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What is rhinitis? - The Stérimar Academy
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What is
Hay fever sufferers may breathe a sigh of relief
during the winter seasons, as there are fewer
allergens in the air to affect their allergic rhinitis.
However other forms of rhinitis become very
frequent at this time of the year, with infectious
rhinitis, otherwise known as the common cold,
being the most predominant.
Stérimar Congestion
Relief (Hypertonic)
Stérimar Baby
Stérimar Nasal
Hygiene (Isotonic)
• Clinically proven
• Washes away cold and flu germs
before they develop
• Provides relief from congestion,
sinusitis, rhinitis and rhinopharyngitis
• Rebalances nasal functions to help
reduce the risk of further infection
• Suitable for adults and children
from 3 years of age
• Can be used alone or with
medication, as recommended
by your doctor or pharmacist
• Recommended by doctors in the UK
• Available on prescription and OTC
• Clinically proven
• Washes away germ-filled mucus
and impurities to unblock little noses
• Provides relief from congestion,
rhinitis and sinusitis
• Rebalances nasal functions
to help reduce the risk of further
nasal conditions
• Suitable from birth
• Can be used alone or with
medication, as recommended
by your doctor or pharmacist
• Recommended by doctors
and UK mums
• Available on prescription and OTC
• Clinically proven
• Washes away allergens
and airborne contaminants
• Provides relief from hay fever, allergic
rhinitis, chronic conditions and sinusitis
• Rebalances nasal functions
to help reduce the risk of further
allergic reactions
• Suitable for children
and pregnant women
• Can be used alone or with
medication, as recommended
by your doctor or pharmacist
• Recommended by doctors in the UK
• Available on prescription and OTC
Infectious rhinitis is most often spread during
the winter school term, as children returning
to school carry hundreds of viruses with them,
such as rhinoviruses and enteroviruses. These
viruses can reach the nose either directly or via
the hands. Since these children have no crossprotection from different viruses, they are much
more susceptible to contracting colds and can
suffer symptoms for 5-10 days. Symptoms tend to
present themselves around 48 hours after the start
of the infection, but most of these are actually
caused by the body’s immune reaction, rather
than the virus itself.
Most children suffer around 8-10 viral colds each
year, however they are not the only ones who are
susceptible; typically the virus is also passed onto
other members of the family, although adults have
a more developed immune system and so usually
only suffer from 2-3 colds per year.
Cough, Cold & Flu Category
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Benefits of using Stérimar
during the cold and flu season
What is influenza?
Influenza, or ‘flu’, is often confused with the common cold,
however there are numerous differences between the two. Flu is
a viral infection which affects the respiratory system of the nose,
throat and lungs, and can be mild, or severe enough to kill.
Seasonally occurring epidemics such as winter flu are most often
caused by strains of influenza A, B and occasionally C. Symptoms
can include fever, sore throat, cough, runny or blocked nose, muscle
aches, fatigue, headache, and occasionally vomiting and diarrhoea.
Sufferers are contagious for a day prior to developing symptoms
and for about a week afterwards, during which time the virus can be
transmitted by droplets, typically through coughs or sneezes.
There are potential complications to more severe strains of flu
which include pneumonia, ear and sinus infections, meningitis,
encephalitis, dehydration, cardiac failure and worsening of preexisting medical conditions such as asthma. There are a number
of groups who are most at risk of suffering these complications,
such as the very old, young children, pregnant women, those
with conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, immune
suppression and those in nursing homes.
Nasal decongestants and hypertonic saline sprays are a
good way of helping the engorged nose and tackling the
nasal congestion caused by colds and flu. Furthermore, these
saline sprays can be used as a preventative measure to clear
and cleanse nasal passages of excess mucus and unwanted
contaminants before they develop, helping to maintain the health
of the respiratory tract.
Available on prescription and OTC, Stérimar Congestion Relief
can be used to break down mucus to provide quick relief. The
hypertonic seawater spray relieves congestion by drawing excess
fluid from the nasal linings via osmosis. By rebalancing nasal
functions, it keeps the nose in top condition and reduces the risk
of further infections. Stérimar Congestion Relief also contains the
same natural balance of trace elements as the body, which are
important for maintaining homeostasis.
Stérimar is a 100% natural, preservative-free seawater nasal
spray that is packed with beneficial sea minerals. The seawater in
Stérimar is specifically sourced from a region off the Brittany coast
in France which is renowned for its richness; it is then brought
to the UK where it is filtered and diluted in a strictly sterile and
microbiologically controlled environment.
Observations on
Stérimar Congestion Relief is recommended by UK doctors
and was voted as the best product in the Cough, Cold and Flu
category at the Pharmacy Product of the Year 2012 awards.
Rhinoviruses not only cause rhinitis, but also rhinosinusitis, as the
sinuses can also become inflamed. Sinus issues related to infectious
rhinitis can take up to 6 weeks to resolve in some cases.
A solution for all the family
In babies and smaller children, the middle ear is also frequently
affected and can become inflamed (known as otitis media), which can
also take several weeks to treat.
Stérimar Congestion Relief can be used for short-term periods up
to 6 times a day. It helps prevent against rebound congestion and
is suitable for adults and children from 3 years of age, as well as for
people who cannot take medication. It can be used on its own in
mild to medium cases, or with medication to enhance its efficiency.
Recognising the difference
between colds and flu
The product is available on prescription and OTC in a handy 50ml
travel size, as well as a larger 100ml size OTC.
• Cough
• Runny or blocked nose (occasionally with
thick yellow discharge)
• Fever
• Sore throat
• Runny or blocked nose
• Muscle aches
ccasional vomiting and/or diarrhoea
Parts of the body affected
• Nose
• Throat
• Eyes
• Nose
• Throat
• Lungs
• Heart (rarely)
Duration of illness
• 5-10 days, with a peak 48 hours after
• 3-7 days
This table is part of a handy factsheet which covers in depth the differences between hay fever, colds and flu. You can download the full fact sheet in
the ‘Downloads’ section of The Stérimar Academy
Keeping little
ones’ noses
clear this winter
Young children suffer from many more colds than adults every
year. Their immature respiratory system leaves them open to
infection and their small nasal passages mean they quickly
become congested. Nasal congestion can make a young child or
baby miserable, disturb their sleep, and make it difficult to feed.
Stérimar Baby uses a unique, low-pressure microdiffusion spray
to efficiently wash away germ-filled mucus and impurities to
unblock little noses and aid natural breathing.
The isotonic solution rebalances nasal functions and naturally
strengthens the nasal mucosa, therefore reducing the risk of nasal
conditions. Stérimar Baby also contains seawater trace elements
that help maintain the natural osmosis
of the nose at cellular level.
The product also has a child-specific
nozzle to provide extra safety and
gentleness, making it easy to use on
babies and children from birth to 3
years of age. It comes in a 50ml size
which is available both OTC and on
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