Issue 26 Vol. 92 - Vincennes Community Schools



Issue 26 Vol. 92 - Vincennes Community Schools
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The Old Post Sentinel
Issue 26 Volume 92
Vincennes Lincoln High School’s student newspaper...since 1924
Davis heads to England for work
OPS staff writer
A Lincoln High School
senior will be leaving tomorrow for a once in a lifetime
gaming event in London.
Jarrod Davis is a Community Content Specialist for
Space Ape Games, as well as
as a top YouTube video uploader with over 160,000
subscribers. He began making videos around 2013, primarily making videos of the
hit mobile game, “Clash of
Clans.” Davis makes videos
of processing and playing
video games, which caused
the Community Manager of
Space Ape to reach out and
offer Davis a paid position
with the company.
Since working for the past
two to three weeks with
Space Ape, Davis has
worked to make videos for
them, stream live gameplay,
and work on the Wikipedia
page for their game.
Davis was chosen for the
London trip because of his
efforts with YouTube and
Space Ape.
He will be attending to
help with the launch of a
brand new game from Space
Ape, "Rival Kingdoms," to
be released May 7. Joining
seven other YouTubers,
Davis will also make videos,
tour London, and be part of
a meet-and-greet for the
company. In addition, Davis
and his peers will tour the
YouTube Space facility and
have exclusive recording
time in the building.
"YouTube Space is a huge
facility with lots of production and editing equipment
for YouTubers to make
videos," Davis said. “The
group is primarily being
gathered in London to promote the new game.“
Davis’ mother Charity is
feeling a bit anxious about
her son being in London on
his own.
“I’m a little nervous but I
don’t want him to pass up
the opportunity,” she said.
“It amazes me everyday
what he has accomplished
and what he can do playing
games,” she added. She is
excited that her son has
found something he enjoys
so much and has turned into
his part-time job.
“I think it’s great,” she
Davis is keeping quiet in
any upcoming projects
Space Ape has planned or
what he could be doing in
the future.
"I have also been collaborating with other companies
but I can't talk about that
yet," he said.
Davis plans to pursue
game design and programming at Vincennes University to eventually work as a
game designer. This London
trip will give him an opportunity to work side-by-side
with Space Ape’s own developers and get hands on experience.
Davis' YouTube channel is
jrod12399, and he can be
followed on Twitter
He plans on live-tweeting
his travels throughout the
Freshman Dalton Crabtree
donates blood for the first
time at the American Red
Cross Blood Drive on April
28 in Alice Arena. It’s estimated that 70 students participated in the drive. Some
could not due to low iron or
medication. The drive was
hosted by the Lincoln High
School Random Acts of
Kindness Club. For every
one person that donated
blood, three lives could be
saved because the blood is
split into three sections: red
blood cells, plasma, and
platelets. Photo by Aubrey
Lincoln High School's junior class is hosting prom on
May 9 from 8 p.m. until
midnight at Adams Coliseum, 300 N. Sixth St. The
theme is "Through the Looking Glass."
The class officers were inspired for the theme from
the movie “Alice In Wonderland.”
Junior class sponsor Amy
Lane said, "The class officers thought that it would be
fun to have a bright, colorful
prom, and it goes with our
school name, the Alices."
The junior class also used
the “Alice and Wonderland”
them for their Homecoming
float this past fall.
Students from other
schools are welcome, but
they must have a permission
slip to attend signed by their
school’s principal in order to
be admitted. All juniors and
seniors are invited from Lincoln.
The cost for Lincoln stu-
dents is free, provided they
have worked their required
sessions as concessions vendors during basketball
Junior class treasurer
Makenzie Harrison says that
they are right on schedule
for everything to be finished
on time.
"Things are coming along,
but there will still be a lot to
do last minute." she said.
The day before prom is the
only time the juniors, junior
class officers and junior
class sponsors can get into
the gym to get everything set
If juniors would like to
help, junior class officers
have been staying after
school to work on decorations in Lane’s classroom.
The junior class plans to
transform the Coliseum into
an atmosphere of the Mad
Hatter’s tea party, like in the
movie. There will be giant
mushrooms, a false ceiling,
and giant trees.
