Tocomin Brochure - Healthy Origins



Tocomin Brochure - Healthy Origins
Full Spectrum
Tocotrienol Complex
Clinically Studied
Supports a normal
cardiovascular system*
Potent Antioxidant*
The Vitamin E family is comprised of eight chemically distinct compounds: four tocopherols and
four tocotrinols - alpha beta, gamma and delta.
Tocotrienols differ from tocopherols by having an
unsaturated side tail that results in significantly
different biological activities. *
Healthy Origins® Tocomin SupraBio is a natural
tocotrienol complex concentrated from virgin
cude palm oil which has been the subject of clinical trials for skin, brain and cardiovascular health.*
Up to 300% better
absorption than standard Tocomin OE
Healthy Origins®
Tocomin SupraBio is derived from palm
instead of soy like many other Vitamin E
Toll-Free 888-228-6650 Fax 412-220-8760
P.O. Box 12615 Pittsburgh, PA 15241-0615
Tocomin® SupraBio™ is a registered trademark of Carotech,
Inc. and protected by US Patent Nos. 5,157,132,7,544,822
and 6,596,306
* These statements hvae not been evaluated by yhe Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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