RXportfolios “Welcome Package” content



RXportfolios “Welcome Package” content
Portfolio Overview
What is an RXportfolio?
An RXportfolio is a professional, detailed,
confidential and pharmacy-specific electronic
portfolio used to organize one’s entire
professional history… from the first year of
pharmacy school, until retirement.
Think of an RXportfolio as an expanded CV, but
with much greater detail, management tools, and
the ability to attach supporting documentation
(original documents).
RXportfolios are designed exclusively for:
Pharmacy Students
Pharmacy School Faculty
Pharmacy Technicians
Why does the pharmacy industry need electronic portfolios?
We all know pharmacy is a dynamic industry and many changes are on the horizon. With the emergence of
industry-changing issues such as Medicare Part D, MTM, JAHCO, and an ever-growing elderly population,
pharmacists seeking reimbursement for consultation and MTM services as well as the ability to perform
specialized services (immunizations, limited prescribing, etc.) will need to do more than simply fulfill their
minimal state CE requirements. Greater transparency and accountability of pharmacist and technician
credentials, experience and professional development will be needed. In this ever changing healthcare
climate, pharmacy must not only keep up with the other healthcare sectors, but set the standard. The
RXportfolio program was developed to serve this purpose. RXportfolios allows students, pharmacists and
technicians to archive, organize and share every facet of their professional history. Storing one’s
professional history in electronic form is an old concept and many ePortfolio options exist with varying
degrees of practicality… but RXportfolios is unique. What makes RXportfolios different than any other
ePortfolio ever developed?
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Secure Platform
Confidentiality of Data
Databased Content
Strong Student Buy-In
Content Management
Independent Platform
Integration with the Industry
Web–Based Access
Document Archival
With a personal RXportfolio, you have the ability to:
Differentiate yourself professionally
Communicate/share information with colleagues, other faculty, students, employers, etc.
Store original documents: transcripts, licenses, papers, etc.
Maintain & share education and employment history
Utilize the CV and résumé auto-generation tools
Store multiple versions of your résumé and CV
Maintain & share technology skill sets, community service, awards, training, organization
memberships, meetings attended, licenses, grants, projects, research, languages, immunizations,
books you have read, CPD plans (continuing professional development), professional goals,…
and much, more!
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Primary Categories
Personal RXportfolios offer the ability to:
store and manage professional details in a secure & confidential atmosphere
store / archive important and original documents
manage and update professional history throughout an entire career
access from any internet-enabled computer (web-based)
invite others for portfolio viewing
block desired categories from invited viewers
apply a school-specific template/theme… and much more
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Will the portfolio content / information be secure?
Yes. Portfolio Owners control who views their RXportfolio. All invited viewers must be specifically
“invited” by the portfolio owner (the invitation link even expires after 30 days as an added security
precaution). Owners have the ability to share their portfolio with, potential employers, school faculty
members, supervisors, colleagues, family members, etc.
Will my RXportfolio follow me throughout my career?
Yes! You own your RXportfolio account. Regardless of
your employer or career path, your RXportfolio will follow
you for your entire career. RXportfolios are FREE for
students of all schools of pharmacy regardless of school
participation. After graduation, an annual portfolio
maintenance fee will be charged (currently $39.00/year).
How do I create my personal RXportfolio account?
Go to www.RXportfolios.com
Click the Create tab
Step/form 1 - Complete the form (red asterisks signify required information)
Step/form 2 – Choose the “I am currently a Pharmacy Student” option
Step/form 2b – Choose your school and your graduation year
Step/form 3 – Choose the school of pharmacy to which you grant viewing access to administrator
Step/form 4 – Choose your school again to request a school template (optional, but suggested)
Read & check off the Terms and Conditions, then click Create RXportfolio Account
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You should see a confirmation page explaining that an email has been sent to you. You must click on
the activation link in this email to “activate” your new account. If you do not receive this confirmation
email, please email RXinsider at [email protected] or call 800-972-2083 for a manual activation.
10. Once you click on the activation link in the email, your account will be activated and is ready for login.
11. Store your username and password in a safe place.
12. Bookmark the website: http://www.rxportfolios.com
13. Log into your new RXportfolio account and perform the following steps:
Before adding content, be sure to familiarize yourself with each category in your RXportfolio.
Click through all the Categories in the left column to explore the different options.
b) Click through all the Administration Tools options on the bottom of the left hand column to
explore the different administrative tools available to you.
When adding content to a category, always use the “dropdown / database” boxes provided
whenever possible.
d) Your initial content should be adding your personal photo and a brief biography in the General
Biography category.
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