Celebrating 10 Years of Community Arts… And our “Tin



Celebrating 10 Years of Community Arts… And our “Tin
Celebrating 10 Years of
Community Arts…
And our “Tin” Anniversary!
Special 2012 Anniversary
Edition with Sponsor
Opportunities Insert
Beginning September 24th
Introducing…“ Hiromi Katayama, With “Painting from the Orient”: Sumi-­‐e and Japanese Traditional Painting with Watercolor Meet Our Instructors, Tour
our New, Completely
Accessible Studios, and
Register for Classes at our
Opening, Saturday,
September 15th, from
Noon to 4pm!
And…“Scherenschnitte!” The
German Art of Paper Cutting, with Cathy
Plus “Eco-Friendly” Architecture, Masks,
Pottery, and Graphic Novel for Youth!
CALL NOW! (724) 222-1475
“The Spirit of the Next Generation”
Help Us Nurture and Develop the Youth of our
County with these Gala Sponsor Opportunities
Friday, November 30th at the George Washington…Prepare
for a cornucopia of cultural arts entertainment. From the
Grand Toast in the lobby, to poetry readings, performances,
music and art exhibits --to the formal dinner with an
unprecedented level of entertainment from your favorite
Wash Arts’ visiting artists from over the years…
Elite Entertainment
Level 10
Level 9
Level 8
Jen Chapin:
One of Wash Arts’ favorite performers and
songwriters, Jen Chapin graced our stages in 2006 for the
Marble Sculpture Exhibit by Fabrizio Orlandini, and for the
Washington Arts and Heritage Festival in 2007. Noted for her
activism for humanitarian causes, she follows in the footsteps of
her famous father as she combines music and a passion for the
betterment of the world.
“Jen Chapin's music is jazz-tinged urban folk - story songs that
search for community and shared meaning, powered by the funk,
soul and improvisation of the city.”
Jace Vek
One of the first “stars” of our beloved Musical Luncheon Series, Jace’s
yearly performances left audiences spell-bound by his brilliant
contemporary classical compositions. There are endless things we
could say about Jace and his career, including his two Emmy awards,
but we’ll let a well-known Pittsburgh music great sum it up:
“I have been completely knocked out by the music of Jace Vek…”
The Late Marvin Hamlisch
Will Brock, Washington native,
Bill Cameron, Board Vice
is clearly influenced by the legends of
American music, Will’s style is uniquely
his own. You’ll hear shades of everyone
from Prince and Marvin Gaye to James
Taylor and the Beatles in the records.
It’s a signature sound that leaves an
imprint on one's soul. Will is one of the
most in demand keyboard players in
the country. Will brought the Wash Arts’
audience to their feet at our 2009
Celebrity Night and we’ve been
wanting to bring him back ever since!
Help us make it happen at our 10th
Anniversary Gala!
for our “Tin” Anniversary…!
“The Spirit of the Next
Anniversary Sponsor
Lead Sponsor:
This donor will enjoy their corporate logo on ALL
materials related to the gala, including
advertising campaign, hand letter-press
invitations, save-the- date postcards, and much
more! Includes a table at the event, special
seating and wines, special recognition at event,
artistic gift and more.
This donor will enjoy their corporate logo on
ALL materials related to the gala, including
advertising campaign, hand letter-press
invitations, save-the- date postcards, and
more. Signage at the event, recognition, PR
package, ads, and much more.
Wash Arts’ Celebration Sponsor: $5000
This donor will enjoy their corporate logo on ALL materials related to
the gala, including advertising campaign, hand letter-press
invitations, save-the- date postcards, and much more! Includes a
table at the event, special seating and wines, special recognition
at event, artistic gift and more.
Top “Tin” (10th Anniversary) Table
Sponsors: $1000 Level Table of 8 with
Corporate Name in program with business card
Top “Tin” (10th
Anniversary) Table
Sponsors: $2000 Level
Table of 8 with Corporate Name in
program with Half-Page ad and
recognition at the event!
Advertising and Patron Sponsors:
$750 New Visions Sponsor*
$250 Artistic Sponsor
$500 Cultural Patron*
$100 Friend
*Call for details on sponsor benefits
Other Dynamic Wash Arts’ Projects you Can Be a Part of!
“The Next
Poetry and Art
Help Wash Arts mark our
10th Anniversary with an
Anthology Project! Poetry
and art by students over
the years, along with a call
for poetry from the general
public. Our last anthology
in 2004 was sold for years,
ensuring an enduring
sponsor benefit for any
donor who underwrites this
meaningful project!
“The Best Of” CD...Help Us Celebrate
the most popular performances of
our 10-year history of Celebrity
Performing Arts Night with this
dynamic Recording Studio Project.
