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Sea Ray’s ambition to deliver better boating is assured. Its pursuit of
perfection is uncompromising. And its commitment to your satisfaction
is unwavering. All so that your days on the water are unforgettable.
7 The Sea Ray Story
8 A Vision of Better Boating
10 Talent & Teamwork
12 A Better Toolkit
14 Tomorrow’s Boating Today
16 Craftsmanship Matters
18 The Magic is in the Details
20 Passing the Test of Time
22 Sum of its Parts
24 Enjoying the Lifestyle
26 Peace of Mind: 5-Year Warranty
28 Exclusive Opportunities
30 Sea Ray Owners Club
32 Incomparable Support
34 Worldwide Coverage
36 The Best Dealers
38 The Most Awarded Brand Ever
40 The Sea Ray Sport Boat Lineup
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From its very first boat in 1959, Sea Ray® has always offered a bold vision of what boating can be, and has brought
that vision to life with the finest craftsmanship, an engaging ownership experience and unparalleled support.
Sea Ray owners enjoy the satisfaction of achieving the well-lived life on the water.
Sea Ray boats were among the first of
A Sea Ray is a work of relentless commit-
From prototype to testing to construction,
Own a boat, and you open up your life
their kind to use fiberglass and other
ment. Every stitch of upholstery, every
every Sea Ray is designed to deliver
to a world of new possibilities. Own a
high-tech composite materials that
fiberglass part has to be right.
unfailing reliability with zero room
Sea Ray, and you can watch as those
would go on to become standards in the
This obsession with detail shapes our
for compromise. Sea Ray uses only
possibilities flourish into cherished
industry. Our Next Wave™ initiative
demanding standards for quality.
the finest quality materials and
memories. Sea Ray ownership unlocks
is a commitment to developing and
Sea Ray boats combine
components, and stands behind each
a unique world, with exclusive social
championing new technologies and
the mastery of craftsmen with the
model with some of the industry’s
events, premium offers and participation
design innovations with the goal of
precision of industry-leading
best warranties (see page 26).
in a community of like-minded boaters.
reimagining the boating experience. In
technology for a caliber of construction
Owners enjoy an unmatched level
It is complemented further by
fact, Sea Ray has one of the largest
you won’t find anywhere else.
of customer service from the
membership in the Sea Ray Owners Club.*
patent portfolios in the global marine
This unique approach carries
most decorated network of dealers
Simply ask any Sea Ray boater, and
community. This forward-thinking
through every step of the production
in the industry. All of these efforts
they’ll tell you. Owning a Sea Ray isn’t
approach ensures you get the best
process—and the result is a level of
exist to ensure your Sea Ray
just about style; it’s about lifestyle.
of the best, even when the rest
sophistication you can feel.
outperforms your expectations
of the world hasn’t heard of it…yet.
at every turn.
*Only available in the U.S.A. and Canada
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10/7/15 3:17 PM
It starts with a vision of where you want to go.
Sea Ray imagines what better boating feels like and
pursues that vision nonstop. With each nudge or great
leap forward, we change people’s expectations.
We continually redefine owners’ perceptions of what
premium boating means, and their expectations
expand to include this new perception.
It’s a cycle that repeats itself every new model year.
This pursuit urges us to nurture new technologies
and cultivate design innovations. It requires that we
give our designers and engineers the freedom to
explore new solutions. And it ensures that we
keep our owners at the center of what we do.
Your experience on our boats determines the real
success of our imagination.
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10/7/15 3:18 PM
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10/7/15 3:18 PM
With an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge, Sea Ray’s employees form the very foundation of the brand. While many
manufacturers outsource complex design functions, Sea Ray maintains an in-house staff of talented naval architects,
designers and engineers to ensure these critical tasks are executed perfectly. The remarkable cumulative years of experience and
the continuity our employees bring to the company help Sea Ray deliver better boat ownership experiences year after year.
Grip Six hull design. Dynamic Running Surface™
consistency and understanding combine to create
systems. QuietRide™ noise-quashing technology.
Sea Ray’s legendary performance and handling.
Sea Ray is able to achieve such transformational
This approach happens throughout every area of the
feats of engineering through the hard work and
company—from customer feedback to concepting and
dedication of the largest and most experienced design
prototyping to manufacturing to sales and service.
and engineering team in the industry. On-staff
Sea Ray’s employees build on one another’s efforts
naval architects navigate complex hydrodynamics
in a continuous loop, each inspiring and informing
to design, evaluate and deliver our signature ride
the next. The result is a premium boating experience
and performance. This investment in expertise and
that can be felt at every level and a trajectory of
talent yields greater returns over time—as experience,
innovation that continues to improve upon itself.
