SAINT JOSEPH CALASANZ (1556-1648) Patron Saint of Catholic



SAINT JOSEPH CALASANZ (1556-1648) Patron Saint of Catholic
Nuestra Señora de La Luz
Our Lady of the Light
Catholic Church
P.O. Box 236
La Luz, New Mexico 88337
Patron Saint of Catholic Schools
Feast Day - August 25th
A priest with university training in canon
law and theology, respected for his wisdom and administrative expertise, he put
aside his career because he was deeply
concerned with the need for education of
poor children.
When he was unable to get other institutes to undertake this apostolate at Rome, he and several companions personally provided a free
school for deprived children. So overwhelming was the response
that there was a constant need for larger facilities to house their effort. Soon Pope Clement VIII gave support to the school, and this aid
continued under Pope Paul V. Other schools were opened; other
men were attracted to the work and in 1621 the community (for so
the teachers lived) was recognized as a religious community, the
Clerks Regular of Religious Schools (Piarists or Scolopi). Not long
after, Joseph was appointed superior for life.
A combination of various prejudices and political ambition and maneuvering caused the institute much turmoil. Some did not favor educating the poor, for education would leave the poor dissatisfied
with their lowly tasks for society! Others were shocked that some of
the Piarists were sent for instruction to Galileo (a friend of Joseph) as
superior, thus dividing the members into opposite camps. Repeatedly investigated by papal commissions, Joseph was demoted; when
the struggle within the institute persisted, the Piarists were suppressed. Only after Joseph’s death were they formally recognized as
a religious community.
Excerpt from Bishop Cantu’s memorandum regarding
Plenary Indulgence:
"Requirements for gaining a Plenary Indulgence: visiting one of the
shrines designated by the bishop and praying for vocations to the consecrated life as well as the usual conditions: complete detachment from
sin, sacramental confession of sins and reception of Holy Communion
up to twenty days before or after the pilgrimage."
Office: (575) 434 - 9460
Mon.-Wed. 9:00-4:00 pm
Pastor: Fr. Christopher Williams
Deacon: Andy Weiss
DRE: Alicia McAninch
Ministry to the Home Bound:
Janice Gillen (491-1566)
Food Bank:
Vanita Chelgren (437-8065)
Liturgy and Environment:
Carleen Moquin
21st Sunday of Ordinary Time
August 23rd, 2015
Sacrament of Reconciliation:
Saturdays: 3:00 – 3:30 pm
Weekend Masses:
Saturday Evening: 4:00 pm
Sunday: 10:30am
(Rosary recited before Mass)
Weekday Masses:
Tuesday & Thursday: 8:30 am
Communion Service - M. & W. & F.
Eucharistic Adoration - Thursdays after
Mass Intentions
Sat: † Liz Symalla by Ruth Offolter
Sun: For Bessie Sanchez & Family
Mon: Communion Service
Tues: †Karen Hillebrand & John
Gilmere by Edel Fosseen
Wed: Communion Service
Thurs: †Willy Lefber-Rekers
by her family
Fri: Communion Service
Sat: † Eliza G. Baca by Bessie
Altar Servers (Carol Garcia 437-2412)
Aug. 22 - Raena, Ralaya, Dylan, Megan
Aug. 23 - Sonia, Erica, Alex, Jared
Aug. 29 - Raquel, Aurora, Aureilo, Raena
Aug. 30 - Mercedes, Mariah, Jared, Alex
Readers (Carol Garcia 437-2412)
Aug. 22 - D. & T. Lozano
Aug. 23 - C. Moquin & F. Pacheco
Aug. 29 - L. Valle & C. Kline
Aug. 30 - N. Nelson & B. Kellar
Eucharistic Ministers: (Carol Garcia)
Aug. 22 - V. & F. Shelland, I. Montgomery
T. Sena
Aug. 23 - C. & L. Garcia, S. Moquin, J. Mares
Aug. 29 - A. Wilson, N. & C. Kline, T. Sena
Aug. 30 - V. Chelgren, K. Burnett, A. Aguilar
F. Pacheco
Church Cleaners: Lloyd & Carol Garcia &
Martha Walters.
If you can’t make your assigned date, please trade with someone else. If
the Church is not open, please call Carol Garcia
at 437-2412 or 446-2129.
Parish Office Hours: Monday –Wednesday
9:00 am - 4:00 pm - Or by appointment.
Closed on all major holidays.
