Congratulation - Mount Sinai School District



Congratulation - Mount Sinai School District
Reflections From Our Schools
Volume 30, Issue 4
Summer 2009
Grades K – 4
Dr. John Gentilcore
Ms. Elizabeth Hine
Assistant Principal
ALS Ride for Life Assembly and Heritage Park
with Mr. Pendergast
ith the Character Education theme for the
month of April as Endurance, fourth grade students at the
Elementary School saw a living example of this trait in Mr.
Pendergast when he visited our school on March 30th and
again at Heritage Park on May 14th during his Ride for
Life pilgrimage with fellow ALS disease sufferers. He is
the longest living survivor with what is known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. He leads this yearly wheelchair road trip
event in an effort to raise money for research and a cure.
It is certainly an honor to have Mt. Sinai schools as one of
his annual stops during his Spring campaign. Pictured
below are the Elementary School Student Council group
that presented a check in the amount of $381.00 to this
worthy cause. Also, the mini band group performing at
the park.
Grade 3 Reading Night
Despite chilly and rainy weather on May 28th, third
grade students and their parents returned to school in the
evening for an indoor “Reading Night Camp Out” to celebrate the joy of reading. Poems and songs about toasting
marshmallows, the Erie Canal, and going to the library
were sung around the campfire under the direction of Mr.
Dean with his acoustic guitar. Thanks to Ms. Christensen
and all the third grade teachers for organizing this memorable event and to the PTO for thoughtfully providing
chocolate chip cookies!
Guide Dog Assembly, Grade 3
n March, the third grade students had an assembly
to learn about the training regime of a Seeing Eye dog
from the Guide Dog Foundation. The third grade reading
anthology includes a non fiction story on this topic. Mrs.
Knoerschild, a Mt. Sinai resident, often opens her home
to adopt the dogs from the time they are able to train as a
puppy until they are able to team with and assist a blind
person for life. Having a dog in the school was certainly a
cause for excitement among the students!
A number of students took their acts to Woodhaven, a
local nursing home, to perform for some elderly residents.
Thanks to Victoria Johnson, a fourth grader in Mrs.
Flynn’s class, for helping to organize that encore performance.
National Library Week Contest and Activities
Elementary School Variety Show
Talent comes in many forms! Students, teachers,
aides, and administrators from the Elementary School
had the opportunity to perform on April 2nd and 3rd to
packed audiences during the annual PTO sponsored Variety Show. Students performed a number of songs and
dance routines that included baton and karate acts, while
others played their musical instruments. There were two
faculty and staff performances, “Leader of the Pack” by
the Kindergarten teachers and “Calendar Girl,” which
were surprisingly entertaining to the audience.
ational Library Week
was celebrated at the Elementary School the week of April
13th with an assortment of building wide activities. Some activities included a secret reader,
carrying a poem in your pocket
for the day, wearing readable Tshirts, and designing a bookmark. Winners for the bookmark contest include the following students: J. Caputo, L.
Giarrizzo, M. Graffeo, C. Williams, C. Bloomfield, O. Corcione, T. McVetty, A. Mitchell, N. Ambrosio, R. Gomes, J.
Pitisi, L. Stancampiano, C. Cianci, K. Filosa, J. Hecht, E.
Ludecker, C. Cullin, P. Loliscio, I. Pesce, and E. Robinson. Thanks to our Library Media Specialist Mrs. Christensen, for organizing and getting everyone involved in
these fun reading activities.
Mount Sinai Mirror 2
Prevention Pals and Staff
Appreciation Breakfasts
ay 1st was eventful from the first moments of the
school day. Members of the Fourth Grade Student Council, along with Advisors Mrs. Sheedy and Mrs. Hendry,
coordinated an appreciation breakfast for all the building
non instructional staff, including bus drivers from First
Student. Students wrote letters and cards which were distributed at the breakfast and many teachers contributed
baked goods from home. The Prevention Pals breakfast
was on May 26th and involved those senior citizens who
corresponded with students throughout the year with regard to fire safety tips. Each student had the opportunity
to meet their pen pal and share a gift of a new smoke detector with them.
PTO and Plants
Once again, many mothers were treated to some
lovely plants purchased by their children at the annual
PTO plant sale held at the Elementary School on May 7th
and May 8th. The 9/11 Memorial Garden and the nearby
flag pole garden walkway near the front entrance of the
building were also recipients of some new plants, including Geraniums and Dusty Miller, that were
gifted by the PTO. Students in Mrs. D.
Murphy’s third grade class planted them
and are responsible for watering them. In
anticipation of Flag Day in June, the garden greenery should be plush and beautiful by then.
Grade 3 Butterflies Video Conference
se of technology, in particular video conferencing, to instruct curriculum science topics has
been quite successful at the Elementary
School this past year. Most recently, third
grade teachers participated in an educational discussion
with members of the Indianapolis Zoo to learn about the
life cycle of butterflies and other interesting information.
For instance, butterflies adapt to their environment just
like other living creatures and use their coloring sometimes as a means to camouflage or shock predators, such
as in the case of the Blue Morpho and Owl species. The discussion also centered on what
butterflies eat and their role in
pollination of plants. This video
conference tied in with their
ESP kit materials in which they
watched butterflies emerge
from their pupa, and chrysalis
BEAR Night, Grade 1
Patricia Shih, a renowned singer and storyteller, returned for another command performance at the Mt. Sinai
Elementary School in celebration of the First Grade “Be
Excited About Reading” night on May 7th, 2009. First
grade students read a total of nearly 9000 books and
were given gifts of new books and a certificate for their
individual reading accomplishment. Pictured below are
students with Mrs. Shih performing “The Twelve Days of
Mount Sinai Mirror 3
FOA Grade Level Contests
Students in second and third grade participated in the
final themed contests of the year that were sponsored by
the Friends of the Arts. Second graders made “green”
wind chimes from recycled materials and third graders
used similar items to build and decorate a bug. Pictured
below are several of the winning students from each class
and their innovative creations. The second grade windchime winners are Victoria Ravel, Ryan Klug, Olivia Scanlon, Zan Bhatti, Christopher Stein, Shane Bombace, Nikolas Evers, Margaret Kopcienski, Joey Pitisi and Erik Edlund. The third grader bug winners are Taylor Quinlivan,
Shannonleigh Casey, Mikayla Ambrosio, Nina Barcelon,
Hanna Takach, Hailey LaGiudice, James Snider, Kiera
Filosa, and Benny Aprea. Pictured below are several of
the winning students from each class and their innovative
They include the following: Kindergarten….Zoe
Vacirca, Catherine Dugan, and Rachel Smolarsky; First
Grade….Arielle Mule, Grace Plumitallo, Mathew Lomanaco; Second Grade…Joseph Snider, Kaitlyn Jensen,
Sarah Fuoco; Third Grade…Justin Bodycomb, Alexa
Tabile and Guilia Tartaglia, Nicholas Torres, and Brandon
Schroeder, Julia Hecht; Fourth Grade…Kevin and Joseph
Kelly, Kira Gresser, and Victoria Szempruch.
Meet the Instruments
Festival of the Arts and Sciences and
Technology Showcase
ith concert season upon us and the time for third
grade students to make choices for their next
year’s music selection between band, orchestra, or chorus, it was very fitting to have an assembly where students learned about different instruments. Pictured below
are different instruments students might pick!
ny person who came into the building for the
budget vote on the night of May 19th had to
have been in awe of the student work, all artistic, technological, and scientific, that were on display for the showcase event. The hallway theme of “Under the Sea” was
made apparent by the mermaids, octopi, rainbow fish,
and sea horses displays which were utterly fantastic.
Smart Boards and several laptops for each grade level
were on display to view student computer projects they
have completed throughout the year. Over one hundred
science fair projects were on display in the cafeteria with
winners identified by ribbons.
