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Draeger Fire Brochure - AFC International, Inc.
Domestic Preparedness
Draeger Breathing Protection
For over 118 years, Draeger Safety has provided respiratory protection and gas detection
products for firefighters and first responders. Our complete product line meets the needs of
today’s fire services.
Draeger Safety’s leading edge technology provides equipment to make a firefighter’s physical
job less stressful. Looking at all critical aspects of fire fighting, Draeger’s self-contained
breathing apparatus (SCBA) takes advantage in five major areas: comfort, design, cost of
ownership, safety and Sentinel technology. With more breathing apparatus systems in
service around the world than any other manufacture – you can be confident with Draeger.
Draeger BG 1904
A rich history in mine rescue.
PSS 7000 Designed to Exceed your Requirements
The PSS 7000 SCBA was designed to provide firefighters with exceptional safety,
comfort and durability. Dräger continues its ongoing commitment to provide firefighters
with the latest state-of-the-art breathing apparatus. The PSS 7000 is a world class
breathing apparatus instilling confidence to the firefighter during operational use.
The new harness suspension system is a key feature of the Dräger PSS 7000. The
advanced compression molded comfort padding combined with high temperature performance provides excellent wear characteristics. Our new designed harness suspension
system provides the ultimate in wearer comfort. The outer surface of the harness is made
from a vulcanized chloroprene rubber providing excellent stability and the harness remains
in position and secure to the firefighter’s body. Advanced designed harness friction
buckles allow for quick and easy donning and doffing of the PSS 7000 SCBA.
The PSS 7000 carbon fiber composite back plate is adjustable to fit to the torso length
of any firefighter. The unique 3-position height adjustment feature allows the wearer to
adjust the height of the back plate quickly.
The PSS 7000 back plate moves with the user. The unique self adjusting pivoting waist
belt design allows the back plate to automatically lengthen and pivot with the user’s
movements for true comfort and unrestricted movement. The weight of the PSS 7000
SCBA rides on the hips, thus reducing back strain and increasing stability and balance
providing a lower center of gravity. This design allows the wearer to work more effectively
with less fatigue.
For rapid cylinder change, we have developed the Draeger Quick Dock system (DQD).
This allows for fast secure cylinder change-out in just a few seconds saving valuable time.
This option allows for mutual aid cylinder exchange when necessary.
02 02
Integrated Warning System
Sentinel 7000 Device
With over 10 years experience in electronic PASS technology, Draeger has been able to
develop the Sentinel 7000, a fully integrated “Smart Electronic Monitoring Device” housed
in a robust impact resistant waterproof housing. The Sentinel 7000 is both a cylinder
pressure gauge and an integrated PASS warning device with visual and attention demanding
(>95 dBA) audible warning system. The PASS alarm uses a solid state surface mounted
accelerometer motion sensor that measures movement on two axes, providing excellent
repeatability and reliability. Three high temperature resistant sounders, one on the front and
two on the rear of the SCBA, plus high intensity buddy lights provide audible and visual
warning to the firefighter as well as other team members on the fire ground. The Sentinel
7000 can be easily programmed with the firefighters personal information using Draeger’s
Smart Card Technology (SCT). “Real time” information about the SCBA is provided to the
firefighter every 30 seconds. Information such as cylinder pressure and time to low air
warning etc. can be down loaded at a later time.
Dräger FPS 7000 Face Masks
Dräger’s FPS 7000 series face mask sets new standards in personal safety, protection
and comfort. The FPS 7000 face mask is the only mask designed specifically to meet
the new NFPA 1981-2007 standards. Available in multiple sizes, the FPS 7000 face
mask also has the largest unobstructed field of vision of any mask. Accessories like
the FPS-COM voice amplification system is fully integrated into the face mask
providing clear communications to other firefighters.
Dräger FPS 7000
Mask Body and Fit
The FPS mask body is made of a durable EPDM rubber material providing an excellent
facial seal with outstanding comfort. The unique triple sealing edges on the FPS 7000 face
mask (industry first) follows the contour of the firefighters face providing an excellent seal.
