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Death of Europe - and America
America, Israel Creating White Genocide Through Mass Migration
By Ronald L. Ray
World war is underway. It is not a typical war, fought
Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a
with guns and munitions on the front lines. Nor do the
diversity of individuals.”
armies of a million invaders carry firearms. But it is a
The New World Order Coudenhove Kalergi envisioned,
world war—a race war—nonetheless, and its goal is to
once the White race has been eliminated, is to be ruled
extinguish every last vestige of Christian and White
by the Jews, whom he saw—as they themselves—as a
civilization from the face of the Earth. Far from an
“master race.” “Instead of destroying European Judaism,
accident, it was long planned.
Europe, against her will, refined and educated this
Judeo-Freemasonic forces have cajoled and coerced
people, driving them to their future status as a leading
Western political leaders into betraying their own peoples
nation through this artificial evolutionary process.”
to a seething mass of foreigners, who are overwhelming
This cultural communist was supported by the likes of
societal structures and bringing about the collapse of
Baron Louis de Rothschild, banker Max Warburg, Zionist
entire cultures. It is a war of demography as destiny,
Bernard Baruch, the B'nai B'rith Masonic lodge,
driven forward by the imperialistic aggressions of the
libertarian economist Ludwig von Mises and later the CIA.
United States and Israel, as they destroy nations across
The European and American rulers, who today cause and
Africa and the Middle East, creating an artificial migration
promote the inundating floods of non-Whites and nonof peoples not seen on such a scale for nearly 2,000
Christians into White, historically Christian countries, are
following the Coudenhove Kalergi Plan.
Photographs of thousands of Asian and African
At the behest of Zionist plutocrats and Israeli terrorists,
“refugees,” disturbing in themselves, are not the entire
the U.S. and its allies have militarily destroyed or
story. Although a centuries-long effort, the war's modern
dismembered numerous nations: Afghanistan, Iraq,
salient was publicized a hundred years ago, both in
Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine
America and Europe.
and more. Economies and infrastructures were ruined
Jewish Communist Party apparatchik Israel Cohen wrote
deliberately, leading those who can to exit their native
in 1912, “By propounding into the consciousness of the
homes for the mirage of greater prosperity in Europe and
dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed
America. Millions are moving into Europe, and, rather
by Whites, we can mold them to the program of the
than improve the lot of the wrecked countries, so people
Communist Party....[We] will endeavor to instill in the
can stay at home, Western governments foment and
Whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the
foster the intruding hordes.
Negroes....and begin a process which will deliver America
Diabolical forces demand the coming race wars, to
to our cause.”
eliminate Christians and Whites, and reduce the world
In Europe, the war strategy was laid out in 1925 by
population to a sixth of its size. But it is not just corrupt
Count Richard N. Coudenhove Kalergi, a halfgovernments and clandestine organizations at work.
Austrian, half-Japanese diplomat, whose wife of the time
Even multi-national corporations like pharmaceutical
was Jewish and undoubtedly influenced his views.
giant GlaxoSmithKline seem to have a sinister hand in
Coudenhove Kalergi was the father of the Pan-European
the matter.
movement, designed to create today's European Union
The result will be the catastrophic loss of the best classes
from Africa and Asia and the complete destabilization of
In Practical Idealism, he wrote, “The man of the future
European economies, which cannot support the invaders.
will be a mongrel. Today's races and classes will
While Pope Francis follows the Freemasonic foolery of
disappear owing to the disappearing of space, time, and
“free migration,” the African Catholic bishops see things
prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future,
more clearly, warning those who would leave to stay and
similar in its outward appearance to the Ancient
help their own peoples. It is not primarily those truly
harmed by the wars flooding Europe, but largely the
educated classes. And those who do not have the money
to travel are subsidized by U.S organizations.
However, not all the aliens are friendly. The darker races
are almost solely responsible for astronomical increases
in European violent crime, and the presence of
documented. The frequently violent and law-defying,
order-destroying behavior of the foreigners on the
march—and numerous photographs—prove that they are
a well-funded, well-supplied revolutionary band, not
peaceful immigrants.
The European peoples recognize what is happening and
oppose the coming White genocide, but they have no
power, because they are unarmed. A proposed EU
“protection force” for dealing with the migration crisis no
doubt is really intended to suppress the native Whites.
So far, only the Eastern Europeans—Hungary, Slovakia,
the Czech Republic—have stood up at all for their peoples
and civilizations. But it is not enough. Nor is America free
of danger. Seventy percent of UN refugees are settled in
the U.S., along with the millions of illegal aliens bringing
the race war to a formerly great country.
White genocide is what our rulers want. We must not
succumb to their desires, but replace them with
nationalists faithful to their own people. Only then can
we hope to turn back the millions of invaders, without
also facing the Western military forces aiding the
Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant
editor of The Barnes Review. He is a descendant of
several patriots of the American War for Independence.
Contact Ron by e-mail at [email protected]
“As Happy as God in France”:
State of French Jewish elites
Guillaume Durocher, May 3, 2014
Then-interior minister and current Prime Minister, Manuel
Valls tells a Jewish audience (including the Jewish
Defense League) on 19 March 2014: “The Jews of France
are more than ever at the vanguard of the Republic!”
Bernard-Henri Lévy watches over him.
The Jewish community in France, as in most Western countries
at least since the Second World War, has been remarkably
successful. This very success however has brought on backlash
as other groups — Whites, Blacks and Arabs — feel their
interests and honor are not as well-respected by the French
politico-media system.
There are an estimated 600,000 Jews in France, or just under
1% of the population. Almost half are Ashkenazim (a mix of
people living in France for centuries, especially from the eastern
parts of the country, and immigrants from Germany, Poland,
etc.), while the rest are Sephardim, most of whom came to
France from North Africa in the wake of decolonization in the
According to the francophone Jewish-Israeli nationalist website
“Terre Promise,” Jews are massively over-represented
among the 500 richest Frenchmen: three out of the top 20
(15%), nine of the top 50 (18%), 23 out of the top 50 (18%),
23 of the top 200 (11.5%) and 44 out of the top 500 (8.8%).
This is the same order of magnitude of over-representation
(1000–2000%) that one finds in the United States. Ashkenazim
and Sephardim are equally-well represented among this elite,
showing the remarkable social mobility of the new arrivals from
North Africa.[1]
Given French Jews’ over-representation among the country’s
wealthiest, it is unsurprising that they are also over-represented
among its political, media and intellectual elites.
In politics it is by no means overwhelming, although it is
marked, including among super-elites. The one-quarter Jewish
Nicolas Sarkozy (born Sarközy de Nagy-Bocsa) might have lost
the 2012 presidential elections to Socialist Jewish politician
Dominique Strauss-Kahn had the latter been able to sexually
restrain himself. “D.S.-K.” had once told a Jewish
publication that “I wake up every morning and think about
how I can help Israel.”[2] Sarkozy instead lost to the decidedly
limp François Hollande, while his replacement as leader of the
center-right conservative party (Union for a Popular Movement
or UMP) is the “non-practicing Jew” Jean-François Copé.
It is no secret that the Socialist government in power since May
2012 is full of Freemasons (indeed these are well-represented
in most major parties), Jews and Israelophiles. These include
Laurent Fabius (of a Jewish family converted to Christianity) as
Foreign Minister, Pierre Moscovici (Jewish) as Finance Minister
and Manuel Valls (gentile) as Interior Minister. Valls in particular
has been notorious for pandering to the more ethnocentric
elements of the Jewish community. When attacked by members
of a Jewish audience for insufficient fealty to Israel, he angrily
defended himself saying: “I am by my wife eternally linked to
the Jewish community and to Israel. Come on!” His second wife
(“eternally linked”?) is Jewish, although it is not clear that she is
an Israeli citizen. Valls, who is the most popular Socialist
politician and cultivates his image as the party’s “bad cop,” was
recently promoted to Prime Minister by the hopelessly unpopular
There are recurring videos of French politicians having to tell
hostile Jewish questioners that they are definitely pro-Israel.
Moscovici once defensively responded:
If I joined the Socialist Party — I who am Jewish too, French,
Socialist — it was also in thinking of Léon Blum. The Blum of the
Popular Front and the Blum the Dreyfus Affair. We have to ask
ourselves: What would Léon Blum do today? What were the
causes for which he fought? The Republic, Socialism, the Left,
and towards the end of his life, it’s true, Zionism. Zionism for
him was both the creation of Israel and peace in the Middle
East. Peace! To respect Léon Blum, let’s be in all of this. It
means a kind of fraternity. It means not throwing out the entire
Left with the bathwater. It means also not forgetting a common
history between the Socialists, Israel and the Jews which may
have known difficulties at this or that moment, but which also
has extremely strong traditions.
Jewish predominance in the intellectual world is much more
striking. Jews are simply staggeringly over-represented among
the pundits and “intellectuals” presented by mainstream media.
While a systematic study would be interesting, one has the
impression that a TV talking head in France is more likely to be
Jewish than not.
These include figures on many sides of the issues facing France
(discussed in Part 2):
Bernard-Henri Lévy: Perhaps the most (in)famous
French intellectual today, despite the oft-recognized nullity of
his work. He is also an avowed Zionist, Jewish activist and
Éric Zemmour: the leading French nationalist, and a
consistent one at that; occasional critic of Jewish lobbies.
Emmanuel Todd: the leading euroskeptic intellectual
(part-Jewish, immigrationist).
Élisabeth Lévy and Alain Finkielkraut: the leading new
voices of anti-immigration and anti-Islamism.
Alain Minc: the leading “economic liberal” (i.e. favoring
limited government and free trade, a rarity in France where
libéralisme is close to swear word).
Jacques Attali: the leading advocate of global
government (“ideally” with Jerusalem as capital).
Bernard Kouchner: The leading “liberal interventionist”
and a former Foreign Minister.
Daniel Cohn-Bendit: The retiring leader of the European
Greens and long-standing opponent of popular nationalist
leaders everywhere (Hugo Chávez, Viktor Orbán, Vladimir
Certainly there are major non-Jewish intellectuals. The point
however is to suggest the incredible prevalence and leading
roles of Jews in French intellectual public life, totally out of
proportion with their share of population.
“The System”: France’s inbred media elite
Jews are by no means overwhelmingly dominant in France’s
media management and ownership, although they are overrepresented. A rather large proportion of senior journalists are
Jews. (Indeed, this has been recognized by Zemmour, one of
the franker commentators), although the composition is
constantly changing.
French media control is remarkably concentrated in a tiny group
of State officials and private oligarchs, the latter mostly from the
financial, telecoms, arms manufacturing and fashion sectors.
Most of these industries are themselves heavily intertwined with
the State as major client and/or as regulator.
In particular, TV and radio are dominated by the State and
telecoms. Newspapers and magazines are owned by various
oligarchs and are generously subsidized by the State (evermore-important as readerships decline). They overwhelmingly
promote globalist views in line with the interests of the EuroFrench regime and mega-corporations who control them.
Players include:
The State: controls domestic public TV and radio,
France24 (under foreign ministry control, for a time run by
Kouchner’s wife), and half of Franco-German channel Arte
(whose Supervisory Board has long been presided over by
Bernard-Henri Lévy).
The Le Monde Group: owned by a trio of fashionfinancial-telecom oligarchs, run by Louis Dreyfus, controlling
Le Monde (the newspaper of record), Courrier international
(translations of foreign articles), Le Monde diplomatique (a
leftist professor’s answer to The Economist), and 6% of the
Perdriel Group.
The Perdriel Group: owned by Claude Perdriel, raised
by a Jewish family (one journalist wrote: “Though he isn’t
Jewish, he carries Jewish identity in his bandolier”), controls
center-left magazine Le Nouvel Observateur, news site Rue89,
business magazine Challenges, and 6% of the Le Monde
Serge Dassault: An arms manufacturer, born of a
Jewish family converted to Catholicism, he has never shown
any particular interest in Jewish activism, and is owner of
conservative newspaper Le Figaro, one of the mainstream
media more sympathetic to nationalists.
The “leftist-globalist” Libération, co-owned by financier
Édouard de Rothschild.
The Christian newspaper La Croix is perhaps the best
on nationalist issues; it has kept its independence (it continues
to be owned by Christian publishing group Bayard) and its
readership is growing.
In addition, a large swathe of media are dependent on
advertising giant Publicis, which is Jewish-run, for their
In short, the incestuous ties between French media empires, the
state and the oligarchic elite are extreme, all interlocked in a
web of ties of personnel, financial flows and mutual support,
with a heavy over-representation of Jews. Oligarchization and
concentration of media has increased as readership has
declined, with the result that oligarchs and the State have had
to increasingly bail out or forgive debt of failing publications.
This concentration means that French media are very cohesive
when it comes to determining the limits of acceptable discourse.
The acceptability of a topic (euroskepticism, Islam, immigration,
nationalist parties…) often changes suddenly by a sort of pack
mentality which seems to follow the perceived interests of the
French oligarchy. This notoriously inbred politico-media nexus
collectively forms what subversives in France call “the System.”
Litigious overt Jewish groups
In addition, France is filled with litigious Jewish NGOs which are
very active in the business of censorship, ostracism and
pecuniary/legal punishment of thought criminals. These include
formally Jewish organizations such as the official Jewish lobby,
the CRIF (Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de
France). It has become customary for the entire French political
class, including the President, to hobnob with and pander to the
CRIF in an official dinner once a year. Another group is the UEJF
“student group” (Union des étudiants juifs de France), which
also dedicates its time to policing speech.
Then there is the so-called “International League against Racism
and Anti-Semitism” (LICRA). Originally founded in 1927 as a
Jewish activist group, it added the “R” in 1979 and officially
became an “anti-racist” group. In fact however, every single one
of its five presidents since its founding has been of Jewish
descent (presumably no one was qualified among the Goyim
99%?) and its Executive Bureau does not have a single
person of color, being made up mostly of Jews, with some
White gentiles. If one goes by skin color, the “anti-racist” LICRA
may in fact be whiter than the Front National (FN), the leading
nationalist party, but it spends a large amount of time
campaigning against that party for its “racism.”
The LICRA took the lead in attempting to criminalize the
“quenelle” gesture, regardless of whether it is used in a political
or an overtly Judeo-critical context. LICRA activists termed it a
“sodomization of the victims of the Shoah.” The group’s lawyers
coincidentally also legally represent the Ukrainian ultra-feminist
group FEMEN despite the latter’s having undertaken such
outrages in France as urinating in a cathedral and chain-sawing
a cross in half. Perceived Christophobia is rather more tolerated
than perceived anti-Semitism…
The LICRA’s objective role in the French political system is
suggested by its Honorary Committee, which is made up of a
mixture of top Jewish intellectuals (Finkielkraut, Bernard-Henri
Lévy, Élie Wiesel) and France’s leading politicians across the
mainstream political spectrum (Chirac, Bayrou, Jospin, Fabius).
In short, the LICRA is something of a partnership between
litigious Jewish ethnic elites and inbred Euro-French political
elites: the groups Jewish elites don’t like (notably the Front
National) tend to also be those who threaten the political elite’s
hold on power. Few things are as effective in marginalizing
someone in France than suing them for hate speech and tarring
them with the brush of anti-Semitism. The media, being
intertwined with the regime and disproportionally Jewish, tends
to uncritically follow suit with the usual mob mentality.
[1]The richest is Gérard-Louis Dreyfus, who has long lived in the
United States as “William” (“as a symbol of his integration,”
according to Wikipedia) and is father to former Seinfeld star
Julia-Louis Dreyfus. There are also at least four members of the
French branch of the Rothschild family among the 500 richest
Frenchmen. It’s a small, networked world!
[2]As an aside on this casual elite ethnocentrism, StraussKhan’s wife Anne Sinclair was asked in 1979 whether she could
have married a non-Jew, she replied: “I don’t think so…”
Raymond Aron on Jewish ethnocentrism
It is effectively illegal in France to suggest that over-represented
Jewish elites are ethnocentric, have dual-loyalty problems with
regard to Israel, and that this has an influence on the way
power is wielded in the country. Two men who do so, the
nationalist essayist Alain Soral and the Franco-Cameroonian
comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, have paid a hefty price for
it, although their struggle has earned them a certain notoriety
and place in history in compensation.
I will therefore not say anything of the community, but quote
Raymond Aron, a universally-respected liberal-conservative
French patriot of Jewish origin, who died in 1983. Towards the
end of his life he increasingly, in his ever-diplomatic, reasoned
and understated way, criticized the rise of Western Jewish elites’
ethnocentrism and uncritical support for Israel, worrying that
these would contribute to anti-Semitism.
In a text sent to the 28 January 1980 World Jewish Congress,
Aron said:
In the United States, the American Jewish Community, almost
always if not always, supports the diplomatic positions adopted
by the Israeli government. The French Jews who publish Jewish
reviews and are active in Jewish organizations do the same.
Whatever is the Israeli party (or coalition) in power, the official
representatives of the community support the arguments of the
Israeli government. This situation does not strike me as healthy.
These elites have typically paired their uncritical support for
Israeli nationalism with hysterical opposition to any flicker of
French nationalism.
After mentioning his annoyance with the Israeli government for
sending an official reprimand to his magazine L’Express for his
having criticized Israel in an article, Aron explicitly raised the
problem of dual-loyalty:
I have a hard time understanding why those [French Jews] who
consider themselves Israeli first are still French [citizens].
Loyalty to a county is not total or totalitarian, but it is political
par excellence, it is constitutive of citizenship. Dual citizenship
exists legally, [but] there are difficulties for Jews occupying, in
their country, essentially political positions. When Henry
Kissinger was Secretary of State, his loyalty, his allegiance was
first to the United States. The same is true for French civil
servants, for French political commentators. [2]
In his memoirs, he even says that non-Jews have a right to
question Jews who seem to put Israel first for dual-loyalty (an
unthinkable argument in polite company today!) and that these
Jews should renounce French citizenship and become Israelis:
From the moment that their [Jewish] consciousness binds them
to Israel, a State among others even if it has particularities,
non-Jewish Frenchmen have a right to ask to which political
community they belong to. … As citizens of the French Republic,
they [Jews] legitimately maintain spiritual or moral ties with the
Israelis, but, if these ties with Israel become political and take
precedence over French citizenship, then they should logically
choose Israeli citizenship. …
I meet Jews, old and young, who, so to speak, have not forgiven
France or the French for the Jewish statute [the Vichy regime’s
race laws] and the vélodrome d’Hiver roundup by the French
police …. If they have not forgiven France, then it is no longer
their nation, but the country in which they agreeably reside. A
normal attitude for the old, who cannot start a different
existence. But the young who have become indifferent to the
fate of their “host country,” their nation, why don’t they choose
Israel? [3]
If the problems of dual-loyalty and hostility to the historic
French nation were already apparent to Aron, and is suggested
by the quotes of Strauss-Khan and Valls in Part 1, many French
Jews have become less and less shy about their identification.