The CD will be recorded in our
complete Pro-Tools Studio, and will
help us earn return dollars as we
make the compilation available for
purchase to the public. So many
beloved performances over the past
decade to treasure on a CD! Sponsor
benefits are numerous and will last for
years to come.
70 South Street – New
Building Enhancements!
Help us with our “Wish List” for the
new building and have your hand
in our Next Generation Success!
We have needs in technology,
building materials, and equipment
such as: Stage, Pottery Wheels,
Mirrored Walls, and much more!
Fall Class Schedule
Pottery with Jennifer Adamson
In the “Miss Judy Hopson Studio”, named in
memory of our beloved friend and potter.
Adult: Beginner through Advanced students
receive Individualized Instruction. Discover your
own style and work at your own pace to learn handbuilding and wheel-throwing techniques. Several
projects will be completed using a variety of glazing
and firing techniques. Tuesday 6-8pm OR
Saturday 3:30-5:30pm. Cost: $180
Teen Wheel: A multi-level course designed to
give students a hands-on educational and artistic experience using the medium of clay. Learn to shape clay
in a variety of ways using the pottery wheel and hand-building techniques. Gain experience with various
decorating, glazing, and firing techniques. Individualized Instruction. You will complete several finished
pieces. Ages: 13-18. Thursday 6:00-8:00 pm OR Saturday 1:00-3:00pm. Cost: $150.
Children: Come and explore a real pottery studio and see how exciting it can be to learn a new art form!
New and dynamic theme-based projects await the young clay artist. Explore hand-building and sculpture
techniques that will open the doors of your creativity. Students will complete several projects that will be fired
and finished by the last day of your class. Ages: 7-12 Saturday 11:00-12:30. Cost: $135.
Painting with Jordan Merchant
One of Our Newest Instructors…
Adult Painting Studio: An independent course designed to gain
experience with the acrylic and oil mediums. The class will focus on
effective techniques and methods for improving your painting abilities.
All artists, beginners to advanced, are welcomed and will be
individually challenged. Mondays, 6:00-8:00pm. 10 Weeks. $150.
Famous Faces for Middle-Schoolers!: Choose a celebrity or
famous figure to bring to life in this upbeat portraiture class. Explore the
drawing medium and learn how to successfully capture likeness and
emotion that is instantly recognizable. Caricatures and exaggerated
portraiture are encouraged practices in this course! Ages: 11-14.
Wednesdays, 4:00-6:00pm. Cost: $120.
Graphic Novel Design With National Illustrator and Artist, Jeff Katrencik:
5 Our popular Graphic Novel Course is back! This is an introductory course of the
basics of drawing and storytelling. Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner
students are all welcome. In this course students will learn about how to
generate characters, scenes, stories and how to put them together into a
storyboard format also known as a comic book or a Graphic Novel. Bring an
example of your art work if possible. Media will be paper, graphite (pencil),
paint and ink. Other medias such as collage may be explored. Thursdays, 6:008:00pm. Ages 12 and up. $125.
Children’s Art in our Newly Dedicated
Mascara Family Arts Studio
@ 70 South Street
The Art of the Mask with Tempa Cantrell
Get geared up for Halloween by turning your own face into
a mask! During this course students will use plaster wrap to
cast their face and capture their own unique facial features in plaster! Students will learn about the
history and uses of masks across cultures and paint/decorate their plaster masks in a style of their
choice...just in time for Halloween! All materials are non toxic...but you will get messy! Ages 6-8.
5-Weeks. Tuesdays: 6:00-7:00pm. $60
The Art of Eco Friendly Architecture with Tempa Cantrell Ever wonder what it would be
like to live in a tree house? What if your school was carved out of mud? In this course students will be
exploring architectural styles from around the world and learn about the latest in Earth Friendly
space planning. The "apprentice architects" will work in groups to develop their very own Eco
Friendly architectural structure. Students will begin at the drafting stage and finish with a scale model
of their own collaborative design. Come explore the possibilities! Ages 9-11. Tuesdays, 7-8pm. $115.
Art All Around! Saturdays with Adrienne Day Ages 4-5.
This exciting weekly art class will
have students exploring the world around them, creating art inspired from nature, far-off places, the
changing seasons and most importantly, their own imagination! Each week students will create a
project using a variety of different mediums, from paint and paper to clay, paper mache, water
colors and more! Students will practice fine motor skills while learning how to sit, listen and create,
preparing them for preschool and kindergarten! Ages: 4-5. Saturdays, 10-11:00 am. Cost: $100.
