Cregger Company Opens New Branch in Brunswick



Cregger Company Opens New Branch in Brunswick
February 29th, 2008
Issue 2 Volume 7
44 Pages in 3 Sections
MRDS And MAI Merge to
Form Manufacturers’ Agents
& Distribution Services
Front Row: Brent Cox, Bob French, James Pearson, Rick
Stewart, Gail West, Austin Singletary, Jan Gardner, & Tami
Penrod. Back Row: Mike Richardson, Jody Aiken, Jody
Sandoval, Gino Mordocco, Will Stewart and Ted Radford
& Amy Kea (Not Pictured)
On February 4, 2008, the
industry newcomer, Manufacturers Reps and Distribution Ser vices (MRDS)
W.R. Bristow Celebrates 50 Years
Jim Watson (center), Chris Madrid, Marcia Watson, Bryon
Martin and Eric McCurdy
Bill Bristow founded the
agency in 1958 after working with two prior rep agencies. Prior to that, Bill was
a factory salesman for Ac-
tive tool co. His first two
lines included Oatey Co. &
Cosper Foundry where he
worked w/Fred Jones who
Gerald Horton Promoted to
President of Winnelson Macon
Gerald Horton, a 37 year
veteran of the plumbing industry has been named the
new President of Winnelson
Macon in July of 2007, after
Cregger Company Opens
New Branch in Brunswick
Gary Zorn, Daryl Johnson, Scott Gainous (Branch Manager),
Kim Mann, Cliff Baker, Greg Yancey, Charles Ashby
and Nonie Kearney (not pictured)
Cregger Company is
proud to announce that in
February, a new branch was
town of Birmingham , AL but
due to his recent promotion
of ficially opened in
Brunswick, GA. The apCONTINUED on PAGE 7A
working in outside sales for
the company for 21 years. In
a recent interview with the
Plumbing News, Gerald stated
that despite the market, at
Winnelson Macon, “We are all
looking forward to, and hoping for, a prosperous new
year.” Gerald is a native of
Macon, GA and has two children, Melissa and Blake. In
his spare time he enjoys hunting and fishing. The Georgia
Plumbing News would like to
congratulate Gerald on this
exciting promotion.You may
contact Winnelson Macon at
Permit NO 3592
Southern Pipe and Supply is pleased to announce
that on January 1, Greg
“Buzz” Barnett was promoted to Regional Manager.
Greg began his career with
Southern Pipe and Supply
9 ½ years ago and prior to
his recent promotion held
the position of Sales and
Operations Manager in Birmingham . Greg graduated
from Jacksonville State University in 1990, where he
received a Marketing and
Communications Degree.
Greg and his wife Lisa currently reside in his home-
U.S. Postage
Candace King, Marketing
Coordinator for E&E coordinated the company’s
Greg “Buzz” Barnett Promoted
to Georgia Regional Manager
for Southern Pipe & Supply
P.O. Box 68
Bethlehem, Georgia 30620
merged with the well-established Manufacturers’
Agents, Inc. (MAI) to create
Jack Morgan
Editor and Publisher
Greeting Plumbing pros,
hope you are all doing well.
There is a very good article
from the Harvard business
Journal by Robert Wilson
that I would like to share with
you. I Think it will be a very
interesting read. It was for
me. It addresses the reason
to advertise during a slow
down cycle:
Sometimes we need to
remind ourselves what the
short-term benefits of advertising area during good
times or bad it creates sales
immediately; it generates
added business from current customers; and it brings
in new leads and prospects.
Then there is the longterm benefit of advertising it
works cumulatively. The
more familiar people become with a brand, the more
favorable they feel toward it,
and the more likely they are
to buy it. In other words,
people don’t like to do busi-
John, Collins, and Sanford Knight of E&E
On February 20, Engineering and Equipment
Company held their 2008 AD Field Market Summit.
Georgia Plumbing News
E&E Hosts 2008 A-D Field Market
Summit & Utility Exposition in Albany
Page 2A
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Greg Barnett
within the company, the two
will relocate to Georgia in
the very near future.
In their free time, Greg
“Buzz” and his wife enjoy
going to the movies and
spending time with their 5
“babies” (3 dogs and two
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Plumbing & Mechanical Association of
Georgia Spring Golf Tournament
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2007 1st Place Team: Todd Sparlin, Randal Lowe, Glenn Roberts,
George Stewart
PMA is proud to announce that this year’s
Spring Golf Tournament will
be held on Monday, April 21,
at the Eagle’s Landing Country Club, in Stockbridge. The
tournament begins with registration at 10:00 a.m. and the
shotgun start at 11:00 a.m.
This event is an excellent
opportunity to network with
an organization that is working to strengthen and protect the plumbing and mechanical industry while having a day of fun and golf with
your fellow professionals.
You may register one person, two, or any number of
golfers. If you don’t have a
foursome, consider inviting
a fellow contractor from your
PMA will be hosting a silent auction featuring quality framed pictures of major
golf locations such as
Pebble Beach and Augusta,
and the players, Tiger
Woods, Payne Stewart, Jack
Nicholas and Arnold Palmer.
So bring your checkbook.
The registration fee is
$150 per golfer. This includes greens fee, cart,
range balls, box lunch, refreshments after the round,
and prizes. All registrations
& payments must be received in the PMA office by
W.R. Bristow
later started Jones Mfg. &
hired Bill as the second representative ever for Jones
Mfg. At this time, Bill covered
5 states, his office was in his
home & his wife, Mary E. was
Secretary Treasurer. In
1972, he opened his first
warehouse stocking Oatey &
Triangle copper tube. Later
that year company became
rep and started warehousing
for Metal Fab,Inc. The company still represents Metal
Fab & is their largest line. In
1973, Bill hired his son in law
Jim Watson. “I turned him
down twice before coming to
my senses”, stated Jim.
.In 1978, they built their
current warehouse in
Marietta, GA still stocking
Metal Fab & other prominent
lines. In 1980, the company
hired their first salesman and
grew the business by only
covering Georgia. In 1981,
Bill and his wife moved to
Saint Simons Island to retire.
Mary E. passed away in
2004 and Bill continues to
live in that same house with
his Westie.
At this time, Jim Watson
purchased the company &
became President. The company has seen manufacturers
& wholesalers come & go
through the years, the mergers have been staggering.
Since 1981, Jim Watson’s
wife, Marcia, has held the
position of Secretary Treasurer, also continuing the
family tradition. W.R.
Bristow’s key personnel includes; Outside Salesman,
Chris Madrid (who is celebrating 5 years with the
company), Warehouse Man-
Jim stated of the above pictures, “The strangest thing that ever
happened to us, was in 1991, I was awakened by the police that a
tractor trailer had run into the office at our warehouse! No one
was there, therefore no one was hurt!”
Bill Bristow (Founder)
Clyde Rodbell (former owner of Apex Supply) and Jim Watson
ager and Inside Salesman,
Byron Martin who is celebrating 10 years with the
company and warehouse
employee, Eric.
W.R. Bristow looks forward to the next 50 years
and has loved most every
minute of this great
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Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Ditch Witch 250R/T
Locating System Released
The Ditch Witch® organization, the industry leader in
the design and manufacture
of underground construction equipment, announces
the release of its new 250R/
T locating system. The company says the 250R/T is one
of the most efficient and
cost-effective methods for
locating and avoiding buried
telephone, CATV, power,
gas, and water lines. Consisting of a 250T transmitter and 250R receiver, this
simple, lightweight system
features intuitive controls, an
easy-to-read display, and
depth estimation up to 15
feet (4.6 m).
The dynamic range of the
250R/T is the best in its
class, so it can locate even
when signals are either very
weak or very strong. Tones
are derived from the actual
signals radiating from pipes
or cables, making it easy for
even novice users to distinguish the signal from background noise. The display is
backlit and reinforced with
a scratch-resistant coating
for optimal visibility day and
Kohler Adds Style, Installation
Options to Utility Sinks
sinks, int r od u c e d
by Kohler
Co. at the
2008 International
B u ild e r s’
Show in
now come with undercounter installation options
to better showcase the
growing popularity of granite and solid sur face
counter tops in laundr y
“Utility rooms are no
longer utilitarian in style,”
said Andy Barber, marketing
director, kitchen products,
C o .
“There is
a demand
in the market p l a c e
for versatile and attractive
sinks that complement
décor in laundry or auxiliary
rooms as they already do in
kitchens and bathrooms.”
New to the marketplace
are KOHLER® Undertone™
stainless steel utility sinks.
