Annual Report 2014



Annual Report 2014
2014 Annual Report
We have all heard the old adage “It takes a village to raise a child.” Miss Ruby’s Kids is in its
twelfth year as an integral part of the “village” that helps raise our children. The community
that comes together to support our children’s success includes the parents, Miss Ruby’s Kids
Home Visitors & mentors, teachers, volunteers, our donors, and many others. The nurturing
environment we provide benefits the children and the whole community.
Parents of the young children we serve through the Parent-Child Home Program appreciate
having a Home Visitor support them in learning different parenting strategies. The Home Visitors’ main goal is to be able to step back and let the parents take over the visits during their
twice weekly sessions. Mentees are grateful to have a special volunteers come to see them
once a week in school and who promise to walk beside them “every step of the way” of their
school journey. Parents of the mentees treasure a larger support system for their children
and they team up with mentors to be their child’s “biggest cheerleaders.”
Principals in the schools where mentors serve appreciate the impact the volunteers have on the
students and the School Board Chair, Jim Dumm, said that MRK is a “win-win” for the
Georgetown County School District.
All of us form a terrific team that lifts and carries our community’s most vulnerable and valuable asset – its children to a lifetime of success.
The viability of Miss Ruby’s Kids hinges on the respect, support, and trust of this community.
We invite your investment in our continued work in the community. Your generosity has
brought us such a great distance since 2003 – will you continue to help our organization serve
children through our programs? We are strong because of your support – we are looking to the
future – your help plays a big part in our ability to make a difference in their lives.
Betsy Marlow
Executive Director
Check out our short movie at
Click on video
The goal of the Parent-Child Home Program is to eliminate
educational disadvantage.
Messages from Home
Phyllis Levenstein and Susan Levenstein
Our vision is that all children in Georgetown County
will enter school prepared to learn, supported by
their families, and will graduate from high school as
productive citizens of their community.
Parent-Child Home Program (PCHP)
“Like most parents, I
want her to be able to
succeed in the real
world. I want her to
make something of
~ PCHP Parent
Provided 1610 books
educational toys
70 children & their
families, including 10
Spanish-speaking families,
spent a minimum of
1,610 hours
of uninterrupted time interacting with their children
the assistance of a trained
Home Visitor at
3,220 home visits
Family Child Care Model
“I have learned to let the children take their time
asking questions, and looking at the pages.”
~ The Sunshine Place
Served 17 children in
3 child care facilities
Distributed 371 books & toys
Education Mentor Program (EMP)
“He trusts his mentor like nobody else. When
he has a problem no one can get through like
his mentor can.”
~ Mentee Parent
“She teaches me stuff
and I feel like I am not
~ MRK Mentee
When asked if adults cared about them
and would help them 97% answered
64 volunteer mentors
served 70 mentees in 11
different schools
Volunteer mentors spent
close to 1,800 hours
with their mentees
Thank you to the program children and families,
volunteers, staff, donors, business partners, area churches,
foundations, Georgetown County School District, and the
members of the community for being part of the Miss Ruby’s Kids
team! We appreciate your support, dedication, and hard work.
2014 Board of Directors
2014 Administrative Staff
Ann Harris, Chair
Betsy Marlow, Executive Director
Jeff Wildes, Vice Chair
Ashley Baker, PCHP Coordinator
Sue Zeddun, Secretary
Tiffany Linnen, EMP Coordinator (part-time)
Suzette Wright, Treasurer
Traci Butler, Office Manager
Jessica Benson
Renee Howard, Assistant (part-time)
Michael Cafaro
Shelby Byrd, VISTA Member (temporary)
Fedrick Cohens
2014 Home Visitors
James Dan Green
Judy Ingle
Libby Insley
Anne Mountford
Joyce Santopietro
Katie Ball
Natty Toscano
Crystal Geathers
Jenny Walsh
Mary Lynne Magnus
Karen Winns
Amanda Oliver
Loretta Wright
Fiscal Year 2014
July 1, 2013—June 30, 2014
Revenues ($234,342)
Short-term Investments
Accumulated Depreciation
July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
Temporarily Restricted Assets
Unrestricted Assets
Expenditures ($277,276)
July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014
* Family Child Care Model: This is a group model provided to small
family child care providers using the same strategies as the traditional
home-based program.
