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Vocational Training - Memorial Church of Christ
Vocational Training
Apr-Jun 2015
Into All The World!
One of several baptized in the Dominican Republic last May. You
should hear these children sing!! Notice who the baptizer looks like.
They stood in the water while singing several songs, reading scripture
and praying.
“Then those who feared the Lord spoke
to one another. The Lord listened and
heard them, and a book of rememberance was written before Him for those
who fear the Lord. ” Mal 3:16 MEV
Henry Flores is still working in Monticello, FL with two denominational Hispanic groups that are avidly seeking the
truth. He holds bible studies with anywhere from 5 to 25 people every evening
and 6 have already been baptized, including the preacher.
Another evangelistic effort in Ciudad
Valles, Mexico where Demetrio Hernandez preaches yielded 16 new souls. An-
My faithful, generous, God-loving, mission-minded,
very wise wife.
19 baptized during a recent meeting in Camalu,
Baja, Mexico where Pedro
Sanchez preached.
other effort 80 miles south yielded 18
more souls. There were 50 conversions in
less than a year in Goldsboro, NC where
several have helped. Iram Diaz preaches
at this new congregation.
As we spread responsibilities among our
children, Vince & Ginney went to Chile.
Julio, Cynthia, JD, Sarah, and Luis
went to Colombia. Alex went to Tanzania, Africa. All these, mission trips.
One of the Crieve-Hall elders during the preacherselders-deacons retreat in the Dominican Republic
Robert Miranda—Missions Memorial Church of Christ, 900 Echo Lane, Houston, TX 77024
-2Pedro Sanchez traveled to Central America, Mexico and the USA. Alberto Castañeda went to Central America, Mexico and Ecuador. Armando Artiga and Roberto Benitez continued helping in El Salvador and Mexico. Beto Hernandez covered the much troubled Venezuela. Paco Rada went to Mexico, California, Maryland and North Carolina. Juan Meza (Polo) went to Venezuela and
Mexico. Hector Fernandez went to Tennessee and central America. Demetrio covered the Mexican east Coast. To see Bob Young’s
report go to:
I covered, North & South Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Mexico
and the Dominican Republic
Jane writes: “In June we traveled to the Dominican Republic
for the first time. Their population is 10 million with about
one million living in the capital city of Santo Domingo. Bob
was invited to speak at a weekend retreat when the person
that was invited before him couldn’t get his passport in time
for the seminar. The topic was leadership, for which Bob
was very well prepared because it is the main focus of our
mission. We were joined for the weekend by 6 people from
the Crieve Hall Church of Christ in Nashville. They come
there every year to bring teaching supplies and to encourage
several of the Churches that they work with in Santo Domingo.
There are about 200 Churches of Christ in the Dominican.
They don’t have many paid preachers and two out of the
three Churches that we worked with during the week had elders to lead them. Although there is a lack of ministers, the leadership of
the elders in many congregations is superior. They organize a yearly meeting during which they door knock and do Bible studies for
a week, then end with a day of fellowship and singing. They have had 2,000 in attendance on the final day. Most of their work is
done without much financial help or direction from American Churches. They have an on-going problem with electricity in Santo
Domingo. Where we stayed, the electricity was on only 12 hours per day. The time changed every two weeks. While we were staying with Modesto and Vicki, the power was on from 11 at night until 11 in the morning. The Church building had a generator but
when we got home after the meetings we had to light candles until 11. We were grateful that we could use the fan during the night
because it was very hot and humid.
While we were there they had two baptisms. Their baptistry was a square in the floor that was about 18 inches
deep. The one being baptized and the one baptizing
stood in the water for about 20 minutes while they sang
several songs and read several scriptures. Then the persons sat down in the water and was gently laid back
under the water. Someone was at the end the of the
baptistry to hold their feet down so that they were entirely covered. Of course, everyone took pictures and
celebrated a new beginning with hugs, congratulations
and welcome to God’s family
We will remember the Dominican because of the wonderful people and their enthusiastic worship as they sang
moving songs of praise. They were eager to study the
Bible and shared everything that they had with others,
even when it was very little.”
Your support and efforts for this noble cause of developing sound, mature, organized churches throughout the
world is working. God has truly blessed this effort to
strengthen the churches in the Spanish speaking Americas.
Electrical installations somehow work fairly well…..
Teaching at the preachers and elders’ retreat near Santo Domingo. Over 200 attended the meeting from the whole country
The Crieve Hall group with some of the
leaders of the Dominican Republic congregations at their yearly retreat.
Eldders & deacons as well as sme of the
ladies from Crieve Hall did much of the
Joel Boone (Top left) from Crieve Hall, is the deacon in charge
of Latin American Missions. He is fully bilingual and loves the
brethren here.
The men of the Valle Encantado
(Enchanted Valley) congregation gathered for a bible study at the preacher’s
(Bro. Luis Matos) house. A very poor
part of town with many needs.
Bro. Martin, at the front-left is from
Amsterdam, Holland. He is married to
a native Dominican. They spend half of
the time here. In Holland, the church is
very small and meets in their home.
The wonderful brethren in the Dominican Republic pulled a few strings to allow us to enjoy their beautiful coast on a 2 day “vacation”

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