With two sizes that can fit
into any application, the
Undertone 18-gauge stainless steel utility sink is a stylish yet highly functional solution for kitchen, bar or
laundry areas. The sink’s
SilentShield® Plus, an exclusive sound-absorption
system, that greatly reduces
unwanted disposal noise
and vibration from dishes
and running water. The
stainless steel sinks come in
two sizes:
23 by 17 1/2 inches, 11
5/8-inch basin and:
17 by 14 1/2 inches, 9
5/8-inch basin
Constructed of KOHLER
Cast Iron, the popular selfrimming KOHLER Park Falls,
Glen Falls and River Falls
utility sinks are now offered
as undercounter installation
options. In addition, each
utility sink will be available
in 24 KOHLER Cast Iron
colors. These three utility
sinks vary in size to fit compact spaces or in areas that
require large basins for
more work space:
KOHLER Park Falls: 21
by 22 inches, 12 5/8-inch
KOHLER Glen Falls: 25
by 22 inches, 13-inch basin
KOHLER River Falls: 25
by 22 inches, 14 1/4-inch
Combining cast iron with
an ultra-thick layer of
enamel, KOHLER Cast Iron
sinks resist staining,
scratching and chipping,
and provide exceptional durability. Kohler offers a wide
selection of kitchen and utility sinks in deep, rich colors and graceful design
lines that coordinate beautifully with a wide variety of
countertops. All KOHLER
Cast iron sinks installed in
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Guest Editorial
By Andrew B. Ward, NAPMA President
Part of what a I intended
to do when I agreed to write
a few articles for the Plumbing News was to provoke
thought in the readers of this
brand new trade newspaper.
The last issue, I was
pretty rough on a few entities that control the licensing of plumbing contractors
here in the state. I did not
mean to be disrespectful,
but I did mean to provoke
thought in this area. Do we
stay the course we are on
in this state with licensing
and the lack of state wide
plumbing and mechanical
inspections, or do we make
some changes.
We have a new law that I
was able to lobby for that
passed a few years ago that
will; (except for a number of
North West counties) require state wide plumbing
inspections on all new
plumbing installation by at
least 2010. I don’t know how
close the state is on implementing this, but hopefully
it will be soon.
Just making changes to
make changes would make
no sense, we have had too
much meddling already by
people who mean well but
have not enough trade experience to know what
changes are good and
those that may harm.
I had written how I had
hoped that all of the trade
associations and interested
parties could meet to discuss if and what changes
might be good for plumbers
in the state. Not just today’s
plumbers, but future plumbers, those that haven’t even
been born will be affected
by what we do or do not do.
So as not to beat a dead
horse, I’ll go to my other goal
for writing this column. I
wanted to make you aware
of the work that my and
other associations are doing
to make positive changes,
not only state wide but locally.
The Nashville Area
Plumbing and Mechanical
Association, (NAPMA), the
Memphis Area Plumbing
Association, (MAPA), have
for about three years, been
meeting and working on legislation together. Associations can help focus on issues and bring to bear many
more resources that can individuals. Associations bring
about education; monthly
meetings are good for code
updates, product training
and business mentoring.
Fellowship is also a big part
what you can benefit from
by joining and being active
in a trade association.
Learning from other contractors and making business connections are a
huge help to your business
So there you have it. I
hope if nothing else you will
give what I have written a
Page 5A
thought or two. Think about
what you would change if
you could. Look for an active trade association and go
and see what they are about.
I want to know what you
think, Email me at
[email protected] and
give me some feed back.
Closer to home. The
Saturday before Christmas
Day, someone broke into all
of my 5 service trucks and
took all of my, and my guys
tools. We think it may run
$15,000 to $20,000 dollars
worth of tools. It has been
tough to stay in business
here lately. My company’s
health insurance went up
last year. Fuel is though the
roof, and finding good, drug
free and clean cut service
plumbers is hard. Here in
Nashville you do not have to
have a license, or at least
that is how the codes de-
partment interprets the law,
to run a plumbing repair service. No license or insurance required. It’s not the
best of conditions but that’s
the way it is. It’s tough but I
am proud of what I have
been able to accomplish.
Many of you face similar
situations all across the
state, you are trying to provide professional service but
as I do, face competition
with some who don’t. They
don’t have the same overhead or ethics as you do.
It’s not easy but be proud
if you are able to overcome
and prosper. Well Email me,
Iwant to hear from you.6
Danze Adds a Refined
Style Option to its Popular
Parma Collection
Danze introduces an expansion of its popular Parma
Trim Line products. Per fect for designers and
homeowners who prefer a “lighter” look to their décor,
these new lavatory faucets feature a smaller, more delicate styling (by nearly 20%). Danze brings this compact
design to its Parma vessel filler faucet and two Parma
single control lavatory faucets. The Parma single control
Trim Line lavatory with side-mount handle debuts a new
angular spout shape that will appeal to Euro style
Page 6A
Utility Sinks
North America carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty for as
long as the original consumer owns his or her
home. Additionally, KOHLER
Cast Iron is crafted from 93
percent recycled and reclaimed material.
Founded in 1873 and
headquartered in Kohler,
Wis., Kohler Co. is one of
America’s oldest and largest
privately held companies.
Kohler is a global leader in
the manufacture of kitchen
and bath products, engines
and power generation systems, cabinetry, tile and
home interiors, and international host to award-winning
hospitality and world-class
golf destinations.
Throughout its nearly
135-year history, Kohler Co.
has remained true to its
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
founding vision of
defining the frontiers
of ideas, craftsmanship and technology.
The Company strives
to establish new levels of excellence
within each industry
and market it serves
as it fulfills its mission of “improving
the level of gracious
living for each person who is touched by its
products and services.”
Through the efforts of
extensive research and
product development,
Kohler seeks to offer the
most choices in water-conserving products for both
residential and commercial
applications and further establish its industry leadership in offering high-performing plumbing products
that save water. With its
large portfolio of water-con-
serving toilet, urinal and faucet technologies, Kohler is
well equipped to provide aggressive water saving solutions for both commercial
and residential applications.
Additionally, Kohler offers
kitchen and bath products
constructed of KOHLER
Cast Iron, which is composed of 93 percent recycled and reclaimed materials. But it’s more than products that make Kohler Co. a
true champion of water con-
Following is a summary
of the most recent initiatives,
sponsorships and efforts
Kohler has undertaken to
educate homeowners about
the importance of water conservation:
Sponsor for the 2008
National Association of
Home Builders’ “Green
Day,” and donation of waterconserving products to the
organization’s New American Home, the first show
home certified by the NAHB
Green Building Program.
Sponsorship of Grand
Canyon Adventure: River at
Risk, a new 3D/2D giant
screen film that is being created to raise global awareness of world water issues.
As part of the sponsorship,
the film includes product
integration in which the
film’s talent offers water-saving tips to viewers on how
they can make a difference.
Membership in the newly
formed Alliance for Water
Efficiency as a charter sponsor. The Alliance for Water
Efficiency addresses several key objectives: providing comprehensive information about water efficient
products, practices and programs; representing the interest of water efficiency in
the development of codes
and standards; and coordinating green building initiatives to institutionalize water
Active suppor ter of
Ditch Witch
The 250T is ten times
more powerful than other
transmitters in its class. It
can apply 33-kHz signals via
direct connect, induction
clamp, or other optional accessories. Even with its
greater power, the 250R/T
has two-thirds fewer components than similar models,
meaning fewer chances of
mechanical or electrical interruption. Further minimizing downtime is the system’s
rugged design and moisture-resistant cases that
stand up to long-term use
and tough weather conditions.
The Ditch Witch organization specializes in the design and manufacture of
high-quality underground
construction equipment. The
company is a one-stop
source for trenchers, vibratory plows, pneumatic piercing tools, backhoes, electronic guidance and locating tools, horizontal directional drilling systems, drill
pipe, downhole tools,
vacuum excavation systems,
excavator-tool carriers, mini
skid steers, and Zahn family of trenchers.
All of these products are
recognized around the
world for their advanced
design, rugged construction, long-term durability,
ease of use, and reliability.
This product line represents
the most complete range
of equipment for installing
utilities underground.
The Ditch Witch name is
one you can trust for your
equipment and financial
needs. Ditch Witch Financial
Services (DWFS) is a fullservice provider, offering a
wide variety of finance and
lease options to meet your
individual requirements.
For more information
about the new 250R/T,
please call 800-654-6481 or
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 7A
PMA President’s
Manufacturers’ Agents and
Ser vices
MRDS was formed in October, 2007, by Rick Stewart,
formerly of Apex Supply. The
agency almost immediately
was awarded the lines for
Anvil International and Georg
Fischer, and shortly thereafter, Plastic Trends. They were
off to a running start and the
business was doing well.
MAI had been in business
for 30+ years and had a number of prestigious lines, including Anaco, Aqua Bath,
Tyler Soil Pipe, Wade, Spurlin
Commercial Innovations,
Willoughby Industries, Chicago Faucets, McGuire Mfg.,
Myers, Topp Industries,
Halsey Taylor, Weben-Jarco
Industries, Dixie Tank, and
Husky Technologies. At the
helm were Jan Gardner and
Mike Richardson.
Rick and Jan had been
longtime business acquaintances, working together
over the years to supply
products to mechanical and
commercial contractors.
Even though MRDS was a
new business concern, the
two determined that both
companies would benefit if
they joined forces. Their
mutual desire to focus on the
commercial and mechanical
plumbing markets made the
merger decision an easy
The newly created company is located in Peachtree
Corners at 6655-B Corners
Industrial Court, Norcross.
