Example 4 - 64 Smithwood Drive



Example 4 - 64 Smithwood Drive
What kind of heating system
does this home have?
Hydronic heating, as it is most commonly referred to, is a safe, comfortable, economical and
flexible way to heat a home. Hydronic systems circulate hot water through radiators or radiant
tubing in your floors:
•  Heat is evenly distributed in a room: no drafts or hot & cold spots as with forced air
•  Minimal movement of allergens and dust particles (heat is radiated through a sealed system
keeping the home much cleaner, and family healthier).
•  It doesn’t require ductwork which is prone to leakage, dirt and mold accumulation. No duct
cleaning necessary
•  Space saving: no bulky ductwork resulting in reduced square footage in the home
•  Hydronic heating systems are silent – there is no noise from air moving in ducts, loud blowers
or large motors as is found with many furnace based systems. They distribute even
comfortable heat
•  SAVES MONEY Studies have shown that we can in fact lower the overall temperature of the
space with respect to air temperature when the surfaces are warm. This therefore improves
the energy efficiency of the space because you can have your thermostat set at a lower set
point than if you were using a forced air system.
Heating bill for 64 Smithwood Drive for 2015 was only $739.11
What kind of air conditioning system
does this home have?
It’s called SpacePak!
SpacePak is a system which actively circulates air to create ideal temperature
consistency throughout the home. It removes 30% more humidity than ordinary
forced air AC units, for comfort, without a dramatically lower thermostat.
It uses less energy, saving you money.
SpacePak distributes air through flexible, small diameter tubes that are
designed for active circulation that prevents dust and mold from collecting in
the passages and removes contaminants including pollen and smoke.
SpacePak circulates the air without running the air conditioner so you can
breathe easy year round.
What can you tell me about
the backyard?
The backyard at 64 Smithwood Drive
is a professionally designed and landscaped
urban oasis with minimal maintenance requirements.
Fully developed backyard with planned zones for maximum use of the entire backyard
Large deck for entertaining or child play area
Deck constructed of Ipe wood proven for exceptional wear against the elements. No
preservatives in the wood makes for an environmentally safe surface.
Fire pit
Grassy area
Sauna (outside wall designed to function as a summer outdoor movie area)
Fenced in for maximum protection of children and/or pets
Complete outdoor lighting for evening entertaining as well as protection and security

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