(575) 434-9460(www.ourladyof
Presentations on “Laudato Si”
There will be a presentation on “Laudato Si” Pope
Francis’s encyclical on the ”Environment: On Care
for Our Common Home” by Fr. Vincent Petersen
at Sacred Heart Mission on Tuesday August 25th
from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. The same presentation
by Fr. Vincent will be held at St. Francis de Paula
in Tularosa on Wednesday August 26th from
6:00pm to 8:00pm. Everyone is invited to attend.
Our Lady of the Light
Fiesta News
Our Fiesta will be held on September 11th &
12th this year. There will be a Fiesta planning
meeting on Tuesday, August 25th at
6:00 pm in the Parish Hall.
White Elephant Sale - Items for the
White Elephant booth are needed. Donated items should be new or slightly
used items.
The Game booth and Coin Toss Booth
are in need of small plates, cups, children’s
books, and toys. Contributions of Gift cards and
monetary contributions are also welcome.
Rummage Sale - Please start gathering items for
the Fiesta Rummage Sale. All items are appreciated, however, please no shoes or clothing. Please
contact Yoli Williams at 430-9450 if you have
items that need to be picked up.
Cake Walk - Donations of baked goods for the
cake walk booth are also needed.
**Volunteers are needed to help work in the
Fiesta booths. There is a sign-up sheet on
the bulletin board in back of the church.
Weekend Collections
Reg. Collection - $2,850.35
Fr. Hay School collection - $463.52
2nd Collection - The second collection for this week is for
the United in Ministry Renovation Fund.
Please Pray for the Sick
of the Parish
Dcn. Don Dickman
Lavonne Dickman
Bonnie Garcia
Leroy Garcia
John Herrera
Pauline Cuellar
Sara West
Mariah Robinson
Richard Gesting
Bessie Sanchez
David Kellar
Andrew Francis
LuLu Valdez
Owen Engesser
Enrique Pacheco
Manny & Martha Rojas
Zuelma Frias
Brian Madl
Robert Williams
Danny Lucero
Clara Silva
Joshua Silva
Marilyn Owens
Edward Stumpf
Fiesta Preparation
Making of El Diablo
The next work sessions for
making of the El Diablo
effigy will be on Tuesday
and Thursday of this
Presidio Park
Volunteers will be needed
to help clean the park for
the Fiesta on Monday,
Sept. 7th and Tuesday
Sept. 8th. Volunteers are
asked to meet at the park
at 8:00 am.
Viva La Fiesta !
September 11th & 12th
Featuring “Al Hurricane &
Al Hurricane Jr.”
Feeding the Hungry
On Wednesday, September 16th,
Our Lady of the Light Parish and
Sacred Heart Mission will be preparing and serving a hot meal at
Our Savior Lutheran Church. If
you would like to be part of the
volunteers, a signup sheet will be
on the bulletin board in the back
of church in La Luz and at the
back addition at Cloudcroft. If
you have questions call Lina, 4914181 or Vanita, 437-8065.
Please pray for those
serving in our
Bobby Duran (USAF)
Major Paul Wever (USAF),
Maricella & Wesley Derrick
Capt. Ryan Carn (USAF),
Jeremiah Williams (USAF),
James Dillahunt,
Jose Espinosa,
Matt McLaughlin (USAF),
Eric Gayso - (Army)
Nick Silva -(Army)
OS1 David Pacheco (Navy),
Stephanie Grubel (Navy),
Adam Libby (USAF)
Tec. Sgt. Robert Seaburgh
Danny Garcia, (USAF)
Sydney LeBlond (USAF)
Registering for Pre-Baptismal Classes
Please call the Parish office at 575-434-9460. if you would like
to register for Pre-Baptismal Classes.
RCIA Classes
Have you received all your Sacraments? Would you like more
information about the teachings of the Catholic Church? Or if
you are not Catholic, would you like to become Catholic?
Then register for the RCIA classes by calling the parish office
at 434-9460.
Retrouvaille Retreat Weekend - September 11-13, 2015
The retreat will be held in Albuquerque and is a retreat for couples
facing challenges in their marriage. For more information and to
register online go to: or call 1-800-470-2230.
You may also call Tony and Terri De Piazza at 575-523-3975.
Chocolate, Chocolate - We’ve Got It!
To help generate seed money for the Fiesta, we are going to be selling
Chocolate bars. We are asking that each parish family take a box of 60
bars and sell them at your work or school. The bars are $1.00 per bar. They
come in various flavors. There will be someone after the Masses this weekend to pass out the boxes of Chocolates. Please help by taking a box to