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Riverside Studios - British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce
Riverside Stud ios
3rd November 2007
Working in Partn ership with th e B& CCC
August 2007
A. Colombiage
What i s Col o mbia ge?
The first-ever annual celebration of Colombian arts and culture in Europe
A one-day not-for-profit festival offering a glimpse into the contemporary face of
Colombia through its music, literature and cinema
Presenting the best talent from Colombia in one of the world’s major cultural epicentres
– London
Why Co lo mb iage ?
Our visio n
To become the leading platform for the promotion of Colombian contemporary culture in
Europe, giving Colombia’s artistic talent a meaningful voice on the international stage
Aims an d o bje ctive s
Colombiage aims to edu cat e, ins pire and ente r tain London’s diverse audiences
through an ambitious programme of events showcasing the very best of Colombia
The festivals objectives are to:
o Raise the profile of Colombia in Europe through the power of the arts
o Export our best talent
o Create a forward-thinking intercultural exchange between Colombia and the
Whe n a nd w her e?
The first edition of Colombiage will take place at the prestigious Riverside Studios,
Hammersmith on November 3 2007
Riverside Studios is West London's leading centre for contemporary and international
performance, film, exhibitions and television production
Riverside Studios has been one of the most important venues in London for new and
international performing arts for over 25 years, bringing to the capital some of the best
productions and companies from around the world, often for the first time
For a stimulating overview of the Riverside Studios please click here
Who ma kes up Colo mbiag e?
A team of dedicated volunteers with diverse backgrounds, experiences, a shared passion
and a duty to highlight new developments in their culture to the rest of the world. For a full
profile on each member of the team please refer to Appendix 1.
B. Our partners
This year we have the privilege of working in partnership with Cr os sing Bor der
(http ://w w w. cro ssing bo rde r.nl ). Crossing Border is the festival where literature,
music, film and the visual arts combine to take central stage. November 2007 will bring the
fifteenth edition of this festival that has evolved to become one of the foremost
international, interdisciplinary literature and music festivals in Europe. With performances
occurring simultaneously on several stages, Crossing Border allows the audience to
programme their own personal festival. This year’s Crossing Border is partnering with
Colombiage to bring the invigorating sounds of Electrocumbé to Europe for the first time.
After their premiere in London, Electrocumbé will travel to The Hague, Holland to perform
at this all-embracing festival on the 20 November.
C. The programme
The first edition of the festival will focus on music, literature and cinema, three of
Colombia’s richest sources of expression
Audiences will have the opportunity to chose from a rich selection of events including
high-energy concerts, stimulating readings, world-premier film screenings, free
entertainment and a feast of authentic Colombian food and beverages – giving
audiences a real taste of Colombia
The current line-up includes:
Electro cum bé – We have confirmed two bands
from the emerging music scene in Bogotá. Led by
the famous music producer Ivan Benavides (cocreator of international Colombo-British success,
Sidestepper), this is a generation of young
musicians who are embracing the traditional sounds
of Colombia’s music such as Cumbia and partnering
it with the sounds of now: digital, electronic music.
In the 14 person collective travelling to London for
Colombiage will be Bloque, Benavides’ very
popular band which has toured extensively in the
US. Then, there is the crazy sound of Malalma,
space cowboys from Bucaramunga, Colombia’s
‘pretty city’, who do covers of Femi Kuti and
George Clinton but also play their own high-energy
For a movement that claims to not be political,
Electrocumbé’s togetherness and collective feeling
of optimism is a good metaphor for where
Colombia is today. Or, as Benevides told
Colombiage, ‘right now, we are ready.’ Please
refer to Appendix 2 for a preview of the press
We have talked to many Colombian authors and so
far we have secured a commitment from one of the
best. Mario Mendoza is one of the leading lights of
Colombia’s post-Garcia Marquez generation. The
literature scene was dominated by Marquez’s
magic realism, but now gritty realism in the
ascendancy. And Mendoza, with five novels under
his belt, is at the forefront of a group of influential
writers that include J org e Fran co (Rosario
Tijeras), Juan Carl os B oter o (Las Semillas del
Tiempo), Hector A ba d F aciolin ce (El Olvido que
Seremos) and Jua n Ga briel V asq uez (Historia
ascendancy. And Mendoza, with five novels
under his belt, is at the forefront of a group of
influential writers that include J org e Fr anc o
(Rosario Tijeras), Ju an Carl os Bote ro (Las
He ctor
A ba d
Faci olinc e (El Olvido que Seremos) and Ju an
Gab riel Va squ ez (Historia Secreta de
There will be space for a Q&A and
the Colombiage team, with their
extensive contacts in the publishing
industry, is currently trying to help Mr.
