newsletter - Rainbow P



newsletter - Rainbow P
Issue 27 23rd August 2016
Principal’s Report—from
Mr Coffey
Rainbow P-12 College
17 Albert Street
PO Box 223
Rainbow Vic 3424
P: 03 5395 1063
F: 03 5395 1192
E: [email protected]
We were very fortunate to have AFL legend David Parkin speak to our senior students last Wednesday morning.
David shared his knowledge on teamwork and the vital skills associated with effective teams with the eager
students. He spoke of the need for the individual to be predictable and reliable in performing their role to make
the team successful. David linked his many experiences of teamwork with our school motto “Together We
Achieve”. I’d like to sincerely thank Alison Ey for seizing the opportunity for David to address the students at our
NAPLAN Results
The NAPLAN (National Assessment Program Numeracy Literacy) results for students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 arrived
last week. The report shows your child’s level of achievement in a range of areas while also showing how their
results compare with other Australian children of the same year level. Please remember that the NAPLAN reports
show what your child achieved under test conditions on the designated testing days in May.
NAPLAN results provide teachers with an additional piece of information to help them to plan the most
appropriate programs and strategies for individual students and groups.
As a staff we are extremely delighted with the overall growth in the students’ performance since the same
students participated in the NAPLAN tests 2 years ago.
Your child’s classroom teacher will be happy to discuss your child’s NAPLAN report with you should you wish to
arrange a convenient time to meet or talk on the phone. Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have
any questions regarding the NAPLAN testing program.
School Hall
Bowden’s builders had scheduled the removal of asbestos from the school canteen to commence on Monday the
22nd and be completed by Monday the 29th of August. With our School Production being held on the 29th and 30th
of August I have decided to delay the removal work until the next available time, that is early next term, so as not
to jeopardise the preparations for the production.
School Pride
I met with project architect Jakob Kelly and department representative Jean Wang last Tuesday to continue to
develop the scope of works for the School Pride project. Stay tuned for further information regarding this exciting
Break A Leg!
Please come along and enjoy experiencing our students in our School Production next Monday and Tuesday
Grade 1-4 students invite parents, family and
friends to their open classroom to see
their work on Information Reports about the
Olympic countries. They have been studying
India, Brazil, United Stated of America,
Germany, Australia and New Zealand.
When: Monday 5th September
at 2:30pm
Please come browse and interact
with the students.
Junior Students of the Week
Aiden Preston, Evan Keller, Cooper Stasinowsky,
Mitchell Ey
SCHOOL PHOTOS—from Ms. Fulton
Students and parents who wish to order extra photographs can do so with an order form at the cost of $18 per
photos The order forms are at the front office on top of the black photograph album which contains the sample
Orders need to be given to Ms. Fulton by 26th August at the latest.
Information for the Junior Athletic Sports—Friday, 2nd September
Starting Time
For the day the children need to be at the football oval at 9.15 sharp, or earlier if their parents are helping with
jobs that will need to be done that morning. Bus travellers will be dropped off at the oval.
Our red, blue and white school shirt and black or dark coloured shorts or skirt. If it is cold we encourage the
students to wear their school track suit over the top. All students will also need their school hat and suitable
running shoes. Please note that all students must have their shoes on at all times.
They will need a drinker of water, play lunch and lunch if not purchasing from the parent club BBQ.
If the sports have to be cancelled a message will be put over the radio on the Horsham 3WM station around
7.30 am on September 2nd. If the sports are cancelled students are to come to school as normal. The backup day
is Friday 9th of September.
Collecting students at the end of the day
Could parents please send a note by Thursday 1st September if they are going to take their child directly from the
oval after the completion of the day. All other students will be returning to school and will be dismissed from
Programs will be available at the administration table for $2.
Parents Club
The Parents Club are still looking for people to make soup, slices and coleslaw.
Please contact Allira or Lynley if you can help.
Dreamchasers Movie Night
Friday night saw some dedicated Year 9 Dreamchasers organise 2 movie sessions for the junior and senior schools.