Mommy & Me Art with Adrienne Day:
Saturday, September 29th at 11am, 1 year - 3 year:
Bring your child to explore the wonderful world of the arts together in this one-hour creative craft
session. For September's project, parent/guardian and child will create a beautiful fall landscape
painting, allowing children to use warm colors as the finger paint fall foliage. Parents can assist
children as they follow directions adding layers of color, texture and detail to make their tree
landscape come to life! Paintings will be finished that day, and pictures will be matted with the child's
name and date for a lovely keepsake. Additional Dates: Saturday, October 13th at 11 am, Ghosts and
Goblins! , Saturday, November 3rd at 11am, Thanksgiving Fun! Saturday, December 8 at 11 am, Get in the
Christmas spirit by making your own ornaments with your child! *Special Mommy & Me Session* Monday Night,
December 17: 1-- 6 year olds: Build and decorate your own Gingerbread House, perfect for the holidays! Class
begins at 6:00 and ends when you’re done with your house! * Please see our website at washarts.org for details.
And Introducing Hiromi Katayama…one of our newest
teaching artists for children and adults!
Watercolor Painting An introduction to water color media. Explore mixing
colors and different application techniques. Students will be encouraged to
choose their own subject matter and to build on their own creativity! Age 911 Mon, 4:00-5:30pm. 10-Weeks. $125
"Origami Time” The art of origami, is one of the oldest and most famous
activities for children in Japan. Improve tactile abilities while creating
miniature sculptures out of paper. Progress to creating complex geometric
shapes and animals. Age 6-8. Thursdays, 4:00-5:30pm. 10-Weeks. $100
ART AROUND THE GLOBE… Adults! Check out these
dynamic new courses, and try an “Art Night Out” in our new
Painting from the Orient: Sumi-e and
Japanese Traditional Painting with
Hiromi Katayama. Watercolor and Pastel
landscape Drawing class In Hiromi’s words: “I am originally a native of Ibaraki,
Japan, and received my BFA in Japanese Traditional Painting from Joshibi University
of Art and Design in the spring of 2008. I have received my MFA in the painting
program at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. My love for creative art was founded in the private studio of
my mentor, Renjoin Sensei, at the age of nine years old. Today, my work is created using traditional Japanese
pigments and techniques; utilizing traditional methods and materials, and imagery founded in my belief of
cultural foundations in nature. Through this work, I hope to share my culture and a little bit of myself with the
Wash Arts’ audience.” Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm. 10 Week Course. Cost: $160
Introducing A “Scherenschnitte!” The German Art of Paper Cutting…with Cathy
McCort: Explore this fascinating art with Cathy, a paper cutter artist of 20+ years. This class is an
introduction to Scherenschnitte art, German for papercutting. Although historically Scherenschnitte
Art is done with scissors, much of the course work will also involve the use of Xacto knives, which help
make cuts more intricate and improves craftsmanship. Students will practice many techniques using
preprinted designs in various colors of paper. After learning the process, students will be able to
create their own final piece that showcases all they have learned. Supplies included. High-SchoolAdult. Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm. Cost: $125
Paint & Sip!
A perfect pairing of painting and wine, perfect for a girls' night out, a new twist on date
night for couples, or just a break from your routine! No prior painting or art experience
required! This night is designed to indulge your creativity while providing a fun and festive
atmosphere! Paint & Sip nights can be booked privately or enjoyed as a regularly
scheduled class. Our first public session will be offered on Friday, October 19th at 7 pm. The
project will be Pop Art Portraits. Please send in a digital photograph at least one week
prior to the class so your canvas can be prepared. Photos can be of more than one
person! You are guaranteed to LOVE the results, even if you never picked up a paintbrush before!
Each person will leave the class with a personalized painting they created on a stretched canvas,
ready to hang! Ages: Adults Only. Call for pricing details.
Poetry with Poet and Teaching Artist, Sandee Gertz Umbach: Do you often journal or
write poems, but don’t know how to revise and transform them into works that may be published in
literary journals or in a manuscript? Sandee Gertz Umbach can introduce you to the elements of craft
and solid literary writing. She has an M.F.A. in Creative Writing/Poetry and has published poems for
the past 20 years. Her full-length poetry collection The Pattern Maker’s Daughter, was published in
2012 by Bottom Dog Press. This is a writing class where individuals of all levels can learn and benefit
from encouragement and craft. You must be actively writing each week to participate and
continue in the class, and must be willing to share your work in a nurturing setting, as well as
participate in public readings at our new “Arts District Café” Students in this class have won numerous
awards and have published in literary journals and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Ages: Upper HighSchool through Adult. 10-Week Course. Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm. Cost: $75
Performing Arts, Music and Recording Studio
Guitar Lessons with Alex Riedel
Learn from a pro who takes
music seriously, but shows you the ropes to make learning fun. Students
MUST practice to continue in the course. Wednesday Afternoon and
Evenings by Appointment. Other days may be added as needed. $150.
