NEWSLETTER - Lyndhurst Secondary College



NEWSLETTER - Lyndhurst Secondary College
3rd August, 2016—Issue 11 Issue 11
PH 5996 0144 FAX 5996 0401
[email protected]
Dear Parents/Carers:
‘Empowering students for learning and life’
Year 12 Students
Our Year 12 students are in the final stretch of their Year 12 school year, with final school based
assessments occurring and preparation for their final exams. This week, Year 12 parents will be
receiving another progress report which summarises their student’s attendance, progress to date
and timely submission of work. Ms Kelly Bendon and I will be reviewing these reports and will
continue to meet with students and invite parents as required. We have met with many students
to date and have had very positive conversations with our students.
City of Casey will be attending our school this term to provide our Year 12 students with study
strategies and stress management techniques.
We will continue to support and have high expectations of all of our students and encourage
them to do their best in achieving their own personal goals.
2016 Parent Opinion Survey
The annual Parent Opinion Survey for 2016 will be concluding this Friday 5th August 2016 and
I encourage parents who have been randomly selected to return their survey this week. The
survey is an important part of our school's parent engagement strategies and will assist us with
future planning and improvement. It will be tabled at School Council and presented to all staff.
The Leadership Team will use this to inform the work we do for continued school improvement.
Remember we also have allocated two gift vouchers to be raffled amongst the respondents to the
We look forward to reviewing parent feedback through this survey as it will guide the future of
our school.
Fourty-three of our students from Year 7, through to Year 12 participated in Wakakirri on
Monday night and our students made our school proud.
Their theme was ‘X-Marks the Spot’ with a performance that demonstrated material things are
not what matter but what should make us happy are family and friends.
On the night, the Stage Crew received an award on the exemplary manner in which they
manipulated the sets. The team are now eagerly awaiting to see if they have made it into the
Grand Final, and if they were nominated for any other awards.
Congratulations to all the students involved and a special thank you to Ms Catherine Blackburne
and Ms Kym Lenc who have worked diligently and put in many hours with our students over the
last few months.
Konnie Prades
Throughout our City Week experience, we were able to visit many places in Melbourne. We went to the MCG
where we learnt about the history of sport, The Shrine of Remembrance where some of us were able to dress
up in the uniforms of World War One soldiers. We explored the hidden Laneways of Melbourne, escaped the
hustle of Melbourne by visiting Southbank and Crown Casino, we went Ice Skating, saw the city at night on
the Melbourne Star and finally investigated why Melbourne is the most liveable city in the world.
We had plenty of different opportunities to experience new things. Many of us had never been ice skating
before which meant that we had to persist to learn the skills. For some it came really easily but for others, there
were many falls. During our research time we were able to discover parts of Melbourne we hadn’t seen,
experience how people use different public transport around Melbourne and use Federation Square as a
meeting point. We also had opportunities to survey people on the topic of our choice. This will enable us to
find out their opinions and compare it to what others in our class have found out
By having free time in the city the expectations for us were very high. Our teachers put a lot of trust in us and
we were responsible for managing time and our learning. We needed to make sure we completed work whilst
enjoying our experiences. We know that we had to make sure we were prepared for when we came back to
school to complete our inquiry task on Melbourne.
This whole week has been a really great experience for the year nines and we would like to say a big thank you
to all our fellow classmates and teachers.
By Cassy Paterson and Sammy Ibrahimi – Year 9 Leaders 2016
Leadership positions:
Ciaran Coppell, 11B
Sayers House Captain & Peer Support Leader
My favourite subjects are IT/Computing, Mathematics and Chemistry. I would like to become a Game
Developer, and hope to continue on into further education after I have finished my secondary schooling in
order to develop my skills in this area.
Apart from playing and programming computer games, I enjoy watching and recording YouTube videos,
archery, skating, soccer and AFL. Teams I follow include SKT T1 (an ESports team) and Liverpool Football
Club (an English Premier League team).
My ideal holiday destination is anywhere outside Australia.
My favourite foods are lasagne, chicken parmigiana and pizza.
I enjoy listening to a range of bands and musicians, including Panic! at the Disco, Brendon Urie and Fall Out
People who really inspire me are those who don’t care how others see them. I admire Brendon Urie (singer)
and Jacksepticeye (YouTube gamer and commentator).
