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Welcome to the World of Learning
Interactive Whiteboards
In an increasingly digital world,
developments in media and
learning habits have forced
us to look for new solutions
No. 2 · 2009
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Audio books for
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International Experts
visit Cornelsen
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From Wallstreet
to Main Street –
The Global Economy
after the Financial Crisis
From Nursery School
into Primary School –
Material for recording
learning progress
Relations and
Foreign Rights
In Brief
Just Licensed ∙ Just Licensed ∙ Just Licensed ∙ Just Licensed ∙
New licensed editions
On this page you will once again find the titles of our latest licensed
editions. The titles are published by Cornelsen Verlag and Cornelsen
Verlag Scriptor.
Pocket Business: Team and Conflict Management,Latvia, Zvaigzne ABC
Publishers, analyses how workgroups become teams, how to lead teams
as efficiently as possible and how to deal with conflict.
Professional Basics: Local Marketing, Internal Communication, Latvia,
Zvaigzne ABC Publishers, give concrete help in the respective area
of business, providing background information, practical action
plans, thematic overviews and checklists which help to put theory
into practice.
Every Day a Little Better in English, Poland, Videograf Edukacja Sp.
z o.o, contains practice materials divided into 29 double page sections,
each of which contains 15-30 minutes’ worth of exercises for per day
and assists learners outside the classroom. All booklets are illustrated
in full colour and a key is provided on supplementary pages.
Construction Technology Basics, Croatia, Skolska Knjiga d.d. Zagreb,
can be used for the whole vocational area of construction technology.
Specialist subject information is presented in six learning areas, each
of which concludes with tasks on the Project Holiday Home: reading
technical drawings, evaluating spreadsheets and preparing detailed
English G 2000 D5 (Way to win 9), Czech Republic, Nakladatelstvi
Fraus, involves all of the senses in the learning process and concentrates on integrative practice of the four skills. It encourages learners
to discover language rules for themselves and demonstrates effective
learning and work strategies.
Your Newsletter Editors
In every International Newsletter we present you with
a selection of the licensed
editions which have already
appeared, as well as licensing contracts which have
just been signed.
If you would like to examine
any of these titles, just let
us know. We would be
happy to send you a copy
as long as the rights are still
available in your language
Shanghai Foreign Language
Teaching and Research
• Job Matters-series,
business English courses
for various topics
Peking University Press
• New Basis for Business,
business English course
BC Edukacja
• studio d 1–3 Sprachtraining,
additional workbook for
the studio d series
Navchalna Knyha Bodan
• Pocket Teacher Abi,
knowledge for school
leaving examination in
pocket format
Cornelsen and picture alliance start an exclusive
image platform
Cornelsen and the dpa-subsidiary picture alliance have joined
forces to develop an internet
platform with exclusive photographic material for teachers.
The rationale behind this is to
provide teachers and schools
with professionally-developed
photographic material from
a reliable source since this is a
particularly important aspect in
education. The major advantage
of this platform is that copyright
has been obtained for the use of
Cornelsen International Newsletter 2/2009
all photos and graphics for educational purposes.
Our website, www.cornelsen.
de/bilder, offers over a million
up-to-date photos of a professional standard. 3 500 diagrams,
statistics and maps are also available. Topics range from historical
events, current affairs and natural sciences, through to cultural
and economic subjects. Precise
keywords make searching easy.
A number of subject catalogues
are also in preparation.
In Brief
Audio books in schools
Using audio books in lessons
All exercises are based on the
spoken or printed text and
guide each learner in his or her
creative development, whereby
the methods can be varied according to the learner’s own interests
and linguistic abilities.
Through this combination of
receptive skills – listening and
reading – the audio book opens
up a number of methodological approaches. The variety
of options equate to a further
step towards learner autonomy:
students listen, read and actively
shape their learning with an
audio book.
Reading, interpreting and analysing books is a standard element
of foreign language teaching
in schools.
many young people rarely pick
up a book outside the classroom.
How can we motivate pupils to
read and enjoy books ?
An audio book – nowadays
usually available on CD – is a
book spoken as a monologue,
to be distinguished from an
audio play, which contains
various voices, sound effects and
Using audio books in the classroom does not mean neglecting
printed books, rather, it provides
pupils with an additional or alternative medium.
Modern materials for foreign
language lessons already offer
numerous listening comprehension exercises.
After using the audio book to
practise listening comprehension, students can then read the
corresponding text in the book
and check passages they did not
understand from the listening.
The listening exercises can also
be continued at home using the
CD accompanying the book.
