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3 RUE MONTMORENCY 75003 PARIS [email protected]
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What we do?
Certain jobs can be described in just two words and
in less than three seconds: « marriage counsellor »
« landscape artist », « financial analyst ».
Others are more challenging to define. In the case of
SAS, it is not three seconds but rather five minutes
of your time for you to get the idea.
SAS is NOT a « communications agency ». We are
a laboratory from which new ideas emerge. SAS
formulates and brings to life original concepts
for brands looking for something different – an
alternative way of communicating – to enhance their
leverage, establish their positioning, revitalize
their image, or add value in their product range
and product environment. SAS is adept at crossing
borders and avoiding obvious consensus tracks.
Industries we work with include:
Fashion & Beauty • Luxury • Lifestyle • Advertising
• Film • Entertainment • Art • Food & Drink • Print
and Web • TV & Radio
Since its launch in 2006, SAS has taken on a number
of roles:
• Event planning and production • Trend scouting &
forecasting • Communications • Media relations • PR
stunts • Celebrity relations and seeding • Fashion
styling • Video Production • Pop-up events • Trade
show exhibits • Graphic and web design Management
• Copy-writing • Art direction • Product launches
• Media kit design • Trend notebooks • Photo shoot
production • Journalism, and more….
Specific expertise is brought
into projects through the SAS
musicians, casting directors,
philosophers, movie producers,
designers, architects, artists…
they help us to enrich our
knowledge of their markets, feed
our trend research and coordinate
projects locally.
We involve ourselves deeply to
accompany our clients, step by
step, in the blossoming of their
brands. Because we believe in
their uniqueness and want them to
be successful, we provide tailored
services and solutions.
SAS in a nutshell is:
coherent chaos!
Who is she?¯
A child in Dakar, a teenager in New York, Alexandra
Senes finally set down her baggage in Paris. With
only one goal: to become a journalist. Resourceful
and dauntless, she quickly conquers the hearts of
editorial offices. From ELLE to LE NOUVEL ÉCONOMISTE,
she also signs a weekly page in the JOURNAL DU DIMANCHE
and initiates the « Style » supplements (design,
food, fashion, beauty, cities) of LE MONDE together
with Laurence Benaïm. She sharpens her writing and
imposes a tone of her own. She predicts trends like
no one else; she is a down to earth yet eccentric
and an adventurous wanderer. The JALOU publishing
house entrusted her with launching a new monthly
magazine, and in 1998, JALOUSE was born. Chief editor
of this new magazine; which skyrocketed in sales and
advertising (today 86 000 copies). Alexandra Senes
has a field of expertise that is unique: she is a
contemporary alchemist. The first of its kind in the
history of French feminine press: a special Japan
edition of JALOUSE to be read backwards; an edition
with a moving cover in partnership with Chanel;
an edition with an enclosed dildo, way before Tom
Ford and Carine Roitfeld ever started doing porno
chic; an accessory special supplement shot by Claude
After nine years, as leader of this extraordinary
field of action, she longs for something else. For
utter outbursts. Desire to expand her horizons. She
leaves JALOUSE to build SAS, Société d’Alexandra
Senes, a « custom fit » agency, a super-efficient
kaleidoscope. It encompasses the world’s diversity
and is vibrant with colors. A lab for ideas, chic,
experimental and visionary.
As a « mutant » of the twentyfirst century, she is always
and impossible to categorize.
trend setter, story teller or
communication adviser… She is
not one, she is all.
The world is her hunting ground
and play pen, obsessive digger
and clairvoyant, she unveils the
invisible. Activist in macro
up microcosms, boarders and
conventional landmarks. Her trips
and encounters across the world
are a way of life. And so she
develops her own global network,
and an exclusive, unique contact
with every person she meets. She
has a nose for unknown geniuses
(Ozwald Boateng, British tailor,
designer or even Art/C, Israeli
designer) and enjoys making
them work with well established
and renowned artists. Fashion,
art, music, design, cosmetics,
literature and graphic art,
she mixes in an explosive Petri
dish, to make up her inimitable
« DÉJÀ VU ».
have experienced it.
