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Untitled - Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care
About Rainbow Hospice
Rainbow Hospice combines broad clinical expertise and extensive community
resources to provide choices in comfort and care for people experiencing
serious illness. Through diverse, specially-trained teams of professionals and
volunteers, Rainbow Hospice helps people quickly identify the services they
need so they can focus on what matters most. By combining the best practices
of health care along with the best resources of the community, Rainbow Hospice
helps individuals and their families live well despite illness.
Board of Directors
Michael E. Kerns,Chairperson
Vice President & Associate General Counsel
Advocate Health Care
Program Areas
Kerry Shannon, Vice Chairperson
Partner/Global Health Solutions
Computer Sciences Corporation
Patient and Family Services
Helping people to quickly identify and receive what they need
Ronald E. Struxness, Treasurer
ExecutiveVice President/CEO
St. Joseph Hospital
Bereavement Support
Providing support to grieving individuals, families and communities
Dr. Harold Shafter, Secretary
Medical Director/Inpatient Cardiac Telemetry
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Palliative Care Consultation
A team approach to easing symptoms of serious illness
Patricia A. Ahern,President
Executive Director
Rainbow Hospice
Rainbow LIFE Institute for Learning
Leading Innovators for end-of-life Education
Our Mission
Rainbow Hospice enables people to live with dignity and hope while coping
with loss and the end of life.
Marie Cleary-Fishman
SeniorVice President
Resurrection Home Health Services
To enhance the community’s ability to navigate end-of-life experiences through
growth, innovation, and diversification.
To continually challenge ourselves to do better
To honor the dignity and worth of each individual and to respect the breadth of
cultures, values and traditions
To be present for others without judgment, offering hope, comfort and support
To work together as we actualize our mission and to be ethical in all we do
George Gatto
Gatto Industrial Platers,Inc.
James P. Hill
ExecutiveVice President/Administrative Services
Resurrection Health Care
Rev. Leroy Joesten
Vice President Religion and Health
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
James H. Kelley
Director of Finance
Advocate Lutheran General Hospital
Rainbow Hospice is sponsored by Advocate
Health Care and Resurrection Health Care
Quick Fact
• Rainbow Hospice is accredited by Communit
Health Accreditation Program.
Greetings and welcome to the
good news of Rainbow Hospice!
In these days of opportunities and challenges, even not-for-profit agencies like Rainbow Hospice
need to be strategic while planning for the future. Our dreams are built on the bedrock of
responsible stewardship and sturdy emphasis on the mission of Rainbow Hospice: enabling people to
live with dignity and hope, even as they are coping with loss and the end of life.
Our mission statement answers the ‘why’ question: why do we exist?
Patricia Ahern, President and Executive Director
As we were updating our strategic plan this year, we worked hard to discern the most contemporary meaning of our mission for the people we
serve today. That process led us to revise our vision for the future emphasizing action and leadership: Rainbow Hospice will enhance the community’s
ability to navigate end-of-life experiences. This vision statement answers the ‘where’ question: where are we going?
The final stage of our strategic planning answers the ‘how’ and ‘what’ questions: how will we accomplish our vision and what are the
priorities, among a myriad of options? Our choices have led us to a blend of goals and objectives that call for growth, innovation and
diversification. Thus, begins the first year of our newest edition of a strategic plan.
The idea of navigational services provided to the community is a powerful tool. We use that word intentionally because, in so many ways,
Rainbow Hospice provides navigational resources to families who are taking a journey that they probably did not prepare for.
A travel agent for the terminally ill and their families?
Think about a trip you took and you needed a travel agent. Going somewhere you’ve never been? Unsure of what the experience is like?
Not sure how to plan? Not sure how long it will take and who should come along? I would offer that the same questions apply to people
living with terminal illness. We are the trusted resource and companion. Who is a more weary traveler than someone who is sick, afraid and
What can be done? Who needs help? How can I use my special skills? What can I learn? Who is lonely, isolated or afraid?
These are the questions our staff, volunteers and friends ask every day. We are looking for concrete ways to provide support, care and
hospitality – and we do it so well.
Rainbow Hospice is also looking for concrete ways to offer more options to our community. That is why we will open our inpatient hospice
unit in the fall. We are doing this because there are patients and families who need our special care and attention around the clock to more
completely reduce their suffering.
In a world where differences are the basis for separation, war and intolerance, it is comforting to know that we are all more the same than we are
different when we’re dealing with the ‘what matters most’ times of life. Rainbow Hospice is the answer to many prayers.
So, now I take us back to the strategic plan and the final key component: what is the answer to the ‘who’ questions? Who is going to make sure that
Rainbow Hospice is resilient, prepared and effective? My answer is, “we are.” It takes a combined effort of talented leadership, energized staff,
vigorous volunteers and faithful friends to ensure the mission of Rainbow Hospice. We are on a journey, together.
I am so glad to have you as a travel companion. Let’s be sure it’s the best trip we can take.
Thank you always,
Attaining a Dream
How Rainbow Hospice Navigates patients through End ofLife...
Rainbow Hospice Nurse Recalls Patient’s
Final Journey....
One Rainbow Hospice nurse recalls the final
moments of a patient and how strong and
inspiring the experience was.
“Joe was an 80-year-old with melanoma
who absolutely loved his wife and five grown
children. And they adored him. They were
frightened, however, to have him home. What
if something went wrong?...How do we address
his physical needs?...Who’s going to help us?….
questions many of our families have when
considering hospice care.
The evening before his death, I made a late night
visit to the home. His family was with him in his
bedroom sitting a good distance from his bed.
After assessing Joe, I knew that he was actively
dying. Joe was comfortable and the family was
assured by my presence. I suggested they sit
around him on his king-sized bed. His wife was at
the head of the bed. All five grown kids, two boys and
three girls were around him. He stroked his wife’s face
and said he never wanted to forget it. I left there that
evening knowing in my heart that he was comforted by
the love of his family. He felt it and so did they. They
had each other and were ready to let him move on.
I will forever have that picture in my mind. The
love in that room was palpable even to me. At that
moment, I knew I did my job as a hospice nurse. Joe
died the next day. And during my final visit with the
family, I was taken aback at the family’s expression of
gratitude to me for what I did for them. They wanted
to do something nice for me, and I told them they
already had. I thanked them for the privilege of being
with them the night before. The image of the family
gathered around Joe will forever be imbedded in my
mind. That was truly a gift and I thanked them for
that!” Navigating life is challenging. Navigating end-of-life,
even more so
No one knows this better than those who work and
volunteer at Rainbow Hospice. They witness, everyday,
patients and families coming to terms with the reality
that their time together is limited. And they often see the
transformation of many patients and families who quickly
transition from hope to despair, and then back to hope. It
is a revelation that while cure is no longer an option, there
is still much to hope for; safety and comfort, mending
relationships, taking a family vacation…and for one
Rainbow Hospice patient, becoming a U.S. Citizen.
Quick Fact
• On an average day in 2007, Rainbow Hospice provided
care for 205 patients and their families.
Trinidad Guzman holds a family
portrait of her husband Bernardo
and four daughters.
Bernardo Guzman lived with
dignity and hope while coping with
end-of-life. On June 26, 2007,
Bernardo Guzman’s
journey ended in his Round Lake
Beach home surrounded by his
family and friends. How did he find
peace while coping with his terminal
This is where the help of Rainbow
Hospice steps in to care for a patient and their family
on this very difficult journey. This is evident in the
front page story that ran in the June 26th edition of the
Chicago Tribune. One week before his death,
61-year-old Bernardo fulfilled his final wish. While
coping with terminal colorectal cancer the opportunity
to fulfill his dream of becoming a legal United States
citizen became a reality.
Bernardo insisted on attending the official ceremony
for his U.S. citizenship. On an early Monday morning
Bernardo left his bed, and, with his cane, a portable
oxygen tank and a morphine pump, he, his wife and
daughter boarded a Metra train and traveled to the
Dirksen U.S. Courthouse in Chicago, were he become
a U.S. citizen.
“I pointed to my heart to ask, ‘Is it important
to him,?” said Nargis Nardi, a nurse with
Rainbow Hospice who spoke with Guzman’s
daughter, Ana 28, before approving the trip.
On Tuesday, the same day his story ran in the Chicago Tribune
he died peacefully with his family at his bedside.
‘What courage he had to just keep on going,’
said his sister-in-law, Lupe Guzman.
Quick Fact
• 60% of Rainbow Hospice patients had a non-cancer
diagnosis, again dispelling the myth that all hospice
patients have cancer.
Expressing Gratitude
The Doris Sasser Story
By Dave Samson
“We complement each other in stewardship because what I want to accomplish, I don’t have the skills to do. You have
the skills and you need some help in the funding to back up these opportunities. If I can do that, then that’s a great
partnership.” - Doris Sasser
These words were voiced by Doris Sasser in 2000, seven years prior to her death in 2007. And for each of the years in between,
Doris and her family have provided Rainbow Hospice with an annual gift in support of its mission. Her giving continues. Doris
had made provisions in her estate plans to continue support of Rainbow Hospice even after her death.
