Newsletter Term 4 Week 7 2015



Newsletter Term 4 Week 7 2015
19 November 2014
School Contact Details
School Princpal: Mr Steven Jones
9631 8442
[email protected]
Parish Contact Details
Parish Priest: Fr Paul Cahill OCarm
9631 8302
[email protected]
Week 7
Thursday 20/11
Yr 6 Lunchtime Disco
Friday 21/11
9:00am Yr 6 Imax Theatre
9:00am Yr 2 Stage Mass
Yr 3 Incursion:”Fizzics Education”
Week 8
Monday 24/11
9:00am School Assembly
K-6 Whole School Swimming
Program commences @ Aquatic
Safety Training Academy, Best
road, Seven Hills
Tuesday 25/11
K-6 Swimming Program
Wednesday 26/11
8:00am Wednesday Workout
Has anyone in the English speaking world not heard of Robin Hood? The chivalrous deeds of
this legendary character seem to be reborn every couple of years either in the cinema or, as
happened a couple of years ago, in a television series. The King, whose return Robin and his
followers longed for, was Richard 1 known as Richard the Lionheart; Richard was captured
by Leopold of Austria on his way home from the Third Crusade. Supposedly, Richard had a
troubadour named Blondel. Supposedly, Blondel set out to find the castle in which Richard
was being held till his ransom was paid. Supposedly, Blondel wandered from castle to castle
and outside each he sang part of a song he and Richard had composed together. At the
castle Durnstein, he heard Richard answer his song by completing it. The King having been
found could now be ransomed.
The only thing wrong with this story was that Blondel was never Richard’s troubadour.
Actually, he was from the north of France and his association with Richard was the
invention of another minstrel who, presumably, wanted to convey a clear moral: “Look after
your minstrel and he’ll look after you” – a type of “preservation insurance”. It could be said
that some Christians might be simply taking out some type of “salvation insurance” by
claiming to be Christians, perhaps attending a religious service at Christmas and Easter and
sending their children to Catholic schools. Apart from that, they are in “Northern France”
and God is in “England”.
On November 26th, 1922 Howard Carter was in Egypt in the Valley of the Kings where, for
fifteen years, he had been digging to find the tomb of King Tutankhamun. He had only two
months of financial support remaining before his benefactor would cease his sponsorship.
Amazingly, he found a set of sixteen steps, unearthed them and found that they lead to a
hallway sixty feet long; at the end of the hallway was a door bearing the insignia of King
Tutankhamun; the door had not been opened for thirty two hundred years. Even though
Carter was excited beyond imagination, he decided that his benefactor should be at his side
for the opening of the doors. He waited; for six weeks!
It could be said that some Christians might simply go it alone in life without waiting for
God’s presence to be activated so they can go forward together. Howard Carter had to wait
six weeks for his benefactor to arrive; our Benefactor is instantly available to us because His
Spirit is within us: “God’s Spirit lives in you.” Rom. 8:9. In this case God is here waiting
patiently for us to acknowledge His presence.
To know that God is always with us and that we are never alone
can be transforming. I need only to be open and receptive to
God’s quiet presence, listening to His encouragement, accepting
His guidance. By His presence, God is revealing that we are
never alone in any of the moments of our lives, even though
some of these moments are dark. God never wills that we suffer,
but He is there to help us make the best of it.
Thursday 27/11
K-6 Swimming Program
Friday 28/11
K-6 Swimming Program
 Yr 5 Camp Collaroy 2015
 Yr 5 Special Dietary Requirements
2015 Camp
 Mrs Sandra Carew Leave note
Rather than “going it alone”, we ought to rest awhile and let God love us. In the process of
turning to God, we begin to discover deep within ourselves a core of peace and courage.
We begin to understand, if only briefly, what St Paul meant when he said, “… the life I live is
not my own; Christ is living in me”. Gal.2 20, 21. None of our relationships ever becomes
what we hope it to be, because we fall short in loving unconditionally. But God does love
unconditionally and is waiting, patiently, for us to acknowledge His presence. As we
celebrate Christ the King this Sunday we can take some time to find that God is waiting for
2015 OLMC Fete Newsletter
Year 4 Star Card Reward
K-6 Swimming note
Week 7
Dear Parents,
K-6 Swimming Program
Term 4
Mr Steven Jones-Principal
The Community of OLMC is Safe and Respectful
All families are warmly invited to
celebrate with us at this ever popular and
beloved Mass. Children are welcome to
come dressed as angels or shepherds
and with parent permission, are
encouraged to volunteer for several
roles, including Presentation of the Gifts,
Prayers of the Faithful readers, Choir etc. To select a role,
please nominate 1st and 2nd preference on the form
provided in the Parish Centre or during Children’s Liturgy of
the Word and return slips to a leader or helper by Sunday 14
December 2014.
Live and Grow In Faith-Advent Reflections at OLMC
If you’ve ever thought there has to be MORE to Christmas
then come along to our Advent Prayer and Discussion
groups. This is a chance to deepen yours or someone else’s
faith through Gospel reflection, prayer and discussion.
