LCSC students and professors meet with state lawmakers Sailesh



LCSC students and professors meet with state lawmakers Sailesh
The Pathfinder
April 6, 2016
Issue 26
Volume 126
A Student Owned and Operated Newspaper
LCSC students and professors meet with state
Sailesh the Hypnotist is
making you very, very sleepy...
By Andrew Baron
of The Pathfinder
Members of the LCSC Justice
Studies Club and members of
the LCSC Political Science Club
met with state lawmakers as part
of a joint field-trip to Boise Mar.
25 and 26. In addition to meeting
with Idaho Supreme Court
Justice Eiseman and discussing
his work with court reforms,
students met with Idaho Secretary
of State Lawerence Denney, who
talked about campaign finance
reform and the transition to nonpartisan office. Students were
also able to meet with our local
representatives, Senator Dan
Johnson and Minority Leader
Dr. John Rusche to discuss some
of the bills being considered
in Boise. They rounded the
trip off with a tour of the Old
Idaho Penitentiary, which now
serves as a historical museum,
and ride-alongs with local police
Courtesy Andrew Baron
LCSC Professors: Leif Hoffmann, Angela Wartel, and Timothy Lynch with Sen. Dan Johnson and
House Minority Leader, John Rusche.
Letters from the editors
Pathfinder Policies..........2
By Billye Dotson
of The Pathfinder
In his hand Sailesh held
a sleep gun. This wasn’t a
normal gun. It doesn’t
harm and it doesn’t kill. All
it’s going to do is, put you
to…. “Sleep.” In his hand
Sailesh held the power
to put his victims back
to sleep within a matter
of seconds, one by one
like a chain of hypnotized
dominoes. In his voice
Sailesh held the power to
make his volunteers on
Courtesy Billye Dotson
stage believe a belt was
a live snake, believe they Hypnotist volunteer, Ariel Bencomo,
were some very unique hypnotized to believe that Sailesh is
superheroes, and twerk naked, offers up his jacket to cover
on stage. It only got more up.
obscene, ridiculous and
ready to be the stars of the show.
hilarious from there.
MTV Europe has named Sailesh made a spectacle of the
Sailesh “The Best Hypnotist on LC students who volunteered,
the Planet,” and he also has several as they danced, performed guitar
nominations for America’s Best solos, played the drums on their
Campus Entertainer of the Year fellow student’s butts, greeted
under his belt. He has received
aliens on Earth, and pretended
roaring laughter with his comedic
hypnotist act all over the world, the chairs they sat on were their
and LCSC was no different for new lovers. You had to see it to
him. The Silverthorne Theater was believe it, and seeing it was sidepacked full on Mar. 23, and there splitting, get your phones ready to
was no shortage of volunteers video this, hilarious.
For more hypnotist photos, see page 5.
Arts & Entertainment...6
Music review
Campus Calendar.........12
April 6, 2016
From the Editor
It’s here and then it’s gone.
Spring break never seems to last long enough. You’re anticipating
it for weeks, then all of a sudden, it’s Sunday night and back to school
and the real world Monday morning. The good news is, only six weeks
The rest of the semester will fly by and then it’s sweet summer time.
Some will be moving on to full-time jobs, some will have summer
school, and others will take the time to travel or relax.
Whatever you do, try to make the most of your time and do things
that make you happy, because, what else is there in this world?
High school students and parents mix with the
regular SUB crowd for lunch during STAR
registration on April 4
Dallas Callahan
If you are anything like me, you spent your Spring break stressprocrastinating.
1. Stress-procrastinate (verb): to watch Netflix, scroll Instagram
countless times or otherwise waste time even though you know you
have important homework or work to do. Instead of procrastinating
with ease, you do so stressfully, with your daunting work looming in
the back of your mind.
That is essentially all I did the entire break. Do some homework.
Take an undeserved break to watch Netflix. Stress about all the
homework I still had left. Repeat. At least it snowed while I was home
so that the outside world had no chance of taunting me and tempting
me to forget about all of my homework. Perhaps some of you had a
similar Spring break experience to me, but for your sake I hope you
spent it procrastinating regularly with no worries in the world.
Billye Dotson
The Pathfinder Staff
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Mercedies Pruneda............................................................Staff Writer
Bryce Kammers........................................................................Adviser
Courtesy Dallas Callahan
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us? Do you just want to say something? E-mail us at
[email protected]
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April 6, 2016
The Pathfinder
Nez Perce County and Idaho
“Feel the Bern”
By Andrew Baron
of The Pathfinder
Senator Bernie Sanders beat
Hillary Clinton at the Nez Perce
county Democratic Caucus,
scoring 9 of 3 delegates for the
county, with a voting tally of
around 400 (Sander) to 150
(Clinton). The caucus was held
at Jennifer Jr High School in
Lewiston on Mar. 22 with over
five hundred in attendance. Nez
Perce County was one of many
caucuses across the state, with the
caucus in Ada county breaking
national records for the number
of caucusers in Boise.