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10/7/15 3:20 PM
Building the highest quality product requires not just the best people, but the best tools. Sea Ray’s manufacturing facilities
use cutting-edge machinery designed for pinpoint precision and unfailing accuracy. New technologies eliminate waste and
maximize efficiency. By maintaining a toolkit of the highest order, Sea Ray is equipped to produce boats of the highest quality.
The right tools, expertly applied—it’s a formula for
This guarantees perfect fit and alignment, ensuring a
excellence. Each Sea Ray boat undergoes thorough
tighter build with more exact tolerances and greatly
analysis using the latest CAD software so that
improving performance and durability over time.
before it ever leaves the proverbial drawing board, it’s
Human error is eliminated, flexing and squeaks are
been tested, refined, perfected. The build process is
reduced and the overall quality of the build is lifted
no different: Whether spraying gelcoat or fiberglass,
to the next level. Even if you never see the inside of a
or drilling and cutting hardware, Sea Ray’s robotic
Sea Ray facility, you’ll feel the difference every time
equipment hits its marks with incredible precision—
you step onboard a Sea Ray boat.
accurate to within 1/8,000th of an inch—every time.
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10/5/15 2:32 PM
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10/7/15 3:20 PM
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10/7/15 3:25 PM
Sea Ray’s Next Wave™ program is an intensive commitment to driving major innovations into every
model and delivering the best boating experiences imaginable. The following advancements make every day
on the water unforgettable.
Noise reduction is a common component
Digital Dash™
A popular option that transforms
Digital Dash™
Following the trend in luxury
in premium automobiles, homes, planes
the swim platform into a virtual beach
automobiles, Sea Ray’s Dynamic
and more. In our hectic modern lives,
and is deployable from the swim
Display combines access and monitoring
quiet is a true luxury. Sea Ray is the first
platform area, the Hydraulic Swim
for many important onboard systems
company to bring meaningful reductions
Step seats two adults and deploys
through an easy-to-read and -navigate
in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
using Mercury® hydraulic rams.
touchscreen interface. In addition to the
to boating, increasing comfort and
For safety, this feature disables the
premium stereo, captains can control
enjoyment and reducing fatigue.
engine while in use and stows cleanly
and/or monitor: all onboard lighting,
Acoustical forensics, advanced engineering
under the integrated swim platform
powered sunshades, power Sports
and sound-attenuating nano-materials
with the flip of a switch. Some models
Towers, trim tabs, blowers, the
cut perceived noise by up to 50% (verified
are available with a manual Swim Step.
Hydraulic Swim Step, bilge pumps,
by independent third-party testing).
blowers, battery banks, high-water
Dramatically reduce NVH, and you have
alarms and more—all from a sleeker and
completely changed the boating experience.
cleaner dash. Simply brilliant.
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10/7/15 3:38 PM
Sea Ray delivers boats that anticipate the needs of
today’s discerning boaters. Sea Ray draws
from its rich legacy of manufacturing expertise
to deliver seamless enjoyment. Captivating design
and modern engineering have long placed Sea Ray
at the forefront of recreational boat builders.
Today’s models captivate with their comforts,
class, opulent materials and impeccable finish.
A dedication to modern manufacturing
techniques and exceptional materials gives
expression to Sea Ray’s audacious vision. The
result is a vessel that delights the senses,
provides escape from the everyday and exceeds
even the most demanding expectations.
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10/7/15 3:41 PM
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10/5/15 2:32 PM
You go boating to relax, to connect, to escape everyday distractions and labors. You don’t want the visual static of poor fit and finish.
You don’t want to hear squeaks or feel poorly finished seams and rough edges. Sea Ray demands the same precision from its boats
as you do, and leans on top craftsmen, ironclad processes and a commitment to letting no quality issues slide.
At Sea Ray, all hands on deck are talented. They’re
certifications. But more than that, it earns the trust
proud to build the preeminent brand in the marine
of boat buyers. Because Sea Rays are boats you want
industry and know they are defining just how beautiful
to put your hands on. To feel the rich materials and the
each boat will become and how well it will perform.
impeccable finish. To feel that satisfying connection
They rely on manufacturing tools with incredibly
with the word “mine.” It’s why Sea Ray has earned
fine tolerances, computer-aided measurement for
more than 55 Customer Satisfaction Index awards in
startling consistency and hundreds of inspection
the last decade. It’s why we expect as many awards
points to ensure they got it right. This combination
in the next.
of technology and process earns us international
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10/7/15 3:43 PM
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10/5/15 2:32 PM
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10/7/15 3:43 PM
Sea Ray’s dayboat facility in Tennessee is the most productive, most experienced boat manufacturing plant in North America.
You learn a lot of lessons along the way. And the application of those lessons is truly something to behold.