Three size face masks and inner masks now guarantee a perfect fit to any firefighter.
Ergonomically designed, the quick donning head harness forms to the shape of the head to
provide excellent comfort and support of the mask to the face.
Dräger FPS 7000
P-connector with Dräger
FPS-COM System
Field of vision
The FPS 7000 face mask was designed to provide the firefighter with an exceptional
unobstructed wide field of vision. The tough distortion free polycarbonate visor has an
anti-scratch coating for protection. Incoming air enters the face mask via a unique one-way
valve, distributing the air evenly over the inside of the visor, preventing fogging and cross
contamination to the lung demand valve.
The FPS mask is also the first face mask to be designed with a fully integrated communication system. The FPS-COM voice amplifier system forms to the contours of the face mask.
The combination of the FPS 7000 face mask with the FPS-COM voice amplifier system
ensures a perfectly balanced system. The unique twin speakers (on the left and right of the
mask) provide the ultimate in speech clarity with a surround sound output. Depending on
your requirements the FPS-COM system can be easily integrated into your existing radio
system. Fully submersible, the FPS-COM system can be effectively cleaned without being
removed from the face mask.
HUD System
No matter what the environment conditions are the new Draeger HUD system will always
provide valuable cylinder information directly to the firefighter. The HUD is positioned inside
the mask for maximum protection and performance. The HUD provides cylinder content
information, 50% cylinder content warning, and SCBA systems alert warning as well as providing buddy light information. Waterproof, robust and reliable and using the latest wireless
technology the HUD can be easily installed in seconds.
04 05
With the new Dräger fire-fighter-location device fire-fighters can locate their trapped, missing or disoriented colleagues or find their own way
back to them in a situation of disorientation in deteriorating conditions.
The Dräger FRT 1000 (fire-fighter rescue transceiver) is a low-frequency transmitter-receiver that is not
deflected by walls or other obstacles. The device is worn on the firefighter’s SCBA belt and is activated by
pulling the yellow on/of-key on the back-side (standby-mode).
As soon as a colleague of the crew does not move for a short amount of time, his device will send out an
audible alarm signal and will switch automatically from “standby-mode” into “transmit-mode” (auto transmit).
This feature is made possible by an integrated motion sensor. The other crew members will take their Dräger
FRT 1000 out of the pouch and switch manually from “standby-mode” into “fire-fighter-search-mode”. The
digital display shows distance to the missing colleague in meters or feet. The number decreases if they move
closer toward the victim. In case of many missing firefighters, the Dräger FRT 1000 isolates the strongest
signal and/or closest person within a 10 meter or 32 feet range. This way, you can find missing colleagues
one after the other. This application of “buddy rescue” is the main purpose of the Dräger FRT 1000. In
addition, every firefighter who has lost orientation can act preventively and find his way back to the crew as
long as he still has enough air supply left. This application - known as “self rescue” - requires the disoriented
colleague to switch into “fire-fighter-search-mode” and accordingly to ask his colleague by radio to switch
over to “transmit-mode” (manual transmit).
The Dräger ETR 1000 (Egress Transmitter) is an instrument which can be used in conjunction with the
Dräger FRT1000. It allows for self rescue of disoriented firefighters and safe return to a fixed exit. The
Dräger ETR 1000 is designed to give firefighters a means of egress in deteriorating conditions where
options and visibility may be limited. They can be strategically placed at points of safety such as an exit or
the top of a stairwell by an advancing crew or by a rescue team. After rescue of the person or to support the
retreat of the firefighters, the Dräger FRT 1000 will be switched into “egress-transmitter-search-mode”. It will
show the distance to the Dräger ETR 1000 in meters or feet. The crew member will find their way back
out of the hazard zone, e.g. in dense fog, without having to release a mayday. In addition, it is possible to
place several Dräger ETR 1000 in series (distance 20m/65ft) - in accordance to the planned retreat line to increase signal range. If a series of Dräger ETR 1000’s are followed, it is necessary to put every device
in “standby mode” at arrival. Thereby the signal is cut off temporarily and the signal of the next Dräger ETR
1000 can be picked up.