It is no wonder that the SAS
« kaleidoscope » has been so
coveted from the first day it was
born. Since 2006, projects have
kept coming, as a testimony to
how adaptable Alexandra is. Parts
to play continue to diversify,
and rewards keep coming too.
degree in literature and masters
degree at the French Institute
of Fashion.
Since its creation in 2006, SAS has developed by
constantly pushing the boundaries of its field,
moved by the desire to conquer unchartered grounds
and work with new people. The idea is to move
forward constantly towards novelty, to discover the
unseen and always push SAS to regenerate itself.
Every project thus becomes a unique blow, and not
the « nth » execution of an old recipe.
SAS Journalism (creative on-line and off-line media
content): sources and crafts articles; advises magazines
in search of identity or a « new skin »; invents formats
and directs productions « made for TV »; imagines radio
chronicles; invents your concept.
10 rue du plâtre, 4e arrondissement, Paris
Previously chief editor of Jalouse, SAS stays connected to
its first family.Today theIR mutual trust and influence
remain intact.
Journalist, consultant, editor at large
14 rue Margueritte, 14e arrondissement, Paris
Mediafair FZ LLC, twofour54, PO Box 77778, Abu Dhabi
Two young Tunisians, with a project to create a new
magazine, turn to SAS for advice. « unfair »: a magazine
about fashion and culture; visionary and modern;
specifically created for the women in Arab countries.
A pioneer publication which needs to be invented:
the analogy with Jalouse’s beginning is obvious and
strengthens the implication of SAS. The agency defines
an original and editorial direction, to prevent the
magazine from becoming another « luxury catalog » without
A soul. Initially hired as creative director, Alexandra
Senes, appears under the title of « fairy godmother » in
the credits of the magazine.
Creative director; journalism; artistic and editorial advice; hiring of
co-workers; celebrity relations and seeding. (ex: feature interview with
Azzedine Alaïa in the first issue)
33 rue
The weekly magazine of fashion recruits Alexandra Senes
for its « fashion police » section: experts in fashion
are in charge of grading the looks of stars and it-girls;
and of tracking down their style blunders. Sergeant SAS
has the reputation to be unrelenting even merciless, but
always fair.
Style cop …. Terminator
81.3 FM, Tokyo
In its quest for an idea to celebrate the theme
« Air in Paris » in Japan, Hermès contacts SAS. Since best
way to export the air of Paris is through it’s sounds and
atmosphere, SAS created a radio show featuring French and
Parisian culture. The « Air of Paris » a weekly radio
broadcast where the Japanese listeners discover current
French cultural events, through interviews. The show became
a hit! At first, limited to the Tokyo area, the radio
broadcast was sold in several cities: Kyoto, Osaka, Kobé…
It was on the air for three years with over 28 million
The Japanese Hermès C.E.O even « accused » Alexandra of
Creating a turnkey broadcast format made-for-Japanese
radio. Editing, interviewing of celebrities in connection
with current events. The sound was directed by Frédéric
The team of buybuy.com consults SAS for the creation of
its luxury e-zine: both a magazine and ONLINE shop. It
is just about the very first mixed website, dedicated
to the luxury industry, launched with the help of SAS.
Because of its rich journalistic experience the agency
advises the e-zine on the editorial line-up, team and
Chief Editor until launch, team build-up, artistic
and editorial consulting, choice and contact with
Karl largerfeld - PLAY
PRINTEMPS 64 bld Haussmann, 9e arrondissement, Paris
Canal 31
To invent a new television show was a long-time obsession
for SAS. It is done with « La Vitrine »; a format
conceived and written by the agency. The theme is on
the creative processes of fashion designers. The concept
is to invite fashion icons (Karl Lagerfield, Christian
Laboutin, Vanessa Bruno, Paul Smith to mention a few…)
to exhibit in the shop window of Printemps (one of
Paris’ most notorious department stores). The designers
were each asked to create their own personal setting,
symbolizing their respective universe, in which they
revealed their inspirations during a live televised
interview, seen and heard by the crowds that gathered
outside of the department store window on the boulevard
Imagination and execution of the concept, selection and invitations of
the fashion icons, set design and building in shop window, presentation
and hosting of the live TV program
SAS: an art commissioner, for the creative event
spaces of famous fashion-designer stores, trade
fairs and for artistic events.
