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Quebec Medical
Cancer Society
“Shameful and
Public Health
“It’s time to stop”
andré picard,
globe and mail
Stephen Harper’s killer legacy
Cause of Death:
All asbestos kills. That’s why over 50
countries have banned it, and why
the World Health Organization has
called for an end to its use. That’s why
no industrialized country, including
Canada, uses it. That’s why we spend
millions of dollars removing it from
our schools, hospitals and homes.
But Canada still exports asbestos to
developing countries. Stephen Harper
is the only national political leader who
still supports the export of asbestos.
Prime Minister Harper, stop
exporting asbestos disease to
the developing world.
CANADIAN ORGANIZATIONS • • Canadian Association of Physicians for the
Environment • Association des médecins spécialistes en santé communautaire du Québec • Alternatives,
Québec • Prevent Cancer Now • Québec Solidaire • Saskatchewan Federation of Labour • La Ligue des
droits et libertés du Québec • Canadian Union of Public Employees • Canadian Environmental Law
Association • Council of Canadians • Canadian Auto Workers • Centre justice et foi, Québec • Mining
Watch Canada • United Steelworkers Local 480 • International Association of Machinists & Aerospace
Workers • BC & Yukon Territory Building & Construction Trades Council • Le Comité Justice sociale
des Soeurs Auxiliatrices • Heat & Frost Union, local 118 • IBEW, First District Office • Occupational
Health Clinics for Ontario Workers • Canadian Society for Asbestos Victims • Federation of PostSecondary Educators • Canadian Arab Federation • Sierra Club Canada • Canadian Nurses for Health
and the Environment • Canadian Federation of University Women • The McLeod Group • Public Service
Alliance of Canada • Canadian Association of University Teachers • Labour Environmental Alliance
Society • Toxic Free Canada CANADIAN HEALTH DEFENDERS • Dr Fernand Turcotte, Québec • Dr
Pierre Deshaies, Québec • Prof. Abby Lippman, Québec • Dr Anne Andermann, Québec • André Paradis,
Québec • Prof Gregory Baum, Québec • Prof Louise Vandelac, Québec • Gilles Sabourin, Québec • Dr
Pierre Auger, Québec • Dr Yv Bonnier Viger, Québec • Micheline Beaudry, Québec • Jean Bellefeuille,
Québec • Gilles Sabourin, Québec • Mayor Mike Bradley, Sarnia, ON • Danièle Lacourse, Québec • Prof
Paul Bélanger, Québec • Dr Erica Frank, BC • Prof Peter Leuprecht, Québec • Marcel Duhaime, Québec
• Dr Pierre Biron, Québec • Dr Tim Takaro, BC • Jean-Claude Ravet, Québec • Louise Leboeuf, Québec •
Brian Barton, Québec • Laure Waridel, Québec • Jacques Paradis, Québec • Jocelyne Branchet, Québec •
Catherine Caron, Québec • Francine Boucher, Québec • Prof. Jim Brophy, ON • Prof. Margaret Keith, ON
• Prof. Colin Soskolne, AB • Prof John Calvert, BC INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS • International
Trade Union Confederation • Asian Ban Asbestos Network • Ban Asbestos Network Japan • Associação
Brasileira dos Expostos ao Amianto, Brazil • International Ban Asbestos Secretariat • Building and
Woodworkers International • Asia Monitor Resource Centre, Hong Kong • Ban Asbestos France •
Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, US • Trade Union Congress of the Philippines • Associacion
Peruana de Expuestos y Victimas del Asbesto, Peru • British Trades Union Congress • Association Henri
Pezerat, santé, travail, environnement, France • Syndicat National Unitaire Travail Emploi Formation •
The Northern TUC Asbestos Support Group, UK • Rede Virtual-Cidadã pelo Banimento do Amianto para
a América Latina Australian Council of Trade Unions • Clydebank Asbestos Group, Scotland • Korean
Federation for Environmental Movement • Workers Assistance Center, Inc., Philippines • Federation of
Building, Construction and Wood Workers’ Unions, Denmark • Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum,
UK • French Centre for Research on Contemporary China, Taipei Office • Ban Asbestos Network Korea •
Asian Citizens’ Center for Environment and Health • Australian Council of Trade Unions • International
Labor Rights Forum • Asbestos Action Tayside, UK • Barrow Asbestos-Related Disease Support, UK •
Occupational and Environmental Health Network of India • Associated Labor Unions, the Philippines
• Northeast Asbestos Support and Awareness Group, UK • Asbestos Disease Society of Australia Inc •
Hazards magazine, UK • Association nationale de défense des victimes de l’amiante, France • Australian
Manufacturing Workers’ Union • Asociacion Frente al Asbesto, Peru • Association nationale de défense
des victimes de l’amiante, France • Fédération des accidentés du travail et handicaps, France • Comité
Anti Amiante Jussieu, France • Asian Network for the Rights of Occupational Accident Victims •
Association for the Rights of Industrial Accident Victims, Hong Kong • Peoples Training And Research
Centre, India • Institute for Occupational Health and Safety Development, Philippines • Association
of asbestos victims of Belgium • Center for Research on Occupational Diseases, Iran • International
Rights Advocates • IFA Corporacion para el Medio Ambiente Laboral, Ecuador • Asbestos Diseases
Society of Victoria, Australia • International Federation of Journalists • Communication Workers Union
• Stichting NetWerk voor een gezonde werkplek, Netherlands • Linz Academy of Occupational Medicine
and Safety, Austria • Scottish Hazards Campaign INTERNATIONAL HEALTH DEFENDERS • Prof.
Domyung Paek, Korea • Prof. Takehiko Muramaya, Japan • Apo Leong, Hong Kong • Jagdish Patel, India
• Apolinar Tolentino, Malaysia • Sugio Furuya, Japan • Yeyong Choi, Korea • Sanjiv Pandita, Hong Kong
• Madhumitta Dutta, India • Anup Srivastava, India • Dr Barry Castleman, US • Prof. Annie ThébaudMony, France • Fernanda Giannasi, Brazil • Linda and Emily Reinstein, US • Eva Delgado Rosas, Peru •
Marc Hindry, France • François Desriaux, France • Dr Yvonne Waterman, the Netherlands • Dr TK Joshi,
India • Dr Yossi Berger, Australia • Dr Raul Harari, Ecuador • Prof. Geoffrey Tweedale, UK • Prof Jock
McCulloch, Australia • Barbara Reuhl, Germany • Dr Astrid Antes, Austria • Klaas Zwart, Netherlands
• Prof. Matti S. Huuskonen, Finland • Dr. Michaela Carl-Hohenbalken, Austria • John Graversgaard,
Denmark • Dr Astrid Antes,MD, Austria • Manuele Cordisco, Italy • Dr. Kurt Leodolter, Austria
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