The most prominent was perhaps Arno Klarsfeld, a senior
government official and Jewish activist lawyer (he wears both
hats) as well as son of “Nazi-hunters” Serge and Beate
Klarsfeld, who in 2002 temporarily joined the Israeli Defense
Forces as a border guard. He proudly explained to public TV
channel France2:
I think it’s important to not only be spectator of one’s destiny
but also an actor. And I couldn’t identify with the foreign policy
of France, which has its interests, but aren’t those of the Jewish
people. … If I thought Israel was an occupying country, I would
not have joined the army here. Really. … I think the root of the
conflict is that Palestinian leaders still do not want to recognize
the existence of Israel as a Jewish State.
Aron had also written a scathing review of Bernard-Henri Lévy’s
Francophobic screed, L’idéologie française, which sought to
demonize countless historical French thinkers as proto-fascist
anti-Semites and somehow portray France as congenitally
If one objected to Bernard-Henri Lévy that he is violating all the
rules of honest interpretation and of the historical method, he
would reply with arrogance that he doesn’t care what Ivory
Tower watchdogs think. … Non-Jewish Frenchmen will conclude
that the Jews are even more different from other Frenchmen
than they had imagined, because an author acclaimed by Jewish
groups shows himself incapable of understanding so many
expressions of French thought …. By his hysteria, he will feed
the hysteria of a fraction of the Jewish community, already
inclined towards delirious words and actions. A work of public
interest, wrote the conclusion of the review of the Nouvel
Observateur. Of public interest, or a public danger? [4]
In other words, Aron is pointing out that “B.-H. L.’s” works will
lead to anti-Semitism because of their blatant hostility to the
French intellectual tradition—an excellent example of the theme
of Jews as a hostile elite.
Though B.-H.L.’s works have been widely panned as pompous,
vapid and boring, and although he has been caught publicly
lying several times, the man remains a fixture of the French
elite, enjoying widespread access at the highest levels of the
media and of the state. For critics, he has become the symbol of
extreme elite Jewish over-representation and ethnocentrism in
France. Aron’s fears regarding Jewish ethnocentrism have
largely been realized and grown more acute, contributing to
ethnic tensions with Whites, Blacks and Arabs.
The “Double Standard”
While Blacks and Muslims have come to emulate Jews in ethnic
lobbying in France, Jews remain much, much better at it, while
ethnic French are banned from doing it. Structurally, the result
over time is constant violation of France’s theoretical nonrecognition of ethnicities and of “equality before the law.”
French gentile politicians and journalists know which way their
bread is buttered, so they pander to ethnic groups based on
their perceived and real influence. Arabs and Roma, being
powerless, are often scapegoated, while gentile politicians are
careful not to offend the sensitivities of Jewish elites, and the
more ambitious will prefer to actively cultivate an alliance. This
has attained somewhat ridiculous proportions with Nicolas
Sarkozy and François Hollande. In fact, today, it doesn’t seem to
be really possible to even be vaguely critical of Israel and to rise
in the French politico-media system. In 1967, shortly after the
Six Day War, President Charles de Gaulle made his (in)famous
statement that the Jews in Israel “remained what they had
always been: an elite people, self-confident, and dominating.”
Such comments, from the man recognized by the Establishment
as France’s greatest patriot, would today automatically relegate
one to the “untouchable,” “fascist” far-right.
The bias in favor of perceived Jewish interests, naturally
stemming from Jewish over-represensation and ethnocentrism,
and its enforcement (notably by de facto and de jure
criminalization of any discussion of the causes), is commonly
known as “Zionism.” In this informal sense, “Zionism” is used to
mean “Jewish racism” as opposed to anything specifically to do
with Palestine (although, certainly, Jewish racists tend to also be
Zionists in the strict sense). This results in the infamous “double
standard” (deux poids, deux mesures), whereby Jewish suffering
and interests are given overwhelming priority over, say, White,
Black or Arab suffering and interests.
The double standard is arguably more severe in France than in
another other country. A few examples:
The fatwa against French nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen,
particularly since the September 1987 “affair of the detail”
(the term he used for whether the gas chambers had been
used in the Holocaust, not for the Holocaust itself), including
blocking of any possible political alliances with the mainstream
right (unlike in Italy, Austria or the Netherlands),
demonization and ostracism of the Front National and of any
who would associate or dialogue with them. Combined,
naturally, with strong support for Israeli ethno-nationalism.
The notorious 1990 Gayssot Act outlawed all revisionist
historical investigation (not to mention “Holocaust denial”)
concerning the persecution of the Jews of Europe during the
Second World War, under threat of imprisonment.
The politico-media and legal/extra-legal persecution of FrancoCameroonian comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala following a
December 2003 sketch making fun of a Jewish fundamentalist
Israeli settler (it concluded “Isra-HEIL!”). Dieudonné then got
into trouble for trying to explain why this act offending Jewish
elites got him into trouble while his joking about other ethnic
communities did not get him into trouble.
The promotion of Islamophobia and Arab-baiting,
ruthless repression of any perceived (as opposed to proven)
anti-Semitism. Harassment of Muslims for wearing religious
symbols (headscarf, burqa), encouragement of Jews to wear
the kippah.
Vast differences in politico-media coverage based on who the
victims are (any attack on Jews is given massive coverage,
attacks by Jews are ignored).
The outlawing of advocacy of Boycott Divest Sanctions
(BDS) concerning Israel since 2010 as “racism.” French courts
have approved this tendentious interpretation of the Lellouche
Act. In February 2014, 20 people were convicted of
“discrimination” for BDS activities. (Christiane Taubira,
the Black Socialist Minister of Justice, was visibly
uncomfortable and indeed afraid when asked why this was
still outlawed, explaining: “it’s a serious topic, it’s a dangerous
topic,” i.e., extremely dangerous and sensitive for a politician
to broach.)
Finally, the warm ties between the government of the
“left-wing,” “anti-racist” Socialist Party with right-wing,
Likudnik-Beitanu Israel, an aggressively militarist, parttheocratic, expansionist and objectively racist ultra-nationalist
* * *
It is hard to tell exactly what the impact of elite Jewish overrepresentation and ethnocentrism is in France. These elites have
tended to identify more with America and with Israel, and far
less with the Catholic, European French people than do ethnic
French elites. At its most extreme, this Zionism is blamed for
critically contributing to the general pursuit of “globalist” and
anti-national policies including borderlessness in all spheres,
European integration, immigration, multiculturalism, French
guilt, free trade, the free movement of capital, various wars of
intervention since the 1990s, and the general discrediting of the
concepts of national sovereignty and majoritarian democracy
(because “the people” is invariably “populist”).
In short, the claim here is that the structural “globalist”
tendency of dismantlement of France as a cohesive Nation and
as a sovereign State, which is now well under way, is a Judeobourgeois tendency.
In fact, Jewish intellectuals in France have embraced a variety of
causes and can be found on many sides of political issues,
including nationalist causes. Conservative pundit Éric Zemmour
is the only one who has consistently advocated immigration
restrictionism and French nationalism. Emmanuel Todd, who has
Anglo-American and Jewish heritage, has led a center-left
apology of the French Nation against the euro-regime (although
he is immigrationist). The hostility to immigration of Alain
Finkielkraut or Élisabeth Lévy is more recent and perhaps more
opportunistic (the former has explicitly argued that Muslim
immigration and multiculturalism are bad for the Jewish
community). That Jews are also among the leading nationalist
intellectuals appears to reflect their incredible predominance as
public intellectuals in general and the fact they cannot be
suspected of anti-Semitism and tend to get less harassed
(notably by Jewish groups) for “racism,” notably when criticizing
French nationalist Jewish intellectuals tend to be in the minority
however. More typical is Jewish elites, including Finkielkraut in
the past, taking the lead in the 1980s in organizing Arabs and
Blacks to fight for immigration and multiculturalism through
organizations like SOS Racisme (not unlike the Jewish role in
promoting the organization of Blacks in America or of
proletarians in Europe). The latter was co-founded by (Jewish)
politician Julien Dray as an informal wing of the Socialist Party
(notably to get non-White votes) and its current president is
Cindy Léoni, who is of Israelo-Senegalese origin. Jewish
organizations more generally have tended to demonize French
nationalism and prosecute discussion of ethnicity, and specific
Jewish intellectuals and politicians have very often taken the
leading roles in the promotion of “globalist” policies. It is hard to
say however exactly how much French Jewish elites accentuated
what were arguably pre-existing bourgeois tendencies.
Discomfort at the slow abolition of France and the very success
of these over-bearing, ethnocentric and often hysterical elites
have led to a backlash. Soral with his meta-political movement
Égalité et Réconciliation (Equality and Reconciliation) and
Dieudonné with his stand-up act have brought perhaps more
people than in any other country to become aware of “Zionist
power” and its boundless hypocrisy. Indeed, there has even
been some success in uniting White, Black and Arab Frenchmen
against Jewish racism. Zionist elites have become so successful
in policing discourse that one commentator joked that Voltaire’s
second-most famous (possibly apocryphal) quote on free speech
was “anti-Semitic”: “To learn who rules over you, simply find
out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
[1]Published in Raymond Aron, Essais sur la condition juive
contemporaine (Tallandier: 2007), p. 323.
[2]Ibid, p. 325.
[3]Raymond Aron, Mémoires (Julliard: 1983), pp. 707-9.
Incidentally the author also expressed worry about Europe’s low
fertility and is skeptical of immigration as a “solution.”
[4]Raymond Aron, “Provocation,” L’Express, 7-13 February
1981. Reprinted in Essais sur la condition juive contemporaine.
Paul-Éric Blanrue and the Jews:
From Celebration to Censorship
Guillaume Durocher, September 24, 2015
Paul-Éric Blanrue
Paul-Éric Blanrue is a French writer whose most recent books
have documented Jewish power networks in France, especially
their relationship with the center-right under Nicolas Sarkozy
and with the “far-right” Front National under the Le Pen
family.[1] The thesis of these books, meticulously documented,
is that Jewish influence in elite French political and cultural
circles is enormous. Blanrue quotes countless French political
leaders and commentators remarking upon this, but also shows
how, if any are critical, they are swiftly punished.
Elite political and cultural power in France is thus distorted by
Jewish perceived interests and ethnic biases, to the detriment of
non-Jewish groups. The native French suffer demonization at
the hands of a holocaust-centric memorial culture, the de facto
exclusion of French nationalists from normal democratic politics,
and the de jure censorship of indigenous European advocates,
race-realists, and revisionists. Arabs and Muslims also suffer at
home with a noxious combination of continued immigration and
race-baiting, and abroad since at least 2007 with unconditional
French support for Israel and the American Empire against the
Palestinians, Libyans, and Syrians.
The story of Blanrue’s career, of his evolving relationship with
the organized Jewish community, and of his difficulties
publishing books on Jews is itself ironic and instructive. In 2007,
he sought to publish a dictionary of anti-Semitism, with over
500 Judeo-critical statements that have been made throughout
history by prominent leaders and intellectuals, entitled Le Monde
contre soi (The World Against Oneself). The mainstream
publisher Grasset declined to accept the book, deeming it
“impossible to publish.” Grasset’s editorial chief, Jean-Paul
Enthoven, wrote Blanrue in April of that year:
Dear Paul-Éric Blanrue,
I have then examined very closely, and with great interest, this
Dictionary of Anti-Semitism. This is a considerable and useful
work, loaded with information – but [is], in my opinion,
impossible to publish. . . .
Yours, with great sympathy.
PS: Yann Moix [a journalist], who shows a venerable and
faultless friendship for you, told me he would accept to preface
your book. Supposing that it could one day be published, believe
me when I say that I will advise him with all my strength to not
fulfill such a friendly duty. This would add a useless magnetic
cloud to his reputation (such as some of his enemies would like
to fix it) and would complicate the release of his next novel –
and neither you, nor I, can want this to happen.[2]
Thus a major publisher believed that mere association with a
work documenting the history of anti-Semitism would be deeply
damaging to a writer’s career and lead to informal censorship of
his work.
Le Monde contre soi was later published by Les Éditions
Blanche,[3] a less prestigious publishing house mainly dealing
with erotic literature, which for this reason appears to benefit
from an unusual degree of intellectual freedom (Blanche is also
the publisher of French nationalist and anti-Judaic activist Alain
Soral; see my 3-part series on Soral).
Blanrue at the B’nai B’rith Book Fair
Ironically, apparently contrary to Grasset’s fears, this dictionary
of anti-Semitism proved a hit with the organized Jewish
community. Indeed, Blanrue was invited by the B’nai B’rith of
France (the racially-exclusive Jews-only Masonic group) to
present Le Monde contre soi at their November 2007 book fair.
The book indeed still features prominently in the Paris Shoah
Memorial museum’s online bookstore.[4] Jewish leaders
evidently thought the book served to “educate” non-Jews about
the terrible hostility towards Jewish culture manifested in all
times and places.
The book was republished in 2012 by Soral’s publishing house
Kontre Kulture. This time however Jewish groups would have
none of it, and the International League Against Racism and
Anti-Semitism (LICRA, on which see my “The Culture of
Critique in France: A review of Anne Kling’s books on
Jewish influence”) sued to censor the dictionary and four
historical works on Jewry (Édouard Drumont’s La France juive,
Léon Bloy’s Le Salut par les juifs, and French translations of
Henry Ford’s The International Jew and Douglas Reed’s The
Controversy of Zion) on grounds of “incitement of racial hatred.”
Incidentally the “anti-racist” LICRA and the no-gentiles-allowed
B’nai B’rith are close organizations, having shared the same
president for many years.
As ever, the question of whether the work was to be promoted
or suppressed was not its truth or its value as a historical
document, but narrow tribal interests. The B’nai B’rith had
promoted the book thinking it would stoke sympathy for Jews.
The LICRA suppressed the book when it realized that such a
dictionary might lead people to ask: Wait, just why has this
culture attracted such consistent and acute criticism throughout
the world and throughout the ages from so many of history’s
greatest political leaders and intellectual geniuses? The LICRA
intuitively sensed that Jewish power and privilege could surely
not survive such scrutiny. As of today, the four historical works
remain censored while an appellate court re-legalized Blanrue’s
dictionary last February.[5]
Early in Sarkozy’s term as president and inspired by John J.
Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt’s The Israel Lobby,[6]
Blanrue decided to write a similar study on France. This became
Sarkozy, Israël et les Juifs, a very measured and moderate
book. In particular, Blanrue shows that the quarter-Jewish
Sarkozy was both raised in a culturally Jewish social milieu (by
his Jewish grandfather) and rose politically in such a milieu,
namely as mayor of the wealthy town of Neuilly (carefully
cultivating the local community’s wealthy Jews and rabbinate).
He presents Sarkozy’s election as President of the Republic as a
kind of replacement of vestigial Gaullist French elites, which had
some concerns for independence from the United States and a
balanced policy towards Israel, by significantly-Jewish
neoconservative ones.
Sarkozy – now in opposition and seeking to re-election to the
presidency – has made a number of shockingly Judeo-centric
statements since Blanrue’s book was published, probably
because he swims in these milieux and, no doubt, to pander to
Jewish oligarchs. On November 25, 2014, Sarkozy told a French
audience: “I will never accept that Israel’s right to security be
questioned. Never. It is the struggle of my life!”[7] On June 8,
2015, he told an Israeli audience: “[the Shoah] remains an
indelible stain in the consciences of humanity, and we have all
contracted towards the Jewish people a debt which cannot be
extinguished.”[8] As Russell Kirk might have said: Is Sarkozy
running for the Élysée Palace or for the Israeli Knesset?! And yet
this man was and aspires to again be the Chief of State of
France! These Judeo-centric and Israelo-centric comments – and
let me recall that 99 percent of the French population is made
up of non-Jews – have attracted no criticism in mainstream
media. Do not an admission that Israel is first in his heart (“the
struggle of my life”) and an apparent reduction of humanity to
eternal debt slavery (“a debt which cannot be extinguished”)
make him ineligible to be President of the French Republic?
In any event, Blanrue found it very difficult to publish Sarkozy in
2009, despite the work being very cautious in its language. Even
Franck Spengler, no stranger to controversy as the head of
Éditions Blanche, declined to publish Sarkozy. He wrote Blanrue:
As for publication, alas the answer is no, for in addition to the
risks, though moderate, of releasing this book, we will not get
one line in the press and still less on television and radio,
precisely because of the control of those whom we cannot name
and their lackeys. And it isn’t a little splash on the Internet that
will sell the book in stores. The book would not be not banned,
to be sure, but the book would be given the silent treatment and
have even less sales than Le Monde contre soi which, alas, did
not have the success it deserved due to the silence that
surrounded it.[9]
The book ended up having to be released by an obscure
publisher outside of France – Belgium’s Oser Dire – and then
faced difficulties even to find a distributor to enter French
bookstores, requiring four months to do so. In June 2009,
Blanrue hosted a press conference in Paris to promote the book.
The event attracted a room-full of attendees, but only two
journalists: an independent Englishwoman and Marc de Miramon
of the Communist L’Humanité. Shortly after the Parisian
bookstore Résistances, which had placed Sarkozy in the window
display, was ransacked by thugs from the Jewish Defense
League – an extremist ethnic militia banned in Israel and the
United States, but which enjoys free rein in France – its
computers and books destroyed, the latter by drenching them in
oil. Again, there was virtually no media coverage of this
equivalent of book-burning.[10]
Blanrue’s book then faced a media blackout, only being
reviewed in the Tunisian, Egyptian, and Saudi media (which, I
am forced to observe, testifies to the undeniably far greater
degree of free speech on Jewish issues in non-Western countries
One might think the book’s somewhat provocative title – which
refers to an old work by the famous Jewish liberal-conservative
thinker Raymond Aron[11] – might be the problem which led to
the omertà. But Blanrue notes that mainstream French media
had used article titles like “Obama, Israel, and the Jews” and
favorably reviewed a pro-Israel book by former Israeli
Ambassador to France Freddy Aytan with a suspiciously similar
title.[12] The issue was not the title but rather that Blanrue’s
book was critical in documenting Sarkozy’s pandering to
strongly-identified, ethnocentric Jews, the prominence of many
of these Jews in his government, and that this ethnic bias
accounted for a sharply pro-Israeli shift in French foreign policy,
to the detriment of both Palestinian rights and objective French
Blanrue writes:
I am facing a de facto censorship and not an official prohibition.
The method is all the more insidious: The brutal banning of my
book by a ministerial order, or on the suggestion of an ethnic
organization, would perhaps have provoked tens of thousands of
indignant reactions, and at a minimum would have signaled my
existence. . . . Some journalists were afraid . . . . Never has the
Israeli question been so taboo; never has the French Republic
been so closely bound up with a network dedicated to the
Zionist cause.[13]
Blanrue was supported by a number of personalities[14] who
had the intellectual honesty to submit Jewish racism and Israeli
colonialism to the same critique that is typically reserved for
Whites. Alain Gresh, of the far-left Le Monde diplomatique
magazine, wrote: “This books deserves a debate, not a de facto
This however proved completely insufficient to break the wider
omertà and in Blanrue’s next book, Jean-Marie, Marine et les
Juifs, the writing is franker and more biting. Evidently no longer
believing intellectual freedom is possible in France, Blanrue has
since expatriated himself, first moving to Belgium and then to
Venice, where he now lives. However, his works have enjoyed
considerable visibility in French alternative media. As ever,
freedom of thought on this question only exists online.
