Please Bag Your Leaves! - Cleveland City Council



Please Bag Your Leaves! - Cleveland City Council
Fall 2013
A M e s s a g e f ro m C o u n c i l m a n
Kevin J. Kelley
Dear Neighbor,
in Ward 13. This was a great day for our community, as we took another step in providing
I hope you had an enjoyable summer, and access to information and knowledge to the
I hope you had an opportunity to take advan- children of our community. Our children now
tage of the many great events that took place have access to high speed internet through Old
in our community over the summer. And as Brooklyn Connected, and now have access to a
summer moves into fall, I want to take a mo- modern computer for their academic needs, or
ment to make sure that every member of our a family’s need to communicate with teachers
and counselors. By
been made aware of
providing opportua new program that
nities to our chilwas just launched.
dren, we are makRecently, I prouding the community
ly announced the
launch of a new iniput- the smarter our
tiative called Comkids, the stronger
puters for Kids.
the community.
Computers for
Kids is a project
The best news
that was formed
of all is that Comout of a cooperaputers for Kids has
tive effort between
scheduled its next
my Council office,
distribution and exthe Old Brooklyn
panded the criteria
Deeven more. The
velopment Corporation, and an organization second computer distribution will take place
called RET3. RET3 is a non profit corpora- on October 26th at Estabrook Recreation Cention that accepts computers from corporations ter. For this distribution, computers will be
and other organizations that are replacing their made available to any household with a school
computer systems. The computers are then aged child, any child attending a school in
refurbished and made available for a nominal Old Brooklyn, and any person over aged 65
cost, through organizations such as the Old (I guess we will call this Computers for Big
Brooklyn Community Development Corpora- Kids).
tion (“OBCDC”).
For information and to register
The goal of Computers for Kids is to fur- please call or text 216-245-2980 or email
ther bridge the digital divide in our communi- [email protected]
ty by providing each student in Ward 13 with
a quality computer. To that end, ComputLet’s all work together to make sure every
ers for Kids was launched to provide a high- household in Ward 13 has both a high-speed
quality, refurbished computer-complete with internet connection and a quality computer.
Windows 7, Microsoft Office, antivirus software, and a one year warranty-to all families Sincerely,
in Ward 13 with school aged children. Best of
all, the computers provided through Computers for Kids are provided free of charge, with
only a nominal charge for the software.
On September 14th, Computers for Kids
distributed the first 75 computers to families Kevin J. Kelley
Councilman Kevin Kelley urges residents to
Please Bag
Your Leaves!
The Department of Public Works would like to remind you that
the City of Cleveland has discontinued its leaf pick-up service.
Please gather and place your fallen leaves in bags or trash cans for pick up
on your regularly scheduled waste collection day. Sidewalks should remain
free and clear of leaves because loose leaves blow drift and eventually end
up in the street, clogging neighborhood catch basins which can cause flooding in streets and homes. Let’s Keep Ward 13 beautiful! Do not dump leaves
in any trash in vacant lots. Also keep in mind that local law prohibits leaf
For more information, call 664-3717 or visit
Coming to your
Street Soon!
Beginning in November, the Old
Brooklyn Community Development Corporation (OBCDC) will begin a new outreach initiative to further connect with
residents and local business owners. The
purpose of this program is to provide information about the CDC and the community as a whole and also to become more
engaged with the neighborhoods of Old
Community input is extremely important to OBCDC, and these meetings will
be a place where residents can have their
voices heard. Questions ranging from
code enforcement and property management to economic development to public
health initiatives will be discussed. Multiple OBCDC employees will be in attendance to explain upcoming programs and
projects and keep the community updated
about new and helpful information.
The purpose of initiating these meetings
is to provide another opportunity for residents to become aware of all the services
which are available. Among the activities the CDC is engaged in and will share
with those attending the meetings are Old
Brooklyn Connected Wi-Fi; discounted
computer offers for families and seniors;
low-interest loans for home repair; City
Fresh produce; nutrition workshops; and
homes which are being rehabbed for sale.
Old Brooklyn is also a community
with resources beyond what OBCDC offers -- quality public, charter and private
schools; parks and a number of locally
owned businesses. In addition to the information conveyed at its monthly crime
watch/public safety meetings, OBCDC
would like to raise awareness about upcoming events and programs through
these newly-initiated neighborhood meetings.