Sea Ray’s reputation is a long-valued asset of the
facilities in the industry and staffs them with
brand, and the name is recognized throughout
the best-trained and longest serving workforce
the boating world as synonymous with quality.
as well. There is no substitute for experience, at
You don’t earn that type of reputation overnight,
the individual or the company level, when creating
and you don’t keep it if you don’t maintain your
superior products. At Sea Ray, the most experienced
emphasis on quality craftsmanship. Sea Ray has
marine craftsmen around assemble your boat.
the most technically advanced manufacturing
Choose wisely who will make your boat for you.
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10/5/15 2:32 PM
A boat is not merely a collection of pieces, but a system of systems—a symphony of moving parts in which
each contributes toward preserving harmony. Sea Ray understands that there’s no such thing as a small part
and selects every component accordingly. Quality in, quality out. Let the music play.
Before a gelcoat color ever makes it onto the side of a
considered for new Sea Ray models, they are
Sea Ray sport boat, it spends four years baking in the
pushed to their breaking point. You experience superior
Florida sun, enduring rain and wind when the sun
Sea Ray craftsmanship across the boat, part by part
takes a break. When suppliers bring their raw materials
and in its totality. Sea Ray goes the extra mile to
to Sea Ray plants, Sea Ray materials engineers
ensure your boat will bring you worry-free satisfaction
reject 40% of them. When new components are
and incredible happiness for years to come.
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10/5/15 2:33 PM
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10/7/15 3:47 PM
Living fully requires ambition. It’s easy to lead a
simple life, a quiet life, but that’s leaving a lot on
the table. With a Sea Ray, there’s no doubt you
want the full experience. And you’re going to get it.
From the social opportunities that your Sea Ray
opens up to the cachet it provides to the new
friendships you discover among the Sea Ray family,
a Sea Ray will bring you out of your shell. Add in the
events and connectivity of the Sea Ray Owners Club,
the fun of dealer-sponsored events and more sunsets
than you otherwise would get to absorb, and clearly
we are discussing a well-lived life. No, it’s not a simple
life. It’s a grand life. If you’ve got the ambition…
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10/7/15 3:52 PM
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10/5/15 2:33 PM
One of the primary benefits of a new boat purchase is the total freedom to relax, to put aside the worry and
trouble of the daily grind for the well-lived life on the water. Accordingly, Sea Ray is proud to offer the SURPA5S
factory warranty, providing five years of enhanced coverage on every new sport boat in the Sea Ray lineup.
Every new gas-powered Sea Ray sport boat
see that no other manufacturer’s warranty comes
(including both sterndrive and outboard models)
close. Plus, the engine is covered for the same
features the SURPA5S 5-year factory warranty,
5-year period, backed by Mercury®. In addition to the
providing bow-to-stern coverage on the boat
5-year bow-to-stern coverage, all sport boats have
and its components from defects in materials
a Limited Lifetime Structural Hull Warranty. Sea Ray
and workmanship. Read the fine print and you’ll
believes peace of mind should come standard.
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10/7/15 3:53 PM
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10/7/15 3:53 PM
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10/5/15 2:33 PM
The boating life doesn’t end at the water’s edge. Throughout the year, Sea Ray hosts a variety of special events,
giving owners the opportunity to gather with fellow enthusiasts in fantastic settings all around the country.
From hands-on boat demos to lavish parties to exclusive preview nights, guests are treated to a memorable time.
Sometimes you just want to let your hair down, raise
events. Partnerships with luxury brands including
a glass and cut loose with a group of friends. Sea Ray
Aston Martin, GMC, Glenfiddich, Champagne Thiénot
happily provides opportunities throughout the year for
and many others lend additional flair to these
its customers to do just that with fun-filled cocktail
gatherings, while spectacular on-water venues provide
parties, invitation-only demos and exclusive preview
the perfect backdrop. Welcome inside the velvet rope.
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10/5/15 2:33 PM
One of the primary benefits of Sea Ray ownership is becoming part of a community of passionate boaters who,
like you, cherish every shared experience on the water. The Sea Ray Owners Club exists to Celebrate,
Connect and Empower Sea Ray owners, to ensure that they have the finest boat ownership experience available.
The new Sea Ray Owners Club
In addition to the great events and
The Sea Ray Owners Club digital hub
celebrates owners from the word
celebrations with other local
is a great place to learn about
“go” with a special thank-you
Sea Ray owners, the Owners Club
boating and boats, both from other
gift for their purchase.
increases connectivity among
owners and from Sea Ray itself.
The celebration continues with
Sea Ray owners through an active
There is ready access to lots of
fantastic local events designed to
and vibrant online community.
resources, from past catalogs and
entertain and delight owners in the
This digital hub is a great place
parts manuals to Sea Ray customer
company of other Sea Ray owners
to converse and connect with
service professionals, as well as
from their area.
other owners in your area and
numerous ideas about how to
around the world.
maximize your time on your Sea Ray.