Compassionate in their concern and support for others, the Sasser Family embodies all of what is needed to be part of a healthy
community. A close friend of the Sassers calls them “a guiding light…an inspiration of how we can live and how we can support
and serve our community.”
As one of the many organizations that continues to benefit from the goodwill of the Sasser Family, Rainbow Hospice stands as a
shining example of what can happen when a clear mission, effective leadership and personal resources are brought together to
achieve a common vision.
“The ongoing support of the Sassers has transformed the way those in the community experience the richness
of what hospice can be,” says Rainbow Hospice CEO, Pat Ahern. “And in looking back to how our relationship with the Sasser
Family began, it’s not surprising that their involvement continues. Theirs is a relationship born of personal experience.”
And like so many who have witnessed firsthand the compassionate care provided by the highly skilled and dedicated Rainbow
Hospice staff, the Sasser Family has chosen to ensure that this extraordinary care be available to anyone in the community coping
with loss and the end of life.
How will this legacy continue to transform? It will be the seed of ongoing
innovation…a solid beginning for the LIFE Institute to educate and train members
in the community and healthcare professionals. It will provide a firm foundation for
the establishment of the Rainbow Hospice Ark, a dedicated inpatient unit providing
around the clock care for our most vulnerable patients and their families. And it will
be a sustaining component of Rainbow Hospice’s future as part of the organization’s
endowment fund.
In the best way, perhaps, the legacy of the Sasser Family will serve as an example to
others who wish to ensure and sustain Rainbow’s future.
As Morrie so eloquently states to Mitch in tuesdays with morrie, “death ends a life, not a
Quick Fact
• The annual Good Mourning Family Camp has provided 19
uninterrupted years of service for bereaved children and their families
and is the longest running bereavement camp for children in the
Chicagoland area.
Rainbow Legacy
The Rainbow Hospice Legacy Circle is open to those who have named Rainbow
Hospice in their estate plans. Rainbow Legacy Circle now has 17 members and four
new members this year. Three issues of the Rainbow Legacy, a charitable and gift
planning guide for friends of Rainbow Hospice were published. In each issue, a family
or individual who has named Rainbow Hospice in his or her estate plans is highlighted
on the cover.
Kathleen Scott was recently showcased in the Rainbow Legacy newsletter. Stan
Scott lost his life in a tragic accident that left Kathleen, her 3 1/2-year old son and 7-year old daughter without a husband and a father. It was
difficult for Kathleen to express with words how grateful she is for Rainbow Hospice and the Good Mourning Program. So she decided to
show her gratitude in other ways.
“When we needed it most, Rainbow Hospice was there for my family. Remembering Rainbow Hospice in my estate plans
can never match what they have given to us,” said Kathleen Scott.
“We have been successful with the printing business, and I have decided to leave
Rainbow Hospice an estate gift to make sure that other families can experience
the same peace of mind for their loved ones as we had for our mother,” said Jerry
Rasmussen. Jerry Rasmussen became acquainted with Rainbow Hospice when
his mother was a patient nearly 10 years ago. Jerry was highlighted this year in the
Rainbow Legacy and through his estate planning gift is eligible for membership in the
Rainbow Hospice Legacy Circle.
Pat and Dennis DuBoux have made Rainbow Hospice a part of their lives and their future plans by including
Rainbow Hospice in their estate plans.
“We trust the leadership at Rainbow Hospice to do the right thing,” said Pat DuBoux. “We know the funds are
used wisely and have a true impact on patients and families. We like the fact that Rainbow Hospice is a local
organization so our gift will benefit people in the area. We also know that all of our gifts will go to support
patient and family programs also important to us.”
Pat and Dennis were highlighted in the first edition of Rainbow Legacy earlier this year.
If your estate planning includes Rainbow Hospice, please notify Dave Samson, chief development officer, so your name can be added to our Legacy Circle. For more
information about the Legacy Circle or planned giving, please contact:
Dave Samson, CFRE, Chief Development Officer
[email protected]
(847) 692-8882
Quick Fact
• 74 residents from 8 medical schools received training through the LIFE
Institute for Learning (Leading Innovators For end-of-life Education). An
additional 68 students from 7 schools of nursing came through rotational
program, a 115% increase over the previous year.
Navigating the sometimes challenging waters of program development and funding is made much easier through the support of
corporations, foundations and community groups who support specific initiatives. The programs showcased here represent that which
distinguishes Rainbow Hospice as a premier hospice provider in Chicagoland.
Rainbow Hospice LIFE Institute for Learning
LIFE is an acronym for Leading Innovators For end-of-life Education. The purpose and mission of the Rainbow Hospice LIFE Institute
for Learning is to influence and inspire health care professionals and the public to understand that the end of life can be a time of
comfort and personal growth for people who are dying as well as for those who love and care for them.
Through the activities of the Rainbow Hospice LIFE Institute for Learning, healthcare professionals, consumers and community leaders
will have expanded knowledge and advanced competence to improve the way they support and serve people who are dying and those
who are bereaved.
The LIFE Institute for Learning is funded in part by the Francis Beidler Foundation,The Milne Family Foundation and the
Masonic Family Health Foundation and the Park Ridge Rotary Foundation, City of Des Plaines
Music Therapy
Rainbow Hospice offers Music Therapy as part of its holistic, integrative care for its patients who are at the end of their lives. Music
Therapy helps alleviate pain and offers emotional and spiritual comfort. Music Therapy is compassionate and non-invasive, respectfully
integrating a patient’s musical preferences with their cultural background and spiritual beliefs.
The Music Therapy program is funded in part by The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation, City of Park Ridge, Kiwanis Foundation of
Park Ridge and the Park Ridge Juniors Foundation
Good Mourning Program for Children, Teens and their Families
The Good Mourning program of Rainbow Hospice helps children and families develop a vocabulary and understanding of the powerful
emotions associated with grief, provides a safe place and safe ways to express and cope with those feelings and provides the opportunity
for bereaved families to experience that they are not alone. Bereaved children, teens and their family members can use the skills and
support gained by Good Mourning to effectively cope with their current loss and the inevitable future losses they will experience
throughout their lives.
Good Mourning is funded in part by the Park Ridge Community Fund, For All The Children, the Park Ridge Indian Scouts
Foundation, the Men’s Association of Lutheran General Hospital, the Park Ridge Juniors Foundation and Lutheran General
Rainbow Hospice Bereavement Services
Bereavement Services offered by Rainbow Hospice are available to anyone in the community coping with the loss of a loved one through
death. In addition to this unique distinction, bereavement services are tailored to meet the individual needs of participants through loss
specific support groups such as Widowed Persons Services, adult loss of a parent, adult loss of a sibling and loss of an adult child. In
addition, bereavement services also include Grief in the Workplace and Grief in Schools programs.
Rainbow Hospice Bereavement Services are funded in part by the Butler Family Foundation
Quick Fact
• Rainbow Hospice is Medicare and Medicaid
certified and is licensed to serve six Chicago land counties
of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will..
The President’s Council
Rainbow Hospice
Rainbow Hospice enables people to live with dignity and hope while coping with loss and the end of life.
To better serve the patients and families of Rainbow Hospice, the President’s Council has been established to
cultivate relationships with individuals and corporations whose financial gifts provide us with the confidence and
resources to actualize our Mission.
Membership on the President’s Council is open to individuals or corporations who make an annual commitment
to Rainbow Hospice of $2,500 or greater through personal philanthropy or through a combination of personal
philanthropy and by inviting others to invest in the mission of Rainbow Hospice.
Membership is based on the calendar year; however, gifts of philanthropy may be made at any time throughout the
year. Commitments can be fulfilled through annual giving as well as special event opportunities including table
sponsorship for the annual Angels Ball.
The meaning of being a member of the President’s Council is rooted in stewardship, a personal planned investment
of time and talent and treasure. It requires a sense of responsibility and an understanding that nothing will happen
unless we make it happen.
Members will be invited to an annual gathering with the President of Rainbow Hospice. This event will offer an
opportunity for fellowship as well as include a mission effectiveness presentation prepared to allow members to
experience Rainbow Hospice in a deeper way.
Three times each year the President will correspond with the Council in order to keep them current on the growth
and development of Rainbow Hospice.
These opportunities will provide members with greater insight into Rainbow Hospice and allow members to grow in their
knowledge of end-of-life care enabling them to be a resource within their own circle and community.
Quick Fact
• More than 5600 individuals were served by the Bereavement
Department through support groups, counseling and specialized
programs such as Grief in School and Grief in the Workplace.
Hope and Dignity
Events Provide Opportunity to Share the Rainbow Hospice Story
Nurses, patient care volunteers, music therapists, bereavement counselors and all
the staff experience what we do on a daily basis, but in different ways. Events at
Rainbow Hospice provide an avenue for all the staff and volunteers, families and
the community to embrace our vision and our story. In 2006, Rainbow Hospice
remained committed to annual events such as the Betty Brosius Walk and the
Angels Ball.