The first meeting will be held on November 12th at Pearl Road United Methodist Church at 6:30 p.m. Each meeting will
last ninety minutes. Meetings will continue about once every six to eight weeks
at various locations throughout OBCDC’s
service area. Councilman Kevin Kelley
looks forward to hearing your input.
OBCDC looks forward to seeing you
there! For more information, contact
Dave at 459-1000.
OUTSTANDING Computers For Kids
Senior of the Year
Mrs. Elizabeth Hirko has lived at
her Cleveland residence for 47 years.
She is the widow of Joseph. She has
one son named Joseph and two grandchildren, Ryan Michelle and Eric
Upon completion of high school,
Mrs. Hirko worked for National City
Bank and then joined the U.S. Marine
Corp where she served our county for
four years. After her military service
she worked for 19 years in a local
factory carrying out several different functions in the office. Her duties
included cost accounting, reviewing
applications, conducting new hire interviews, processing worker compensation claims and payroll.
Mrs. Hirko is now retired and helps
out at various community events. For
the past five years she has been tutoring weekly at Almira Elementary
School through the AARP Experience
Corp Program. Specifically, she tutors
Kindergarten students in phonetics,
colors and the alphabet. In addition
to tutoring, Mrs. Hirko volunteers at
St. Mary’s House of Hospitality. She
assists in the soup kitchen serving
meals to families and individuals facing hardship.
Mrs. Hirko is concerned about
safety in her neighborhood. She helps
to patrol the neighborhood with her
dog, Charlie, reporting her findings to
the Councilman’s Office. She is part
of the neighborhood Crime Watch for
the Ward.
Mrs. Hirko is an active member
of Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic
Church. She helps volunteer at many
of the church events and fundraisers.
For fun she enjoys bowling and is truly an active individual.
Old Brooklyn CDC, RET3, & Councilman Kevin
Kelley join forces to offer refurbished computers
On Saturday, September 14th, 75 Old
Brooklyn families with school age children received refurbished computers at a
much discounted price through the new
Computers for Kids program. The program was initially for families with children in Ward 13; it is expanding to families
with school age children, seniors over 65
years of age, and unemployed residents of
Old Brooklyn Community Development
Corporation’s (OBCDC) service area (all
of Old Brooklyn and a section of Brooklyn
The families which purchased the computers on September 14th were very excited about the program. OBCDC staff heard
comments such as, “My daughter needs a computer for school and we could not have
otherwise afforded one” and “My child is so excited to finally have a computer.”
The average participant saved at least $300, depending on the computer or laptop
he/she received. Basic CPU computers start at $50 and laptops start at $75. OBCDC
fielded over 350 phone calls and is already compiling a waiting list for the next distribution. The computers are free, the minimal charge is for the software on the computer. The software package for all computers and laptops include:
• Microsoft Windows 7 Pro with SP1
• Microsoft Office 2010
• Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus
• A one year warranty
The program is part of a continuing effort to bridge the digital divide in Old Brooklyn. Computers for Kids is the result of a partnership between Councilman Kelley,
the Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation and RET3. The Computers
for Kids project complements Old Brooklyn Connected, Old Brooklyn’s free wireless
internet service. The computers are donated by various corporations and organizations.
To purchase a refurbished computer on Saturday, October 26th, contact OBCDC
at [email protected] or call 216-245-2980. Please include your e-mail
address in your message, if possible. You will be sent an application and information
about the computers.
Families with children will be asked for children’s names and school information,
seniors will be asked to provide proof of age (photocopy of identification) and unemployed persons will be asked to provide proof of unemployment (unemployment
award letter or paystub). A payment in the form of a money order or cashier’s check
is due at pick up.
Facing foreclosure? Call ESOP first!
The East Side Organizing Project (ESOP)
was founded in 1993 to
create organized leadership around issues impacting neighborhood
life. In the late 1990s,
ESOP began to focus
on predatory lending and foreclosures.
Today ESOP is a HUD-approved, nonprofit, foreclosure prevention counseling
agency. We assist homeowners who are
facing foreclosure, or struggling to make
their monthly mortgage payments due to
job loss, illness, death or other hardship
All services are free. Homeowners
should never pay anyone before, during or
after receiving help with a
mortgage modification.