Even before the day of the
caucus supporters had lined up
across the Boise State University
campus to attend the Sanders rally
at the Taco Bell Arena. College
students, Vietnam War veterans
and even labor unions, all turned
out to support Sanders and a
petition to “Get Big Money Out
of Politics” was also circulating
among the awaiting rally goers.
All counties except Lewis
county sent more delegates to
Boise for Sanders than Clinton.
Results from Idaho totaled 78%
for Sanders and the remainder
for Clinton. Idaho will now
send its 23 delegates-- 18 in favor
of Sanders and 5 for Clinton-onto the national convention in
Philadelphia this July, where a
candidate will be officially given
the national party’s nomination.
Utah joined Idaho
in favoring Sanders, while
Clinton swept to victory in
Arizona. Clinton still maintains
a lead over Sanders with 1712
to Sanders’ 1011. However, with
2382 delegates required for either
to claim victory, and 712 super
delegates who could change their
vote at any time, the likely winner
is still impossible to call.
Senate Summary
Meeting held Mar. 22, 2016
By Amanda Hindberg
of The Pathfinder
brought to the Silverthorne
Theater on Wednesday, Mar. 23
by the Warrior Entertainment
Board. It was a very successful
event that will be remembered by
•There were Activities Fairs
during the high school STAR
programs on Thursday, Mar. 24
and Friday, Mar. 25. There was
also one the day LCSC classes
resumed after Spring Break,
Monday, Apr. 4.
•There was an emergency
Senate session on Thursday, Mar.
24 to approve the recent election
that took place to pass a new
ASLCSC Constitution.
•Women’s Basketball made
it to the Elite Eight at Nationals,
while Men’s Basketball lost in
their second round at Nationals.
•There are candidate forums
for those running for office on
Wednesday, Apr. 6 and Thursday,
Apr. 7. The elections will take
place on Wednesday, Apr. 13 and
Thursday, Apr. 14.
•The Special Election to
approve a new Constitution
for the ASLCSC passed with
an overwhelming majority of
students voting YES for the new
•Graduation Banquet tickets
started going on sale Monday,
Apr. 4.
•ASLCSC untabled and
passed Bill 16-SP019 to approve
the allotment of up to $200 to
be spent on a Canon PowerShot
SX410 IS Digital Camera Bundle
with Commander 32 GB High
Speed Memory Card + Hi-Speed
Memory Card Reader +Deluxe
Camera Case + Flexible Spinder
Tripod + Commander Starter
Kit for ASLCSC-CDA use in
Media Relations. The total for
the camera is $199 and Amazon
Prime will be used to purchase,
resulting in no tax and no
shipping costs.
•Bill 16-SP025 passed to
approve the expenditure of
$6,285.24 for the payment of
Student Government stipends.
The Executive Branch will receive
$2,376.90, the Legislative Branch
will receive $2,967.03, and the
Judicial Branch will receive
•Shirts to purchase to
guarantee your spot at the WEB
PaintU dance went on sale on
Monday, Apr. 4. The shirts will
be sold on a first-come first-serve
basis, and will also be on sale the
night of Tuesday, Apr. 12 at the
WEB Comedian show.
•The annual WEB Easter
Egg hunt was Mar. 21 – 24 and
students were allowed to turn
in one egg per day to receive a
prize from WEB. As of Mar. 22,
the large prizes had not yet been
claimed by students.
“Be part of a lifesaving journey. Donate blood.”
Lewis-Clark State College is having a blood drive through American Red Cross.
This drive will take place Wednesday, April 13 from 10 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. in the Williams Conference Center on campus. Students can schedule
online at, by using the sponsor code: lcsc.
For more information, contact 1-800-RED CROSS or visit
Join the campus radio station at KLCZ 88.9 fm!
They are always looking for DJ’s.
For more info, email [email protected] or stop by SUB 205!
April 6, 2016
The Pathfinder
Art Under the Elms seeks
entertainers and volunteers
Lewis-Clark State College
Press Release
Art Under the Elms (AUE), a
signature event of the Dogwood
Festival of the Lewis-Clark Valley,
is now accepting applications
from entertainers and volunteers
to be a part of the festivities on
April 22-24 on the campus of
Lewis-Clark State College.
Musicians, bands, and solo
acts are needed to fill two stages.
Volunteer performances are
preferable, but compensation
for artists is negotiable. Those
interested in applying can pick
up an application at the LCSC
Center for Arts & History,
415 Main Street in Lewiston.
The application deadline is
Wednesday, March 30, for those
who would like included in the
Lewiston Tribune Dogwood
Festival insert.
Volunteers for Art Under the
Elms are also needed April 2124 for jobs including everything
from pre-event setup to tasks
throughout the three days.