Incidentally, the novelist Yann Moix, who had been so
supportive of publishing Blanrue’s dictionary of anti-Semitism
and even prefaced the work, has since become a talking head
on the public TV channel France 2. Moix, who had also opposed
legal censorship on the Holocaust, has apparently got burned
and is now terrified of association with politically-incorrect
figures like Blanrue. This is the carrot and stick at work. When
recently asked at a book fair about his preface to Blanrue’s
book, Moix could think of no better answer than to flee the
scene.[15] Human beings, being human, will typically respond
to incentives, and the war on Whites and their culture is nothing
if not incentivized . . .
[1]Paul-Éric Blanrue, Sarkozy, Israël et les Juifs (Embourg,
Belgium: Éditions Oser Dire, October 2009, third edition) and
Jean-Marie, Marine et les Juifs (Embourg, Belgium: Éditions
Oser Dire, 2014).
[2]Blanrue, Sarkozy, 6.
[3]Paul-Éric Blanrue, Le Monde contre soi: Anthologie des
propos contre les juifs, le judaïsme et le sionisme (Éditions
Blanche, 2007).
[5]“Anthologie des propos contre les juifs, le judaïsme et le
sionisme à nouveau disponible sur Kontre Kulture !,” Égalité et
Réconciliation, February 17, 2015.
[6]John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt, The Israel Lobby
and U.S. Foreign Policy (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux),
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[7]“Rappel : ‘La sécurité d’Israël est le combat de ma vie,’”
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[11]De Gaulle, Israël et les juifs, which I discuss in Guillaume
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Nationalism,” North American New Right, November 5, 2014.
[12]Freddy Eytan, Sarkozy, le monde juif et Israël (Éditions
Alphée, 2009).
[13]Blanrue, Sarkozy, 195-6.
[14]Including the anti-Zionist Belgian university professor Jean
Bricmont, the former university professor and United
Nations/European Union adviser Roger Briottet, and film director
Frank Barat.
Annihilation of Nations
Ongoing Flood of Foreigners Will Destroy Societal, Governmental Structures
By Ronald L. Ray, AFP, September 2015
For decades, if not longer, Americans and Western Europeans
have been misled deliberately into believing that they could
wage unlimited wars of aggression in far off lands, with
relatively few casualties of their own and nearly no
consequences for their comfortable, materialistic lifestyles. But
destroying millions of other people's families, homes, societies
and livelihoods has—apart from the diabolical immorality—
world-changing consequences.
And these consequences are now forcefully, and increasingly
violently, intruding themselves into our own families, homes,
societies and livelihoods, as millions of displaced persons flood
into Europe and the United States, bringing with them the
planned, realistic prospect of societal and governmental
collapse. It is a collapse intended to destroy nations and replace
them with a New World Order of internationalist tyranny.
If Hungarian Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Peter Szijjarto
can be believed, as many as 35 million Third-Worlders could
abandon their native countries and head for the relatively small
areas of the globe still inhabited by a White majority. Some
200,000 are migrating currently along the Balkan route to
Europe alone. That does not include the tens of thousands
crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
Wherever the alleged “refugees” from Asia and Africa resettle,
they bring with them an astronomical increase, not only in
coarse, filthy living conditions, but also in the most violent
crimes: rape, sodomy, pederasty and murder. Reportedly, 25%
of Swedish women have been raped by immigrants—an
experience being repeated across Europe and repeatedly
covered up by police, media and governments. Over 70% of
refugees are male, while 80% are Muslims, and even the
establishment media have been forced to admit that only a tiny
percentage are either families or actual refugees. Just one in
five actually comes from Syria.
Nor are the masses invading Europe peaceful, grateful
immigrants, ready to assimilate into the new culture. They are
violent, radicalized invaders, clashing with police at camps and
border crossings like typical Marxist revolutionaries.
In the U.S., where the United Nations settles 70% of the world's
official refugee population, similar experiences have been made.
Thanks to the Obama administration, tens of thousands have
been relocated in cities and towns across America—notably
Houston, Tex. One source told AFP of the massive crime and
societal disruption coming from the large number of Somalis
resettled in Maine. Dearborn, Mich., once the orderly home to
wealthy White executives in the automobile industry, has
become a chaotic Third-World city with the largest Arab
population outside the Middle East.
The White House clearly intends to change the racial
composition of the United States. This is obvious from the
insane practice of letting millions of Mexicans and Central and
South Americans flood across our southern border, while forcibly
settling them in U.S. communities, large and small. In many
places, like Atlanta, Ga., elected officials sell out their own
constituents for the federal money paid for accepting foreigners.
The CIA's Voice of America gives evidence that this genocidal
policy has been expanded to include the so-called “refugees”
from Asia and Africa, while playing the “Holocaust” card to instill
feelings of White guilt and neutralize Caucasian Americans'
reluctance to have their hometowns overrun with the “diversity”
and “enrichment” of mostly barbaric, unemployed, frequently
criminal aliens. A map of “most popular” American destinations
for refugees proves the federal government's intention to
commit White genocide. Almost all, like the Dakotas, Nebraska,
Idaho and Vermont, have the highest percentages of White
people remaining.
Whether in the U.S. or Europe, foreigners compete against
native inhabitants for shrinking numbers of jobs, often depriving
middle-aged White family men of needed work, because the
aliens accept far less money.
U.S. and European governments shower millions of taxpayer
dollars on the invaders. In the European Union, resettlement
costs an average of 10,000 euros per person—that is 8 billion
euros in one year for just the 800,000 “refugees” expected in
Germany alone. In the U.S., over half of those arriving will each
drain perhaps $30,000 in welfare from the taxpayers, with
typically only 40%-60% finding work. One-time resettlement
grants from the State Dept. of $1,850 per person also enrich
greedy non-governmental organizations, which typically siphon
off about 40% for their “assistance” to aliens. “Refugees,” and
their increasing numbers, are big business.
But in Europe, where the devastating effects of massive hordes
of foreigners are much more apparent, even some
Establishment types now have second thoughts and begin to
realize that they cannot control the monster they created.
Germany's respected Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung published
editorials defending Eastern Europeans' opposition to the
invasion and—more notably—suggesting that Chancellor Angela
Merkel's race-suicidal claim that, “The fundamental right of
asylum has no upper limits,” runs contrary to the duty of the
state to foster and defend its own people first. The FAZ article
went so far as to declare that the unlimited acceptance of
massive numbers of aliens endangers the nation and makes a
government illegitimate.
Meanwhile, the racist, terrorist state of Israel continues with
impunity to build its national ghetto by completing prison walls
on all of its borders and violently expelling foreign refugees.
Extremely wealthy Israel, Saudi Arabia and other Southern Gulf
states refuse to accept Syrian refugees. So much for brotherly
White genocide is what our rulers want. We must not
succumb to their desires, but replace them with
nationalists faithful to their own people. Only then can we
hope to turn back the millions of invaders, without also
facing the Western military forces aiding the genocide.
And the foreigners coming to our shores should be told
the truth that they will not find prosperity in the West,
but only political exploitation, the heavy shackles of debtslavery and subjugation to a family- and soul-destroying
ideology of materialism under the rule of parasitic
plutocrats. Perhaps then the millions on the move will
decide to stay home, where at least their minds and
hearts can stay free, and we Westerners will counteract
the anti-White race-haters in our midst and preserve our
Ronald L. Ray is a freelance author and an assistant
editor of The Barnes Review. He is a descendant of
several patriots of the American War for Independence.
Contact Ron by e-mail at [email protected]
>>A celebration of Racist Thinking <<
German philosopher Martin Heidegger states:
The Jews, with their marked gift for calculating, live, already for the longest time, according to the
principle of race, which is why they are resisting its consistent application with utmost violence.
This observable fact is considered to be an anti-Semitic remark.
If this expressed fact is true, then truth-telling is an anti-Semitic
act! Finding out the truth of a matter is a philosophical
enterprise, which enables moral and intellectual courage to
emerge out of the infantile darkness cast upon human activity
by those who thrive on enslaving humanity. All humans seek to
liberate themselves, often from self-inflicted ignorance, and
from those individuals who thrive on living in darkness.
Australia has just joined the western democracies where politics
is determined by those who control the public polling institutions
– five prime ministers in as many years, and the people have
had no voice in this change. Citizen initiated referenda would
enable the people’s voice to be heard once more. Currently the
Jewish voice is well represented by the latest Prime Minister,
The Hon Malcolm Turnbull:
Menachem Mendel Turnbull?
IT’S official. Malcolm Turnbull is Jewish … well, at least as far as
his mother was concerned.
Speaking to The AJN this week, the shadow minister for
communications and broadband recalled his mother, the author
and academic Coral Magnolia Lansbury, discussing her heritage.
“My mother always used to say that her mother’s family was
Jewish,” the member for Wentworth said.
However, he added, “I’ve never researched it. I honestly don’t
know where or how I would do that,”
Asked if his mother’s revelation has shaped his views he said:
“Yes, maybe.”
“I grew up in the Eastern Suburbs and as we all observe there
were a lot of Jews in the Eastern Suburbs and I have always
been very comfortable.
“There is no doubt that the strong traditions of family and the
whole heimishe atmosphere of the Jewish community, which I’m
August 29, 2013,
sure some people don’t like, for me – as someone who is a good
friend, but not part of it – I find very admirable.”
Reflecting on his mother, he noted, “She had a lot of Jewish
friends in Sydney and a lot of Jewish friends in Philadelphia,
where she was living when she died.”
Jewish genealogist Eli Rabinowitz, who calls himself a
mishpachah-ologist because he likes to connect people with
their past, recently returned from the International Jewish
Genealogical Conference in Boston.
He told The AJN if Turnbull is interested, he could help trace his
Jewish lineage.
“It’s very possible for Malcolm to trace his heritage if he wants
to from clues that he may have from his parents and
grandparents,” Rabinowitz said. “I’d happily offer to help him if
he would let me.”
German Jews fear backlash from country’s welcome of refugees
With the wave of migrants, Jewish communities are concerned that a massive influx of Arabs
will make their own minority status even more minor
By Uriel Heilman September 25, 2015, 6:49 am
BERLIN (JTA) – The migrants sit slumped together on the
least 800,000 asylum seekers into the country. Many are
sidewalk outside the State Office for Health and Social Affairs
Syrians, but there also are migrants from Iraq, Pakistan,
here, resting on donated sleeping bags, clutching food
Albania, Afghanistan and other countries.
handouts, smoking, sleeping, fiddling with their cellphones.
The Syrians have braved perilous journeys by inflatable raft
They have come to this city by the tens of thousands, propelled
through the waters between Turkey and Greece, marched for
by German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s pledge to welcome at
miles on sunbaked roads en route to Athens, circumvented
Hungary’s harsh border controls and passed through Macedonia,
Serbia and Austria to find their way onto trains bound for
“I had five years of civil war in Syria, but the journey here was
more dangerous,” said Hadiya Suleiman, a 45-year-old mother
of five from Deir ez-Zur in eastern Syria, where ISIS killed her
18-year-old son. “Here, I feel for the first time like a human
being. We thank our mother, ‘Mama Merkel.’”
But many Jews are watching the wave of migrants
flocking to Germany with some measure of alarm,
concerned with what a massive influx of Arabs could
mean for Germany’s Jews and the country’s relationship
with Israel.
“This is not yet France, this is not yet London,” said one Israeli
who has lived in Berlin for about 10 years and asked not to be
identified. “Yet,” he added pointedly.
Thousands of migrants line up daily to register at Berlin’s
State Office for Health and Social Affairs. (Uriel
Outside the processing center at the health and welfare office in
central Berlin, where thousands have come to register as
refugees, the wait for documentation can take days, even
weeks. In the meantime, the migrants have nowhere to go.
Every evening, a frenzy ensues when volunteers set up metal
barricades to prepare for the arrival of buses that will take the
lucky ones to shelters for the night. Those who can’t squeeze
onto the buses must find a place to bed down on the street or in
a nearby park. Police at the site keep watch — more with pity, it
seems, than vigilance.
Monika Chmielewska-Pape, a Jewish lawyer originally from
Poland, is among the volunteers helping the refugees. She
collects clothing for them from friends and neighbors, drives the
migrants to administrative appointments and tries to help them
navigate Berlin.
Some 1,500 refugees are being housed at a sports facility
adjacent to the Olympic stadium where Germany hosted
the 1936 Olympics. (Uriel Heilman/JTA)
‘The situation is very hard for refugees here. If we don’t help
them, the people stay on the street’
“There are so many people here and the state is not able to help
them,” Chmielewska-Pape told JTA last week. “The situation is
very hard for refugees here. If we don’t help them, the people
stay on the street.”
But Chmielewska-Pape said she is not typical of
Germany’s Jews. Most, she said, are anxious about the
migrants, fearful of the consequences of a massive influx
of Arabs into Germany. Chmielewska-Pape said her own
decision to help the migrants did not come easily, and she
keeps her Jewish identity to herself — including from the
left-wing Germans who volunteer alongside her and
whom Chmielewska-Pape said are not sympathetic
toward Israel or the Jews.
The irony of refugees fleeing through Europe to the relative safe
haven of Germany is not lost on anyone here. Seventy-five
years ago Jews were the refugees, trying to flee a genocidal
German chancellor whose name became synonymous with evil.
Few countries were willing to accept Jewish refugees; most were
turned back and perished at the hands of Hitler’s Nazis.
Today, Germany occupies the opposite role, lauded as the most
humanitarian and welcoming country in Europe. Both critics and
supporters of Merkel’s refugee policy cite Germany’s past as a
major motivating factor.
“Why is Germany more welcoming than other countries?
Because of history,” said Berliner Stefan Hitziger. “It’s not only
guilt, it’s a chance for Germany. It’s a chance for us to rebuild
society anew, to have new inputs and new outputs.”
But many Jews here believe that Germany’s atonement
for its past is coming at Jewish expense. They’re worried
that the influx of hundreds of thousands of Muslims will
turn Germany into a place hostile to Jewish concerns and
to Israel – and that along with the migrants there are
terrorist infiltrators who will try to realize their dreams of
jihad on German soil.
It’s not that Jews in Germany are unmoved by the plight of the
downtrodden migrants — many Jews here are themselves
migrants from the former Soviet Union — but sympathy takes a
back seat to the harsh concerns of realpolitik.
“I have no problem contributing some money to help some
people, but for the German government to accept a tide of
refugees? No,” said a Jewish immigrant who lives in Potsdam,
near Berlin. Like others interviewed for this story who criticized
Merkel’s welcome of the refugees, he asked that he not be
‘These Arabs have no possibility of integration. They can’t
contribute to society. I prefer Balkan immigration’
“These Arabs have no possibility of integration,” he said. “They
can’t contribute to society. I prefer Balkan immigration.”
For now, Germany’s Jews are keeping a low profile. They
number some 200,000 in a country of 80 million. Their
political influence is negligible. [sic – Germans are
oppressed through legal means, and individuals such as Horst
Mahler, who dared challenge the gagging mechanisms, received
a prison sentence of over ten years.]
“Why should the Jews talk publicly about it?” the Potsdam Jew
said. “We’re not significant enough to make a difference in state
Migrant children play at a temporary camp for asylumseekers near the main railway station in Munich, southern
Germany, on September 13, 2015. (Andreas
Jews aren’t the only ones with deep reservations, even
resentment, toward the migrants. Many Germans share similar
concerns about terrorist infiltrators and how Germany might be
transformed by a massive influx of Arab and Muslim migrants.
They, too, don’t want the problems of France, where
unemployment, poverty and radicalism are problems among the
country’s six million Muslims.
In a country where obsession with pure Germanic lineage still
lingers, some Germans express their concerns more bluntly.
‘In 100 years there will be no more German people in Germany,
only Arabians and maybe Chinese’
“In 100 years there will be no more German people in
Germany, only Arabians and maybe Chinese,” said Otto, a Berlin
taxi driver. “Berlin is full of immigrants from Poland, Russia and
Turkey. The Poles have integrated well, the Russians so-so and
the Turks hardly at all. The Arabs will be even worse.”
Josef Schuster, the president of Germany’s main Jewish body,
the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has come out in favor
of welcoming the migrants. In a September 10 Op-Ed in Die
Welt, he shunned any Jewish association with neo-Nazis
screaming “Foreigners out!” and evoked the Jews’ own history
as refugees. But he also said that Germany must make
sure the refugees respect Germany’s positions on Israel
and the Holocaust, not alter them.
“It’s also important that those who at present can’t return to
their home countries will become familiar with our Western
values,” Schuster wrote. “In Germany, that means respect
for the values enshrined in the Constitution and also an
acceptance that support for Israel is part of the political
DNA of this country. Moreover, society by and large
agrees that the Holocaust must be remembered.” [sic –
such nonsense is clearluy exposed in the Koudenov-Calergi Plan,
which aims to “brown” Europe, of which the Holocaust narrative
forms the prime pillar. In effect it is a genociding of Europeans.
See Barbara Learner Spectre who has called for the destruction
Europe at:]
History isn’t the only reason Merkel is welcoming the migrants.
With negative population growth, Germany needs more people
to help sustain its economy, the strongest in Europe. At its
current birth rate of 1.38 children per woman, the lowest in the
world, Germany’s population will shrink by some 20 percent
over the next 45 years. An influx of immigrants could offset the
shrinking workforce.
For historical and practical reasons, it is vital to make sure these
migrants are integrated successfully into German society, said
Nina Peretz, a lay leader at the progressive Conservative
Fraenkelufer Synagogue in Berlin. Peretz is helping spearhead a
project to distribute Jewish-donated goods to the migrants on
November 22, Europe’s annual Mitzvah Day.
“You need to give these people a future in Germany because a
large number are staying,” Peretz said. “If you don’t let them
work and study, then you will have a problem. You have to
integrate them and take the risk of what will happen. If you
don’t help them, if you don’t talk to them, then the situation is
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------In Austria, a Jewish sheep breeder shepherds Syrian refugees
WATCH: A video of Hans Breuer leading a car-load of migrants in a classic Yiddish tune
receives both praise and jeers. But this son of Holocaust survivors says his help is instinctive
By Cnaan Liphshiz September 24, 2015, 4:21 pm
JTA — Even at his remote sheep pasture in the Austrian
countryside, Hans Breuer was too disturbed by the plight of the
Syrian refugees streaming into his country to go about his daily
Especially troubling to Breuer, a 61-year-old Jewish shepherd
and singer of Yiddish songs, were the overcrowded conditions at
Traiskirchen — a government-run refugee camp near Vienna
that was featured on the local news last month because its
4,500 residents were double the intended capacity.
“I was sick of this crime, I asked my wife whether we should do
something, and that’s how it began,” Breuer told JTA last week,
recalling his recent experiences assisting dozens of refugees.