Mendoza find a UK publisher for the
English translation of his work.
Mendoza will be sharing a traditional
Colombian moment with the 2003 Booker Prize
Winner and Spanish speaker, DBC Pierr e in
Las Onces (Colombian teamtime) when they will
discuss Mendoza’s latest novel, The Invisible
Ones as well as Satanás, the film adaptation of
his famous novel of the same title, which we
hope to premier during Colombiage.
We are in the process of looking at many new
Colombiage. In fact, there were seven films
from Colombia that played out of competition
at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, a massive
milestone in the history of Colombian cinema.
We hope to secure the UK premiere of
Colombia’s biggest film this year, an
adaptation of Mario Mendoza’s novel
Sa tan ás, based on the true life story
involving a femme-fatal that cons rich men, a
priest who's in love with his housekeeper and
a tired-of-life veteran of war who has become
a teacher and has an affair with one of his
female students. Three characters looking for
love, redemption and second chances in a
world reigned by their own fears, temptations,
passions and pains, which will end up in a
trigger effect of tragic events.
Other influential names who have confirmed
an interest in participating in the festival
include Ro drigo Tri ana with his blockbuster,
Soñar no Cuesta Nada, and the legendary
Ser gio
C abr era,
internationally renowned film director, who
we hope will agree to be a patron for
Colombiage 2007.
who we hope will agree to be a
patron for Colombiage 2007.
Other events supporting the programme include:
Walk on th e Wild Sid e - A lunch buffet featuring traditional Colombian food in the
company of Colombia’s emerging talent; a chance for Colombiage audiences to interact
with writers, film makers and musicians and get a feel for Colombia through their eyes,
experiences and their art.
Col ombi ag e free stag e – A programme of free entertainment will be taking place at
the open café of the Riverside Studios during the day and will include live music, talks and
family activities.
Plea se no te t ha t t he pr ogra mme is subje ct to c ha nges
D. Partnership opportunities
Colombiage aims to create and develop strategic partnerships, giving companies the
opportunity to benefit from:
A powerful association with the first-ever festival dedicated to the promotion of
Colombian contemporary culture in the UK
A direct and engaging communication channel to a highly relevant audience: 25-45
discerning culturally-aware individuals with an interest in Latin America
A unique platform for product differentiation through bespoke branding, London-wide
marketing and live interaction with a potential audience of 2,500
An opportunity to grow with a high-quality festival with a vision – a long-term
Bri ng i ng t he part ner s hip t o li fe – b enefi ts
We are delighted to offer you two options of involvement:
Optio n 1 - Maj or Sp on sor
a. Brandi ng
Sponsor’s logo and accreditation on:
• Festival Banner – positioned for maximum exposure at the Riverside Studios
• Pre-screening holding slide x 2 (shown before each film)
• Plasma screens x 2 – opportunity to announce sponsor’s association with
Colombiage to the wider Riverside audience; position for maximum footfall
b. Mark eting
Sponsor’s logo and accreditation on Colombiage promotional print – London-wide
• A5 postcards – c10k
• A3 posters – c2k
• A2, festival programme – c2k
Sponsor’s logo and accreditation on Riverside marketing print
• Film programme
• Autumn programme
c. Onlin e
• Colombiage website - opportunity for sponsor’s logo and accreditation with
click-through to sponsor’s website (http://www.colombiage.com currently
under development)
• Sponsor’s logo and accreditation on relevant page of the Riverside website
with click-through to your own website (http://www.riversidestudios.co.uk)
d. Press a dv ertising
Sponsor’s logo and accreditation on:
• Targeted ads in selected press e.g. Time Out, The Guide (Guardian)
• Cross marketing opportunities with the Tate Modern Gallery (TBC)
e . Hos pitality
• Exclusive opportunity to go back stage and meet the artists
• Complimentary ticket allocation – the best seats in the house (3 pairs of day
passes worth £150)
• Invitations to the exclusive launch party at the Ambassador’s residence with a
special thank you to our major sponsors – 100 VIP guests from the worlds of
the arts, business and media
• VIP passes to the after-party at a prestigious club in central London
d . Pr odu ct Plac em ent
• Giving your product/brand exposure to an estimated audience of 2,500
• Personalised stand 2 - maximising interaction with a live, engaged audience
• Located in prominent area of the Riverside
• Opportunity to educate audiences about Colombia as a key cultural destination
e.g. hot tips, your packages
Plea se no te t ha t all be nef its are s ub jec t t o f urt her
co nf ir mat io n
Optio n 2 - As soci ate Spo nsor
a. Brandi ng
Sponsor’s logo and accreditation on:
• Festival Banner
• Pre-screening holding slide (shown before each film)
b. Mark eting
Sponsor’s logo and accreditation on Colombiage promotional print – London-wide
• A5 postcards – c10k
Subject to deadlines of 25 September 2007
Additional cost met by the sponsor. Stand manned and managed by the sponsor
A3 posters – c2k
A2, festival programme – c2k
b. Onlin e 3
• Colombiage website – Sponsor’s logo and accreditation and click-through
d. Hos pitality
• Complimentary ticket allocation (2 pairs of day passes worth £100)
• Invitations to the exclusive launch party at the Ambassador’s residence with a
special thank you to our major sponsors – 100 VIP guests from the worlds of
the arts, business and media
• VIP passes to the after-party at a prestigious club in central London
Plea se no te t ha t all be nef its are s ub jec t t o f urt her
co nf ir mat io n
E. Summary
A unique opportunity to be associated with the first edition of the first-ever festival
dedicated to Colombian culture and talent in Europe
A platform to promote your brand and services to a highly relevant and receptive
A partnership with a vision – a festival that is here to stay
Currently under development
Appendix 1 – The team
Landa Acevedo-Scott, Artistic Director – Colombian, based in London
Landa has spent the past three years working as Business Development Manager at one of
the world’s leading arts centres, the Barbican Centre, where she has successfully secured
funding for high profile projects of the likes of Tropicália, a major multi-arts festival
showcasing Brazilian culture, through innovative partnerships with major sponsors. Landa
studied European Business Management & French at Lancaster University, spending her
second and fourth year at leading business schools, ICADE Madrid and Ecole de
Management de Lyon respectively. She was also awarded a post-graduate diploma in
Marketing by the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing). During her studies, Landa
combined her interest in business with her undeniable passion for the arts by working for
prestigious festivals like Jazz á Vienne in France whilst immersing herself in extensive
travels throughout Latin America, Africa and Asia. It is during these extended periods
abroad that she developed an eclectic taste for World music; an interest she was able to
nurture during a three-year sojourn in Paris, where she combined her professional life
working for telecommunications giant Cable & Wireless with the organization of cultural
events. In 2002, she created Caméleon, a bi-mothly happening which fused a diversity of
art forms, cultures and artists onto a central stage, attracting audiences from all over Paris.
Today, Landa wants to draw on this experience to bring her native Colombia together with
her adoptive home for the past 20 years – England -- in a celebration of art, diversity,
talent and intercultural exchange.
