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Volume 18, Number 21
October 12, 2007
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“I hear patients say how different HUP care is
now, and they particularly comment about
our nurses…This success reflects the
ongoing, day-to-day care.”
— Arthur Rubenstein
Victoria Rich and William Hudson,
her co-chair of the Shared
Governance Leadership Council.
Sy mbols of
E x c e l l e n c e
Every HUP nurse now proudly wears a
symbol of HUP’s excellence: the Magnet pin.
“Receiving a pin is a powerful hallmark of
achievement throughout our lives,” noted
Victoria Rich, PhD, executive nurse officer of
UPMC, at last month’s pinning ceremony. “Pins
symbolize accomplishments. And the Magnet
pin symbolizes the best of the best.
“Only four percent of hospitals receive
Magnet accreditation,” she continued. “We are
treasures of the globe. We care for people who
can’t care for themselves.”
Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh, executive
vice president of the University of Pennsylvania
The MAGNET pin
for the Health System and dean of the
School of Medicine, added his
congratulations to this “crowning glory”
accomplishment. “When I first came to
Penn in 2001, the School of Medicine was
among the best, and our research had been
strengthened, but patient care lagged
behind. I knew we could do better.
“Change is difficult, but the changes in
patient care throughout the hospital have
been extraordinary,” he continued. “Nothing
is as great as this Magnet accomplishment.
I’m proud to be a part of you.”
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HUP’s Magnet celebration was both exuberant
and energized. The Allspice Café was decorated
with balloons, streamers, photographs, and much
more (thanks to early morning efforts by several
motivated employees on the Magnet celebration
committee). Lasting from 6 am on Tuesday to 3 am
on Wednesday, the celebration included a free
meal, an hourly raffle, and a free ‘souvenir’ photo.
DJ Jeff Shapiro, of Nurse Recruitment, kept
everyone moving to the music as did performances
by Tamika Patton, of Internal Medicine, and HipHop and the 76ers dance team.
Chief nurse executive Victoria Rich, PhD,
thanked everyone for their support in achieving
Magnet status… and applauded members of the
Magnet celebration team for their hard work.
Adding their congratulations were Garry Scheib,
HUP’s executive director; CEO Ralph Muller; and
Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh, executive vice
president of the University of Pennsylvania for the
Health System and dean of the School of
Look inside for more photo coverage
of our Magnet celebrations!
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Afaf Meleis, PhD, dean of the
School of Nursing, echoed
Rubenstein’s sentiments. “Patient
care has been transformed, and it
is because of you.” She also spoke
of the Egyptian meaning of the
pyramid (the symbol of nursing
excellence in Magnet). “It stands
for generation, transformation, and
transmission of energy,” she said.
“You are all agents of generating
and transmitting your knowledge
and of transforming nursing
practice. The scholarly knowledge we
read about in journals has been put
into action at HUP.”
Not only patients benefit from
this change, she continued. “The
School of Nursing is also one of the
beneficiaries of your knowledge.
It helps us recruit the best and the
brightest students, who choose
HUP as their first choice to work
when they graduate,” she said.
“I applaud all of you on behalf
of everyone at the School
of Nursing.”
HUP executive director Garry
Scheib added his congratulations
as well, thanking the unit council
chairs, the clinical directors,
clinical nurse specialists, managers
and educators at the pinning
ceremony for “allowing shared
governance to become a part of
HUP. It has had such a positive
impact that we’re spreading the
concept throughout HUP so we can
become an even better hospital.”
UPHS chief medical officer and
senior vice president PJ Brennan,
MD, who served as Rich’s co-chair
during the Magnet journey, noted
how nurse/doctor interactions
have changed since his graduation
from medical school 25 years ago.
“We’re unique because we were
able to transform our environment
and the model of care,” he said.
“The nurses and doctors at HUP
are in a partnership.
“You provide the care and
support and the level at
which it’s delivered.”
Magnet celebration photos by Chris Simonsen, Sally Sapega, and courtesy of Nursing Spectrum. Photos of Magnet pinning ceremony by Daniel Burke.
Victoria Rich
and Afaf Meleis
Sy mbols of
E x c e l l e n c e
(L. to r.) Nyree Lyons, Jessica Lazzeri, Joanne
Jones, and Juliane Jablonski.
(L. to r.) Lindsay Aaronson, Robin Wesley, Noreen McHugh, Joanne Miles, Garry
Scheib, Paul Harrington, Therese David, Bill Hudson, Ida Eckhardt, Chris Simonson
and Rose McGrath.