There will be food such as
cupcakes, cookies and
Toole creates fundraising
project for Independence Fund
A new philanthropic group,
The Star Spangled Banner
Boys, has been started by a
Lincoln High School student
to raise money for the Independence Fund, an organization that assists American
veterans with anything they
might need.
Freshman Graham Toole
created this project for two
reasons: to support his country and the men and women
who fight to make it free, and
to gain community service
experience before college.
With a donation of at least
$40, The Star Spangled Banner Boys will place an American Flag in the lawn of a
donor on four flag raising holidays: Memorial Day, the
Fourth of July, Flag Day, and
Veterans Day. The flag will be
placed roughly three days before each holiday and will be
picked back up and sent to
storage roughly three days
after the holiday.
The goal for this group is to
raise over $1,000, all of
which will be donated to the
Independence Fund.
“I do this project to show
patriotism and pride in my
country,” Toole said. “The
motto of my desired college is
‘God, Country, and Notre
Dame,’ and this is the ‘coun-
try’ part that I am trying to
Toole got the idea for this
from his cousin who lives in
Kentucky, where a group of
people do the same project.
The Star Spangled Banner
Boys’ website says, “He and
his friends have ridden their
bikes as youngsters all over
Vincennes and felt like they
could bring a little more
American Patriotism to the
Planning for the project
began over Christmas break
and was officially put into action on April 14.
The website for the organization is
Through the tab titled “Be A
Hero 4 A Hero” donors can
click “Current Fundraisers”
and will find this fundraising
group’s page and where to donate money to their cause.
Toole is assisted in this
project by some of his closest
friends in the freshmen class:
Blake Bobe, Sam Corrona,
Montgomery Fleck, Caden
Kotter, Tate Schuckman,
Brayden Seger, Sam Turpin,
and Spencer York. He also
has assistance from his parents, Kevin and Barb Toole.
At the time this story was
written, The Star Spangled
Banner Boys had raised $245.
StuCo joins Relay for Life
OPS staff writer
icons. The students are also
having a car wash today at
Memering Motorplex, 1949
Hart St.
Student Council's goal is to
raise over $1,000 as a group.
At the time of publication,
they had raised approximately
All of student council is involved in helping to raise
money for the battle against
The team that is participating in the town's Relay for
Life, taking place at Gregg
Park on May 16, consists of
ten to fifteen student members.
Participants at Gregg Park
run/walk laps around the park
as each team is supposed to
have at least one member
from the team on the lap for
24 hours.
Student Council will also be
accepting donations and Worland can be contacted at [email protected]
Every year people participate in Relay for Life, an
event to raise money for cancer research. This year, Lincoln High School's Student
Council is also participating
in the event, helping to raise
candy. The food will also be money for a very good cause.
related to the “Alice and
This is the first year Student
Wonderland” theme.
Council has joined the Relay
Junior class president
for Life event.
Schae Jones is excited about
Student Council treasurer
Brianna Worland is the proj"Everything is coming to- ect leader for their Relay for
gether and looks good!" she Life team. Worland has taken
part in Relay for Life since
Harrison is also anxious
her eighth grade year.
for prom.
"My grandpa passed away
"I'm very excited! It's
from cancer after being a twogoing to be a very fun
time survivor and my
theme," she added.
grandma is a two-time cancer
Small prizes will be given survivor, so it's very close and
away throughout the night.
dear to my heart," said WorThere will also be a Mad
Hatter photo booth and some
Student Council is raising
other activities in addition to money by selling baked
dancing all night.
goods, candy bars, and foot
The DJ this year is from
Alvis Music and Sound,
2820 Washington Ave.
The candidates for prom
queen are Myra Bauer, Aly
Besing, Alexa Cardinal,
Kaitlin Holt, and Courtney
MAY 7: Lincoln/Clark band concert
MAY 8: JROTC awards ceremony
The candidates for prom
MAY 11: Senior Awards Night
king are David Atkinson,
MAY 14: Lincoln/Clark choir concert
Jacob Breece, Collin Crabtree, Eric Marlow, and
Parker Newman.
Prom set for May 9 at Adams Coliseum
OPS staff writer
May 2, 2015
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ops 2
Question of the Week: What is your favorite emoji and why?