* Total Program Expense: The total program expense for fiscal year
2014 was 65%
You Can Make a Difference
Garden Party
April 26, 2015
The annual Garden Party is an afternoon of
Every Month
One day each month area restaurants donate a
portion of their proceeds to Miss Ruby’s Kids.
Golf “FORE” Kids
music, food, and exciting auctions at beautiful
Wachesaw Plantation.
November 14, 2015
The Kitchen Tour is held each fall and showcases some
of the most exquisite, beautifully decorated homes in
October 12, 2015
The Golf FORE Kids tournament is held in the fall
Georgetown County.
and at the exclusive Wachesaw Plantation Golf
Adopt-a-Family Program
The HANDPICKED location in the Market Common
Shopping Center is donating a portion of their
proceeds to our organization. The Miss Ruby’s
This program offers businesses the opportunity to
Kids bracelet generates profit for our
partner with Miss Ruby’s Kids to provide books, toys,
organization each time it is sold.
and home visits to Georgetown County famlies.
The second Tuesday of
every month and every
Tuesday in December.
For more information about attending any of
Professional businesses offer a
portion of their proceeds to Miss
these events, call 843-436-7197.
Ruby’s Kids.
Make a Donation
Please consider partnering with Miss Ruby’s Kids to make a signifigant
difference in the life of a family by making a donation which will help
prepare the families of Georgetown County for success.
Payments can be made by:
 Check ~ Return the enlclosed envelope with payment
Credit Card ~ Call 843-436-7199
Online ~ Visit
November 2013 - November 2014
A&I Corporation
Joan Ackor
Louis & Martha Adams
Caroline Alday
Glynn Alexander
Alfresco Georgetown Bistro
Kathryn & Bruce Allan
Lt. Col. & Mrs. Francis Raymond
Allstate, Tony Jordan
Alpha Delta Kappa, Alpha Tau
B.G. & Ann Altman
Linda Annette
Susan & William Appel
Jeffery Arena
Kenneth & Frances Arena
Edwin & Annette Arroyo
Charlotte Bafile
Doris & Frank Baker
Mary Ballou
Bank of America
Charlotte & David Banker
Sandra Barbour
Janet & Ronald Baril
Michael & Marianne Barone
Jane Barry
Ellie & Richard Basaly
Linda Beale
Belin United Methodist Women
Carolyn Bell
Wendy Belser
Fred Benedetto
John & Bette Ann Benfield
Lee & Teddy Benjamin
Jessica & Robert Benson
Carolyn & Dean Berry
Anne & Jim Bessant
Eileen Birchenough
Keith Bird & Nancy Laprade
Bistro 217
A. Edward & Anita Blackhurst
Karen Blackman
Joe Blades
Betty Blatter
Patricia Blunda
Jo-Ann & Roland Boehm
Michael & Sandy Bonner
Tate Bowers
Louise & Robert Boyd
Alice Forbes Boyle
Nancy Bracken
Bill Brady
Jacqueline Bradley
Gus & Renelle Brame
Rosalind Breit
Thelma Brennan
Nancy Bride
Alice & John Briggs
Allyn & Marcy Briggs
Margaret Connally Britt
Barbara Brock
Sally & Charles Brodhead
Brookgreen Gardens
Mary Boyd Brown
Diane & Luke Bruggeman
Perrin & Patricia Bryant
Connie Bull
Pam Burks
Burroughs & Chapin Company
Jon & Susan Burwell
Beckie Butler
Olin & Traci Butler
Dr. Michael Cafaro
Pawleys Island Tavern
Jill Callahan
Jerri & Thomas Cameron