Galerie 31, 31 rue Jacob, 6e arrondissement, Paris
The beer 1664 asks SAS to orchestrate the launch of its
white beer. Six contemporary artists (among them Claude
Closky, Seulgi Lee and Julien Prévieux) have to reinterpret
the codes of the brand, on the occasion of an exhibition.
For a month, a gallery is improvised in Saint-Germain-desPrès. During the evening, the gallery turns into a place of
gourmet dining for the A-list crowd and decadent parties.
Conception and execution of the project, artistic
direction, selection and contact with the artists,
decoration of the venue, animation during the month of
the exhibition
Cabine d’essayage - PLAY
Printemps, 64 bld Haussmann, 9e arrondissement, Paris
To introduce the new face of BoHo (Bohemian of Soho),
the Printemps department store, asks SAS to build an
exhibition. SAS creates an interactive concept staged
in the elevator bays on six floors: six luxury bohemians
(among them Diane Von Furstenberg, India Mahdavi,
Margherita Missoni) are invited to recreate their own
universe and their home atmosphere.
Conception and execution of the project, organization,
choice and contact with the guest designers
Le Bon Marché, 22-38 rue de Sèvres, 7e arrondissement,
The department store gives SAS « carte blanche » to create
an exhibition on fashion. The agency proposes « fashion
master classes » given by elite designers: Paul Smith, Irina
Lazareanu, Farid Chenoune, Loïc Prigent, Fabien Baron.
Each of which holds their respective master classes. The
program: fashion vocabulary class, pop quiz on the latest
trends, and a course on how to pronounce the names of
British designers properly.
Imagination, execution and staging of the concept,
organization, selection and contacts with the professors,
Point éphémère, 200 quai de Valmy, 10e arrondissement,
CENTQUATRE, 104 rue d’Aubervilliers - 5 rue Curial, 19e
arrondissement, Paris
Within the fair of contemporary art Slick, SAS invents
Slick Berlin, which is positioned an annex-festival.
Its organization and communication are executed by SAS.
Over four days Berlin’s mood and hype are celebrated in
Paris through exhibitions, conferences, shows, concerts
and parties… Influenced by the anniversary of the Berlin
Wall, the theme chosen for this first edition is « Mur
Mur ».
Programming, selection and contacts with the artists
from Berlin, staging and execution of the exhibition,
organization of conferences and of the opening of the fair
Slick at 104, set around a performance by Iepe Rubingh, the
inventor of chess boxing, and the presence of Enki Bilal
For just an evening, a month or a year, SAS creates
events to best promote client brands.
FIRE STATION Château-Landon, 10e arrondissement, Paris
Wool specialists, Bergère de France, wishes to dust
off its brand image. Desiring to reach a new public,
it approaches SAS to organize a party. The problem? It
is literally impossible to attract a young and trendy
crowd to a Bergère de France party! SAS decides to
build a whole story around wool and in a fire station:
completely set in a decor made of 100% wool, spaghetti
menu, pompom workshops, 10 fashion knitting schools on
the art of knitting with white wool, collection for
children of the stars like, Lily Rose, the daughter of
Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp or Tim Elvis, the son of
Cathy and David Guetta, screening of the clip SteriOgram
by Michel Gondry.
Conception and execution of the project, artistic direction, selection and contact with knitters
JAPAN EXPO, Parc des expositions, Villepinte
In Japan, Tokyo Style Collection is a very popular event,
which organizes vast catwalk open to all. Unknown in
France, the brand asks SAS to help organize a catwalk in
Paris. It is within the framework of « Japan Expo » that
SAS will import the this original concept from Japan.