Old Post Sentinel
Zach horrall
nEwS Editor:
Zach horrall
opinionS Editor:
claire Dillon
SportS Editor:
BrayDen little
fEaturES Editor:
auBrey huDson
onlinE ContEnt Editor:
anaiis acuña
ad SalES:
Weston FrisZ
Kaela speigner
“I enjoy the man with the
sunglasses emoji, because only then can I express my swag.’
Andres Ayala
“The crying & laughing
emoji because everything is funnier with it.”
Amber Everett
“I would have to say the
winky face is my favorite
emoji! It turns anything
you say into a salty and
somewhat controversial
David Atkinson
“I love the monkey
emoji’s ‘hear no evil,
speak no evil, see no
Kristina Altstadt
Review: ‘60s french pop music
by braYdEn littlE
opS Sports Editor
the most commonly listened to pandora radio station
listened to here at the ops is
the 1960s French pop music
this uncommon
genre has grown on me and
has planted a little cultural
seed in my heart.
the music used in the songs
is very cheerful and creates
good vibes in my soul.
French pop obviously is sung
in the French language. i
enjoy this because whenever
there is english in music i
commonly find myself listening to the lyrics and not focusing on my work.
Whenever French pop is on, i
can easily listen to the joyous
music rolling into my
ears...because i don’t speak a
word of French.
the station plays a variety
of popular artists during this
time. a collection of these
artists is on a cD called the
swinging Mademoiselles and
is commonly played on pandora. one of the artists that
stands out on this station is
Jacqueline taieb. she grew
to popularity simply because
of her fantastic voice.
the 1960s French pop
music also has very cheerful
and happy sounding tones in
the voices of the singers. the
singers often have a peppy
and bubbly tone to their
singing, this matches the
good vibes found in the
music. each and every song
appears to mean something
happy and puts images of
spring meadows in my mind.
i am glad that i am unaware
of the lyrics and do not have
to worry about who or what
they are singing about. compared to 1960s american
music, 1960s French pop
seems a whole lot more joyful. the 1960s american
music seems drab and full of
protest--which i do enjoy a
bit--but this music turns my
frown upside down on any
hopefully you give a try to
this peppy and joyful music
next time you are down or
whenever you are trying to
get some work done.
Student engagement is vital to student success
by KaEla SpEiGnEr
opS Staff writer
you are sitting in a classroom on a beautiful and
sunny day staring out the
window and daydreaming.
you are anxiously waiting for
the school day to finally be
over and you are not paying
attention to a word that the
teacher is saying. the lecture
that she is presenting is very
important for the upcoming
test you are going to have
within a few short days.
But when it comes to test
day, you think to yourself, "i
don't remember learning
about this!"
situations like these are
very common with some students in schools these days. if
they are not on their phone or
on their ipad playing, they
probably are having a reunion
in la-la-land or talking
back to their teachers. the
punch line is, these students
are full of a lot of academic
potential, but are slacking off
due to distractions, lack of
discipline, and lack of motivation.
Many factors outside of
school can contribute to these
problems. avocations such
as extracurricular activities,
club meetings, video gaming
with their buddies after
school, and jobs can distract
them or take away precious
time to do homework or
study for a big exam happening the next day. taking these
activities away can cause kids
to revolt, so we need to find a
way to motivate them.
i found an excellent article
on teach thought titled, "21
ideas to improve student
Motivation." Within the first
paragraph, it said, "Motivation, both intrinsic [such as
candy or extra credit points]
and extrinsic [such as free
time at the end of teacher's
lecture], is a key factor in the
success of students at all
stages of their education, and
teachers can play a pivotal
role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their
For a student’s senior year,
it is vital to pass all classes required for graduation. there
are credit recovery programs
during the summer for students who failed their classes
during the school year, but
that would take up most of
their summer vacation. More
importantly, it will delay receiving a diploma.
the article provides several
good ideas to motivate students, one of which is having
a positive competition in the
class. Math teacher Janis hert
has an upbeat mood in the
class, which keeps the class
lessons moving along. to
motivate her students, she has
competitions between her
three trigonometry classes,
and her geometry and calculus classes.
as a student in one of her
trigonometry classes, i feel
like i get more out of it because it enforces that in order
to succeed, you have to study
for the tests to gain points for
your class period, or "team."
at the end of the semester,
she gives the winning team a
reward of their choice.
students might be more enthused in learning if more
teachers were to use these
Senior Holiday World Trip Itinerary
Thursday, May 21
Depart at 8:30 a.m. from the tennis courts
Arrive at Holiday World at 10 a.m.