With sales offices and a
67,000 square foot warehouse, the physical logistics
were accomplished. MADS
has an impressive inventory
that allows their customers
a variety of choices. Many
of the products they offer go
hand-in-hand so that the
company essentially provides their customers with a
one-stop resource. For example a wholesaler can pur-
PMA Golf
Wednesday, April 16th. If
you are interested in sponsorship opportunities please
contact the PMA office for
availability. Any sponsorship would reflect your involvement in the event and
support of the Association.
Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with the leaders of the PMA and of our
industry. If you have any
questions regarding the golf
tournament please contact
the PMA office at 678-9473473.6
Shown here is the massive amount of George Fisher
Piping in stock at the M.A.D.S. 67,000 square foot warehouse in
Norcross, Georgia.
chase everything from pipe,
valves and fittings to drains,
water coolers, faucets, pipe
hangers, strut, all thread
rod, ADA and handicap
acrylic and fiberglass tub
and shower units , large diameter PVC fittings, and
pumps with one phone call.
Stewart believes this will
become even more important to their customers as
the cost of fuel continues to
Additionally, Gardner and
Stewart knew that each of
them had a great team prior
to the merger; now they are
absolutely convinced that
they have the most knowledgeable, professional
group of sales associates in
the market. They maintain
that their staff is a tremendous asset. With Gardner
and Stewart’s 30+ years of
experience respectively in
the mechanical and industrial markets, it is almost a
sure bet that this will be a
successful venture and winning proposition for both
MADS and its customers.
When you ask Rick
E&E Hosts
2008 A-D Field Market Summit. “It was an adventure,”
Candace stated. “Being new
to the industry and with this
being my first Field Market
Summit (attending and coordinating), I had a lot of
learning a head of me. I
wanted to make sure the
tasks at hand were completed, while adding in a little
E&E decided to have the
Summit at a local Zoo featuring a beautiful Education
Center. They even took it a
step further and reserved a
presentation on animals during lunch. A trainer presented the attendees with an
owl, an African turtle, an alligator, and another turtle,
teaching important information on and allowing them to
even touch some of the animals. Candace stated, “Ev-
Stewart, the president of
MADS, about his plans for
the future of the company,
he states that his goal is to
grow the market share of the
manufacturers they currently represent and to continuously search for new
product lines that will compliment the products they
now offer. Of equal importance to Stewart is to create a superior work atmosphere for his associates
where they can advance as
the company grows. He
wants it to be the kind of
place that attracts talented
associates and manufacturers seeking the best representation available.6
Ted Zurn
PMA of Georgia President
proximately 15,000 square
foot facility is located at 165
Key Circle Dr. and is open
for your convince Mon-Fri
7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Scott Gainous, Branch
Manager and 16 year veteran of the industry, recently
began his career with
The PMA recently had its
annual legislative day at the
Capitol in January. It’s a day
on which we set aside time
to meet with legislators from
our home districts and let
them know how we stand on
issues, especially those affecting our businesses.
I remember the first time
I attended legislative day a
few years ago. We walked
the halls of the Georgia State
Capitol, a beautiful building
with much history behind it.
Rob Sumner led the way as
we met with various representatives. It was a new exCregger and stated in an
interview with The Plumbing
News, “We are eager to be
serving the Brunswick area
and are glad to be a part of
the community.”
The grand opening is
pending, but don’t hesitate to
stop by and check out
Cregger’s latest and greatest
products. For more information please contact Scott
Gainous at 912-717-0920.6
eryone was excited to learn
very interesting facts about
each of these animals.”
Once the presentation
was over; everyone divided
into teams (one employee
with each vendor) to play “E
& E’s Animal Bingo.” Each
team was given a bingo card
with 9 squares; in each
square was an answer. A
question that corresponded
with the presentation was
asked; the team had to find
the answer on the Bingo
card and cross it out. The
first team to reach Bingo
The Bobrick/Preferred
Sales representatives and
Mike Dial; an E&E inside
sales man, won the event.
Each Bobrick/Preferred
Sales representative and
Mike Dial was awarded a
$50.00 gift certificate to Circuit City.
Each meeting was beneficial to everyone. There
were important questions
that were answered and
each of the 5 branches were
able to plan their marketing
strategies for the year;
which includes counter
days, flyers, sales incentives, employee trainings,
and more! Everyone who attended was allowed the opportunity to build a relationship with each other and in
many cases, “put a face to
a voice.” and received a lot
of valuable information from
it. Candace was ver y
pleased with E&E’s 2008 AD Field Market Summit being such a success and
looks forward to planning
next years!
That evening, E&E
hosted a “Utility Exposition”
at the same location. Many
prominent vendors, engineers, and contractors attended the event. Each vendor had their own booth and
some presented their outstanding products to the attendees. E&E and the ven-
perience for this plumber
and, at first, a bit intimidating. However, in subsequent
visits, I have become much
more comfortable in meeting with these folks. As a
fellow soldier told me years
ago, “Even the general puts
his pants on one leg at a
time.” It is a great thought
to realize that we can have
a say and influence what
happens during the legislative session.
So what is the “scoop”
from the capital concerning
water issues? A bill out of
Decatuer was being considered that would require all
homes being sold to be
retro-fitted with low flow toilets and shower heads before sale to a new owner.
This bill has already faced
strong opposition by the
Realtor association in Georgia, which has 47,000 members. Their argument being
that if this bill passes, then
what else could follow?
Could there be laws requiring more insulation and
thermal type windows before your house can be put
up for sale? Not only would
this put a heavy burden on
home sellers, it means government involvement in a
process where it isn’t
needed. PMA also opposes
mandates and is lobbying
for rebate and incentive programs to be introduced.
When you examine the
water crisis in Georgia, it
dors hosted a drawing
throughout the evening for
the engineers and contractors awarding gifts including
two $25 Walmart cards, a
$100 Home Depot card,
coolers stuffed with goodies, jackets, solid brass fire
hydrants, DeWalt drill set, 2
DeWalt accessory kits with
tool box, a Milwaukee drill
set, 2 ipods and more!
E&E would like to thank
all who attended the event,
and a special thank you to
the vendors including Anvil,
Bobrick, Cresline, Halsey
Taylor, Hancor, Kohler, Milwaukee, Sioux Chief, Sloan,
A.Y. McDonald, Eco-Tech,
Inman & Associates, Liberty
Pumps, M&H Valve, McWane
Pipe, North American Pipe,
Truan Sales, U.S. Foundry,
Union Foundry, and Watts.
For more information on
E&E’s Utility Exposition or AD Field Market Summit
please contact Candace
King at 800-688-8816.6
Page 10A
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 11A
Send all of your open house, continuing education, seminar, and trade show information to:
THE GEORGIA PLUMBING NEWS CALENDAR P.O. Box 68 Bethlehem, Georgia 30620 or Fax 770-586-5174
2nd Tuesday of Each Month
South Metro PMA
from PAGE 1A
CONTACT: Tripp Carroll 770-460-0095
March 28th- 29th, 2008
May 8th, 2008
2nd Tuesday of Each Month
North Georgia PMA
LOCATION: Loco’s Restaurant
CONTACT: Steve McElhannon 706-215-6911
April 10th, 2008
June 19-22nd, 2008
3rd Tuesday of Each Month
Northwest Metro PMA
LOCATION: Spaghetti Warehous - Marietta
CONTACT: Carolyn Greene 678-738-1398
April 11th-13th, 2008
July 24-26th, 2008
3rd Thursday of Each Month
Central Georgia PMA
LOCATION: Shoki Japenese Restaurant
CONTACT: Bernice Carlson 478-743-9383
April 21st, 2008
September 25-27th, 2008
4th Thursday of Each Month
Northeast Metro PMA
LOCATION: Jocks & Jills - Norcross
CONTACT: Ray Sokolowsky 678-947-1627
April 22nd -24th, 2008
September 29-Oct 4th, 2008
March 19th, 2008 11am -2pm
April 24-25th, 2008
State Inspectors
Cowan Supply Customer Appreciation Day
CONTACT: 404-351-6351
Project Manager/Owner/Foreman Seminar
LOCATION: South Atlanta, GA
ASPE Meeting: Sanitary & Storm System
LOCATION: Holiday Inn Select-Atl-Perimeter
PMA Inspector Meeting & Golf Tournament
LOCATION: Eagles Landing in Stockbridge
National Modular Home Expo
Skill USA Career Expo
LOCATION: Gwinett County Fair Grounds
ASPE Meeting: Chapter Board Elections
LOCATION: Holiday Inn Select-Atl-Perimeter
PMA Annual Meeting
LOCATION: Amelia Island Plantation, FL
Plumbiing Review Course
Plumbiing Review Course
LOCATION: Marietta, GA
PHCC National Convention
October 1-3rd, 2008
ISH North America
Page 12A
PMA President
comes down to two things:
conserving what we have
and looking to expand our
supply. We have been talking a lot lately about conser ving water, but what
about new supply sources?
While at the Capitol, I
learned about a plan for
Gwinnett County. There is
currently a rock quarry in
the Norcross area that cov-
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
ers 130 acres and is 485
feet deep. Gwinnett County
may acquire this site, expanding it to 225 acres and a
depth of 1100 feet. When full,
this would provide a capacity
of 82 billion gallons of water.
