March 18



March 18
The Bulldog
Dye Elementary
Mrs. Detra Fields, Principal
Mrs. Maria Cox, Dean of Students
Fax: 810-591-3310
March 18, 2016
Award Students
Several Dye students received awards
for, All A Honor Roll, A-B Honor Roll,
Attendance, Home Links & Study Links &
Citizenship. Way to go Dye Bulldogs!!
Upcoming Events
4/4 - 4/8
Late Start Wednesday school begins @ 9:45
No School - March Recess
Late Start Wednesday school begins @ 9:45
End of Third Marking Period
Spring Break
The following students earned 5 or more ROCK cards, by meeting Dye behavior expectations
Toniyah Brown
Lilly Ruboyianes
Naomi Price
ZaRiel Bridges
Vodus McBride
Tristen Redd
Terrance Lewis
Aubree Childress-Cannon
Amelia Goodman
Saraiyah Williams
John Carpenter
Cierra Brandon-Jones
Christian Alston
Logan Pepin
Kamarri Brown
Kimberly Bennett
Alexis Cruz
Tyson Firmingham
Kaden Houser
Avel Johnson
Trinity Durbin
Kennedy Davenport
Alexis Walencik
DeAndrius Maxwell
Nathan Frost
KeyMari Parrish
Wesley Richardson
Jahlil Campbell
Kama’Riona Bailey
Edvin Logan-Mitchner
Shar’Briel Tucker
Calvion Woodbury
Evan Chapman
Keith Perry-Alexander
SeRenity Stephen
Garrett Douglas
Makaio Sattiewhite
Betool Alouh
Brian James
Cordre Chambers
Kadence Walsh
Quadasha Taylor
Autumn Edelen
Amere Mason
Jaleana Jones
Jaylen Butler
Terrell Welch
Isaac Clark
Zyara Coleman
Rashad Bradley
Darnes Broadnax
Kaleb Buning
Olivia Coley
Jayda Kellum
Marion Ford
Dylan Kingsbury
Mariah Perkins
Jaden Stutts
Ja’lynne Walker
Andre Sturgess
Oscar Guerrero
Acire Washington
Ziy’yonna Williams
Santaja Dones
Skylar LeGrande
Solomon Lewis
Parelle Moore
Asheley Williams-Bell
Sarai Wysinger
C.J. Richards
Brenden Compaore
Jaylen Gates
Essence Smutek
Ta’Aliyah Welch
Angelina Cruz
Corey Martin
Justin Adams
Nazir Braswell
Abbigale Knight
Taylor Hill
Wesley Jones
Omarion Pannell
Caleb White
Samya Johnson
Michael Fenn
Bennie White
Juluis Toins-Matiere
Hardworking Bulldogs
These students have had work displayed on the board opposite the Media Center
A Healthy Lunch Helps Kids Stay on Task All Afternoon
If your child buys his or her meals from the school cafeteria, you should know that every
lunch is required to have at least one fruit and vegetable. Ask your child what fruit and
vegetable was served that day and if they ate it! If your child brings a lunch from home
to school, make sure it has at least one fruit or veggie, a whole grain food such as bread
or crackers, and a low-fat dairy choice. Mix it up! Throw in a different fruit or
vegetable so your children are surprised by a new color, taste, or texture when it’s time
to eat. The easiest way to include a dairy food is to have the milk offered at school.
Trail mix and dry cereal are other ways to include a whole grain in your
child’s lunch. Avoid sugary beverages including pop, juice drinks, and
sports drinks. Water or low-fat milk are the best choice.
James & his Battle Buddies
James is a soldier that has served 3 tours in Iraq. While James was here in Flint he was nice
enough to come and visit Dye Elementary a couple of times. James and his Battle Buddies need
our help! Our goal is to do a care box for each of his buddies (2 females & 43 males). Below are
some suggestions of items they could use.
Gently used books
Games (cards, dominoes, etc.)
Drink pouches
Snacks (no chocolate) crackers, nuts, tuna pouches
Dye Parent Club News
Drawing will be held on March 21st for the Easter Basket raffle.
Get fit or “DYE” Trying Color a Thon kick off, March 21st.
We are looking to fill the following positions for the 2016-2017
school year:
President & Secretary
Plan on attending our next meeting on April 14th at 4:15 in the Media Center

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