivers Realty, Inc. 804-2417197
Place your Block ad or Classified ad here for 2014 & get results.
Call 769-0259
N o v e m b e r
1 2 , 2 0 1 4
Th e
C o un t r y
C o ur i e r
Dr. Joanne Schmit, D.C.
Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist
712 Main Street,
West Point, VA
Neck, Arm & Shoulder Pain
Low Back & Leg Pain
p a g e
1 9
P a g e
2 0
T h e
C o u n tr y
C o ur ie r
W ed n e s d a y ,
N o v e m b e r
1 2 ,
2 0 1 4