Mount Sinai Mirror 4
AHA Field Day
Bringing Literature to Life with Chris Fascione
he Athletes Helping Athletes Club are high
school students who mentor younger students
in the Elementary School fourth grade classes, facilitated
Field Day events on May 21st. Some events included
basketball, volleyball, relays, an obstacle course, and
kickball as well as a pizza and ice cream lunch. Refreshment donations were generously provided by the Booster
Club and were greatly appreciated. Pictured below are
Mrs. Maire’s class and Aamna Qureshi holding her winning T-Shirt design.
On April 15th, a juggler/comedian/storyteller all in one
came to perform for all the Elementary students as part of
a PTO gifted assembly program called “Bringing Literature to Life.” Chris Fascione entertained, but also taught
students that reading can be fun and a creative outlet for
the mind and body. His solo rendition of all the various
parts of the poem “Casey at the Bat” was truly impressive.
Fourth Grade Gateway Playhouse Trip and BBQ
o celebrate the end of their Elementary School
educational experience, students in fourth grade classes
attended a performance of Sophisticated Ladies at the
Gateway Playhouse in Bellport. It featured the music of
Duke Ellington which everyone thoroughly enjoyed as the
tickets were a gift from The Friends of the Arts. Immediately following this trip, students had a class BBQ in the
afternoon back at the school
that was organized by the Parent Teacher Organization in
conjunction with Applebee’s
Restaurant. A double thanks to
both community based groups
for making the end of their
fourth year so memorable.
Mount Sinai Mirror 5
Indian Territory
ourth grade students learned from a “primary source”
last week when an actual Native American descendant
spoke to them about many of the artifacts from the traveling museum that came into their classroom on May 27th
and May 28th. Students learned about their history and
culture through a DVD presentation and the telling of stories. Students also made a clay mask necklace that was
used by them to ward off evil spirits.
Flag Day Celebration
Flag Day was celebrated at the Elementary School on
June 12th in its usual patriotic and emotion stirring fashion. Mini orchestra and band groups played a series of
songs in tribute to America and the history of the flag was
shared by Dr. Gentilcore and select students. Understanding the importance of the flag as a symbol of our
country’s freedom and knowing it has a place of honor in
every citizen’s heart, including young elementary students, is the goal of these ceremonies and celebrations of
Miller Place Historical Society Trip
ount Sinai resident and local historian, Rebecca
Kopcienski, presented an informative session to
the fourth grade students on the origins of Mount Sinai
and Miller Place in school on May 29th. This was followed
up by class trips to several historic buildings and a walk
along North Country Road to the pond in Miller Place during the first week of June. Students are often amazed at
the amount of 17th and 18th century history that is located
in their own back yard. Telling history’s story through descendants orally and actually seeing the restored homes
first hand helps to prepare them for understanding primary sources and using them to answer document based
questions in social studies next year. Pictured is Mrs.
Flynn’s class on tour.
Mount Sinai Mirror 6
Zebediah Newby
Gia Catalano
Kristina Yannucci, Alexander Giannantonio, Connor Walters,
Margaret Ann Kopcienski, Katelin Campbell, Jack Cassidy,
Dominic Scalesse, Joseph Pirreca
Mount Sinai Mirror 7
Grades 5 – 8
Mr. Robert Grable
Mr. Christopher Heil
Assistant Principal
Green Clean-up
n April 28, the students from the Mount Sinai Middle School’s Community Outreach and Service clubs
worked in conjunction with the town of Brookhaven’s
“Great American Clean-up” to aide in cleaning the Mount
Sinai School District’s grounds for Earth Day. The children gleamed with excitement as they helped to make the
world a better place. Their efforts included cleaning
around the school district’s entrance, the district office,
the elementary school, middle school, and the high
Ms. Cappas discussed with her students the importance of recycling. The students became familiar with the
terms “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.” They became very
involved in the project and their research found that
Americans throw away nearly twenty-five trillion Styrofoam cups a year and every Sunday waste ninety percent
of recyclable newspapers. This wastes five hundred
thousand trees! Glass can be recycled virtually forever.
It never wears out. In addition, their research found that
Americans use four million plastic bottles every hour, but
only twenty-five percent of plastic bottles are recycled. These facts amazed our students who in turn
worked diligently to help our environment.
The students were taught how to properly separate
cardboard, plastic, glass, and cans. Each child was assigned a garbage bag designated for a recycling
item. The children wore bright colored neon tee shirts
and gloves to ensure safety as they walked around campus. They also used neon tongs to pick up the items that
were at a far reach, perhaps deep under a bush. It was a
great event that created environmental awareness.
With excitement, sixth grade student Kristina Reddy
asked, “Can we do this more often?” Fifth grade student
Kate Stump joined in and questioned, “Which areas can I
clean on my own?”
At the close of the event, the students were able to
collect twenty bags of garbage. We asked sixth grade
student Emily Griffin
why she enjoyed this
activity and she stated,
“Because we helped
the environment and
that’s most important!”
This event was certainly worth remembering!
The Mount Sinai Middle School’s Clean-up Crew
National Junior Honor Society
Trip to Ethnic Pen
On April 17, the members of
the National Junior Honor Society
attended the 18th Annual Writing
Conference at Bay Shore referred to as “Ethnic Pen.” The
conference was hosted by the
school’s English department to
applaud diversity in both contemporary writing and within the student population. The
event featured four keynote speakers and classroom
workshops that focused on a variety of subjects such as
writing, poetry, journalism, and film. The theme for this
year was “Breaking Barriers: The Time Has Come!”
The keynote speakers included Brian Turner, an Iraq
War veteran and award-winning poet, and the Hafiz family
including Dilara Hafiz and her two children, Imran Hafiz
and Yasmine Hafiz. They wrote The American Muslim
Teenager’s Handbook. The book developed over the
course of many family dinners after the events of September 11.
Also on hand were Beatrice Biira and Page McBrier,
both the subject and writer respectively of Beatrice’s
Goat, the true story of a once poverty-stricken, illiterate
Ugandan girl who came to study at Connecticut University
through Heifer International, an organization that gives
animals to poor families in rural areas. Beatrice’s family
received a goat that produced milk. The sale of the milk
brought in enough money to afford her an education.
The members of the National Junior Honor Society
were extremely moved by the events of the day.
Mount Sinai Mirror 8
Ride for Life
n May 31, members of the Middle School’s Student
Council and Community Outreach Club joined other
Mount Sinai students from the elementary and high
schools in welcoming Mr. Chris Pendergast to the Mount
Sinai Heritage Park. Middle school students were able to
raise five hundred dollars by selling little paper baseballs
for one dollar each and presented a check to Mrs.
Mr. Pendergast was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease,
when he was forty-four years old and has recently celebrated his sixtieth birthday. ALS is a progressive illness
that attacks the nerve cells responsible for controlling voluntary muscles. Patients lose their strength and ability to
move their legs, arms and body. Eventually, when muscles in the diaphragm and chest wall fail, patients need
ventilation to breathe.
Since its inception, Ride for Life has earned over three
million dollars for ALS research and patient services. In
addition to the ride, Mr. Pendergast has been devoting his
time to another form of raising awareness. Mr. Pendergast now makes frequent trips to schools where he conducts special lectures. "I developed a program called
Meeting the Challenge of Life, a forty-five minute talk tailored for teenagers," he said.
Ride for Life's inaugural year took them to Washington, D.C., a three hundred and fifty mile journey in which
they were met by then President Bill Clinton. On May 10,
this year's ride will begin at the tip of Long Island, Montauk Point, and will progress across the Brooklyn Bridge
into Manhattan. The sixteen mile trek is expected to take
nine days.