Betty Brosius Walk for Rainbow Hospice
Hundrieser Golf Outing and Benefit
On Saturday, July 22, 2006, the seventh annual Pat “Pops” Hundrieser
event raised over $11,500 for Rainbow Hospice through a Golf
Outing at the Edgebrook Golf Course in Chicago and a benefit held
that evening at the Bob-Inn, 2609 W. Fullerton in Chicago. The crowd
that gathered at the Bob-Inn feasted on an amazing buffet prepared
by Karen Hundrieser. Dr. Rick Wolfe’s band, Zip Tang, and Jeff
Hundrieser’s band, Cuttlass, wowed the crowd well into the night.
Saturday, May 6, 2006, brought blue skies, bright sun and
many Rainbow Hospice supporters walking in memory of
Betty Brosius, founder of Rainbow Hospice. Betty’s three
daughters chaired the walk, which serves as a fundraising
Rainbow Hospice staff, family and friends
enjoying a sunny day at the Hundrieser Benefit
at the Bob-Inn.
Jeff Hundrieser (center) & friends at the
Hundrieser Golf outing at the Edgebrook Golf
Sleigh Ride through Park Ridge
Pat Ahern (Left), Betty Brosius daughter’s, Amy Pracko
and Julie Brosius with Dave Samson.
Walkers set out for a 5k walk through beautiful Park Ridge.
Once again, Rainbow Hospice hosted a beautiful holiday sleigh
ride on Sunday, December 17, 2006 through Park Ridge as
one of many events that made up the
Park Ridge Winterfest celebration.
Guests enjoyed the holiday lights and
decorations from aboard a beautifully
decorated carriage. Rainbow Hospice
was also the beneficiary of proceeds
from two holiday movies sponsored by
Guests gather for a sleigh ride outside of the
Liberty Bank at Pickwick Theatre.
Pickwick Theatre in downtown Park Ridge.
Quick Fact
• A twelve-week educational program was developed and
presented on CAN-TV, Chicago’s cable access television
Angels Ball 2006 - The 25th Anniversary Celebration
Angels Ball 2006 was a fitting celebration for the 25th Anniversary of Rainbow Hospice as the event enjoyed
the largest attendance in Rainbow Hospice history. The Sasser family was honored at the event in gratitude for
their extraordinary leadership and guidance to Rainbow Hospice and the entire Park Ridge community. The
Silver Committee was introduced at Angels Ball 2006. Members of the Silver Committee are individuals or
organizations who have committed to bring at least one table of guests to the Ball. The Silver Committee
was so well received in 2006 that it will be an annual opportunity for friends of Rainbow Hospice.
Please contact Jackie Mathews, Director of Special Events, for more information regarding the Silver
Committee or Angels Ball at 847-292-2353 or [email protected]ce.org. The evening was a perfect
celebration of the many Magic Moments of the past 25 years as well as an opportunity to look forward to the
bright future of Rainbow Hospice.
Amy Pracko (left), Carrie Bending and Julie Brosius are the
daughters of Rainbow Hospice founder, Betty Brosius.
“Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs”
Rainbow Hospice hosted a spectacular evening at the
“Tutankhamun and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs Exhibition
at the Field Museum on Sunday, July 23, 2006. Guests enjoyed
a private viewing and a reception in the Field’s Atrium.
Reverend John C. Cusick, Director of the Office of Young
Adult Ministry for the Archdiocese of Chicago gave the keynote
address, “Creating a Legacy
through Memory and
Storytelling.” In keeping with
the 25th anniversary theme,
the night was truly a magic
moment for the 450 guests
who gathered in the heart of
Chicago as Rainbow Hospice
introduced “Celebrate Your
Life: Share Your Stories,” an
oral history project.
Families, friends and children enjoyed
an evening at the Field Museum for
the “Tutankhamun and the Golden Age
of the Pharaohs” Exhibition.
Magic Moments...
Development Committee Member Brian Buonamici joined by
Rainbow Hospice Board Chair Michael Kerns &
former board member Don Heidkamp.
Kate Ahern with her grandparents Steve & Barbara Bush & brother Dan
Sr.Donna Marie, CEO of Resurrection Medical
Center & Sr.Clara Frances, Sr.VP of Mission
for Resurrection Health Care.
Lance & Sue Fuhrer with Lasalle Bank’s Molly Conneen
Quick Fact
• Nearly thirty percent of the hospices in the greater-Chicago
area employ at least one board certified music therapist.
Rainbow Hospice has 3 Music Therapists on staff.
Good Mourning Camp “What in the World?”
On a beautiful sunny morning, 100 miles from Chicago, 26 families (43 children
and 28 adults) arrived at a building called the Manor House. They had journeyed
out to put everyday life behind them and focus on remembering their family
members who had died. This weekend celebrated this planet’s richest traditions of
remembering and honoring loved ones who had died. Whether borrowing
pyramid-making techniques from the Pharaohs or creating mini altars like on
the Mexican ‘Day of the Dead,’ each family member was guided into their unique
memories of their important person. Since the entire world was the source of
inspiration for camp, different cultures provided the topic of conversation at the
teen groups. One talked about how the culture of grief has affected their personal
and family culture. Another defined teen culture and broke it down into various
pieces. In this group, the teens were the experts and shared a lot of specific
information about what it’s like to be a teen now and how that’s been affected
by their life-changing loss. Exhausted after having done much meaningful hard
work throughout the two days of camp, the families folded up their altars and said
warm and sometimes tearful goodbyes to the staff and volunteers who had worked
throughout the weekend to help them remember and to heal.
Volunteers Go Above and Beyond for Rainbow Hospice Patients
Comfort care volunteer Carol Nordvedt sat bedside with a patient so she would not be alone at her
death. The patient’s family lived out of state and was not able to be home in time because she had declined
so fast. Carol knew of this situation and could not allow this patient to die alone. Carol had been called to
provide bedside vigil for only a few hours. It turned out to be twelve. Carol went beyond the call of duty
and did her normal four-hour visit with her regular assigned patient that day. Carol was able to sit with
the patient and hold her hand to assure her that there was someone present. Carol spoke with the family
over the phone and held the phone to the patient’s ear so she could say her last good bye. Carol said she
witnessed the patient become so serene during that conversation and assured the family member that she
would stay with her until she passed. As to why Carol does what she does, she says, “I have been blessed
with so much in my life and you just want to pass it on.”
Leona Mueller, Volunteer has been sewing gowns for Rainbow Hospice patients since January of
last year. Leona has sewn over one-hundred gowns that have been given to our patients who have the
need. The funds for the materials were donated by a family who saw the need to simplify care and
make the patient more comfortable.
Quick Fact
• Last year, Rainbow Hospice music therapists saw a total of 122
patients and made a total of 745 visits.
Music Therapy Helps
Families Reconnect
Laura Pawuk, Marcia Wunderlich and Taehyung Kim, all board certified music therapists for Rainbow Hospice, work alongside doctors, nurses,
social workers, chaplains, aides and volunteers to support patients and families in hospice care. They provide an innovative and non-invasive approach
that respects patients’ dignity and celebrates their lives. Taehyung Kim is the newest addition to the growing music therapy team this year. Taehyung
is originally from North Korea and recently settled here in Chicago with Rainbow Hospice.
Anne Osinski, a 96-year-old Rainbow Hospice patient is bed-bound and completely dependent on
her daughter, Alice, for her care. Together they live with the immense physical, emotional and spiritual
challenges of dementia on a daily basis. However, Anne and Alice find great joy and enrichment from
weekly music therapy visits.
Laura Pawuk MM, MT-BC uses music therapy techniques that are designed to meet Anne’s needs and
celebrate her strengths. Together, Laura and Alice engage Annie in reminiscing, singing, song-writing,
improvisation, moving and listening to favorite music and playing rhythm instruments. Anne even
improvises dance movements, makes up funny lyrics and effortlessly shows her silly side, all of which
are beloved hallmarks of her personality that were previously masked by the dementia.
Music therapy offers Anne the opportunity to once again feel a sense of normalcy and control and to
experience the joy of music, a life-long interest. Moreover, mother and daughter are able to share rich,
meaningful moments of joy and connection. According to Alice, Anne Osinski’s daughter,
“Music therapy is the highlight of our week. What a joy to see my mother so happy!”
Laura Pawuk (left) and her patient enjoy a moment together.
John’s Song
A song written by a Rainbow Hospice Family
The role of a hospice worker can extend much longer than a few days or weeks. Marcia
Wunderlich, music therapist (top left) and Anne Harvey, social worker (top right) have
been seeing the Dopak family for over a year. The family, originally not interested in music
therapy says it has been a bright spot for their father.
Thank you John,
For These Wonderful years
We love you John,
You’re always in our hearts.
For your five special children
You were always there,
Since then fourteen grandkids
Known how much you care
The dog knew your whistle,
the neighbors
Knew your kindness,
You’ve been generous,
The life of every party
All those who know you
love you,
You mean the world to us
We thank God every day that
you are in Our Lives !
Quick Fact
• Rainbow Hospice has contracts to serve at 16 Chicago
area hospitals.
