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Established since 1998; The Travel Store has earned a good reputation and world wide recognition
attracting interest from many international licensors for strategic partnership in licensing.
With a highly differentiated brand, The Travel Store stands in an advantageous position to attract new
business opportunities in new markets, while maintaining and expanding our existing customer base.
Unquestionably, The Travel Store is poised to become the first choice for travel goods and we champion
this category through our reliable and renowned flagship brand, The Travel Store.
Our Vision
Every journey begins here.
Through our integrated marketing communications strategy, The Travel Store is able to
successfully communicate our difference from competitors, our value propositions and our
unique selling propositions encapsulated succinctly in our tagline – Every Journey Begin Here.
This tagline effectively communicates and dramatizes our clear focused strategy to be the
preferred travel goods partner that comes to customer’s mind when they think of travel goods.
It suggests that The Travel Store is first stop to customers.
By partnering our customers and other key stakeholders, we continue to recognize new
growth opportunities by identifying product and service gaps, focusing to meet customer’s
expectations, and consistently becoming the travel goods provider of choice.
To serve with trust and integrity.
We are guided by this mission statement to provide clarity of focus to our brand vision
where we take pride in what we do and the people we serve.
It is envisioned that with delivering service-led approach focusing on developing a better
understanding of customer needs and preferences, The Travel Store will gradually be able
to strengthen the perception of our brand, particularly among staff. This will mould behavior
and enhance productivity through the building of our brand culture.
Nothing is more important than the relationships we build.
we are
With passion as our fuel and strategy our engine, The Travel Store is the preferred
partner to travel goods specializing in a range of luggage, packs and bags,
accessories and all-weather apparels around Southeast Asia.
Recent regional expansions have added to the brand’s established customer
relationships and growing reputation, as The Travel Store confidently embarked on
greater achievements.
Apart from distributing principal brands, The Travel Store focuses on providing quality
and a wide selection of offerings under one concept store to meet the needs of the
different traveler's segments – truly setting us apart from the competition.
Although we have numerous distinct brands, we all have a simple and common core
purpose: We want people to travel with ease, comfort and style.
Through an engaging store experience, convenient locations, and of course offering quality
products at great value, The Travel Store have earned a reputation as the leading choice in
the travel luggage industry and we are dedicated to support this speciality offer.
The Travel Store is committed to transforming our stores into beautifully-built interiors,
bringing the concepts and the designs of our boutiques to life.
brands +
The Travel Store’s brand strategy provided the focus we
needed to drive our next phase of growth.
By diverting our resources into entrenching our market
position in the category of travel-ware and adventure
products, The Travel Store is today multi-brand retailer well
known for bringing together a comprehensive collection of
the world’s most renowned international consumer brands
including Roncato, Lojel, Eminent, Hush Puppies, Vaude and
Boblbee among others.
Our strong track record is a result of our commitment to
building credibility and sustainable business relationships.
More than half of our portfolio of brands have stayed with us
for a decade or longer.
Today’s highly sought after internationally, Lojel and Eminent
– our first endorsed brand, has been with us since our
passion +
Great products intrigue, delight and create an emotional pull. Our passion
for design allows us to observe and listen to the world, to challenge
convention and positively change the way we live in.
Whether the business challenge is creating a new category, maintaining
brand relevance or launching a whole new brand venture, we connect
with people, work for the category and enrich the brand’s meaning.
At The Travel Store, we never fail to inspire our customers with forwardthinking design that expresses the heart of our brand and offerings that
are compelling and feasible for our business.
A promise made is a promise kept. At The Travel Store, our
customer’s purchase is not where it ends. The success of our brand
today depends a lot on how we continue to support our customers
after their purchases.
The post-sales support is key to the effective use of our products.
We are committed to partner with our customers to make the best
use of our products, solve their needs or problems efficiently and
better enhance customer experience.
Our dedicated service centre offer after sales support as a means of
assisting our customers when attention is required due to wear and
tear. Here, fully trained sales service technicians offer a range of
services covering after sales and support to suit customers specific
We adopt a 360 degree marketing concept for all
communication and marketing strategies that looks
holistically at all of the touch points surrounding the
consumer, wherever they are.
At The Travel Store we aim to develop a direct
relationship with our customers while boosting The
Travel Store brand image and positioning.
Targeted Advertising platform has revolutionised how
airlines and advertisers use digital media to reach
travellers: before, during and after their journey.
Our media partner operates a proprietary ad server,
hosted in the cloud, enables advertising to place
messages targeted by origination, destination, date of
travel, fare class, gender, age, nationality, frequent flier
programme level and a host of other parameters.
For airlines, this is not only a significant new revenue
stream, but a platform for them to send targeted
messages to key customer segments.
We place our brand and response advertising on airline
websites, confirmation emails, pre-flight emails, checkin emails, print-at-home boarding passes, mobile apps
and inflight entertainment systems.
The Travel Times
August Man
While many businesses have completely migrated their
advertising efforts to the web because of its cost effectiveness,
exposure potential and convenience, for The Travel Store, print
still maintains its stance as a powerful and necessary component
of our marketing campaigns.
August Woman
Her World Plus
Men’s Folio
Her World Brides
Escape Magazine
Because print ads & advertorials are inherently visual, graphics
and text contents that can be used to convey an emotional
response to create brand recognition. Through this media, we
want to deliver solid, robust marketing strategies that ensure we
never disappoint.