Timmy & Barbara Campbell
Don P. & Suzzane Canna
Betty Carlson
Rhea & Henry Carter
William & Mary Carter
Juliet Casper
Jan Caufield
Nancy Cave
Shirley & Jon Chandler
David & Lucy Chappell
Kathy Chatman
Chive Blossom
Suzanne Christian
Wayne & Amanda Christian
Linda & Joseph Cimadon
Beverly & William Clancy
Lea Clarelli
Dreema Clarke
Peggy Clary
Neb & Joyce Cline
Clock Tower Books
Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac
Coastal Nissan
Fedrick Cohens
Karen Colburn
Barbara & John Collins
Karen Collins
Cecelia Cook
James & Jane Cooper
Lois & Chris Freeman Cores
Johnnie Cowan
Michael & Janice Coward
Thomas & Su Cowieson
Ruth Cox
Sharon & Ottie Cox
Catherine & Lester Crawford
Margot & Paul Crawshaw
Creative Landscaping
Sammy & Nancy Cribb
George Cribb
Mary Ann Crimi
Joan Bryce Crompton
Charles & Robin Crosby
Jean & John Cross
Sue Cross
Janice & Michael Cunnington
Pattti & Lance Griffith, Custom
Home Decorating
Mason Daley
Francis & Patricia Damato
Dorothy D'Ambrosio
Rebecca Dare
Dave’s Dockside
Janet Davis
Nancy Davis
Rebecca Smith Davis
Tom Davis
Carol Davis, Sound Advice
Clary & Doris Dawson
Duff & Liz Dawson
Thomas & Martha Decaro
Bonnie & Arnold Decker
Lawrence DeCosmo
Patricia & Dion DeLeone
Philip Dellasega
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
Hermena Dentley
Robert & Phyllis DePofi
Robert & Mary DeVey
Paul & Ella Dolan
Joan Dore
Gretchen & Thomas Downer
Caroline & Richard Drummond
Carol & Paul DuBois
Lynn & Benton DuBose
Thomas & Marian Duerr
Dunes Beach Home Rentals
Dustin Johnson Golf School
Frankie & Douglas Earnst
Renee & Norman Eckley
Elizabeth Taylor Satterfield
Interior Design
Carolyn & Cliff Ellis
Susan Steed Ellis
Thomas & Susan Emerson
Majorie Engel
Betty English
Joe & Ann English
Charlie Enxuto
Caroline Evans
Joseph Exum
ExxonMobile Foundation
Marla Fabian
George & Meg Fahs
Carl & Marcia Falk
Michael & Wannetta Farmer
Anne Faul
Carole & Richard Faulk
Mary Jo & Dwight Fee
Eulalie Fenhagen
Edward & Anne Marie Ferris
Frank Filiatreau
Charles & Carol Finley
Carol & Lois Fisher
Elaine Flannery
Robert & Reenee Flowers
Harriette Fogarty
Jo & Wally Fortuna
Joseph & Cathleen Fox
Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation
Frank's Restaurant
Diane & Harold Freeman
Marian Fritz
Amanda Frye
Betty Ann Fussell
Sharon & David Fussell
Deatra Gabriella
Pamela & Melton Gardner
Sharon Gascon & Abram
Marilyn Genther
Winifred George
Georgetown County United Way
Georgetown Hospital System
Thomas & Cherie Gerstmyer
William & Ann Gevers
Katherine Gibson
Nancy Roe Gibson
Mary Lou Gienopie
Mary Gilbert
Thomas & Sarah Gillespie
Gio's, Inc.
Patricia Givens
Karen Gluntz
Goat Island Treasure Boxes
Susan Golden
Goldfinch for State House
Kay & Brydell Goldsmith
Nancy & Gilbert Goldsmith
Janet Gordon
Jane Gower
Dave E. Grabeman D.D.S., P.A.
Watler & Stella Grady
Grandstrand Homewatch
Linda Graves
James Dan & Elise Green
Suzanne & Paul Green
Ronald & Jo Griffin
Fran Grosskopf
Kirk Gruber
November 2013 - November 2014 (Cont.)
