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May - Tucker Sno
A publication of Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation
Made in the USA since 1942
NO SNOW TOO DEEP———————————————————————————NO ROAD TOO STEEP
May 2012 Volume 4 Issue 5
For proper track adjustment the carrier must be raised off of the ground to allow the track to sag below the idler
wheels, this insures that there is minimal resistance on the tensioning system. Loosen the end adjuster locknut, and
then run the end adjuster forward or backward to adjust the tension of the track. There should be approximately 5/8”
to 1” of sag below the center idler wheels on terra track vehicles.
In the field it is possible to raise the front carriers off the ground with down force of the blade, NEVER WORK DIRECTLY UNDER ANY PART OF THE SNO-CAT® WHILE IT IS RAISED OFF THE GROUND WITH
ONLY THE BLADE. Field adjustment on the rear carriers and Tucker-Terra® vehicles without blades can be temporarily adjusted without raising the carriers by the use of a torque wrench. 40 ft.lbs. on the 175” -5 track and 50 ft.
lbs. on the 200” -6 track would be sufficient until the carriers can be raised to adjust for the proper sag measurement.
Note: If you are experiencing ratcheting / popping, this may indicate a loose track condition. If you are experiencing
vibration, or the machine seems to have a loss of power, this may indicate a tight track condition.
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Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation
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Tucker Sno-Cat® vehicles will start to incorporate a
new line of heat exchangers into the 2013 year production of Tier 4 173 and 300 HP engines. Emmegi
Heat Exchangers have been used in the industrial
market since 1975 and have been ISO certified since
1998. This rugged/compact design will allow us to
accomplish all our heat exchange requirements with
out stacking. We will now be able to place each unit
side by side, thereby performing more cooling in the
same space.
Now is the time when Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation will start selling demonstrator machines!! We
currently have the following demos for sale:
2012 2000XL 4-passenger W/6-Way Blade
2011 2000D 5-Passenger W/12-Way Blade
2012 1642D 2-Passenger
2011 Bentley 10K Transport Trailers
Justin Durbin has been with Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation since October 2009, previously
he was working for the Jackson County Airport in maintenance. He has worked in the Final
Production and Electrical departments, currently he is building engine harnesses, and calibrating engine and hydraulic systems.
Justin grew up in Southern Oregon (Grants Pass) and enjoys dirt biking, wake boarding, and
other activities that get him outdoors.
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Tucker Sno-Cat® Corporation
2872 S. Pacific Hwy
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Toll Free (866) 766-2281