Age range 8 to adult



Age range 8 to adult
Age range 8 to adult
Sounds! Lights! Action!
Zap those flashing domes!!
Space age sounds, talking
satellites, flashing coloured
lights and web-like climbing
challenges all feature on this
ground-breaking, dynamic
and ingenious outdoor
fitness/gaming phenomenon.
Different games, set up
electronically from two
central satellite stations,
give PlayAlive a tantalizingly
technical edge - appealing
to all from the age of 8 right
up to adults. The interactive
fun and excitement motivates
and engages youngsters,
allowing them to play preprogrammed games or they
can use their imaginations to
create their own.
Age range 8 to adult
“It’s really cool
to combine the
technology with
keeping fit”
Oliver, aged 17
The intelligent gym - as this
curiously spider-shaped
unit is known – juxtaposes
technology with exercise;
the ideal combination to
entice computer-obsessed
youngsters outdoors and
encourage physical activity in
a playful and competitive way.
Connecting young people
with virtual realms of
imagination together with
good old fashioned chasing
and agility-testing exercise is
just what the PlayAlive delivers.
PlayAlive – for dynamic,
interactive fun!
flashing coloured lights
“Me and my
mates always
try to beat the
Age range 8 to adult
Jack aged 10
The illuminated satellites
at the top and bottom of
the PlayAlive’s spider-like
legs robotically talk to the
users, which, together with
other high tech sounds
and flashing lights, add a
magical and other-worldly
dimension to the whole
play experience. In addition,
there is an adjustable
volume on the unit so noise
levels can be controlled.
There’s even a timer fitted
so that the eager children
do have a reasonable limit
on the games. Similar to a
surreal spaceship shaped
like a giant arachnid;
PlayAlive is certainly
something which will fire
the imagination of children
and teenagers.
“It’s wicked - especially when
there are lots of us competing
against each other.”
Age range 8 to adult
Holly, aged 13
Standard games include:
Zap the Sat – where teams
compete against each other
to swat the satellites as they
light up at random locations;
Supersonic – where speed
is of the essence to see
how many lights can be
zapped in one minute;
Concentration – test those
memories in this frustrating
‘find the pairs’ game.
The instructions for these
games are on page 10.
The chasing,
dodging and
all over
the huge
structure to zap
the coloured
satellites is
enormous fun, whilst
the pressure mounts to
be the team to get there first!
Age range 8 to adult
Age range 8 to adult
PlayAlive games
Zap the Sat
Objective: Swat as many red or
Objective: One minute to collect as
Objective: Memorise the position of
green satellites as possible in one
•Two teams against each other – red
and green.
•The team that swats the most, wins
the game.
•All satellites will flash with the colour
of the winning team (or both in the
event of a tie).
many blue satellites as possible.
•One team fighting against time
•When all sixteen satellites have
been touched, they’ll turn blue
again and the team can continue
collecting points.
•After one minute the score is
indicated at the control satellites.
each colour before they disappear.
•Two people or two teams compete
to identify seven different colour
•A red and a green team.
•All satellites will flash either red or
green indicating that either the red or
green team is to start.
•When all pairings have been
identified, a tune is played and all
satellites will flash the colour of the
winning team.
PlayAlive Features
QIs PlayAlive TUV certificated?
AYes, it is certified to European Safety Standard EN 1176
- Playground Equipment.
QIs the voltage dangerous for kids?
ANo, the voltage is low (24V) and not dangerous in any
QAre the satellites designed for outdoor use eg. rainy
and cold/warm weather?
AYes. The satellites are designed and manufactured for
outdoor usage. All satellites are waterproof and tested
from -18 to +50 degrees.
QCan the satellites be destroyed by vandalism?
AThe satellites have been intensively tested for durability.
Zap the Sat, Supersonic and Concentration will be provided as standard
with the unit
QHow many games are supplied with PlayAlive?
AThree standard games will be supplied with the unit
and new games will continually become available
should upgrades be required.
How is PlayAlive installed?
ABy competent personnel in strict accordance with
the manufacturer’s instructions.
What surface does it require?
AThe maximum fall height is 2.5m and impact
absorbing surface is required.
Is PlayAlive easy to maintain?
AThe structure requires a standard maintenance
inspection. The electronics should be serviced once
a year by a playground inspector.
What if a satellite malfunctions or is destroyed?
AA satellite can be changed almost as easily as
changing a bulb.
How much power does the PlayAlive consume?
AAt maximum play level, PlayAlive consumes 90W
or less than two standard 60W bulbs. On average,
during playing, it consumes 30W.
Games upgrades
Exciting new games will be available to enable regular upgrades
if required
Volume and timer adjustment
The volume of PlayAlive is fully adjustable and the
electronics can be set on a timer, so that it cannot be
activated during chosen times, i.e. it can be turned
off in the evenings if it is close to a residential
area for example.
Eco friendly and economical
After one minute of no activity,
PlayAlive will go into hibernation
Fast re-start
Touch the two control satellites
simultaneously for five
seconds and it will revert
to “teach-in” mode
ready for a new
game selection.
Manufactured from stainless steel, PlayAlive
is certified to EN1176.
Each of the 16 watertight satellites contain
a mini computer and a touch sensor which
emanates both sound and light.
All cables are fully protected, out of
children’s reach.
Durable, high-grade Nylon ropes with the
Polyfix connector system ensure that the climbing
experience is strong and vandal resistant.
The electronics run on low voltage and do not
present any dangers to users. They can also be
solar powered.
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