Dr. Billy DeMoss - Basic Principles of Chiropractic, Tone



Dr. Billy DeMoss - Basic Principles of Chiropractic, Tone
“Life is the expression of tone, in that sentence is the basic
principle of chiropractic." The words of DD Palmer in 1910,
explored and studied in the current thought of health today.
“Here's to the crazy ones, the misfits,
the rebels, the troublemakers,
the round pegs in the square holes...
The ones who see things differently they're not fond of rules... You can
quote them, disagree with them,
glorify or vilify them, but the only
thing you can't do is ignore them
because they change things... They
push the human race forward, and
while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because
the ones who are crazy enough to think
that they can change the world, are the
ones who do.” – Steve Jobs
“The human species has lost sync with the
vibrational tones, Cycles and harmony of life and
the universe. Humans aren’t sick, it is just our
bodies innate adaptation to living outside the
rules of universal intelligence. We are all just
victims of our own
self inflicted toxic
-Billy D
“We no longer believe that disease is an entity,
something foreign to the body, which may enter from
without, and with which we have to grasp, struggle,
fight and conquer, or submit and succumb to its
ravages. Disease is a disturbed condition,
not a thing of enmity. Disease is an
abnormal performance of Certain
functions; the abnormal activity has
its causes.”
– D.D. palmer D.C.
“Impingements, poisons, and
intense thinking, autosuggestion, unrelieved
change of thought,
insufficient rest and sleep,
increase or decrease the
momentum of impulses.”
– D.d. Palmer D.c.
Vibrational frequency
The average frequency of the human body during the daytime is
62-68. A Healthy body frequency is 62-67. When the frequency
drops, the immune system is compromised.
 Colds and Flu start at: 57-60
 Disease starts at: 58
 Candida overgrowth starts at: 55
 Receptive to Epstein Barr at: 52
 Receptive to Cancer at: 42
 Death begins at: 25
Here are some things you can do to raise your energetic vibration:
1. Meditate or run your energy
2. Surround yourself with supportive, positive, high
vibrating people
3. Listen to soothing
4. Eat plenty of
whole, live foods
5. Bless your food
and water before
6. Get out in nature
Food now is not food, but
neuro-toxic, proinflammatory, acidic, gluten,
sugar-filleD Garbage.
It is not only arterial and
colonic congestive but has
no enzymatic activity.
With zero life force,
is it any wonder we are sick?
Tree Fruits
 grow closest to the sun
 highly vibrational
 filled with life
 apples, pears, bananas, Grapefruit, coconuts, avocados, nectarines,
peaches, plums, apricots, oranges, lemons, limes, guava, lychees,
mangos, persimmons, pomegranates, blueberries, cherries, and olives
 Tree FRUITS hydrate and oxygenate your cells and bloodstream
Green Vegetables
 contain chlorophyll, which absorbs sunlight
 Leafy spinach, collards, kale and dandelion greens, Brussels
sprouts, zucchini, broccoli and bok choy vibrate at high frequencies
 alkalize your system to balance its acidity
 Alkaline-forming help rid the cells of waste matter
Raw Vegetables (non-green)
When grown in nutritionally balanced soil and without pesticides, organic
raw vegetables provide high-frequency nutrition.
Raw Almonds, Cashews,brazil nuts and walnuts also
grow on trees and are considered high vibrational.
Top Super Foods
Goji Berries
Bee Pollen
Blue Green Algae
Marine Phytoplankton
Aloe Vera
Hemp Seeds
Kirlian Photography
Steamed organic Broccoli
Raw Organic Broccoli
Kirlian Photography
Commercially Grown Mushroom
Organic Mushroom
Fish, Chicken and Beef
 Animal Protein vibrates at a high frequency
 wild fish over farmed fish
 humanely treated and organic free-range chicken and
grass-fed vs. caged, antibiotic-fed
Fatigue is Epidemic
Studies by American, British and Australian Traffic
safety Agencies report that 20%-30% of traffic
fatalities involve a fatigued driver.
Seven out of 10 Americans
aren't getting enough
sleep and they’re at risk
for serious health
problems as well.
Health is dependent upon maintaining proper
tone in the nervous system.
“Life is action governed by intelligence.
Intelligent life, the soul, depends upon
the execution of functions. Functions
performed by normal energy is health.
Disease is the result of the performance
of functions above or below a normal
degree of activity. Impulses properly
transmitted through nerves, result in
functions being normally performed, a
condition which results in health.”
– D.D. Palmer d.c.
“Tone is the normal degree
of nerve tension...
consequently; the cause of
disease is any variation of
tone - nerves too tense or
too slack.” – D.D. Palmer D.C.
“cheerfulness makes love of
life, and love of life is half
of health. On the contrary,
sadness and
discouragement hasten
old age.”
The chiropractor’s adjuster
page 970
“Most things we worry about
never happen anyway.” – T.P.
Kirlian photograph of
the entire hand of a
healer. This was taken
as the healer was
preparing himself, with
a form of meditation to
begin a healing session.