Specific areas to volunteer include
the hospitality tent, admissions
booth, display booths during
artisan breaks, entertainment,
kids interactive art tent, and
Volunteers for three or more
shifts receive a free Dogwood
Festival T-shirt, and all volunteers
receive free entry to AUE all
weekend plus a free pass to the
Asotin County Family Aquatic
The 2016 T-shirt design is
the second edition of a threeyear design series by Pullman
artist Cori Dantini. Dantini was
commissioned by the Dogwood
Festival Committee in 2015 to
create a three-part series in her
signature style, incorporating
elements of a Dogwood blossom
and the Yellow Finch. T-shirts
can be purchased through the
Dogwood Festival office.
For more information or to
apply as a volunteer or entertainer
call 208-792-2447 or email [email protected] Additional information
is available at
ce/aue and
dogwood. The 32nd Annual Art
Under the Elms is coordinated
through the work of community
volunteers and administered by
the offices of LCSC Continuing
Education and Community
Television Program
“Shadowhunters” doesn’t disappoint for a
book to TV adaptation
three other Shadowhunters: Jace,
Alec and Isabelle, as well as her
mundane (human) best friend,
Simon. They go on search for
Have you ever read a book
the Mortal Cup, which Valentine
that you fell absolutely in love
(the main villain) wants to use to
with and will always keep close
raise the dead and gain superior
to your heart? Have you ever
heard that book was going to
My first thought of the series
be turned into a movie or TV
after watching it was “this is
series, making you feel wary and
cheesy and the acting is bad.”
desperate for the producers not
Although I kept in mind
that the first seasons
of TV shows aren’t
always that great, and
so I decided to give
it some time. Usually
I have a rule: If the
show hasn’t showed
any progression or
development by the
fourth or so episode,
I stop watching. It
seems unfair, but you
don’t want to watch a
dying show that shows
no signs of moving
forward. It seemed
as if I would have to
stop watching this
one, but fortunately
I was proved wrong
Courtesy again. As the series
Clary Fray’s life is turned upside when she discovers she is a Shadow- continued, I saw a
hunter on her birthday.
promise, a glimmer
of hope, that I didn’t
see in the movie
to ruin your favorite book? It’s or character. I wasn’t sure they adaptation. It improved and got
something that’s happened time could pull this off in a TV series. better, and even got renewed for a
and time again. For me, this When it aired in Jan. and as the second season. “Shadowhunters”
was the case with the “Mortal series progressed, I was proved is fantasy based, but doesn’t lack
Instruments” series. When they extremely wrong and I’m happy I in the humor, romance, mystery,
epic female characters, or even
announced they were making a can admit that.
If you haven’t read the “Mortal some bromances.
TV series based on the books, I
“Shadowhunters” airs on
was disinterested to say the least. Instruments” series here’s a quick
“Shadowhunters” Tuesday nights at 9 pm on
I have been let down by so many rundown:
book to movie/TV adaptations. follows Clary Fray, who finds FreeForm (ABC Family.) Get
Often, they stray from the books, out that she comes from a long caught up on the series on
leaving out important events or line of Shadowhunters—human-
details from the book. On the angel hybrids who hunt down shadowhunters/episode-guide/
other hand, it keeps alive the demons. When Clary’s mother is season-01/01-the-mortal-cup
books that I so dearly love, giving kidnapped she must team up with
By Amanda Wallace
of The Pathfinder
me a chance to live them in a new
At first, I had this love/
hate relationship with the idea
of watching the new “Mortal
Instruments” TV series, since
I’d read the books back in high
school. I didn’t want to get let
down with another TV where
they change the pace on the
plot or leave out a vital detail
April 6, 2016
The Pathfinder
LCSC revamps summer school, offers
discounted rate
Hypnotist, page 1.
Lewis-Clark State College
Press Release
Courtesy Billye Dotson
Jeremey Frisk, gets hit hard by the hypnotizing, and lays on
the floor as the rest of the volunteers sleep in their seats.
Get ready for comedy with
Steve Hofstetter
Staff Report
WEB is bringing laughs
to campus this month with
Comedian Steve Hofstetter.
Hofstetter is a senior comedy
correspondent for FOX Sports,
along with over 27 million vies
on YouTube and acts as the
Host/Executive Producer of
“Laughs” on FOX Networks.
Hoftstetter has had many TV
appearances, including “Barbara
Walter’s Special”, “Late Late
Show with Craig Ferguson”,
“White Boyz in the Hood”, and
The event will be held in the Silverthorne Theatre at 8 p.m. on
April 12.
For more information, visit
To better serve students who
are interested in completing a
degree in a more timely fashion,
Lewis-Clark State College will roll
out a number of enhancements
to its summer programs this
year, LCSC President J. Anthony
Included in the overhaul is
an 18.5 percent reduction in the
summer cost per credit for the
next two years. Instead of paying
$307 per credit, which is LCSC’s
standard rate for spring and fall,
summer students will pay $250.
Summer financial aid is also
available for qualifying students.
“This is the latest of many
initiatives to provide increased
access to higher education,” said
Fernandez, who saw Lewis-Clark
State graduate a record number
of students last spring. “LCSC
meets students where they are
and helps them get to where they
want to go.”
The college has also taken a close
look at its summer curriculum
and has worked to build a menu
of courses which better matches
the needs of summer students.