Spend time at Holiday World from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Depart from Holiday World at 4 p.m.
Arrive home at 5:30 p.m.
My goal is to graduate college with a bachelor's degree
in music education. i hope to
use techniques from the
teach thought article to motivate students to learn.
Staff writErS:
Kaitlin holt, reiD
Mcclure, Kara heDricK,
Kaela speigner, Megan
Jones, aBi FoWler, Karlie
Messenger, Myra Bauer,
Bethany evans, Zach
KirK, & DaviD WinBurn
Mrs. haley s. lancaster
Our pOlicy:
persons wishing to comment
on the news or opinions reported
in the Old post Sentinel are encouraged to write letters to the
editor. letters should be brief
(250 words maximum) and must
be signed by the author. letters
will be edited for space, grammar, and libelous material. persons or businesses interested in
advertising in the Old post Sentinel are encouraged to contact
the editor as well. letters and
advertising inquiries may be
mailed to Old post Sentinel, c/o
lincoln high school, 1545 s.
hart st. rd., vincennes, in
47591. email may be sent to:
[email protected]
lincOln HigH ScHOOl
MiSSiOn StateMent & pOlicy:
vincennes lincoln high school
is committed to educating all
students for success in a dynamic society. students enrolled, or intending to enroll, at
lincoln high school are not denied enrollment in any class because of sex, race, color,
religion, national origin, or disability.
Dating’s worth waiting
by MYra bauEr
opS staff writer
high school students are always looking for ways to fit
in and be accepted. the most
popular way is to date. Dating
someone leads to connections
with other social groups to
gain popularity. Dating
among peers can change a
student’s whole high school
career. however, i say relationships are not worth it.
Boys and girls in high
school seem to think they
know everything. they do not
have a clue.
relationships are not what
people think they are. relationships require feelings,
time, and commitment. Feelings are emotions, feelings
build bonds, feelings build relationships.
time is more than a five
minute passing period or a
thirty minute lunch. spending
time together is not going to
parties together, but it is time
spent getting to know each
other's past, present, and future plans. commitment is
not two weeks of "happiness," it is a promise of longterm loyalty.
Being a teenager is a time
that should be used to figure
out one's self. teenagers are
still developing and changing
throughout high school.
relationships can hinder
the growth of an individual.
Boys and girls get caught up
in what they think society
Wants them to be and turn
to peer pressure. students fall
into temptations brought on
by peers which may lead
them to being everything they
never wanted to be.
relationships are an important part in one’s life when
done correctly. Dating someone usually requires the intent
to marry.
During high school, students are surrounded by a
small amount of people. no
one ever said each person has
to marry someone from their
high school!
the world is full of people
who share many interests.
staying single and learning to
love and accept yourself is
more important than entering
into a relationship during high
school with someone you
may never see again after
these four years end.
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5/5 at Bloomfield
5/7 vs Jasper
5/12 at Jasper
5/14 vs Mount Vernon
5/5 at Bloomfield
5/7 vs North Posey
5/12 at Jasper
5/14 vs Mount Vernon
5/4 at South Knox
5/14 Big 8 at Princeton
5/5 at Washington/South Knox
512 Big 8 Community High School Princeton
5/4 at Bedford North Lawrence
5/5 at North Central farmersburg
5/7 at Boonville
5/9 vs Edgewood
5/12 vs Princeton
5/13 at Jasper
5/4 vs Princeton
5/6 vs Southridge
5/8 at Gibson Southern
5/9 vs Edgewood
5/13 vs Terre Haute North Vigo
5/14 vs Jasper
5/5 at Mount Vernon
5/6 vs South Knox
5/7 vs Washington
5/12 vs Jasper
5/5 at Princeton
5/12 at Washington
5/13 at Sullivan
4/24 vs Terre Haute South, 4-1 win
4/24 JV vs. Terre Haute South, 1-1 tie
4/27 at Mt. Carmel 7-4, win
4/28 vs. North Central 5-0 loss
4/23 vs. Jasper & Washington, 2nd
4/27 vs. Princeton, 108-23, win
Rachel Frye, pole vault record
4/27 vs. Princeton, 89-43 loss
4/22 vs. Mater Dei, 7-4 win
4/24 vs. Mount Vernon, 8-4 win
4/23 JV at Evansville Central, 3-2 loss
4/28 vs North Daviess 15-1 win
4/22 at Barr-Reeve, 3-2 loss
4/27 vs. Northeast Dubois, 3-2 win
4/22 vs South Knox/Barr-Reeve, 160-184-191
Jack Cunningham, medalist with 1-under 34
4/27 vs. Evansville Harrison and Evansville Central,
Ethan Claycomb: 37 Jack Cunningham: 38 Ethan Eck:
39 & Ryan Combs: 39
Consider givng 5K a chance
OPS staff member
With the Junior Reserve
Officer Training Corps 5K
rescheduled for today at
noon at Lincoln High
School, now is a good time
to realize it is never too late
to start running. You could
register today at 10 a.m. to
run in the noon race.