This project and others that
come will be important new
resources for Georgia. But as
we know, wheels turn slowly
in government and it will take
time for new reservoirs to be
built. So, conservation of
water and other resources
needs to become a way of
life for all of us. The PMA will
be watching and participat-
ing in water issues as it affects our members and our
PMA of Georgia Holding
Joint Session with Georgia
State Inspectors Association
PMA is pleased to announce the joint session
with the Georgia State Inspectors Association will be
held Monday, April 21st, at
the Eagle’s Landing Country Club. The registration
fee is $15 and includes a
continental breakfast. This
event is scheduled from 8
am – 10 am, and takes place
the morning of the Spring
Golf Tournament, plan to
make a day of it and join
PMA in Stockbridge.
Don’t miss this opportunity to meet with the leaders of the PMA and GSIA. If
you have any questions regarding the joint session or
the spring golf tournament
please contact the PMA office at 678-947-3473.6
Scenes from the PMA South Metro Meeting Sponsored by Rothenberger Tools
Travis Kennon of Ferguson, Joe Cardin of Action
Plumbing, Todd Barham of Ferguson, Mike McLeod
of Harry Warren
Past PMA President Charles Weatherby addresses
PMA Meeting on state of the economy
Mike Clark of Rothenberger with Tripp Carroll of
K&R Plumbing
South Metro Chair Tripp Carroll welcomes attendees
to the PMA Meeting in Fayetteville
Jack Harding of Jack Harding Plumbing with Brian
Davis and Tommy Addis of Quality Plumbing
Wade Frame of Wade Plumbing and Todd Meuninck
of Todd’s Plumbing
Van Cheeves of Forest Park Plumbing and Allen
Jolley of Bill Heard Chevrolet
Incoming PMA President Ron Kikta addresses PMA
South Metro
Bill Blackmon of Georgia Power and Joe Cardin of
Cardin Plumbing
Tammy Wagner of Cowan Supply and Ron Kikta of
RM Kikta Plumbing
Jack Morgan of The Plumbing News with PMA past
President George Raburn of Raburn
& Raburn Plumbing
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
ness with strangers. And,
since the owners and staff
of a company can’t personally meet all their prospective customers in advance,
their advertising must do this
for them.
Maintaining brand recognition should be considered
an on-going business investment. The moment it stops
it begins to lose power immediately and future sales
are in jeopardy. Studies
have shown that it takes four
to six months to see the results of an advertising program. Cutting back during a
down-turn is like throwing
away your investment. Maintenance today costs much
less than rebuilding tomorrow.
This doesn’t mean advertisers shouldn’t change anything. In fact, they should
work to get the most out of
their advertising dollars by
eliminating emotion-based,
image-building advertising
and using instead informative ads that demonstrate
their product’s superiority.
Perhaps the best reason
to keep advertising during a
recession is that it may actually provide an opportunity
for companies to dominate
their market. Many businesses make the mistake of
assuming that because
money is tight everywhere,
customers will be spending
less and therefore money
spent on advertising will be
Another false assumption
is that it’s safe to reduce the
advertising budget if the
competition is reducing
theirs. However, research
has revealed that companies
maintaining or increasing
advertising during periods
of economic slow-down will
boost market share. Some
companies will even see an
increase in sales over their
competitors who decrease
As we enter what may
become the recession of
2001, you can already see
many leading companies increasing budgets.
Coca-Cola, for example,
just increased theirs by $500
million. The benefit is clear,
when fewer competitors are
advertising, the ones that continue or increase their advertising become more visible to
Page 13A
the consumer, and that could
be you!
Wilson is a marketing consultant. His column appreared
on the Newspaper Association of America Web site’s
Retail Headlines for Sept.
As Spring approaches , I
am optimistic for our Market
areas in the Souheast. Please
feel free to contact for any up
coming events or if there is
something we can do for
your company, we’ll see you
down the pipeline.6
Doug Radloff Joins
Gainesville Windustrial as
Outside Sales Representative
Shane Kitchens Joins
Winnelson Macon
Winnelson Macon is
please to announce the recent appointment of Shane
Kitchens to Outside Sales
Representative. Shane is a
16-year veteran of the
plumbing industry and on
February 4, 2008 began his
career with Winnelson. In a
recent interview with the
Plumbing News, Shane
stated that what he enjoys
most about the company is
the laid back atmosphere. “I
enjoy coming to work everyday”, he stated.
Shane is a native of Macon, GA where he currently
resides with his wife,
Maureen and their two beautiful children, Chelsea and
In his time away from
work, Shane enjoys hanging
out with his family at their
lake house, fishing, hunting
and golf.
You may contact Shane
at Winnelson Macon 478781-9191.6
American Standard,
Crane and Eljer to Merge
Gainesville Windustrial is
pleased to announce the recent hire of Doug Radloff to
Outside Sales Representative. Doug began his career
with the company in January of 2008 and carries with
him 22 years of experience
in the industry. In a recent
interview, Doug stated that
Gainesville Windustrial is, “A
very close knit operation
with a family attitude. Tim
Davis, President of the company is a very down to earth,
easy going guy; I have really enjoyed working with
him, as well as my co-workers and our customers.”
Doug was born in Upstate New York and in 1970
he and his family relocated
to Georgia where he was
raised. He has two beautiful daughters and one beautiful stepdaughter.
In his spare time, Doug
enjoys coaching fast pitch
softball and holds a position
as board member on the
athletic board where his
girls play softball. He also
enjoys snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and
spending time on the lake.
You may contact Doug at
Gainesville Windustrial by
calling 770-287-3502
From Counter Days to Trade Shows, each month we bring you
exclusive coverage of industry events from around the state.
Keep up with the latest news and newsmakers by faxing this
form to 770-207-0936
Your Name_________________________________
Company Name_____________________________
Address ___________________________________
AS America, Inc. ("American Standard America"),
Crane Plumbing LLC
("Crane") and Eljer, Inc.
("Eljer") are pleased to announce their intent to
merge. The merger closing
is expected to take place in
the second quarter of 2008,
and integration of the companies' operations is expected to occur within a 12to 24-month period. Once
the merger is complete,
Donald C. Devine, President
and CEO of American Standard America, will lead the
new company and Kevin Oak,
CEO of Crane Plumbing, will
become COO. Jim Harris,
CEO of Eljer, will be part of
the integration steering committee. The new organization
will have operations in the
United States, Mexico and
Canada, and its headquarters
will be in Piscataway, N.J.
While leaders of all three
companies are excited about
the opportunity and have
formed integration teams
and plans for the merger, the
three companies will continue to conduct business as
usual and operate as independent companies until the
closing. American Standard
America, Crane Plumbing
and Eljer are affiliated portfolio companies of Sun Capital Partners, Inc. ("Sun Capital"), a leading private investment firm specializing in leveraged buyouts and investments in market-leading
companies. Bain Capital
Partners, Inc. ("Bain Capital") is a minority partner in
American Standard America
and will remain a minority
partner in the new consolidated entity.6
usage, and meets strict performance guidelines. The City
of New York saved more than
455,000 gallons of water during the Charmin Holiday
Restroom campaign in Times
Square, which utilized
KOHLER® water-conserving
bathroom faucets and fixtures.6
Utility Sinks
WaterSense™: a partnership
program sponsored by the
U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency, which ensures consumers are purchasing a
product that reduces water
$100,000 in Scholarships
Applications are now being accepted for the PHCC
Educational Foundation Scholarship Programs. The
scholarships are sponsored by American Standard Bath
and Kitchen, A.O. Smith Water Heaters, Bradford White
Corp., Delta Faucet Co., the PHCC Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund and the PHCC Past National Officers. For complete information and instructions or to
obtain an application, visit
scholarships/ or call Iva Vest the PHCC Educational Foundation at (800) 533-7694. Applications and supporting
material are due no later than May 1st.6
Page 14A
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Scenes from Southern Pipe & Supply’s Open House in Calhoun
Chris Millican, Jeff Ingle, Daryel Edwards, Jerry
Massingill of Turner Heating & Air
Jason Broughman, Larry Ward, Jay Blackburn,
Donald Broughman
Charlie Miller of Elrod Plumbing, Don Agan of Agan
Plumbing with Eddie & Gail Turner of Turner
Heating & Air
Don Agan of Don Agan Plumbing with Steve Masters
Many contractors showed up for Southern Pipe’s open
house in Calhoun
J.P. Podbielski of Adams Plumbing, Larry Ward of
Southern Pipe and Jeff Adams of Adams Plumbing
Dale Gentry shows new Oatey, Cimberio and Lenox to
Steve Masters of Southern Pipe and Supply
Louise and Clyde Petty, Ted Gilbert and Kara Gilbert
of Tops Galore in Adairsville
Gene and Billy Green of Green Metal Mfg. with Jay
Jason Broughman, Craig Welter, Donald Broughman,
Moses Collum, Blake Holber of Superior Plumbing
Brad Hall of McKee-Nix with Terry Edwards of Barry
Edwards Builders
Marci Fickel shows new Rigid Tools to J.P. and Jeff of
Adams Plumbing
Donny Sexton with Jim Watson of W.R. Bristow
Brenda Green of Gentry & Associates shows new
Lenox products to Chuck Langston of North GA
General Contractors
Buzz Barnett and Jamie Holloman
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 15A
Page 16A
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Section B
President’s Message
Steve E. Mastley, CPD
Chapter President
Hello members. Spring is
just around the corner and
the Ides of March is upon
us. Time to dust off those
garden tools and start thinking about outside chores.
