Thanks for joining us today. It’s great to have you here. For more information
about LakeView Church, please visit us on the Web at Lakevc.org or call the office
at 873-9838. Stop by Guest Services for a free gift. We’re glad you are here!
KidStuf Live!
Friday, November 1 at 6:00pm project
time, 6:30pm start of show in auditorium.
Join us for this FREE, FUN, Family event
where there's singing, dancing, learning,
laughing and popcorn munching. Come
learn about God's BIG Story. Childcare is
available for children ages 0-3yrs. Invite
your friends and neighbors! Questions? Contact Tara Wheeler at
873-9838 or [email protected]
Serve Sandhill– Thanksgiving
We will be donating full Thanksgiving
meals to be distributed to families
who otherwise would not have
Thanksgiving in their homes this year.
Please join us! There are lots of
things to purchase and bring to the
church. Check out our listing online at lakevc.org/serve and tell
us what you will bring. All donations need to arrive at the church
on or before November 20. We will be donating 25 boxes to
Sandhill School and 5 boxes within our church family.
Series: The Throne Revealed
Message: Why Worship God
Speaker: Graham Blaikie
Scripture: Revelation 4:1-11
Please check-in your child at the Nursery (0 - 36 months) or at
the Newsstand (Pre K thru 4th grade)
“God Is Mighty” (The Red Sea Crossing) EX. 14:13-15:21
“God Redeems” (Joseph, part 1) Gen.37:39-41
Sunday Mornings: 5th and 6th grades meet 9:00am in room 113.
Parents: If your child needs you during the service, the last four digits of your phone
number, or numbers from your claim tag, will be shown on the auditorium screens.
Please go downstairs to the Newsstand for assistance.
7-8th Gr: 9 AM: Ignite Life, GZ Wing 10:45 AM: attend service upstairs
9-12th Gr Students: 9 AM & 10:45 AM attend services upstairs.
Ignite Youth Group for 7th-8th graders will meet Sunday Nights at 6.30pm (doors
open at 6) in Ground Zero.
Missional Communities for High School students will meet on Wednesday Nights in
Ground Zero at 6.30pm. The Café meal will be available at 6.00pm.
Districts 2014: Students in 7th through 12th grade are encouraged to participate in the
2014 Forest Lakes "Districts" Youth Conference, taking place Friday, January 3 Sunday, January 5. Registration is online. Sign up before November 17 and the cost is
$150, after this date it will cost $175. Registration deadline is December 1. Questions?
Contact Amy Bannister at 873-9838 or [email protected]
Bucky Books & Scrip Cards: Support Districts this year through Bucky Books or Scrip
Cards! Bucky books will be for sale for $35, $20 of which you can designate to support
someone to go to Districts. All proceeds from sales will help students go to Districts!
Scrip cards are also for sale to support students going to districts. This week only!—
purchase your Scrip or Bucky Book online at lakevc.org/ministries/student/
fundraising during the week and pick it up next Sunday at the table in the lobby
after both services.
LakeView Youth Outing to Devil’s Lake Join us Saturday, November 2 at Devil's
Lake for some hiking, grilling, relaxing with friends and enjoying the outdoors. Bring a
sweatshirt in case it is cold and a set of walking legs. We'll walk to the Balance Rock
and Devil's Doorway, grill lunch, throw the ultimate disc around and spend some time
connecting with the God of creation. Meet in the church lower parking lot at 10:30am
and will be back around 4:30pm. Lunch is provided and the whole event is FREE!
Registration deadline is October 31. Questions? Contact Amy B at 873-9838 or
[email protected]
All these events and more can be found at www.lakevc.org
Girls Night Out
Mission Possible Christmas Musical
Ladies, mark your calendars for a night of Rehearsal
card making and cookies on Wednesday, 1st-6th grade choir and drama cast
November 6 at 7:00 pm at Cindy
rehearsal is Wednesday, October 23
O’Connor’s home located at 1612 Erin
from 6-7:30pm in room 100.
Hill, Stoughton. We will have the
opportunity to make three different cards. Adult Choir Practice
Choir Practice will be held every Thursday
Please bring $3.00 to cover the cost of
materials and a plate of cookies to share. from 5:45-6:40pm in the auditorium.
Contact Candace at [email protected]
Register online at lakevc.org/gno.
for more information.
Questions? Contact Pam Schuh at
Keeping LakeView Beautiful
Have 2 hours free on any Monday night of
Warm Socks for Christmas
your choosing this Fall? Come and invest
LakeView will be opening our doors to
in the next generation by sprucing up the
Host a Family December 5-9. This year
we have an opportunity to minister to 280 lower level of the church. Our children,
teens and guests deserve great-looking
families which represent 1700 people
throughout all of Dane County. We will be environments in which to experience God.
collecting warm, new unopened socks to If you’d like more info, or would like to join
us, please call the church at 873-9838 or
be given to families in need. We would
like to meet one of the most basic needs, sign up online at lakevc.org/serve
a warm pair of socks. Please join us by
My Serving Story
purchasing some socks and dropping
Everyone loves to hear a good story and
them in the bins provided in the lobby.
some of you love telling stories. If you
Deadline for these donations will be on
have an encouraging story to tell about a
Sunday, December 1. We will also be
serving experience that you have had
welcoming guests and carrying out
please take the time to share it with us.
packages. If you would like to help with
We have a link on our LakeView and
this project, sign up at lakevc.org/serve.
Community Serving Opportunities page
Questions? Contact Jeanne Anderson,
where you can share a short story. Click
873-9838 or [email protected]
on My Serving Story. Your story may be
used in a future Celebrate, sermon
Adult Christmas Program
The Adult Christmas Program on Sunday, illustration or posted on the web. You may
December 22 needs YOU! Roles include elect to remain anonymous when your
story is shared.
the voices of God and Adam, non
speaking nativity scene, male and female
voice narrators, and singers- soloists and
choir members. Please contact Candace
at [email protected] if you are
interested in auditioning or for more info.
(Please note this is separate from Mission
Weekly Giving Goal: $13,147
Last Week’s Giving: $8,825
Avg. Weekly Giving This Budget Year : $11,092
Additional Mortgage Reduction Since July 2013 $1,231
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Office Hours: 8am - 4pm M-F
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