T-8601 Pond Life - TREND enterprises, Inc.



T-8601 Pond Life - TREND enterprises, Inc.
Students learn about pond life as they create a
realistic display right in the classroom.
Learning Game (shown left): Label separate calendar days from the
Calendar & Special Days Mini Bulletin Board Set (T-8714): type, predator,
and prey. Pin answers under each one and attach near each creature.
Create a worksheet for students to chart each creature while researching
them at the learning center.
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Spark kids’ interest in pond life by creating a realistic
mural. Use fadeless paper and trimmers to set a
scene, and then add crinkled, blue cellophane to
create a 3-D effect for the water. Take a walk outside
and have students collect tall grasses and other leaves
and plants to simulate those found near a pond. If
a walk is not an option, obtain artificial grasses and
cattails and add to the display. Students add the pond
animals to the appropriate spots on the display. To
extend learning, have students study, draw, and add
more plants and animals to the display, or research
and create a night scene mural.
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Learning Chart
T-69020 Frog Pond
Desk Toppers® Name Plates
T-68008 Fun Frogs Name Tags
T-63314 Frog Pond Pals
Sparkle Stickers®
Pond Life
Mini Bulletin Board Set
T-8005 Blue Water
Discovery™ Trimmers
T-80020 Birch Bark
Discovery™ Trimmers
T-8714 Calendar &
Special Days
Mini Bulletin Board Set
Fadeless paper, blue cellophane,
paper fasteners, artificial grass and
cattails, and double-stick tape.
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