Joe Guernsey
Gayle Hall
Edward & Kathleen Hand
HandPicked, Inc.
Lu & Bill Hanley
Sophia & Alf Hansen
June Hard
Anne Hardee
Erin Hardwick
Gail Harmon
Ann & Rick Harris
Debra Harris
Harris Lean Systems
Pamela Haynes
Shannon & John Hazelton
Oliver & Mary Head
Head Over Heels
Richard & Laura Healey
Sandra Hegelein
Raymond & Claret Heider
Janice Hembree
William & Mary Hewson
Sonya Hiler
Pat Hinett
Wayne & Barbara Hinman
William & Oma Hodges
Holy Cross Faith Memorial
Espicopal ECW
Wallis Houseman
Cameron & Elizabeth Howell
Anne Marie & William Hoyle
Thomas & Lily Grace Hudson
Raymond & Deborah Hughes
Jerry & Peggy Hull
Hamp & Mimi Hunter
Kathleen Hunt, Kaleidoart
Independent Seafood
Judy & Ron Ingle
Libby & Glenn Insley
International Paper
Dewey & Dale Isguett
Lands End
Suzanne & Robert Jayroe
Mary Jeffers
Robert & Antoinette Jewell
Betty & Henry Jobe
James & Nan Johnston
Debra Jones, Southco Acceptance
Lucille Jones & Julia Cripps
Debbie Johnson
Robert & Helen Jones
Debbie & Michael Jordan
Georgina & Ken Jordan
Jene & Carolyn Jordan
Michael & Elizabeth Jordan
Andrea Kalat
Nancy Karabacz
Jeffrey & Troi Kaz
Linda Keene
Barbara & Maurice Kelliher
Joan & Barry Kelly
Peter Brian Kelly, Sr
Ed & Dawn Kendall
John & Mary Lou Kenny
Kathleen Kenny
Milton & Janice Kirkland
Kiwanis Club of Pawleys Island
Ellen Kluepfel
Ann & Jimmy Mike Knight
Edmund Knowlin
Betty Kohn
Theodore Korponia
Polly & George Kosko
Patricia & Daniel Kowaleski
Janet & Theo Krapels
Joan & Kenneth Kreikemeier
Eleanor Kubeck
William & Sheila Lacourciere
Philip & Barbara Lagan
Deborah Lamont-Lucas
Rebecca & Phillip Lammonds
Julie & Jerry Lane
Cindy & William Lapworth
PB Lawrence
Joseph & Marlene Lazzara
Debbie Ledford
Anne Rhodes Lee
Lee's Inlet Apothecary & Gifts
Lee's Inlet Kitchen
Nancie Leeton
Anna Brittain LeMay
Anna Lesley
Karen Hinson Ligon
Litchfield Books
Litchfield Real Estate
Eleanor & Delvin Litman
Phillip Little
Nancy & George Long
John Lopez
Wilson & Pat Lowery
Emily Lumpkin
Michelle Lusardi
Palmetto Ace Home Center
Flo & Donald Mabe
Marianne Mackey
Brandon Madden
Pamela & Richard Mahany
Susan & Joseph Maloney
Cheryl Mannella
Ray Mantha
Betsy Marlow
Judy & CR Maxwell
Jason & Ann Mayhew
Elizabeth & Dennis McAlpine
Luke & Gayle McCain
Carol & Richard McCann
Linda McCarthy
McLeod Endowment
Kenneth & Pauline McCormack
Sherry McCoy
Sharon McCullough
Doreen McDermott
Gordan Robert & Beverly
Georgia McDowell
Mary & Francis McGinnis
Robert McIlroy
Celise McLaughlin
Alfred & Myrna McMahon
Rosalie McSwain
Charlene McSweeny
Nancy McVay
Edward & April McTier
Lee & Robyn Mednikow
Edward & Linda Meehan
Steven & Dorothy Meixel
Patricia Mercogliano
Robert & Ashley Meyer
John & Alvilda Meyers
Charles Miller
John Miller
Steven & Gretchen Milligan
Miss Lizzies
Mitch's Island Cleaners
Mary Sue & Thomas Molnar
Nedra Moran
Marthena Grate Morant
Morant & Morant, LLC.