Available summer classes now
include a broad selection of
general education courses, both
lower and upper division, along
with program courses offered
by the business, education and
kinesiology, humanities, natural
nursing and health sciences, and
social sciences divisions.
“LCSC is committed to
facilitating timely graduation of
our students,” said Lori Stinson,
LCSC provost and vice president
for academic affairs. “The
enhanced and stable selection of
summer session courses supports
students in completion of their
programs of study. Summer
session also lends support to
our high enrollment majors and
facilitates a smoother transition
for students transferring from
state and regional community
Courses are available in both
online and traditional on-campus
delivery formats. In the future,
administrators say LCSC will
look to expand summer offerings
even further to include additional
programs and divisions.
Open registration for summer
begins April 15, though currently
enrolled LCSC students can
registration April 11-14. Summer
school is divided into four sessions
with the first running from May
23 - June 20, the second from
May 23 - July 18, the third from
May 23 - Aug. 8, and the fourth
from June 13 - Aug. 8. For more
information or to register call
208-792-2210 or visit www.lcsc.
Student art exhibits open at Center for Arts &
Lewis-Clark State College
Press Release
Four art exhibits from area
students will open at the LewisClark State College Center
for Arts & History, located at
415 Main Street, at 4 p.m. on
Thursday. The exhibits feature the
work of students from LCSC as
well as local high schools, junior
high schools, and elementary
schools, and will be on display
from March 24 - April 30.
The LCSC Student Exhibition
presents the artwork of LewisClark State College students
working under the direction
of professor Ray Esparsen,
with pieces created during
classes in fine arts, as well as
the work of students of graphic
communications professor Brian
The Regional Junior &
Senior High School Student
Art Exhibition includes digital
photography, printmaking, oils,
charcoal, pastels, watercolor,
mixed media, and more from area
junior and senior high schools.
The Stephen Lyman Memorial
Children’s Art Exhibit honors
the late Stephen Lyman who
passed away in 1996 after a
hiking accident. Lyman was an
artist and wildlife enthusiast who
specialized in painting the most
elusive moments in nature. This
exhibit, a collection of artwork
produced by elementary students
of the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley
and surrounding areas, celebrates
dogwoods and the great outdoors
that Lyman loved.
The Grizzlies’ Art Program
(GAP) Exhibit is a compilation
of paintings done by students
of Grantham Elementary in
Clarkston during the after
school program led by local
artist Dana Aldis. The nine-week
project features paintings of the
The 2016 Student Exhibits are
brought to the Center for Arts &
History by sponsorship from Dr.
William and Roena Mannschreck,
LCSC Student Affairs, LCSC
Charles and Diana Brown,
and through grants from US
Bancorp, the Idaho Commission
on the Arts, and the National
Endowment for the Arts.
Open Tuesday-Saturday from
11 a.m. - 4 p.m., the gallery
features free admission but
donations are welcome. For more
information about the exhibitions
or to schedule a docent tour, visit or call 208792-2243.
April 6, 2016
Arts & Entertainment
Music review
Charlie Puth creates tear-jerker with his song, “See You Again” in “Furious 7”
By Amanda Wallace
of The Pathfinder
Everybody has that one album
or song that they fall in love with
and just play on repeat over and
over again. It basically becomes
your anthem, after all the times
you’ve listened to it. For me,
that song is “See You Again” by
Charlie Puth, ft. Wiz Khalifa. This
song played during the credits of
the recent “Furious 7” that they
dedicated to Paul Walker. It’s
definitely one you might tear up
over. The lyrics really hit home
for me, and I’m sure many other
people can relate.
Charlie Puth is an upcoming
artist, who has made a
considerable amount of hit
songs after his collaboration with
Khalifa on “See You Again.” His
debut album, “Nine Track Mind”
features many more collaborations
including Meghan Trainor on his
summer hit, “Marvin Gaye” and
Selena Gomez on “We Don’t
Talk Anymore.” Puth was first
discovered on Youtube by Ellen
DeGeneres. He was attending
Berklee College of Music,
studying to become a jazz pianist
at the time he was discovered. He
graduated a year ago, although
he did change his focus from jazz
to pop. He moved cross-country
This is the album cover for Charlie Puth’s new album “Nine Track Mind.”
from New Jersey to L.A. to
pursue his career. He took some
chances and put himself out
there, and lucky for him “See You
Again” was a shot worth taking.
The studio and Atlantic Records
were looking for a song that
would fit Vin Diesel’s emotional
send-off to Paul Walker, and
Puth’s song was the perfect fit for
All of Puth’s songs on his debut
album, “Nine Track Mind” have
these deep-meaning messages
that almost everyone can relate
to. “We Don’t Talk Anymore”
is about two exes who aren’t on
speaking terms; they were once
close and now they are nothing.
Both people of the relationship
in the song are still reminiscing
about the times they had, trying
to figure out what went wrong.