Audio Recording with Alex Riedel – Our New Studio is
Relocated and We’re Ready to Show it Off! Students will learn
everything they need to know to get started recording in the digital
domain. Explore different types of microphones, microphone placement,
signal flow, overdubbing and mixing using state of the art “Pro Tools”
software. Lessons will culminate with a fully student-recorded and mixed song. Thursdays, 7:009:00pm. Ages 14+ . Adults Welcome. $125
Hip Hop Production with Alex Riedel
In Hip Hop production, students will learn to
produce Hip Hop music utilizing a variety of skills. Topics include programming drum tracks,
vocal recording, sampling, and mixing. Class will culminate with a song fully student-recorded
and produced. Thursdays, 4:00-6:00pm. Ages 14+. $125.
Theater Production with Stage Actress and Teaching Artist, Jen Luta Students will
rehearse a short Holiday-Themed play for a public performance. Open to all age groups. Experience
the fun and joy of acting, rehearsing, and working together to create a show! Ages: 7 and up.
Time: Thursday 4:00-6:00pm Cost: $150
Voice Lessons with Jen Luta.
Half-Hour Small Group lessons. Emphasis on proper vocal
technique, breathing, and Broadway Music. Students will be placed based on age and ability. Ask
about eligibility for our private voice lessons! Ages: 8 and up. Wednesday by Appt. Cost: $125
Learn to Love the Art of Dance in A Nurturing Setting, with Jessica Florian
Beginning Dance Learn the basics of Jazz and Ballet in this beginning class designed for young
dancers. Returning dancers will be able to build on what they have already learned as well as
improve on their technique. · Ages: 5-7 · Time: Saturday 9:00-10:00am · Cost: $75
Jazz/Musical Theater Dance
Jazz and Musical Theatre Style Dance will be explored in this
class for the beginning to intermediate dancer. Returning dancers will be able to build on what
they have already learned as well as improve on their technique. · Ages: 8+ · Sat. 10-11:00am · $75
Zumba classes feature high-energy Latin-Inspired Dance-Fitness moves! The Zumba Fitness
Program is easy to do, effective, and most of all, fun! · Ages: Upper H.S. – Adult, Monday 7:30-8:30pm
Cost: $7.50 per Class.
Songwriting with Jordan Umbach:
Learn the craft of songwriting, and write effective
lyrics that will enable you to collaborate with other musicians and singers, or to perform your own
songs at our “Arts District Café.” This is a workshop-based class and requires all students to be
actively writing in class and at home to produce quality material. Creative in-class prompts get you
motivated! Tuesdays: 3:30-5:30pm. Also look for our Open Stage Nights at 70 South Street!
And Ask About Our
Program (Arise Through the Arts) Now in Our 3rd Year… Sponsored by the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation… Visual Arts, Pottery, Music Recording and More! Our School-­‐Based Partnership where your High School Student can take advantage of Bus Transportation Directly to Wash Arts After School on Tuesdays! Currently serving Washington Middle and High School, Trinity H.S., Canon-­‐Mac H.S., and More. Call for more information! (724) 222-­‐1475. This Program is Free to All Students Enrolled.
“Wash Arts by the Numbers” Highlights of the Past 10
Years of Community Arts Programming…
2002: Founded in June – First Classes in September with 7 Class Offerings
and 50 Students.
By this year, we experienced 400% growth and were offering
over 25 classes and serving 200 students per quarter.
Recognized as the Best in the Region (Awarded from a 7-County Area including Allegheny County) in
Community Arts Programming by Citizens Bank and WPXI-TV, with a $25,000 grant.
Over a Quarter Million Dollars in Marble Sculpture was Exhibited by Fabrizio Orlandini of Lucca, Italy.
The City of Washington and its residents were able to observe the art of marble sculpting in the George
Washington Hotel’s Historic Oval Room.
40+: Number of Poetry Readings and Music Events held at Wash Arts and the Inspiration Café…
Number of Musical Luncheon Concerts and Ensemble Performances through 2009.
Number of Students Served Per year in Wash Arts’ Classes
70 South Street Washington, PA 15301 724.222.1475 www.washarts.org Wash Arts Thanks its Loyal Sustaining
Donors Over the Years, Including these
Fine Corporations and Organizations:
The United Way of Washington County
9 Tripp Umbach, Inc.
PA Council on the Arts
Washington Financial
Campbell Insurance Associates, Inc.
The Cameron Family
Ed and Nancy Bedwell
The Washington County Community Foundation
The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation
Al and Kim Lucchini
Non-­‐Profit US POSTAGE PAID Permit No. 138 Washington, PA
Current Resident Or: