GONG WILD - Parenting Time Center



GONG WILD - Parenting Time Center
PTC Board of Directors
Kathy Stieler
David Cousert, PhD
Kerri Blessinger
Angela Noble
Molly Briles, JD
Dr. Rebecca Luzio, PhD
Ann Claspell
Kim Nightingale, JD
Vicki Nelson
Julie Cosby
Kathryn Kornblum Zelle, Executive Director
Tabitha Zadnik, Case Manager/Scheduler
Social Workers & Staff: Linda Walters, Sally Fedolfi, Stephanie Cueche,
Chelsey Woolsey, Sharon McDonald, Lisa Takacs, Nicole Smith,
Donna Zinn, Norma Nickens, Linda Hay.
A dubious “ talent ” show
Parenting Time Center
supervised visits & safe exchanges
to keep families safe.
And a final thought:
Just go up to somebody on the street
and say 'You're it!' and then run away.
-- Ellen Degeneres
Thursday, Sept 26
7-9:30 PM | THE PUB
2116 N 1st Ave. EVV
Benefitting Parenting
Time Center —
supervised visits & safe
exchanges to keep
families safe.
Dear Friends and Guests,
Welcome to Evansville’s Gong Wild. The Board of Parenting Time Center
and the Gong Show Committee have been working hard to make this evening
possible. We know our estimable emcees, proud performers and judicious
judges will keep you entertained and perhaps a bit confused. At any rate, we
are certain you will have a great time.
Show starts at 7:00!
You may are may not be familiar with the work of Parenting Time Center.
Briefly, let me say it is a place of security and peace for families in turmoil. PTC
is committed to strengthening parent-child relationships, and to embracing the
dignity and diversity of every family served.
PTC offers supervised visitation and safe exchanges. The Center is a neutral,
home-like location where parents can be involved in their children’s lives. PTC
is open seven days a week for scheduled supervised visits and exchanges from
8 am until 8 pm. Fees are on a sliding scale. All parties are treated nonjudgmentally and with respect. Safety is of prime importance.
Thank you to the committee and other behind the scenes volunteers!
Emcees and Judges: Pat Coslett, Johnny Kincaid, Dave Westrich,
Jack Schriber, Gina Moore.
Sound System: Tim and Theo Boots.
Committee: David Cousert, Kathy Stieler, Theresa Doyle, Steve Doyle,
Ann Ennis, Sally Fedolfi, Kathryn Kornblum Zelle, Christal Marx, Willie Taylor,
Melody Terry, Linda Walters, Tabitha Zadnik.
Prize Tabulations by Karla Ammerman, Gina Heard, Chris Sullivan.
Special Help: Keith Farny, Bubbles Pollock, Rick Wooley; and the Unknown
Combo Ken Horn, Jim Zelle, Glen Katterhenry, John Sakel; also Willie Taylor,
and Linda “Cowgirl” Walters and her kickin’ boots.
Talent Sponsors for Evansville’s Gong Wild 2013
Eric Williams, Jean Blanton,
Dirck Stahl, & these businesses
The supportive environment offers modeling and practice of parent-child interactions leading to healthier relationships and improved outcomes for each child.
Last year, PTC served more than 198 children and their families on-site -100% needed financial assistance.
Thank you for coming tonight. Stay in touch!
Kathy Stieler, Chairman
Board of Directors
Parenting Time Center
Phone: (812) 759-1543
or on Facebook -- Parenting Time Center Evansville
Comedy is acting out optimism. – Robin Williams
A day without laughter is a day wasted.
– Charlie Chaplin
Gong Show Logistics
Rules for the Acts:
Acts are limited to 3 minutes. All acts get 45-seconds before they can
No representations of personal violence, nudity, intoxication (on
stage), and use of George Carlin’s 7 Words.
No fireworks, flares or incendiary devices.
Talent must abide by ruling of Judges, voting of People’s Choice and
guidance of the Emcees.
On stage, the Emcees are the referee, umpire and boss.
Talent participants can be in no more than two acts.
Buy your ping pong balls and sunglasses at the registration table
before we run out!
Show runs through with no intermission. Bathrooms are through the
doors in the back of the room, and also in The Pub.
Food service is available by asking a volunteer. We suggest, for
rapid service, to order suggested simple food items…
Bar service is on the room’s east side.
First 2 soft drinks are compliments of Bubbles!
How Winners Win:
Judges’ Award -- of the non-gonged talent, judges vote 1-10.
Highest points wins $466 (SAG low budget day rate). Ties decided at discretion of Emcees. Judges’ Winner cannot win either of
2 People’s Choice.
Peoples’ Choice (2 awards) -- two acts raising the most money in
their vote bucket win that amount (their bucket’s total cash). Minimum to vote is $1. Cash only. Voting began earlier this week and
continues tonight for as long as Emcees allow it. No credit cards.
Trophies will be awarded to all winners.
Live auction will be held as the mood hits Emcee Coslett. Get your
Auction Tickets now at the Registration Table. Payment must be received tonight for successful bidders. We have credit card capability.