Those of you who missed
last month’s meeting missed
a good one. Mick Carley
with Spotswood Associates
did a great job of telling it
like it is with his thermal expansion demonstration,
power point presentation
and a lively discussion about
the principles and applications of backflow prevention
in plumbing piping systems.
This month’s meeting is also
one that you won’t want to
miss. It has been a while
since we have had a representative from Atlanta Gas
Light Company come and
speak on Natural Gas Piping Systems and the interface between the engineer
and the gas provider. Please
reserve your place early and
plan to attend.
The Scholarship raffle
fund continues to grow and
last month John Bertrand of
Pulley Associates was the
lucky ticket holder for a
chance to draw for the pot
in excess of $200.00 only to
come up short. The pot rolls
over to this month with the
chances of winning increased
to 1 in 3. That is pretty good
odds. I believe that this month
may be the month that some
lucky winner walks away with
the pot. We have added a little
flavor to the Scholarship
Raffle with a promotion for the
upcoming Convention in October. Everyone who purchased $5.00 or more in raffle
tickets received a “Ride the
ASPE Wave” cap that has
been created especially for
the 2008 Convention and
outside of this promotion will
only be given out at the Convention to registered attendees. The few we have received are going fast. The
money raised from the sale
of the caps will go towards
the Atlanta Chapter’s commitment to send one lucky
member to the convention in
Long Beach, California this
year. We have also begun to
pass out the matching lapel
pins. The pins have a unique
serial number on the back.
Take the pin with you when
you go to the Convention and
present it at registration and
you may be the winner of
$50.00 cash on the spot.
Please take time to make
your registration for this
month’s dinner meeting
promptly when you receive
your email notification so we
can be sure to have enough
seating and food for everyone
who is planning to attend. This
would be a good time to use
your free meal for member’s
campaign coupon if you
haven’t already done so but
you have to be pre-registered
to use it. If you want CEU,
PDH, or REU certification
credits make sure you mark
it on the dinner sign-in form
so we can have it for you at
the next meeting, and most
importantly make sure we
have your current email address.
The Board is still seeking
potential candidates to serve
on the Chapter Board of
Director’s in our upcoming
elections in May. If you are
interested, please contact
Patrick McClellan and he can
fill you in on the details and
answer any questions you
may have. Plan to join us this
month at our next monthly
meeting to be held on Thursday, March 13, 2008 at the
Holiday Inn Select. Hope to
see you there.6
Page 2B
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Scenes from E&E’s Annual Trade Summit in Albany
Steve Brown of Hancor ADS, Ted Gibbs, Scott Skinner
and Gerald Ray of Statewide Engineering
Mike Inman of Inman & Associates, Steve Hunter of
EMC Engineering Services, Matthew Goodwin of
Inman & Associates and Mike Smith of EPAA Iron
Tricha Quinn, Perry Mathis and Ira Houston
of Lee County
Donny Slocumb of E&E checks out Liberty Pumps
shown by Pete Cook of United Sales
Bill Bradley of Daugherty and Jesse Glover of EMC
James Nicholson of J&J Mechanical, Stephen Brown
of Hancor ADS and Walter Nicholson of J&J
Kenny Rowell and Ray Ricketson of Ricketson
Construction, Danny Whiddon of E&E and Todd Pate
of Statewide Engineering
Scott Skinner, Jacob Lott, Jason Huckwall and Gerad
Ray of Statewide Engineering
Ben DeVane of DeVane Plans Engineering, Richey
Marbury III of Engineering Service, Inc., Bruce Pope
of Water, Gas & Light
Sanford Knight of E&E, Bob Hodge of Watts, Ben
Devane of Devane Plan Engineering
Tony Morley of Southern Allied, Anthony Bolden of
Watts GA (not pictured F. Zach Hudgins)
Murray Gaskins of EAA Inc. Valdosta wins an iPod
Shuffle given away by Candace King and Danny
Whiddon E&E
John and Sanford Knight of E&E
John Knight of E&E, Robert Ramsey, Ronny Dudley
and Kansas Kimsey of Stevenson & Palmer
Nickki Dolick shows Tyer Pipe to Kenny Powell and
Ray P. Ricketson of Ricketson Construction and Todd
Pate of Statewide Engineering
T.J. Crittenden, Chris Hatcher of Hatcher Tractor
Service and Jason Chance of Hancor ADS
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 3B
Page 4B
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
ASPE Legislative Report
cally shall have the computergenerated stamp removed
from the original file. The electronic media shall have the following inserted in lieu of the
signature and date:
This document originally
issued and sealed by (name
of registrant), P.E.# /L.S.# , on
(date of sealing). This media
should not be considered a
John D. Royds, PE
ASPE VP Legislative
Hello ASPE Atlanta.
Engineers are always getting requests to send their final signed and sealed design
documents in electronic format, usually a PDF. Please
be aware the Georgia Board
of Professional Engineers
and Land Surveyors has specific requirements for sealing
of documents. These can be
found on the Georgia Secretary of State website http://
Per the Georgia Board of
Professional Engineers and
Land Surveyors – Board
Rules, Section 180-12-.02
Sealing of Documents:
(1) The seal and signature
of the registrant shall be
placed on all plans, specifications, plats and reports
whenever presented to a client or any public agency to
certify that the work thereon
was done by the registrant or
under the direct supervisory
control of the registrant on a
daily basis.
(2) The seal, signature
and date shall be placed on
all original copy, tracings or
other reproducible documents so that the seal, signature, and date will be reproduced when copies are
(3) Each drawing shall be
sealed and signed by the registrant responsible for each
sheet. When a firm, corporation, professional corporation, partnership, association,
or other entity performs the
work, each drawing shall be
sealed and signed by the registrant in responsible charge.
(4) Computer-generated
seals may be used on final
original drawings provided
that a handwritten signature
in black ink is placed adjacent to or across the seal,
and the date is written below
the stamp. Computer-generated signatures and dates
are not acceptable. Drawings
that are transmitted electroni-
Page 5B
certified document.
Please note item number
(4). This requires the signature and date to be handwritten – not computer generated although the stamp
itself may be computer generated. Also, if the document is to be transmitted
electronically, the computer
generated stamp shall be
removed from the original
file. There appears to be
some proposed changes to
the text that the Board is discussing, but the above text is
currently on the Board
website for Sealing of
ASPE Technical Report
Greg Ferguson
Vice President Technical
The Atlanta Chapter of
ASPE is privileged in March
to have as our presenter Mr.
Windell Peters. Who could
possibly be better qualified
to talk about Natural Gas?
uniquely experienced and
positioned to talk to us
about this topic. Windell is
currently employed by AGL
Resources, Inc., (Atlanta
Gas Light) as Manager for
Codes & Standards, and has
been with AGL Resources
for 16 years. He is a memCONTINUED on PAGE 11B
Page 6B
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Scenes from the Monthly ASPE Meeting in Atlanta Sponsored by Spotswood Associates
Larry Squires of Repco Sales, Jim Zebrowski of Perry
Crab and Associates, Steve Mastley (ASPE President)
of Matheson-Ball
Mike Carley guest speaker of Spotswood Associates on
Apollo’s Backflow systems
Patrick McClellan with Mike Gaultney
Jim Sulko of Spotswood Associates with Steve Faulk
John Bertrand with Richard Taylor
Larry Squires of Repco Sales with Fred Ball of
Jim Pettway, Clint Rusden and James Sulko of
Spotswood Associates
Richard Taylor with Jim Sulko of Spotswood
Bill Stewart of Bill Stewart Design, Steve Faulk of
Stevens & Wilkinson, Christopher Rohling of Watts
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 7B
Page 10B
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
ASPE Membership Report
Chris Rohling
VP Membership
ber will receive round trip airfare, hotel accommodations,
and an ASPE Convention registration. The contest rules
were announced at our February meeting. Members will
receive points for three categories: Active Attendance (5
points per event including
Monthly meeting and our Golf
Outing), Newsletter Responses (5 points per correct
answered newsletter article), and New Member Re-
Page 11B
Spotswood Associates to
Represent Eternal Hybrid
Water Heaters in Georgia
Mick Carley, Mark Price and James Sulko of Spotswood
Fr e d H o f f m a n n , N a I would like to thank everytional Sales Manager for
one who took the time to make CONTINUED from PAGE 12B Grand Hall’s Eternal hyit to our February Meeting. We
look forward to everyone
coming to our March meeting
on Thursday the 13th. I would
also like to broadcast again,
that ASPE has an opportunity
for all of our members. We are
giving back to the membership by giving away one free
meal to each member during
the January to April months.
This is a nice opportunity to
show up at no cost to you. It
is our way of thanking you for
your membership. It is also a
great opportunity for those
who have not come in a while
to enjoy one of our meetings.