Vehicle advertising can be the most effective and cost efficient means
of mobile advertising. A Mobile media advertising offers the lowest
cost-per-impression of any outdoor advertising medium and can
reach out to customers in a unique way to deliver the brand message
to our target audience.
We invest periodically to advertise our portfolio of brands as we
recognized that even when our vehicles are parked or travelling
across the island, our advertisements are seen by hundreds of people
who are travelling to their destinations.
Shopping Malls - The mall is a Singaporean social phenomenon. In most communities, it is by far the
single most visited public place. Beyond their retail purpose, shopping malls have become a
common space for social and recreational activities, attracting people throughout the entire spectrum
of population.
Our retail footprint has been screened to deliver large volume of shoppers, excellent household &
lifestyle demographics and outstanding sales per square foot. We actively identify strategic
placement to deploy our outdoor display ads because they have the ability to attract attention
because of their size, color and creativity. Shoppers are compelled to read the brief, but powerful
brand messages that we creatively placed.
At The Travel Store, we boost our campaign performance by measuring the effectiveness of
window displays and in-store merchandising. We recognize that window display and the impact
it has on shopper behaviours is a measurable event.
When we understand what actions shoppers take in response to our window display, it’s then
possible to assess the impact on sales. Knowing the impact on store performance metrics before,
during and after the period of display provides valuable data to inform and fine tune other efforts
aligning them to the local behaviours.
The Travel Store is committed to garner support, form strategic alliance and benefit
from more-established channels of distribution, brand reputation of bigger, betterknown brands whereby resources, capabilities, and core competencies are
combined to pursue mutual interests.
Today’s new economy, strategic alliances enable us to gain competitive advantage
through access to partner’s resources, including market share, their social
platforms and people. With structured team-up with others enable retail brands like
ourselves to grow and expand more quickly and efficiently.
our partners:
At The Travel Store, we believe in delivering content to readers whenever and however they want
it. And increasingly they want it digitally – whether that be on their laptop, tablet or smartphone;
and whether they have an iPhone or an Android device.
So we have made sure we are up to date with the latest digital technology to ensure that our
brand and marketing engagements can be read by anyone, anywhere, anyhow.
Through our loyalty program, The Travel Store strives to keep our
customer base engaged by offering rewards for new actions
customers are taking, like engaging with our brand through new social
platforms. With a new interactive web portal, The Travel Store has
spent some serious marketing resources on making shopper
experience relevant.
gift voucher
Today’s most shoppers move between retail channels, from instore to e-commerce and now, m-commerce seeking
personalized, targeted promotions and discounts as the price for
their loyalty. The Travel Store validates these needs and work to
identify the most effective digital practices for engaging users
driving The Travel Store’s app download to increase conversion
While we work towards the goal of creating a more engaging
brand experience across all platforms, The Travel Store hopes to
deliver a unique shopping experience depends very much on
how relevant our brand is to our shoppers, how much we can
bespoke our offerings to fit a personal preference, and further,
the strength and overall functionality of the goods and services
that we provide.
people & places
people &
At The Travel Store, we believe in our people. Our objective is to recruit, develop
and retain the best talent by offering a dynamic work environment and growth
Our commitment is to continuously improve the satisfaction of our customers
and staff with the products and services we provide them by striving to meet
their expectations and exceeding them whenever possible.
Keeping a keen eye on market trends and opportunities, we have expanded our footprint in Southeast Asia,
establishing more than 50 stores and shops-in-shop in 3 countries, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.
Leveraging our deep marketing knowledge and extensive local networks, we have developed long-standing
relationships with leading property owners to secure strategic locations so that our stores enjoy high visibility and
patronage, thus providing prominence for our brands.
We strive to introduce new retail concepts to reflect our brand’s commitment to a relevant and modernized stance
in the retail market where we engage our consumers as they approach the store’s exterior, and attracts them
through iconic architectural features with interactive digital experiences.
Suntec City
Plaza Singapura
Shop in Shop
 Robinsons
 OG
 Metro
 Fairprice
 Mustafa
Jurong Point
Bedok Mall
The Seletar Mall
IMM (Factory Outlet)
Suria KLCC (Signature Outlet)
Alamanda (Signature Outlet)
The Travel Store (Taman Kepong, KL)
The Travel Store (Aeon Cheras Selatan, Selangor)
Just Travel (Aeon Taman Equine, Selangor)
Echolac (KLIA2, Selangor)
The Travel Store (Aeon Melaka, Melaka)
The Travel Store (Aeon Bandaraya, Melaka)
The Travel Store (Jalan Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan)
The Travel Store (Jalan Merparti, Miri)
The Travel Store (Plaza Lintas, Kota Kinabalu)
The Travel Store (Penampang, Kota Kinabalu)
The Travel Store (Wisma Sanyan, Sibu)
ecoVenture (Outdoor Gear)@ Sunway Pyramid, Selangor
IPC Shopping (Signature Outlet)
Shop in Shop
 Parkson Corporation
 Aeon
 Metrojaya
 Pacific
 The Store
 Sing Kwong
 Shopalot
 Boulevard
 Teow Soon Huat
 Billion
 Airport Duty
Free Shop
We are also looking for opportunities to expand our business into the region and
eventually establish our presence there through establishing mutually beneficial
partnerships with reputable companies.
Contact: [email protected]
with us
Your preferred travel goods partner.

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