Expanding our Outreach
By Angela Colville
Community Relations seeks to assist on the end-of-life journey by creating awareness, sharing information and providing education to community
professionals, groups and individuals about the mission and philosophy of palliative care provided by Rainbow Hospice. Community Relations is
supported by the phenomenal staff and volunteers who help those prepare and navigate through the journey of the end of their lives by enhancing
their current quality of life.
Rainbow Hospice has developed and initiated a Chamber of Commerce Ambassador Program which allows staff and volunteers to share their passion
for Rainbow Hospice and end-of-life care and education through networking with local community leaders, members and business professionals.
Park Ridge Women In Business Networking Breakfast meets once per month in
downtown Park Ridge. Chelle O’Connell, Executive Director of the Park Ridge
Chamber of Commerce and from left Angela Colville, Community Relations
Coordinator for Rainbow Hospice.
Rainbow Hospice currently holds membership with 15 area Chambers
of Commerce. As Rainbow Hospice is a community-based organization,
the partnerships and connections that develop between businesses and
community members are invaluable. The role of the Rainbow Hospice
Chamber Ambassador is to regularly represent Rainbow Hospice at
chamber-sponsored events. Participation at Chamber events includes
opportunities to attend business and social events, meetings and educational
programs. Community residents desire the highest quality of life in all
areas of their lives. This is a shared goal of Rainbow Hospice and Chamber
of Commerce organizations and members. This goal is achieved through
dedicated partnerships, open and ongoing communication, access to
services and exchange of information to enhance community quality of life.
Steve Bush, a longtime Rainbow Hospice volunteer, serves as the Chamber Ambassador to the Niles Chamber of Commerce. He said,
“Being an Ambassador to the Chamber gives one the opportunity to feel the pulse and
sense the flavor of the contribution businesses make to our community.”
Diana Fry, a Home Health Aide who has worked for Rainbow Hospice for 5 years serves as the
Chamber Ambassador to the Gladstone Park Chamber of Commerce, shared her thoughts,
“I like being an ambassador as it gives me a chance to spread
the good word and the good work we provide at Rainbow.
Hospice to our patients and because I get to meet a lot of
wonderful people.”
Diana Fry (left) and Steve Bush serve as Chamber Ambassadors
for Rainbow Hospice in Gladstone and Niles.
Quick Fact
• The 2007 Angels Ball honored long time volunteers an
friends Barbara and Marvin Feig for their many years of
service and support.
A new outlook for Public Relations
Inspiring stories flow from Rainbow Hospice every hour of every day. These are the stories that shape who we are
and best express to the public a vision of what Rainbow Hospice does for the terminally ill and their families. The
role of public relations is to foster, deliver and push for these stories to be told in the press.
Paid advertising increases name recognition, media relations increases credibility. When people read a story about
the excellence of Rainbow Hospice in a newspaper or see a story praising Rainbow Hospice on television, they are
much more likely to have a favorable opinion of our organization.
- Todd Schorle
Here are some of the publications that have highlighted some of the amazing services of Rainbow Hospice:
Quick Fact
• The 2006 Angels Ball had a record attendance of 668
guests. The Angels Ball is the trademark event for
Rainbow Hospice held each October.
Annual Report 2007
Rainbow Hospice has had a very exciting year for growth and performance. Fiscal year 2007 for Rainbow Hospice has been a stellar
year and one we plan to build upon. Rainbow Hospice had 2,216 referrals and generated 74,919 patient days. Patient days increased by
nearly 14% as the average length of stay per admission stayed steady around 47 days. The average daily census (ADC) for the year was
207 up from last year’s ADC of 180.
There were 22,842 nursing visits, 7,115 social work visits, 21,900 Home Health Aide visits, and 4,218 chaplain visits. Adding in all the
other visits (not including volunteers which count hours vs. visits) the total number of paid employee visits was in excess of 57,838.
There were 5,672 people served through a variety of Bereavement Center outreach activities including seminars, support groups,
family camp, memorial services and private counseling. Because of the census there was a 20.5% increase in activity specifically for the
monthly mailing program and there was a 36% increase in contact hours for phone outreach.
In the LIFE Institute (Leading Innovators For end-of-life Education), we trained 74 residents from 8 medical schools and 68 students
from 7 schools of nursing along with many educational programs and events for our employees and the community. The nursing
students’ rotational program grew by 115%. We hosted 4 interns from Dominican University (Social Work), Loyola University (Social
Work), DePaul University (Community Counseling) and the School of the Art Institute (Art Therapy). We have new academic contracts
with Loyola University, Rush University and University of Illinois at Chicago – all for nursing education.
Revenue for the organization was the highest in its 26 year history at nearly $13 million. The results produced a profit margin of just
over 5%. The cash position for the organization increased by approximately 22% over last year to more than $3 million.
Pat Ahern and Greg Dyke review the paperwork for the new Rainbow
Hospice Inpatient Unit. The Rainbow Hospice Inpatient Unit, officially
named Rainbow Hospice Ark has been the recipient of some amazing
gifts of professional services and goods including sinks, toilets, lighting
fixtures and equipment and labor.
Length of Stay
Length of Stay
30 days or more
29 days or less
3 days or less
3 Days or less
5 Days or less
29 Days or less
30 Days or more
5 days or less
Home Health Aides
Social Workers
MD Visits
Staff Visits
MD Visits
Social Workers
Home Health Aides
Bereavement Clients Served
Outreach Calls
Grief in School
Grief in Workplace
Volunteer Outreach
Information & Referral
Widowed Persons Support
Community Education
Short-term Groups
On-going Groups
Professional Education
Grief in School
The grief process has no timeline as each individual’s
experiences are personal and unique. At Rainbow Hospice
we have a well-earned reputation for providing comfort,
care and compassion as family members work through the
emotions of grieving. These emotions may include sadness,
anxiety, guilt, anger and relief.
Rainbow Hospice provides bereavement support to
grieving individuals, families and communities at any stage
of loss. Our Bereavement Team consists of experienced,
licensed professionals who believe that grief is a natural and
difficult response to loss.
Grief in Workplace
Volunteer Outreach
Widowed Persons Support
Community Education
Professional Education
On-going Groups
Short-term Groups
Information & Referral
Outreach Calls
Statement of Financial Position March 31,2007
Current Assets
Cash and Equivalents
Accounts Receivable
Less Allowances for Doubtful Accounts
Prepaid Expenses
Total Current Assets
Property and Equipment
Furniture and Equipment
Less Accumulated Depreciation
Total Furniture and Equipment
Other Assets
Security Deposit
Total Assets
Current Liabilities
Accounts Payable
Due to Nursing Homes
Accrued Expenses
Compensation and Payroll Taxes
Retirement Plan Contribution
Deferred Rent
Deferred Revenue
Total Current Liabilities
Net Assets
Total Liabilities and Net Assets
Statement of Activity March 31, 2007
Palliative Care
Life Institute
Billing Allowance
Total Service Revenue
Memorials and Donations
Bereavement Contributions
Total Development Revenue
Interest and Other Income
Total Revenue
Payroll Taxes
Employee Benefits
Arts and Crafts Materials
Bad Debt
Bank Charges & Late Fees
Charitable Care Expense
Computer Expense
Consulting Fees
Contract Services
Dues and Memberships
Durable Medical Equipment
Good Mourning Camp
Inpatient Care Contract
Legal Fees
Liability Insurance
Medical Supplies
Office Expense
Outpatient Care
Outside Services
Patient Ambulance
Patient Care Travel
Public Relations
Repairs and Maintenance
Respite Room and Board
Special Events
Volunteer Expense
Total Expense
Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets
The following gifts were received between March 1, 2006, and July 31, 2007. Every effort has been made to keep this recognition list accurate. If there are
errors or omissions, please contact Dru Palinkas, Office of Development, 847-685-9900. We apologize for any errors and thank you for understanding.
A Friend
Ms. Dolores Bugielski
Barbara Flauter
Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Dodge
Doug Linde
Ms. Marjorie D’Alesandro
Patricia Ahern
Ms. June Jackson
Nancy Foley
Mrs. Marilyn K. Heinz
William and Lucille Magee
Arthur, Emalie, Alison Gutterman
Lisa and Jerry Kramp
Robert Ayers
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ayres
Ernest Galati
Mr. & Mrs. James Galati
Sam Bellavia
Mr. Sam Bellavia
Marilyn Garfinkle
Chicago Social Security
Management Association
Bernice Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. William Bennett
Muriel Benz
June E. Bergner
Ms. June E. Bergner
Betty Bock
Ms. Dorothy M. Reif
Betty Brosius
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. WalshJr.
Arthur L. D’Ambrosio
Ms. Ruth D’Ambrosio
Maria De Luca
Mr. Federico M. De Luca
Don & Diane Finney
Mr. Terrence A. Busby, D.D.S.