We look forward to everyone
attending and bringing a
The ASPE Board made the
decision last month to hold a
contest to sponsor one member of our organization to attend the Long Beach ASPE
Convention. This is a giveaway
that will be remembered. One
ASPE Atlanta Chapter memCONTINUED from PAGE 5B
ber of 7 major committees
which write fuel gas codes,
advise on fuel gas standards,
and deal with issues regarding fuel gas safety.
Many of you know Windell
Peters in his role as code
enforcement official for the
City of Atlanta and for Cobb
County, Ga. Windell has had
25 years experience as a
code enforcement official. He
has been recognized by his
peers with multiple awards
and is respected by the engineering community. What a
tremendous opportunity to
hear and meet someone who
understands design and distribution of fuel gases and
who has a practical, thorough
knowledge of codes and their
application! Please join us on
Thursday, March 13, 2008,
when the topic will be Natural Gas. We look forward to
a great turn-out. Bring your
questions and your notepads!
See you then.6
brid water heater is proud
to announce the Eternal®
is now represented by
Spotswood Associates.
Eternal is a premier hybrid water heating system
engineered to out-perform all other water heaters in the market place
through the use of its patented counter-flow design
and two-pass heat exchanger technology. The
product maintains an 86
percent thermal efficiency rating with consistent pressure eliminating
the risk of scalding or
cold shock.
· Eternal maintains
86% efficiency
· Built-in reser voir
eliminates cold water
Page 12B
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Education Report
Bob Witt, CPD
VP Education
Greetings Atlanta chapter members.
Just when you think I had
everything cleaned up about
water and everything as
black and white, we now
have to deal with GRAY WATER. What is this stuff? First
of all it can also be GREY
GRAYWATER, and it is certainly not WHITE WATER, aw
come on please leave politics out of this, it’s dirty
enough without going there.
Any way, grey water is
household water that has
not been used in the toilet
“yet”. Shower water, laundry water, dishwasher water,
lavatory water, sump water,
and storm water are all kinds
of gray water and certainly
not something you would
intentionally drink. There
are “progressive “states that
allow grey water irrigation.
Mostly states that have sand
for a front yard. They know
that ANY kind of water will
help their dry conditions and
be good for the scorpions
too. The problem with this
is that there needs to be
another plumbing system to
squirt out all of this slightly
used water. Now it is one
thing when you squirt it on
your own sand or grass, but
when you accidentally squirt
it on your neighbors sand or
grass or hunting dog, ya
could be in for some kinda
trouble. Now, this might only
be one of the minor problems with the second system. In BRITISH COLOMBIA, that is a little country
connected to Canada on the
west side, they’re experi-
menting with an apartment
building of 20 families, and
combining all of their
GREYWATERS and processing them to be reused as
bathing and toilet supply
water. I don’t think I want to
rent an apartment!
One of the obvious concerns is that if the disinfector
goes south (when something breaks why do they
say it goes SOUTH???), you
could be brushing your
teeth with your neighbor’s
Another obvious concern is
cross contamination in
“DOUBLE PLUMBING” systems and ya could be
drinkin arm pit water. However, some of the high dollar folks in Atlanta may have
gone the risk in lieu of the
brown landscapes that were
prevalent in the area for the
last two years.
Opportunity knocks for
the right time and the right
system and Atlanta may be
the right spot. The BC system works fine so they say.
They monitor the water quality, and are happy with the
results. One small problem
is that the kids are all starting to look alike. Just
cruitment (10 points per new
member recruited). This is a
fantastic incentive to become
more active in our Society at
the Atlanta Chapter level. The
only stipulation is that the
chosen member must be willing to be an alternate delegate
at the Convention. The winner must be able to attend all
delegate functions as a proxy.
Please take the time to
thank the following new members for joining or transferring
to our fine organization:
Mandy Fitzgerald (Odum
Sales) and Chris Little (Jordan and Skala). We are currently tied for fourth place by
total membership. Please let
me know if you would like to
join or know anyone who
would like to join our Atlanta
Chapter. If your membership
does not show as the Atlanta
Chapter, please contact me
and we will be glad to change
your membership affiliation to
Atlanta. This does help in our
member count and ensure
that you are receiving ASPE
information at the correct address. This month’s newsletter article question is how
many of the Atlanta Chapter
Board officers listed on the
front cover of the newsletter
wrote an article in the March
issue? Please respond to this
question by sending an email
to VP Membership Christopher
[email protected] The
email must contain your name
and the correct answer to the
Also those members, who
have received information
about renewing their membership, please take time to logon
to The ASPE
website has an electronic renewal page that is easily accessible from the ASPE
homepage. This is the fastest
and easiest way to continue
your membership. If it is time
to renew, please take a quick
moment to fill in this information. Please promptly return
your ASPE paperwork. It
helps reduce the volunteer
hours related to updating and
renewing memberships. If you
have any questions in regards
to using the website, please
do not hesitate to contact me.
I am always open to new
ideas on how to increase participation in the Atlanta Chapter. If you have new ideas in
regards to membership or
making our local chapter
better, please do not hesitate to contact me at 770715-9415 or at rohlince
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Changing Our Story
by Mark Breslin
If you surveyed a hundred sets of parents in society today and asked them
what success looks like for
their children, what answer
would you get? If you surveyed a hundred school
counselors and asked them
what success looks like for
their graduating high school
students, what answer
would you get?
If you asked academics,
legislators and others who
hold sway on the court of
public opinion and resources, what answer would
you get? That the kid earns
a college degree. This would
be the common identifier.
And I would venture to
say that not one of them
would identify a high paying,
highly skilled trades career
as the definition of success.
Simply put, our industry image and story are deficient
and unattractive.
Ask anyone who has not
been on a jobsite, about a
job in construction, and they
are going to likely describe
old stereotypes and images
of an industr y that has
evolved. But everything from
media images to our own
lack of imagination continues to stand as obstacles to
our attracting an enthusiastic crop of young people to
join our industry. Now
I know this is not the case
in some communities, and
having had generations of
construction in my own family, I know there are exceptions to every rule. But simply put, it is time for us to
articulate and illustrate the
opportunities of our industry in a more strategic manner. And to do this I have
sandwich and allows you
to build a recirculation
system with no external
electric tank
· Low exhaust temperature allows Eternal to be
PVC vented for easier and
more economical installs
· Near zero greenhouse
gas emissions means Eternal is one of the cleanest
burning appliances on the
· Stainless steel reserve
tank is self cleaning, maintenance free and backed
with a 20 year no-leak warranty.
For more information on
cont act
Spotswood Associates at
three very specific suggestions;
1. Change Our Story.
Ever y apprenticeship
program in the United States
and Canada needs to become accredited to issue
college credits. In doing just
this one simple thing, we
remove almost all parental
and school counselor opposition to construction as a
career destination. Why do
most people join the military?
For the educational benefits associated with service.
Why not take a page from
their long-standing recruitment approach and change
our story profoundly. “Hey
mom and dad, I am going to
learn a trade and get a college education. I am going
to graduate making $ 50-6070K and have an A.A. (or
Page 13B
close) degree too.” The apprenticeship programs in
North America can stand up
to nearly any junior college
curriculum in terms of value,
curriculum and scope of instruction. If we simply
change our story a little, we
can push aside pre-conceived notions of our industry that are outdated and
create a dual track for those
who want and need it.
2. Communicate the Construction Career Pyramid.
Being an apprentice is
just a start in the industry.
Anyone with some smarts
and ambition has unlimited
opportunities from there.
Journeyman. Foreman. Superintendent. Project Manager. Area Manager. Estimator. Operations Manager.
President and Owner. With
the demographic shifts occurring in our industry,
younger people are going to
be running our industry
faster than ever before. The
leadership opportunities
within the next decade are
going to be unprecedented.
The opportunity will be
there. The
money will
be there.
The upward mobility will be
there. It is
time to communicate
this more effectively. We are
not just building a highly
skilled workforce, we are
building an entire industry of
field, office and management prospects.
3. Pay More for Talented
The average union apprentice in our industry is 28
years old. What the heck are
we doing trying to pay these
people $13 per hour? Are
you kidding me? Many apprentices have to take a pay
cut to get into their programs, but at 28 years old
people have obligations,
family and other financial
challenges. Some will argue
they have no
construction skills
at that
point so
why pay
more. My
take is
that you have to pay
for the future potential or
you get the bottom of the
barrel whose current market
value is low and remains low.