Joseph & Carol Morgan
Anne & Larry Mountford
Patricia & Charles Munson
P.W. & M.E. Nagele
Lorry Neher
Marcia Nellos
Nelson Mullins Riley &
Scarborough, LLP
Elizabeth & Eugene Nemeth
Lee & Barbara Neuville
Cheryl & Fred Newby
J. Stuart & Lynne Newton
Joyce Nimocks
Julie Noie
Roy & Dale Oberg
Barry & Pam O'Brien
Linda O'Connor
Barbara & Gary O'Laughlin
John & Terry O'Neal
Cindy O'Neill
Patricia & George Orr
Richard & Eileen Orr
Denise Oshea
Barbara & Robert Ottinger
Donna Owens
Owens Liquors
Joy & Joe Padgett
Vickie Paine-Mantha
Palmetto Coastal Insurance
Palmetto Heritage Bank & Trust
Palmetto Parts
Yvonne Pannucci
Janice Paone
Meredith Papadea
Rhan Parham
John & Suzanne Parker
Lydia Parrish
Suzy Parrott
Pastaria 811
Denise Patrick
Patrick M. Siau Insurance
Agency, Inc.
Gary & Susan Pavek
Pawleys Island Bakery, Sue & Max
Pawleys Island Golf, Ronnie
Cauthen Enterprises
Pawleys Island Presbyterian
Bony Hampton & Dianne Peace
Anne & Robert Pennington
Annette Perreault
Perrone's Restaurant
Teresa & Pete Peterson
Peterson Toyota
Vincent & Rosemary Petreccia
William & Joy Phares
Judith Phelen
Monique Philips
George Piccola
Dr. Michael & Lee Piepenbring
Joy & Joseph Pinson
Clare & Lester Pittman
Selma Piver
Robert & Harriette Plowden
Frances Podvoyski
Robert & Rebecca Porter
Melinda Poston
Illene & Dennis Powell
Precious Blood of Christ Women's
Postal Annex#11006
Prince George Church DCW
Pat Puckett
N. Pulaski
Donna Purcell
Alberta L. Quattlebaum
Hayden & Don Quattlebaum
Quigley's Pint & Plate
Jeanne & Michael Quinn
Jane Rabe
November 2013 - November 2014 (Cont.)
Rita Raney
Mary Ranna
Bob Ranum
June Reich
Paul & Maria Reid
Robert Reilly
Lawrence & Donna Reimer
Robert & Eugenia Reinke
Nancy Reitano
Parker & Sue Renelt
W.H. & Laura Rentz
Sandra & Ronald Revere
Janice & Leon Rice
Rice Birds
Donna Richard
Laurie Richards
Em Richmond
Howard & Patricia Richter
Patrick & Robbin Riley
Anna Rion
Madeleine Ritchie
Dora Roberts
John Roen
Patrick & Nancy Rogers
Ann & Bob Roskow
Peter & Gillian Roy
Robert & Susan Ruark
Bernice Rucker
Jean & Ron Runkle
Thomas & Margaret Ryan
William & Margaret Saffle
Salt Water Creek Cafe
John & Geales Sands
Joyce & Arthur Santopietro
John & Carol Sawyer
Judie & Gary Schaal
Reta & Larry Schaap
Reinhardt Schindle
Charles & Patsy Schooler
Anita & Robert Schuhmacher
Lois Scott
Booty Shelley
Lee & Constance Shelton
George & Jane Sherwin
Barbara Shuett
Becki Michael & Pat Siau
Jeffrey & Mary Siegrist
Stacy & Stephen Sipe
Rosalee Sites
Dennis & Catherine Slattery
Daniel & Rhonda Smart
Carol & Larry Smith
Jacqueline Smith
Kristen Wright Smith
Clare & Thomas Smyth
Snaffle Bit Bracelet Company
Social Garden
South Atlantic Bank
Patrica & Dennis Space
Pat & Alex Spivey
Susan & Richard Spradlin
St. Paul's United Methodist
St. Paul'sUnited Methodist
Robert & Peggy Stahlberger
Wayne Staton
Charles & Linda Steele
Fran & Jack Steele
Nancy Stein