The prep to grade 6 students enjoyed the movie Alvin and the Chipmuncks: Road Chip with plenty of popcorn and
lollies floating around. Next up, the senior movie The 5th Wave was shown instead of Now You See Me 2, due to
some technical difficulties. A great night was had by all from all reports. A big thankyou to the students who
supported the Dreamchasers Movie Night. It is great to see everyone get out and about and take advantage of
these extra-curricular activities that are planned.
A big well done to Jakob Cocks and Thomas Ismay who planned this Dreamchasers event to raise funds to go
towards their community projects and end of year camp. It was also great to see some fellow Dreamchasers pitch
in a help out. For these events to succeed it needs to be a team effort. Well done Dreamchasers.
Right: Jeremy James with the delicious donuts they were selling
PS—A medium size rugby top was left in the hall on the
night. Please come to the general office to claim.
MATHLETICS—from Miss Roberts
On a pleasant Monday afternoon, students from Prep through to Year 10 joined in the Maths Olympics.
They participated in 10 'mathematical type' sports including; standing jump, knock 'em sock 'em, 10 metre foot
race, tangram puzzles, quizzes, ping pong shot put, throng throw, teaspoon measurements and skewer javelin.
Teams were put through their paces, having to add a variety of numbers including negative numbers.
Students demonstrated excellent character strengths and team work including grit, social awareness and zest.
Congratulations to the winning team Canada ( Mikala Roberts and Nicole Kruger's avocado groups).
State German Poetry Competition—from Mrs Leach
Congratulations and well done to our students who represented the school and the
region at the State German Poetry Competition at the Austrian Club in Melbourne
on the weekend. Lachlan Staples and Tessa Leach competed at the State
competition on behalf of the Wimmera region, preparing and presenting their
German poems for the judges and the audience. The competition was tough and the
students represented the region admirably, unfortunately not achieving a place but
I know their parents were very proud nonetheless. Lachlan and Tessa (and their
entourages) enjoyed the delightful cakes that the Cafe Mozart had to offer as well!
Thanks to Lis Staples and Lachlan's faithful cheer squad (Jessica and Emily) for
supporting this event and taking him down. It's great to be able to support our
students to continue to demonstrate those great character strengths we promote
at our school. Well done Lachie and Tessa!
Canteen Roster
Wed 24th
Thur 25th
Fri 26th
D. Napthine
R. Rose/K. Kajewski
L. McKenzie/S. George
Mon 29th
Tue 30th
Wed 31st
Thur 1st Sept
Fri 2nd
A. Sluggett
A. Gebert
T. Gould/C. Roll
M. Ismay
L. Staples, D. Huff
Mon 5th
Tue 6th
Wed 7th
Thur 8th
Fri 9th
S. Perkins
C. Welch
N. Leach/J. Fuller
M. Boehm
C. Fisher/K. Weir
Mon 12th
Tue 13th
Wed 14th
Thur 15th
Fri 16th
A. Ey/L. Heinrich
J. Cocks/R. Keller
D. Leggo/R. Richards
A. Riordan
E. Clarke/R. Bastin
Please note:
Canteen Times are
12 noon—1.30 pm
First named on the roster is to
pick up goods from Bow Bakery
Please remember to keep a check
to see when you are rostered.
Thur 25th
Mon 29th
Tue 30th
Parents Club Uniform Meeting 1.30pm
Thur 1st Sept
Spaghetti Bolognaise Day for students
who have placed an order
Father’s Day Stall— $5.00 limit per child
Fri 2nd
Cluster Athletics at Rainbow (Junior School)
Mon 12th
School Council
Mon 12th-16th Year 10 Work Experience
Canteen Emergency List
Desma Napthine
Debbie Lowe
Cheryl Welch
Rebeckah Richards
5395 1557
0488 115 973
5395 7250
If you wish to be placed on the
emergency list please call the
office on 53951063.
Father’s Day Stall in
the Junior School
$5.00 limit per child.
There will be a uniform meeting this THURSDAY, 25TH AUGUST at 1.30pm at the
College. Come along to this meeting if you have any uniform questions.

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