We are competing for talent
with almost every other industry. Law enforcement,
military, technology, energy,
rail and transportation and
many other industries are
not going to start someone
at some marginal wage and
make them wait five years to
make a living. Perhaps apprentice rates need to come
up two or three dollars. PerCONTINUED on PAGE 14B
Page 14B
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
IPS Opens New
Distribution Center
Alex Craig and Kim Sabino of IPS
In a time when most
manufactures are worrying
about the economy and
housing starts are slowing,
IPS is moving forward with
investments and improvements that will position them
as a continued leader in the
industry. In the fall of 2007,
IPS opened the doors to a
new 70,000 square foot Distribution Center in Collierville,
TN, 2 miles from their manufacturing plant. The opening
of the distribution center has
allowed the consolidation of
the Minnesota and Florida
plants and has not only pro-
vided IPS the opportunity for
future growth, but a central
home office for all of their customer service. From customer service to logistical advantages to improving efficiencies, IPS is learning
quickly the advantages of the
recent consolidations. Growth
is not a new concept for this
company. Although their
growth has been fueled by the
introduction of labor saving
and innovative products, they
have grown through strategic
acquisitions as well. Studor,
Guy Gray, Test-Tite and
Truebro have all become part
of the IPS brands through acquisition. Alex Craig, Product
Marketing Manager, recently
stated that “Even though
these acquisitions represent
different applications, and
even cross into different markets, the underlying similarities is that they represent the
very best within their respective market and or target au-
The new 70,000 square foot IPS Distribution Center in Collierville
dience.” With IPS consciously
having innovated products
with features and benefits, it
is no surprise with their
choice of acquisitions. New
product releases have not
slowed down just because
the housing market has. Just
in the past year, IPS has introduced the Guy Gray “FR12” Fire Rated Outlet Boxes,
Flush Cleanout Repair Plug,
Double Mechanical Test Plug,
FlowGuard Glow, New Formulation All Seal and Hammer
Arresters. Although not released this past year, IPS has
even made a few modifications to their industry preferred Dual Drain Washing
Machine Box.—now referred
to as the Du All Dual Drain
Box (after getting a demonstration—it really does address every possible installation scenario) Craig points
out that these modifications
are an example of IPS staying one step ahead—a commitment that they take very
seriously. Looking at their facilities, the depth of the line,
the innovation into their research and development, it
is no surprise that even in
an economic downturn that
IPS would move forward
with these capital improvements. As a leader in the
plumbing industr y, IPS
knows the importance of being a leader and innovator
in an industry that continues
to evolve.6
Our Story
haps they don’t need full
blown family healt h or
pension benefits and
these can be converted to
wage. Find a way to put it
in their pockets earlier or
we are going to lose many
prospective stars to other
In summary, we are going to have to do better
than the old “booth at the
high school job fair” in
the future. We are going
to have to borrow lessons
from the most sophisticated and successful organizations in Nor t h
America if we want top talent. And it st ar ts wit h
something ever so simple.
Changing our story.
Mark Breslin is a strategist and author specializing in labor-management
challenges. He is the author of Survival of the Fittest, Organize or Die and
coming in 2008 Alpha Dog.
He addresses more than
50,000 labor and business
leaders each year in North
More on his work and
profile is available at
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
PHCC Sponsors Workforce
Summit in New Orleans
As part of its efforts focus attention on the critical
shortage of skilled plumbing
and HVACR industry workers and develop a plan for
the future, the PlumbingHeating-Cooling Contractors—National Association
(PHCC) sponsored a
workforce summit Jan. 23 in
New Orleans, La.
Approximately 40 PHCC
members, union representatives, educators and government officials attended the
two-hour meeting. Those
participating discussed current ways that workers are
being recruited and trained
in Louisiana, which faces a
severe worker shortage following Hurricane Katrina.
They also shared ideas on
how to attract and educate
workers in the future. Also,
Gerry Kennedy of the PHCC
Educational Foundation provided an update on resource
materials available for training plumbing and HVACR
technicians to industry standards.
During an introductory
presentation at the summit,
PHCC President Jim Finley
of C.N. Finley, Inc., New Orleans, explained that nationally, the plumbing and
HVACR industry needs more
than 100,000 workers each
year. And in Louisiana, jobs
for plumbing and HVACR
technicians are expected to
increase by 13 percent between now and 2014. “With
these types of statistics, it
is extremely important that
everyone involved with recruiting and training future
workers in all regions of the
country work together to
solve the worker shortage,”
he said. “That’s why we’re
setting up meetings in several areas to talk about what
can be done.”
Tim Horst of the Gulf
Coast Workforce Development agreed. “All the trades
are going after the same
population,” he said. “For
the construction industry to
get their share of students,
all the construction trades
need to be focused in the
same direction.”
Communicating the right
message, reaching the correct people and taking personal responsibility also
were emphasized during the
summit. John Easley of the
Louisiana Community and
Technical College System
said, “We need to get the
word out that plumbing and
HVACR technicians have
more than a job, they have
a career with great opportunities. Efforts need to be
coordinated in order to get
students into the programs.”
Jerry Payne, the Louisiana PHCC’s representative
to the Louisiana State
Plumbing Board, said, “Not
only do we need to make
students aware of opportunities in the trades, but parents need to know about
Page 15B
these opportunities, too. For
example, we need to find
ways of showing parents
that their kids can get free
postsecondary training.”
Henry Heier of the MCA
of New Orleans emphasized
that everyone must take responsibility. “The trades
need workers with good
people skills and a good attitude,” he said. “Whenever
you go to a meeting, talk to
someone about going into
the trades. Everyone should
make it their personal responsibility to talk to someone about a career in the
As a next step in Louisiana, the group will meet
again to develop a plan of
action to train the workers that
are needed to build and maintain the infrastructure needed
in the state and region. On a
national basis, future
workforce summits are
planned for North Carolina,
Ohio and Oklahoma. For
more information, contact
PHCC at (800)533-7694 and/
or visit www.phccweb .org.6
ASPE Members
Celebrating March
James Blum, Dan Duwell, Dennis Fuller,
Bill Hickman, James Lindstrom, Art Lynn,
Steve Mastley, Greg Odom, Joel Wells,
Cary Wiley, Eddie Britt
Page 16B
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Section C
On and Beyond the Showfloor: Experts &
Icons Keep The Industry Moving Forward
The world’s largest kitchen and bath trade show and conference sets
the tone for the industry with celebrity-studded expert panels,
trend-focused workshops and innovative educational sessions
Big names and industry
icons bring their expertise
and charisma to the 2008
Kitchen/Bath Industry Show
(K/BIS ® ) at Chicago’s
McCormick Place, April 1013, 2008, making this year’s
show a must-see industry
event. As the annual destination for kitchen and bath
information and innovation,
K/BIS is a learning and net-
working experience like no
other, giving attendees unlimited strategies to expand
and renew their business.
Owned by the National
Kitchen & Bath Association
(NKBA), the only trade association in North America
dedicated to the kitchen and
bath industry, and produced
by Nielsen Business Media,
K/BIS offers innovative edu-
cation and conference sessions and lively roundtable
discussions led by industry
experts and celebrities. Attendees have access to conference sessions that cover
topics from sustainability
and kitchen architecture to
executive mental fitness, internationally-influenced urban design, client budgets
and more. Leading design-
ers, dealers, distributors,
manufacturers and retailers
come to K/BIS to network
and to improve their craft this year’s lineup of events
is more impressive than
“The workshops and
event schedule at this year’s
show focus on the strengths
of the kitchen and bath industry and what we as an
industry can do to increase
the forward momentum of
the industry,” said Cory
Smith, Vice President of the
Kitchen and Bath Group, the
division within the Nielsen
Company that produces K/
BIS. “Incorporating new,
cutting-edge information
and the best, highest-quality products is what keeps
this industry moving forward. The conference sessions are one of the many
ways K/BIS puts this information into the hands of the
This year’s conference
schedule features industry
icons and celebrity appearances presenting relevant
and engaging topics. A few
highlights include:
• Kitchen & Bath Makeovers: Candice Olson, host
of HGTV’s “Divine Design”
and one of North America’s
leading professional interior
designers, offers a tour
through some of the dramatic kitchen and bath
transformations featured on
her top-rated series. In this
Thermador-sponsored Design & Inspiration session,
Page 2C
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Free Reader
Help Wanted Ad
Help Wanted Ads
Ad Information
The Help Wanted Ads are free for our readers.
Please limit ads to 30 words or less.
You can fax your ad to 770-207-0936,
or e-mail them to [email protected]
Experienced Inside Sales
Watts-GA a Division of
Watts Regulator Company
Atlanta, GA:
Experienced Inside
Sales Professional, w/ 5
years minimum working in
the Plumbing or Waterworks
industries. Computer knowledge required ie..Excel,
Word. On the job training
and offsite training will be
Competitive salary, bonus, benefits along with a
fun working environment.
Contact Cary Wiley at 770209-3310 or email resume
to [email protected] Confidential and discrete conversations only! Come JOIN
a winning team.
Come Grow With Us!
Plumbing Distributors Inc
has immediate openings for
2 Branch Managers, 1 in
Douglasville, GA and 1 in
Rome, GA. Candidates need
2-5 years experience in managing similar branch. We also
have an opening for a Showroom Manager. Candidate
needs 5-10 years experience
managing multi-showrooms.
Lawrenceville, GA. We are
also adding a Showroom Assistant to our Lawrenceville
Branch. Candidate must be
service oriented, experienced
in Microsoft Word, Excel and
Power Point. Excellent verbal
and written skills required.
Send resumes to mpuckett
We are looking for small
and large firms to install
Apricus solar thermal products. Please contact: Jay
Sampat, Southeast Solar
Co. 678) 957-8454, Cell:
(770) 286-0578
Ser vice & remodel
plumber. Some experience
preferred but will help train.