06 07
Dräger UCF 3200 (320x 240 pixels)
Dräger UCF 1600 (160 x 120 pixels)
The lightest, compact most innovative
microbolometer camera!
The Dräger UCF 1600/3200 camera core
is fully protected against heat, water and
dust as well as major shocks and
inhospitable temperatures. The camera
provides clear detailed images in smoke
filled firefighting environments. The VOx
microbolometer camera engine covers a
very wide dynamic range for optimal
performance. Distant subjects are brought
into closer view, and in greater detail, using
a standard digital 2x zoom. The optional
Thermal Scan (TS) technology allows
hidden sources of heat to be detected
quickly and clearly. A selection of six different color palettes are available to indicate
temperatures and optimize the image for
various applications.
The Dräger UCF 1600/3200 has three
different, optional handles available:
• Basic handle
• Image and video capture handle
• Transmitter handle
These robust ergonomic handles are
especially suitable for use when crawling.
The power supply of the Dräger UCF
1600/3200 is a SmartCell lithium ion
battery, which provides operational use of
up to four hours.
The Dräger UCF 3200 is a more advanced
camera with a higher resolution
(320 x 240 pixels) resulting in a more detailed
image and providing a larger field of view.
All other features are to the same standard
as for the Dräger UCF 1600.
Advantages of the Dräger UCF 1600/3200:
• Small, light & extremely robust.
• Ergonomic design for comfortable handling
and optimum operability.
• Micro IR VOx microbolometer technology
for unique image coloration and quality.
• Two transparent color (TC) operating modes
for high and low temperature ranges.
• Flexible UCF-color ranges for an optimum
display of the thermal images.
• Direct temperature detection in Fahrenheit
and Celsius by aiming at an object.
• Thermal Scan function (TS) complete with
adjustable coloration of the thermal image.
• Unique smart battery management
system with a battery service life of up to
4 hours.
• Lightest weight and ergonomically balanced
The Dräger UCF 1600 and 3200 Thermal Imaging Cameras are suitable for use in the harshest
operating environments, as the camera core is fully protected against heat, water and dust as
well as major shocks and inhospitable temperatures. The camera provides clear detailed images
in smoke filled firefighting environments. The VOx microbolometer camera engine covers a wide
dynamic range for optimal performance in unique image coloration and quality.
Thermal Imaging
AirBoss® 2007 Series
AirBoss® Evolution 2007
The AirBoss® Evolution is a high performance breathing apparatus. NIOSH/NFPA certified to 2007 Edition
Standards, the AirBoss® Evolution 2007 offers unmatched reliability and safety with the proven pneumatics,
durability and comfort. Options and accessories are available to meet specific needs.
AirBoss® PSS100 2007
The same proven performance of the Evolution
2007 is integrated within the unique carrying
system of the PSS100 2007 to create the next
generation fire service SCBA. The PSS100
2007 is designed with a pivoting and sliding
comfort waist pad as well as fully adjustable
shoulder suspension system. The PSS100
2007 back plate can be adjusted to suit both
short and tall users. This unique design of the
PSS100 2007 provides a lower center of gravity
by placing the weight on the hips and not on the
shoulders and upper back. This means greater
comfort, maneuverability for the firefighter.
08 09
BG 4 - Rebreather Technology
The BG 4, like its predecessor the BG-174, features an operating period of 4 hours in accordance with NIOSH CFR 30 and EN 145. The
positive pressure breathing circuit makes the BG 4 particularly suitable for long term missions in toxic and O2 deficient environments. Latest
materials and technologies plus microelectronics have combined to create a lightweight unit. The ergonomically shaped carrying frame, in
conjunction with the new harness system, ensures wearing comfort. Ease of breathing is the result of a low resistance, CO2 absorber and
an integrated Air Cooling System. Designed for easy maintenance and service, the BG 4 can be quickly cleaned, tested and prepared for
re-use once the mission has been completed.