Mr. & Mrs. John Finney Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Frigo
Ernest F. Martin
Mrs. Mary R. Martin
In Honor of Lorraine L. Mathews
Ms. Jacqueline K. Mathews
Lorraine Handzel
Susan and John Gribbon
Dan McDonell
Paul and Dedrea Gray
Betty Harkovich
Mrs. Karen Harkovich
Thomas F. McMahon
Mr. John McMahon
Patricia Heidkamp
Mr. Leonard A. Norman
Skip Phelps McNutt
Ms. Kim M. Day
Michael Heneghan
Admiral’s Pointe
Condominium Association
William McNutt
Ms. Kim M. Day
Ben Jezier
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Canny
Mrs. Josephine Jezier
Virginia Jimenez
Mrs. Virginia Jimenez
Laura, Brian, Julie and Matt
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Simkin
Leadership Team at
Rainbow Hospice
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ahern
Midwest Care Center
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schwake
The Moll Family
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carle
Lucs Eckels and Anne Williams
Josh Eckels and Danelle Wallace
Beth and Steve Eckels
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moll
Mom’s Nurses
Ms. Connie Newton
Bess Monaco
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Petkus
Gertrude Mordenski
Ms. Annice Mordenski
Resurrection Family Medicine
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy McCurry
The Kiehn & Stoltenberg Families
Ms. Geraldine Sztuk
Fred Morency
Mr.Fred P.Morency
Richy and Robin Rodrian
Ms. Rodrian
The Rainbow Staff
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bush
Mary Muno
Mr. Edward F. Dee, Jr.
David J. Samson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ahern
Nurses, Teresa Rizzo
and Marical Leonhardt
Ms. Michele Kosovich
Doris Sasser
Ms. Virginia Feurer
Catherine O’Brien
Ms. Dorothy Besler
Carol & Rich Schmidt
Mr. David Horwitz
Pat Ahern’s 10th Anniversary
Ms. Jeanne Frazel
Robert Schubbe
Ms. Lillian Speck
Ms. Jeanne Sullivan
John Patenaude, Jr.
Mr. John Patenaude, Sr.
Adele C. Petkus
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Petkus
Lillian Questiaux
Ms. Lorraine Gehring
Rainbow Hospice South Team
Ms. Maureen Mann
Rainbow Hospice Staff
Mrs. Bernice Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bush
Ms. Mary Weil
Rainbow Hospice Staff and Volunteers
Ms. Jeanne Frazel
Rainbow Hospice Volunteers
Doing Reiki
Wendy T. Jordan
Rainbow Staff
Triton College Nursing Faculty
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Libner
Tony Tutunji
Mr. Mousa Tutunji
Coleman Walsh
Bryan Alitto
Elizabeth and Ron Alitto
Ms. Patricia A. Flaherty
Herald Family
IMS Engineered Products, LLC
Ms. Elizabeth M. Rochford P.C.
Rossignol Family
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Shafter
Ms. Elaine Loseff
Harold Shafter
Ms. Frances Price
Kerry Shannon
Mrs. Brian Shannon
Jenny Signatur
Mr. Brian Dempsey
Harriette Siuba
Ms. Tracy M. Olson-Melton
Mrs. Margarita Strazisar
Ms. Marilyn Venti
South Team - Susan Ourth
Bernard and Martha Giannosa
Susan Ourth & Carmen Caraballo
South Team
Bernard and Martha Giannosa
The Bereavement Team
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DuBoux
In Memory of
Patricia Abene
Ms. Laura Strom
Mary Adamik
Joann Abruzzo and Chris Demos
Minnie Adams
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Adams
Adrienne and Dave Berton
Gwen and Larry Breen
Ms. Carol A. Cisko
Sandra A. Clarke
Ms. Frances Egon
Mr. John C. Fitzpatrick
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hardman
Mr. Robert Hawley
Ms. Sharon Lau
Ms. Lorraine D. Mudrak
Angeline Airdo
Mr. James Airdo
Bonnie Aleksic
Mrs. Virginia Bagel
Ms. Mary E. Close
Ms. Susan Hiller
John and Violet Hosty
Mrs. Sandra M. Marder
Ms. Sabina Moore
Ms. Christine A. Newell
Terri Allen
Ms. Caren Halloran
Tony Aloisio
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Baldasso
Mr. and Mrs. James J. May
Mr. John D. Pinto
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Vogt
Gedaly Alterovich
Ms. Maria Alterovich
Harold Altman
Mr. and Mrs. Byron & C. Rose
Jennie Altmann
Dolores Courtney
Sam Amado
Mrs. Allegra Amado
Caroline Amendola
Ms. Mary Jo Dotson
Richard Andersen
Judge Geraldine Soat Brown
Irene and Patrick Burk
Jill and Darren Cahr
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christensen
Mr. & Mrs. John Conlon
Blanca Dominguez
Michael Driscoll
Sheila and Patrick Driscoll
Kelly Glynn
A. Benjamin and Marcia Goldgar
Ms. Kelly Golding
Beth and John Hartmann
Maggie Hickey and Tony Ashley
Mr. Thomas J. Jennings
Judge Virginia M. Kendall
Sandye and Wayne Lerner
Judy, Michael, Brian and
Amanda Mason
Jeremy, Claire and Connor Mazza
John and Jane Mazza
Grace and Robert Mc Adam
Mr. John A. Nordberg
Stacy and Terry O’Brien
Ms. Jessica Phillips
Mr. William A. Rakoczy
Mr. John Rebello\
Mr. & Mrs. Rebello
Mr. Sidney I. Schenkier
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Shine & Family
Deanell Reece Tacha
Colleen and Mike Tierney
Richard M. Andersen
Don and Gloria LeBoyer
Harold E. Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth Anderson
Ms. Harold W. Anderson
Ms. Gretchen Stoltenberg
Joseph Andrzejewski
Helen and Mary Andrzejewski
Mary Andrzejewski
Ms. Dorothy E. Stroba
Lydia Anton
Leah Remington
Gracie Apelian
Mr. Alan G. Barsumian
Vaughan and Associates
Nancy Atkinson
Fair Point Communications
Shirley M. Ayres
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ayres
Mr. Robert Ayres
Anna Mae Babiarz
Mr. Raymond Babiarz
Raymond Babiarz
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cioper
Ms. Margaret Dowling
Ms. Helen Marie Drapalik
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Freck
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Johnson
Ms. Cherylyn Marks
Ms. Allison Petty
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Ranieri, Jr.
Mrs. Beth Schuller
Mr. & Mrs. George Tresnak
Alma Bailey
Laverna Jackson
Eric Baker
Regina Thompson
Signe Bakjian
Ms. Susan J. Bakjian
Henry Balog
Mrs. Claire Krieger
Mary A. Bamford
Mr. & Mrs. John Knoeckl
Ms. Delia Arrieta
Irene Baranowski
Ms. Ellen Sue Baranowski
Philip Barnas
Ken Barnas
Margaret Barrett
Mr. Michael Barrett
Violet Bartlett
Ms. Lynn Stack
Ulises Bartolai
Dr. and Mrs. Chester
E. Toton
Kazimierz Basaraba
Ms. Irmgard Basaraba
Harold Baumann
Sharleen Baumann
Fritz Baumgart
Anonymous Donor
Mrs. Dolores Baumgart
Florence Beecher
Mr. & Mrs. James Beecher
Jeanette Beecher
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin P. Garland
Ms. Judith Henning
Ms. Mary Kay Parks
Ms. Mary R. Shull
Angeline Bellavia
Mr. Sam Bellavia
Betty Belmont
Ms. Rose Marie Sheehan
Mary Bender
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Lombardi
Leslie Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. William Bennett
Luella Jeanne Bennett
Mr. Randy Paulson and
Ms. Kim Kumiega
Marie Benson
Ms. Nancy Bang
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bangert
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Caraher
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Cinefro
Mr. Patrick Cunningham
Ms. Lucia Egan
Ms. Helen M. Faust
Ms. Susan L. Graf
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Kling
Ms. Rae Mathieu
Mr. Edmund B. O’Brien
Ms. Mary B. Sheahan
Ms. Patricia A. Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Roger White
Betty June Benter
Betty June Benter
Mr. Jacob B. Benter
Jarlon Beranek
Ms. Nicole Beranek
June Beranek
Mr. Eugene E. Beranek
Ethelmae Berg
Ms. Barbara E. Berg
Phillips W. Berg
Ms. Mary Berg
Jeanette Berkelhamer
Ms. Rita Janowitz
Phyllis Berman
Mr. Allan Berman
Darlene Bernecki
Mr. Harry Bernecki
Madeleine Bethards
Mr. Gordon Bethards
Alan Beuscher Sr.
