newsletter 8-8-2016



newsletter 8-8-2016
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State Officials Urge Motorists to be Cautious as School Resumes and Buses Board Page 11
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Night Out Against Crime was a Great Success Despite the Rain
Friday evening kicked off the 6th Annual Night Out Against Crime at the Jeffords Park in Sylvester. It started off with
the great smell of the grill and sunshine but before too long there was that Summer thunderstorm and lots of rain that
made a visit. It didn’t stop the great event only slowed it down for a little while. Parents with their children made their
way out to the
annual event to
meet the wonderful people that
protect our community. There
was many groups
that participated this year,
including your
local law enforcement
agencies, the
Marine Base,
Worth County
School, Men
United, Kiwanis Club and
others. The
children were
able to meet
many of the officials and learn
what they do for
our community
and our community learned
what they could
do to help as
well. The purpose of the Night Out Against Crime is community involvement, connecting, communicating and collaborating with local law enforcement for a crime free place to call home. It was a great event and enjoyed by all. Thank you
to all agencies and organizations that participated and thank you to all who came out to support the event. We look forward to next year’s event.
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
Last Day to Sign Up for Fall Sports Registration
August 17th
Fee To Register For All Sports
is $45.00
Ages 4-12
Ages 5-12
Ages 3-13
A copy of your child’s
birth certificate is
required. Fees must
be paid prior to your
child being placed on
a team. Registration
forms received after
the deadline will be
placed on a first-come
first-serve waiting list.
All children who register
Sylvester-Worth County
Recreation Department
103 Eldridge Street
How to Blanch Peas and Butterbeans from Calhoun Produce:
Step 1:
Using a blanching pot or stockpot, fill about 1/2-3/4 full with water and bring to a boil.
Step 2:
Wash vegetables at least 2 times to insure that they are clean and any trash is picked out of them.
Step 3:
Once the water is at a boil, place 1/2 of the bushel into the pot, if using a large pot you may place the whole bushel in the pot. Bring the water
back to a boil and let the vegetables boil for 3-5* minutes depending on variety.
*Butterbean varieties, creams, and dark peas will need to boil for 3-4 minutes. Lady fingers, sadandy, white acres, and other young/green peas
need to boil for 4-5 minutes.
Step 4:
While the vegetables are blanching, prepare your ice water bath for your vegetables.
Step 5:
Once the vegetables are finished blanching, remove them for the hot water and pour the into a colander. Place the colander of vegetables down
into the *ice water that you have prepared.
*The vegetables must be cooled down before they can be bagged and placed in the freezer.
Step 6:
Once the vegetables are cooled completely, let them drain to remove the water and then place them into freezer bags or containers. The amount
placed into the bags or containers depends on personal preference, (1 Cup typically will feed 2 people). Place them in the freezer and they
will keep for up to 2 years.
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
WCHS Math Teachers Present Workbooks Created for Their Math Classes
This year at Worth County High School, their students will have a new resource
available in math classes. Over the summer, the WCHS math teachers worked diligently to create student workbooks for all math classes. These workbooks have
been nicely bound, and will function as textbooks for the students. The workbooks
contain vocabulary, graphic organizers, guided notes, and independent practice assignments. Please encourage your student to use their new tool to its fullest potential, and to also take care of them by keeping them in their math binder. WCHS
hopes that these new books will help their students continue to grow and become
successful in their classes in the upcoming school year! If you have any questions,
please feel free to contact the school or your child’s Math teacher.
State Farm
Providing Insurance and Financial Services
Stuart Pate, Agent
PO Box 189
Sylvester, GA 31791-0189
Phone (229) 776-6906 Fax (229) 776-0149
Thank you for your loyalty. We appreciate you.
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
Vaccines: They’re Not Just for Kids
August is National Immunization Awareness Month. This includes immunizations for adults. The need for vaccination does not end in childhood.
