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Back Matter - Western Historical Quarterly
The Church in the Barrio
Mexican American EthnoCatholicism in Houston
Religion, resistance, and accommodation
"Trevino deftly illuminates the significance
of religion among mexicano newcomers
in early zoth-century Houston and
the ir descendants dow n to the Chicano
movement of the 1960s and 1970S.
Explo ring both the Catholic Church in
the barrio and t he activism of barrio
Catholics in their church, he makes a
vital contribution to the growing body
of historical scholarship that critically
examines Latino/a religion."
- Timot hy Matovina, author of
Guadalupe and Her Faithful
328 pp.,21 i1lus. $59.95 cloth / $22.50 paper
Making Home Work
Domesticity and Native American Assimilation in the American
West, 7860 -7979
Using domesticity to organize-and expose-the nation's inequality
"A wonderful contribution to scholarship that integrates Native content and
experiences into Amer ican history in order to enr ich and expand our understandings of American colonial and cultural development."-K. Ts ianina
Lomaw aima, Univers ity of Arizona
"Gracefu lly wr itte n, imagi nat ively conceived, imp ressively researched, and int erdiscipli nary to it s core, t his book prom ises t o significantly enhance our understa nding of th e hom e as a site fo r cult ural w ork as we ll as a place of domest ic
labor."- Eileen Boris, University of Califo rnia, Sa nta Barbara
Gender and America n Culture
Approx. 328 pp., 29 illus. $59.95 cloth / $22.50 paper
Available May 2006
The University of
at bookstoresor 800-848-6224 I
"Its purpose shall be to promote the study of the
North Ame rican West in its varied aspects and broadest sense ."
Notre Dame (emeritus)
Univer sity of Texas at Dallas
Uni versity of New Mexico
wnugentfs nd.ed u
wha @unm .edu
R. David Edmunds
Walter Nugent
Paul Andrew Hutton
Thomas G. Alexander
Brigham Young University (emeritus)
Art Gomez (2008)
National Park Service
Malcolm J. Rohrbough
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Iris H. W. Engstrand
Jerome Greene
National Park Service
Virginia Scharff (2006)
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Univ ersity of San Diego
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Yale Uni versity
Peter Iverson (2007)
Ari zona Stat e University
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John Mack Faragher
Univ ersity of Iowa
University of New Mex ico
Gordon Bakken
Anne M. Butler
Paul A. Hutton
Anthony A. Kinninger
L. G. Moses
Paula Petr ik
Walter S. Rosenb erry 1II
Hal Rothman
Virgini a Scha rff
Robert Utle y & Melody Webh
Richard White
Annette Atkins
Peter Del.afo sse
Iris H. W. Engstrand
William T. Hagan
Albert L. Hurtado
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Willi am F. St robridge
Elliott West
David M. Wrohel
John R. Wunder
A. K. Smiley Public Library
Amon Carter Museum Library
Ari zona Historic al Society
Arizon a St ate Librar y, Archives
and Public Records
Arizon a St are U n iversity,
Department of History
Buffalo Bill Historic al CenterMcCr acken Resear ch library
Bureau of l and Management ,
Colorado Sta te Office
C harles Redd Ce nte r for Western
Studi es
Colorado Historical Society
Arthur H. C lark Co mpany
Co lorado Springs Pione ers Museum
Autr y Institute for the Study of th e
DeGolyer library, Southern
Methodist U n iversity
Am eric an West
The Bancroft Librar y, University of
C aliforn ia, Berkeley
Denver Public Library
Go Native America
Hayden Memori al Library, Ari zona
Hi storic al Foundation
Historical Research Associates Inc.