Each act has a vote container and a vote hustler assigned. Vote
now and through the evening for your favorite act. The TWO top
vote-getters win their cash for their supporting charitable cause.
Vote early. Vote often!
PTC and the committee have plenty of $1 bills, if you need change.
Voting ends with the final scheduled act.
Thank you to our Auction Donors:
Old National Bank
Roca Bar North, US Highway 41
Backporch Cinema
Kalah Georgette-Vowels & Gina Moore
The Hilltop Tavern
DiLegge’s Italian Restaurant
St. Mary’s Women’s Wellness Cntr.
Kathy Stieler
Don’s Cleaners
Kathryn Kornblum Zelle
Ahh Spa on Weinbach Ave
Showplace Cinemas
Ellis Park Race Course
Donnie Vowels
The Hornet’s Nest
DuKane Skin Care
Ann Claspell
Evansville Living Magazine
Hose House # 3 EFD
And especially our donor and auctioneer Patrick Joseph Coslett
2116 N 1st Ave. EVV
This Evening’s benefactors and special supporters include
Duell Motors, Nu-Skin, Green River Kiwanis, The Pub,
Tri-State Trophies, Tracy Zeller Jewelry, Luzio & Associates.
Emcees: Johnny Kincaid and Pat Coslett
Celebrity Judges: Gina Moore, Jack Schriber and
Dave Westrich
Order of the Evening ….
6:30 – 7:00
Buy your ping-pong balls, sunglasses and drinks. Vote!
Welcome and introduction of Judges
7:10 -9:15
Hold-onto-your-earplugs Talent Review
Poke-a-Haunt-Us appears courtesy of Schroeder’s Landscaping and is performing on behalf of Holly’s House, to help support victims of intimate crimes
throughout SW Indiana.
Nicky Noir will amaze you thanks to Glitter in the Air Productions, whose next
burlesque benefit is Oct. 4 at/and for Germania Maennerchor; call 812-6041183. Noir’s performance tonight benefits the American Red Cross Totes of
Hope, serving needs of America’s homeless vets.
The Chunkendales received enthused sponsorship from Showplace Cinemas
the community’s locally owned cinemas, and performs on behalf of
the Saddlebreed Rescue to save unwanted and elderly horses during their
years of need.
The Unknown Comic is sponsored by Career Associates, 21 SE Third Street,
Suite 500; Evansville, 812 423-7263, and is performing on behalf of Keep
Evansville Beautiful for a clean and green city.
“More Cow Bell” is sponsored by The Corner Bar & Grill, breakfast and the
Corner Burger, Mt. Vernon Ave. at Virginia St. This performance benefits the
Jon Siau Foundation with EVSC Foundation
Ubba le’ Oscar Meyer joins us hanks to sponsorship by Dirck Stahl and on
behalf of the Public Education Foundation, which believes high-quality public
education is fundamental to the economic, cultural, and civic health of our society; 812 422-1699.
Crazy is sponsored by the Romain Fleet & Concierge Services at Romain
Cross Pointe Auto Park, 7600 E. Division St., Evansville, (812) 479-5300 and
will benefit Aurora and homeless outreach.
Willie Taylor is sponsored by Jean Blanton and performs on behalf of Holly’s
House, to help support victims of intimate crimes throughout SW Indiana.
Gene Gene the Dancing Machine is sponsored by Ms. Sheila Seiler and he
is dancin’ on behalf of Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, which takes place
this Saturday, September 28.
The Bleatles appear tonight with support from Luzio & Associates Behavioral
Services, 301 N Green River Road, Evansville, (812) 479-1916, and benefits
the Albion Fellows Bacon Center, providing shelter to victims of domestic
violence and their children.
White Boy Danny is a breakout local comic and appears courtesy of Kenny
Kent Chevrolet – 4600 Division St., Evansville, 812 477-4600. Danny’s performance benefits the Parenting Time Center.
Alison Cooper is a tribute to Krause and Cooper, presented by Eric Williams
for the benefit of YWCA - Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women.
Rachel Covington performs thanks to a friend of the TSA and on behalf of
the Tri-State Alliance, a social service educational organization serving gay,
lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities of SW IN, W KY and S IL.
Theo and Crew is sponsored by the staff of Lamar Outdoor Advertising and
is performing to benefit (they hope) Junior Achievement , inspiring future
leaders of tomorrow: (812) 425-8152
Elvis is fed and sponsored by Magic Moments Bridal, 209 Wabash Avenue,
[email protected] on behalf of the Boys and Girls Club.
Marilyn MonNO has been paid by Tracy Zeller Jewelry NOT to perform, but
has done so anyway, on behalf of the Vanderburgh Human Society. Tracy
Zeller Trust, Value, Quality, Integrity.
The Worms are sponsored by Brentwood Meadows, (812) 858-7200.
There’s hope, there’s help at Brentwood. The troupe performs on behalf of
the Parenting Time Center.

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