Suffolk Zone Winners
ongratulations to Marisa Colacino and William Tartaglia for being recognized as this year’s Suffolk Zone
Winners. This award recognizes one female and one
male student annually for their dedication and commitment to physical education, fitness and health. Marisa
and William continue to model a genuine commitment to
physical education and athletics through their efforts in
the class and on the athletic fields.
Suffolk Zone winners William Tartaglia and Marisa Colacino
Celebrating Creativity at Mount Sinai
Middle School
Festival of the Arts and Sciences
Our students pose with Mr. Pendergast at Heritage Park.
In conjunction with the science fair exhibition, the middle
school’s annual arts show offered another striking reminder of how talented and imaginative Mount Sinai students can be.
Ms. Stump and Ms. Trapani exhibited over four hundred students’ paintings, drawings, graphic design works,
mixed-media works, sculptures, pottery, and prints. The
quality of the work never fails to astound visitors every
year. New for this year was a sculpture garden in our
beautiful courtyard and the making of an Art Gallery in our
cafeteria. We can be very proud of our students!
(Festival of the Arts and Sciences Continued on pg. 10)
Mount Sinai Mirror 9
(Festival of the Arts and Sciences Continued fm pg. 9)
The arts, and the opportunity for kids to express themselves artistically, are an essential part of public education. The arts give students a unique means of expression, allowing them to explore new ideas, subject matter
and problem solving as an integral part of learning.
Again, we can all be moved by the power, beauty and
depth of what our students have created.
These students were the “Best in Show” from last
year’s Mount Sinai Science Fair.
Long Island Science Congress (LISC) is an adjudicated
exhibit of science projects by students of Nassau County
and Suffolk County middle schools, junior high schools
and senior high schools. It is sponsored by the Long Island sections of the Science Teachers Association of New
York State (STANYS). LISC began in 1950 under the
support of the New York State Science Teachers Association and The Nassau Daily Review-Star. Since its inception, there have been over eighty-five committee
members consisting of teachers, professors, and doctors.
Congratulations for a job well done.
New York State Champions
Students’ Art Work on Exhibit
Long Island Science Congress
On April 2, four students from Mount Sinai Middle
School competed in the Long Island Science Congress
Fair held at the State University of New York at Farmingdale. Congratulations to the following students:
Domenique Tufariello
Certificate and Meritorious Award
On What Day Are Most Pizzas
Ian Gillespie
Does Ultraviolet A Go Down When
Certificate and Achievement Award Sunscreen SPF Values Increase?
Nick O’Mara and Ryan Abselet
Certificate and Honors Award
Why Winglets?
Sixty-three students achieved notable success on
last year’s New York State Presidential Physical Fitness
Challenge. The students were presented with a patch
and Certificate of Achievement for demonstrating outstanding achievement with the challenge’s fitness
events. A few of the tested events were the “sit and
reach” event for measuring flexibility; the “shuttle run”
assessing speed and quickness; and the “modified push
-up” for testing upper body strength.
Congratulations boys and girls!
Angelo Abazis
Christian Aprea
Hannah Austen
Brandon Bonanno
Matthew Boscarino
Mikayla Burger
Conor Burns
Paul Cavaliere
Hunter Chemick
Jonathan Chianese
Brandon Christiano
Daniel Cianci
Caitlin Connor
Jordana Corcione
Mikayla Costa
Samantha Croston
Gabriela Custodio
Ross DiBetta
Matthew Feltman
Samantha Floyd
Appio Fragoletti
Chloe Franza
Paul Galli
Dylan Gins
Nicole Gray
Nicolas Gresser
Daniel Henry
Caroline Hoeg
Nicholas Jensen
Kaylynn Juhas
Kaitlyn Kaufman
Nolan Kelly
Thomas Krulder
Justin Leonard
Amanda Loh
Rebecca Lynch
Jonathan Ma
Julia Machado
Lia Maniaci
Vincent Margulies
Christopher Marrs
Peter Mastrorocco III Griffin McGrath
Daniel O'Mara
Leon Paul
Brianna Pidoto
Nicole Ravel
Samuel Ritter
Jake Rudolph
Catherine Ruggieri
James Sarno
Christopher Schiavetta
Kyley Schultz
Valentina Sguera
Emily Shaljian
Chloe Shields
Jenna Signorile
Richard Van Cott
Meghan Walker
Shane Walker
Vanessa Wellhausen
Emily Whelan
Keith Williams
Pictured above (l. to r.) are Ms. Anderson, Domenique
Tufariello, Nick O’Mara, Ryan Abselet and Ian Gillespie.
Mount Sinai Mirror 10
Grade 7 Science Fair
n Thursday, April 16th, Mount Sinai celebrated
its Annual Arts and Science Fair. The entire
seventh grade class participated in the science
fair. The projects were outstanding and the
turnout for the fair was wonderful. In addition to all the
fine projects, six projects were selected as “Best in Show”
to be entered in next year’s regional competition of the
Long Island Science Congress at Farmingdale University.
Students will compete against other schools on Long Island.
Kristen Marino
Anthony Graffeo
Andrew Holomshek and KyleCullin
Mariam Slaiby
Brian Gentile
Madeline Roberts and Raqu Lobato
The Effects of Substituting
Baking Powder With Baking Soda
What Materials Block Out
Sound the Best?
Does the Proper Carbon to
Nitrogen Ratio Matter When
Sunspot Cycles
What Is the Effect of AntiBacterials On Germs?
Brain Food
Jake Rudolph
Grayson Valentino
Sofia Tufariello
Ashley Becker
Michael Clark
Christopher Dallao
Andrew Holomshek
Raquel Lobato
Daria Martorana
Coles Williams
David Lobato
William Tartaglia Jr.
Grade 5
Grade 6
Social Studies
Family and Consumer Sciences
Physical Education
English Language Arts
April 2009
2009 Grade 7 Science Fair Winners
On behalf of the entire science department, we would
like to thank everyone who participated. We are very
proud of your hard work. Good luck to the winners at the
Science Congress!
Students of the Month
March 2009
Ross DiBetta
Shane Walker
Jonathan Bond
MaryEllen Carron
Kevin Gray
Gabrielle Corrente
Ian Cousins
Selin Erdogan
Kayla Trombino
Emily Abby
Nicholas O'Mara
Mason Sofia
Grade 5
Physical Education
Grade 6
English Language Arts
Family and Consumer Sciences
Social Studies
(Student of the month Continued on pg. 12)
Mount Sinai Mirror 11
(Student of the month Continued fm. Pg. 11)
May 2009
Olivia Cifuni
Tabitha Eletto
Carissa Gulli
Nicholas Cavaliere
Ryan Finnegan
Zachary McFadden
Hallie Moore
Amanda Prezorski
Lisa Casamassa
Marissa Cope
Azfar Imam
David Lobato
Hannah Pawluk
Nicholas Shaw
Mason Sofia
April 2009
Dylan MacDonald
Christopher Marrs
Alyssa Rappa
Sarah Catterson
Noah Hendrickson
Dana Le Moine
Madeline Roberts
Brett Sheppard
Marissa Cristiano-LoRusso
Caleigh Dolese
Melissa Gartner
William Tartaglia Jr.