In August, Breuer showed up at Traiskirchen with peaches,
water and meat from a sheep he had slaughtered for the
refugees — one among his flock of 200 that he keeps near his
trailer home 15 miles from Vienna, where he lives with his wife,
Mingo Georgi, and two of his five children. The Traiskirchen visit,
he said, motivated him to help out in other ways, including
assisting migrants in their trek from Hungary to Austria by
transporting them closer to the border.
During one of his trips this month with migrants, Breuer was
filmed by a fellow activist driving five passengers who said they
were Syrian Palestinians while singing a Yiddish song: “Oyfn Veg
Shteyt a Boym” (“A tree stands off a road”) by Itsik Manger.
Breuer, an athletic-looking man with a thin beard, delivered the
lyrics in a moving rendition. The giggling migrants joined in for a
bit of the refrain.
The video, uploaded to YouTube and disseminated on social
networks, went viral. It’s been watched tens of thousands of
times and viewers offered praise for Breuer’s “contribution to
coexistence,” as one user phrased it in the comment section —
as well as condemnations for his assistance to “the Muslim
invasion of Europe,” as another put it.
Breuer said he was surprised to discover that so many people
found the situation unusual and politically charged.
‘My connection to refugees is as strong as it is instinctive. It is a
political issue for me, but it’s also a question of human rights
and humanity’
“My connection to refugees is as strong as it is instinctive,” he
said. “It is a political issue for me, but it’s also a question of
human rights and humanity.”
Breuer’s father, Georg — a middle-class Austrian Jew who
was not observant but belonged to the Reform Jewish
milieu of Vienna — was himself a refugee. In 1938 he fled
Austria for Italy and, from there, to Britain, where he
became a communist and a journalist.
Rosa, Hans Breuer’s non-Jewish Austrian mother, also a
journalist and a communist, was tortured by the Gestapo during
the Nazi period — she tried to commit suicide by jumping out of
the fourth floor of a hospital building where the Gestapo
imprisoned her. Her father was sent to a concentration camp for
“They weren’t like those couples who survived the Holocaust and
never spoke about it,” said Breuer of his parents, who died
several years ago. “On the contrary: They told and told and it
dominated my youth. Their refugee experience wasn’t exactly a
trauma for me, but it wasn’t too far from that.”
The refugees’ tired faces, their stories of escape from ISIS
terrorists and the alienation they encountered in Europe made
him think of his own parents’ ordeal, Breuer said.
On one visit to Traiskirchen, Breuer brought along his
youngest children, 3 1/2-year-old Louis and 1 1/2-yearold Rosa (Breuer’s children from his second marriage.) As
a token of gratitude, some of the refugees gave the
Traiskirchen’s wire fence.
“When they saw how happy our kids were with the new toys,
they threw over a bigger teddy, taller than our kids,” Breuer
It was “one of the most emotional moments” he had in his
interactions with the migrants, he said.
Breuer said he knows firsthand what it is to be an
outsider. At school, Breuer said he was ostracized for
what he calls his “mild obsession” with the Holocaust.
“I was the only one talking about it, thinking about it. They
thought I was pretty weird,” he recalled.
Hans Breuer at train station in Budapest, Hungary holding
a sign calling for an end to the deportation of migrants,
August 2015. (Courtesy of Hans Breuer/via JTA)
As he matured, Breuer said he began despising certain aspects
of Austrian society – and especially its lack of reflection and soul
searching in the postwar era. The Holocaust, he said, wasn’t
taught properly at his school. And the Austrian authorities’
claim, backed up by popular sentiment, that Austria was a
victim of Nazism instead of an accomplice was “especially
disgusting,” Breuer said.
“I understood that I didn’t want to be a doctor if it
meant working with ex-Nazi doctors,” he said. “I didn’t
want to become a lawyer if it meant appearing before a
Nazi judge.”
Growing up, Hans Breuer, seen here at his pasture near
Vienna in March 2015, began to despise certain aspects of
the Austrian culture, which he felt did not address the
Holocaust enough. (Courtesy of Hans Breuer/via JTA)
Instead, Breuer — the subject of “Schlepping Through the Alps,”
a 2005 biography authored by the American writer and
journalist Sam Apple — became a musician and sheep breeder,
often living in communities of like-minded individuals.
Breuer’s father did not teach him Yiddish. As a Viennese
assimilated Jew, Georg Breuer belonged to a social class for
whom the affiliation with Yiddish-speaking refugees from
Eastern Europe was an embarrassment, said Breuer. He said he
discovered Yiddish music 35 years ago while playing and singing
world music with various ensembles.
“This music, written by refugees for other refugees like
themselves, somehow makes me think of home,” Breuer said.
“It is also my hope for the refugees I help: That they find a
Jewish organizations, Israeli NGOs facilitating invasion of Europe
September 24, 2015 Realist Report
The organized international Jewish community and Israeli NGOs are literally facilitating and financially
benefiting from the invasion of Europe. They admit this in their own newspapers. The Jewish Telegraph
Agency recently reported:
As the small rubber dinghy crowded with Syrians and Afghans
emerged from the midnight-black sea to land on a desolate
pebble beach, the first people to greet the bewildered and
frightened refugees were two Israelis.
“Does anyone need a doctor?” Majeda Kardosh, 27, a nurse
from Nazareth, shouted repeatedly in Arabic as the asylum
seekers scrambled ashore amid cries of celebration and tears of
relief at surviving the short but perilous crossing from Turkey to
this Greek island.
Her team partner, Tali Shaltiel, 31, a physician from Jerusalem,
stood knee deep in the water, helping a shivering 4-year-old girl
out of her wet clothes and a pair of inflatable armbands that
would have provided little protection had the overloaded boat
capsized at sea.
Kardosh and Shaltiel are part of a small advance group of
volunteers from IsraAid, an Israeli nongovernmental
organization that is trying to provide some assistance to
the hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants who
are flowing into Europe.
While IsraAid has plenty of experience in disaster relief and
assistance in 31 countries — from the 2011 earthquake and
tsunami in Japan to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa — this
mission presents a unique challenge: The beneficiaries come
from countries that are traditionally hostile, or even
officially still at war, with Israel. […]
Even though the so-called “refugees” IsraAid and other Jewish
charity organizations are helping “come from countries that are
traditionally hostile, or even officially still at war, with Israel,”
these Jewish groups still want to help them. However, the
“help” the Jews are providing to the millions of refugees
invaders flooding into Europe and America is merely a ploy to
advance Jewish ethnic interests: namely, the demographic
annihilation of the West. Make no mistake about that.
As Andrew Joyce recently explained in an outstanding article
published on The Occidental Observer, radical Jewish
intellectuals and propagandists have been arguing for decades
White nationalities and identities are simply harmful, diseased,
“racist” constructs which should be slated for destruction if the
world is to enter a better age. Demographic dilution, if not total
annihilation, is the surest way of weakening and destroying a
working sense of national and ethnic identity. Supporting
refugees, whether by political agitation, propagandizing their
fabricated tales to White students, or helping to mould and
disseminate their emotive emblems, thus fits the goals and
aspirations of organized Jewry very well. […]
Jews do not feel safe and secure in homogeneous societies,
especially White homogeneous societies. Leonard Glickman, the
former president and CEO of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society,
once described the Jewish agenda behind their promotion of
“multiculturalism” and massive Third World immigration into
America and the West: “The more diverse American society
is the safer [Jews] are.”
Everything the organized Jewish community does, including the
ostensible “help” they are providing to millions of non-White
invaders on the verge of conquering Europe, is designed to
advance Jewish ethnic interests.
Unsurprisingly, IsraAid and the various Jewish charity and nonprofit groups providing assistance and guidance to the hordes
invading Europe want to expand their operations in the coming
weeks and months, as the JTA article notes.
At the moment, the main aim of the team is to assess the needs
of the refugees and find gaps in the services provided by the
overwhelmed Greek authorities and other volunteer groups.
IsraAid plans to expand the medical teams and eventually
establish a mobile clinic that will provide emergency care for
new arrivals on the beaches. It will also expand the psychosocial help to bases in the registration and refugee camps that
have been set up.
The NGO also has volunteers providing assistance on the
Croatia-Hungary border. Eventually IsraAid plans to be in finaldestination countries, like Germany, where they hope to help
with refugee rehabilitation.
“The aim is to have a presence as an organization along
the entire journey,” Gorodischer said.
#WithJewsWeLose – every single time.
MP slammed over Israel speech
EVAN ZLATKIS, September 24, 2015
FEDERAL NSW Labor MP Laurie Ferguson has roused the
ire of the community leadership after delivering a speech
slating Israel in the House of Representatives last week.
In the address, the Member for Werriwa spoke of Israel’s
“mistreatment of Palestinian children” in detention, and accused
the Israeli military of employing a “strategy of mass intimidation
and collective punishment”.
“The direct losses of the three Israeli military operations that
took place between 2008 and 2014, excluding the people killed,
was equal to three times the size of Gaza’s local gross domestic
product. This meant that the 2014 war displaced half-a-million
people and left parts of Gaza destroyed,” Ferguson said.
He added that the blockade of building materials is “crippling
even where capital is available to rebuild, with 22 years required
to repair the outstanding damage from previous conflicts and 76
years to rebuild the overall housing shortage in Gaza”.
Ferguson also spoke of the “widespread, systematic and
institutionalised” ill-treatment of Palestinian children who come
in contact with the military detention system for merely “rocks
being thrown”.
Executive Council of Australian Jewry executive director Peter
Wertheim said it is “astonishing” that Ferguson bewails the
Dr Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, is the
editor and chief contributor of The Occidental Observer, which
presents original content touching on themes of white identity,
white interests, and the culture of the West. Tim Murdock is the
host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger,
bringing awareness to White genocide through the widely
circulated memes, "Diversity is a code word for White genocide"
and "Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White” and other popular
animations. John Friend is an independent blogger and journalist
who maintains The Realist Report, focusing primarily on the
events of 9/11, WWII revisionism, media deception and
psychological warfare, power and influence of the Zionist Lobby
in America, and the systematic assault upon traditional Western
European civilization.
In this special roundtable discussion, we focus on the
burgeoning immigrant invasion of Europe and the controlled
mainstream media’s contrived web of lies covering the mess.
We begin with a look at the design and tactics of the campaign
that is pulling on the heartstrings of White Europeans, and signs
devastation that Gaza has “undoubtedly suffered” in wars with
Israel in 2008-9, 2012 and 2014, “but utters not a word of
criticism of Hamas and other Islamist groups for having
precipitated those wars in the first place”.
Stating that Hamas deliberately fires rockets at Israel’s civilian
population centres and by tunnelling into Israel “diverts the very
construction materials that Ferguson wrongly complains are not
getting into Gaza for the civilian reconstruction effort”,
Wertheim said, “It is perverse to turn a blind eye to the leaders
of Hamas, whose genocidal charter impels them to attack
Israelis whenever Hamas deems it advantageous to do so, while
criticising Israel, and Israel alone, for having the temerity to
defend itself.”
He said Ferguson’s concerns about the detention of Palestinian
youths for throwing rocks is similarly blinkered.
“Just days before Ferguson’s comments were made, Alexander
Levlovitz was killed when his car was pelted with rocks, causing
him to lose control of his vehicle and collide with an electricity
pole. Earlier this year, four-year-old Adele Biton died after more
than two years of suffering from the acute brain trauma she
suffered during a rock attack on the car she was travelling in,”
Wertheim said.
“Such incidents are not isolated nor are they trivial. Ferguson’s
description of the ‘savage destruction’ of olive saplings contrasts
sharply with his silence on the destruction of human life by
mobs hurling bricks and cinder blocks through car windows.”
that the official narrative is beginning to crumble as people wake
up to the absurdity of the situation.
Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend - Invasion
of Europe, September 21, 2015
John describes the press’ coverage of the crisis, which plainly
indicates their ruling elites’ central role in promoting the
resettlement of non-Whites in Europe and America. We discuss
the absence of any MSM video footage that would shine a
negative light on the hostile 'refugees,' a majority of whom are
extremely aggressive male Muslims with a particular disdain for
We get into the attacks on US presidential candidate Donald
Trump for his open support of White interests, along with the
hypocrisy of the outspoken political elite in regards to the
demographic and economic questions of the immigration
debate. Further, we look at the speed in which the Zionist
agenda to overthrow the Middle East using Western capital is
moving, and Tim points to indications that the managerial class
is growing suspicious of the global agenda and the mission of
multiculturalism for only European countries.
Kevin emphasizes the history of cataclysmic social upheaval that
has been created by Jews, and the ideology of past movements
that have been aimed at deconstructing the ethnicity of the
Western people. Then, our focus turns toward simple memes
that can be used to counteract the psychological warfare that
has brainwashed society to believe in the utopian dream of
diversity. To round things off, we speculate on what moves the
hostile elite could have up their sleeves in what is shaping up to
be a full-on clash of civilizations on European homelands.
Rudolf Diesel
His Invention and Mysterious Death
of his engine work that relied on a high air temperature, caused
by extreme compression of the fuel to ignite it, eliminating the
spark plug. “It is the diesel’s higher compression ratio that leads
to its greater fuel efficiency. Because the air is compressed, the
combustion temperature is higher, and the gases will expand
more after combustion, applying more pressure to the piston
and crankshaft”.
Besides, Diesel was sure that his engine “can be fed with
vegetables oils and would help considerably in the development
of agriculture of the countries which use it’. That’s why his
invention was originally known as the “oil engine”. Diesel gave
us a hi-tech and energy option that could become an alternative
to petroleum.
Circumstances of Rudolf Diesel’s death are considered to
be a suspicious enigma for us even now.
Dr. Rudolf Diesel boarded “SS Dresden”, a cross-channel ferry,
at Antwerp in September 1913. He was going to see the newest
diesel engine factory of London. The famous engineer was
invited as a guest of honor to the opening of that factory. He
was traveling alone. After dinner Rudolf Diesel went to his cabin
at about 10 p.m. and that was the last time anyone saw him
alive. His cabin turned out to be absolutely empty next morning
on September, 30. There were only his coat and hat left on the
Ten days later, Dutch fishermen found an unknown body in the
stormy waters of the North Sea. Seamen realized that he was a
rich man as he wore expensive clothes. Their boat was too small
and that’s why they took only his papers and belongings and
threw the body back into the sea.
Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel (born 18.03.1858 in Paris – died
30.09.1913 on the English Channel) was an exceptional
German inventor of the famous Diesel engine, talented
engineer, and “the James Watt of the late nineteenth century”.
He spent his peaceful childhood with the friendly Diesel family in
Paris. Rudolf was a very stubborn and persistent young man
who loved music and art. He spoke English, German and French.
Family happiness was broken by the Franco-Prussian War. The
Diesels were deported to London. Rudolf lived with his relatives
in Augsburg where he studied at the Royal Country Trade
School. He became an extraordinary student at Technische
Hochschule of Munich.
The idea of inventing a high economical engine appeared in
Diesel’s mind when he was a student. Carl von Linde, the
pioneer of refrigeration, and his lectures influenced young Diesel
and sparked his interest in engines. Now he knew what the
sense of his life was.
Diesel was a hard-working engineer who dedicated all of his
spare time to the invention of a new engine. At the same time
he had to earn a lot of money to help his family in France. But
fortune favors the brave. At last the success came to him in
1892. Diesel was granted a German patent for the engine,
named after him.
In 1883 Diesel published a book titled “Theory and a Rational
Thermal Engine to Replace the Steam Engine and the
Combustion Engines Known Today”. It described major methods
Working in Paris, Rudolf Diesel married a young
governess Martha Flasche.
The first functional engine prototype was built at Maschinefabrik
Augsburg plant in July 1893. That engine test finished with a
serious explosion that practically killed Diesel. Several first
engine samples were not successful at all. Engines were huge in
size, heavy and dangerous. Their inventor heard a lot of
reproaches, but nevertheless he didn’t put down the work of his
life. He was famous and rich. But Diesel couldn’t enjoy his
achievement any more. A not-yet-ready engine, bad
investments and frequent headaches made him nervous. Diesel
continued working like crazy on the engine developing; himself
criticizing it and that badly affected his health and mood. He
was under depression when he found himself a bankrupt.
Some biographers believe his death was accidental in the waters
of the English Channel. Most historians are sure that it was a
desperate suicide, as Diesel already had a kind of a mental
break-down. But his family never accepted that Diesel’s death
was self-inflicted; they were sure he was intentionally thrown off
the ship and his invention ideas were stolen. Another point of
view on his death is in Diesel “bio-oil’ fuel solution. His thoughts
might have meant the end of petroleum monopoly and its
profits. Others suspected political motives and that he was
murdered by the German representatives to prevent Diesel from
telling the results of his invention to their opponents in the
future World War I.
In any case Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel is a prominent
personality in the history of engine building. His engines are
alive and they keep our cars, ships, boats, tractors, electro
generators, submarines, etc. going.
Volkswagen turns to Porsche boss to steer it out of crisis: source
BERLIN | By Andreas Cremer, Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:59am EDT
Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) will name Matthias Mueller, the head
of its Porsche sports car brand, as its chief executive, a source
close to the matter said on Thursday, as the fallout from the
U.S. vehicle emissions test rigging scandal broadened.
Matthias Mueller, CEO of Porsche AG and Executive Board
Member of Porsche Automobil Holding SE arrives for the
company's annual news conference in Stuttgart,
Germany, in this October 19, 2010 file photo.
Reuters/Alex Domanski/Files
Mueller, 62, has been widely tipped to succeed Martin
Winterkorn, who quit on Wednesday, when the German
carmaker's supervisory board meets on Friday. He will take
responsibility for steering Volkswagen through the biggest
business crisis in its 78-year history. The crisis deepened on
Thursday as officials in Europe and the United States stepped up
their investigations.
Germany's transport minister said Volkswagen had manipulated
tests in Europe too.
"We have been informed that also in Europe, vehicles with 1.6
and 2.0 liter diesel engines are affected by the manipulations
that are being talked about," Alexander Dobrindt told reporters,
adding it was unclear how many vehicles in Europe were
Dobrindt said Europe would agree on new emissions tests in
coming months that should take place on roads, rather than in
laboratories, and that random checks would be made on all
Separately, a group of at least 27 U.S. state attorneys general
representations to consumers about its diesel vehicles, and said
it will send subpoenas to the automaker.
“I am furious that the world’s leading car company wilfully took
steps that polluted our environment and deceived consumers,”
Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said in a statement.
In Sacramento, California, that state's top air quality regulator
said her agency is preparing a series of actions against
Volkswagen in response to the company's admission that it
cheated on tailpipe pollution tests. "Right now we are organizing
ourselves for a major enforcement action," said Mary Nichols,
head of the California Air Resources Board.
The state also intends to order a recall of Volkswagen diesel
vehicles sold in the state with software that enabled the cars to
pass the agency's emissions tests, but then emit far more
pollution on the road.