The Huntington Librar y
Institute of American Indian Studies,
Univ ersity of South Dakota
JRP Historical C onsulting
Kit Carson Home & Museum,
Taos, New Mexico
longmont Museum & Cultural Center
MNRR, National Park Service
Montana Historical Society
Mormon History Association
Museum of the Rockies
Natural History Museum of
Los Angeles County
Ninth Judicial Circuit Historical
University of Oklahoma,
Department of History
Oklahoma State University,
Department of History
University of Oklahoma Libraries
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Nebraska State Historical Society
Salt River Project
New Mexico State Records Center
& Archives
True West Publishing
Nevada Historic Preservation Office
University of New Mexico,
Department of History
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Department of History
Utah State University
Washington State University,
Department of History
Western Writers of America
William F. Deverell
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Richard J. Orsi
Charlene Porsild
Malcolm J. Rohrbough
Marni Sandweiss
Frank N. Schubert
Frederick Schult
Jean A. Stuntz
Donald J. Sweimler
[ulidta Tarver
Joseph E. Taylor III
Joan Carpenter Troccoli
Kerry Wyatt
11-14 October 2006
St. Louis, Missouri
Hyatt Regency at Union Station
Annette Atkins
Department of History
St. Johns University/
College of St. Benedict
Collegeville, MN 56321
Marc S. Rodriguez
Department of History
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN 46556
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John Hoover
Director, St. Louis Mercantile Library
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Carlos Schwantes
University of Missouri, St. Louis
The Western Historical Quarterly is the journal of the Western History Association. Membership in the association is open to anyone interested in the history and culture of the American West. Applications for personal
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28 0 0
7 3069
Colonel Richard Irving Dodge
The Life and Times of a Career
Army Officer
The Lakota Ghost Dance and
Buffalo Bill's Wild West
By Wayne R. Kime
By Sam A. Maddra
In this first biography of the soldier-author,
On March 30, 1891, twenty-three Lakota
Wayne R. Kime describes Dodge's early
years, experiences as a writer, and forty-
Sioux imprisoned at Fort Sheridan, Illinois,
three-year career as an infantry officer in
were released into the custody of William F.
Cody. "Buffalo Bill," as Cody was known, then
the U.S. Army, setting his life story in a rich
hired the prisoners as performers. Labeled
historical context.
"hostiles" by the federal government, the
$45.00 Cloth
I 0-8061-3709-6\640 pages
War Dance at Fort Marion
Plains Indian War Prisoners
By Brad D. Lookingbill
War Dance at Fort Marion is a powerful
story of Kiowa, Cheyenne, Comanche, and
Arapaho chiefs and warriors detained as
prisoners of war by the U.S. Army. Held from
1875 until 1878, they participated in an
educational experiment as an alternative to
standard imprisonment.
$29.95 Cloth I 0-8061-3739-8 I 304 pages
Jay Cooke's Gamble
The Northern Pacific Railroad,
the Sioux, and the Panic of 1873
By M. John Lubetkin
In 1869, Jay Cooke, the brilliant but idiosyncratic American banker, decided to finance
Lakotas would learn to play hostiles before
British audiences in 1891-92 as part of the
Wild West's second tour of Britain.
$24.95 Cloth
I 0-8061-3743-6 I 288
Riding for the Brand
150 Years of Cowden Ranching
By Michael Pettit
Folks all over West Texas and eastern New
Mexico will tell you: Cowdens have been
ranching here for as long as anyone can
remember. Michael Pettit, a Cowden descendant, offers a compelling portrait of this genuine American ranching family. Riding for the
Brand spans six generations and two states
to serve up a real slice of the Old West, complete with COWboys and Indians, cattle and
buffalo, open range and barbed wire.
$29.95 Cloth
I 0-8061-3718-51320 pages
the Northern Pacific, a transcontinental
American Indian Education
railroad planned from Duluth, Minnesota, to
Seattle. Lubetkin tells how Cooke's gamble
A History
reignited war with the Sioux, rescued George
In this comprehensive history of American
Indian education in the United States from
Armstrong Custer from obscurity, created
Yellowstone Park, pushed frontier settlement
four hundred miles westward, and triggered
the Panic of 1873.
By Jon Reyhner and Jeanne Eder
colonial times to the present, historians and
educators Jon Reyhner and Jeanne Eder
explore the broad spectrum of Native experi-
"Lubetkin's singular achievement is to link
Jay Cooke with George Armstrong Custer-the
ences in missionary, government, and tribal
world of robber baron finance with the world
$19.95 Paper 10-8061-3783-51384 pages
of Indian fighting. He has succeeded admira-
bly."-Robert M. Utley
$29.95 Cloth I 0-8061-3740-1 I 400 pages
boarding and day schools.