All adults should get vaccines to protect their health. Every year, thousands of adults in the U.S. suffer needlessly, are hospitalized, and even die
from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. Immunizations are especially important for older adults and adults with chronic conditions
such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diabetes or heart disease. Additionally, immunizations are crucial for anyone
who is in close contact with the very young, the very old, people with weakened immune systems, or those who cannot be vaccinated. All adults
should get the influenza (flu) vaccine each year to protect against seasonal flu. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),
only 42% of adults 18 years or older received the flu vaccine during the 2013-2014 flu season. Adults should also get the Tdap vaccine to protect
against pertussis (whooping cough) and then a Td (tetanus, diphtheria) booster shot every 10 years. In addition, it is also recommended that
women get the Tdap vaccine each time they are pregnant, preferably between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. CDC data also revealed that only
17% of adults 19 years or older received the Tdap vaccine in 2013. Depending on one’s age, occupation, travel, health status, vaccination history,
and other risk factors, adults may need other vaccines such as shingles, pneumococcal, Hepatitis, and HPV. Some of these vaccines can help prevent cancer. Hepatitis B vaccine can prevent liver cancer that can occur after developing chronic hepatitis B. The HPV vaccine can prevent cancers caused by HPV infection, including cervical, vaginal, vulvar and anal cancer. Vaccination is important because it not only protects the person
receiving the vaccine, but also helps prevent the spread of disease to others. Vaccines are thoroughly tested before licensing and carefully monitored after they are licensed to ensure they are safe. Side effects from vaccines are usually mild and temporary. The most common side effects are
soreness, redness or swelling where the shot was given. Some people may have allergic reactions to certain vaccines, but serious and long-term
side effects are rare. Even people taking prescription medications can be vaccinated. However, if you are pregnant, or have a weakened immune
system, talk with your health care professional before being vaccinated, as some vaccines may not be recommended for you. For more information
about immunizations, visit
The Leaves They Are a Changin’
Ever looked around outside during the Fall and wonder how the leaves get their colors? The primary thing that triggers
the changing of colors in leaves is the length of day. Moisture and temperature also play a role in the change. For
instance, an extreme drought in the summer can delay somewhat the changing of the colors in fall. The reason why
this happens is not fully understood. Temperature also plays a role in the brilliance of the leaves’ colors. There are
three main things that give leaves their color. Those are: chlorophyll (green), which is necessary for photosynthesis;
carotenoids, such as carotene and xanthophylls, which produce the orange and yellow colors, but whose roles are not
entirely understood; and anthocyanins, which give us the shades of red and purple. When a tree’s leaves change color
varies quite a bit among different species. Elm tree
leaves tend to simply fall off without really changing
 Oak leaves tend to turn brown or red or a mix of those two.
color much before falling. Certain tree’s leaves will
 Hickory leaves tend to turn bronze colored.
begin changing in late summer, when most other
 Aspen leaves tend to turn golden colored.
plant’s leaves are still green. On the other end of that,
 Dogwood leaves tend to turn a mix of purple and red.
certain trees, like Oaks, won’t have their leaves change
 Maple tree leaves vary quite a bit in autumn color. Red maple will
until well after most other species of trees have already
turn scarlet. Sugar maple will turn orange-ish/red. Black maple will
lost all their leaves. So get out there and enjoy the
turn bright yellow.
fresh air and beautiful colors of Autumn!
The Sylvester-Worth County Chamber Education Committee held an appreciation and welcome
back to school breakfast for each of theWorth County Schools. July 26 - Middle School, July 27 Elementary School, July 28 - Middle School and July 29 - High School.
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
Words from Lynn
Hello and Happy August to everyone! I can not believe it is the second week of August and we have already completed
week one of the new school year! I am very much excited! Larry LOVES school and the extra curricular things he is doing with Worth County Middle School. It is so hard for me to believe he is in 7th grade now but time sure does fly by
when you are having the time of your life. I’ve waited for the time that I could be the “sports mom” for school sports and
it is here! I am not a football mom and I am just as excited as he is… I hope everyone is having a great kick off to the
new school year. Be sure to thank our school staff for a great first week of school. They stay so busy teaching and getting our precious children where they need to go safe and sound, but they make it all look so easy so be sure to tell them
thank you for a great first week!
We here at The Martin News are getting ready to produce our Ram edition this season. If you want to purchase a “great
wishes for the upcoming season” or if your business would like to purchase an ad, please email us at
[email protected] or call us at 272-4356. All ads are only $20. Plans are for the Ram Edition to go out on August 12th which is the first game of the season.
I want to remind everyone to please stay tuned to the dates to remember here in The Martin News along with the calendar
of events posted by the Sylvester Worth County Chamber of Commerce which will keep you up to date on all the great
things happening in our Community. We would love to see you all at the many events that happens in our great town.
I hope you all have a great week and as always, Thank You so much for your support to the Martin News.