Grade 5
Physical Education
Grade 6
English Language Arts
Social Studies
Family & Consumer Sciences
Citizens of the Month
March 2009
Paul Cavaliere
Caitlin Connor
Mikayla Costa
Kenneth Ahrem
Liana Marchese
Sarah Raynock
Casey Wesolowski
Matthew Connell
Gillian Dana
Michael Giordano
Brianne Innusa
Daniel LoRe
Anthony Panebianco
Andrew Trupia
(Citizen of the month Continued on Pg. 13)
Mount Sinai Mirror 12
(Citizen of the month Continued fm. Pg. 12)
May 2009
Grade 7 Inductees
Faris Furoogh
Charles Smith lll
Eric Braat
Olivia Cifuni
Taylor Filosa
Leo Kremm
Julia Eberhard
Noah Hendrickson
Deanna Mancine
Emily Palmeri
Stevie Singer
The Mount Sinai National Junior Honor Society
Induction Ceremony
n May 7th, a very special group of students from
the Mount Sinai Middle School was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). Having fulfilled the
rigorous criteria for candidacy into the NJHS based on
academic performance, leadership, character, citizenship
and service, thirty-one seventh grade students and thirteen eighth grade students walked proudly onto the auditorium stage to join the current members and take their
pledge. Mr. Grable introduced each new member, and
pins and certificates were distributed by Dr. Anthony
Bonasera, Superintendent of Schools.
The induction ceremony was immediately followed by
a celebration to honor this esteemed occasion. Parents,
grandparents, relatives, students, and invited guests proceeded into the cafeteria to enjoy refreshments. The
cafeteria was decorated in blue and gold and was filled
with laughter, smiles, and praise. It was a special and
proud event. Congratulations to all!
Justin Abeles
Abigail Allshouse
Leah Boscarino
Katelynn Cameron
Lynnea Capuano
Sarah Catterson
Jennifer Combs
Eric Compagnone
Kyle Cullin
Amanda D'Angio
Holly Drasser
Julia Eberhard
Anthony Graffeo
Benjamin Kopcienski
John Kostic
Chelsea Lang
Kaitlyn Loh
Daria Martorana
Rachel Menna
Julia Michaels
Kelly Napolitano
Dominique Parker
Lindsay Putkowski
Bryan Reed
Beverly Schnall
Taylor Shapiro
John Shlonsky
Alexandra Stang
Catherine Stansbury
Alison Statham
Roland Wimmer
Grade 8 Inductees
Christopher Balzano
Mattea Cai
Marisa Colacino
Alexandra DeMartino
Zachary Devlin
Meagan Dunham
Robert Kluger
Marina May
Stephanie Murphy
Matthew Schelin
Andrew Silberfeld
Mason Sofia
Danielle Stefanucci
Mount Sinai Mirror 13
New York State School Music Association
ongratulations to Mr. Feinberg, Mr. Malone, Mr. Silliman, Ms. Toolan, and the members of their ensembles for
an outstanding job at NYSSMA this year.
Mr. Feinberg’s seventh and eighth grade orchestra
earned a Gold medal on a NYSSMA level 3.
Mr. Malone’s seventh grade band received a Bronze
rating on a NYSSMA level 2.
Mr. Silliman’s eighth grade band earned a Bronze
Medal on a NYSSMA level 3.
Ms. Toolan’s seventh and eighth grade chorus earned
the highest medal, “Gold with Distinction” on a
NYSSMA level 3.
ongratulations to the following students for receiving
a Certificate of Merit in recognition of Excellence and
Achievement on a String Instrument from the Long Island String Festival Association (LISFA):
Elementary School Orchestra Middle School Orchestra
Hannah Austen
Mikayla Burger
Ross DiBetta
Dylan Gins
Caroline Hoeg
Emily Mantone
Samuel Ritter
Michael Shen
Hannah Sullivan
Eric Compagnone
Kyle Cullin
Julia Eberhard
Erika Mani
Catherine Stansbury
Gillian Dana
Jenna Van Middelem
Elementary School LIFSA students
Tools for Schools
uring the first two weeks in May, the Community
Service and Community Outreach clubs of Mount
Sinai Middle School held the Fourth Annual “Tools for
Schools Drive.” Each fifth and sixth grade homeroom
competed to help the less fortunate and to win a pizza
lunch donated by La Casa Restaurant and Papa John’s
Pizza. This drive encouraged the students to realize the
importance of helping underprivileged children and to establish teamwork within a class setting. Some teachers
incorporated class lessons into the drive such as making
charts and graphs as a way for the students to visualize
and understand how much they are helping the community.
The students in each homeroom class collected items
based on a point system. The item with the highest value
was a backpack which was worth 20 points. The supplies
piled in rapidly and the students were able to triple their
amount of supplies from last year. The teachers tallied up
the number of points for each day then finalized it with a
class total. The school supplies were packaged and donated to local underprivileged children. For fifth grade,
the winning class was Ms. Leiterman’s class with 1,009
points. The competition between the sixth grade was also
very impressive. The winner was Mr. Dono’s class with
2,006 points.
Congratulations and thank you to all fifth and sixth
grade classes who participated.
Middle School LIFSA students
Mount Sinai Mirror 14
The Value of Thinking
On May 28th, Mr. Paul Failla visited the Middle School
to speak with our sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students about the importance of making good, sound decisions that will preserve their well-being. Mr. Failla is a
retired Suffolk County Police Officer of twenty-seven
years. He is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild,
and has appeared in some movies, including “Chelsea
Walls” starring Richard Gere. More importantly, he is an
educator. Mr. Failla’s presentation, at times humorous, at
-times emotional, but always influential, targeted the virtues of good character, responsibility and the importance
of making good, thought out decisions.
Throughout his presentation, he shared a multiplicity of
personal stories and experiences. He spoke about the
law, responsibility, racism, family, faith, and values. Using his acting abilities, he was able to role-play the consequences of making poor decisions and the negative affect
it has on all those who love you; your friends and family.
Mr. Failla expounded the value of family, friendship, and
leadership. He views his father as a hero. “I am who I
am today because of my father. He taught me about values, the difference between right and wrong. If I can give
my daughters half of what my father gave me, I will have
succeeded as a father,” exclaimed Mr. Failla. He told his
audience, “Thank your parents and tell them you love
them, because one day you won’t be able to.” He spoke
about bullying, racism and ridicule as well as the negative
consequences that often are a result of such actions. He
talked about issues such as responsibility, freedom and
values; emphasizing that, as individuals, we are accountable for our own actions. “As Americans we are granted
certain freedoms. If these freedoms are misused, you
lose them. You, and only you, are responsible for the
choices you make, whether they are constructive or destructive,” said Mr. Failla.
Through his entertaining personality and genuine care
for our students, Mr. Failla was able to capture the attention of his audience. On behalf of the Mount Sinai student
body and faculty, I would like to thank Mr. Failla for his
sincere commitment to our students’ safety and wellbeing.
Grade 7 and 8 Field Trips
Mount Sinai’s seventh and eighth grade students continued to chase history this year. Our eighth grade students spent three days in Washington, D.C. while our
seventh graders visited Boston for two days.
Washington, D.C.
n Thursday, May 14th, one-hundred and thirty-eight
students, sixteen staff members and three tour guides
departed the middle school for our nation’s capitol. Our
assigned tour guides provided our students and staff with
a wealth of knowledge at each of our scheduled tour
sites. For example, pulling up to the Capitol, the guide
informed us that the statue on the top of the dome was
eighteen feet tall and symbolized freedom which is the
most important attribute of our country, therefore no other
statues in Washington could stand higher.
Our first stop was to the Capitol where we had the opportunity to meet with Congressman Tim Bishop. The
Congressman spent about ten minutes with our students
explaining his duties and the day-to-day activities that
make up his workday. Shortly thereafter we made visits
to the Lincoln, Vietnam and Korean memorials. Our students revisited several of President Lincoln’s famous
speeches that are inscribed on his memorial. Additionally, the Vietnam Memorial was a somber reminder of
how many American lives were lost during the Vietnam
War. Subsequently, we boarded the bus and headed to
the hotel for dinner and a two-hour dance party. Students
enjoyed down time and dancing with friends. In addition,
the girls proved to be stronger than the boys winning several “Tug of War” matches in a row!