Accountability Systems
Draeger has always had an outstanding reputation for innovation, design and life-saving technology. The company was
founded in 1889 and has been dedicated to the protection
of human life ever since.
Draeger has automated entry control systems to become a
lifeline for the breathing apparatus wearer, ensuring their
safety by remotely monitoring from outside the incident they
are attending.
The PSS® Merlin™ is the first entry control system of its
kind, offering a level of monitoring and protection not
previously available.
Data Radio Technology
Using state of the art data radio technology, the DrägerMan
PSS® Merlin™ is a fully automatic, electronic breathing apparatus control system. Merlin™ incorporates an entry control
board, the AirBoss® Sentinel II and a portable remote data
module. The system allows the entry control officer to monitor the exact status of up to 12 individual team members
simultaneously and from outside the incident or hot zone.
Advanced Electronic Monitoring
Sentinel II is Draeger’s advanced electronic monitoring and
signaling device, which combines pressure gauge,
temperature monitor, low air warning system and PASS
alarm/distress unit into a single instrument. The wearer
receives constant status updates from the Sentinel II. The
PSS® Merlin™ automatically receives constant updates from
the Sentinel II, keeping the entry control officer updated.
10 11
Single and
Multi-Gas Monitors
from Draeger
Pac 7000
Single gas monitors with datalogging
for measuring a variety of gases
including CO, O2, NO2, CO2, HCN,
Draeger Sensors
with minimal maintenance. Small,
Carbon Monoxide
Nitric Oxide
Combustible Gases
Nitrogen Dioxide
Organic Vapors
Hydrogen Chloride
Hydrogen Cyanide
Sulfur Dioxide
provides years of trouble free use
Carbon Dioxide
lightweight and rugged, with simple
2-button operation. UL, CSA and
MSHA approvals.
X-am 5000
The smallest gas detection instrument for
up to 5 gases. The Dräger X-am 5000
Hydrogen Fluoride
belongs to a new generation of gas
detectors, developed especially for
personal monitoring applications. This
1 to 5 gas detector reliably measures
Draeger Pac III
combustible gases and vapors as well as
Whether responding to a residential
oxygen and harmful concentrations of
Long-lived, reliable sensor technology
Hydrogen Sulfide
CO alarm, a post-fire investigation or
Haz-Mat situation, gas monitors are
CO, H2S, CO2, Cl2, HCN, NH3, NO2,
PH3 and SO2. A variety of special cali-
used to detect what is present. The
brations for the catalytic Ex sensor allow
Pac III is a single-gas monitor that
even more sensitivity when detecting
uses interchangeable, intelligent
specific combustible gases and vapors.
DraegerSensors® that give you the
Equipped with durable XXS sensor
flexibility to meet different situations.
technology, the Dräger X-am 5000 offers
maximum security and extremely low
operational costs.
Draeger CMS® Multi-Gas Monitor
Draeger CMS® is gas and vapor
Pac 3000/5000
measurement made Easy and
Inexpensive single gas monitors with
Accurate. The system combines gas
vibrating, audible, and visual alarms.
specific measuring Chips with a
This small and lightweight instrument
simple to use Analyzer. The Chip is
reliably monitors CO, O2 or H2S and
inserted into the Analyzer and
combustible gases in ambient air.
displays easy to follow instructions.
Two year operating shelf life with
NO CALIBRATION required. Simple
2-button, On/Off operation. UL, CSA
and MSHA approvals.
Hydrogen Peroxide
SO2, H2S, Cl2, NH3, and PH3.
Slide the switch from 0 to 1 to turn
on the Analyzer. The display prompts
the user to load the chip, and move
the slide switch accordingly. When
the correct amount of gas is drawn in
through the Chip, the LCD display
indicates the concentration of the gas
present. The large slide switch can
be operated with gloves or while in a
fully encapsulated gas suit.