Conception and execution of the event, artistic direction,
conception and realization of a catalogue redrawing the
368-70 rue Saint-Honoré, 1er arrondissement, Paris
For the inauguration of its first Parisian shop on rue
Saint Honoré, SAS organizes the opening party; from a
concert to a menu by the chef François Xavier Bogard.
Imagination and execution of the evening, selection and
contacting with the participants
Hôtel Le Bristol, 112
8e arrondissement, Paris
The stylish brand from Los Angeles is looking to launch
its designer jeans in Paris. SAS organizes the press
launch day. For the occasion, SAS transforms, Paige
Adams-Geller – creator of the brand - into Dr Paige.
Sitting behind her desk, in a suite of the hotel Bristol,
and dressed in a white smock, Dr Paige consults patients
(key journalists) whom she treats with denim therapy.
She provides her patients with personal recommendations
and prescriptions for « the perfect fitting jean ».
Imagination and execution of the concept, organization
of the event, press relation management
70 avenue des Champs-Elysées, 8e arrondissement, Paris
The brand needs ideas to boost the Beauty Bar in its
main shop on the Champs-Elysées. SAS intervenes and
organizes a series of monthly theme events: set in a 100
m2 space, featuring themes, such as « Rubis sur l’ongle
» for women and « Barber Shop » for men.
Imagination and execution of the concepts, organization
during the event
Galerie Wanted, 23 rue du Roi de Sicile, 3e arrondissement,
Pierre-André Sénizergues, former skateboarding World
Champion and CEO of Sole Technology (Emerica, Etnies…),
is the initiator of « Greend », a movie about his two
passions: skateboarding and nature. His PR agency BMRP,
mandates SAS to locate a gallery for their event. As part
of the promotion for this event, SAS also commissions
7 artists and graphic designers to create ethical and
aesthetic T-shirts that are sold in the gallery. SAS
then persuades the shop Colette to sport the « Greend
mood » for the occasion of the event.
Organization of the exhibition, creation of T-shirts
concept, selection and liaising with the graphic
Visionary and innovative, SAS guides and advises
the brands in their various choices. SAS invents
new communication tools that become references and
icons. SAS becomes the go-between which enables ideas
to become reality and successful.
Place du casino, 98000 Monaco
While India Madhdavi rethought all the interior design
of the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, a mythical luxury hotel,
SAS is asked to develop the communications around its
reopening party. SAS envisions a material countdown:
during the six months that preceded the evening, guests
receive monthly an object created in the new colors of
the Hotel. Regrettably, the cold wind which blows on
today’s world economy also touches the rock of Monaco
and the project is cancelled.
Imagination and execution of the communication concept
Parc des expositions, Halle 7, Porte de Versailles,
15e arrondissement, Paris
Barbie is in search for an original idea to celebrate
the 50th anniversary of its doll. As Barbie usually
approaches fashion designers, SAS suggests calling on
50TH accessory designers to create a unique object for
the special occasion. The creations are exposed at the
exhibition Prêt à Porter Paris.
Imagination and execution of the concept, selection and
liaising with the designers
Le Petit Endroit, 14 rue Portefoin 75003, Paris
Alexandra Senes discovers the talented designer Art / C
during a trip to Israel. She convinces him to come
to Paris by first offering him a catwalk and a space
of 30 m2 at Prêt à Porter Paris exhibition, then by
introducing Art / C to the press attaché Sylvie Grumbach.
When Sylvie Grumbach offers to SAS to run her shop
gallery « Le petit endroit », SAS hurries to pass on the
torch so that Art / C can occupy the space.
Advice in communication, on brand identity and positioning
in the French market
Across the globe, SAS seeks out, identifies and
forecasts trends in fashion, art, design, cosmetics,
gastronomy, web… She then spotlights these innovative
ideas through the creation of relevant space, objects
or concepts.
multidisciplinary space of 600m2 which shows the trends of the seasons
to come. SAS invites personalities and artists to liven up this space
(commissioner of a biennial event of design; the team of an ecological
Californian magazine). Finally, SAS creates trend books in original formats
(paintings of Post-It, vinyl, handmade covers), in the idea to show the
inspirations and visual senses of the seasons to come.