Mark & Melanie Steinle
Linda Stephens
Sarah & William Stewart
Kathleen Stilfer
Diane & William Stiles
Ann & Bobby Stokes
Penelope Stokes-Hall
Claudia & Harold Stowe
Donna & Leonard Sugg
M J Sullivan
Mike & Tracy Summer
Judy & Ted Sweitzer
Joyce & Lee Talbot
Peter & Christine Teague
The Big Tuna
The Greater Bibleway Church
The Harbor Shop
The Pittsburg Foundation &
Shannon Wilson
The Sly Fox
Bill & Chris Thompson
Rose Tilley
Kathy Tinius
Susan & Anthony Tonzola
Nancy Townsend
Patricia Townsend
Mike & Cecelia Travis
Daphne Trent
Trident United Way
Sondra Tucker
Michael & Claire Anne
Debbie Valentine
David & Charlotte Van Hoose
Tamra Vanderhorst
Dennis & Patti Varhol
Kitty Vickery
John Vrooman
Waccamaw Community
Waccamaw Neck Lions Club
Wachesaw Plantation Ladies
Tuesday Lunch Bunch
Wendy & Tom Walsh
Deborah Walter
Mary Ward
Kenny Washington
Drs. Sheryn & Rick Waterman
Angie & Bucky Watkins
Gregg Watters
Joyce Weaver
James Webb
Richard & Amy Webb
Webster Rogers Financial
Advisors, LLC.
Virginia Welch
Thomas & Olivia Wenchell
Mary Wesel
Dale Whitt
Rodney & Janet Whitteaker
Martha Moore Wickman
Brenda Wildes
Jeff & Carolyn Wildes
Wildes Financial Strategies
Shirley Williams
Sandra Wilson
Sarah & Jeffry Wilson
William G. & Margaret Wilson
Jean & Tom Wise
Mary Witt
Patrick & Mary Ann Wolfe
Susan & John Womack
Bonnie & Victor Wood
Phyllis & Robert Wrigglesworth
Lee & Rosezell Wright
Marsha Wright
Suzette & John Wright
Patricia & James Yahnis
Nancy Young
Suzanne & Wally Zeddun
Marianna Ziegler
Steven & Sarah Zimmerman
November 2013 - November 2014
5 Rivers Tavern & Grill
A Dogs Way Inn
A&S Divine Angel Cakes
Akers Discount Golf
Alabama Theatre
Alfresco Bistro
Applewoods House of Pancakes
Augustus & Carolina
Austin's Restaurant Group
Back Woods Quail Club
Backyard Birds
Barefoot Elegance
Marty Bauerlein
BBR Outdoors, Inc
April Bensch
Bienvenue Home & Swamp Fox
Big Tuna Restaurant
Bistro 217
Kathleen Bixler
Black River Outdoors Center
Blue Elephant Thai Cuisine
Joanne Boehm
Sandy Bonner
Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens,
Mt. Pleasant
Booty's Outdoor Murrells Inlet
Nancy Bracken
Brookgreen Gardens
Bubbles & Fluff Animal Center
Irene Burnett
Cabana Gauze
Caledonia Golf & Fish Club
Callas Florist, LLC
Capitola's Collection @Harvest
Cap'n Rod's Low Country
Plantation Tours
Captains Jan and Leon Rice
Carefree Catering
Carolina Gourmet
Castaway Paws Rescue
Chadwell Metalworks
Cheryl Newby Gallery
Christophers Fine Jewelry
Classic Image Salon
Clearwater Car Wash
Coastal Energy Conservation
Coastal Wine Boutique
Collector's Café & Gallery
Colleen's Collectibles, Harvest
Connecting Point
Custom Home Decorating
Custom Outdoor Furniture
Cindy Davenport
Dead Dog Saloon
DeBordieu Club
DeBordieu Tennis Club
Drayton Hall Historic Site
Drummond Murdoch, MD
East Coast Powder Coating
Eggs Up
Elizabeth Taylor Satterfield
Interior Design Inc.