Having the choice of whether to
read or listen gives students some
measure of control over their
learning process and they are able
to choose the method that suits
them best. Experience shows that
many students use a combination of both forms of media.
In conclusion it may be said that
in the classroom emphasis is
usually placed on listening and
speaking and that reading and
writing exercises are more often
completed at home.
For example:
Listening comprehension
Learners can check their understanding of the content through
matching and multiple choice
exercises, deciding whether
an item is true/false/not in the
text, sequencing sentences,
completing sentences, answering questions and many other
exercise forms.
Audio books included!
Our series of readers for learners of German as a
Foreign Language “lex:tra DaF-Lernkrimis”,
will expand with the publication of four additional titles:
• Liebe bis in den Tod,
• Der Mond war Zeuge,
• Die Spur führt nach Bayern (September 2009),
• Gefährlicher Einkauf (September 2009)
Interested? Please get in touch for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!
Cornelsen International Newsletter 2/2009
Interactive Whiteboards
In an increasingly digital world, developments in media and
learning habits have forced us to look for new solutions
Interactive whiteboards are an
important fixture in classrooms
in many parts of the world. The
symposium “Interactive Technology in Education (ITiE)”,
which took place in London in
October 2008 confirmed this
Teachers have taken to interactive whiteboards unlike any
other technical equipment introduced over the past 50 years.
An important reason for this is
the advantage that the teacher’s
original lesson concept can still
be used in an almost unchanged
form. An evaluation of teaching
in British schools, conducted
Gemma Moss (The Interactive Whiteboards, Pedagogy and
Pupil Performance Evaluation:
An Evaluation of the Schools
Whiteboard Expansion (SWE)
Project: London Challenge), made
clear that a modern medium does
not modernise teaching per se:
methods can be enhanced by
the use of pre-designed interactive board images.
Why have interactive whiteboards become so popular?
The London study links the
importance of IT proficiency and its implications for career advancement to teachers’
positive attitudes to the boards.
Teachers’ and learners’ changing
media habits reflect changes in
society, changes which can be
collectively described as digitalisation. While teachers communicate with others via e-mail and
‘google’ for information, their
clientèle has long since moved
on. Communication now takes
place in chat rooms and YouTube
is the latest source of information. Students organize their
lives and learning interactively
on the Internet; the virtual world
Cornelsen International Newsletter 2/2009
is as real for them as the physical.
To engage these learners on their
own ground means integrating
this virtual world into lesson
The study also shows however
that the use of whiteboards only
makes sense when the contents
are of high quality. Sets of ready-made transparencies tend to
lessons and interactive exercises,
which may be suitable for
independent home study, are
not always appropriate for a class
setting. A lesson in German as
a Foreign Language, observed
during the ITiE, in which
drag and drop exercises were
completed on the interactive
whiteboard, supported this
conclusion; it is hard to imagine
a foreign language class with
less opportunity for speaking
To make a school book whiteboard-compatible doesn’t mean
replacing it with the board
during classes; it means
working with the book interactively, by adding to it and
enhancing it, thereby strengthening the teaching materials
package as a whole. Displaying
specific elements such as photos,
illustrations or exercises from the
book on the board and using the
software to work with them may
be just as appropriate as using
supplementary materials such
as audio and video files, which
support holistic learning. An
Internet connection can enable
research during lessons as well
as the integration of students’
own work. A further, practical
advantage is that work produced
during a lesson – even the jointly-produced whiteboard images
– can be saved and made available for use in future lessons.
Numerous Cornelsen
titles are whiteboardcompatible.
For example:
The challenges and opportunities provided by this medium
lie in creating specific interactive
exercise formats and presenting
scenarios from coursebooks
which facilitate learner-oriented
lessons. This potential could
be seen in some of the teachers’
materials presented at the ITiE.
The formats will vary from subject to subject. In the case of
foreign languages, interactive
whiteboards can support
exercises in spoken fluency and
practice of language forms by
transforming them into fun
activities. Combined listening,
reading and pronunciation
exercises are also possible while entertaining tasks can be
designed to allow multiple users
to work together at the same
Cornelsen already has software
which is ideal for teaching with
interactive whiteboards.
manufacturers Promethean and
SMART have certified a range
of Cornelsen products as
“Promethean friendly” and
“SMART enabled”.
Take a look at our website for
more information on user
scenarios and available products:
(in German).
Cornelsen International Newsletter 2/2009
Welcome to the World of Learning
International Experts visit Cornelsen
Cornelsen is attracting a growing
number of international groups
of experts interested in learning
more about the newest developments in educational media. The
first half of 2009 saw a constant
stream of visitors to Cornelsen,
as you can see from the following photos of our international
Cornelsen presents an overview
of the German education system
and published materials on German as a Foreign Language to a
group of school principals from
Cameroon and Gabon during
their visit to Berlin. The event,
which was met with a good response, took place at the Goethe
Institute in Berlin (no image).
A delegation from Taiwan also
paid us a visit (Image 3). German
is already taught in high schools
there. We provided our Taiwanese visitors with ideas and information on materials for communicative language training.
A group of Egyptian teachers of
German look at our books for
German as a Foreign Language
for use in schools and universities. (Image 4). Perhaps Prima
or studio d will soon be used in
Egyptian schools?
We discuss possibilities for cooperation in the area of German
for middle schools with a delegation from Vietnam (Image 5).
Image 1
Professors Minoru Ohtani and
Shinichiro Matsumoto from
Kanazawa University in Japan
(Image 1) find out about teaching
materials for Mathematics and
Social and Area Studies in primary schools. Our editors provided
information in lively question
and answer sessions.
A delegation of ministerial officials from Mexico and Costa Rica
(Image 2), enquire about ways of
introducing German as a Foreign
Language in their countries. The
meeting was arranged as a result
of a partner-school initiative, run
by the German Foreign Office,
which aims to raise interest in
teaching German as a Foreign
Language in schools abroad.
Our Newsletter provides information
about the Cornelsen Publishing Group.
Our Newsletter also provides information about current publications from
Cornelsen and is also available at our
Our Newsletter also provides a forum
for all those who wish to exchange
ideas and to discuss their experience
of using our books. We look forward
to receiving your comments, suggestions and questions.
International Relations
and Foreign Rights
Holger Behm
tel.: +49 30 897 85 341
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Kristin Kupsch
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Image 3
International Multimedia
Vicente José Arioli
tel.: +49 30 897 85 467
fax: +49 30 897 85 567
email: [email protected]
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Test preparation booklet for Prima
Image 2
Cornelsen International Newsletter 2/2009
Image 5
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Just Published
Refreshing ideas
Useful self study English material
Although, or perhaps because,
more and more people worldwide are learning English to a relatively high level at school, there
is an increasing need to provide
refresher courses to enable adult
learners to keep up their language
skills, keep their English up-todate and to bolster their confidence. This is the mission of
A New Start.
In addition to the classical levels
of refresher courses (A New Start
Refresher A2 and B1), the new
books in the series address learners with a higher level of proficiency (A New Start Refresher B2)
and those who prefer to refresh
their English in a business-related
context (A New Start Professional
Refresher B1).
Each coursebook in the series
has the same simple but effective structure: ten units of eight
pages. Part A of each unit consists
of three classroom pages plus one
page of self study exercises and
Part B follows the same format.
The wide variety of texts, activity types and topics reflect the
student-centred approach of the
series. A section at the back of the
coursebook provides a grammar
reference section and further
practice exercises. Each student
book also contains a CD with all
self study materials.
The latest additions
to the series
A New Start Refresher B2 is guaranteed to motivate learners with
a good knowledge of English.
Each unit is topic- based and
focuses on vocabulary expansion
and speaking fluency without
neglecting structured practice
of all four skills. The themes are
of interest to an international
audience and emphasize the
role of English as a medium of
global communication. From
the world’s most liveable cities
to electronic footprints and the
way shops make us part with our
money, the topics give learners
plenty to think and talk about –
even after the lesson is over!
A New Start Professional Refresher
B1 caters to the needs of learners
who want to combine a refresher
course with work-related content
which is in tune with their
real-life communicative needs.
The course material focuses on
making the transition from general English to business English by
including communication skills
like telephoning, email-writing
that are relevant in everyday life
and at work, and topics such as
social/business networking and
job satisfaction which are at the
interface of the two areas. Topics
for discussion have been chosen
for their international appeal and
their relevance to the business
world of today and cover themes
as varied as reasons for business
success or failure, working in
virtual teams, corporate social
responsibility and international
marketing strategies.
In addition to the self study CD,
this book also contains a phrase
book with useful language for
every business-related situation.
Ideal for slipping into a pocket
and using on the move.
For example
A New Start Professional
Refresher B1
course book+CD+phrasebook
ca. 176 pages, softback
numerous illustrations
ca. 27.95 € (September 2009)
ISBN 978-3-464-20029-2
Hair & Beauty
Practical information on hairdressing is provided in an easy-tounderstand format, and includes
the basics of hair and skin structure, hair and skin condition,
hygiene requirements and legal
information relating to hairdressing as a career.
The Hair & Beauty materials
pack is aimed at all hairdressing
trainees. It is ideal for both selfstudy and as supplementary classroom material. Trainees can also
use it as a reference work during
their practical salon training.