Diego Medina, Music Programmer – Colombian, based in London
Diego has been at the forefront in the origin and development of the Latin American music
since his arrival in the UK in 1986. He was involved in the foundation of the London School
of Samba as musician, carnival organiser, fundraiser and event co-ordinator. In the Latin
American House he was Administrator, Events Programmer and Arts Officer in their
Management Committee. From 1989 to 1996 he became Programmer and co-producer for
La Gran Fiesta Festival at the South Bank Centre; then in 1996 he programmed and coproduced Colores de Colombia festival at the Barbican Centre. More recently under the
name of his own company, Diego has produced a Latin stage at the Thames Festival, copromoted the concert of the Aterciopelados (one of Colombia’s most established music
groups) at the Royal Festival Hall and last year co-produced the To Dentro Festival, the first
open air-Brazilian Festival in London and the River Tango Festival outside the Tate Modern
Kevin Conroy Scott, Literary Programmer – American, based in London
Kevin is a literary agent at AP Watt, the longest established literary agency in the world.
There he represents literary novelists and non-fiction authors, including Hisham Matar, who
was shortlisted for the 2006 Man Booker Prize for his debut novel In the Country of Men.
He is also the editor of Screenwriter’s Masterclass, a collection of interviews published by
Faber & Faber in 2005, and the author of the forthcoming Paris on Film: A Walking History
of the City of Cinema (Simon & Schuster, 2008). Born in Chicago, Kevin began his career
in the mailroom at New Line Cinema in Los Angeles before becoming the script editor at
their London office. He earned his MA in Film History at Birkbeck College, University of
London and has directed two short films.
Sa ndr a T ab are s Duq ue , Film Pr ogra mm er – C olom bian , bas ed in L ond on
Sandra began her working life as a Respiratory Therapist while at the same time trying to
fit in her two big interests, film and literature. Her passion for these fields inspired her to
pursue a degree in Literature, develop cinema clubs and broadcast programmes on
cinema, back in her hometown, Armenia. Since her arrival to the UK in 2001, Sandra has
dedicated her time to academic activity in Latin American Studies at Birkbeck College,
University of London where she is currently researching Latin American Cinema. Since
2004 she has worked with the ONG Discovering Latin America and became the
Documentary Programme Director of the DLA Film Festival in 2005.
Jua n Camil o Pa z, De vel op me nt M ana ger – C olom bian , ba se d in Lon do n
Juan has over 12 years of professional experience working in different roles ranging from
project management and IT consultancy, to artist manager, concert producer, music
programmer, night club entrepreneur and journalist. Juan has a BA in Business
Administration from the ICESI University in Cali, Colombia and a MA in Music Business
Management from the University of Westminster, London. He also studied productivity at
the Japan Productivity Centre for Socio Economic Development in Tokyo and has a
diploma in International Cooperation and Development from the Complutense University in
Madrid - Spain. After finishing his MA, Juan joined the Music Department at the British
Council and became a member of the editorial and programming team of Apple’s iTunes in
London. He currently works as Research Officer at MusicAlly, a London based think-tank
and research company focus in digital distribution of music, and writes in Spanish about the
future of the music business for several leading newspapers and magazines in Latin
Thomas Jacquart, Marketing Manager – French, based in London
Thomas has a successful career in marketing and currently heads the marketing team at Efinancial Careers, a leading European online recruitment specialist. He has extensive
experience in implementing online strategies, including web design and viral campaigns,
and earlier this year launched his new company, Wanteed, a European portal for
classified ads, in France and the UK.
Appendix 2 – Electrocumbé press release
A New Movement in Colombian Music
‘In Italy for 30 years under the Borgias they had warfare, terror, murder, and bloodshed, but they
produced Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Renaissance. In Switzerland they had brotherly
love - they had 500 years of democracy and peace, and what did that produce? The cuckoo clock ...’