Alan Beuscher
Mrs. Rose Ann Beuscher
Bertha Bishop
Louis Glunz III
Theodore Brangan
Mrs. Lela Brangan
Mary M. Bunn
Mr. William H. Bunn
Helen Blaes
Warren and Marianne Langguth
Hyacinth Brennan
Mr. Elmer Brennan
Alfred Burline
Mr. James Wicklund
Bud Blume
Ms. Barbara A. Blume
Mrs. Karen Harkovich
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Harkovich
Frank Britanik
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shehorn
Roy Bobowski
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bobowski
Duane Brobst
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Broberg
Alfred Burlini
Ms. Arlene R. Don
Mr. & Mrs. William Herman
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Levy
Ms. Kathleen Tokarz
Lorraine Bodlund
Sharon and Bill Weldon
Doris Bodmer
Ms. Monica Dougherty
Frances Boegerhausen
Margaret Huck
Mayme Boggetto
Ettore Boggetto
Collette Bolivar
Ms. Patricia Harmon
Robert Boos
Mrs. Evelyn Boos
Angeline Bianga
Geraldine Evanchak
Bordis Family
Mrs. Jo Marie Bordis
Harry Bielat
Ms. Bernice Bielat
Joseph Boskey
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wordel, Jr.
Jean Bielitzki
Mr. Robert Therrien
Evelyn E. Boss
Mr. William A. Boss
Louis Bierwirth
Ms. Lori Hajas
Louise Bosworth
Ms. Roberta Vanek
Charles Billing
Ms. Nanci Billing
Barbara Bovenmyer
Ms. Mae J. Engen
Ms. Mary Tegeler
Arthur M. Bily
DeVore ENT Staff
Dr. Ronald L. DeVore
Dr. Gordon Katz
Ms. Lisa L. Krewer
Mr. James Lifton
Resurrection Home
Health Services
Mr. Wayne W. Zischke &
Mr. George C. Weis
Marguerite Binder
Coldwell Banker Gladstone,
Bonita,Susan Ste
Joanne Heagney and Helen Binder
Carole Brobst
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Broberg
Bernice Broda
Ms. Barbara Broda
Robert Broeren
Mrs. Sue Broeren
Betty Brosius
Mr. Harvey Kretschmer
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Pracko
David J. Samson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward M. Walsh Jr.
Charles W. Burns
Mrs. Beth Burns
Grace Burns
Ms. Marie-Therese Burns
Jimmy Burns
Ms. Lois Burns
Mary Jane Burton
Mr. & Mrs. John Morley
Henry Busch
Ms. Betty Busch
Albert Brostoff
Mr. & Mrs. Terrel W. Brostoff
Albert Cabaj
Ms. Mary Sroka
Margaret Brunner
Ms. Dorothy F. Lee
Anna Cabaj
Ms. Mary Sroka
Joe Brush
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Klemchen
Jeanette Caiati
Mr. & Mrs. Alan A. Caiati
Wallace Brush
Mr. Joe Brush
Mrs. Petricia Brush
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Klemchen
Robert Caithamer
Mr. & Mrs. Harley Caithamer
Benjamin Brzezinski
Lorraine Brzezinski
Caterina Calabrese
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Greve
Mrs. Bernadine J. Olejniczak
Ms. Lori Uildriks
Lois Bucha
Mr. William Bucha
Edna Calamari
Mr. Paul C. Calamari
Julius Brachman
Accurate Glass Shop, Inc
Mark, Karen, Allan, Les
and Vera Brachman
Mrs. Rachel Brachman
Mr. Steven Brachman
Corrigan & Freres Electric Co.
Dr. & Mrs. David Lack
Mickey and Liz Natale
Ms. Lori A. Raffe
Ms. Sheila Raffe
Anne Buchholz
Mr. Harold Buchholz
Victor Calamaro
Ms.Yola Calamaro
Kenneth Buchholz
Mr. Dave Buchholz
Kenneth Buchholz
Mrs. Verlee Buchholz
Esther Calderone
Ms. Christine Burke
Joseph Bugielski
Ms. Dolores Bugielski
Leonardo Cali
Ms. Theresa Cali
Ms. Jan Johnson
Ronald Brand
June Brand
Mary Jo Bunish
Mr. Norbert T. Bunish
Stephanie Bugielski
Ms. Dolores Bugielski
Anna Marie Cali
Ms. Theresa Cali
Mickey Callahan
Ms. Margaret Green
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Larsen
Jack Canfield
Mr. Jeffrey F. Crippen
John Canfield
Barrington Venture Holding
Company, LLC
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Crippen
Ms. Mary Durham
Ms. Doris O. Hoyne
Julia Rose Cannato
Ms. Marsha V. Phillips
John Carbone
Ms. Pat Carbone
Ms. Marjorie L. Czop
Brenda Carle
Ms. Joan F. Abrams
Ms. Barbara Arendt
Mr. Richard D. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Banfield
Board of Education School
District 62
Ms. Carol A. Carstens
Des Plaines Arts Council
Ms. Margret E. Fairhead
Good Shepherd Community
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moll
Mrs. Stella M. Pietsch
Ms. Carole N. Powers
Ms. Nancy Sutherland and
Mr. John Reid
Mr. & Mrs. John Szeszol
Ms. Kathryn Waecker
Mrs. Linda M. Zeman
Kay Casey
Ms. Rose Marie Sheehan
Stephen Casey
Ms. Rosemary Casey
David Casty
Ms. Jane Casty
Theresa Catalano
Ms. Alberta Catalano
Michael J. Catenazzo
Mrs. Laura Catenazzo
Nancy Caufield
Mr. Charles F. Caufield
Marie Cech
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Schimpff
Constance J. C. Cecola
Mr. Anthony C. Cecola
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Dzielski
Allen Chapman
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Chapman
Mrs. Dorothy Chapman
Ms. Betty J. Gerke & Family
Ms. Christine Gerke
Mr. Douglas R. Gerke
Ms. Eulalie R. Gerke
Mr. Warren Kremske
Ms. Julia G. Smith
Roy Clark
Mr. Joseph Ferrari
Richard Couture
Brian and Laura Styka
Emma Clemente
Mr. Donato Clemente
Barbara Ann Covill
Mr. & Mrs. James W.
Noyce Rogers
Helen Cleveland
Ronald Cleveland
Ray Cleveland
Ronald Cleveland
Robert Cochrane
James W. Burger
Mrs. Edith Hane
Mary Crestoni
Edward Crestoni
John J. Crimmins
Ms. Marian Crimmins
Frank Csarman
Ms. Doreen Csarman
Lillian Lee Chilingirian
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Smith
Seth Thomas Cognac
The Jack Boeing Family
Marion Curley
Ms. Ruth E. Packer
Marie Chiusolo
Mr. Nick Chiusolo
Harry Collins
Ms. Janice Collins
Martin Curry
Mrs. June Curry
Jaroslaw Chlebowicz
Ms. Jean Chlypniacz
Nancy Collins
Ms. Nancy E. Harte
Sue Ye Cho
Ms. Beth Schenfeld
Patricia L. Colloton
Mr. James E. Colloton
Miriam Cushman
Mr. Harry L. Cushman
Ms. Thelma Herman
Mrs. Ruth H. Zelske
Andrew Chodor
Ms. Helen Chodor
James Colwell
Mrs. Lorraine Colwell
Jeanette Christ
Arthur J. Gallagher & Company
Annette R. Condon
Ms. Mary B. Sheehan
Marie D. Christensen
Mr. Burton T. Christensen
Fred Conrad
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Strabley
Gordon Christoph
Mrs. Grace Christoph
Nancy Conway
Mr. Edward Conway
Jean Christy
Susan and Ronald Shirmulis
Evelyn Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stepp
Irene Chrzan
Mrs. and Mr. Patricia Glavin
James P. Corcoran
Mrs. Mary T. Corcoran
Patricia and Gerald Curnow
Mary Ellen and Don Dalicandro
Ms. Mary Ann Oberschmied
Ms. Eileen Retzlaff
Ms. Diana M. Sullivan
Fred Czerwionka
Mrs. Margaret M. Czerwionka
Stephen Corpora
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Corpora
Hugo Dahm
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Boyle
Mrs. Karen Harkovich
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Harkovich
John M. Chuchman
Irene and Joe Hercik and Family
Lloyd Churchman
Ms. Jean Churchman
Helen Chwaszczewski
Mr. Stanley Chwaszczewski
Lillian Cianci
Ms. Ruth Baum
Ms. Rose Gerali
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Jachim
Linda and Andrew Polizzi
Ms. Consuelo M. Velasco
Ms. Patricia Vrtlar
Jean Clark
Mrs. Adelyn Willford
Ray Cortese
Joe and Melissa Grillo
John Costello
Mrs. Sharon Lane
Koko Coulter
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Coulter
Alfred Cousineau
Ms. Patricia Cousineau
Andrew Cwanek
Mr. Richard Cwanek
Joan Cwanek
Mr. Richard Cwanek
Edward Cygnar
Stanley Kolc
Julia Cyrek
Ms. Leja
Virginia Czekalski
Marla and Jim Czekalski
William Czyzewski
Mr. and Mrs. John Styczenski
Walter Dahl
Mrs. Anna Dahl
Ruth Dahl
Rosella Dahm
Mrs. Karen Harkovich
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Harkovich
Helen Dale
Joe Dale
Anthony Dalesandro
Ms. Linda Blatchford
Jennie and Anthony Dalesandro
Kathleen Daly
Mr. Patrick Buttkus
Ms. Margaret Green
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Joyce
Ms. Audrey Krell
Mr. & Mrs. Gene Larsen
Ms. Sally Madden
Mrs. Patricia Skinner
William Damasco
Mrs. Ann Damasco
Grace Danca
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bartuch
Genevieve Daniel
Ms. Louise Daniel
Ms. Marcella Listebarger
Ms. Jeanne W. Sager
Mrs. Jane E. Scheufler
Robert, Don, and
Dave Daniels
Ms. Patricia Pasquale
Charles Daugherty
Ms. Nancy Nyberg
Mr. Rex D. Nyquist
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Ward
Berenice K. Daunis
Mr. Leroy Daunis
Kenneth W. Davis
Ms. Louise Davis
Patrick Dawe
Ms. Eileen Dawe
Progressive Transportaion
Services, Inc.