HazMat Simultest Kit
In an emergency response situation,
detect and measure
Draeger’s HazMat Simultest Kit
over 1,000 different gases and
vapors using the Draeger
Pump. The DraegerTube
allows quick determination of
unknown gases or vapors. Each of
the most comprehensive, detector
the three specially designed 5-tube
tube system in the world, offering the
Simultest Sets provide results in
highest degree of flexibility and
under one minute without the use
are ideal
for use in emergency response and
firefighting situations.
of a complicated matrix card. Test
results for the targeted 10 gases and
5 organic chemical families are easily
interpreted via a quick reference
laminated card.
Aerotest Kit
of any SCBA. The Aerotest Simultan
Civil Defense Simultest Kit
HP allows you to measure CO, C02,
In today’s world, immediate and
Oil and Water directly from the
accurate detection of toxic chemical
compressor outlet in 5 minutes. The
agents is crucial. The Draeger Civil
Aerotest is a quick, on-site method
Defense Simultest Kit utilizes two
for determining levels of critical
simultaneous CDS DraegerTube® sets
gases/vapors and oil in the cylinders.
for the detection of eight chemical
Other DraegerTubes® can be adapted
substances, including nerve, blood,
to the system if necessary.
lung, nose and throat irritating
CMS Emergency Response Kit
This specialized kit is the only product
This kit utilizes the Draeger CMS
on the market today that accurately
technology to quickly and accurately
detects up to eight different chemical
identify unknown substances or
warfare agents simultaneously in less
chemical classes. The test results are
than five minutes.
available on-site without delay. The
CMS gas and vapor analyzer provides
an easy to read digital display with a
Quality breathing air is the lifeblood
data recorder to store measurement
12 13
Concentrate on the job at hand with
Draeger high performance breathing
FPS 7000 FPS-COM System
RAPid Adapter
The NEW FPS 7000 face mask is the
The “RAP” adapter easily snaps into
first mask to designed with a fully
the demand valve port of the face-
integrated communication system pro-
piece allowing the wearer to use air
viding clear communication to other
purifying filters with their SCBA face-
firefighters. The FPS-COM voice
piece. This simple tool permits the
amplifier system features unique twin
user to switch easily from positive to
negative pressure operation. Draeger
speaker (on the left and right) com-
speech clarity with surround sound —
an industry first!
offers a complete line of
munication providing the ultimate in
filters for your respiratory protection.
Hairnet Head Strap
All full facepieces can be fitted with a
Nomex hairnet. The five point harness
assures good fit and allows for easier
Customized Cylinders
donning and doffing with only two
Draeger Safety ofers fire depart-
straps to adjust.
ments across North America a
personalized air cylinder program.
Self Contained Breathing
Apparatus carbon cylinders with
your name and/or logo. This aids
Dreger Safety will personalize new
grounds and since the customizaSpektacle Kit for Facepieces
tion is under the carbon fiber
Easy to install and remove spektacle
wrapping your name and/or logo
frames allow distortion free vision for
is protected.
those who require vision correction.
in easy indentification on the fire
Draeger Training and Service
Draeger Training
Draeger Safety provides SCBA users with a comprehensive range of user and maintenance
training classes. These classes can be carried out either at the customer’s site or at our
training facilities. Our unique mobile and fixed training galleries offer firefighters a challenging
maze while wearing SCBA in a controlled environment.
DrägerService supports all of your Draeger protection and detection equipment with fully
trained service technicians performing calibrations, cylinder hydrotesting, preventative
maintenance and reliable technical repair services. With our Field Service Technicians
on-site service, DrägerService is here to meet your needs.
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Draeger has subsidiaries in the
following countries: Australia,
Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria,
Canada, Czech Republic,
China, Denmark, France,
Great Britain, Hungary,
Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Croatia,
Mexico, Netherlands, Norway,
Romania, Singapore, South
Korea, Slovenia, Slovakia,
South Africa, Spain, Sweden,
Switzerland, Yugoslavia, USA.
Additionally, Draeger is widely
represented in Central and
South America, Africa, the
Middle East, Asia Pacific and
Eastern Europe.
DrägerService offers regular
inspection and training. We do
everything to ensure your
equipment will be repaired and
back in operation as quickly as
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