cm tech rider 2013



cm tech rider 2013
TECHNICAL RIDER Chance McKinney 2013 Chance McKinney Lead Guitar Bass Drums 1) Acoustic Guitar (Taylor T5 or comparable Taylor, Martin or Takanime fitted with Heavy Guage strings) 2) Vocal Mic (Shure Wireless or Heil Wireless) 3) Acoustic DI 1) Electric Guitar (Line 6 Variax James Tyler Edition or 2 Gibson Les Paul’s for standard and alternate tunings) 2) Amps (Mesa Boogie, Bogner, VHT or Matchless head, at least 50 watts, tube and with an effects loop or power amp input mod and 1, preferably 2, 4x12 speaker cabinets) 3) Cabinets (Any Mesa Boogie 4x12 cabinet, Bogner, VHT, Matchless or Line 6 with any of the following speakers: Celestion Vintage 30’s, Vintage 25 Greenbacks or Celestion 70 speakers) 4) DI (necessary for A/B switch on different guitar effects) 1) Bass Guitar (Preferably 5 string Fender Jass, Ernie Ball Music Man, etc.) 2) Amp (Gallien-­‐Krueger 1001RB head with Neo 4x12 Cabinet or Ampeg SVT with 8x10 cabinet) 3) DI (allows FOH to EQ it best with their system) Please insure that ALL components of the drum kit and hardware are of professional quality and in good working condition. 1) Elevated Drum Riser (minimum 8’ x 8’ x 2’) 2) Please have a Laptop stand to the left of the hi-­‐hats (roughly 18” x 18” x 18” is perfect) 3) 5-­‐Piece Professional Drum Set (DW Collector’s, Tama Starclassic, Yamaha Absolute or Pearl Masters) a. Kick: 20” or 22” in diameter b. Rack Toms: 1ea 10” in diameter and 1ea 12” in diameter mounted to kick, rack or cymbal stand c. Floor Tom: 14” or 16” in diameter with legs (preferred) or mounted to a rack or cymbal stand d. Snare: 14” in diameter, 5.5”-­‐6.5” depth, maple only 4) Cymbals (Zildjian A, A Custom, K or K Custom / Sabian AA, AAX or HHX / Paiste Signature, 2002, or Twenty) a. Hi-­‐Hats: 13” or 14” b. Crashes: 3 Crashes (15”, 16”, 17” or 18”) c. Ride: 20” or 21” d. China: 18”, 19” or smaller 5) Hardware a. Stands: Professional Quality, double-­‐braced such as DW 5000 or 9000 / Pearl 1000 or 2000 / Yamaha 800 or 900 b. Pedals: Please provide a double bass drum pedal, either DW 7000 or 9000 / Pearl Eliminator / Yamaha Fly Dragon In-­‐Ear Monitors 1) LS9-­‐16 Digital Mixing Console to handle all inputs for FOH and In-­‐Ear Monitors 2) Non-­‐Isolated Splitter Snake with 16 Input/Outputs (Output 1 will be cabled to the LS9-­‐16 for In-­‐Ears and Output 2 to FOH) 3) FOH Snake must be located within 10’ of the drum riser 4) PURCHASER will provide 3 Wireless Units for In-­‐Ear (Chance McKinney, Lead Guitar, Bass) 5) PURCHASER will provide 3 Wireless Units for Instruments (CM Acoustic, Lead Guitar, Bass) 

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