This breakup song offers an
upbeat track that could make
anyone start to sway on the dance
floor, with a breezy, tropical
house beat. This really sets this
breakup song apart from others
of the past. Puth and Gomez’
voices blend so beautifully and
magically together; it makes you
yearn for the “what might’ve
been.” The song gets you deeply
involved and intrigued in the
story behind it. The rest of the
songs on the album are just as
good, with rich, soulful pop, rock
and R&B sounds and lyrics. Let’s
just say, Charlie Puth has put a
spell on the music industry.
“Nine Track Mind” is now
available on iTunes, Spotify and
Works of art, featured in The Pathfinder Poet’s Corner
Any LCSC students or faculty may submit up to 3 previously unpublished poems a week, to be reviewed among a panel of students/
The panel will select the poems to publish at their discretion, and the selected work will be published in one issue of The Pathfinder.
Please submit to [email protected] with the subject line “poet’s corner”, and include your full name and whether you would
like your name published or anonymity, along with a copy of your work.
Please keep things appropriate and unoffensive for the audience.
Deadlines per issue are the Saturday before the issue comes out, at midnight.
Submit and you could be a published writer!
April 6, 2016
The Pathfinder
Austin Johnson named
Corban Head Coach
Lewis-Clark State
Press Release
Over the last six seasons,
the Lewis-Clark State College
men’s basketball team won
134 games, made three
trips to the NAIA National
Tournament, won three
Frontier Conference Regular
Season Championships and
two tournament titles. Every
year Austin Johnson was on
the sideline, but that will all
change next season as the
long-time Warriors assistant
has been named the Head
Coach at Corban University.
“There is no way to
gratitude for the past six years
spent at Lewis Clark State
College,” said Johnson. “I
would like to thank Lewis
Clark State and the LC Valley
community for an amazing,
life-changing 6 years. I was
fortunate to work with
unbelievable administrators,
faculty, staff, and students.
I would like to specifically
thank Brandon Rinta for
giving me an opportunity
to grow as a person and as
a coach. He was the best
mentor I could have asked for
as I developed my coaching
career. I also thank every
player that took a chance on
us as we began building a great
program at LC State and for
their commitment and trust.
The athletic administration
allowed us to flourish and gave
us every resource necessary to
build a championship team.
Thanks to everyone involved
along the way.”
Johnson begins full time as
the Corban men’s basketball
coach on April 1. Thanks in
large part to his recruiting
efforts and guidance LCSC
had a record setting season.
Lewis-Clark State set program
marks for 3-point field goals
made (370), 3-point field goals
attempted (369), 3-point field
goal percentage (.421) and
points scored (2,985). The
Warriors also won their first
national tournament game
in 12 years.
“I want to thank Austin
for pouring his life into this
program for the past six
years,” said LC State Head
Coach Brandon Rinta.
“Who he is as a person and
a coach is one of the big
reasons we have been able
to have some success over
the last four years. All of us
are extremely excited for the
opportunity he has earned
at Corban. We are going
to miss him here, but he is
more than ready to be a head
coach. It was just a matter of
time before he moved on to
his own program.”
During his tenure as
assistant and associate head
coach, five players have earned
NAIA All-American honors
and numerous others have
garnered All-Conference and
All-Academic recognition.
“Austin Johnson will be a
terrific head basketball coach
at Corban University,” said
LC Athletics Director Gary
Picone. “His strong character
qualities combined with his
passion to coach and educate
young people will be obvious
from his first day on the job.
He has made a significant
contribution to the success
of our men’s basketball
program, and I expect he will
make an immediate impact
at Corban University.”
Before coming to LCSC,
Johnson spent two years
as a graduate assistant
coach at Western Illinois
University in Macomb, Ill.
While with the Leathernecks,
Johnson’s duties included
film exchange, video editing,
See Corban, page 11
The Pathfinder
Movie Review
“The Brothers Grimsby” combines action and
comedy perfectly
Show, the director took many
of the absurd events in the film
and simply “worked backwards”
from them. I won’t
spoil those here,
of Borat and
but needless to say
the plot’s twists
couldn’t stand
and turns kept me
on the edge of my
film, “Bruno”, I
seat and laughing
was glad to see
right until the end.
The plot took the
Cohen’s new film
film to a variety of
“The Brothers
beautiful locations
Grimsby” redeem
as well, from the
the comedian/
savanna to the
director. A crazy
streets of Chile.
web of plot twists
However, there
and satire come
were a few points
where the film did
take things into
Courtesy gross
which I also won’t
performances by An action shot from the comedic action movie.
mention here. “The
the film’s leads to
Brothers Grimsby”
make a solid, if at times too overthe-top, comedy-action romp all, this perfectly captured action is definitely not one to let the kids
was interspersed by the antics of watch. However, if you love vulgar
across the globe.
Taken as a comedy, the film is the protagonist, Knobby, played satirical humor, ridiculous plot
twists, beautiful cinematography
a solid, but as an action movie the by Sacha Baron Cohen.