Jim Fitch @ The Rice Museum
Fitness Edge
Flamingo Porch
Susann Foderaro
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Fresh Market
Gail Lunn Photography
Georgetown County Museum
Georgetown Kraft Credit Union
Germain Dermatology
Get Carried Away
Gilligan's Island Funland
Gilmore Entertainment
Patsy Givens
Glow Salon
Gray Man Gallery
Betty Griffen
Hackler Course
Happy K-9 Academy
Harvest Commons
Betsy Havens
Head Over Heels
Hobcaw Barony
Hopsewee Plantation
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Indigo Creek Golf Club
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Inlet Affairs
Inlet Culinary Garden
Inlet Yoga
Robert J. LeComte
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International Club
Island Day Spa
Joggling Board
Kaminski House Museum
K-Rae's Waterway Bar & Grille
Kudzu Mercantile
Linda & Jim Lane
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Legends in Concert
Lemon Drops Apparel & Gifts
Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort
Litchfield Beach & Golf Resort/
National Golf Management
Long Bay Symphony
Low Country Jewelers
Wilson Lowery
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Magnolia Plantation & Gardens
J. Robert Manuel III
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Marianna Thompson
McIntyre, Zeigler & Hodges,
Mel Sole Golf School
Middleton Place
Sue E. Middleton
Miss Lizzies
Rebecca Mitchell
Moe’s Original Bar B Que
Natasha's Needlepoint
Jay Nelson
Nosh Artful Dining
Oriental Rugs by Casablanca
Pat & George Orr
Pacino's Mediterranian Grill
Pasteria 811
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Pawleys Eclectic
Pawleys Island Bakery
Pawleys Island Festival of Music &
Pawleys Island Golf
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Pawleys Island Pilates
Pawleys Island Supplies &
Pawleys Island Wear
Pawleys Pantry
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Perrone's Restaurant
Pet Gallery
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Quigley's Pint and Plate
Reserve Golf Club
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River Room Restaurant
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S.C. Maritime Museum
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Single Source
Steve Dresser Golf Academy
Surfside Beach Wild Water &
Suz! Glass Designs
Swamp Fox Players
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The Caffe Piccolo
The Carolina Opry
The Day Spa at Wachesaw
The Furniture & Mattress Gallery
The Golf Center
The Gray Man Gallery
The Harbor Shop
The Men's Store
The Oceanfront Litchfield Inn
The Original Hammock Shop
The Reserve/Riley Kinlaw, PGA
Thomas E. Cowieson, Electrician
Thomas Supply Co.
Tidelands Ford Lincoln
Cathy Tofaya
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True Blue
True Blue Nursery
True Blue Plantation
Wacca Wache Marina/
Waccamaw Lady
Wachesaw East Golf Club
Wachesaw Plantation Club
Zenobia Washington
WDW Community Relations @
Whitmire Fine Jewelry
Jeff Wildes
Wink Art
Curtis Whittington
Miss Ruby’s Kids is a non-profit organization (based in Georgetown County) that
enables identified parents and caregivers to inspire a passion for learning in their
children. We help prepare parents to be their child’s first, best teacher and support
both parents and child throughout the child’s school career.
Miss Ruby’s Kids is a 501 (c)(3) organization.
PO Box 1007
2018 Church St.
Georgetown, SC 29442
Georgetown, SC 29440
Phone: 843-436-7197
[email protected]