On Friday morning we headed back to the Capitol for a
guided tour. Students experienced the spectacular view
from the new visitors’ center and the very detailed architectural design of the building. Next we spent time at the
Newseum, a museum of media history. Here students
viewed media exhibits related to historical and current
events, sports, entertainment, etc. We then made a visit
to the Holocaust Museum which provided our students
with four floors of sequentially planned exhibits related to
Adolf Hitler’s regime and the Nazi’s occupation in Germany during World War II. Friday’s tour concluded with
night light visits to the FDR, Jefferson and World War II
memorials. The structure and design of these memorials,
coupled with the historical commentary provided by our
tour guides, provided our students with an awesome experience.
The trip concluded on Saturday with visits to Arlington
National Cemetery, Iwo Jima Marine Memorial, the Smithsonian Natural History, Air and Space, and American History museums.
(Field Trips Continued on pg. 16)
Mount Sinai Mirror 15
(Field Trips Continued fm pg. 15)
At Arlington, our students witnessed firsthand the
“changing of the guard” at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. At the museums, students were afforded time to
explore floors and floors of history related to aviation,
space explorations, wildlife and American history. Needless to say, the itinerary was plentiful and we were able to
stay on schedule and make all of our scheduled visits.
Moreover, the weather cooperated and our students represented the Mount Sinai learning community as expected; responsibly and respectfully.
he seventh grade students traveled to Boston for two
days of fun filled adventure. The students arrived at the
middle school at 5:30 a.m. wide-eyed and ready to roll.
We took over the Port Jefferson ferry but the students
were on their best behavior for the other commuters.
Our first tour was the Plimoth Plantation, which is a
recreation of a 1627 English Village built by English colonists in the midst of the Wampanoag Indian tribe’s homeland. There are costumed role players in both the village
and the Indian home site. The students had an opportunity to observe the actors weaving baskets, cooking
lunch, carving hefty timbers and even using fire to form a
large log into a boat. The role models conversed with the
students but never broke out of their roles.
The students then boarded a "DUCK," an authentic
World War II amphibious landing vehicle. The vehicles
transported the students around Boston by land then by
water. The tour guides entertained the students with historical stories as they viewed the sights such as: the
golden-domed State House, Bunker Hill, the TD
Banknorth Garden, Boston Common, Copley Square, the
Big Dig, the Government Center, fashionable Newbury
Street, Quincy Market and the Prudential Tower. The
students even had the chance to operate the “DUCK”
when it was in the Charles River.
The next day the tour started at the Freedom Trail at the
Copps Hill Burying Ground. The guides had many stories
about the history of Boston and the buildings that we visited. Some of the attractions the students toured included: Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere’s house (exterior), and
the Old North Church. The students finished the day at
Quincy Market enjoying the entertainment, food and
shopping. It was a fantastic trip that helped history come
Students pose with one of the costumed actors.
Middle School Students Present at Tech Conference
Seventh grade students attended the Ninth Annual
Celebration of Technology in Education Conference at
Stony Brook University on May 29th to interactively present their online social network they have been using in
their English class. Their teacher, Mr. Karl O'Leary, created the 'Learning Without Boundaries' social networking
page using the Ning website. This classroom site allows
his students to work collaboratively from anywhere at any
time. At the conference, the students were able to speak
to other students, teachers and administrators from Suffolk County school districts, whereupon they highlighted
the many benefits of online learning. The students discussed how the online learning has offered them a learning experience outside the classroom by answering questions, posting blogs, assisting their peers as well as generating an interest in the requirements of the 21st century
9th Annual Celebration of Technology in Education Conference
Mount Sinai Mirror 16
Grades 9 – 12
Mr. Matthew J. Dyroff
Assistant Principal
Mr. Edward Casswell
Best Buddies of Mount Sinai High School
ur Best Buddies chapter is
wrapping up another rewarding year
with our friends from Maryhaven. Best
Buddies has a lot of wonderful and dedicated students.
Among them are this year’s officers: president-Ashley
Donato, vice-president-Addie Mandelbaum, treasurerSerina Hasanji, and secretaries-Michelle Segal, Emily
Cauchi, and Kristin Hale.
We have many people and organizations that helped
in making this year successful. For their generous donations we would like to thank the Mount Sinai Teachers’
Association, the Student Government, and Carvel of
Port Jefferson. We are grateful for all the friendships
that were formed, for a supportive administration, secretarial staff and custodial staff, and Mrs. Clark.
Best wishes to our seniors, many of whom have been
in Best Buddies for four years. We will miss you. They
are Alishia from Maryhaven, Ashley Donato, Stephanie
Capasso, Emily Cauchi, Kristen Hale, Serina Hasanji,
Christina Marconi, Ashley Martine, Michelle Segal, Mirjam
Scholz, Yvonne Villante, and Kristin Walsh.
Mr. Frank LaBianca
Assistant Principal
The students were put to work on the construction site by
moving at least four yards of dirt for landscaping and
painting the entire house with primer. The students were
able to work side by side with the family that will be living
in the home and their efforts were greatly appreciated. In
total, the students raised over $2,000.00 in donations for
Habitat for Humanity. Overall, the students were able to
gain great insight into how their efforts can make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you to all who donated
and participated in this worthy cause.
Student volunteers with the home owners Mr and Mrs. Fuentes.
Some of our Best Buddies at the
Ice Cream Social with Maryhaven.
Habitat for Humanity
On Saturday, May 16, 2009, students from the Interact
Club and Athletes Helping Athletes assisted in the construction of a Habitat for Humanity home being built in
Shirley, NY.
Mount Sinai Mirror 17
Model UN Goes to the UNA-USA Conference
Our position papers were due at
the United Nations before we arrived, and had to be carefully researched and crafted.
Our students did an outstanding
job, and thoroughly enjoyed this
unique experience with other high
school students from around the
Mount Sinai Community Rides
With Chris Pendergast
n May 14 , 15 , and 16 , Mt. Sinai students participated for the first time in the United Nation High
School competition called the UNA – USA Model United
Nations Conference. Our students were Kyle Capobianco
-Hogan, Torrey D’Angelo, Victoria DeMartino, Jill Dooley,
Lauren Ferris, James Grippe, Serina Hasanji, Max Kanowitz, Lianna Kosch, Russell Leibowitz, Maria Michalos,
Joanna Nigro, Moira Power, Erica Russo, Annie Shum,
and Michelle Sparling. The competition simulates actual
United Nations committee sessions, and high schools
from China, Japan, Italy, Canada, England, Uruguay, Panama, and almost every state in the United States, participated.
Each high school is assigned a country to represent in
the various UN committees. Mt. Sinai was Poland or St.
Kitts and Nevis. Among our committee assignments were
the UN Climate Change Conference, World Health Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, and the
Human Rights Council.
The students arrived in New York at the Grand Hyatt,
and immediately attended a practice session where they
learned how to caucus, and they learned the “Rules of
Procedure” to get their countries recognized by the chairman of the committee. The first evening was the Opening
Session at the UN General Assembly Hall. The Guest
Speaker was Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary General of the
United Nations.
The second day was filled with presentations of our
countries’ positions to the assigned committees, and caucuses within these committees to form a resolution that
the committee could then present to the General Assembly for a vote. The third day was the culmination of our
committee sessions where the actual resolutions were
signed, sealed, and delivered. We all worked very hard
during these sessions, and now have a better understanding of the compromises it takes to get any resolution
to the floor of the General Assembly.
Before we even went to the United Nations, we spent a
lot of time fund raising and researching our country and
The Ride for Life (ALS charitable organization) and Mr.
Chris Pendergast continues to make its mark on the Mt.