So why run at all?
Most everyone has run at
least once in his life.
Whether it be for a race or
for personal gain, most
everyone in the world has
ran or at least seen someone
run. Running can be good
for your muscles, bones, and
even the brain. It helps you
look ahead and stay on top
of things, as well as helping
you concentrate better and
make fewer mistakes on
your activities.
Running can also help you
breathe easier. Twenty-two
studies were conducted to
find out that if you run or
work out for two-and-a-half
hours a week, you’re 19 percent less likely to die prematurely. Separately, another
study found that there’s a 50
percent lower risk of premature death in people who actively do some sort of
exercise. The more you run,
the more efficient your heart
is; running causes it to pump
faster and stronger than the
heart of someone who doesn’t run.
If you’ve ever heard of a
thing called a runner’s high,
it’s not a myth. Some peo-
ple, when running, experience the feeling of euphoria
or the release of anxiety.
People with insomnia have
been reported to fall asleep
faster after running than
without running at all and,
oddly enough, people who
run are proven to sneeze less
and are less likely to suffer
upper-respiratory tract infections. It’s also proven that
asthmatics, after continuously exercising for up to
three months, reportedly
wheeze less and don’t suffer
from shortness of breath as
much as they had before.
If you’d like to improve or
experience some of the
things listed above, today’s
5K could be for you. Registration at the event is $19.
Athlete of the Week: Shelby Boger
OPS staff writer
This week’s athlete of the
week, junior Shelby Boger,
has been playing softball for
going on 13 years. She is
the daughter of Brian and
Alicia Boger and has a
brother named Dillon Boger.
Boger is involved in basketball, and Lincoln High
School softball and travel
softball. She is the captain
of the basketball team and
she is one of the leaders on
the softball team here at Lincoln.
Even as a junior, Boger
has won various awards, including the "Defense Award"
for the Lincoln's Softball
team her sophomore year. In
basketball, she won the
Alice Award her junior year
and the highest field goal
percentage her sophomore
Her inspiration is professional softball player Jennie
"She still continues to
teach young athletes about
the game," Boger said.
One of her sports memories she remembers just like
it was just yesterday.
"When Sophia (Lane) hit
her first home run this year
at South Knox, everyone
went nuts!"
She added beating
Boonville was exciting.
“It was a huge game for
After Boger graduates, she
plans on attending a college,
but is still undecided on
where. She will major in
biomedical engineering.
She added, "I love playing
softball and want to continue even in college."
When Boger is in the offseason, she goes to softball
and basketball camps, and
hangs out with friends and
family during her free time.
She has learned how to
take criticism, how to be
confident and how to be a
leader from sports. Her advice to younger athletes is,
"play the sport because you
love it, not for other people
or the stats."
Equal opportunities in sports
OPS staff writer
Lincoln High School has
many athletic opportunities
for its students to participate
in. Many of those are coeducational.
Lincoln offers football,
volleyball, cross country,
track, tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, baseball
and softball. The few that
are not expressly coeducational would be football,
volleyball, wrestling. However, due to Title IX the opposite sexes can participate
in any sport if they qualify.
Title IX states, "No person
in the United States shall, on
the basis of sex, be excluded
from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be
subjected to discrimination
under any education program or activity receiving
federal financial assistance."