Marjorie Dee
Ms. Marilyn McCarthy
John Degidio
Mr. Greg Bewick
Mr. Michael Brown
Mrs. Maria Brunetti
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Coletto
Mr. & Mrs. John Cox
Mrs. Rose Degidio
Mr. Constantine DiVietro
Mrs. Linda Garnett
Mr. & Mrs. James C. Hull
Mrs. Cheryl Kehl
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lorenzini
Mrs. Barbara J. Moser
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick G. Nagel
Mr. Sebastiano Partipilo
Mr. & Mrs. James Phelan
Ms. Karen Priester
Mr. Vito Ranieri
Mr. Dominic Romozzi
Mrs. Gina Ruffolo
Mrs. Barb Schulz
Mr. & Mrs. Vito Terenzio
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Wilson
Jacques Thomas Delannoy
Tim and Nancy Anderson
Boy Scouts of America - Troop 2
Richard and Inara Dunning
Mr. Michael Meyer
Tom Nowicki
Ada Vaughan
Virginia Dereng
Sonia & Tracy Cooke
Rise Group, LLC
Theresa and Ben DeRosa
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. O’Keefe
Rudolph De La Garza
Ms. Ann Delagarza
Eileen Devereux
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kadlec
Dorothy DeBrocke
Ms. Mary Lou Dziubla
Vincenzo Di Benedetto
Ms. Raffaella Di Benedetto
Walter DeBrocke
Ms. Mary Lou Dziubla
The Diamond and
Damratowski Families
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Diamond
Deceased Members of the
Pawrozek Family
The Powrozek Family
Dennis Decker
Mrs. Lisa Decker
Olga Dianovsky
Nancy Baron and Harlan
& Frank Seymour
Ms. Susan Dianovsky
Linda and Marge Lichner
Mr. & Mrs. Milan P. Tomaska
Robert Dianovsky
Ms. Susan Dianovsky
John Dienner, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John Dienner
Dorothy and Thomas Dierks
Mr. Roberts Dierks
Maria DiMaio
Ms. Antoinette DiStaola
John Diviak
Ms. Carol Arndt
Bert Dobbert
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christensen
Harold Dombrowski
Ms. Lillian Dombrowski
Mr. Robert P. Vanderpoel
Sam Dominick
Doyle, Carol, Doug, Jeff and
Sue Akey
Dr. Victoria Braund
Mr. & Mrs. Ramon Cortez &
Mr. Ranlph Cote
Mrs. Green
Mr. Edward Harlan
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson
Ms. Carol A. Kirby
Marvin and Ruth Koehn
The John Krejci Family
Ms. Lauren Mercury
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moll
Mr. & Mrs. Steven
Mrs. Gene Offerman
Ms. Laurei Rick
Mrs. Catherine Ryback
Ms. Linda Sobel
Ms. Carol E. Stephens
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Wirth
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Yermol
Darrell Dorney
Mr. & Mrs. Francis DeCoster
John R. Downing
Mrs. Violet Downing
Julia Drenk
Ms. Jolyn E. Bauer and
Ms. Melissa L. Hopp
Ms. Mary Ann Coleman
Mr. Jeff Crook
Ms. Sandra Gruber
Mr. Richard Hopp
Ms. Rochelle Jennings
Barbara Pollack
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Pracko
Ms. Sharon N. Wedington
Robert Drews
Mr. Lloyd A. Carlstrom, Sr.
Margaret J. Dritlein
Donald K. Dritlen
Jane Drysch
Ms. Georganna Schmitt
Frances Dubinin
Mr. Alex T. Dubinin
Dorothy Louise Dugan
Mr. & Mrs. John Benson
Marilyn Durnil
Mr. Rick Weyna
Irene and Walter Dziedzic
SGT. Walter Dziedzic Ret.
John Donaldson
Ms. E. Patricia Donaldson
Lucille M. Donovan
Mr. Ralph E. Donovan
Virginia Dooley
Mr. Martin Dooley
Albert Dorenfest
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Peterson
Mary A. Dziedzic
Mr. Dennis J. Dziedzic
Einar J. Edfors
Mr. William R. Delano
Judy Edmonds
Ms. Helen Shafer
Mrs. Sara Riffkind
Patricia M. Egan
Mrs. John A. Sandrick
Sandy Egerer
Ms. Barbara Tobin
Edward Ehlert
Ed and Eleanor Barnstead & Family
Norman and Joan Borgeson
Charles Industries - Marshall
Charles Industries, LTD.
Lisa and Frank Chieppa & Family
Max and Nancy Ehrlich & Family
Sally and Paul Ehrlich
Donna and Donald Flowers
Terrance and Diane Grimm
Barbara Hameder
Ms. Helen Kimura
Ms. Maria Kretschmer
Gertrud Latzel & Family
Ms. Lietz
Martha Mallins
Vicki and Steven McCowan
Ms. Jacqueline Neylon
Ms. Alice Obidowicz
Gerda and Earl Ogletree
Debbie Partyka
Ms. Annamarie J. Sebastian
Faye and David Ziegler
Josef Eichner
Ms. Adelheid Eichner
Marilyn Eisenstadt
Mr. Richard Eisenstadt
Anna Elfinger
Ms. Olga Cereghino
Virginia and Ed Hempel
Mr. Albert Kunz
Mrs. Mary R. Martin
C. Maziarka
Karen and Jay Ruehrdanz
Donna and Mike Smith
Ms. Marianne Stewart
Ms. Ingeborg M. Swanson
Mr. Andrew Babal
Glynn Elliott
Mr. & Mrs. Leo E. Smolinski
Ed Ellstrand
Ms. Beverly Ellstrand
Annileise Engel
Mrs. Marilyn K. Heinz
Dianna Epiney
Mr. George Epiney
Mary Ermilio
Ms. Lexy A. Wistenberg
Marilyn Essenberg
Mr. George W. Essenberg
Colin W. Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Evans
Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Magat
Donald Fagerson
Ms. Mary Fagerson
John Fahey
Mr. & Mrs. John Fahey
Joseph Fahey
Mr. Steve Colburn
Ms. Debralyn R. Fahey
Ms. Ellen M. Fahey
Ms. Victoria Fahey
Ms. Rosanne Hugunin
Ms. Kathryn M. Marchant
Mr. John McMahon
Charles A. Pidano
Mr. Harry Sator
Ms. Lois J. Stratemeier
Helen Fahrenbach
Ms. Ethel Reiner
Carl Fahrmeier
Mariann, Lynn & Brian Greetis
Jim, Donna, Steve and
Dan Portschy
Mr. Mark D. Schmidt
Isabella Fairbairn
Ms. Harriet Fairbairn
Helen Faklis
Mr. Mazen Abdellatif
Mrs. Emily Tapia Lopez
Mr. Jack Rosenberg
Bridget Fallon
Ms. Christine Baker
Ms. Eileen B. Clifford
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Conrad
William and Annie Conroy
Mr. Patrick Daly
Ms. Patricia Davy
Ms. Mary Dorney
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gagliardi
Mr. Hal Gillette
Ms. Dawn Grommon
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Hendrickson
Ms. Catherine Hoffman
Ms. Margie M. Joyce
Mr. Raymond A. Jurkiewicz
Ms. Mary F. Klodzinski
Mr. Henry McGill
Patrick and Mary Ellen McGrath
Ms. Patricia McNulty
Ms. Nancy E. Paridy
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Rasmussen
Ms. Bridget Regan
Ms. Joyce Robinson
Mr. David Stelzner
Ms. Deborah Stevenson
Ms. Bridget Sullivan
Mr. Bob Tamillo
Mr. Harry Urban
Mr. Marko Urukalo
Patrick Fallon
Ms. Josephine Balich
Mr. Thomas P. Benz
William and Annie Conroy
Bridget Fallon
Ms. Mary F. Klodzinski
Ms. Deborah Stevenson
Ms. Karen L. Zemke
Jane Farrelly
Vanell, Inc
Michael Farrelly
Ellen and Jim Jones
Helen Fazio
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore A. Fazio
Joanne Fegen
Mr. James Fegen
Antoinette Feinendegen
Ms. Catherine Doherty
Ms. Gertrude Laske
Fran Feldstein
Mr. Leon Feldstein
Milton L. Feldstein
Mr. Leon Feldstein
John Fergus
Ms. Eileen Conroy
Ms. Mary Fergus
Ms. Anne Lydon
Mr. Michael Matejka
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pullia
Mr. Thomas F. Rochford
Kari Sandhaas
Teresa Ferraina
Genny and Jerry Culhane
Ms. Maryann Fabbri
Mrs. Cornelia McLean
Joseph Ferrara
Mr. Robert Wynn
Mary Fiddler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christensen
Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Dickerson
Beverly Findlay
Ms. Maureen Pool
Norma Fink
Ms. Virginia Jacobsen
Margaret Fragale
Mr. Ross F. Fragale
Mary Jane Finneke
Charlotte and Jim De Voe
The Ettore Giovannetti Family