Fort Davis and the W'est
The U.S. Army 's post at th is strategic location astride communication lines linking San
Antonio, El Paso, Presidio, and C hihuahua
City was a place of nineteent h century
encounter, conquest, and comm un ity. Wooster
presents not only a history of the fort, but provides a look int o the daily lives of soldiers and
civilians who lived there. $24.9 5
Townsend exami nes th e Un io n army's Rio
G rande Expeditio n, which left New Orleans in
1863 and captured Brownsville, Texas. H e analyzes the cam paign's effects on the local popu lace, the two armies' mo rale, the Texas cotton
trade, and its benefits and losses to the Northern
war effort. $25.00
H ow a Series of
Watering Holes, Fords,
and D irt Trails Euoloed into Interstate 35 in
1-35 con nects Dallas and Fort Wo rth with
Austin, San Antonio, and Laredo en route to
ancient town s in Mexico. Erlichma n asks how
and why thi s Cam ino del Nort e (the No rthern
Road) developed as it did, explor ing such issues
as pre-Columbian cultu res, road and bridge
building techn iqu es, Indian tribes, railroad develop ments, and military
affairs along th e way. $29 .95
Texas A&M University Press
College Station, Texas ess
Fax: 888.617.2421
Polygamy on the Pedernales
Lyman Wight 's Mormon Villages in Antebellum Texas, 1845 to 1858
T he " Wild Ram of the Moiunta ins," Lyman Wight was
one of the more colorful leaders of the Mo rmon splinter groups that
emerged after the 1844 murder of Joseph Smith Jr. He led his followers to
Texas, a des tination Smith had contemplated for his church. T here they
founded mul tiple frontier towns, we re important earl y millers and cowboys,
and prov ided a bulle r agai nst the Co manc hes .
S2 1.95 paper. 0-87421-628-1 39.95 cloth, 0-8742 1-627-3
Beneath Thes e Red Cliffs
An Ethnohistory ofthe Utah Paiutes
A compound of rapid wh ite sett lement of the mo st productive Southe rn
Paiute hom e land s, conversion by and labor for the Morm on se tt le rs; and
govern me nt negl ect plac ed the Uta h Paiut es in a state ofde pe ndency that
ironi call y c u lmi na ted in the 19 57 ter m ina tion of thei r sta tus as fede rally
rec ogn ized Indi an s, Th at rec og nition and attendant services we re not
restored un til 1980, but the act re vived the Pa iutes' ident ity, se lfgovern me nt, land ow ners hip, and sense of possibi lity.
S24.95 paper , 0-8742 1-637-0
Recollections of Past Days
The Autobiography of Patience Loader Rozsa Archer
In 1856, the worst disaster in overland tra il histor y occurred when
snowstorms on the high plai ns cau ght Utah -hound Mormon hand cart
companies. The best account of that tragedy wa s left by a youn g Eng lish
convert, Patience Loader. The rest o f her life was also mem orable: she
left home at 17 and worked as a se rvant, crossed the Atlan tic , spe nt the
C ivil War in Wash ington D.C. as the wi le of a so ldie r, crossed the
continent three times, worked in a mining camp, and recou nted all in an
absorbing mem oir.
S32.95 clot h. 0-87421-626-5
Women in Utah History
Paradigm or Paradox ?
Twelve themat ic essays , coveri ng subj ects (rom life cycles and legal
status to women in politics and in the arts , exam ine the historical
experiences, singu lar and familiar, of women in a state wi th a peculi ar
history. Am on g other things, that legacy includes a patriarchal system o f
pol ygamous marri age, primacy in granting women the vote, nat ionall y
prominent authors, and a stro ng record ofga infully employed wom en .
S 19.95 paper, 0-8742 1-625-7 S34.95 cloth. 0-87421-624 -9
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Crossroads of the West: Meetings and Exchanges , Old and New
T hc program co mmittee for the 200 7 meeting of th e Western H istor y Associat ion invi tes proposals for pan els and pap ers. The associa tio n will gat he r for its annua l co nfe rence in O klaho ma
C ity d uring October 200 7, a ycar th at marks th e ce nten n ial of O klaho ma state hood. Perh aps no
oth er sta te in th e uni on offe rs such a d iversity of landscapes an d cult ures. Rugged tree-covered
mountains resemb lin g th e A pp alachi an s grace th e state's easte rn borde rs, wh ile th e southeas te rn
corne r, known even toda y as "Lit tle Dixie" resembles many region s of the Upp er So uth . T he tall
grass prair ie from the Midw est invad es th e north -central portions of the stare , the n grad ually gives
way to th e h igh plains of the western counties. T he so uth weste rn q uadrant fea tures the rocky
cliffs and bould er-st rewn gullies of the Wichita Mountains th at , alon g with th e Panhand le (on ce
kn own as "No Man 's Land ") , hint at landscapes more familiar in th e A merican So ut hwest .
In a sim ilar vein , th e region lon g h as been a crossroads for peop le, co mmerce, ami cultu res.