Most of the film is over the and a good adrenaline rush, the
film does an even better job. New
cinematographic techniques from top comedy gold, in classic Baron over-the-top parts are more than
drones to Go-Pro fight scenes Cohen style reminiscent of “The made up for by the rest of the
were interspersed here and there Ali G Show.” As Baron Cohen film. 3.5/5 stars.
and combined with a fantastic told Trevor Noah of the Daily
By Andrew Baron
of The Pathfinder
showing by Mark Strong. The
film was one of the most original
action movies of the year. Best of
The Pathfinder is hiring!
We are looking for several students to write for us for the
upcoming semester. We need people to write opinions, cover
campus events, and write about campus sports. If you are
interested, please stop by SUB 201 or send an email to
April 6, 2016
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April 6, 2016
The Pathfinder
videogame Review
“Far Cry” prequel “Far Cry Primal” lives up
to its successors
By Andrew Baron
of The Pathfinder
Released by Ubisoft back
in Feb., “Far Cry Primal” is
the successor in a long line
of critically acclaimed action
adventure games. As a prequel
though, it turns the clock back
a bit further than most prequels
have. Set in the ancient land
of Oros in 10,000 BC, the
Montreal team at Ubisoft
took some liberty in recycling
map elements from Kyrat in
“Far Cry 4,”, but did a good
job of differentiating it from
the previous game. In fact, the
game play was so engaging
that I barely even noticed as I
swung, threw and jumped my This “Far Cry” prequel jumps back in time to 10,000 BC.
way around Oros’s hills and
the constant crafting upgrades to Primal seems to be a heavier
The map was just not a
priority in-game, as focusing on help keep the gameplay varied focus on the gameplay rather
gathering all the flint and animal throughout the campaign. From than storytelling. While vision
hide right in front of me filled fire bombs dropped by your pet
quests with the village shaman
most playtime. That and avoiding owl to using the double bow to
the constant hunting expeditions light villages on fire from a mile Tensay do help fill in some of
by packs of wolves and lone away, the only downside to the the gaps, and there is a rich backsabretooths kept me more than massive variety of weapons in the universe in Oros, the story still
occupied. In 10,000 BC, you can game is the non-stop gathering feels superficial and tacked-on.
be hunted by predators lurking in marathon that the later levels can Overall, the romp around 10,000
the shadows of your torch flame, become.
BC was well-worth the time and
trap mammoths and woolly
The campaign has a solid
rhinos in glacier capped gullies, storyline, but in the end I feel little money I put into it though, and
wage intertribal warfare and even connection to any of the other if you enjoyed previous “Far Cry”
build your own village.
characters in the village. Unlike versions, then this is definitely
The gameplay is varied and “Far Cry 4,” the main downside one to pick up. 4/5 Stars.
“Thinking Like a Social
Scientist” talk featuring
Professor Craig Parsons on
April 8
Courtesy Professor Leif
Thinking like a Social Scientist:
a 2 ½ hour workshop covering the
logic of quantitative, qualitative,
and interpretive methods
The scientific study of human
action and society, or “social
science,” is not just for scientists.
Everyone studies action and
society as part of normal life. We
observe general patterns, which
social scientists call “quantitative”
methods. We construct historical
explanations of why particular
things happened, which social
methods. We interpret social
norms, practices and beliefs
around us, which social scientists
call “interpretive” methods.
Researchers do these things
especially explicitly and carefully,
but their methods are still just the
ways in which everyone thinks
all the time. Thus “thinking like
a social scientist” does not mean
becoming a stuffy academic. It
just means becoming a more
conscious thinker.
Many kinds of non-academic
careers directly employ the
methods of social-science research,
though often they don’t realize it.
For example, consider how police
and policy-makers approach
problems of crime. Police datacrunchers sort through lots of
quantitative data to look for
patterns of crime. Detectives act
like qualitative researchers in
trying to solve particular cases
of crime. Criminal lawyers,
activists and politicians act like
interpretive social scientists when
they ask questions like, “Why is
this a crime? Is it a serious crime?
Should it be a crime?”
This workshop on April 8 will
be from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in
SGC rm 204, and it introduces
students to these different modes
of thinking in everyday life,
and shows how “thinking like a
social scientist” can sharpen our
thinking for a variety of contexts.
Courtesy Leif Hoffman
Professor Parsons is from the University of Oregon and will
give students and faculty fresh perspectives on the social sciences.
April 6, 2016
Zanon’s hot bat helps LCSC sweep OIT again
Lewis-Clark State College
Press Release
Jacob Zanon drove in seven
runs and helped the Lewis-Clark
State College baseball team pound
out 29 hits as the Warriors swept
a doubleheader from Oregon
Institute of Technology for the
second straight day with 18-3 and
5-2 victories on Sunday.
The sweep moves LCSC to
30-5 on the season and 16-3 in
NAIA West play, while Oregon
Tech falls to 2-18 and 11-28
overall. The sweep also helps
LCSC finish a grueling 13-game
road stretch over 11 days with a
10-3 record.