Halle 7, Porte de Versailles, 15e arrondissement, Paris
For this exhibition which is held twice a year in Paris,
SAS has several missions: in charge of setting the
general theme of the exhibition « La musique » in January
2008, « de Tokyo à Stockholm en passant par Rio et Los
Angeles » in January 2009, « Dans l’air » in September
2009, « La parisienne 2.0 » in January 2010. According
to each of these themes, SAS livenes up the entrance of
the exhibition: the spaces where the events are held
are never smaller than 600m2 (concerts during 4 evenings
for « La Musique ») or artistic installations (A huge
inflatable balloon for « Dans l’air »).
SAS is also responsible for the artistic direction and
production of the catwalk (shows 3 - 4 times a day, a
catwalk, named « Tendances », styled and signed SAS).
SAS also operates as a trend office: as part of the
exhibition the agency stages « Explosion de Modes », a
Choice of the theme of the exhibition, imagination and execution of
events, selection and liaising with the participants, staging of the space
« Explosion de Modes », artistic direction, organization and production
of the catwalk, creation and production of the trend books
Endowed with the ability to predict, SAS guides brands
towards uncharted fields, in view of modernizing and
promoting their image.
73 rue de Rivoli, 1e arrondissement, Paris
On the occasion of its 40 year anniversary, the brand
looks for a way to reinvent and restore its image. WITH
THE AGENCY SANDIE ROY, SAS imagines « Etam Remix »: to
call up 4 young creators (among them Tsumori Chisato
and Véronique Leroy) to reinterpret former models of
archives: imagine collections of underwear which are
modern yet remain faithful to the heritage of the brand.
For the occasion, SAS rethinks all of the imaging and
graphic codes of the brand. For the launch evening: a
big party on 4 floors of the store, on each of which is
recreated the universe of every past decade.
Imagination and execution of the concept, artistic
direction, selection and liaising with the designers,
production of the press kit, packaging, conception of
the launch evening
The brand approaches SAS to help it define its advertising
image by translating it through a « look book » and a
Advise on the brand identity, target group, photo shoot
and production of the catalogue
On the occasion of the launch of its first watch in
Basel, the brand works with SAS on its press kit. To
symbolize the entry to the world of the Watchmaker SAS
imagines an exceptional tool, created BY YURGO TOUPLAS
in the shape of a watch and its cogs.
Imagination and execution of the press kit
Stouls creates leather clothing in meshed style: stretch
material and washable in machine. SAS defines the brand
identity, the unity of the collection, artistic direction
and communication tools.
Imagination and production of the catalogue, appointment
of and liaison with the press office
36 Quai d’Austerlitz, 13e arrondissement, Paris
The school commissions SAS to create a book to present
the work of 18 pupils and future fashion designers.
Starting from the observation that a classic catalogue
is not the best way to value individual works, SAS
proposes a « yearbook » which compiles a visual CV of
every pupil in the form of detachable index cards.
Imagination of the concept and production of the book
Because of an extensive experience in journalism,
critical eye and non-conventional approach, SAS has
been invited by several publishing houses to edit
and publish books and collections.
Marais (Stephane) nom propre Le 11
août vous avez pu le croiser en Peter Sellars
ou en capitaine du love Boat. Où ça ? Seuls
ses amis le savent. Il leur donne le thème de
son anniversaire 24 heures avant sur une île
où l’on ne trouve rien. Ses amis se retrouvent
à la quincaillerie du coin ou à se faire poser
des faux ongles 12 heures avant The Party
SAS makes up and defines hundreds of snobby fashion
words and crowds, grouping together anecdotes on the
celebrities of the fashion backstage or front row.
Writing of the book
Croq Rykiel n.m Avoir son magasin en face
du Café de Flore vous offre certains privilèges… Comme pouvoir se manger ou se
faire manger de tous... Le croque Rykiel est
un club sandwich mais sans pain ni mayonnaise, blanc de poulet grillé, poitrine fumée
et tomates sur un lit de salade.