Tri bal peo ple, both indigenous an d th ose remo ved from ot her sta tes and ter rito ries, have co nreste d for and int ermin gled in the region. They have been joi ned by A frican A merica ns, A ngloA me ricans, and Hi spanics to create a popul ati on th orou gh ly Am er ican in its multi plic ity. O klahom a long has been an econom ic c ross road: n region where co mme rce in trade goods, livestock,
oil, and, mor e recen tly, ind ust rial prod uct s ha s flo urish cd . The modern Soone r S tare is a un ique
blend of both th e O ld and t he Ne w West, a microcosm of the changing West at th e beginn ing of
th e twenty-first cent ury.
Thc program committ ee welcomes papers and panels th at reflect th is diversity, both in Ok lahom a an d in the larger A merican West . We espec ially welcom e papc rs and panel s th at explore
ne w interpretations of the western cu ltura l ex perience, con side ring issues of ct h n lcity, race , gen der, and th e env iron ment . Sessions may follow a tradi tion al scholarly co nference for mat , but we
also e nco urage innovative sessions focusing upon art, film, music, or objects of material c ulture.
In add ition, we welcom e sessions on reaching west ern h istor y, and/or teaching the hi stor y of
e thn ic groups whose presen ce e nriches th is region .
Submissions may be for an en ti re session, a panel discussion , or an indiv idu al pape r. W hen
submitting an ent ire session , incl ude an abst ract that o utl ines the purpose of the session , and
des ignate on e pa neli st or parti cipant as the contact pe rson. Each paper proposal, whether ind ividua l or part of a session, shou ld incl ude a one-page abstract and a one page c.v, including th e
addre ss, phone, and emai l address for each participant . T he committ ee will assume that all listed
indi vid uals have agreed to part icipate. Subm issions sho uld be post marked by 3 1 August 2006 .
Program co mmittee co- cha irs arc L. G. Moses, Dep t. of Histo ry, O klaho ma State University,
and Meli ssa Meyer, Dep t. of H istor y, UCLA. All submissions should be sent to L. G. Moses, Dept.
of Hi stor y, LSW 501 , O klaho ma Star e U n ive rsity, Sti llwate r, OK 7407 8-3054 (mo [email protected] .
cdu). Phon e: 405 -744 -8180.
Other comm ittee members include: Donna Akers, UN , Linco ln ; Gary Anderson , UO, Nor man; Andrea Boardm an , SMU, Dalla s; W illiam Destefa no , William P. C lements Ce nter for the
So uthwest: Emily Greenwald , H isto rical Research Associate s, Misso ula , MT; Meg Hack er, Na tio na l Archives, Ft. Worth; John Hearon , UA, Fairb anks ; Meli nda Helm, OSU, Stillwater; St eve
Kart, A ut ry Nationa l Ce nte r, LA; James Leiker, Johnson County Co mmun ity Co llege, Ov erland,
KS ; Mich ell e N ickerson, UT, Dall as; Barb ara Reyes, UN M, A lbuq uerq ue; Michael Sea rles, A ugusta S tate Uni versit y, A ugusta , GA ; Jan Shi pps, emer ita, lU PU I; Elliott West, UA, Fayetteville;
Lipin g Zh u, Eastern Was hi ngto n U n ive rsity, C he ncy.
Ethnohistory, the official journal of the American Society for
Ethno history, reflects the wide range of current scholarship
that is inspired by anthropological and historica l approaches to
the human condition. Of particular interest are those analyses
and interpretations that seek to make evident the experience,
organization, and identities of indigenous, diasporic, and minority
peoples that otherwise elude the histories and anthropologies of
nations, states, and colonial empires.
Recent special issues include
"Colon ial lconicity in Africa: Lake Rudolf (Turkana) and Beyond"
(53:1) - Mustafa Kemal Mirze/er, special issue editor
"Outs ide Gods: History Making in the Pacific" (52:1)
-Martha Kaplan, special issue editor
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historical review
For over 70 years, the Pacific Historica l Review
has accurately and adeptly covered the history of American expansion to the Pacific
and beyond, as well as the post- fro ntier
of the 20th-century
American West. Published quarterly for
the Pacific Coast Branch of the American
Historical Association.
university of Calif9rnia press
Established in 1969, Be Studies is a journal ofinformed writing on
BC's political, economic, and cultural life, past and present.
• Articles on a wide range oftopics pertaining to BC
• In -depth book reviews
• A bibliography of recent publications
"Being Young:Journeys to Adulthood"
Winter 20041°5, #144, s12.50 plus $3.50 postage
• Delves into the experience ofbeingyoungand gmwingup in I9d'-and20th-century BC.