Volkswagen has said 11 million cars globally had the software
fitted, but it was not activated in the bulk of them. As well as
the cost of regulatory fines and potentially refitting cars,
Volkswagen faces criminal investigations and lawsuits from
immediately, the new CEO will have to restore the confidence of
customers and motor dealers, who have expressed frustration at
a lack of information about how they will be affected by the
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› California gearing up for major enforcement action
against Volkswagen
Mueller has a majority on the 20-member supervisory board,
the source said. Volkswagen declined to comment.
The board will also dismiss the head of the company's U.S.
operations and top engineers at its Audi and Porsche brands, a
senior source told Reuters, as it seeks a fresh start.
"He is a good choice even though he may be seen as a
transitionary CEO until another internal candidate such as VW
brand CEO (Herbert) Diess has earned their stripes," Arndt
Ellinghorst, an analyst at Evercore ISI investment banking
advisory firm, said of Mueller.
Mueller, who has worked for parts of the Volkswagen empire
since the 1970s, is a management board member of Porsche SE
(PSHG_p.DE) and so is close to the Piech-Porsche family that
controls Volkswagen through the holding company.
Related Video
Why VW scandal could spell death of diesel
The company is under pressure to act decisively, with German
Chancellor Angela Merkel urging it to quickly restore confidence
in a business held up for generations as a paragon of German
engineering prowess.
"There will be further personnel consequences in the next days
and we are calling for those consequences," Volkswagen board
member Olaf Lies told the Bavarian broadcasting network.
The research and development chiefs of Audi and Porsche, Ulrich
Hackenberg and Wolfgang Hatz, will be removed by the
supervisory board, as will Volkswagen's top executive in the
United States, Michael Horn, the senior source told Reuters.
Hackenberg and Hatz had both held senior posts at VW in
development, including of engines, before they switched to Audi
and Porsche. They are among Volkswagen's top engineers.
Horn acknowledged this week that the company had "totally
screwed up" by deceiving U.S. regulators about how much its
diesel cars pollute.
The scandal has sent shockwaves through the car market, with
manufacturers fearing a drop in demand for diesel cars and
tougher regulations and customers worrying about the
performance and re-sale value of their cars.
near tripling in profit during his eight-year reign, he faced
criticism for Volkswagen's underperformance in the United
States and for a micro-management style that critics say
delayed model launches and hampered its ability to adapt to
local markets.
Analysts said a new management structure, possibly more
decentralized but also with a clearer system of checks, was all
the more urgent, with top executives apparently unaware of the
emissions test cheating despite a tight control on decisions.
Two sources close to the matter said Volkswagen would create a
special position for the United States on its management board
on Friday, with the head of its Skoda brand, Winfried Vahland,
the favorite to get the job.
The new CEO will also need to improve communications with
dealers and customers, with many frustrated that Volkswagen
has yet to say which models and construction years are affected
by the crisis and whether cars will have to be refitted.
Volkswagen said in a statement on its website it was working to
answer these questions. "It goes without saying that we will
take full responsibility and cover costs for the necessary
arrangements and measures."
(Additional reporting by Reuters bureaus in Europe, Asia and
Americas, Writing by Mark Potter and Joe White, Editing by
Gareth Jones and Matthew Lewis)
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› At least 27 U.S. state attorneys general to probe Volkswagen
› India orders probe into Volkswagen cars: Mint
The European Commission urged all member states to
investigate the use of so-called defeat devices by carmakers to
cheat emissions tests and said there would be "zero tolerance"
of any wrongdoing.
So far, no other carmaker has been found to have used the
devices. German rival BMW said on Thursday it had not
manipulated tests, after a magazine reported some of its diesel
cars were found to exceed emissions standards.
Friday's board meeting had originally been due to extend the
contract of Winterkorn and set out a new management
structure. Though Winterkorn oversaw a doubling in sales and a
VW Diesel HOAX? - Post by Friedrich Paul Berg » Wed Sep 23, 2015 3:40 pm
I seriously doubt that the accusations currently so popular about
VW diesels are valid. The bosses at VW are, however, more than
intimidated by all of the media hoopla and are simply caving in
for fear of being the "bad Germans" once again. I could be
wrong, of course--but I think the furor has far more to do with
the revival of anti-German racist holocaust propaganda than
with any real technical problems inherent at VW. The VW execs
are trying to get out in front of the media storm by caving in
and admitting guilt, blah-blah-blah--and denying nothing at all
even if it means the very future of their entire company--which
was, of course, created by the "great Old Man" himself before
The alleged "defeat device" in the 2008 and later VW diesels
supposedly was turned ON during testing, but OFF during
normal driving. Well, what does that really mean and specifically
what was turned ON, or OFF? Was there a urea tank
somewhere in the car which introduced urea liquid to make the
cars pass when the testing was in progress? There is nothing
like that in those VWs at all--so, that could not possibly have
been involved. So, what was done? I have read several articles
claiming to explain the deception but they contained ONLY the
vaguest generalities. What was really done, specifically?
Was the fuel/air ratio range manipulated? This would have
certainly been possible, and easily enough--but rigorous testing
with brake dynamometers should have revealed this as well in
almost any testing lab. My guess is that the testers from West
Virginia simply did not do their on-the-road testing properly.
They made wild guesses whereas in Germany, the same model
cars were tested far more accurately. The WV testers used ONLY
two cars according to their own stories.
One of the advantages of lab testing is that one can "stabilize"
the operating conditions before taking data. During actual
driving, however, "stability" is almost non-existent due to the
various driving conditions encountered, especially on America's
generally crappy roads and highways---and that is precisely
when one can get momentary readings that are NOT truly
representaive of the car's performance as a whole. Experienced
testers generally know this all too well as they look at readings
that bounce--just like the road itself with bumps and potholes-all over the place during "unstable" momentary driving
conditions; that is why standardized lab testing is so essential.
And guess what folks--on all such "lab tests," the VWs passed!
Perhaps we can all learn a lot about diesels which until about
2008 were also blamed for the killing of about two million Jews
in the so-called HOLOCAUST--and that stupid but extremely
dirty hoax is still out there. We can also learn how media hype
can drive people to believe the stupidest things imaginable.
Postby Friedrich Paul Berg » Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:08 pm
VW and Dr. Winterkorn should sue the US government for
gross technical INCOMPETENCE and libel.
That suit should be many times greater than the $18 billion
discussed for possible cases against VW. TDI engines passed all
of the standard tests. If the techies in West Virginia, or
wherever, don't like the results, they should concoct new and
better tests. Lab tests are repeatable and "FAIR" for all
manufacturers whereas long, on-the-road trips across the US
are so variable that they are practically impossible as serious
tests of anything. All auto manufacturers know they must meet
the EPA and CARB standards with standardized tests and NOT
the whims of wise guys from West Virginia--and that is as it
should be.
The real diesel problem, if there is any at all, is that the EPA and
the CARB concocted standard emission tests which did not
reflect real world driving conditions as well as they might have.
But that was the fault of the EPA and the CARB--not VW. But
instead of admitting any of that, the EPA and the CARB simply
blamed VW for "cheating." WOW--but based on what other than
wild 'childish" speculation and racist prejudice? How on earth did
VW do any of that? The technical explanations are as vague and
wacky as anything out there.
One explanation is that the diesels were run RICH to put extra
fuel into the catalytic converters to burn off NOx during testing-and then run "normal" or even LEAN the rest of the time. This
suggests that the "techies" at EPA and CARB believe diesels
have carburetors which they do not. In diesels, ALL of the fuel
explodes and burns all the time--and the engine speed increases
or decreases accordingly depending on the engine load. There is
NO fuel left-over in the exhaust except under super heavy
engine loads--beyond the normal operating range. Except for
such truly exceptional conditions, diesels ALWAYS run with an
excess of air over whatever is needed for complete combustion
of the fuel. In other words, any excess fuel left-over is nearly
Learn your basics, EPA--and pay those billions of dollars for the
damage you have caused VW.
The best discussion with a video of the VW cheating charge may
be the following:
The comments are quite good also.
I have not yet seen the text of any "admission" by VW to having
put a cheating device into the engines. The actual text may be
quite different from what is alleged. Moreover, those of us who
understand the "holocaust hoax" know how "confessions" or
"admissions" are often made w-i-t-h-o-u-t any underlying guilt
but merely to appease a tormenter--or even for simple PR to
resolve an inconvenient situation quickly and cheaply. "Plea
bargaining" in courts around the country is based almost
entirely on that.
I will NOT believe in a VW cheating device until I see some hard
"evidence"--including an actual chip with a credible analysis of
what it actually did. That should be easy enought for the VW
accusers to provide if they know anything.
Here's a good technical essay sympathetic to VW:
U.S. Will Station New Nuclear Weapons in Germany Against Russia
By Eric Zuesse; Global Research, September 22, 2015
Region: Europe, Russia and FSU; Theme: Militarization and WMD, US NATO War Agenda
In-depth Report: Nuclear War
Bundestag decided in 2009, expressing the will of most
Germans, that the US should withdraw its nuclear weapons from
Germany. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel did nothing.”
And now she okays the U.S. to increase America’s Germanbased nuclear arsenal against Russia.
Maria Zakharova, of the Russian Foreign Ministry, says: “This is
an infringement of Articles 1 and 2 of the Treaty on NonProliferation of Nuclear Weapons,” which is the treaty that
provides non-nuclear states the assurance that the existing
nuclear powers will not try to use their nuclear status so as to
take over the world.
Germany’s ZDF public television network headlines on Tuesday
German Economic News says:
September 22nd, “New U.S. Atomic Weapons to Be Stationed in
“The federal government had demanded the exact opposite: The
Germany,” and reports that the U.S. will bring into Germany 20
Bundestag decided in March 2010 by a large majority, that the
new nuclear bombs, each being four times the destructive power
federal government should ‘press for the withdrawal of US
of the one that was used on Hiroshima. Hans Kristensen, the
nuclear weapons from Germany.’ Even the coalition agreement
Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation
between the CDU and FDP, the German government in 2009 had
of American Scientists, says, “With the new bombs the
promised the withdrawal of nuclear weapons from Büchel. But
blur between
instead there will be these new bombs.”
nuclear weapons.”
Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently,
A former Parliamentary State Secretary in Germany’s Defense
of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican
Ministry, Willy Wimmer, of Chancellor Merkel’s own conservative
1910-2010, and
party, the Christian Democratic Union, warns that these “new
VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.
attack options against Russia” constitute “a conscious
Copyright © Eric Zuesse, Global Research, 2015
provocation of our Russian neighbors.” Economic News also reports on Chancellor Merkel’s
decision to allow these terror-weapons against Russia: “The
China: Reformers and Compradors
James Petras
China’s wealthiest classes have secured their recent fortunes
through various means, both legal and illegal: These include (1)
the privatization of public enterprises; (2) the savage
exploitation of cheap labor after destroying workers rights ,
protections and social welfare legislation; (3) large-scale, longterm corruption of government officials; (4) the often violent
state-sponsored land-grabs from towns, villages and farmers
and the land transfer to private investors; (5) real estate
speculation; (6) changes in state regulatory policies leading to
oligopolistic control of markets; (7) large-scale tax evasion,
money laundering and offshore transfers of profits and (8) state
policies dictating low wage and salaries and repressing workers
collective action.
The Communist leadership’s pursuit of an ‘export-oriented’
growth model, based on reducing labor costs to secure
competitive advantages in world markets, coincided with the
emergence of aggressive Chinese capitalists intent on increasing
their profits and concentrating private wealth.
This model of capitalist accumulation required ‘capital-friendly’
labor policies to attract large-scale, long-term investment from
US, Japanese and European multinational in association with
China’s wealthiest capitalists.
China’s capitalist development was based on a triple alliance of
national, foreign and state capitalists, all of whom depended on
the widespread, massive corruption of state-party officials.
The Dynamics of Mature Capitalism
As the economy grew, national capital diversified from
manufacturing to the FIRE economy, (finance, insurance and
real estate). As the economy “liberalized”, overseas and local
financial institutions proliferated. Speculative profits attracted
major investors as well as millions of middle class ‘fortune
China’s growth led to its rise as the primary market for raw
materials and the primary producer of imported consumer goods
in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Its rapid growth provoked the
US to build-up its bases around China and launch a policy of
military confrontation and encirclement as well as regional trade
exclusion (the so-called ‘Pivot to Asia’)..
The long, deep recession in the European markets and the
financial crisis in the US limited China’s high growth export
Meanwhile, second and third generations of skilled Chinese
workers became more militant, demanding and winning double
digit wage increases. At the same time rural communities
staged mass demonstrations and took direct action against
corrupt local officials linked to land-grabbing speculators and
other attempts to drive them from their homes and farms on
behalf of powerful real estate interests.
Wealthy Chinese investors, who diversified into the FIRE
economy, created a speculative real estate bubble.
High-ranking party officials, who had enriched themselves
through the corrupt takeovers of lucrative state monopolies,
caused economic stagnation and deep political disenchantment
among the mass of Chinese people.
Worldwide demand for China’s exports declined with the global
economic crisis.
Crises and Rectification
Faced with a major loss of political legitimacy, the stagnation of
its global export markets, a real estate bubble and stock market
volatility, the Chinese government launched a wide-reaching
rectification campaign which featured:
A massive anti-corruption campaign was launched to restore
morality to the government and to win back public respect.
Over 250,000 corrupt officials were identified, investigated and
tried. Many were imprisoned or dismissed and some were
Reform of wage and income policies was designed to reduce
inequalities and encourage domestic consumption. As a result
wages rose 10% annually.
The investigation and prosecution of speculators, including
investors connected to foreign hedge funds and big oligarchs
who had gained gaining billions by “defrauding” retail investors,
was initiated by the judiciary.
The Chinese currency, the renminbi, was devalued to promote
exports. The government increased military spending in order to
confront the US naval encirclement, including upgrading its of
most sophisticated weapons systems, which were on display
recently during China’s massive ‘Victory over Japan’ parade.
Two new international investment-financial organizations was
set up to counter the US dominated IMF and World Bank and to
encourage the participation of regional trade partners as a
response to Washington’s Asia Pacific trade arrangements which
specifically excluded China.
Greater emphasis is now placed on providing domestic
government services, enforcing tax collection, broadening social
welfare legislation and social accountability. Measures are being
implemented to prevent the flight of Chinese capital by oligarch
families as they flee criminal prosecution for their illicit business
The Response from China’s Wealthy Classes
China’s wealthy classes are resisting these government reforms
designed to lessen some of the class imbalances and injustices
and to deal with the multiple crises in the society and economy.
They have been transferring hundreds of billions of dollars out of
the country – essentially disinvesting and de-capitalizing the
economy. They have expressed deep concern that the increase
in workers’ wages will cut into their profits and that they will
lose their lucrative contracts as well as access to compliant,
corrupt government officials. They are anxious to hide their
source of wealth for fear they will end up in the criminal docket
with corrupt partners in the government.
China’s wealthy classes have gone on a buying spree of
overseas real estate, fixed income securities, commercial
properties, trust products, etc. in an attempt to safely stash
their wealth.
Large-scale speculation, the massive flight of capital and
cancelling of irregular state loans have all contributed to the
current volatility in the Chinese economy. China’s wealthy
classes create their own self-fulfilling prophecy: their capital
flight and speculation creates the very volatile conditions that
then serve as the pretext for even more capital flight.
Crisis, Rectification and the Struggle for Power
The source of the current Chinese crisis is found in the behavior
and political alliances of the leading classes who benefited from
the rapid growth Chinese capitalism.
Progressive capitalist reformers believe that to end the crises
requires radical reforms. They advocate: (1) returning the
financial market to its original role as an instrument of
productive activity; (2) reversing the liberalization of the
financial market, including ending speculation by Western hedge
funds, re-introducing capital controls, going after tax evaders
and punishing massive illegal transfers of profits to offshore
havens; and (3) increasing domestic mass consumption and
imposing restrictions on conspicuous elite consumption, via
progressive income tax and welfare measures.
The process of rectification has encountered passive resistance
from the comprador capitalists as they spirit their wealth out of
China. Wealthy Chinese have adopted a post-colonial comprador
mentality born out of their tight economic ties with Western
capitalists. They absorbed the neo-liberal ideology; they prize
Western education and culture and turn to the US imperial state
to protect their wealth – in a dramatic shift of loyalties.
Their own children attend the most expensive private US
universities where they are indoctrinated with US elite-centered
political and economic dogma.
They stash their money in high end real estate as an investment
and to house their families and children who attend elite US
It is difficult for Chinese political and economic ‘reformers’ to
solve the problem of the comprador capitalist, because the
‘reformers’ have engaged in similar behavior and practices over
the years.
It is critical for the ‘reformers’ to expose the illicit wealth and go
after the compradors with aggressive prosecution. This will be
difficult because many reformers have family members among
the comprador class, have benefited from the speculative ‘boom’
and have sent their own children abroad. Some may even have
their own secret bank accounts overseas – the profits from deals
made with big investors.
There is no deep fundamental or class division between
compradors and reformers in China. However, the crisis and
capital flight is intensifying class polarization and external
events are forcing a deeper rethink of how China should
confront US militarist policies.
The US military threat is causing problems for Chinese
compradors and their economist-propagandists. It is difficult to
‘sell’ the idea of opening wide to Wall Street when the country is
staring down the barrels of US guns. In a strategic sense, this
frenzy of Chinese capital flight legitimizes the rectification
campaign and weakens compradors’ influence in the economy.
Even some of China’s most ardent economic liberals are in
Nevertheless, the reformers’ hesitant steps, their deep ‘faith in
the market’ and the massive presence of foreign multi-nationals
inside China indicates that real, deep, structural changes are not
on the agenda. China’s reformers have started their new
version of “The Long March” through many layers of corrupt,
flawed and failing institutions …Bigger and more consequential
changes await the awakening of the working class.
Refugee facts you need to know
Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun, September 9, 2015 11:30pm
THE media class is misleading the public about the “refugee”
His Canadian sister supported him and says her brother wanted
crisis now threatening Europe. Sanctimony is drowning crucial
to go to Europe fix his teeth.
facts. The result: Australians are being coached into accepting
GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel is not showing great
what threatens even us — the fall of Europe.
“compassion” by welcoming an expected 800,000 illegal
THE people flooding into Germany are not “refugees”. Once
immigrants this year. She simply knows German soldiers cannot
they arrived in Greece — or Turkey before that — they were
turn away trains of unwanted people. (Remember the war!) But
safe. Moving north to rich Germany is an economic decision.
she claims this intake will be “one off” and demands other
MOST of the “refugees” are not fleeing death. United Nations’
countries take some immigrants off her hands. Germany has
figures suggest half are not Syrians. Real refugees do not leave
already had hundreds of anti-immigrant protests, some violent.
their families back home, yet 72 per cent of these are men.
Soon it must get tough.
AYLAN Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian photographed lying
THIS is not a benign invasion. Hundreds of Afghans on Lesbos
dead on a Turkish beach, was not fleeing Syria. His father had
last weekend rioted when they couldn’t get to the mainland.
lived for three years in Turkey, working on construction sites.