Sinai School Community. On April 30th, Mr. Pendergast
was a guest speaker at Mt. Sinai High School where he
stressed the importance of "being part of the solution, not
the problem." On May 14th, many Mt. Sinai high school
students attended a Ride for Life rally at Heritage Park.
Our students sang the National Anthem, presented Mr.
Pendergast with a check [from fundraising efforts] and
escorted patients participating in the Montauk to Manhattan annual charitable ride from the park to 25A. On May
17th, Mt. Sinai high school students performed, "Blowin’
in the Wind" to help support the Ride for Life Pinwheel
ceremony at Stony Brook University. ALS claims 6,000
lives a year. 6,000 pinwheels were placed representing
each life. Mr. Pendergast presented a check for $65,000
to the University to continue their research with the hope
that someday a cure for this disease will be discovered.
Mr. Pendergast pictured with HS students
Mount Sinai Mirror 18
Safe Teen Drive LI
ount Sinai SADD in conjunction with the Allstate
Foundation ran an awareness week for “Safe Teen
Drive LI.” This project revolved around the number “14” to
bring awareness that 14 teens are killed everyday in auto
accidents. With a $1,000 check from Allstate, SADD went
to work with 4 days of events before the Memorial Day
weekend, which started the 100 deadliest days on the
road for drivers.
Each award winner received a plaque and a $1,000
scholarship. Pictured with Kristen are Ms. Lecci and Mr.
Casswell. Kristen will be attending Hofstra University in
the fall. Congratulations!
Day 1: 14 SADD members wore T-Shirts with a “14”
printed on it with a safe driving message. 14 posters
were hung in the school and 14 announcements were
made throughout the school day promoting safe driving.
Day 2: 14 spots in the student parking lot were blocked
off with cones to represent the 14 students that were
killed that day.
Day 3: 14 random acts of kindness occurred with SADD
buying lunch for 14 students.
AP Environmental Science Students Mentor
Elementary Students
Day 4: On the final day, with major help from the
“Grounds Crew,” 14 white pines were planted along the
school fence on North Country Road as a memorial to the
14 teens that were killed that day in auto accidents. SADD named the memorial “The Trees of Hope”,
with SADD’s goal being to encourage safe driving and
reduce that number 14 to 0.
APES (A. P. Environmental Science) students will finish their senior year by “teaching” science lessons in the
elementary school. They will be studying Insect Metamorphosis in 2nd and 3rd grade classes of Ms. Walker
and Ms. Murphy, respectively, while
teaching Classification of Marine Organisms to the 4th grade classes of Ms.
Flynn, Ms. Lederle, Ms. Scher, and Mr.
Walsh. The APES students will be returning to some of their elementary classes
where their science interest started before
they graduate from the HS and pursue
their college careers!
Long Island Science Congress Winners
Student planting memorial pines along the school fence.
Kristen Hale Honored at Suffolk County High
School Principals Association
First Annual Senior Leadership Luncheon
Kristen Hale (Class of 2009) recently attended the Suffolk County High School Principals Association first annual Senior Leadership Luncheon. This prestigious
event was held at the Oakdale campus of St. John’s University in the historic Bourne Mansion. Kristen was one of
seven Suffolk County High School seniors honored for
demonstrating remarkable leadership skills in their
eniors Matthew Clark and Elliott Kurtz received
High Honors Awards at the Long Island Science Congress (LISC) Awards Program on May 21 at The
Wheatley School in Nassau County. Their project on
parasitic copepod effects on sturgeon was a culmination
of 2 years of research performed at the Marine Sciences
Research Center of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SOMAS) at Stony Brook University.
Matt Clark had received a prestigious Simon’s Research
Fellowship during his Junior year summer to pursue his
research interests.
(LI Science Winners Continued on pg. 20)
Mount Sinai Mirror 19
(LI Science Winners Continued fm. pg. 19)
An LISC Achievement Award was given to Lani Kai
Ritter for her project on the Lunatic Fringe Enzyme while
Kenneth Gunasekera and Danielle Beier received a
meritorious award for their project on the Epidermal
Growth Factor Receptor.
Over 525 projects competed in the Long Island Science
Congress at SUNY-Farmingdale on April 1, 2009, so congratulations to all students.
SUNY-Stony Brook Biochem Smarteam
Sophomores Lani Kai Ritter, Ken Gunasekera and
Danielle Beier were the ONLY High School Biochem
Smarteam at the Undergraduate Research Conference
@ SUNY-Stony Brook. Their protein modeling project
on the RAD 54 enzyme was one of 225 presentations at
the URECA (Celebration on Undergraduate Research
and Creativity) on April 29th. The group who has been
studying protein modeling throughout the entire school
year represented the Department of Biochemistry and
Cell Biology and Center for Science and Math Education
(CESAME). They used computer modeling images from
the Protein Data Bank (PDB) to create a 3-D molecule
that was synthesized by the Center for BioMolecular Modeling at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The model
will be used by Dr. Nancy Hollingsworth @ Stony Brook in
her research on repairing DNA.
STEPS Students - “Green Technology”
for Earth Day
Matthew Clark and Elliott Kurtz at LISC –SUNY Farmingdale
S students who are part of the STEPS program
(Science and Technology Enrichment Program) performed a “Green Technology” at the Chemistry
Teaching Laboratory (CTL) at SUNY-Stony Brook. The
Earth Day lab involved various separation, filtration and
distillation techniques to simulate environmental cleanup
of polluted waters. The STEPS program will be attending
Brookhaven Nation Lab to perform a toxic metal removal
by zeolites as a culmination to 2008-2009 STEPS program.
Kenneth Gunasekera, Danielle Beier and Lani Kai Ritter
Mount Sinai Mirror 20
Suffolk County Science Teachers Award
ongratulations to Justin Gallagher who received
the 2009 Suffolk County Science Teachers Award
on May 19th at the Islandia
Marriott Awards Dinner.
Justin received the award for
his outstanding achievement
in all sciences in the high
Mount Sinai High School would like to recognize the
following students who received Student of the Month
certificates for the month of February and March & April:
Sorry no photo available
Kayleigh Olive
Wendy Li
Christopher Kershow Citizenship
Raymond Spataro
Megan Wesolowski
Jacqueline Sheehan
F & C Sciences
Alyssa Caporale
Foreign Language
Emily Williams
Michelle Sparling
Megan Dwyer
Casey Stroh
Physical Education
Erica Giordano
Maureen Villante
Social Studies
David Eberhard
Sabrina Spotorno
Vanessa Cavallaro
Joseph Holomshek
Alexei Brandt
Sean Viscount
Danielle Beier
Samantha Angona
F& C Sciences
Alexandria Manna
Foreign Language
Ashley Donato
Lisa Provenzano
Alexandria McGowan
Connor Stroh
Physical Education
Breanne Harchuck
Sean Viscount
Social Studies
William Corwin
(Student of the Month Continued on pg. 22)
Mount Sinai Mirror 21
(Student of the Month Continued fm. Pg. 21)
Bullying Program in the Elementary/Middle Schools
Smart Boards
Summer Wish program
Reading Programs in the Elementary School
Discovery Education for all three schools
Science Programs in the Elementary School
Lego Club in the Middle School
Library Books
Courtyard Beautification in the Elementary School
Scholarships for Graduating Seniors
Elementary and Middle School Field Trips
Mathematic Programs in the Elementary School
High School Forensic Club
Stephanie Romeo
Danielle Scutaro
Tyler LeMoine
Samantha Loh
Foreign Language
Janie Turek
Physical Education
Nicholas D'Angelo
Christopher Perkowski
Alexandria Manna
Foreign Language
Annie Shum
Kelly Brajevich
Stephanie Kane
Christina Marconi
F & C Sciences
The PTO supports our schools and children in many,
many ways. We are always looking for more volunteers
and new ideas. As always, we appreciate your continued
support. Our first General Meeting is September 25th and
the Annual Ladies Night Out event will be November 10th.