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10/7/15 3:57 PM
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10/7/15 3:58 PM
Enjoying your boat is much easier when you have
a team of dedicated individuals backing you up.
A support network is a confidence booster; it’s
knowing you’ve got experts you can always count
on, just in case. Sea Ray provides its owners with
a level of customer service that is unmatched by
any other manufacturer in the industry, through a
global network of dealers who are top-notch all the
way. Boating is a pursuit that naturally comes with
questions, and Sea Ray’s dealers are equipped to
answer those questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.
The aim is to ensure a worry-free ownership
experience with minimal disruption. Because the
most successful support network is the one that
empowers you to thrive on your own.
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10/7/15 3:58 PM
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10/7/15 3:58 PM
Take comfort in knowing that wherever you may roam, there’s a Sea Ray presence nearby.
Sea Ray maintains an extensive global network of dealers, providing support and service to customers around
the world. This expands the camaraderie among Sea Ray boaters to practically every corner of the map.
Sea Ray offers a breadth of support that is
of the globe to the other are enjoying
unparalleled, with a global network of dealers
the Sea Ray lifestyle. This multinational
dedicated to providing exceptional service
community speaks not only to the impeccable
to each and every customer. From São Paulo
quality of the Sea Ray lineup, but also to the
to San Juan, Hamburg to Toronto, New York
company’s dedication to providing boaters
to Beijing, Sea Ray boaters from one end
with a superior choice.
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10/5/15 2:33 PM
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10/5/15 2:33 PM
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10/7/15 3:59 PM
Sea Ray dealers are the first face of the brand, helping owners purchase and take care of their boats,
and generally wring as much fun out of the Sea Ray lifestyle as possible. Sea Ray is committed to
partnering with only the best dealers in every market and then providing the resources and training
tohelp them deliver the best ownership experiences on the water.
As a reflection of Sea Ray and its dealers’ commitment
on excellence in customer satisfaction, and the
to exceptional customer service, the Sea Ray dealer
partnership with Sea Ray dealers is a crucial part
network continually earns more spots on Boating
of how that is achieved every single day. Sea Ray
Industry’s Top 100 Dealers List than any other brand,
provides continuous training for dealers on new
year after year. The list, which ranks dealers
models, service procedures and customer service.
throughout North America on their dependability,
Sea Ray dealers demonstrate passion and profes-
professionalism and service, offers boat owners
sionalism on a daily basis. Combine fantastic support
reliable insight into where to do business in the
people with a fantastic boat, and the result will
powerboat market. Sea Ray is completely focused
always be off-the-chart owner satisfaction.
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10/7/15 4:06 PM
When Sea Ray customers are happy with their boats, awards are just a nice big cherry on top.
Sea Ray earns more awards for its new products,
List each year than any other manufacturer’s
innovations, dealer performance, manufacturing
dealers. And, when the National Marine Manufac-
quality and customer satisfaction than any
turers Association surveys boat owners biannually,
other marine brand, year after year. Sea Ray
Sea Ray consistently earns CSI awards in more
routinely wins great praise from organizations
categories than any other company. All these
and magazines for its new boats and the
accolades are great—especially the ones that
innovations on them. Similarly, more Sea Ray
affirm how happy we make our owners.
dealers make Boating Industry’s Top 100 Dealers
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10/7/15 4:09 PM
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10/7/15 4:09 PM
Sea Ray’s dynamic 2016 lineup is designed to unlock the natural world—and to do so in style. Spacious layouts
provide ample room to spread out, relax and connect. Agile performance delivers a premium watersports experience.
And Sea Ray’s superior level of fit and finish wraps you in perfect comfort, wherever you choose to cruise.
The sporty, accessible SPX lineup
The Sundeck gives new meaning
Seductive styling, cutting-edge
makes it easy to enjoy the water
to the deck boat experience,
features and adrenaline-pumping
on your terms. With options
opening new possibilities. Deep,
performance deliver next-level
packages tailored to watersports,
roomy bow areas, versatile cockpits
sport boating. Every SLX model
fishing or maximum relaxation, the
and an array of power options
exudes sophistication while
SPX is your family’s ticket to fun.
make Sundeck models easy to love.
ensuring maximum thrills.
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10/7/15 4:10 PM
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11/11/15 10:09 AM
note: not all accessories shown in pictures or described herein are standard equipment or even available as options.
options and features are subject to change without notice. not all model year boats may contain all the features
or meet the specifications described herein. confirm availability of all accessories and equipment with an authorized
sea ray dealer prior to purchase. printed in the u.s.a. october 2015 © sea ray boats.
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