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PDF - Triumph Learning
Nonfiction | Level 0
Plugged-in to Nonfiction
Text and audiobook titles for each component of the Gradual-Release-of-Responsibility Model
Core Text Titles
Teacher-directed Instruction is embedded in whole-class
shared reading of a core text, with guided practice.
Animal Heroes:
True Rescue Stories,
Sandra Markle
Lexile® 940L
Power Strategy Group Titles
Peer-supported Learning permits students to practice skills
and strategies in small, needs-based inquiry groups.
Mysteries of the Komodo Dragon:
The Biggest, Deadliest Lizard Gives
Up Its Secrets, Marty Crump
Noah Webster:
Weaver of Words,
Pegi Deitz Shea
Queen of the Falls,
Chris Van Allsburg
Saving Manatees,
Stephen R. Swinburne
Independent Reading Titles
Self-directed Learning with independent reading begins on day one and continues
daily, as students clock essential reading mileage and reinforce strategies.
American Slave, American Hero: York of the Lewis and
Clark Expedition, Laurence Pringle
Big Wig: A Little History of Hair, Kathleen Krull
Ham the Astrochimp, Richard Hilliard AD1180L
Just Fine the Way They Are: From Dirt Roads to
Rail Roads to Interstates, Connie Nordhielm Wooldridge AD1030L
Black Bear: North America’s Bear, Stephen R. Swinburne
Lucky 13: Survival in Space, Richard Hilliard
By the Sword, Selene Castrovilla
Marvels in the Muck: Life in the Salt Marshes,
Doug Wechsler
Caesar Rodney’s Ride: The Story of an American Patriot,
Jan Cheripko
Coyote: North America’s Dog, Stephen R. Swinburne 950L
Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night, Joyce Sidman
Dave the Potter: Artist, Poet, Slave, Laban Carrick Hill
Farmer George Plants a Nation, Peggy Thomas AD970L
First Dive to Shark Dive, Peter Lourie
Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down,
Andrea Davis Pinkney AD500L
Stargazer’s Alphabet: Night-Sky Wonders from A to Z,
John Farrell
Wild Horses: Black Hill Sanctuary, Cris Peterson
Wonder Horse: The True Story of the World’s
Smartest Horse, Emily Arnold McCully
Audiobooks allow all students access to text at their interest level, increasing reading volume and reading achievement.
Books and audiobooks are subject to availability. For a complete listing of current titles, contact your sales representative.

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PDF - Triumph Learning

PDF - Triumph Learning Text and audiobook titles for each component of the Gradual-Release-of-Responsibility Model

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