October 2015 - The Health Wagon



October 2015 - The Health Wagon
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October 2015
The Health Wagon’s
mission is to provide
compassionate, quality
health care to the
medically underserved
people in the Mountains
of Appalachia. Our values
are inclusiveness, community outreach, collaboration, spirituality and empowerment.
Let us tell you The Health Wagon story. Our average patient is 38 years old.
Ninety-eight percent of our patients are uninsured. Seventy percent of them have an
income of less than $20,000 annually, despite working multiple jobs. This means
they make too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private
insurance. Our patients live in desperately poverty-stricken rural Appalachia, where
they can’t afford to go to the doctor but can’t afford not to. The mobility of our health
clinic means we are able to fill the gap, whether they are inline at the food bank or at
their job, we bring healthcare to them.
Upcoming Events
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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October 3-4th: Grundy RAM- Free Medical, Dental, and Vision
October 5th: Dental clinic at Wise
October 8th: Chest X-Ray Clinic
October 13th: Endocrinology Clinic
October 14th: Flu shot clinic at Standard Core & Funk Drilling Coeburn, VA
October 21th: Flu shot clinic at MSHA in Norton, VA
Free Flu Shot
Flu season is here and the Health Wagon is
offering FREE flu vaccines. Please stop by
our Wise or Clintwood office to stay
protected this flu season!
Mobile Unit Schedule
6th: Lee Co.
9th: Appalachia
13th: Coeburn
15th: Binns Counts
22nd: Clinchco
Mobile unit schedule is subject to change,
please call 276-328-8850 for more
In The News
The Health Wagon is honored to announce that Dr.
Vicki Weiss, President of Virginia Remote Area
Medical, won Volunteer of the Year in the category
of Health presented by United Way of Southwest
Dr. Weiss has led the vision care component of
RAM Wise, Virginia for the last 15 years.
Inside the Health Wagon
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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Remote Area Medical Wise and Health
Wagon patient Billy would like to say THANK
YOU to all of our donors. Because of each of
your donations, Billy has been able to receive
free life saving medical care since July 2015.
Billy was an emergent unknown diabetic who
could have easily died if he had not received
care from the Health Wagon.
No one likes the word cancer
especially the staff at the Health
Wagon. For the reason the Health
Wagon focuses on prevention,
screening and early detection. In
fact, Southwest Virginia has a
trend towards a higher number of individuals with cancer. The Health Wagon
routinely provides clinics for women's health, lung cancer screening, mammography,
and GI to identify possible cases. One patient, however, had ignored the signs and
attributed them to normal aging and feeling sick at her stomach. The patient's
symptoms continued to worsen and when she spoke to the provider she was
immediately referred to additional diagnostics. It was discovered that she had stage 4
colorectal cancer that was inoperable. She is now receiving chemotherapy treatments
Early detection and yearly screenings could have diagnosed this condition in the early
stages. If caught early, colon cancer is one of the most treatable forms. If you are over
the age of 50 or have a family history, please speak with your doctor today about a
colonoscopy. Don't wait until it's too late.
The Health Wagon welcomes NP students
Mark Abbott is a student in the Family Nurse Practitioner
program at Gonzaga University. He is originally from
Lynchburg, Virginia. He received his BSN from Liberty
University. He has been an ER/ICU Registered Nurse for
ten years, and has worked as a Research Nurse at the
National Institutes of Health and is a Registered
Respiratory/Board Registered Sleep Specialist. Mark has
five children, one grandson, and two dogs, and enjoys
cycling, hiking, and working out.
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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Tristan Gibson is a Family Nurse Practitioner student
from Chamberlain College of Nursing. She is a resident of
Clintwood, Virginia. She has been a Registered Nurse for
five years and plans to stay in rural southwest Virginia and
practice family medicine after obtaining her Nurse
Practitioner license.
Recent Developments
The Health Wagon now has Instagram. Please follow us
by searching healthwagon.
Lee County RAM Recap
On September 12 & 13, 2015 Lee
County held the second annual RAM
event. Over 400 patients were served
during the two day event. 611 dental
procedures were performed, 180
glasses made and over 100 free flu
shots were given onsite.
We would like to personally thank each and everyone who made this event successful.
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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St Andrew
On September 19-20, 2015 Dr. Teresa
Gardner and Dr. Paula Meade attended
four Catholic Masses at St. Andrews in
Roanoke, Va. They were able to inform
the public about the mission of the Health
Wagon, following in the footsteps of Sr.
Bernie Kenny who is the Health Wagon’s
blessed founder and mentor. The Health Wagon would like to thank St. Andrews
Catholic Church for their donation and allowing us to share our story.
St. John
On September 26, 2015 Dr. Teresa Gardner and Dr.
Paula Meade attended Catholic Mass at St. John the
Evangelist in Waynesboro, Va. They were able to
inform the public about the mission of the Health
Wagon and obtained several contacts for future
dermatology clinics to be held at the Smiddy Clinic at
Wise. The Health Wagon would like to thank St.
John’s for their donation and allowing us to share
our story.
Henry Schein Donation
We are happy to announce that The Health Wagon has
been accepted as one of the recipients of the Henry
Schein Cares Medical Supplies Kits donation valued at
$5,000.00 worth of free medical supplies!
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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ENT Specialty Clinic
On Wednesday September 16, 2015 Dr.
