Reinoud Vandervelden and Luk Indesteege



Reinoud Vandervelden and Luk Indesteege
7th European Quality Assurance Forum
22 – 24 November 2012
Tallinn University, Estonia
How does Quality Assurance Make a Difference?
Quality Tools,
Methods and Results
Twitter your comments
during this workshop to:
• Or use the link on
Describe (y)our bottlenecks
with single keywords
max. 8 min.
Write down your
keywords on quality
assurance (1 per
post-it) and give
them to Reinoud:
Catholic University College / LCUC
(Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg / KHLim)
• 6000 students / 800 employees
• 7 faculties / 17 research groups
• member of the Association KULeuven,
network of KULeuven and 12 university colleges in Flanders
– open and dynamic network, with more than 80.000 students
– exceptional resource pool with a wide range of study and training programmes,
outstanding research, and high quality community engagement.
• active member of different European educational networks
• exchange students with many universities throughout Europe
• co-operation with schools and organisations all over the world
Who and where are we?
Members of the Quality Staff KHLim:
• [email protected]
Q in education
• [email protected]
Q coordination
• [email protected]
Q in research and LLL
Some results of our own
internal research
1. 3 min. survey (
Drive) on our quality culture
2. Invitation sent to 800 mailboxes from colleagues
3. 373 answers (almost 50%) after two days (and nights)
4. Name was optional, about ¼ did (the most motivated)
5. Feedback: 3 short reports in the weekly internal newsletter
with figures and quotes
Some statements we used
• My definition of quality is:
personal / from our team / from our faculty / from our HEI
• Leadersship in my department is:
absent / vague / strong / empowering
• My autonomy (in my work) is:
zero / limited / large / unlimited
• The time I spend for/with quality is:
zero / less than needed /sufficient / more then I wish
• I go to work:
with a sigh / neutral / hopeful / whistling
Some quotes from Report 1
• Sometimes I am afraid for the quality of our education
because... too much concern for quality.
• Quality requires time, which is more and more
difficult to release
• In theory we have a lot of quality,
but in practice little material can be found
Some quotes from Report 2
• How do I feel in the morning, on the road to my job?
with a sigh
• Our personal autonomy is the reason why dealing with
stress, tension and pressure still remains feasible.
• We need less ‘management’ and more leadership,
with vision and charisma.
Some quotes from Report 3
• Good enough is not good enough
• Quality is :
to bring out the best of every employee
• How many time
do I spend on quality:
very much
• We continue to rush…
Our instant Quality
Wordle today :
Let’s try
• Go to
• Click on Tallinn workshop QTIM&R
• Fill in the questionnaire (3 min.)
Now we go for solutions
The viscious circle of quality
No time to learn →
Lack of knowledge about Quality Assurance →
Much time used for Q A →
No time at all →
Theme of the brainstorm:
How can we help the middle-management
of our HEI to assure quality?
The rules of the brainstorm:
• Trigger your mind for (elements of) solutions
to break open the viscious circle of quality
• Write down every solution on 1 post-it
in one or a few keywords
• Max 7 solutions for each participant 
• Delivery: wait for your turn
Here comes Wordle again
to show us our results
Questions ???
This presentation will be available on
Good luck
with Q
in your HEI

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