"O n the Environment"
Summer!Autumn 2004, #I421r43, $22 plus $5.50 postage
• Explores broad que stions about the environment within a British Columbian context.
Also look for "Domestic Spaces," "Native Geographies,"
"British Columbia Theatre," and "Perspectives on Aboriginal Culture."
Due to the demand for our Native theme issues , several
ofthem have been grouped together into full- and half-sets.
• T he Half-Set consists of 10 recent Native theme issues for $90 plus $9 postage.
• The Full -Set con sists of15recent Native theme issues for S125 plu s $14 postage.
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Libraries & Culture
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usuall y very interesting. Anyon e with an intere st in the
histo ry and soc ial cont ext of book s and libraries will
enjoy this publication."
Magazines for Libraries 2002
"To Make the People of South Africa Proud of Their Membership of the
Great British Empire:" Home Reading Unions in South Africa. 1900-1914
Archi e L. Di ck
Daniel Alexander Payne Murrey (1852-1925): Forgotten Librari an/
Billie E. Walker
"She Speaks as One Having Authority:" Mary E. Downey's Use of
Libraries as a Means to Public Power
Suzanne M. Stauffer
Classification and Definition of a Discipline: The Dewey
Decimal Classification and Home Eco nomics
Anne M. Fie lds and Tschera Harkness
The Genesis of the Modern Academic Library in China:
Western Influences and the Chinese Respon se
ling Liao
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Publigh in
Creaf Plain9 Qu rferly
began in 1981
edited by Charles A. Braithwaite,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
a distinguished international board
of advisory editors
peer-reviewed articles on the
history, literature , and culture of
the Great Plains
special-issue topics encouraged ;
submissions from Center's annual
interdisciplinary symposium
annual cash award for best article
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Rates: US individual , $25/year ;
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Great Plains
Quarterly is
celebrating its
25th anniversary
in 2005. Be with
us during this
milestone year!
A n eq ual opport umtv educator an d
e mplovc r wit h a comprehe nsive plan
for lhvn~ity.
H storical
he New Mexico Historical Review, a
quarterly refereed journal, publishes
high-quality research on New Mexico and
the greater Southwest, including northern
Mexico. A typical issue contains three to five articles, a documents section, book reviews, notices of conferences , calls for
papers, announcements of scholarships and fellowships, and other
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W.oman's VOice
UNMPRESS.COM I 800.249.7737
Nati onal P ark s and the Woman' s Vo ice
A History. Upd(l/ed £dilioll
Polly Welts Kaufm an
[n lhis updated ~ludy. Polly Kaufman discovcl'll lhal ~lafT arc
no longer able 10 fulfill Ihe Nation;![ Purl; Service mission
without OIJIside suppon.
0-8263-3994-8 PAPERBACK $22.95
Rabbi t Pl ants the Forest
De borah L. Duvall
Paint ings by Murv J3cob
Based on lite allCicl1l Chcrok~'C lcaching thm squirrels keep
tlie woods ali ve and should ont be hUlllL'<I. Rabbit Pitlllls
tht' FOn'sl has 15 oolor paintings andCherokee mythology
about an imals and their places in our world .
0-8263-3691-4 HARDCOVER $ 18.95
New Mex ico
RedSI'd Ediliol!
Calvin A. Robeos and Susan A. Roberts
New Mexico is asingle volume presentation of the
fascinating succession of events and chamclers that make
up our ~I<lte's ",lSI.
0-8263-4003-2 PAPERBAC K $22.95
La rger Than Li fe
Nell" M exico ill lire Twt'lIIiellr Celllll ry
Ferenc M. Szasz
I..urger 1/IlIII Life offers cleven essays thm louch on New
Mellico'~ history through ib people, places. and cvents.
0-8263-3883-6 PA PERBAC K $22.95
The Southwestern Journals
of Zebulon Pike. 1806- 1807
Edited by Stephen Harding Hart
and Archer Butler H ulbert
With a new Introduction Mark L. Gardner
Th is val uable and long-out-of-print t.'{!ition of Pike's
Southwestern journals is being I'l:issued on the bicentennial
of the journey with a new Foreword by hi storian Mark L.
0-8263-3389-3 HARDCOVER $27.95
Colorado's Vol unteer Inrant ry
in the Philippine Wars, 1898- 1899
Geoffrey R. Hunt
The expc:riences of tile FirM Colorado In fantry in America's
quest for cmpire m tile end of the nineteenth century.
0 -8263-3700-7 HARDCOVER $39.95

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