Job titles:
Kelly Bendon
Acting Assistant Principal & Senior Sub-School Leader
My major teaching areas are Physical Education, Outdoor Education, Mathematics and VCAL.
If I didn’t work in education, I would like to be a professional athlete.
My hobbies and interests include spending time with family and friends, motorbike riding and various sports
such as basketball, athletics, baseball, football and hockey.
I really like eating Vietnamese food.
Kind people who do good things everyday are the types of people who inspire me.
A reminder that Year 10 into 11 Course Counselling is on Thursday 4th August. Year 10 classes will not be
held on this day but students must attend at their allocated appointment time, preferably with a parent/carer.
Information including appointment times has been sent home with the students.
Year 9 into 10 Course Counselling is on Thursday 11th August. Year 9 classes will not be held this day but
students must attend their allocated appointment time, preferably with a parent/carer. Appointment bookings
will be open on Compass until Friday 5th August.
Confirmation of appointment times will be distributed to students on Monday 8th August.
Lyndhurst Secondary College is introducing a BYOD program to commence in 2017. This program ensures
every student has “anywhere, anytime” access to cutting edge learning resources. It will allow teachers to
engage students in quality e-learning activities in class and ensure they are prepared to enter a technology-rich
world. Our students already have access to a one to one computing program and existing netbooks issued to
students will be effected as per below.
From the beginning of 2017 the College new students and existing students that have not been issued with a
netbook under either of the options above will move to the BYOD program. If you have any questions please
contact the College.
2016 Year 7 & 8 School-Owned Netbooks
Warranty is still in place for these netbooks and students may continue to use them for 2017. Any student that
has not yet taken up the Year 7 & 8 Netbook program offer can take up the offer by paying the $100 security
deposit before the end of Term 3 2016.
2016 Year 9 School-Owned Netbooks
The warranty for our netbooks issued to current Year 9 students is due to expire at the end of this year. We are
offering students and parents the following options:
Retain the current netbook and surrender the security holding deposit ($100) already paid to the school.
As the device will be out of warranty, the college will not take responsibility for any hardware related
Return the netbook in good working order and condition to the school at the front office (including the
AC adapter and protective case) and the security holding deposit will be refunded.
Please note, if the netbook is not returned in good working order and condition by the 9th December 2016, we
will assume you are planning to keep the netbook and the security holding deposit will be forfeited. In
addition, if the student is exiting the college, the netbook needs to be returned to the school first for re-imaging
to comply with software licensing agreements.
2016 Year 10-12 School-Owned Netbooks
All current Year 10-12 students were given the opportunity to have a netbook issued to them under the NSSCF
initiative from the Federal government. This initiative has now expired.
Year 12 students are required to hand back their netbooks at the completion of their last day of school/exams
for 2016.
Students in Years 10 and 11 are able to retain their netbooks for
2017. For those students whose netbooks are damaged, we have a
limited number of spare parts available.
Students wishing to have their netbooks refurbished may return
them to the office and for a fixed repair cost of $50 they will be
reissued with an updated machine.
Please note that this offer is only available whilst stocks last.
First Aid at Lyndhurst Secondary College
We have a First Aid Officer on call throughout the day at LSC.
Our staff are not doctors or nurses but do offer general and emergency first aid.
Students are required to have a note from a teacher to attend sick bay during class. The First Aid officer on
duty will make an assessment of the student and contact parents/guardians if believed necessary. We ask that
students do not contact parents directly asking to be picked up, but rather present through sick bay.
With students that are telling us they are not well enough to be in the classroom we follow our school policy
that states ‘ If a student is too unwell to be in a classroom, they will be sent home.’
Occasionally we have students that make a miraculous recovery after being picked up but as our staff are not
qualified to diagnose or treat illness, this is something that you need to discuss with your child, as the First Aid
Officer’s only recourse when a child says they are too unwell to be at school, is to send them home.
Please note that we do not provide a personal transport service for students as this is against best school
practice. If your child is not well enough to be at school it remains your responsibility to organise their pick up
from school.