Mary Lou Pauciello (r) and Felicia Gooden
Victoria Rich and
Sandra Jost
Early birds Marge Bowen, Ida Eckhardt, and Betty Ann Boczar.
(l. to r) Jennifer Moore-Marks, Tamika Patton, Therese Kornet (with the Magnet award), Cathy Schantz, and Jesenia Trejo.
Jeff Shapiro with members of the 76ers dance team.
Victoria Rich and Florence Nightingale (aka Robin Wesley)
C e l e b r a t i o n
Being in the hospital on your
anniversary is no fun but, thanks to
the kind and generous nurses on the
Founders 5 SICU, to Volunteer Services,
and to Patient and Guest Services,
All Spice Café
Mark and Kristen Salzman’s 25th
anniversary became something
Since its renovation, the food at the HUP cafeteria —
better known as the Allspice Café — has noticeably
improved. This has been, in large part, due to the quality
of ingredients. “The Allspice Café uses all healthy
ingredients, such as trans-fat-free cooking oil and
spreads along with poultry that’s free of antibiotics,” said
Corey Diluciano, assistant director of Operations.
To maintain the quality of its offerings — and to
include more upscale entrees — the Café will
implement price adjustments at some of the stations for
the first time in three years. “The cost for food, supplies,
and transportation has increased everywhere, not just at
HUP,” he said. “But we surveyed surrounding restaurants
and hospitals, and, even with the adjustments, we will
continue to remain the best value in our market.”
The price change will not only allow the Café to
expand its menus over the upcoming weeks and months,
but will also provide more flexibility in its combo
pricing. “People will be able to combine side dishes from
different stations,” Diluciano said. “The average cost of an
entrée, two sides, and a medium fountain soda will cost
less than $5.50. That’s less than at CHOP.”
The price increase will go into effect on Monday,
October 15. “We want to continue to provide the highest
quality products at the best value possible while keeping
our prices the most competitive in the market.”
“I went to the doctor’s office after suffering from
chest pains. I had a CAT scan and learned that I had
an aneurysm of the aorta…. a life-threatening
condition. I was immediately rushed to the
emergency room at Penn. Dr. Joseph Bavaria [of
Cardiothoracic Surgery] had just finished his shift
and was on his way home. He was stopped on his way
out to review my test result. He knew that every
minute would count! He decided right there to put a
surgical team together and operate to save my life.
Might I add it was 1 am and he operated all night
long. The surgery was a success! Dr. Bavaria is an
excellent surgeon and a truly amazing person…. He
is my ‘True Life Hero!’ This is my opportunity to
thank him for saving my life from the bottom of my
now very healthy heart.”
special. The nurses decorated Mark’s
room and ordered a cake, and a harpist
from Musicians on Call played several
pieces in honor of the special event.
Helping People
All the Time
Below are June’s winners in HUP’s Rewards & Recognition monthly raffle drawing. Congratulations!
Karriem Ali
James Brown
Danielle Mouradijian
Chan Nguyen
Thomas Buechle
Rhoads 7
Kathie Carpenter
Respiratory Therapy
Michael Patton
Jason Chenault
Patient Registration
Dettondea Privott
Fredericka Reed
Debra Dearstyne
Rhoads 7
Ayanna Rees
Physical Therapy
Darryl Johnson
Maureen Jullen
Clinical Staff Practitioners
Maryann Lerro
Clinical Resource Management
Rachel McKnight
Respiratory Therapy
HUP Registration
Labor & Delivery
Holland Robinson
Rhoads 7
Ralph Shupard
Suzanne Neff-Snedeker
Respiratory Therapy
Frank Steenberg
Tara Tabella
Rhoads 7
Hear t felt
“I am writing to you to let you know what a jewel
you have working for you. I met Stefanie [Washburn
of the Abramson Cancer Center] at a time when
nothing was going right for me…. She was there for
me, if only to have someone to vent all the problems
I was encountering. She tried to find answers for me
in any way she could. … She put forth 110 percent
of herself into getting us funding for medications…
Stefanie is very efficient, helpful, and a wonderful
social coordinator…. She is definitely an asset to the
hospital and, most of all, to my husband and me.”
Lap Nuygen
Raymond Chmielewski
Jennifer Derkerlegand
Editorial Staff
Sally Sapega
Editor and Photographer
Pam Furches
Marc Kaplan
Director of Communications
Susan E. Phillips
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
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