Braxton Cann, ENT-otolaryngologist
donated his time for an Ears, Nose and
Throat clinic for the Health Wagon patients.
Several patients were able to receive this
specialty service free of charge. Dr. Cann
received his medical degree from Howard
University College of Medicine and operated
his own practice in Norton, VA for over 50
years. The Health Wagon is very blessed to
have Dr. Cann come and donate his time to
help the under served population of
southwest Virginia.
Please help fund the Health Wagon a SUV
The Health Wagon is a mobile health clinic that serves the poverty stricken people of
rural Appalachia for little to no cost to the clients. In 1980, Sister Bernie Kenny began
the program with nothing more than her Volkswagen Beetle and the passion to make
a difference through service. The Health Wagon has grown exponentially since it
started 35 years ago. The organization now has one brick and mortar clinic in Wise,
Virginia, and a second one in Clintwood, Virginia, as well as a state of the art mobile
health clinic. In 2013, The Health Wagon served 11,000 patients and provided over $1
million in health care costs.
To continue its efforts in serving the people of Appalachia, The Health Wagon needs
donations and community support. This GoFundMe campaign is dedicated to
purchasing a SUV due to the current need of The Health Wagon for a vehicle
dedicated to carrying medical supplies. Our fundraising goal is $34,000 because
(prospectively) this will cover the cost of purchasing an SUV. This monetary goal was
determined by researching car makes, models, safety ratings, miles per gallon,
reliability and size. We have used Kelly Blue Book, Carfacts and similar sites to decide
upon the best choice in SUV for The Health Wagon. We have decided upon
purchasing a vehicle similar to a 2014 Ford Explorer. Additionally, we are searching
for a car dealership that is willing to provide a discount or match the funds raised for
the SUV. Please click here to make a donation!
Health Awareness for October
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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This month, we are recognizing:
• National Breast Cancer Awareness
• Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month
• National Down Syndrome Awareness Month
• Health Literacy Month
• Healthy Lung Month
• National Physical Therapy Month
• SIDS Awareness Month
• Spina Bifida Awareness Month
• World Mental Health Day (10)
Target Illness Spotlight
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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Breast Cancer Prevention
What Can I Do to Reduce My Risk of
Breast Cancer?
Many factors can influence your breast
cancer risk, and most women who
develop breast cancer do not have any
known risk factors or a history of the
disease in their families. However, you
can help lower your risk of breast cancer
in the following ways
• Keep a healthy weight
• Exercise regularly (4 hrs/ week)
• Get enough sleep
• Don’t drink alcohol, or limit alcoholic drinks to no more than one per day
• Avoid exposure to chemicals that can cause cancer (carcinigens)
• Try to reduce your exposure to radiation during medical tests like mammograms,
X-rays, CT scans, and PET scans
• If you are taking, or have been told to take, hormone replacement therapy or oral
contraceptives (birth control pills), ask your doctor about the risks and find out if it is
right for you
• Breastfeed your babies, if possible
Although breast cancer screening cannot prevent breast cancer, it can help find breast
cancer early, when it is easier to treat.
If you have a family history of breast cancer or inherited changes in your BRCA1 and
BRCA2 genes, you may have a higher breast cancer risk.
It is important that you know your family history and talk to your doctor about
screening and other ways you can lower your risk. For more information about breast
cancer prevention, please visit http://www.cdc.gov/cancer/breast/basic_info
Donate to The Health Wagon
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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If you would like to donate to The Health Wagon, we would greatly appreciate it if you
would contribute online at: https://donatenow.networkforgood.org/thehealthwagon/
Or you can mail donation checks to:
The Health Wagon, P.O. Box 7070, Wise, VA 24293
As a nonprofit organization, volunteers are welcome and tax deductible donations are
State Employees - Give through the CVC Campaign (#03588)
Federal Employees- CFC Code 33986
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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The Health Wagon Wish List
Medical Supplies
Alcohol wipes, Scalpels, Sutures, UA dip sticks, Band aids, Safety needles, Exam table
paper,Butterflies, Gauze, Syringes, Medical tape, Exam gloves, Suture removal kits
Ibuprofen, Iron Supplements, Antacids,Decongestants, Dandruff Shampoo,
Aspirin, Folic acid, Anti-diarrheas, Zantac, Nexium, Allergy Medication, Claritin D,
Antibacterial ointment, Prilosec, Foot/skin cream/lotion, Anti-Fungal cream,
prenatal vitamins
Office Supplies
Copy paper, paper clips, K-cups (any variety), Toilet paper, Pens, Paper towels,
3 Ring Binders (all sizes),Post-it notes, First class stamps, Coffee cups, Letter size
manila folders, Sharpies, Disinfecting wipes, Highlighters, binder dividers,
33 gallon garbage bags, Batteries, Stapler and staples, cleaning supplies
White out, 3 whole punch, Scotch tape,Stapler remover, Mail envelopes, Gift cards
Items to give to patients
Shampoo, Conditioner, Deodorant, Razors, Diapers, Wipes, Lotions, Soaps, Can
Contact Us
Visit us at: www.thehealthwagon.org
Call us at: (276)-328-8850
Our offices are located at: 5626 Patriot Dr • Wise, VA 24293
P.O.Box 7070 Wise, VA 24293
233 Chase St, Suite 100 • Clintwood, VA 24228
P.O.Box 709 Clintwood, VA 24228
10/2/2015 7:02 PM
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