Please remember to mark your calendar.
Have a great summer! We look forward to your membership and support in the fall.
Kevin Smit
2009-2010 P.T.O. Executive Board
Yvonne Villante
Jooeun Woo
Social Studies
ot exactly sure what the PTO does? During the
school year, the PTO holds various fundraisers to raise
money for our schools. These funds are then used to
purchase items not covered in the budget that are requested by the principals or the district. The lists below
show the PTO’s various fundraisers and some of the donations made during the 2008/09 school year.
Bagels and Bingo
Elementary/Middle School Book Fair
Box Tops for Education
Craft Fair and Santa Pictures
Elementary/Middle School Variety Show Organizers
BJ’s Membership
Father’s Day Sale
Mother’s Day Plant Sale
Ladies Night Out
Membership Dues
Elementary/Middle School Pictures
Spring Fling Pictures
Wrapping Paper Sale
Elementary School Store
President ~ Ellie Marino
V. President ~ Carolyn Pollina
Treasurer ~ Anna Bonghi
Secretary ~ Sue DiRenzo
Fundraisers ~ Lisa Dolese, Leni Esposito, Paulette Giannuzzi,
Tricia Marsala, Beth Plotkin, Cathy Venezia
Volunteer Coordinator ~ Jennifer Carpenito
Grade Level Coordinator ~ Stephanie Gulli
Public Relations ~ Lisa Barbarello
Publicity ~ Denise Graffeo
Hospitality ~ Phyllis Daley
Many thanks for their volunteer service to our 2008-09 board
members that are leaving us this year: Valerie Avignone, Leigh
Bongiorno, Dara Orlando.
Booster Club Blog
We would like to say congratulations to all of the
2009 Graduating Seniors! We will miss you.
Our Senior Athletes had a great year and we wish
them continued success in their future endeavors.
Our annual Booster Club Golf Outing is scheduled for
Monday, June 29, 2009. Hope to see you there.
We are hosting several fantastic sports camps
throughout the summer. Flyers for camps were sent
home with your children. Check out camps like LAX
camp, baseball camp, wrestling, golf, basketball, track &
field and the newest camp, strength and conditioning.
Call the Athletic Office if you have any questions. Have a
great summer!
Mount Sinai Mirror 22
Mr. Stephen Mantone, Music & Applied Arts Director
Several graduating seniors from Mt. Sinai High School were honored at the recent Spring Concerts on June 2-4 for their
contributions to the Music Department. Receiving awards were:
♫ National School Orchestra Award:
Abbie Apsel
♫ National School Choral Awards:
Christopher Oill, Jooeun Woo
♫ Woody Herman Jazz Award:
Daniel Machtinger
♫ Louis Armstrong Awards:
Kevin McKeown, Christopher Oill
♫ Patrick S. Gilmore Award:
Austin Sposato
♫ John Philip Sousa National Band Award: Megan Dwyer
♫ Arion Award:
Gregory Mantone
A majority of these students have achieved recognition at the state and and local levels for excellence for their instruments or voice.
Gregory Mantone, in addition to receiving the Arion Award was named as the winner of the Rydzeski Memorial
Scholarship in the amount of $1,500 presented by the Suffolk Chapter of the New York State Council of Administrators
of Music Education. He will be attending the Ithaca College School of Music in the Fall.
Congratulations to all!
NYSSMA Festivals
Over 350 Mount Sinai students participated in the
Solo/Ensemble Festival sponsored by the New York State
Music Association on Friday, March 27 – Saturday, March
28, 2009 at the Bellport High School. The students select
a piece of music according to the level of difficulty, and
prepare it along with scales and sight-reading. The
scores received will aid in the selection to the various AllCounty Festivals in the coming school year.
In addition to these students, twenty-one high school
sophomores and juniors competed at the All-State level,
the highest level of difficulty. While all the students performed very well, two stand out as having achieved perfect scores. They are David Schwartz, Voice and Percussion and Claire Kostic, Oboe.
Eight performing organizations from the Middle School
and High School participated in the Major Organization
Festival held on May 18-20. Their scores are as follows:
High School Symphonic Band, Gold
High School Concert Band, Silver
High School Chorus, Gold
High School Orchestra, Gold
Middle School 7/8 Chorus, Gold with
Middle School 7/8 Orchestra, Gold
Middle School 7th Grade Band, Bronze
Middle School 8th Grade Band, Bronze
Congratulations to all!
Friends of the Arts
As usual the last few months have been busy ones for
the Friends of the Arts. The Mother’s Day Boutique held
in the Middle and Elementary schools was a nice experience for the children wishing to shop for that special
woman in their lives. We have recently approved a design for the Middle School auditorium banner purchased
with funds from last year’s Raise the Curtain event. It
should be up in time for the new school year. Registration for the Summer Theater Arts Program has been
strong and is ongoing. If you are interested, please see
our website for an application. We are also bringing back
the Sounds of Summer program for students entering
grades 4, 5 and 6. It will run August 10th-August 21st. For
more information email [email protected]
This spring we continued with our grade level projects
with the 3rd grade Build a Bug Contest that had great participation and once again showcased the creativity of our
students. Also, thanks to your continued support, we
were able to purchase 8 new pottery wheels for our high
school ceramics classes as well as fund a trip for all
fourth graders to see a performance at the Gateway
Theater in Patchogue. Finally, we awarded 9 scholarships to some very deserving young men and women
who will be attending college in the fall. We would like to
thank everyone who supported the Friends of the Arts this
year by sharing their time, talents and financial gifts. With
everyone’s help we have continued to keep the fine arts a
vital part of our children’s education.
Mount Sinai Mirror 23
Mr. Scott Reh, Athletic Director
Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Tennis team for being undefeated and League VI Champions for the 20082009 season.
Congratulations to the Varsity Girls Golf team for being
undefeated and League 3 Champions for the 2008-2009
Congratulations to the Varsity Softball team for being
undefeated and League 7 Champions for the 2008-2009
Congratulation to the Varsity Girls Spring Track team for
being undefeated League and Suffolk County Champions
for the 2008-2009 season.
Congratulations to the Varsity Boys Lacrosse team for
being Suffolk County Champions for the 2008-2009 season.
Congratulations to the Varsity Girls Lacrosse team for
being semi finalist in the Suffolk County Championship.
The New York State High School Athletic Association has recognized Mt. Sinai High School varsity athletic teams for achieving academic excellence while
actively participating in varsity level interscholastic
athletics during the 2008-2009 spring season.
Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Varsity Boys Spring Track
Varsity Girls Spring Track
Varsity Girls Golf
Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Varsity Softball
Varsity Boys Tennis
Congratulations to Rebecca Moosebrugger and James
Dawson for achieving the Suffolk Zone Award for Health,
Physical Education, Recreation and Dance for the 20082009 school year. This honor has been a result of there
outstanding achievement in physical education and other
scholastic areas as well as there contribution to the high
school in the areas of athletics, leadership, and club/class
activities. These students have been selected after a
thorough screening process by a panel of physical education teachers.