Lyndhurst Secondary College does not supply any pharmaceuticals for student use but if your child requires
these, you are welcome to fill in the appropriate paperwork and supply them to the school to be kept
exclusively for your child. Medications are kept in a locked cabinet in the first aid area and accessed through
first aid as needed. If your child attends first aid to take any of their medication during the school day, your
child’s register sheet will be completed with date, time, the administering staff’s initials and your child’s
The First Aid Officer is available to speak with parents or students about any health concerns the College needs
to be aware of and are happy to facilitate the communication of that information to other staff as necessary.
The First Aid Officers are available to injured students to treat and support them until a parent or ambulance
can arrive and responsibility is then handed over. The College is not responsible for providing ongoing
management of injuries – this is between the student and your doctor. As such it is not appropriate for the
College to be relied upon for wound management such as re-dressings.
Please ensure that all contact details for your child are current.
If you have any further questions about the function of the first aid office, please contact the college on
5996 0144.
Thursday 4th
Yr 10 Course Counselling—students not at school until appointed time—
refer to LSC website for more details.
Thursday 4th
Yr 11 VCAL OE Indoor Rock Climbing
Friday 5th
Yr 11 VCAL - Melbourne Amazing Race & The Big Issue
Monday 8th
Yr 8 Girls Basketball
Monday 8th
Yr 8 Boys & Girls Table Tennis
Thursday 11th
Yr 9 Course counselling –students not at school until appointed time—refer
to LSC website for more details.
Thursday 11th
VCAL Community Work Experience—Cranbourne Library
Thursday 18th
Yr 11 VCAL OE High Ropes excursion
As per the Student Uniform & Dress Code Policy and Procedures for Lyndhurst Secondary
College please note that the accepted uniform for winter (Term 2 & 3) is listed below:
Blue check skirt (school design)
Navy College approved tailored pants
Navy tights or white socks with skirt (flesh coloured stockings may be worn underneath)
White or navy socks
Black leather, polishable school shoes (see details below)
White polo shirt with College logo and striped collar
Navy V-neck woollen jumper with College logo
Plain navy or white scarf
Head scarves (Hijabs) plain navy or white
Lyndhurst Secondary College approved spray jacket
 White polo shirt with College logo and striped collar
 Navy V-neck woollen jumper with College logo
 College grey tailored, pleated, zip fronted long leg style shorts (no baggy, ‘surf’ style or cargo
shorts are permitted)
College approved grey school trousers
White or grey socks
Black leather, polishable school shoes (see details below)
Plain navy or white scarf
Lyndhurst Secondary Colleg approved spray jacket
Any parent/carer seeking an exemption (for any length of time is not automatically granted) to the
College uniform and dress code must submit it in writing to the Principal.
Students at Lyndhurst Secondary College are required to wear black leather, polishable school
shoes. Boots, ankle boots, canvas, suede, ballet style and runner/sport shoes are not acceptable.
Hoodies are not acceptable wear (passes will not be issued)
Hats must be plain navy (no branding)
Students wearing coats must wear the Lyndhurst Secondary College approved spray jacket
Beleza and Uniforms by Design are the College uniform suppliers
OPEN DAYS – Open Days are held at universities and TAFE institutes each year, giving the public (parents
and students) the opportunity to see the facilities, talk to staff and students, collect information and attend information sessions. They are generally held on Sundays later in the year, but dates are provided here so that
you can put them in your diary now. More to follow
Open Day dates 2016
Sun 7 Aug – Deakin University (Warrnambool); La Trobe University (Bundoora); Monash
University (Caulfield & Clayton)
Sun 14 Aug – ACU (Melbourne), La Trobe University (Bendigo); Monash University
(Peninsula); RMIT University; William Angliss Institute
Sub 21 Aug – Box Hill (Lilydale campus):Deakin University (Waterfront & Waurn Ponds);
University of Melbourne
Sun 28 Aug – ACU (Ballarat); Box Hill Institute (Box Hill); Deakin University (Burwood);
Federation University; Victoria University (Footscray campus)
The Ace Foundation has free tutoring for all year 9,10,11 & 12 subjects and specialize in VCE
subjects .
It is run out of Thompson Park Medical Centre (behind Woolworths on Thompsons Road).
If you need help with understanding homework or preparing for major exams take up the
This is available on Monday (female teachers only) and Tuesday (mixed) 4.30 to 6.30.
To register and collect application form please see Trish Chandler in the Careers room.