~ Lynn Meeks Manley ~
Ed’s Tires
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Real Estate
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General Practice
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Different sizes available to fit your needs
On site friendly staff to help you
Manage your account online
101 Thompson Street Sylvester, Georgia 31791
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Hours are Monday-Thursday 9-4:30
Friday 9:30-5
Ed’s Truckstop
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Home Cooking You’ll Love
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
~ Dates to Remember ~
8th ~ Help for Disabled Vets at The Margaret Jones Public Library
9th ~ Ribbon Cutting for the Little Library in Sumner
9th ~ Varsity Rams Softball Game Home at 5pm
10th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting at Noon
10th ~ Legal Help at The Margaret Jones Public Library
11th ~ WCMS Softball Game Home at 4pm
12th ~ Rams Football Game at Americus
13th ~ Sylvester Downtown Farmer’s Market
13th ~ Ram Color Run Fundraiser 8am
13th ~ Ram Flag Football Fundraiser 10am
15th ~ City of Sylvester Council Meeting
15th ~ WCMS Softball Game Away 4pm
16th ~ City of Warwick Council Meeting
16th ~ Varsity Rams Softball Game Home at 5:30pm
16th ~ Picture Day at WCMS
17th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting at Noon
17th ~ WCMS Softball Game Away 4pm
17th ~ Varsity Rams Softball Game Away at 5:30pm
18th ~ Ray Houston Book Signing at The Margaret Jones Public Library
19th ~ Rams Football Game at Thomasville Central
20th ~ Sylvester Downtown Farmer’s Market
20th ~ What Women Want at Darton College 10am-2pm
22nd ~ WCHS Senior Portrait Make Up Day
24th ~ WCHS Underclassman & Staff Portrait Day
24th ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting at Noon
24th ~ WCMS Rams Football at Americus
25th ~ JV Football Game Home vs. Westover 5:30pm
26th ~ Rams Football Game at Ashburn
27th ~ Sylvester Downtown Farmer’s Market
27th ~ Peanut Festival Pageant
27th ~ Mary Alice Shipp Community Awards Banquet
31st ~ Kiwanis Club Meeting at Noon
31st ~ WCMS Rams Football Home vs. Lee County
31st ~ Worth County Schools Progress Reports
*** Email your questions or event listings to
[email protected]
And we will get them listed on the calendar ***
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16
State Officials Urge Motorists to be Cautious as School Resumes and Buses Board
As students return to school, the Georgia Department of Education
and State School Superintendent Richard Woods are urging motorists to use caution when approaching a school bus and to brush up
on the law regarding passing a bus. According to Georgia law, vehicles traveling in BOTH directions must stop when a school bus
activates its stop-arm on a two-lane road or a multi-lane road with
no median or barrier. Vehicles traveling in the same direction as a
school bus must always stop, but motorists traveling in the opposite
direction can proceed (with caution) when there is an unpaved median or concrete barrier separating the opposing lanes. “I urge the
public to pay close attention to school buses and get familiar with
the law regarding passing stopped buses,” State School Superintendent Richard Woods said. “Following this law may very well mean saving a child’s life. The safety of our students as they
travel to and from school is of primary importance, and I ask for the participation of all Georgians in making sure our students can travel safely.” A warning that a bus stop is about to take place will always be given with the flashing amber
lights on the front and rear of the school bus. Upon seeing these flashing amber lights, vehicles approaching the school
bus from both the front and rear should immediately slow down and prepare to stop. All drivers must pay special attention
to children, be focused, and exercise caution when in the vicinity of a school bus stop, as student riders can sometimes be
unpredictable. Once the bus is fully stopped, the flashing red lights will activate and the stop arm will deploy. Vehicles
must stop and should remain stopped until all loading students are aboard in the morning or all unloading passengers have
cleared 12 feet off the roadway in the afternoon. Motorists should proceed with caution only after passengers have cleared
the roadway, the stop arm is canceled and the flashing red lights are deactivated. “As our school buses begin to roll again,
I urge drivers to be alert and exercise patience and caution, especially around children waiting at school bus stops or loading and unloading school buses,” Superintendent Woods said. “Patient, informed, and law-abiding drivers ensure that our
children can arrive safely at school each day, ready to learn.”
Lang Celebrates 30 Years
with Sunbelt Ford
in Sylvester
Kathy Lang recently celebrated 30 years with Sunbelt
Ford in Sylvester. Mr. Walt
Coward is proud of his long
term employees and appreciates all they do for him,
their customers and their
community. This is an awesome accomplishment and
The Martin News would
like to say Congratulations
to Ms. Kathy on 30 years
with Sunbelt Ford. Dedication takes sacrifice! This
picture right here says it all
to me. It shows she has
been dedicated and devoted
for 30 years and Mr. Coward’s smile shows the appreciation. Thank you Mr. Coward for being a great Sylvester
Business Owner and treating employee’s and customers like
you would your own family!
The Martin News Sylvester, Georgia 8-8-16