More rioted earlier on Kos. More than 100 Syrian immigrants
rioted three weeks ago at hostel in the German town of Suhl
when an Afghan man ripped a Koran. Eleven migrants and four
police were hurt.
WE ARE doing more than our “fair share”. Japan, Saudi Arabia,
Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, Israel and the United Arab Emirates are
among many countries refusing to take Syrian refugees. Poland,
Slovakia and Hungary will accept only Christians.
THIS is not our responsibility. Australia didn’t bomb in Syria.
EUROPE is paying the price for its weakness — and that of the
US. They refused to intervene when jihadist and other groups
started to attack Syria’s Assad regime, triggering the refugee
exodus. Now Europe won’t defend its borders.
EUROPE has struggled to assimilate large Muslim populations in
France, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere. Illegal immigration of
4000 people a day — mainly Muslim and young — represents an
existential threat.
Fredrick Töben comments:
If you are aware of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, then it is all
going according to plan – Google it – the existential threat is
absolute; The second prong is fuelling civil war among
Europeans as is occurring in Ukraine, so that Europeans kill off
their own kind. The question that clarifies it all is: Cui Bono – in
whose interest is it – who benefits from a European demise?
---------------------------------------------------------------------Adolf Hitler
Speech to the Reichstag
Hitlers Victory - A Final Appeal for Peace and Sanity
Berlin, 19 July 1940
Published on 22 April 22 2013
The full version is banned by YT but available on my
website (see links below). This is just the opening 15
minutes of a 2 hour video featuring the audio portion of
Adolf Hitler's "Victory Speech" on July 19th, 1940 in the
Reichstag, Berlin, following Germany's victory over
France and her allies, the British, on the Western Front in
the Spring of 1940. It is combined with relevant war film
footage of the war. But for the first time, you will hear
Hitler's speech, in its entirety, spoken entirely in English.
The speech is his own narration of the events of the war
up to that point, from the German perspective, regarding
who and what caused the war, and the reasons for his
own actions, followed by a final call to reason, in order to
stop the hostilities and senseless bloodshed. The English
narration is laid over Hitler's own voice, which is still
Deputies, Men of the German Reichstag!
In the midst of the mighty struggle for the freedom and future
of the German nation, I have called on you to gather for this
session today. The grounds for it are: to give our Volk insight
into the historic uniqueness of the events we have lived
through; to express our thanks to the deserving soldiers; and to
direct, once again and for the last time, an appeal to general
Whoever contrasts the factors which triggered this historic
conflict with the extent, the greatness, and consequence of
the military occurrences, must realize that the events and
sacrifices of this struggle stand in no relation to the
alleged causes, unless these causes themselves were but
pretexts for intentions yet concealed.
The program of the National Socialist Revolution, insofar as
it concerned the future
development of the Reich’s
relationship with the surrounding world, was an attempt to
obtain a revision of the Treaty of Versailles under all
circumstances-and as far as this was possible-by peaceful
This revision was by nature a necessity. The untenability of the
provisions of Versailles lay not only in the humiliating
discrimination, the disarmament of the German Volk secured
with the result that they lost their rights, but above all in the
resultant material destruction of the present and the intended
destruction of the future of one of the greatest civilized
peoples in the world, in the completely senseless accumulation
of vast terrains under the mastery of a few states, in the
depriving of the losers of irreplaceable foundations for life and
indispensable vital goods.
The fact that insightful men on the side of the adversary,
even while this Diktat was being composed, warned against
the conclusive realization of the terms of this work of
lunacy, is proof of the persuasion prevalent even in these ranks
that it would be impossible to maintain this Diktat in the
future. Their misgivings and their protests were silenced by
the assurance that the statutes of the newly created League of
Nations secured the possibility of a revision of these provisions,
indeed that it was authorized for such a revision. At no time
was hope for a revision regarded as something improper, but
always as something quite natural. Regrettably, contrary to
the will of the men responsible for the Versailles Diktat, the
institution in Geneva never regarded itself as an agency for
procuring sensible revisions, but rather, from the beginning,
as the custodian of the ruthless implementation and
maintenance of the provisions of Versailles. All endeavors of
democratic Germany failed to obtain, by means of revision,
an equality of rights for the German Volk.
It lies in the interest of the victor to portray as universally
sanctified those conditions that benefit him, while the essence
of the instinct of self preservation compels the vanquished to
strive for a restoration of his general human rights. For
him this Diktat penned by an arrogant enemy has even less
force of law insofar as the victory of this enemy was a dishonest
one. It was a rare misfortune that the German Reich was led
exceedingly badly in the years 1914–18. To this, and to the not
otherwise instructed trust and faith of the German Volk in the
word of democratic statesmen, must our fall be ascribed.
It was thus that the joint British-French endeavor to portray the
Versailles Treaty as some type of international or higher justice
must have appeared to every honest German as nothing other
than an insolent usurpation. The supposition that British or
French statesmen of all people were custodians of justice itself,
or even of human culture, was a stupid effrontery. It was an
affront which is sufficiently elucidated by their own inferior
performances in these fields. For rarely has this world been
governed with a greater deficit of cleverness, morality, and
culture than in that part of it which is presently at the mercy of
the fury of certain democratic statesmen.
The National Socialist Movement has, besides its delivery from
the Jewish capitalist shackles imposed by a plutocraticdemocratic, dwindling class of exploiters at home, pronounced
its resolve to free the Reich from the shackles of the Diktat of
Versailles abroad.
The German demands for a revision were an absolute necessity,
a matter of course for the existence and the honor of any great
people. Posterity will some day come to regard them as
exceedingly modest.
All these demands had to be carried through, in practice against
the will of the British-French potentates. Now more than ever
we all see it as a success of the leadership of the Third Reich
that the realization of these revisions was possible for years
without resort to war. This was not the case-as the British and
French demagogues would have it-because we were not then in
a position to wage war. When it finally appeared as though,
thanks to a gradually awakening common sense, a peaceful
resolution of the remaining problems could be reached through
international cooperation, the agreement concluded in this spirit
on September 29, 1938, at Munich by the four great states
predominantly involved, was not welcomed by public opinion in
London and Paris, but was condemned as a despicable sign of
weakness. The Jewish capitalist warmongers, their hands
covered with blood, saw in the possible success of such a
peaceful revision the vanishing of plausible grounds for the
realization of their insane plans.
Once again that conspiracy of pitiful, corrupt political creatures
and greedy financial magnates made its appearance, for whom
war is a welcome means to bolster business. The international
Jewish poison of the peoples began to agitate against and to
corrode healthy minds. Men of letters set out to portray decent
men who desired peace as weaklings and traitors, to denounce
opposition parties as a “fifth column,” in order to eliminate
internal resistance to their criminal policy of war. Jews and
Freemasons, armament industrialists and war profiteers,
and stockjobbers, found political
blackguards: desperados and glory seekers who represented
war as something to be yearned for and hence wished for. It is
to be ascribed to these criminal elements that the Polish State
was incited to assume a posture which stood in no relation to
the German demands and even less to the consequences that
The German Reich, in particular with regard to Poland, has
shown restraint ever since the National Socialist rise to power.
One of the basest and stupidest provisions of the Versailles
Diktat, namely the tearing away of an old German province from
the Reich, already cried for a revision in and of itself.
But what was it that I demanded at the time? I must in this
context refer to my own person. No other statesman could have
afforded to propose a solution to the German nation in the way I
did. It comprised merely the return of Danzig-that is to say of
an ancient, purely German city-to the Reich as well as the
creation of a connection of the Reich to its severed province.
And this only pursuant to plebiscites conducted, in turn, under
the auspices of an international forum. If Mr. Churchill or any
other warmongers had but a fraction of the sense of
responsibility I felt toward Europe, they could not have played
so perfidious a game. For it need be ascribed solely to these
vested interests in war, both within Europe and beyond, that
Poland rejected the proposals which neither compromised its
existence nor its honor, and instead resorted to terror and arms.
And it was truly superhuman restraint, without precedent, which
for months led us, in spite of persistent assassination attempts
on ethnic Germans-yes, indeed, in spite of the slaughter of tens
of thousands of German Volksgenossen, to continue to search
for a path toward peaceful understanding. For what was the
situation like? One of the creations of the Diktat of Versailles,
the most divorced from reality, a bogy inflated militarily and
politically, insulted a state for many months, threatening to beat
it, to fight battles before Berlin, to smash the German Army to
pieces, to transfer the border to the Oder or the Elbe; it went on
and on. And this other state, Germany, watches the goings on
patiently for months, although one sweeping gesture would
have sufficed to wipe this bubble inflated by stupidity and
arrogance off the face of the earth.
On September 2, this struggle could yet have been avoided.
Mussolini made a proposal to put an immediate end to the
hostilities and to negotiate peacefully. Though Germany saw its
armies advancing victoriously, I accepted this nonetheless. But
the Anglo-French warmongers needed war, not peace.
And they needed a long war, as Mr. Chamberlain put the matter
at the time. It was to last for at least three years, since they
had in the meantime invested their capital in the armament
industry, bought the necessary machinery, and now needed the
precondition of time for the thriving of their business and for the
amortization of their investments. And besides: what are Poles,
Czechs, or other such nationalities to these citizens of the
world? A German soldier found a curious document while
rummaging through train wagons at the La Charite station on
June 19, 1940. He immediately handed over the documentwhich bore a particular remark-to his superiors at departmental
headquarters. From there the paper passed to agencies. It
became clear that what had been discovered constituted
evidence in a most important investigation. The train station
was once more thoroughly searched. And it was thus that the
High Command of the Wehrmacht came into possession of a
collection of documents of unique historical significance.
What was found were the secret files of the Allied High War
Council, including the protocols of all sessions of this illustrious
association. And this time it shall not be possible for Mr.
Churchill to simply deny or lie about the authenticity of these
documents, as he had attempted to do at the time in the case of
documents found in Warsaw. For these documents feature
handwritten notes in the margins penned by Gamelin, Daladier,
Weygand, and so on. Hence these gentlemen are free either to
admit to these or to disown them at any time. And these
documents enlighten us as to the dealings of these gentlemen
who have an interest in the war and in its expansion. They will
above all demonstrate how these cold-blooded politicians and
military men have used all these small peoples as a means to an
end; how they tried to subject Finland to their interests; how
they determined to make Norway and Sweden the theater of
war; how they planned to set fire to the Balkans to procure the
assistance of 100 divisions from there; how they prepared to
bomb Batum and Baku under the cover of a shrewd as well as
unscrupulous reading of the Turkish neutrality in favor of their
own interests; how they spun their web around the Netherlands
and Belgium, pulling its strings constantly tighter, and finally
engaging them in general staff agreements; as well as many
other things.
The documents afford us, moreover, a good picture of the entire
amateurish method which these policy-making warmongers
employed in an attempt to contain the fire they had kindled.
These speak of their military pseudo-democracy which is jointly
responsible for the gruesome fate which they have inflicted on
hundreds of thousands and millions of soldiers of their own
countries; of their barbaric lack of conscience which led them to
drive their own peoples from their homes in cold blood and
deliberately, in a mass evacuation whose military consequences
were not necessarily favorable to them, while the general
human results were shockingly gruesome. The same criminals
are at the same time responsible for whipping up the Poles and
inciting them to war. Eighteen days later this campaign endedfor all practical purposes.
For a second time in the war, I spoke to the German Volk from
this stand on October 6, 1939. I was then able to report to it the
glorious military defeat of the Polish State. I then also directed
an appeal to reason to the men responsible in the enemy states
and to their peoples. I warned against further pursuit of the war,
the consequences of which could only be devastating. I warned
the French especially not to start a war which, by necessity,
would eat its way inward from the frontier and which,
irrespective of its outcome, would have dire consequences.
At this time, I directed an appeal to the rest of the world as
well. However, as I said then, I did so with the apprehension
that not only might I not be heard, but that thereby I might only
elicit the wrath of the warmongers interested. And this is
precisely what came to pass.
The responsible elements in England and France smelt a rat,
seeing my appeal as a dangerous assault on their lucrative
profiteering in the war.
Thus they hurriedly and eagerly declared that any thought of an
understanding was a waste of time-yes, that this would even
have to be regarded as a crime. The war had to be pursued in
the name of culture, humanity, good fortune, progress,
civilization, and-Good God!-even in the name of sacred religion,
and in subservience to this end Negroes and Bushmen (Busch
menschen) had to be mobilized. And then, of course, victory
would come about of its own accord, so to speak. It would then
be within grasp; one need only reach out for it. And, naturally,
so they said, I was very well aware of all this myself, and indeed
had known it for a long time, and it was only because of this
that I had laid before the world my appeal for peace. For, if I
were in a position to believe in victory, I would not have
approached England and France with an understanding without
any conditions attached. In a few days these agitators
succeeded in portraying me as a coward before the eyes of the
I was scolded for my peace proposal, even personally insulted.
Mr. Chamberlain virtually spat in my face before the world public
and declined to even talk of peace, according to the directives of
the warmongers and agitators backing him: Churchill, Duff
Cooper, Eden, Hore-Belisha, and so on. Not to mention
negotiating a peace.
And it was thus that the big capitalist clique of war profiteers
cried for a continuation of the war. And this continuation has
now begun.
I have already asserted, and all of you, my Volksgenossen,
know this: if I do not speak for some time, or nothing
much happens, then this does not mean that I am not
doing anything. With us it is not necessary to multiply by a
factor of five or twelve every airplane built, and then to
proclaim it loudly to the world.
Besides, hens would be ill-advised to cry out to the world
every egg just laid. It would be all the more ill-considered of
statesmen to announce projects barely beyond the planning
stage, in nervous chatter, to the surrounding world, so as to
inform it in a timely manner. To the excited garrulousness of
two of these great democratic state leaders we owe evercurrent information on the plans for an expansion of the war by
our adversaries, and especially on the concentration of the war
effort in Norway and Sweden.
While the Anglo-French clique of warmongers was on the
lookout for new opportunities to expand the war, and trying to
trap new victims, I have labored to bring to a conclusion the
organizational buildup of the Wehrmacht, to set up new units,
to start up production for the war, to get material to flow, as
well as to order training of the entire Wehrmacht for its new
Beyond this, however, the bad weather of the late autumn
and winter forced a postponement of military operations.
In the course of the month of March, we gained knowledge of
British- French ambitions to intervene in the Russo-Finnish
conflict; which was less to help the Finns and more to
damage Russia, the latter being seen as a power cooperating
with Germany. This ambition grew into the determination to
intervene actively in Finland itself and, if possible, to gain a
base for carrying the war to the Baltic Sea. And, at this time
also, suggestions of the Allied High War Council appeared with
ever greater insistence either to set afire the Balkans or Asia
Minor in an effort to bar the Reich from its Russian and
Romanian oil imports, or to gain possession of Swedish iron
ore. Landings in Norway were to serve this end with the goal
of occupying all ore railroads leading from Narvik across
Sweden to the port of Lulea.
The Russo-Finnish peace accords prevented, at the last
minute, the carrying out of the already envisioned action in
the Nordic States. Yet, merely a few days later, similar
ambitions surfaced anew and precipitated a clear decision.
England and France had agreed to move, in one sudden
strike, to occupy numerous important locations in Norway
under the pretext of preventing further support for the German
war effort with Swedish ore.
To secure access completely to the Swedish ore, they
intended to march into Sweden themselves and to push
aside the few forces Sweden could muster, either, if
possible, in a friendly manner or, if necessary, by force.
Of the imminence of this danger we were informed
personally by the untamable garrulousness of the First Lord
of the British Admiralty. Moreover, we received confirmation
through a hint made by the French Premier Reynaud in a talk
with a foreign diplomat. That the date had been postponed
twice before the eighth of April, and that the occupation was
scheduled for the eighth, that the eighth, therefore, was the
third and final day-of this we gained knowledge only
recently. It was conclusively established only with the
discovery of the protocols of the High Allied War Council.
I then ordered the Wehrmacht, as soon as the danger of
dragging the North into the war was becoming apparent, to
take the appropriate measures.
The case of the Altmark already demonstrated that the
Norwegian Government was not willing to uphold its neutrality.
Beyond this, reports of secret agents also revealed that, at least
insofar as the leading heads of the Norwegian Government
and the Allies were concerned, there was already full
agreement. Finally, Norway’s reaction to the violation of its
territory by British minelayers dispelled all remaining doubts.
The German operation, prepared down to the last detail, was
In fact the situation was a bit different from what we
perceived it to be on April 9. While we then believed we had
anticipated the British occupation by a few hours, we know
today that the landing of the English troops had been
scheduled for the eighth. The embarkation of the British
contingents had already begun on the fifth and sixth. However,
the moment the first news reached the British Admiralty of
the German steps, i.e. that a German fleet had put to sea,
this development so impressed Mr. Churchill that he decided to
have the contingents already embarked disembark once
again, so that the British fleet would first be able to search
for and attack German ships. This attempt ended in failure.
Only a single English destroyer came into contact with the
German naval forces and was shot out of the water. This
vessel could not relay any sort of message to the British
Admiralty or to the fleet of the English naval combat
contingents. And thus, on the ninth, the landing of German
forward units was carried out along a coastal front
stretching from Oslo north to Narvik. When news of this
reached London, the First Lord of the Admiralty, Mr.
Churchill, had already been on the lookout for many hourseagerly awaiting first reports of the successes of his fleet.
And this strike, my Deputies, was the most daring undertaking
the history of German
implementation was possible only thanks to the leadership
and the behavior of all German soldiers involved.
What our three arms, the Army, the Navy, and the Luftwaffe,
have accomplished in the struggle for Norway assures them
mention in the records of the highest soldiership.
The Navy conducted its operations, and later handled the
troop transports, faced by an enemy who, all in all, possessed
an almost tenfold superiority. All units of our young Reich
War Navy have covered themselves with eternal glory in this
venture. Only after the war will it be appropriate to discuss
the difficulties faced especially in this campaign: the
numerous unexpected setbacks, losses, and accidents suffered.
To have overcome all this in the end goes to the credit of the
behavior, the leadership, and the troops.
The Luftwaffe, which often was the only means of transport
and communications in so gigantically vast a terrain, outdid
itself in all respects.
Death-defying attacks on the enemy, on his ships and landing
troops, are hardly more impressive than
heroics of the transport plane pilots, who in spite of
unimaginably adverse weather started time and time again
on their way to the land of the midnight sun, only to unload
soldiers or freight in the midst of a snow storm.
Norway’s fjords have become the graveyard of many a British
Because of the uninterrupted wild attacks of German bombers
and Stukas, the British fleet was forced to retreat from and to
evacuate the very arena of which a few weeks earlier an
English newspaper had so tastefully stated “that it would be a
pleasure for England to oblige the German invitation to do
battle there.” The Army. The crossing already constituted a
great challenge for the soldiers of the Army. In a few cases,
airborne troops had opened up the area where they first set
foot. Then division after division flooded the land which, due to
its natural characteristics, already possessed considerable
defenses, and which-as far as the Norwegian units were
concerned-was very valiantly defended. Of the Englishmen
who had landed in Norway, one can say that the only
remarkable thing was the unscrupulousness with which such
badly trained, insufficiently equipped, and miserably led soldiers
had been put ashore as an expeditionary corps. From the
beginning, they were certain to lose. By contrast, what our
German infantry, the pioneers, what our artillery, our
communications and construction units, have achieved in
Norway can only be termed the proud heroism of struggle and
The word Narvik will enter our history as glorious evidence of
the spirit of the Wehrmacht of the National Socialist Greater
German Reich.