Birkin n.m En 1984, à bord d’un avion,
alors qu’elle se bat avec son sac pour trouver
les affaires de sa fille Charlotte, Jane Birkin
évoque à son voisin les difficultés pour une
jeune mère de trouver un sac qui allie élégance et confort. Sans le savoir, elle se confie
à Jean Louis Dumas, le président d’Hermès
SAS has the idea to develop tourist guides’ new collection
on cities, which is not the « nth » impersonal inventory
of hotels and restaurants. Avoiding anonymity, SAS
approaches each city from the inside: 100 personalities
are questioned about their habits, favorite plans and
addresses of places of choice. The first guide focuses
on Beirut and will be released at the end of 2010, the
second one will be on Paris and is coming out soon.
Creation of the concept, artistic direction of the
collection, selection and liaison with 100 Beyrouthins
and Parisians
An idea bursts out? SAS grasps it and writes its
L’Eclaireur, 8-10 rue Boissy d’Anglas, 8e arrondissement,
SAS dreamed to open an underground and short-lived
bar in Paris. SAS likes to share: having neither the
« licence IV » to serve alcohol or the courage to manage
a bar 7 days a week. The agency proposes to a couple of
friends to become a bartender for a day. « L’Etranger »
settles down for a month in a kitchen, which can only
be accesses through the back entrance, by the garbage
bins, and a sinuous corridor lighted with candles. On
Tuesdays, Florence Denou and Helena Noguerra create
a « cinema » atmosphere, on Wednesdays her Lebanese
and Armenian friends, create a « chic » ambiance,… on
Thursdays, Gerald Cohen and Alexandra organize a media
Creation of the concept, artistic direction for the
collection, selection and liaison with 100 Beyrouthins
and Parisians
Théâtre de l’Odéon, Place de l’Odéon, 6e arrondissement,
vêtements de rien - PLAY
At a market situated in the South of France, SAS finds a
collection of old clothes dating from the beginning of the
century. SAS decides to give these rags, patched and damaged
by time, a second life: a catwalk, an exhibition, a book, a
museum … An adventure which is not ready to end and which
began in January ’10. During the week of Haute Couture, under
the name « Vêtements de rien », a brilliant performance was
staged by Olivier Saillard, at the Théâtre de l’Odéon.
Creation and execution of the concept, hiring of the coworkers
AS distinguishes itself thanks to a large number of skills and talents.
Above all, it is a laboratory of creation where collectivism comes before individualism.
Here are some of our friends and supporters.
photographer - Because he will always be the best paparazzi on the planet like Nan Goldin, Roxane Lowitt
or Joel Peter Witkin could be.
leather creator - Because she is the baroness who loves that we prepare her “frichtis” and she will always
be in my life.
designer - Because he is more of a visionary than any clairvoyant.
director of Lebanon tourism department in Paris - Because we scaled all the snowy summits of Lebanon and
the night-beyrouthins slums.
boutique Colette - Because we had dinner together in Tokyo in 1997, while we planned a “coup d’état”:
Colette and Jalouse.
Vogue Brazil - Because she is the most beautiful old Brazilian woman.
El Khoury, creator of
l’Artisanat du Liban - Because she is the most beautiful old Lebanese woman.
plastic designer - Because she is the most talented old New York woman.
brothers - Because I would not be “La Senes” without les Senes.
Watchout producer - Because Greta witnessed our mega-friendship.
designer - Because I was the backbone when we inaugurated the studio of Simon Le Bon with Nigel.
chief editor of DVD Talents - Because she wanders the city of Lille in a fur coat, she wonders if the water
is drinkable and because she made me «love» Lebanon.
photographer, artist, doctor - Because a boracho mejicano, on a night train Paris-Venice, allowed us to go
to Lacoste or Blesle.
singer - For having made the introduction between Ange Leccia and Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster.
director of the agency Reflexgroup - Because he is even more of a romantic than I am with his 7 children
of one single woman and because he likes strikes.
chef, genius, journalist - Because he left the Walkie-talkie to make a present to Johan who also made me
one of the most beautiful present.
graphic designer - Because we cheated on our English test in high school.