ESOP foreclosure prevention advocates help
homeowners fight to keep
their homes by applying
for financial assistance
and/or negotiating with
their mortgage servicers for an affordable mortgage solution. ESOP has direct
points of contact and formal agreements
with many loan servicing companies helping counselors achieve resolutions more
For assistance or more information call
ESOP to set up an appointment at 216361-0718 or toll free 877-731-ESOP.
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
cures cabin fever
with reduced winter
admission prices
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is a true year-round experience – visit us this winter and
see why!
When the snow starts to fall and the kids are getting restless from being cooped up
inside, the Zoo makes visiting during the winter months easy by reducing admission
prices and providing complimentary heated transportation. From November 1 to March
31, 2014, admission is just $8.25 for adults, $5.25 for kids ages 2-11, and as always,
children younger than 2 are free.
Take a brisk stroll through the Zoo’s Northern Trek area to see the bears, tigers, sea
lions and wolves, many of whom are more active in the cooler weather. Then stop in
the lodge at Wolf Wilderness and warm up by the fire.
Next, head to the Primate, Cat & Aquatics Building via the heated tram and visit the
gorillas, snow leopards and sharks. The African elephants, naked mole rats and African
rock python are waiting inside the Elephant Care & Visitor Center. At the Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine, guests can learn about the state-of-the-art
care the Zoo’s animals receive and maybe even see a medical procedure, as it happens,
through the viewing windows.
Drop by GumLeaf Hideout and say “g’day” to the koalas and tree kangaroo in their
indoor exhibit, and cap off your visit with a tropical tour through The RainForest,
where it’s always 80 degrees, to see the orangutans and otters.
Northeast Ohio’s most-visited year-round attraction, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is
open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily. Admission is $12.25 per person, $8.25 for kids ages 2 to
11 and free for children younger than 2 and Zoo members. Parking is free. Located at
3900 Wildlife Way, the Zoo is easily accessible from Interstates 71, 90 and 480.
Senior Transportation Services
City of Cleveland Ward 13
w Riders must be 60 years of age or older and have
limited options for transportation services.
w Senior Transportation Connection (STC) will provide two (2) one way trips per week to eligible riders.
How to Use the Service:
w First time riders must call the Department of Aging at 216-664-2833.
w You will need to provide your name, address,
phone number and emergency
contact information.
w Intake workers will verify your home address, and
refer you to the provider
- Senior Transportation Connection (STC).
Scheduling your ride:
w Riders must call STC at 1-800-983-4782 to schedule your trip.
w Service is available Monday through Friday, 8:30
a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
w You will need to provide STC with information
including the name, address,
phone number of the destination and the duration of
the visit/appointment.
their trip by 12 noon two days before they travel,
but may schedule up to two weeks in advance.
w Riders are expected to contact the call center by
7am to cancel trips.
Additional Information:
w Medical related trips are priority and must be
within Cuyahoga County.
w Personal shopping and errands must be within the
City of Cleveland. Riders
are limited to five (5) shopping bags per trip.
w A fare of $1.00 per one way trip will be charged.
Drivers are not permitted to make change on the van
or accept tips.
w Riders may have a personal care assistant (PCA)
or escort with them; however
they must provide this information when scheduling
the trip. No fare is
charged for PCA/Escort riders as long as they are
assisting the individual.
Big City
On Thursday, October 31 from 5:30 PM 7:30 PM, the City of Cleveland will host Big
City Boo Halloween events in the City’s 22
recreation centers. This annual event provides a safe alternative to trick-or-treating
for Cleveland’s children. Parents, guardians and caregivers can take their children
12 and under to the City’s recreation centers for Halloween treats, games, contests
and other family friendly activities. Residents can contact their neighborhood recreation centers for more information. All of
these events are free and open to the public.
City of Cleveland neighborhood trick-ortreat hours are 6 PM - 8 PM on October
31, 2012.
Listed below are recommendations for a
safe Halloween:
- Adults should accompany young children
and older kids should travel in groups.
- Children should wear light colored clothing short enough to prevent tripping.
- Add reflective tape to clothing to increase
- Make sure children can see through their
masks or use make-up.
- Avoid hard plastic or wooden props such
as daggers or swords; use foam or other
soft and flexible materials.