The gentlemen Churchill, Chamberlain, Daladier, and so on,
have, until recently, been exceedingly ill-informed as to the
essence of the Greater German unification process. At the
time, I announced that the future would probably teach them
better. And I may well assume that in particular the
deployment of mountain troops from the Ostmark at this
front furthest north in our battle for freedom has enlightened
them sufficiently as far as the Greater German Reich and its
sons are concerned.
It is lamentable that the grenadiers of Mr. Chamberlain did not
pay sufficient and, above all, persistent attention to this
conflict, and instead preferred to be satisfied with the first test
of the inner disposition of the tribes of our Volk which have
newly come to the Reich.
General von Falkenhorst led operations in Norway. Lieutenant
General Dietl was the hero of Narvik.
Operations at sea were conducted under the leadership of
Admiral General Saalwachter and the Admirals Carls and
Boehm, and Vice Admiral Lutjens. Operations of the Luftwaffe
were under the leadership of Colonel General Milch and
Lieutenant General Geissler. The High Command of the
Wehrmacht, Colonel General Keitel, as the Chief of the High
Command, and General Jodl, as the Chief of the Wehrmacht
leadership staff, were
responsible for implementing my
directives for the entire undertaking.
Even before the conclusion of the campaign in Norway, news
in the West took on an ever more threatening character.
While, in fact, preparations had been made before the war to
break through the Maginot Line in the event of a necessary
conflict with France or England, an undertaking for which the
German troops had been trained and had been equipped
with the weaponry required, the course of events in the first
months of the war compelled us to contemplate the possibility
of moving against Holland and Belgium. While Germany had
positioned hardly any units against Belgium or
Netherlands, other than those necessary for security
reasons, as well as beginning to expand upon its fortification
system, a visible mass of French units began to array itself
concentration of tanks and motorized divisions in this sector
revealed that it was intended-at any rate it was possible-for
these to be hurled at lighting speed through Belgium at the
German border.
Decisive in this context was the following observation: While,
in the case of a loyal reading of the Belgian-Dutch neutrality,
these two countries would have been forced, by the
concentration of strong Anglo- French forces at their border,
to focus their attention on the West, both began to reduce
their troop strengths along this border to the same degree
they began to build up the units stationed along the border with
Germany. News of ongoing talks at the general staff level
also shed a peculiar light on [this interpretation of] BelgianDutch neutrality. I need not emphasize that these talks, had
they been conducted in the spirit of true neutrality, would have
had to be held with both sides. Besides this, such an
intensification of signs indicating that a move of the AngloFrench troops across Holland and Belgium against the German
industrial area was taking place required that we should
regard this threat as a serious danger.
Hence I took the German Wehrmacht into my confidence,
informing it of the possibility of such a development and
entrusting it with the appropriate, detailed directives. In
conferences at the High Command of the
Wehrmacht with the Commanders in Chief of the three
branches of the Wehrmacht, the leaders of the Army groups
and of the armies, down to the leaders of important,
individual undertakings, the tasks facing us were enumerated
and thoroughly discussed. Among the troops these were taken
up with great understanding, as the basis for a special type of
Correspondingly, the entire German deployment underwent the
necessary adjustments.
The thorough observations which had been conducted
everywhere gradually led to the compelling recognition that,
from the beginning of May on, an Anglo-French advance had to
be expected at any moment.
In the days of May 6 and 7, telephone conversations
between London and Paris took place, of which we gained
intelligence and which reinforced suspicions that an invasion of
the Netherlands and Belgium by the so-called Allies had to be
expected at any moment. Thus on the following day, May 8, I
ordered an immediate attack for May 10, 5:35 in the morning.
The basic thought behind this operation was to deploy,
without worrying about peripheral successes, the entire
Wehrmacht-especially the Army and the Luftwaffe-in so
decisive a manner that the envisioned operations had to attain
the complete annihilation of the Anglo-French forces. In
contrast to the Schlieffen Plan of the year 1914, I ordered the
main thrust of the operation along the left flank of the
breakthrough front, while, however, keeping up appearances
of a reversed version. This deception was successful. Conduct
of the entire operation was made easy for me by measures
our adversaries themselves took. For the concentration of
the entire Anglo-French motorized combat forces against
Belgium revealed as certain that the High Command of the
Allied armies had arrived at the decision to advance most
speedily into this area.
We relied on the steadfastness of all German infantry
divisions deployed in the thrust against the right flank of the
Anglo-French motorized Army Group.
Such a drive had to lead to its complete shattering and
dissolution-yes, perhaps even to its encirclement.
As a second operation, I had planned the taking of the Seine
up to Le Havre, as well as securing bases at the Somme
and Aisne for a third assault. This was intended to break
through, with strong forces across the plateau at Langres, to
the Swiss border. Reaching the coast south of Bordeaux was
to conclude operations. Within this framework and in this
sequence, operations were in fact carried out.
The success of this mightiest sequence of battles in world
history we owe first and foremost to the German soldier
himself. He held his own at all places he was deployed to the
highest degree. The German tribes all share equally in this
The soldiers of the young, new Reichsgaus, added only since
1938, also fought in an exemplary fashion and took a heavy
toll of lives. The heroic risk of life by all Germans in this war
will make the emerging National Socialist Greater German
Reich eternally sacred and dear not only to the present
generation, but to all that follow.
When I undertake to honor all those forces to whose
activities we owe this most glorious of victories, then first
mention is due to a leadership which, in particular in this
campaign, has met the highest of requirements.
The Army. It has performed the tasks imposed upon it, under
the leadership of Colonel General von Brauchitsch and his Chief
of Staff Halder, in a truly glorious fashion.
If the leadership of the German Army of long ago was regarded
as the best in the world, then it is deserving today of at
least equal admiration. Yes, since success is decisive for
passing judgment, the leadership of the new German Army must
be considered even better.
Subdivided into three Army Groups, the Army in the West was
placed under the orders of Colonel Generals Ritter von Leeb,
von Rundstedt, and von Bock.
The Army Group of General Ritter von Leeb had the initial
mission to maintain the left flank of the German front in the
West, stretching from the Swiss border up to the Moselle, in a
state of highest defensive readiness. It was anticipated
that, in the later course of the operation, this front would
also actively intervene in the battle of destruction with two
armies under the leadership of Colonel General von Witzleben
and General Dollmann.
At 5:35 in the morning of May 10, the two Army Groups
under Colonel Generals von Rundstedt and von Bock launched
the attack. It was their mission, along the entire front from the
river Moselle to the North Sea, to break through the enemy
lines along the frontier; to occupy the Netherlands; to move
against Antwerp and the troops stationed at Dyle; to take
Liege; and, above all, to reach the left flank along the river
Meuse with massive forces for the attack, to force a crossing
between Namur and Carignan with a main thrust of the tank
and motorized divisions at Sedan and, in the further course of
operations, to assemble all available tank and motorized
divisions to push onward, along the system of canals and
rivers between the Aisne and the Somme, to the sea.
To Rundstedt’s southern Army Group fell also the
important task of preventing a repetition of the Miracle of
the Marne of 1914. He was to accomplish this task by
securing, according to plan, the cover of the left flank in the
course of the breakthrough.
This massive operation, which already decided the further
course of the war, led, as planned, to the annihilation of the
main mass of the French Army as well as of the entire
British Expeditionary Force, and already added luster to the
German leadership.
Besides the two leaders of the Army Groups and their
Chiefs of Staff, Lieutenant General von Sodenstern and
Lieutenant General von Salmuth, the following leaders of the
Army are deserving of the highest of distinctions: Colonel
General von Kluge as leader of the Fourth Army; Colonel
General List as leader of the Twelfth Army; Colonel General
von Reichenau as leader of the Sixth Army; General von
Kuchler as leader of the Eighteenth Army; General Busch as
leader of the Sixteenth Army; and the Generals von Kleist,
Guderian, Hoth, and Hoeppner as leaders of the tank and
motorized troops.
Large additional numbers of generals and officers who
distinguished themselves in these operations are known to
you already, my Deputies, because of the high distinctions
granted them.
The further conduct of the operation in the general direction of
the Aisne and the Seine was not intended to conquer Paris
primarily, but rather to create, or better secure, a basis for a
breakthrough to the Swiss border. This massive offensive
action, thanks to the outstanding leadership of all grades,
also went according to plan. A change of personnel in the High
Command of the French Army, which had meanwhile taken
place, was to revive its resistance and to bring about a change,
much desired by the Allies, in the fortunes of the battle so
unhappily begun. Indeed it was possible to get the German
armies and their offensive actions going, at several locations,
only after overcoming the strongest of resistance. Here, not
only the courage, but also the training of the German soldier
had the opportunity to hold its own to a high degree.
Inspired by the zeal of countless officers and noncommissioned officers, as well as of individual men of valor, the
infantry itself, time and time again, was compelled onward even
in the most difficult of situations.
Paris fell! The breaking of the enemy’s resistance at the
Aisne opened the way to a breakthrough to the Swiss border.
In one gigantic envelopment the armies stormed to the back of
the Maginot Line. Now abandoning its reserve, the Army Group
Leeb went on the offensive in two locations west of
Saarbrucken and Neubreisach. Under orders from Generals
von Witzleben and Dollmann, they achieved the breakthrough.
And thus it was possible not only to surround the gigantic
front of the French resistance, but to dissolve it into little
particles and to force it to the well-known capitulation.
These operations were crowned by the now generally beginning
advance of the German armies. At their head moved the
incomparable Panzer and motor divisions of the Army with the
goal of driving a left flank down the Rhone in the direction of
Marseilles, and a right flank across the Loire in the direction of
Bordeaux and the Spanish border. This was to destroy the
dissolving remains of the French Army, or rather to occupy
French territory.
I will report in detail at a later point on the intervention of our
allies in this war. When Marshal Petain offered France’s laying
down of arms, he was not laying down a weapon he still held.
Rather he merely put an end to a situation completely untenable
in the eyes of every soldier. Only the bloody dilettantism of a
Mr. Churchill either fails to comprehend as much or lies about
it in spite of better knowledge.
In the second, third, and last phase of this war, the
following Army leaders distinguished themselves as did the
earlier mentioned generals: Colonel General von Witzleben;
the Generals von Weichs, Dollmann, Strauss. The valiant
divisions and standards of the Waffen SS also fought within the
framework of these armies.
When I express my gratitude and that of the German
Volk to the aforementioned generals, in their capacity as
leaders of the Army and Army Groups, this applies at the
same time to all other officers, all of whom it is not possible to
mention by name, and especially to all the nameless workers of
the General Staff.
In this battle, my Deputies, the rank and file of Germany has
proved itself to be what it has always been: the best infantry in
the world.
And with it all other branches of the Army compete:
artilleryand pioneers, and, above all, the young units of our
tanks and motorized troops. The German Panzer weapon,
through this war, has made its entry into world history. The
men of the Waffen SS share in the glory. Yet the
communications units, the construction units of the pioneers,
the railroad construction men, etc., are also worthy, in
accordance with their performance, of the highest praise we
have to offer. In the wake of the armies followed the
commandos of the Todt Organization, of the Reich Labor
Service, and of the NSKK, and these also helped to repair
roads, bridges, as well as to restore order to traffic.
Within the framework of the Army, this time there also fought
parts of the Flak artillery of our Luftwaffe. At the foremost
front, they helped to break the enemy’s power of resistance
and attack. A detailed account of their effectiveness can be
rendered only at a later date.
The Luftwaffe itself. At dawn on the morning of May 10,
thousands of fighter planes and dive bombers, under the
cover of fighters and destroyers, descended on enemy
airfields. Within a few days uncontested air superiority was
assured. And not for one minute in the further course of the
battle was it allowed to slip.
Only where temporarily no German airplanes were sighted,
could enemy fighters and bombers make short appearances.
Besides this, their activities were restricted to night action.
The Field Marshal [Goring] had the Luftwaffe under his orders
during this mission in the war.
Its tasks were: 1. to destroy the enemy air forces, i.e. to
remove these from the skies; 2. to support directly or
indirectly the fighting troops by uninterrupted attacks; 3. to
destroy the enemy’s means of command and movement; 4. to
wear down and break the enemy’s morale and will to resist; 5.
to land parachute troops as advance units.
The manner of their deployment in the operation in general, as
well as their adjustment
to the tactical demands of the moment, was exceptional.
Without the valor of the Army, the successes attained should
never have been possible.
Equally true is it that, without the heroic mission of the
Luftwaffe, the valor of the Army should have been for
naught. Both Army and Luftwaffe are deserving of the
greatest glory! The deployment of the Luftwaffe in the West
took place under the personal command of Field Marshal
Goring. His Chief of Staff: Major General Jeschonnek.
Both aerial fleets stood under orders of General der Flieger
Sperrle and General der Flieger Kesselring. The Aviation
Corps subordinate to them stood under orders of Generals
der Flieger Grauert and Keller, Lieutenant General Loerzer,
and Lieutenant General Ritter von Greim, as well as of
Major General Freiherr von Richthofen. Both Flak Corps
stood under orders of Flak Artillery General Weise and Major
General Dessloch. The Ninth Aerial Division under Major
General Coeler deserves special mention. The Commander of
the Parachute Troops, General der Flieger Student, was
severely wounded. The further conduct of the battle in the air
in Norway was orchestrated by General der Flieger Stumpff.
While millions of German soldiers of the Army, Luftwaffe, and
Waffen SS took part in these battles, others could not be
spared at home as they were needed for the buildup of the
local reserve formations. Many of the most capable officersas bitter as this was for them- were forced to conduct and
oversee the training of those soldiers who, as reserve units,
or perhaps in new formations, were to go to the front only
later. Despite my sympathy for the inner sentiments of those
who felt at a disadvantage, the greater common interest, as a
matter of principle, was decisive. Party and State, Army, Navy,
Luftwaffe, and SS sent every man to the front whom they
were able to spare somehow. Yet, without securing a
Replacement Army, a reserve air force, reserve SS formations,
as well as Party and State in general, the war at the front could
not have been waged.
As the organizers of the Replacement Army at home and of the
armament and supplies for the Luftwaffe, the following have
attained special merit: Artillery General Fromm and General
der Flieger Udet.
I cannot conclude the enumeration of all these meritorious
generals and admirals without paying tribute to those who
are my closest co-workers in the Staff of the High
Command of the Wehrmacht: Colonel General Keitel as Chief
of the High Command of the Wehrmacht, and Major General
Jodl as his Chief of Staff. They have made the greatest of
contributions to the realization of my plans and ideas
throughout long months of many cares and much work.
An appreciation of the accomplishments of our Navy and its
leaders will only be possible, to a full extent, at the end of
the war. When I now conclude these purely military
reflections on events, truth compels me to state the historic
fact that none of this would have been possible without the
disposition of the home front-or without, at its fore, the
foundation, the work, and the activities of the National Socialist
Already in 1919, in the age of great decline, it proclaimed its
program for the establishment of a German People’s Army and
has stood up for it throughout the decades with a zealous
necessary for both the re-emergence of the German Reich
and the creation of a German Wehrmacht would not have
existed. Above all, it lent the struggle its ideological
(weltanschaulich) foundation. To the senseless sacrifice of life
of our democratic opponents in the interests of their
plutocracies, it opposes the defense of a Volksgemeinschaft.
Its activities have resulted in a solidarity between front and
homeland, which regrettably did not exist in the World War.
From its ranks, therefore, I should like to name the men,
who along with countless others, attained great merit in
securing the opportunity to celebrate victory in a new
Germany: Party comrade Reich Minister Hess, himself an old
soldier of the World War, has been one of the most loyal
fighters for the erection of the present state and its Wehrmacht
ever since the early days of the foundation of the Movement.
Party comrade Chief of Staff of the SA Lutze has organized the
mass of millions of SA men, in the sense of supporting the
state to the utmost, and has secured its pre- and postmilitary training. Party comrade Himmler has organized the
entire security of our Reich as well as the units of the Waffen
Party comrade Hierl has been the founder and leader of the
Reich Labor Service. Party comrade Ley is the guarantor of the
behavior of the German worker. Party comrade and Reich
Minister Major General Todt is the organizer of the production
of armament and ammunition and has gained eternal merit as
a master builder in the construction of our massive, strategic
[!] road network as well as of the fortified front in the West.
Party comrade Minister Goebbels
is the leader of a
propaganda apparatus whose refinement is best ascertained in
comparison with that of the World War.
Among the numerous organizations of the home front, there
Kriegswinterhilfswerk, and of the NS Volkswohlfahrt under the
of Party comrade Hilgenfeldt, as well as the
German Red Cross, and moreover the Reich Air Defense
Association under the leadership of Flak Artillery General von
I cannot conclude this tribute without thanking the one man
who, for years, has engaged himself in loyal, untiring, selfdevouring work to realize my foreign policy directives. The
name of Party comrade von Ribbentrop as Reich Foreign
Minister shall remain tied for all eternity to the political rise of
the German nation.
My Deputies! I have determined, as Fuhrer and Supreme
Commander of the German Wehrmacht, to honor the most
meritorious generals before the one forum which in truth
represents the entire German Volk. I must place at their
forefront a man to whom I have difficulty in expressing
sufficient gratitude for the services which tie his name to the
Movement, to the State, and, above all, to the German
Since the days of the foundation of the SA, Party Comrade
Goring has been bound up in the development and rise of the
Movement. Since we came to power, his capacity for work
and willingness to take responsibility have accomplished
deeds in numerous fields for the German Volk and the
German Reich which cannot be excluded from the history of
our Volk and Reich.
Since the rebuilding of the German Wehrmacht, he has
become the creator of the German Luftwaffe. It is granted
to only a few mortals to create in the course of their lives a
military instrument practically from nothing and to transform it
into the mightiest weapon of its kind in the world. Above all, he
has lent it his spirit.
Field Marshal Goring as creator of the German Luftwaffe, and as
an individual man, has
made the greatest contribution to the rebuilding of the
German Wehrmacht. As the leader of the German Luftwaffe he
has, in the course of the war up to date, created the
prerequisites for victory. His merits are unequaled! I name
him Reichsmarschall of the Greater German Reich and award
him the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross.