As in Saturday’s sweep, the
first contest on Sunday didn’t go
the full nine inning as the contest
was stopped after the eighth
because of the 10-run rule.
The first three hitters in the
Warrior lineup – Cabe Reiten,
Robert Smith and Zanon, were
a combined 9-for-14 with 10
RBI and eight runs scored in
the opener. Zanon was a perfect
5-for-5 at the plate with four RBI
and three runs scored. Smith
went 3-for-5 with three RBI and
three runs, while Reiten was
1-for-4 with three RBI and scored
twice. Hayden Meier, hitting
fifth, went 3-for-5 with three RBI,
while Cooper Golby was 4-for-4
with two runs scored and an RBI.
He also had three doubles in the
In all, LCSC had nine
extra-base hits in the game, all
The Warriors scored two runs
apiece in the first two innings to
take a 4-1 lead. Meier had a tworun single in the first, while Smith
and Zanon had RBI singles in the
After OIT scored twice in
the bottom of the third to cut
the margin to 4-3, the Warriors
scored four in the top of the
fourth. Reiten brought in the
first run on a sacrifice fly, while
Zanon and J.J. Robinson hit
back-to-back RBI doubles. Meier
singled in the final run for the
8-3 lead.
LCSC added three runs in the
seventh on a two-out, two-run
double by Reiten and an RBI
single from Smith.
The Warriors then went wild
with a seven-run eighth inning.
LCSC had five hits and two
walks in the inning and also took
advantage of two OIT errors.
An error allowed the first two
runs to score, while Smith drew
a bases-loaded walk to force in
a run. Zanon then doubled in
two, while Esteban Bastidas had
an RBI sacrifice fly. The second
error of the inning allowed the
final run to score.
LCSC starter Shane Desmond
gave up seven hits and three
earned runs in his three inning of
work and recorded one strikeout.
Peter Irvin pitched the final five
innings to pick up the win to
stand 2-1 on the season. Irvin
allowed three hits and struck out
two. He also faced just 17 batters,
two over the minimum, over the
five innings.
The 18 runs and 20 hits
were both season highs for the
Warriors. LCSC scored 17 runs
in Saturday’s 17-2 triumph over
OIT, and the Warriors previous
high in hits was 19, which also
came against OIT but in February
at Harris Field. The 16 RBI tied a
season high.
The second contest was close
throughout as the Warriors
used three pitchers in a predetermined three inning split.
Henry McAree allowed just two
hits and two walks with two
strikeouts to start the game, and
Jake Barnett allowed three hits
Adult Learning Center
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and a walk with two strikeouts
in his three innings. He also got
the win to improve to 5-1 overall.
Kevin Hamann pitched the final
three innings and allowed five
hits and two runs, but struck out
four. He earned his first save of
the season.
Zanon finished the second
game 1-for-5 with two RBI, while
Dylan Tashjian was 3-for-4 with
two RBI. Zanon also stole a base
and is now 19-of-19 on the season
in that category.
Zanon also finished the four
game series 10-for-16 with eight
RBI and eight runs scored.
The Warriors broke a scoreless
tie in the second game when
Zanon homered to left to open
the fourth. It was his seventh of
the season, which has him second
on the team. Julian Ramon hit
a two-out single and Tashjian
picked up his first RBI with a
double down the right-field line.
LCSC added two more in the
fifth for a 4-0 lead. Chase Hafer
reached on a bunt single and
moved to third on a double by
Reiten. Smith followed with an
RBI single and then Zanon’s
fielder’s choice grounder brought
in the other run.
Oregon Tech got on the board
in the seventh with the help of an
error, but LCSC answered in the
top of the eighth for a 5-1 lead.
Meier was hit by a pitch with
one out and scored on Tashjian’s
second double of the game.
OIT added its final run in
the bottom of the eighth but left
10 baserunners stranded in the
LCSC now plays eight of its
next nine games at home. Next
up is a four-game series at home
against the College of Idaho,
which stands in second in the
NAIA West standings at 1.5
games behind LCSC. The first
game will be Friday at 5 p.m. at
LCSC’s Harris Field.
This year, the highest finishing
NAIA West team outside of
LCSC will play host to the
conference tournament on May
5-8. The Warriors can’t host the
tournament but will participate
in it despite having an automatic
berth into the Avista NAIA World
Series. College of Idaho is 15-5 in
league, while British Columbia
is 11-6. The other three teams –
Corban, Simpson and Oregon
Tech – all have losing conference
April 6, 2016
Corban, page 7
scouting, recruiting, and on-floor
instruction. In his last season
there, WIU posted its most wins
in 12 seasons and ranked 10th
in the NCAA in fewest points
allowed per game.
After high school he enrolled
at Butler Community College
and redshirted his freshman
year on the basketball team. He
then transferred to Oklahoma
Wesleyan where he was a starter
his final two seasons. He wound
up with 1,207 career points and
made more than 250 3-pointers.
He was captain of the team his
senior season and helped the
squad to a 26-8 record, its best
ever, and its first appearance in
the NAIA National Tournament
where the team advanced to the
Sweet 16 round.