Therefore no one would be
denied the opportunity.
So what is it like playing a
sport meant for “girls” but
you’re the only boy on the
team? Or vice versa? Football is a physically challenging sport for boys. Being fit
and having strength is a key
factor in playing the sport
along with skill.
Girls can easily play as
long as they can handle
playing the sport. Same goes
for guys who play a "girls'"
sport. Boys have upper body
strength; some more than
others. However, they are
just as capable at playing a
sport like volleyball. Volleyball needs at least a little
strength in the arms to play,
including a high level of cardio endurance; not all girls
can play.
The physical differences
between boys and girls can
be compared and contrasted.
However both genders can
and are able to play in sports
that are technically for the
opposite sex.
LHS Dance Team Tryouts!
May 4 & 5: Workshop 3:30-6 p.m. in the south upstairs gym
May 7: Auditions 6-9 p.m. in downstairs main gym
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Senior Spotlight: Kaela Speigner
OPS staff writer
In this week's senior spotlight for Lincoln High School
is Kaela Speigner, also
known as the artist behind the
Old Post Sentinel comic, "Hilarious Holidays with Yours
Kaela was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and is the
daughter of Jack and Kathi
Speigner. She has three siblings named Alexa Long, and
Jacci and Derek Speigner.
Her pets consist of four cats
and two dogs. She lived in
Washington state for three
years before she came to Vin-
The hobbies Speigner likes
to do include singing, playing
piano, drawing, writing stories, making hair bows, making friendship bracelets, and
baking desserts.
Speigner helps sing songs
in her mom's music studio
known as "Music House" and
is involved with a choir for
church. She acts as production assistant at the Music
The awards she has won
are Academic Honors, Honor
Roll since sixthgrade, National Honors Society, and the
Order of Daedalians in her
first year in the Junior Reserve Officers Training
Corps. She has won two baking contests held at the Fortnightly Club. She also has
received a $1,500 talent grant
to Southern Virginia University.
Speigner wants to travel to
all of the 50 states in the
country within the next five
years and go to Southern Virginia University to major in
Her favorite class is the Old
Post Sentinel class and her fa-
vorite teachers that work here
are Seth Skelton, Amy Lane,
and Michael Hutchison.
Speigner’s favorite quote is,
"The more I learn, the less I
know," said by Barbara
Streisand from the movie
Her most memorable moment comes from when she
performed as a cameo of
Dorothy from "The Wizard of
Oz" in a performance in the
Red Skelton Center starring
Craig Schulman in "Broadway Star."
Her favorite book series is
"The Hunger Games” triology. Her favorite television
show is "Being Human" and
her favorite movies are the
"Lord of the Rings" and "The
Hobbit" films. Her favorite
seasons are fall and spring,
and her favorite animal is a
giant panda.
She currently works at
Sixth Street McDonald’s
"Don't freak out over your
grades,” she advises freshmen. “Take an education.
Don't just sit in the classroom
listening to the teacher ramble; the grades will come with
your effort."
Senior Spotlight:
Chandler Hamilton
OPS opinions editor
This week’s senior spotlight
is Chandler Hamilton. Chandler was born in Vincennes to
his parents Eric and Angela
Hamilton. He has two brothers, Logan and Grant, and a
sister, Olivia. He also has a
dog in his family named Baxter.
Artist of the Week: Daniel Black
OPS staff writer
This issue’s artist of the
week is junior Daniel Black.
He is the son of Stephen and
Angie Black, and brother of
David and Rachel Black.
Black has taken art every
says Telligman.
year he has been at Lincoln.
The classes are having a
He studied Advanced Placecompetition to see which
ment studio art this year.
class can collect the most
His favorite medium of art
crayons. So far, each class
is paint.
has collected several pounds.
His father, who is an art
They are only collecting dur- teacher, got him involved in
ing the month of April so
art, and he enjoys
they will have enough time
it because it is fun
to package and ship them
and he feels acbefore the end of the school complished when
he completes art"It's something so simple
work he has been
that anyone can do it, yet
working on.
make a big impact on our
Amy Lane and
The students are bringing his father are his
in loose change for shipping art mentors.
cost, as it is not included.