TAX file numbers - Trish Chandler in the careers room can now assist with this process for Year
9-12 students.
YEAR 9s - USI (Unique student numbers) Instructions on how to provide one to the school was
given to all students. To date many have not been returned. If student comes in with a photocopy
of Medicare card Careers staff can assist with the process. A USi number is a central education and
qualification bank for future study of short courses, tafe, vet, apprenticeship, and university.
JOB BOARD and APPRENTICESHIP - Out side the careers room jobs and offers are displayed for
student use.
OPEN DAYS - Many university and tafes are running their open days through July and August.
Google the institution for places and dates or look on VCE notice board outside careers room.
VOLUNTEERING - Is a great way to learn leadership and support your community. Its also a
valued asset on a resume. Organizations are now seeking young men and woman interested in
volunteering, leading projects, net working, and having fun while helping your community. Open to
students 14 plus and parents. Projects listed are environment, youth, disadvantaged, fundraising,
public speaking, BBQ, race day public assistance etc. If you are interested in attending an
information session please contact Trish in the Careers room on 03.59960144 to register. Students
drop in.
Good drivers aren’t born. They are made. And the best way to become a good driver is to get
plenty of driving experience.
But sometimes, learning how to change gears, or even how to change lanes can seem a breeze
compared with the challenge of getting your parents/guardians to hand over the car keys.
Keys Please can change that! The Keys Please student program covers:
Why 120 hours of driving practice?
Importance of the partnership between supervising driver (parent) and learner driver (student)
Stages of learning to drive
Staying safe on your P's
Resources that are available for Learner Drivers/Supervising Drivers
There is also an online parent/supervising driver resource to watch by going to and searching “Lessons from the Road”.
Lyndhurst College is hosting a
Keys Please Student session
on Wednesday 10th August at 8.50am
for all Year 10 students
Sensory friendly screenings at Village Cinema
Village Cinemas are hosting two sensory friendly screenings across August and September,
Alice through the Looking Glass and Finding Dory.
The screenings will take place at the following cinema locations: Airport West, Eastlands,
Fountain Gate, Geelong, Karingal, Knox, Southland, Sunshine and Werribee.
Alice through the Looking Glass will be shown on Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th August at
Finding Dory will be shown on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th
September at 11.00am
Tickets are $5.00 and can be purchased online
Or at the ticket box.
Yard Duty Supervision
Please be advised that school yard supervision occurs at the following times:
Before school, from 8:30am – 8:50am; for the duration of recess and lunchtime; and after school
from 3:00pm – 3:20pm (bus stops 3:30pm). Note that on the last day of each term, due to a
shortened day, after school supervision begins at 2:30pm (dismissal time).
School crossing supervisors are on duty: 8.05am—8.50am and 3.00pm—3.45pm each school
day of the year. (2.30pm –3.15pm on shortened days. eg end of term)
Please make appropriate arrangements for the care of your son/daughter, outside of these
supervised times.
The College Uniform and Book Shop is open every week of term.
Monday 8.30am – 11.30am Wednesday 12.30pm – 4.00pm
New and Second Hand uniform available.
Second Hand books available.
Location: Adjacent to B2 near Wentworth Avenue Entrance
Enquiries: Julie – 0417 888 611
We now have an official Lyndhurst Secondary College Instagram page.
Search for lyndhurstsecondarycollege and request to follow us.
A great way to keep up to date with the goings on of the College.
Compass App for iPhone and Android
Don’t forget to install the free Compass app on your Apple or Android smart phone. This app allows you to
check your child’s attendance and provide absence notes electronically, wherever you are.
Just search for ‘Compass School Manager’ in the app store.
For step-by-step instructions on attendance please check your News Feed for the “How To” Document.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
EARLY LEAVERS PROTOCOL Our office staff endeavour to provide a service that is efficient, personal and friendly. The demands on our office staff can be extraordinary at peak mes. For this reason we wish to inform parents of the following protocol: STUDENTS WILL ONLY BE COLLECTED FROM CLASS EARLY IN THE CASE OF AN EMERGENCY. If students need to leave school early for any reason, they must bring a note with the me they are to leave and signed by a parent. They show the note to their teacher to leave class, then come to the General Office to sign out. General Office Hours: 8.00am – 4.00pm

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