For services rendered to the victory of German weaponry in the
struggle for the freedom and future of our Greater German
Reich, I hereby promote:
The Commander in Chief of the Army, Colonel General von
Brauchitsch, to the rank of Field Marshal;
Colonel General von Rundstedt, Commander in Chief of Army
Group A, to the rank of Field Marshal;
Colonel General Ritter von Leeb, Commander in Chief of Army
Group C, to the rank of Field Marshal;
Colonel General von Bock, Commander in Chief of Army Group
B, to the rank of Field Marshal;
Colonel General List, Commander in Chief of the Twelfth
Army, to the rank of Field Marshal;
Colonel General von Kluge, Commander in Chief of the Fourth
Army, to the rank of Field Marshal;
Colonel General von Witzleben, Commander in Chief of the
First Army, to the rank of Field Marshal;
Colonel General von Reichenau, Commander in Chief of the
Sixth Army, to the rank of Field Marshal.
I promote:
General Halder, Chief of the General Staff of the Army, to the
rank of Colonel General;
General Dollmann, Commander in Chief of the Seventh Army,
to the rank of Colonel General;
General Freiherr von Weichs, Commander in Chief of the
Second Army, to the rank of Colonel General;
General von Kuchler, Commander in Chief of the Eighteenth
Army, to the rank of Colonel General;
General Busch, Commander in Chief of the Sixteenth Army,
to the rank of Colonel General;
General Strauss, Commander in Chief of the Ninth Army, to
the rank of Colonel General;
General von Falkenhorst, Military Commander in Norway,
to the rank of Colonel General;
General von Kleist, Commanding General of the TwentySecond Army Corps, to the rank of Colonel General;
General Ritter von Schobert, Commanding General of the
Seventh Army Corps, to the rank of Colonel General;
General Guderian, Commanding General of the Nineteenth
Army Corps, to the rank of Colonel General;
General Hoth, Commanding General of the Fifteenth Army
Corps, to the rank of Colonel General;
General Haase, Commanding General of the Third Army Corps,
to the rank of Colonel General;
General Hoeppner, Commanding General of the Sixteenth
Army Corps, to the rank of
Colonel General;
Commander in Chief of the Replacement Army, to the rank
of Colonel General.
In consideration of unequaled services rendered I promote:
Lieutenant General Dietl, Commanding General of the
Mountain Corps in Norway, to the rank of Infantry General. As
the first officer with the German Wehrmacht, I award him the
Oak Leaves of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.
Pending a later recognition of all the leaders and officers of the
Reich Navy, I promote:
Admiral Carls, the Commanding Admiral of the Naval
Station Baltic Sea and Commander in Chief of the Naval
Troops East, to the rank of Admiral General.
In appreciation of the unequaled accomplishments of the
German Luftwaffe, I promote:
Colonel General Milch to the rank of Field Marshal;
General der Flieger Sperrle to the rank of Field Marshal;
General der Flieger Kesselring to the rank of Field Marshal.
I promote: General der Flieger Stumpff to the rank of Colonel
General der Flieger Grauert to the rank of Colonel General;
General der Flieger Keller to the rank of Colonel General;
General of the Flak Artillery Weise to the rank of Colonel
General; General der Flieger Udet to the rank of Colonel
Furthermore, I promote to the rank of General der Flieger:
Lieutenant General Geissler; Major General Jeschonnek;
Lieutenant General Loerzer; Lieutenant General Ritter von
Greim; and Major General Freiherr von Richthofen.
In my High Command of the Wehrmacht I promote: Colonel
General Keitel to the rank of Field Marshal;
Major General Jodl to the rank of Artillery General.
In announcing these promotions on the occasion of the most
successful campaign in our history, before this forum and
so before the entire nation, I thereby honor the entire
Wehrmacht of the National Socialist Greater German Reich.
I cannot conclude my reflections on this battle without
thinking of our ally here. Ever since there has been a National
Socialist regime, its foreign policy has embraced two goals:
1. bringing about a true understanding and friendship
with Italy and,
2. bringing about the same relationship with England.
My Party Comrades, you know that I was as driven by these
conceptions twenty years ago as I was later. I have dealt
with and defended these ideas as a journalist and in my
speeches countless times, as long as I myself was a mere
opposition leader in the democratic republic. I immediately
undertook, as soon as the German Volk entrusted me with its
leadership, to realize these oldest goals of National Socialist
foreign policy in practical terms. It still saddens me today that,
in spite of all my endeavors, I have not succeeded in obtaining
this friendship with England which, I believe, should have
been a blessing for both peoples; and especially because I
was not able to do so despite my persistent, sincere efforts.
However, I am all the more happy that at least the first
point in this program of my foreign policy was in fact realized.
This I owe, above all, to the genius who today stands at the
head of the Italian people. For it was possible only owing to
his epoch-making activities for the two intellectually related
revolutions to find each other, to finally seal in jointly-shed
blood the alliance which is destined to procure a new life for
Europe. That I myself have the honor to be a friend of this
man gladdens me all the more in view of the unique story of
his life, which bears evidence of as many similarities to my
own as our two revolutions do to each other, and, beyond
this, as does the history of the unification and rise of our two
Ever since the resurrection of the German Volk, we have heard
many voices of understanding from Italy. On the foundation
of this mutual understanding grew a living community of
interests. And finally this was set down in treaties. And
when, last year, contrary to my expressed will and desire,
this war was forced on the German Reich, a consultation
on the further conduct of our two states involved Mussolini and
me. The benefit derived for the Reich from the behavior of
Italy was extraordinary. Not only economically did we profit
from the situation and the stance of Italy, but also militarily.
From the beginning, Italy tied down strong forces of our
enemies and curtailed above all their freedom of strategic
disposition. And when the Duce determined that the time had
come to take a stand with the weapon in his fist against the
unbearable and persistent violation of Italy, damage done in
particular by French and British transgression, and the King
issued the declaration of war, then this was done with
complete freedom of decision. All the greater must our
gratitude be.
The intercession of Italy has sped up and assisted in opening
France’s eyes to the utter
hopelessness of continued
And ever since, our ally has fought on the peaks and ridges of
the Alps and now on the vast plains encompassed in his sphere
of interest. Especially his present air attacks and battles at sea
are being led with the spirit peculiar to the Fascist Revolution.
Here they elicit the spirit which binds National Socialism to
Fascist Italy. Italy’s pain is Germany’s pain, as we have
experienced in recent days in view of the death of Balbo. Its joy
is our joy.
And our cooperation in the political and military fields is a
complete one.
It will erase the injustice done the German and Italian peoples
throughout the centuries. For, at the end of everything, stands
the shared victory! And when I now turn to speak of the
future, my Deputies, I do so not to boast or brag. This I can
well leave up to others who are in greater need of it, as for
example Mr. Churchill. What I want to do is to paint a picture
of the present situation, bare of exaggeration, as it is and as I
see it.
1. The course of events in the ten months of war now
lying behind us has proved my assessments correct and
those of our adversaries incorrect.
When the British so-called statesmen assure us that their
country emerges strengthened from every defeat and failure,
then it surely is no arrogance when I inform them that we
emerge at least equally strengthened from our successes.
On September 1 of the year now past, I already explained to
you that, come what may, neither the force of weapons nor
time shall force Germany to the ground. The Reich today
stands stronger militarily than ever before.
You have seen the losses, individually surely heavy, though
as a total relatively low, which the German Wehrmacht has
suffered in battle within the past three months. When you
consider that, within this time, we erected a front which
reaches from the North Cape to the Spanish border, then our
losses are extraordinarily low, especially when compared with
those of the World War. The cause lies-besides with the, on
an average, excellent leadership-with the outstanding tactical
training of the individual soldier and of the units, as well as
with the cooperation among the branches of the service.
Another cause is to be found with the quality and efficiency
of the new weaponry. A third cause lies with the conscious
refusal to pursue what is called prestige. I myself have, on
principle, labored to avoid any attack or operation which was
not necessary in the context of the actual annihilation of the
adversary, but was instead to be carried out for the sake of
what was regarded as prestige.
In spite of all of this, naturally, we had anticipated far higher
losses in many instances. The manpower saved will benefit us
in the further pursuit of the struggle for freedom forced upon
us. At present, many of our divisions in France are being
withdrawn and reassigned to their bases at home. Many men
are able to take leaves of absence. Weaponry and equipment
are being either repaired or replaced by new material. All in
all, the Wehrmacht today is stronger than ever before.
2. Weaponry. The loss of weaponry in Norway, especially in
the campaigns against Holland, Belgium, and France, is void
of any significance. It stands in no relation to production.
Army and Luftwaffe possess at this moment-as I am speaking
to you-equipment more complete and stronger than before we
intervened in the West.
3. Ammunition. Provisions for ammunition were so well
executed, the stocks are so vast, that in many areas
production must now be curtailed or rerouted since the
existing depots and warehouses, even given the greatest of
efforts, in part are no longer capable of absorbing further
deliveries. As in Poland, the consumption of ammunition was
unexpectedly low. It stands in no relation to the stockpiles. The
total reserves of the Army and the Luftwaffe are higher at
present, for all categories of weapons, than before the attack
in the West.
4. Raw materials essential to the war effort. Thanks to
the Four-Year Plan, Germany was prepared for the greatest
of strains in an exemplary fashion. No armed forces in the
world, other than Germany’s Wehrmacht, have so benefited
from a shift away from imported raw materials essential to the
war effort to such as can be found within the country.
Thanks to the work of the Reichsmarschall, this transformation
of the German economy into a war economy characterized by
self-sufficiency was already achieved in peacetime. [!] We
possess reserves of the two most important raw materials,
coal and iron, in what I may well term an unlimited quantity.
Fuel supplies are more than enough for consumption. The
capacities of our production are increasing and, within a short
time, they will suffice- even should imports cease-to satisfy
demand completely.
Our advance metal collections have so increased our metal
reserves that we can face a war of no matter what duration.
We shall reign supreme no matter what happens. Added to
this are the enormous possibilities that come from a yet
immeasurable loot and including the development of the
territories we have occupied. Germany and Italy possess,
within the confines of the area they regulate and control, an
economic potential of about 200 million men, of whom only
130 million are soldiers, with seventy million free to be
employed exclusively in different economic activities.
I informed you on September 1, my Deputies, that for the
further conduct of the war I had ordered the initial
implementation of a new Five-Year Plan. I can now assure you
that all measures to this end have been taken. Come what
may, I now no longer regard time as a threatening factor,
not even in a general sense. This time, the measures taken
in a timely fashion have also secured foodstuffs for a war of no
matter how long a duration.
5. The attitude of the German Volk. Thanks to National
Socialist education, the German Volk has not approached this
war with the superficiality of a “hurrah” patriotism, but with the
zealous determination of a race which knows the fate awaiting
it should it suffer defeat. The endeavors to subvert this unity,
launched by the propaganda of our enemies, are as stupid as
they are ineffective. Ten months of war have rendered this
zealousness all the more profound. And, in general, it is a
great misfortune that the world’s opinion is not formed by
men who see things as they are, but by men who see them as
they want them to be.
In the last days, I have seen through and studied countless
documents from the Allied Headquarters’ “Ark of the
Covenant.” Among other things, these contain reports on
the atmosphere in Germany, or memoranda on the
disposition and inner attitude of the German Volk. The
authors of these reports were, in part, also diplomats.
Reading through these reports, one cannot help wondering
whether their authors were blind, stupid, or simply vile
scoundrels. I will admit without further ado that, naturally,
here in Germany also there have been, and perhaps still are
today, certain individuals who have watched the Third
Reich’s conquests with a feeling akin to regret. Incorrigible
reactionaries or blind nihilists may well be saddened in their
hearts that things came out not as they had willed them. But
their numbers are ridiculously small and their significance is
smaller yet.
Regrettably, this scum of the nation appears to have been
chosen by the outside world as a measuring stick by which to
assess the German Volk. And from this, the sick minds of
failed statesmen derive the last points of orientation to cling to
for new hope. As needed, the British warlords designate a
“General Hunger” or an “imminent revolution” as their new
allies. There is no nonsense that these people would not dish
up for their own nation in order to cling to their positions for yet
a few more weeks.
The German Volk has proved, above all, its inner attitude
through its sons who are
fighting on the battlefield. Within weeks they have beaten
Germany’s strongest military adversary and have destroyed
him. Their spirit was and remains the spirit of the German
6. The surrounding world. In the eyes of English
politicians, their last hopes, besides those resting with the
loyal and allied nations, lie with a series of propped-up heads
of state without thrones; statesmen without subjects; and
complications they believe they can conjure up thanks to their
well-proven deftness in such matters. A true Ahasuerus
amongst these hopes is the belief in a possible new
estrangement to separate Germany and Russia.
German-Russian relations have been established for good. The
reason for this was that England and France, with the support
of certain smaller states, incessantly attributed to Germany
ambitions to conquer terrain which lay completely outside the
sphere of German interests. At one time, Germany was
eyeing the occupation of the Ukraine; then again it sought
to invade Finland; at another time it was claimed that
Romania was threatened; then finally even Turkey was
endangered. Given these circumstances, I held it to be
proper to undertake, above all, with Russia, a sober
delineation of interests, to once and for all clarify what
Germany believes it must regard as its sphere of interest in
securing its future, and what in turn Russia holds to be vital to
its existence.
Based on this clear delineation of mutual spheres of interest,
the Russo- German relationship was revised. It is childish to
hope that in the course of this revision tensions might arise
anew between Germany and Russia.
Germany has not stepped outside its sphere of interest, and
neither has Russia. England is deceived in its hope of bringing
about a new European crisis to reprieve its own situation,
insofar as the relationship of Germany to Russia is concerned.
Though the British statesmen are chronically slow in their
comprehension of almost everything, they will surely come to
understand this in the course of time. I fancy I correctly
forecast the future development of this war in my speech of
October 6. I assure you, my Deputies, that not for a moment
could I doubt victory. And, unless one feels the need to see
signs and guarantees for the final victory exclusively in
defeats, then I believe that the course of events up to this
point has proved me right. As I was certain of this course of
events, I offered my hand to France and England at the time
for an understanding.
You still recall the answer I received. My arguments against
the nonsense of pursuing this war, on the certainty of gaining
nothing, even under the most favorable of circumstances, and
of losing much, were mocked and scoffed at, or passed over.
I promptly assured you then that I feared, because of my
peace proposal, to be decried as a cockerel who no longer
wants to fight because he is no longer able to fight. And this
is exactly what happened. I now believe that France- less the
guilty statesmen than the people- thinks differently about this
October 6 today. What nameless misery has befallen this
great country and people since then. I shall not even mention
the toll of suffering the war has placed on the soldier. For
above this stands the suffering caused by the recklessness of
those who drove millions of people from their homes without
proper cause, who were compelled by the thought that this
might somehow hamper the German war effort. This
premise defied comprehension: this evacuation was mostly
to the detriment of the Allied war effort and, moreover, it
was the most cruel experience for the unfortunate
afflicted. The injury the gentlemen Churchill and Reynaud
have done millions of people, through their advice and
commands-this they can neither justify in this world nor in the
All of this-as I said-need not have happened. For peace was
all I asked of France and England in October. But the
gentlemen war profiteers wanted a continuation of this war at
all cost. They have it now.
I myself am too much a soldier not to comprehend the
tragedy of such a development. Still all I hear from London are
cries-not the cries of the masses, but of the politicians-that this
war must now, all the more, be pursued. I do not know if
these politicians have an inkling of just how this war is in fact
to be pursued. They declare that they will continue this war,
and should England fall, then they will do so from Canada. I
do not believe this means that the English people will all
emigrate to Canada, but rather that the gentlemen war
profiteers will all retreat to Canada by themselves. I fear the
people will have to remain behind in England. And, assuredly,
they will see the war with different eyes in London than
their so-called leaders in Canada.
Believe me, my Deputies, I feel an inner disgust at this type
of unscrupulous parliamentarian annihilators of peoples and
states. It is almost painful to me to have been chosen by
Providence to give a shove to what these men have brought to
the point of falling. It was not my ambition to wage wars, but
to build up a new social state of the highest culture. And every
year of war takes me away from my work. And the cause of
this robbery is those ludicrous zeroes whom one could at best
call nature’s political run of the mill, insofar as their corrupted
vileness does not brand them as something out of the ordinary.
Mr. Churchill has repeated the declaration that he wants war.
About six weeks ago now, he launched this war in an arena in
which he apparently believes he is quite strong: namely, in the
air war against the civilian population, albeit beneath the
deceptive slogan of a so-called
war against military
objectives. Ever since Freiburg, these objectives have turned
out to be open cities, markets, villages, residential housing,
hospitals, schools, kindergartens, and whatever else happens
to be hit.
Up to now I have given little by way of response. This is
not intended to signal, however, that this is the only response
possible or that it shall remain this way.
I am fully aware that with our response, which one day will
come, will also come the nameless suffering and misfortune of
many men. Naturally, this does not apply to Mr. Churchill
himself since by then he will surely be secure in Canada, where
the money and the children of the most distinguished of war
profiteers have already been brought. But there will be great
tragedy for millions of other men. And Mr. Churchill should
make an exception and place trust in me when as a prophet I
now proclaim: A great world empire will be destroyed. A world
empire which I never had the ambition to destroy or as much
as harm. Alas, I am fully aware that the continuation of this
war will end only in the complete shattering of one of the two
warring parties. Mr. Churchill may believe this to be
Germany. I know it to be England. In this hour I feel
compelled, standing before my conscience, to direct yet
another appeal to reason in England. I believe I can do this
as I am not asking for something as the vanquished, but
rather, as the victor, I am speaking in the name of reason. I see
no compelling reason which could force the continuation of this
I regret the sacrifices it will demand. I would like to spare my
Volk. I know the hearts of millions of men and boys aglow at
the thought of finally being allowed to wage battle against an
enemy who has, without reasonable cause, declared war on us a
second time.
But I also know of the women and mothers at home whose
hearts, despite their willingness to sacrifice to the last, hang
onto this last with all their might.
Mr. Churchill may well belittle my declaration again, crying
that it was nothing other than a symptom of my fear, or my
doubts of the final victory.
Still I will have an easy conscience in view of things to
come. Deputies, Men of the German Reichstag! In reflecting
on the ten months lying behind us, all of us will surely feel
overcome by the grace of Providence which allowed us to
accomplish so great a task. It has blessed our resolves and
stood by us on many a difficult path. I myself am
touched in recognition of the calling it imparted to me to
restore freedom and honor to my Volk. The disgrace we
suffered for twenty-two years and which had its beginnings
in the Forest of Compiegne was erased forever at the very
same site. Today I have named the men who, before
history, enabled me to accomplish this great task. They have
done their best, dedicating their talents and their industry to
the German Volk.
I now wish to conclude in mentioning all those nameless men
who have no less done their duty. Millions of them have
risked life and liberty and, as brave German officers and
soldiers, have been ready at every hour to make the last
sacrifice a man can make. Today many of them rest in the
same graves in which their fathers have rested since the Great
War. They bear evidence to silent heroism. They stand as
a symbol for all those hundreds of
thousands of
musketeers, anti-tank gunners and tank gunners, pioneers
and artillerymen, soldiers of the Navy and the Luftwaffe,
men of the Waffen SS, and all those other fighters who stood
for the German Wehrmacht in the struggle for the freedom and
future of our Volk and for the eternal greatness of the National
Socialist Greater German Reich.
Deutschland-Sieg Heil!