Good driving record, N/S, &
drug test required. Fax resume to: 770-979-4372
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 3C
Page 4C
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Scenes from E&E’s Annual Trade Summit in Albany
Sanford Knight welcomes vendors to the Summit
Keith Turner and Johnny Williams of E&E Waycross,
Johnny Davis of Sloan Valve
Clint Murphy of Parks Chehaw gives Animal Habitat
Presentation to attendees. Shown here with an African
Plains Turtle
Front Row; Paul Switzer (L) of Viega, Johnny
Williams and Kevin Turner of E&E
Back Row; Russell Olive, Nick Nodar, Jack Elsenhut,
Garry Miller, Doug Stacks, Robert Hall of Viega
Jason Chance of Hancor, Richard Ferick, Benny Hart
and John Grange of E&E Tallahassee
Shown here with a Screech Owl
Donny Slocumb of E&E Columbus, Mike Dial of
E&E, Pete Bebow of Kohler Co., Paul Williams of
Coleman Russell
Mike Richardson of MAI (L) and Johnny Bertella (R)
show Halsey Taylor new Voyager to Johnny Williams
and Keith Turner of E&E Waycross
Shown here with a young 2 foot American alligator
Sanford Knight and Candace King of E&E with Gary
Bryant of McKee-Nix, Mike Stalling of Sioux Chief
showing Sioux Chief and Zurn Pex
Donny Slocumb of E&E, Mike Dial of E&E checks
out new Advil products shown by Brian Woodward
The Viega team shows new products at
E&E’s Trade Summit
Steve Mott of the Carr Co., Bradford Boyd of Crestline
Plastics, Mike Collins of E&E Albany, Adam
Guarnieri and Tonia Edward of E&E Albany
Kenny Cobb of Preferred Sales, Kevin Turner of E&E
Waycross, Johnny Williams of E&E Waycross, Tyson
Whitley, Rich Flournoy, Scott Gravley and Brandon
Summey of Preferred Sales
Jeff Kelly, Hubert Campbell, Bo Landler and Tony
Jenkins from the City of Brainridge with Patrick
Mims of Truan Sales
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 5C
Page 8C
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 9C
Scenes from E&E’s Annual Trade Summit in Albany
John, Collins, and Sanford Knight of E&E
Scenes from the PMA February Meeting in Norcross
Abby Booth and Jim Sabol
Carl Keiser, Beverly Keiser, Sid Mealor
George Raburn
Jim Sabol, Brad Wakestein, Ron Kikta, Lang Wooddy
Joshua Czernsak, Chris Johnson, Frank Leff
Scenes from the PMA NW Metro February Meeting in Marietta
Harry Harrington, Jon Melko, Chris Damiani,
Ron Kikta
The Mitchell Mechanical guys with Tammy Wagoner
Jordan Ball
Lance Pickering, Chris Politi, Tommy Banks,
Juilian Scadden
Page 10C
Candice will share practical
insights and a wealth of before and after photos that illustrate how she brings a
signature style that incorporates creativity, practicality
and timelessness to create
sophisticated, yet accessible designs. (Sunday, April
13th, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
• Implementing Sustainability: What constitutes a
sustainable approach to
kitchen and bath design?
This workshop, presented
by Jonas Carnemark, Certified Remodeler (CR) and
Certified Kitchen Designer
(CKD), takes an in-depth
look at what it means to be
sustainable in this industry.
Find out what companies
across the country are do-
ing to implement environmentally sensitive design
and construction and learn
the tips and tricks that can
help you develop a consistent policy of environmental
stewardship within your
company. (Friday, April 11th,
3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.)
• Executive Mental Fitness: Becoming Mentally
Prepared for Extraordinary
Performance: This informa-
tive presentation by Nikki
Nemerouf, corporate mental
health coach and management advisor to top companies like Pricewaterhouse
Coopers and Verizon, will
help attendees gain information and tools to form the
basis of a mental fitness program that can be practiced
daily. This session will teach
attendees the art of disciplined focus and positive
mental rehearsal, allowing
for improved feedback and
accelerated growth. (Friday,
April 11th, 2:00 p.m. – 3:00
• Integrating Architecture
into Kitchen Design: Today’s
ultimate kitchens have a variety of different architectural details incorporated
into them in order to give the
client the beautiful, dramatic
kitchen they dream of. Architects are adding more archways and higher ceilings to
make the kitchen look larger
and more welcoming, while
using windows to brighten
them with more natural light.
This session is presented by
Dominick Tringali, AIA ,
founder and president of
Dominick Tringali Architects
and sponsored by Art for
• K/BIS 2008 NKBA
Roundtable Events: These
popular roundtable discussions allow an open dialogue and great networking
opportunities. Each moderated forum will focus on
seven of the hottest topics
in the industry today.
o Saturday, April 12th, 4:00
p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Design Trends – Unique
Material Combinations
Technology Use in Kitchens & Baths: Look How Far
We’ve Come
Sustainable Design:
Functionality & Pricing
Urban Design with International Influences
Outdoor Spaces in Challenging Environments
Surviving the Current
Housing Market
Setting the Standard:
Sustainable Design & Remodeling Standards
o Sunday, April 13th, 1:00
p.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Outdoor Spaces & Lighting
Sustainable Kitchens &
Baths: How Green Is Green
Luxury Market: Present &
Media Influence –
Timelines & Client Expectations
How to Expand Beyond a
Regional Market
More Bang For Their
Buck: Client Budgets
New Business Moving to
• NKBA /Meredith
Corporation’s Design Idea
Center: This popular booth
featuring kitchen and bath
designs from Meredith
Corporation’s most popular
consumer publications returns for its third year.
• NKBA Annual Business
Luncheon: Including the presentation, “The Changing
Face of Today’s Customer:
Think Globally to Sell Locally,”
For more information,
please visit
Stasco Mechanical Hosts
Walk for Wishes Benefiting the
Make-A-Wish Foundation of
Georgia and Alabama
The 2008 Walk for
Wishes will take place in two
convenient locations: Saturday, April 19 at 9am at Atlantic Station in Midtown
Atlanta, Saturday, April 26 at
5pm at Roswell Area
Park,10495 Woodstock
Road, Roswell, GA 30075.
Both Walk for Wishes events
are a 3 mile, non-competitive walk.
The Walk for Wishes provides a way for children and
adults to make wishes come
true for a child with a lifethreatening medical condition. Walkers ask friends,
family, co-workers and other
groups to either join their
team, or make a donation to
Make-A-Wish in honor of
their participation in the
Walk for Wishes. All donations made to the Walk for
Wishes are used to grant
wishes to children. The festival atmosphere of the Walk
for Wishes is designed especially to appeal to families
with children of all ages, and
dogs are welcome on
leashes at both locations.
One of the highlights of
the Walk for Wishes is that
children who have received
a wish from Make-A-Wish
share their inspirational wish
stories at the event. After
the Walk for Wishes, everyone can celebrate to enjoy
delicious food, entertainment and camaraderie.
Register & donate at A
$50 contribution will entitle
you to receive a Walk for
Wishes t-shirt! Form a team
for the Walk for Wishes, and
share the power of a wish.6
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008
Page 11C
Scenes from the Southern Pipe Managers Meeting
John Makarchuk and Andre (Andy) Bergeron of M.
A. Stewart & Sons Ltd. with Shane McBride of
Southern Pipe Tuscaloosa
Rusty Temple, Carroll Tinsley and Bill Cone all of
VCM Sales with Cliff Terry of Zurn, Mike Atchison of
Repco and Lou Ann Sago of Elkay
Lance Hunter of Jones Stephens, Ed (Miami Vice)
Patterson of Cruse and Associates, Darren Hayes of
Jones Stephens and Jeremy Toms of Southern Pipe
Orange Beach Back Row: James Drummond of
Cruse and Associates
Eric McCain of McCain sales with Eric and Randy
Kitchens of Southern Pipe Little Rock
Jim Benton Of Jim Benton & Associates, Daryle
Bullock of Oatey, Steve West of Jim Benton &
Associates and Jason Higginbotham of Southern Pipe
Jason Bailey of Southern Pipe Conway and Jorden
Hill of Cash Acme
Tim Warren and Todd Edmond of Southern Pipe
Mobile with Pat Sanders of Williams & Associates and
Pat Medlen of Liberty Pumps
Mike Stallings of Sioux Chief, Alex George of Tim
Morales and Associates, David Deloney of Southern
Pipe Fort Walton and Richie Sherer of Tim Morales
and Associates
Ken Folse, Robert Martin and Russell Olive all of
Viega showing their new stainless propress product
Wes Ward of the Tennessee Plumbing News with
David Deloney of Southern Pipe Fort Walton
Alex George the new sales person for Tim Morales
and Associates
Brian Hardy of Southern Pipe Birmingham, Chad
Vance of Ridgid, Monty Swan of Southern Pipe
Florence and Marci Fickle of Ridgid
Shane Hanna of Southern Pipe with Steve Williams of
Billingsley & Associates and Zach (Elefey) Huggins of
David Deloney of Southern Pipe Fort Walton, Mike
McCain of Coleman Russell & Associates showing the
new Kohler Steward Model Waterless Urinal
Wayne Will of The Will and Pierce Agency and Todd
Green of Elkhart Products
Page 12C
Georgia Plumbing News - February 29th, 2008

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