Black has reTellingman said donations
ceived an honorare appreciated to offset the able mention in
the Scholastic Art
competition and
Around the VCSC: Franklin takes on
unique recycling project
OPS staff writer
Benjamin Franklin Elementary School plans on
giving back to the environment with a new crayon recycling program.
Franklin's three fourth
grade classes are collecting
old, broken, and unwanted
crayons to be sent to the National Recycling Program in
This idea originated from
an article from a newsletter
from the Knox County Recycling and Solid Waste
Management District that
the classes read for an activity for Earth Day.
The program focuses on
preventing people from purchasing unneeded crayons.
"I want
to prom,
they'll say
no. What do I do?"
- Anonymous
Dear Anonymous,
This is a very common situation that happens a lot during the dance seasons.
Luckily for you, there is a
way to ask someone in just
three easy steps.
Step one, you need to make
sure that the person you want
to ask does not have a date
yet. You can do this by asking
them directly and discretely
or you could even ask one of
More than 120,000 pounds
of crayons are made every
day in America, which is
about 60 tons. Crayons are a
petroleum-based product
that shouldn't be going into
The NRP collects crayons
from all over America and
recycles them into various
types of new crayons, such
as star shapes and swirly
crayons. By recycling them,
it keeps old crayons out of
landfills and new crayons
from being made.
The project is headed up
by fourth grade teacher Janet
"A class thought that it
would be a small thing they
can do to give back and help
the environment to keep old
crayons out of the landfill,"
In his spare time, Hamilton
like to work on cars and dirt
bikes. This is when he isn’t
playing football or baseball
for Lincoln High School. His
most memorable moment is
beating Jasper in football this
Hamilton currently works
at the Camp Arthur paintball
His plan for after high
school is to attend Vincennes
University for two years and
transfer to another institution.
Hamilton’s career aspirations
are to become a Tool and Dye
His favorite quote is,
“There’s heroes and legends.
Heroes get remembered and
legends never die.”
His advice to underclassmen is for them to enjoy their
time in high school.
“It’s true what they say:
‘time flies when you are having fun,’” he said.
also placed in Knox County
and Lincoln art shows.
His favorite artist is
Leonardo Da Vinci because
of how famous his pieces
have become in the art world,
and that Da Vinci was not just
a painter, but also a sculptor.
Black does not have any
plans for college after high
school, but he does plan to
continue making art as a
"Just have fun with art," is
his advice for young artists.
Ask Big A: Advice for Every Alice
their friends. If they already
have a date, then you can just
look for another date or even
take a friend. Then you can
just dance with them at the
event. But, if they do not already have a date your next
task would be the proposal.
Step two, planning the proposal. There are many ways
you could go about the prom
proposal. If you don’t already
have any ideas in mind, you
can ask any of their friends
some basic things they like or
like to do and find a way to
incorporate those into a proposal. You could even look
online on Pinterest. There are
so many unique and fun ways
to ask someone, such as putting caution tape around their
car and drawing a chalk out-
line of your body as well as
writing "I'm dying to go to
Prom with you!" Or even
buying a pizza and have the
box say, "I know this is
cheesy, but I will you go to
Prom with me?" Anything
you decide would be great
and the effort will be appreciated. Also keep in mind that
you don't have to spend loads
of money trying to create an
extravagant proposal. There
are numerous ideas that cost
very little. If none of these
ideas appeal to you, there is
always the simple approach:
Just walk up and ask, “Would
you like to do to prom with
Another tip to consider is
that it doesn’t hurt to practice
what you are going to say so
you don’t become tonguetied. You can practice in front
of the mirror, ask a friend or
even your parents or siblings.
Try what makes you feel
comfortable saying what you
want to say to that person you
wish to ask.
Finally, step three. After
you decide what you want to
do and set it up, it is then the
time to put the plan into action. Yes, you will probably
be nervous, especially if you
are not sure what the outcome
will be, but that is also part of
the fun. When asking remember to remain confident at all
times. Asking someone can
be scary and there is always
that possibility that they
could say no, but do not let
that keep you from trying, be-
cause you never know what
could happen! If they say no,
you just keep your head held
high and find a new person to
ask. If they say yes, then Congratulations! You have a
Prom date!
Yours truly,
Big A

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