- Carry and use a flashlight when it gets
- Visit homes within your own neighborhood that you are familiar with and that are
lit. Never go in deserted buildings or isolated areas; avoid shortcuts through empty
parks, fields, or alleys.
- Be alert for vehicle traffic; never approach a parked car; move away from a car
that pulls up along side you.
- Go quickly to the nearest occupied public place (mall, store, recreation center, gas
station, fire station etc.) and scream for
help if someone is following you.
- Only give and accept wrapped or packaged candy.
- Parents should examine all candy before
allowing children to eat it and report anything suspicious to police.
- Keep costumed children away from pets
who may become frightened
Tel: 351-7077 - Ward Office
Tel: 664-2943 - City Hall
Fax: 351-7006
[email protected]
Serving the Old Brooklyn and Stockyard neighborhoods
Councilman Kevin Kelley
4501 State Road, Cleveland, 44109
See inside for more information on
Ward 13’s Senior
Ward 13 Senior and
Health Resources
City of Cleveland Department of Aging
2 1 6 - 6 6 4 - 2 8 3 3 w w w. c i t y. c l e v e l a n d . o h . u s
Access to Benefits Coalition - 216-421-1350 ext.. 185. The Cleveland Department of Aging is a lead agency in the Greater Cleveland. Access to Benefits
Coalition which helps seniors find savings on prescription drugs.
Benefits CheckUp - 216-664-3418 Walk-in: Tues. and Thurs. 10am to 4pm. This
program is a computerized screening program that provides older adults over the
age of 55 with an efficient, effective and confidential method of determining eligibility for federal, state and local community assistance programs to help pay
for prescription drugs, health care, utilities and other essential items or services.
Cell Phone Recycling Program - 216-664-3685. Collected cell phones will be
sold and proceeds will go to Cleveland Department of Aging programs.
Chore Program - 216-664-2833. Cleveland senior residents age 60 or older can
receive help maintaining their homes or apartments with the CHORE Program.
Seniors can have a CHORE worker come to their home and perform chores
such as lawn mowing, house cleaning, simple home repairs, carpet cleaning and
more. Some requests may require an on-site visit before work is scheduled.
Cleveland Care Calls - 216-664-6316, Weekdays 8am-5pm. This free automated telephone reassurance system calls Cleveland seniors. If a senior does
not respond, Public Safety may be called to check on them.
Senior Guest House - 216-664-2833. This home is for persons 60+ years of age
and provides a safe environment for those in crises or unsafe conditions.
Western Reserve Area Agency on Aging (WRAAA) - 216-621-8010. WRAAA
is responsible for planning, coordinating and administering state and federallyfunded programs and services for older adults.
Senior Homeowner Assistance Program (SHAP) - 664-2833. SHAP offers grants to
seniors who own and reside in their own single- or two-family homes. Grants can be
used to make critical, health, safety and maintenance repairs. SHAP personnel will visit
the home of those interested in the program and will assist with the application.
Homestead Water Rate - 664-2833. If you are 65 years of age or older, there is
a possibility you could receive a reduction in your water bills.
Cuyahoga County Senior Resources
Adult Protective Services Hotline - 216-420-6700. Calls accepted 7 days a
week, including holidays Please call if you suspect that an elderly Cuyahoga
County resident is the victim of abuse, neglect, self-neglect or exploitation.
Options for Elders - 216-420-6800. This is a flexible, affordable program that
provides in-home care to older Cuyahoga County Residents who, because of
income and/or assets, are not eligible for PASSPORT or other Medicaid waiver
Home Care Skilled Services - 216-420-6817. Services are available to
Cuyahoga County residents who are Medicare/Medicaid eligible and under the
care of a physician.
Other Resources
Alzheimer’s Association Helpline - 1-800-272-3900, This hotline can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call for Alzheimer’s information, referrals and support.
Golden Buckeye Card - 1-800-301-6446. Merchants of all types (e.g. restaurants, retail, auto care, medical and more) voluntarily offer special savings and
deals for older Ohioans who carry the Golden Buckeye card.
Seniors Connect - 216-623-2800. The Cleveland Public
Library has designed this website exclusively for older adults and those who
care about them.
Senior Corps - 1-800-942-2677 Senior Corps connects
adults 55 and older with the people and organizations that need them most. Volunteers receive guidance and training so they can make a contribution that suits
their talents, interests and availability.