2008 Fall All League Awards
Varsity Girls Soccer
Alexandria Abruzzo – All County
Lauren Ferris – All League
Jamie Martinetion – All Conference
Allison Pirone – All Conference
Varsity Boys Soccer
Shane Henry – All County
Brett Little – All Conference All League
Ryan Maurer – All League
Mike Panebianco – All League
Matt Poillon – All Conference All League
Stephen Singer – All Conference All League
Casey Stroh – Academic All County
Varsity Cross Country Boys & Girls
Ashley Callahan – All League
Brittany Callahan – All League – All Division - State Qualifier
Amanda Clark – All League – All Division
Anjali Kapur – All League – All Division
Janet Mellor – All League – All Division
Wendy Pere – All League – All Division
Stephanie Sinkoff – All League – All Division – State
Amanda Stasiewicz – All League – All Division – State
Varsity Football
Frank Abbondanza – All County
Joseph Bongiorno – All Division 2nd Team
Josh Morales – All County
Robert Murphy – All Division 1st Team
Seepaul Paray – All Division 1st Team
Connor Stroh – All Division 1st Team
Arthur Wellhausen – All Division 2nd Team
R. J. Zbikowski – All Division 2nd Team
Varsity Boys Golf
Russell Leibowitz – All League
Varsity Gymnastics
Cassandra Lynagh – All League
Karli Johnson – All League
Samantha Sapienza- All League
Brittany Brockner – All League
Shayna Pirecca – All League
Stephaney Ankleman - All League
Alexa Signorile – All League
Amanda Hellman All League
Paige Maccabee – All League
(Fall Awards Continued on pg. 25)
Mount Sinai Mirror 24
Mr. Scott Reh, Athletic Director
Varsity Girls Tennis
Erica Giordano – All Division
Addie Mandelbaum – All League
Christina Marconi – All League
Heather O’Brien – All League
Varsity Volleyball
Caleigh Dolese – All League
Kelsey Lubin – All League
Dakota Luca – All League
Emily Bongiorno – All League
Diana Lopez – All League
High School
Fall MVP Coaches Awards
Varsity Girls Tennis
Erica Giordano – Coaches Award
Christina Marconi - MVP
Varsity Girls Soccer
Lauren Ferris – Coaches Award
Allison Pirone - MVP
Varsity Boys Soccer
Anthony Scalza – Coaches Award
Shane Henry – MVP
Varsity Football
Robert Murphy – Coaches Award
Frank Abbondanza – MVP
Varsity Boys Cross Country
T. J. Hadgraft – Coaches Award
Jonathan Hoeg – MVP
Varsity Girls Cross Country
Ashley Callahan – Coaches Award
Janie Turek – MVP
Varsity Boys Golf
Michael DeBernardo – Coaches Award
Christopher Perkowski – Coaches Award
Russell Leibowitz – MVP
Varsity Volleyball
Danielle Parente – Coaches Award
Emily Bongiorno – MVP
Varsity Gymnastics
Karli Johnson – Coaches Award
Justina Esposito – Coaches Award
High School Winter All League Awards
Varsity Boys Bowling
Ashley Curcio– All League
Michael DiRenzo – All League
Varsity Boys Basketball
Joe Bongiorno – Academic All County
Varsity Girls Track
Ashley Callahan – All League
Brittany Callahan – All League
Samantha Capece – All League
Amanda Clark – All League
Erin Fitzgerald – All League
Jessica Gilroy – All League
Karli Johnson – All League
Anjali Kapur – All League
Janet Mellor – All County
Christi Nassauer – All County
Stephanie Sheehan – All League
Stephanie Sinkoff – All League
Amanda Stasiewicz – All League
Janie Turek – All County, All State
Varsity Girls Basketball
Emily Bongiorno – All League
Jillian Donnelly– All League
Sarah Shine – All League
Varsity Wrestling
Brian Slattery – All League
Jon Hoeg – All County
Connor Stroh- All League
Anthony Powers – All League
Mike Powers – All County
Mario Bianco - All League
Frank Abbondanza – All League
High School 2008-2009 MVP & Coaches Awards
Varsity Cheerleading
Alyssa Harman – Coaches Award
Kaila Legaspi - MVP
Varsity Boys Bowling
Michael DiRenzo – Coaches Award
Ashley Curcio - MVP
Varsity Boys Basketball
Jose Robles – Coaches Award
Kevin Walker – MVP
Varsity Boys Track
Alex Guzman – Coaches Award
Casey Stroh – Coaches Award
Varsity Girls Track
Ashley Callahan – Coaches Award
Brittany Callahan – Coaches Award
Amanda Stasiewicz – Coaches Award
Janie Turek – MVP
Janet Mellor – MVP
(HS MVP Coaches Award Continued on pg. 26)
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Mr. Scott Reh, Athletic Director
(HS MVP Coaches Award Continued fm. Pg. 25)
Varsity Girls Basketball
Elizabeth Debski – Coaches Award
Sarah Shine – Coaches Award
Jillian Donnelly– MVP
Emily Bongiorno - MVP
Varsity Wrestling
Michael Powers– Coaches Award
Jonathan Hoeg – MVP
High School 2008-2009 Spring
All League Awards
Varsity Softball
Cassidy Drasser – All League
Christi LiBrizzi – All League
Jillian Donnelly – All County/Player of the year
Nicole Gallo – All County/Player of the year
Kelsey Lewis – All County
Varsity Baseball
Ian Schneider – All County
Tyler Badamo – All County
Nick D’Angelo – All League
Doug Putkowski – All League
Seepaul Paray – All League
Matthew Esposito – Academic All League
Varsity Boys Lacrosse
Jonathan Hoeg – All County
Shane Henry – All County
Casey Stroh – All County
Matthew Poillon – All County
Ryan Maurer – All Division
Joseph Bongiorno – All Division
Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Erin Fitzgerald – All County
Caroline Fitzerald– All County Honorable Mention
Rachael Dillon – All County Honorable Mention
Catherine Faulkner – All County
Julianne Bernatzky – All County
Danielle Diaz – All League
Alyssa Bohler – All League
Lindsay Hogan – All League
Shannon Burns – All League
Melissa DiDonato – All League
Varsity Girls Golf
Vanessa Cavallaro – All League
Juliana Cespe – All League
Elizabeth DeLio – All League
Emily Hervan – All League
Kristina Ly – All League
Varsity Girls Spring Track
Ashley Callahan – Division Champion
Brittany Callahan – All Division
Samantha Capece – All League 2nd Team
Amanda Clark – All Division
Megan Dwyer – All Division, All County Academic
Jessica Gilroy – All League 2nd Team
Karli Johnson – All Division
Anjali Kapur – All League 2nd Team
Lauren McEvoy – All League 2nd Team
Janet Mellor – Division Champion, All County, National
Christi Nassauer – Division Champion, All County, State
Kayleigh Olive – All League 2nd Team
Arianna Shaljian – All League
Stephanie Sheehan – All League
Stephanie Sinkoff – All Division
Amanda Stasiewicz – All Division
Janie Turek – Division Champion, All County, National
Rachel Yavorka – All League
Varsity Boys Spring Track
Anthony Scalza – All Division Pentathlon
Alex Guzman – All Division 400 Meters
Zachary Kollmer – All Division Pole Vault
Varsity Boys Tennis
Eric Lehn – All League
Chris Whelan – All League
Brett Little – All League
Richard Vetter – All League
High School Spring 2008-2009 MVP
Coaches Awards
Varsity Baseball
Noel Nunez – Coaches Award
Ian Schneider - MVP
Varsity Softball
Jillian Donnelly – MVP
Christina Marconi – Coaches Award
Varsity Boys Lacrosse
James Dawson – Coaches Award
Varsity Girls Lacrosse
Erin Fitzgerald – MVP
Alyssa Bohler – Coaches Award
Varsity Girls Spring Track
Ashley Callahan - Coaches Award
Megan Dwyer – Coaches Award
Karli Johnson – MVP
Janet Mellor – MVP
Janie Turek – MVP
Varsity Boys Spring Track
Anthony Scalza – MVP
Zachary Kollmer – Coaches Award
Varsity Girls Golf
Vanessa Cavallaro – MVP
Emily Hervan – Coaches Award
Kristina Ly – Coaches Award
Varsity Boys Tennis
Nicholas O’Brien – Coaches Award
Brett Little – MVP
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