Goals affirmations visualize
Power of positive thought
Enlightenment ... energy level 700 – 1000
Peace ... energy level 600
Joy ... energy level 540
Love ... energy level 500
Reason ... energy level 400
Acceptance ... energy level 350
Willingness … energy level 310
Neutrality … energy level 250
Courage ... energy level 200
Pride .... energy level 175
Anger ... energy level 150
Desire … energy level 125
Fear … energy level 100
Grief …energy level 75
Apathy …energy level 50
Guilt … energy level 30
Shame … energy level 20
"the LOVE you
send is the
LOVE you keep"
Sympathetic Segmental Disturbances
(Windsor Autopsies)
Medical Times, November 1921, Henry Windsor M.D.
The evidence of association in dissected cadavers of visceral disease with
vertebral deformaties (subluxation) of the same sympathetic segments
1. Curvatures of spine affect sympathetic nervous system (SNS)
2. SNS controls blood supply to viscera causing organ disease
3. Organ disease can be traced back to segmental levels of sympathetic
involvement with nearly 100% correlation
4. Prolonged abnormal spinal posture stretches SNS causing reduced
blood supply to organs resulting in visceral pathology
5. Pelvic – lumbar subluxation cause fibrosis, reduced motion and SNS
interference affecting blood flow resulting in visceral pathology
6. Spinal disease causes increased aging. A person is as old as his spine
7. Postural distortions causing sympathetic dysfunction can be treated
with fulcrum assisted reversal of postural distortion (Chiropractic)
Why doesn’t the world know this and why don’t chiro colleges do this type of research?
Raw Cacao
cacao is seed in the fruit of the
cacao tree and contains more
than 1,200 phytonutrients, and
is highly vibrational.
Goji Berries/Mulberries
Mostly cultivated in Tibet and Mongolia, goji berries and
Mulberries are highly nutritious.
that made the body
runs the body!
5 Factors of Health
1. Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Proper Rest
4. Positive Mental Attitude
5. Maximum Nervous System Function
The impact of positive sagittal balance in
adult deformity
Spine, volume 30 (18) Sept 15, 2005 pp 2024-2029
1. Poor health scores with c7 plumb line increased
2. Symptoms/disability increased linearly with progressive
sagittal imbalance
Decreased sleep is pro inflammatory
SetS the stage for obesity and type 2 diabetes; in the
cardiovascular system, heart disease; in the brain,
neuronal loss.
Start by eliminating what brings your vibration down
Here are things to avoid:
1. Stop watching the newsSave tv for only uplifting,
Humorous, or educational
2. Avoid low vibrating people
3. Avoid coffee
4. Eliminate processed foods
5. Avoid Noise Pollution
6. Avoid drugs, vaccines, GMO food, fluoridated water,
chemtrails, sitting too much, etc…
The earth pulse
The Earth continually radiates the cosmic impulses it
receives as radially distributed gravitational waves,
which we receive upward through our vertically arrayed
spinal column, a tuned antenna system which culminates
in the cranial structure. This is
why it is important to stay
grounded and connected
to the Earth-core via
natural and healthy
ways of living.
In 1927, chiropractor
Stephenson noted that cord
tension and cord pressure
may cause impingement upon
the spinal cord. Nearly four
decades later, neurosurgeon
Breig described how adverse
mechanical tension on the
spinal cord may result in
abnormal neurological
function and the
development of pathology.
Dr. Royal Raymond Rife M.D.
Dr. Rife developed a frequency
generator in the late 1920’s. Rife
successfully treated 1000 patients
diagnosed with incurable cancer in
the late 1930s. He was honored with
14 awards and an honorary
After the successful attempt by
pharmaceutical companies to buy
out his research and equipment, his
office was ransacked, his research
paperwork was stolen and the
machine that healed all those 1000
“incurable” cancer patients was
“Tone, in biology, is the normal tension or firmness of
nerves, muscles or organs, the renitent, elastic force
acting against an impulse. Any deviation from normal
tone, that of being too tense or too slack, causes a
conditional of renitence, too much elastic force, too
great resistance, a condition expressed in function as
disease.” – d.d. Palmer D.C.
“Tone is the normal degree of nerve tension. Tone is
expressed in functions by the normal elasticity,
activity, strength and excitability of the various
organs, as observed in a state of health. Consequently,
the cause of disease is any variation of tone – nerves
too tense of too slack.” – d.d. Palmer D.C.
Emotional vibrations
Your dominant vibrational tone controls how you
think and act. It also dominates how you think about
how you think; how you feel about how you feel; how
you react to how you act. These tones can become
self-perpetuating, self-fulfilling prophecies.
Sometimes when we’ve been stuck with the same vibrational tone
for too long, we make the mistake of calling it ‘our personality’.
Nutrient Dense Foods
such as nuts, nutrientdense foods like lactofermented vegetables and
kefir, berries
(blueberries especially),
wheatgrass, barley
green, spirulina and bluegreen algae energize,
alkalinize and help clear
and balance the system.
The human spinal column is a
tuned antenna that
resonates to and
receives Earth’s
HyperKyphosis Decreases Body Vibration
Hyperkyphotic posture predicts morality in older communitydwelling men and women.
A prospective study, Journal of the American Geriatrics Society
October 2004
Bunch of M.D.s
Osteoporosis not primary cause hyperkyphosis
1.44 times greater rate of death
Atherosclerotic death increased 2.4 times
greater the hyperkyphotic postures, the greater the rates of
death/physiological aging
5. Hyperkyphosis and atherosclerosis related to mechanical
inhibition of thoracic