Elemeniko, Jialin
Catherine, Bridie
Ann, Cadell
Praveena, Emily
Kheneth, Lourdes
Shuban, Rebecca
Meilan, Kiara
Joyce, Orlando
Monica, Owen
Raphael, Jayden, Tanya
Lachlan, Tanya
Michael, Lara
Raylene, Madisen
Celine, Kaylan
When & Where: 7pm in the Red Room, Monday 1,8, and 15
Our social justice focus this term is once again collecting
food hampers for St Vincent de Paul to distribute at
Community Service Award
The following children have worked really hard towards
receiving 75 Star Cards
Francesco 1B, Adam 1B, Violet 1B, Zac 1B, Christian 1B, Lachlan
5B, Pragash 4B, Hannah 4B, Mia 1B, Aurelia 1B, Kalim 1B
Each class will have baskets in their room to
fill. Some suggestions are: Long life milk,
tea, coffee, breakfast cereals, biscuits,
tinned meats, baked beans, spaghetti, tuna,
salmon, sardines, soaps, shampoos and
toiletries, party food, lollies, chips, pasta,
pasta sauce.
Before donating to our hampers please check use by
Marisol 1B, Jessica 1B, Madeline 1B, Mia 1B, Tu 1B, Malith 1B,
Francis 4B, Ann Maria 4G
Gold Award
The following children have worked really hard towards
receiving 90 Star Cards
Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta has engaged an
architect to liaise with Holroyd Council to seek to use the
parish hall as a Before and After school care facility. The
timeframe for the establishment is dependent on the
approval from Holroyd Council. We will keep families up to
date as events arise.
Principal’s Award
The following children have worked really hard
towards receiving 120 Star Cards
Claudia 1B, Gevin 1B, Kalim 1B, Nhial 1B
Just a reminder that if you are planning for your child to
finish school before the end of the official school year, 17
December 2014, you are required to apply for leave by
completing the “Absences for extended leave form”
available through the school website: (under
parents, school notes, leave application). School
commences in 2015 for Years 1-6 on Wednesday 28
January 2015 and Kindergarten on Monday 2 February
2015 (Individual assessments-Wednesday 28 Jan to
Friday 30 Jan 2015). If your child will not be returning to
school on these days, parents must apply for leave prior to
the end of 2014.
Diamond Award
The following children have worked really hard
towards receiving 150 Star Cards
Anthony 1B, Gabriella KG, Michael KG, Sophia KG, Jemma 2B,
Tiana 3B
As we are coming towards the end of the year, could
you please have a search at home for any library or
guided reading books that may be hiding. Please
return any books to school. Year Six children need
to be sure to return all books as this may affect their
borrowing rights at high school.
Business Directory
We are seeking to establish an OLMC business directory to
help support the businesses within our school community.
This will be a free service to the members of our school.
Please send a business card to school or email Sonia Farah
at [email protected] to find out how you can be
Family Photos Reminder
A reminder to all the families who had their photos taken last
Saturday 8 November; Photo viewing time will be on
Wednesday 26 November at the Parish Hall and you will be
able to view and collect your portraits.
Second Hand Uniform
The Second Hand Uniform shop will only be open on Tuesday
afternoon. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes.
If you have any donations for the Second Hand Uniform shop,
please send them through the office.
Antibiotic Resistance And How We Are A Part Of The
Antibiotic medications are used to kill bacteria, which can
cause illness and disease. They have made a major
contribution to human health and many diseases that once
killed people can now be treated effectively with antibiotics.
However, some bacteria have become resistant to commonly
used antibiotics.
Today you will be receiving the first Fete Newsletter with the
School Newsletter. Please make sure you keep an eye out
for more upcoming newsletters.
If your child is late to school a
parent MUST bring them into the
school office and sign the child in.
If there is no parent present you
will be sent a note requesting an
explanation for why your child was
late to school. This note MUST be
returned to school signed by a parent. These procedures are
determined by the legal requirements of maintaining
attendance rolls.
How can you notify the school about your child’s
 Write a note to your child’s teacher explaining your child’s
 Send an email to the school email address explaining your
child’s absence.
 Phone the office AND send a note to you child’s teacher
(please note this new procedure)
What should the note say?
Antibiotic resistant bacteria are bacteria that are not controlled
or killed by antibiotics. They are able to survive and even
multiply in the presence of an antibiotic. Most infectioncausing bacteria can become resistant to at least some
antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance can cause serious disease
and is an important public health problem. It can be prevented
by minimising unnecessary prescribing and overprescribing of
antibiotics, the correct use of prescribed antibiotics, and good
hygiene and infection control.
Ways to prevent antibiotic resistance include:
The reason why they were away or late
unnecessary prescribing and overprescribing of
antibiotics. This happens when people expect doctors to
prescribe antibiotics for a viral illness (antibiotics do not work
against viruses) or when antibiotics are prescribed for
conditions that do not require them.
The parent’s signature
Your child’s name and class
The dates they were away or late
the entire course of the prescribed antibiotic so
that it can be fully effective and not breed resistance.
What if my child needs to take time off school?
Practise good hygiene and use appropriate infection control
 Collect an Application for Exemption from Attendance at
(Source: Better Health Channel Victoria)
School form from the office or school website.
 Complete the form and return it to school
 Mr Jones will approve the leave and return a copy of the
form to parents.
We need parent support in maintaining an accurate
attendance record. Make sure you send notes into your
child’s teacher or promptly return any absence notification
requests sent by your teacher. The staff don’t enjoy having
to nag parents to return notes.
If you have any questions please speak to your child’s
teacher or contact Miss Pirovic.
Wenty Pools
Holroyd Council are conducting a feasibility study for an
Aquatic Wellness Centre at the site of the current Merrylands
Pool. As a school community we have been asked to
contribute to the study as we are potentially affected by any
decisions made. You can complete an online survey at Or email the team at
[email protected]
If you have an opinion on the future of Wentworthville Pool
and the proposed Aquatic Wellness Centre, please take the
time to share it with the feasibility team. Input needs to be
received by 2 December.
This column is compiled by P&F Communications. If you have any queries or
wish to contribute please email [email protected]

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