The main subject areas are
• problem-based client
• client relations
• theoretical scientific principles
• practical information on
A wide range of exercises complement the material.
Text, numerous photographs, illustrations and diagrams explain
the various techniques step-by-
step. Text margins explain the
origins and meaning of specialist
terminology and foreign words
and phrases.
Internet links
to sources of additional information are also provided.
A sample of the contents:
• Greeting and dealing with
• Hair and scalp care
• Styling recommendations –
• Cutting hair
• Styling hair
• Permanent waves
• Colour rinses, permanent
colour and bleaching
• Hand and nail care –
• Decorative cosmetic
treatment – make-up
• Influencing business processes
• Complex hair salon services
The materials pack includes two
volumes on hairdressing and
salon techniques, one volume on
marketing and business administration, a volume on the basics
of mathematics and an examination preparation book.
For example:
Hair & Beauty
Techniques 1
Student's book, 248 pages,
numerous illustrations
17.95 €
ISBN 978-3-06-455818-2
Cornelsen International Newsletter 2/2009
Just Published
OUR Partners
From Nursery School into
Primary School
Materials for recording learning progress
From Nursery School into Primary
School introduces a novel concept in the study of early learning
situations and the ensuing
learning progress. This easyto-use book makes it possible
to record not only the skills
already possessed by children
in their last year of nursery,
but also their individual learning progress – in the cognitive
domain, as well as in the physical and socio-emotional areas.
Numerous worksheets and
stimuliassist each child in
creating a personal portfolio,
which allows nursery and primary
school teachers to gain a holistic view of each child’s stage of
development in terms of preschool preparation.The materials
have been tested, are practiceoriented and easy to use. The portfolio also helps ease the transition
from nursery to primary school.
The recorded work highlights
the child’s individual strengths
and preferences. It is then easier
for future teachers to adapt to the
appropriate level for the child.
Naturally, the child himself is
the main focus of the work.
The portfolio offers many
helpful suggestions which assist in
discovering the full potential and
aptitude of each child. The child’s
individual stage of development
is the basis of the work.
From Nursery School into
Primary School
88 pages, softback
numerous illustrations
19.90 €
ISBN 978-3-7058-7958-4
From Wallstreet to Main Street
The Global Economy after the Financial Crisis
The financial
crisis affects
everyone. This
combines theory
with economic practice in a way
which makes it accessible to a
wide readership.
The authors describe the developments during the spring of
2009 and deal comprehensively
but comprehensibly with the following questions:
• Humankind in the financial
crisis – from homo economicus to behavioural finance?
• The financial crisis –
where has all the money gone?
Cornelsen Verlag
14328 Berlin
• The financial crisis –
the first bubble in a series?
• What role does invoicing play
in the financial crisis?
• What role do hedge funds play
in the financial crisis?
• What does the bank of the
future look like?
• What are the effects of the financial crisis on the emerging
economies (Brazil, Russia,
India, China and the United
Arab Emirates)?
• How did the financial crisis develop into an economic crisis?
About the authors:
Michael Bloss is a securities
specialist, authorised representative of the Commerzbank AG
[email protected]
and director of the European
Institute for Financial Engineering and Derivatives Research
Dr. Dietmar Ernst is a Professor of Corporate Finance at
Nürtingen-Geislingen University (Hochschule für Wirtschaft
und Umwelt (HfWU).
Dr. Joachim Häcker is a professor
at Heilbronn University.
Nadine Eil works for the KfW
IPEX Bank in Frankfurt/Main
From Wallstreet
to Main Street
approx. 350 pages, hardback
approx. 29.80 €
ISBN 978-3-486-59026-5
Peking University Press
205 Chengfu Road, Haidian District
100871 Beijing, China
contact: Wang Yan
tel: 0086 10 6275 2036
fax: 0086 10 6276 5015
email: [email protected]
Our titles:
•New Basis for Business series
•Short Course series
•Business English for Beginners series
•International English for
Office Communication
•Commercial Correspondence
PT Katalis Mitra Plaosan
Jalan Asem V/10
Jakarta 12410, Indonesia
contact: Elisabeth Soeprapto-Hastrich
tel: 0062 21 7501477
fax: 0062 21 7657946
email: [email protected]
Our titles:
•studio d series, German as a foreign
language for adult learners
Adam Bookshop
Maadi Grand Mall
Shop No (124) – Degla Maadi
Cairo, Egypt
contact: Magdi Radwan
tel: 0020 2 5195351
email: [email protected]
10-B, Moskovskyi av.
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To be continued …
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