Johnson was a two-time allMidlands Collegiate Athletic
Conference selection and was
chosen Oklahoma Wesleyan’s
Male Athlete of the Year in 2008.
He also earned NAIA ScholarAthlete honors and made the
Dean’s List at OWU.
Johnson is active in volunteer/
ministry work with both the
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
and Athletes in Action.
Johnson married former LC
Volleyball All-American, Kelli
Tikker, in August 2015.
Warriors finish road trip with
6-3 win
Lewis-Clark State College
Press Release
After playing a pair of neutral
site matches at the Biola Tennis
Center the 20th-ranked LewisClark State College men’s tennis
team finally faced Biola University
and finished their five-game in
five days west coast swing with a
6-3 victory.
The win was the third
consecutive and fourth in the last
five days for the Warriors who
improved to 9-6 on the season
and 4-1 in Golden State Athletic
Conference play. Biola is now 1010 overall and 3-4 in the GSAC.
Playing singles first, the
Warriors got out to a 4-2 lead,
narrowly missing winning the
match before doubles play. LC
State won the first four matches
to finish as Sonam Phuntsok
won 6-0, 6-1 at No. 6, Ignacio
Salom won at No. 3 6-1, 6-0; Jeff
Su defeated David Garcia 6-2,
6-0 and Andres Bustani won the
fourth singles paring, 6-1, 6-3.
Quentin Wacquez went three sets
before falling 4-6, 6-4, 6-2 at the
second position giving the Eagles
a chance.
The Warriors quickly ended
any notion of a comeback as
Tony Chin and Phuntsok teamed
up for an 8-2 victory at No. 3
doubles to seal the match. Yonas
Woldetsadik and Su also won at
No. 1 doubles, 8-5.
With conference regular season
play over, the Warriors will face
Whitman College on Apr. 9 and
Whitworth University on Apr. 10
before traveling to Indian Wells,
Calif for the GSAC Conference
Tournament Apr. 19-21
Word on the Street
By Destiny Woodward
of The Pathfinder
“If you could study away anywhere, where would you
Submit your club event information
to [email protected]
7:30 p.m. The Night of the Iguana
Rylee Parker
Major: Psychology
Wednesday, April 6
11:30 a.m. ASLCSC Warrior
11:30 a.m. Warrior Wellness Day
12 p.m. ASLCSC Candidates
Forums #1
4 p.m. Warriors at Ease
Thursday, April 7
Last day to drop classes/withdraw
12 p.m. ASLCSC Candidate Forums
4:30 p.m. ASLCSC Round Table
7 p.m. Game Night
7:30 p.m. The Night of the Iguana
9 p.m. Night Ultimate Frisbee
Friday, April 8
Track & Field @ Pelleur Invite
10 a.m. NSLS Leadership Training
4 p.m. Baseball v. College of Idaho
Saturday, April 9
1 p.m. Baseball v. College of Idaho
7:30 p.m. The Night of the Iguana
Sunday, April 10
12 p.m. Baseball v. College of
12 p.m. Softball @ WSU
2 p.m. The Night of the Iguana
Monday, April 11
Advanced Registration: Seniors
ASLCSC — Associated Students of LewisClark State College
WEB — Warrior Entertainment Board
RHA — Residence Hall Association
LDSSA — Latter Day Saints Student
ISNA — Idaho Student Nurse’s Association
AHS — Ambassador Honor Society
SOSW — Student Organizations for Social
GSA — Gay-Straight Alliance
BPA — Business Professionals of America
Tony Mills
Major: Social Work
“If I could study anywhere, I think I’d
want to study in Spain. I’m just really
interested about their culture; it’s a
lot different than ours. I’ve been all
over the world: Hong Kong, Korea,
Thailand, the Philippines. Yeah, I
think it’d be Spain.”
Tuesday, April 12
Advanced Registration: Juniors
Track & Field @ SFCC Multi’s
4 :30 p.m. ASLCSC Senate
5:30 p.m. SBDC- Website &
Social Media Content
8 p.m. WEB-Comedian- Steve
Abbreviation Key
Clubs and Organizations
“Definitely Greece because I think it
would be really beautiful and you would
get to see a lot of stuff from way far
in the past, and I think it’d be really
Track & Field @ WAR IX
SUB — Student Union Building
SUB Sol South— SUB Solarium South
SAC — Sacajewa Hall
SGC — Sam Glenn Complex
TJH — Thomas Jefferson Hall
MLH — Meriwether Lewis Hall
Music — on the corner of 7th St. &11th Ave.
Pi’amkinwaas — on the corner opposite the Music Building on 7th St. and 11th Ave.
RCC — River City Church
Dominique Terrill
Major: Psychology
“I would pick Greece. I want to go
swim in their clear blue waters and it
just seems really pretty over there.”
Kandace Seely
Major: Criminal Justice
“I’d say Greece because I’ve always
wanted to go to Greece. The ocean
is really pretty over there.”