- Harry Lime, The Third Man
Every once in a while a rupture occurs in our collective culture and something new and
important rises to the surface, ready for the world to take notice. In the late 1950’s it was
fresh faced film critics turned directors of the French New Wave. In the late 1960’s it was
Brazil’s turn as Gilberto Gil and a handful of artists were responsible for Tropicalia. More
recently, the Danish filmmaking collective, Dogme 95, proved that cinematic purity can be
provocative and successful. And now, as we approach the second decade of a new
millennium, it is Colombia’s turn to take center stage in the world theatre: this is
After spending eight successful years working as a producer in New York and touring
America with his band Bloque to great critical acclaim, Ivan Benavides decided it was time
to return to Bogotá to see what was happening in his home country. When he arrived he
noticed that things had changed, the big band sounds of Cumbia and the traditional folk
sounds of the Gaiteros were being fused with electronic music. And what’s more, a new
generation of musicians were emerging who had grown up with MTV, myspace.com, house
music and the stigma of Colombia’s negative global image of cocaine and civil war. They
were ready to do things differently, in fact they already were. Benavides gave this moment
a name, Electrocumbé, and a collective was born.
‘We are looking for a place with diversity around culture. A place in the world where we
are normal,’ he said recently. ‘Not an exotic culture of the past or a vital culture of the
periphery. Electrocumbé is not a political movement; it is a celebration of culture.’ And
what a culture it is … not only is Colombia arguably the most diverse country in the world
in regards to climate and topography (a nation the size of France that sits on the equator,
with the cool Pacific on the west coast, a gateway to North America through Panama, and
the hot Caribbean on the east coast, Colombia also boats snowy mountain ranges and a
capital city that is cooler in the summer than London), Colombia is also diverse in its racial
composition: descendents of the Spanish slave trade thrive on the coasts and in some
places still speak their native African dialect while in the big cities of the mountains
descendants of Indian’s mix with ancestors of the Spanish colonists. Each culture has their
color and their sound, but now those colors and cultures are mixing together to form a new
look and sound with a powerful feeling of optimism: Electrocumbé.
Amongst the bands featured are Benavide’s Bloque, but also new bands like the Gaitero
and Cumbia inspired Pernett. There is also the British invasion guitar sound of the ironically
titled Sicotrópico, a band from Barranquilla on the Caribbean coast that is keen to show
that with a guitar, a bass and drums you can say as much about Colombia and the world
as a sixteen piece salsa ensemble. There is also the surreal sound of Cabuya, space
cowboys from Bucarmanga, Colombia’s ‘pretty city’ in the Santander region. Watching
them update Femi Kuti’s ‘Bang, Bang, Bang’ is like watching the Colombian footballer
Carlos Valderrama and his big hair head-bang with the back-up singers from George
Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars. Electrocumbé claims as their patron saints traditional
Colombian musicians like Lucho Bermudez, Alejo Duran, Jose Arroyo and the Gaiteros de
San Jacinto. But they are also inspired by their coastal African roots and the rhythms of
Fela Kuti, Caeteno Veloso, Hector Laude and even James Brown.
In Colombia there has been a history of political troubles and violence during the 20th
Century. But visit Colombia now and you will realize that is now almost a thing of the past.
But there has also been a history of musicians toiling away on their own, not working
together as they looked for a record deal from America or Europe, another case of
Colombia giving away its riches. Now, the country that has brought the world the recent
global TV success of Ugly Betty has the musical infrastructure to produce and export their
own talent, and for the first time in a long time in Colombia, young musicians are working
together. For a movement that claims to not be political, Electrocumbé’s togetherness and
collective feeling of optimism is a good metaphor for where Colombia is at today. Or, as
Benavides succinctly states, ‘Right now, we are ready.’
Electrocumbé will be touring Colombia in July with their new compilation and will be
performing in New York in August and performing at the Colombiage festival in London in
early November, the first ever European festival dedicated to Colombian contemporary