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BW 1.1 - Bell And Wyson
2 IN 1 SMART LED + SMOKE DETECTOR WIFI Bell&Wyson connected devices mix unique features and design. Do you want security, aesthe=cs and technology? Here is the B&W 1.1 which will illuminate your home while protec=ng you thanks its integrated smoke detector. This WIFI LED bulb*, true technological jewel, is remotely controlled with your tablet or smartphone. At kilometers from home you can switch on and switch off your bulb and in case of smoke your B&W 1.1 warns you on your iOS/Android tablet or smartphone. BW 1.1 • 9w LED Bulb including smoke detector • WIFI 802.11 b/g/n cer2fied • Led beam angle 180 degrees • Works with regular switch and dimmable via App • Remotely controlled via iOS/Android mul2 usersApp (Free) • No2fica2on to your Tablet/Smartphone if smoke detec2on • Color temp changeable (3 000K-­‐5 000K), CRI=80+ • Led rated life 2me 40 000 hours • Socket E27 • Power supply Bulb Led 110v-­‐240v • Smoke detector with Buzzer 85DB+ • BaDery 3V-­‐1200MA included • Dimensions:140,5 mm (h), 85 mm(w) • Weight:200g (approx.) • Warranty: 2 years • Cer2fied CE EN14604 • BW 1.1 also works as a conven2onal non-­‐
connected smoke alarm by warning you with its sound alarm. • BW 1.1 is easy to install and works also as a conven2onal LED that you can switch on/off from your power switch. Founded in 2014, Bell & Wyson has already seduced by its vision professionals, designers, press and many people looking for [email protected] connected [email protected] and not simply me-­‐too products. The [email protected] Bell & Wyson team is fully dedicated to offer to the largest audience Design, Comfort, Pleasure & Security in any device it creates. Thanks to this great team headed by engineers, designers and [email protected] specialists, Bell & Wyson has already [email protected] a [email protected] in the [email protected] experience. • BW 1.1 has a baDery included enabling it to s2ll monitor the smoke detec2on during a power outage or power switch is turned off.** • BW 1.1 can be easily installed, it includes a test buDon, a power indicator light, and low baDery warning indicator. *Requires an Internet connec2on **WIFI and LED func2ons are disabled in case of power outage or power switch is turned off. ©2014-­‐2015 Bell & Wyson SAS. All rights reserved. Bell & Wyson logo, and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bell & Wyson SAS. All others trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respec2ve owners. Pictures are non contractual and specifica2ons are subject to change without no2ce. !"#$%&