director of 75 - Because on the 1st of April he gave me a new take off with my «Superman» sweatshirt.
director of Sokhamon hotel, Dakar - Because she is my Lebanese mom.
fashion creator - Because he offered me his first interview for the daily paper Le Monde and a gorgeous
sales manager of Orange - Because she is Alex brunette the number 1.
boutique Peinture - Because I served tea to her guests that gave me my first taste of the surrealist Saint
Germain des Près.
writer - Because we used to have a deep conversation every Saturday morning at the Flore.
actress - Because she is my queen and because I taught Barnabé how to swim.
program director of the museum Galliera - Because he transformed a collection of rags picked up in the South
into a caustic presentation of Haute Couture.
photo producer of Biba magazine - Because of a mistake on a Chloé button, «Lick me all over «, which made
the Hyères gossip columns, we became friends.
plastic designer - Because he threw up in the air 50 accessories of a Jalouse supplement, for which I was
blamed for years, yet today it is quoted in the stock exchange.
director of
Angelo Sensini Communication - Because I am his adoptive «mom» since 15 years.
architect - Because we are connected in infinity.
singulière hôte -Because she incarnated Tokyo for me 12 years ago, and very frequently these last 3
superstar businessman - Because he is he for me and I am me for him.
journalist, painter - Because she is beautiful and was my mentor.
communications and media specialist - Because I almost killed her and we’ve been BFFs ever since.
designer - Because we are both starving for life to the point of surviving a drama and because every time
I see S&P shakers I think about P.S.
renowned hand surgeon - Because he did not amputate my leg, he touched me for life.
A.K.A Zdar, one of the Cassius, producer, remixer, Dj - Because I am his goldfish.
human resources manager of the planet - Because we are universally bonded.
journalist, writer - Because he hired me after a dinner at the Grand Colbert on the only condition that I
accept to go to Los Angeles on my first day of work.
sociologist - Because he accepted to meet with Christian Lacroix.
graffeur - Because he sold me his first great painting.
communication manager of Hermès Japon - Because it’s Jules in Kyushu.
consultant chief editor of Hermès - Because it’s Jim in Kyushu.
business women - Because I have always been amazed, that she has loved David and she also likes pink.
art negotiator - Because he can go crazy and curse at a banker, order 3 starters just to taste and take you
to Zanzibar without even knowing where it is.
photographer - Because we read Sciascia in Palermo and he told me to pay attention in Napoli.
director of the gallery JTM, co-creator of Slick art fair - Because...
poet, politic - Because he nurtured my childhood and if I ever had a son one of his first names might be
businessman, businesswomen - Because I had his 400m2 living room painted with graffiti by six hands (Zeus,
André, Jonone).
fashion creator - Because he published a book about my friend Gauthier Gallet, a photographer deceased in
a scooter accident.
Grand grandmother - Because she is the most elegant grand grandmother one can possibly have.
plastic designer - Because he posed naked for me in front of Mario Testino’s camera.
graffiti artist, owner of Le Baron - Because he offered the most beautiful gift for the birth of Mila,
because I inaugurated Le Baron with him and he has a tendency to tag me in Tokyo or on the back.
architect - Because he is always with me on my business card.
great reporter for ELLE, writer, architect - Because I saw curry attack him in Jaipur and he saw me attack
a Varan Dragon in Tioman.
fashion creator - Because I ordered a costume from him for my daughter’s dad before he became famous on the
other side of the channel.
Director Of THE fondation Cartier - BECAUSE WE DISCOVERED simultaneouslY Arthur Bispo Do Rosario.
inventor of Souk el Tayeb, bio market, initiator of « slow food » and owner of the restaurant Tawlé in
Beirut. - Because he has divine taste and for his loved one, Rabih Kayrouz.
journalist, program manager of La Verrière in Brussels - Because she stands for everything I love.
hairdresser for Blonde - Because he is my blond.
YOGA GOUROU - because she’s a sister.
artistic director of Jacadi - Because she was born in 1947, my future project.
plastic designer - Because we played with mud on the elephant feet all our childhood.
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