Janet and David Hacker
Ms. Jocelyn Mann
Mr. James Martin
Ms. Diane Ners
Marian Franklin
Mr. Elmer Franklin
Mrs. Patricia Morris
Helen Fish
Mrs. Barbara Gall
P.D.Q. Forensics
Sylvia Frederick
Mrs. Florence E. Smith
Gertrude E. Fredrich
Ms. Lois J. Christoffersen
Chuck Freiberg
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Moore
Doris M. Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Fisher
Carol Freisinger
Ms. Peg Bors
Betty Flaherty
Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Dickerson
George Fogel
Mrs. Ava L. Fogel
Donald Frejd
Mr. Donald J. Burns
Ginger and Bob Cornog
Mr. & Mrs. Alex and
Arlene Devience
Mr. and Mrs. George Gemeinhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Alwin K. Goodrick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hebein
Ms. and Mrs. Gloria Jost
Paul and Pat Reinwald
Ms. Mary L. Reynolds
Andrea and Robert Runde
Ms. Doris J. Stitt
Ms. Anna E. Ziegler
Anthony Folino
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Kehl
Charles Frieberg
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Moore
Joseph Folton
Mrs. Helen Folton
Raymond and Nina Persino
Ms. Patricia Folton Templeton
Ms. Eleanor Weldon
Mildred Fritsch
Mr. Martin Both
Ms. Rita Niebur
Ms. Rita A. Robar
Patrick Colman Flaherty
Ms. Marie Aiello Arlington
Ms. Andrea Pauls Backman
Margaret Flannery
Mr. Thomas W. Bebber
Mr. Robert W. Pettett
Peter Flauter
Mrs. Barbara M. Flauter
Irma Fontana
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Doherty
Patricia Fudala
Ms. Laura Erbe
Carol Inserra
Ruth Forrestal
Mr. Joseph Forrestal
Joseph Fulton
Ms. Anne Marie Larsen
Audrey Forsythe
Borchardt Family Foundation
Katharina Futterer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bergeron
Dorothy K. Foss
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Moore
Hank Gajdor
Ms. Toni Gajdor
Pauline Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Mathews
Kenneth Galinski
Ms. Renee L. Barkes
Don and Bev Coatar
Dick & Dorothy Destree
George and Fran Ficker
Daniel Fox
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Fox
Ms. Carole France
Ms. Maribel A. France
Ms. Joan M. Galinski
Richard and Joyce Jendrycki
Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Kubycheck
Dr. & Mrs. Russell Kubycheck
Kathleen and Donald Miller
Judy and Wally Paczko
Jean Galladora
Mr. Kevin Baltz
Ms. Kristina A. Kleszyk
Ms. Ellis V. Pissiotta, Jr.
Ms. Patricia J. Schwager
Mr. Sidney W. Stolz
Stanley & Bernice Gallas
Ms. Mary Ann Gallas
Anne Gallichio
Ms. Kathleen A. Gallichio
Diana Gamboaherrera
Mr. Enrique Gamboa
Margaret Garber
Mr. Oscar Garber
Walter Garby
Mrs. Dorothy Garby
Ms. June Garby
Walter Garby
Mr. Norman J. Kost
Pedro Garcia
Ms. Marlen Garcia
Mr. Jim Murray
Lorraine Geyer
Frank and Sheri Rogers
Phyllis Giambalvo
Rudy and Judy Alber
Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. De Biase
Ms. Jospehine Garofola
Ms. Susan James
Kevin and Julie Patrick
Nick and Eileen Porcaro
Ms. Phyllis Porcaro
Ms. Mary E. Pregracke
Ms. Jayne M. Radek
John and Diane Radek
Mr. Vincent Rizzo
Ms. Fran Saltarelli
Marew and Anna Sciudider
The Robert Wicks Family
Ms. Catherine Wright
Jeanne Giersch
Mr. Medard J. Giersch
Sam and Stephanie C. Giglio
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mack
Mary Gilbert
Toby & Jane Gilbert
Marianne Gillum
Mrs. Terese Gillum
Edwin Gimnig
Ms. Carolyn C. Wangrow
Bernard Gira
Ms. Mary Gira
Josephine Gariffo
Ms. Marie Gaughan
Mary Gira
Ms. Ann M.Yoshida
John W. Garland
Mrs. Antoinette M. Garland
Florence Giranio
Mr. Ronald Giranio
Archie Geavaras
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Limperes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wilke
Jerry Glass
Ms. Agnes C. Robst
Betty Geffinger
Mr. Jack Geffinger
Shirlie Geistlinger
Mr. William Geistlinger
Loretta Genge
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Schmeisser
Lucille Geske
Ms. Carol Conboy
Mrs. Dolores Gruca
Alice Glines
Ms. Margaret Fortney
Roswell Goelz
Mr. G.A. Beckstrom
Mr. Glen J. Beckstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Enderle
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Goelz
Mr. Ben K. Hyde
Ms. Lynn Nilsen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Urban
Shannon Goeppinger
Ms. Debra Lopez
Robert Gunderson
Marcia Gunderson
Richard Goettsche
Ms. Anna M. Sciaraffa
Ms. Catherine Wiesner
Pearl Gustafson
Ms. Maxine R. Kolcz
Dolores Goetz
Barbara Kleist Anderson
Karen Kleist Crum
Margaret Kleist
Ms. Margery Goetz Kleist
Mr. William Rust
Ms. Jane B. Ballantine
Mr. John C. Blackmore
Mr. & Mrs. John E. Boyer
Ms. Nancy Cleary
Ms. Eileen P. Golden
Mr. Byron Lee Jr.
Ms. Deborah A. Nehmer
Parker Hannifin
Christine and Jim Pawlowski
Mr. & Mrs. John P. Piontek
Ms. Barbara J. Powell
Ms. Debra Rust
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Slack
Ms. Judith C. Thompson
Arthur and Ruth Ursin
Glany Goff
Terry McEnaney
Dan Goldberg
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Blonz
Mr. Robert Goldberg
Winnie Goldberg
Ms. Marge Botchie
Selma Goldsmith
Mr. Harold Goldsmith
Ethel Gorenstein
Brandon and Brittany Anderson
Carl and Pat Anderson
Mr. Justin Anderson
Mr. Rick Anderson
Ms. Barbara Hyman
Ms. Geraldine Hyman
Jay and Donna Ingram
Mr. & Mrs. Austin Jaffe
Lynette Mata
Saundra and Kent Miller and Family
Barbara and Bob Park
Ms. Marla Sheman
Mr. Irving Yoff
Robert H. Gustafson
Cory, Robbie and
Katrina Gustafson
Dorothy Hadley
Ms. Lynn Lewis
Starbucks Employees
Raymond Gornell
Ms. Marjorie Gornell
School of Busin
Ms. Carel Ligeon
Warren Governile
Ms. Elaine D. Johnsen
Evelyn Greif
William and Donna Casey
Educational Commission for
Foreign Medical Group
Encon Environmental Concepts,Inc
Diane and Fred Greif
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Linka
Patrick and Mary Ellen McGrath
Ms. Vikki L. Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Ribick
Ms. Mary Ryan
Gordon Grabow
Mrs. Milena Grabow
Mary Grande
Crane Construction Company
Carl and Peggy Elza
Ms. Laura G. Hascek
Joseph J. Ippolito
Ms. Judith L. Kane
Ms. Joanne Kropf
Ms. Linda L. McKnight
Mr. Palesh
Marian Ritondale and Denise
Staff of BCFM and BCCA
Carol and Michael Stephan
William Grieve
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Croeger
Theresa Gronek
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stepp
Mr. James Stadler
Dale Grawet
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Grawet
Robert Gruber
Ms. Mardelle Gruber
Nora Gray
Mr. Kenneth Gray
Julia Grudzinski
Mrs. Felicia Kuksa
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kuksa
Leonard Green
Mrs. Mildred Abenanti
Mr. William R. Carlson
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Seals
Oliver Green
Mrs. Elaine Green
Heather & Charles Haben
George Greenwood
Mrs. Alta Mae Gaylord
Gerald Greenwood
Stella Gregorowicz
Auburn University Montgomery
Ethel Gruhn
Ms. Carol Glash
Victor E. Grunlund
Ms. Charlotte S. Grunlund
Anthony Grys
Mrs. Adele Grys
Geraldine Grzesik
Patricia Dudek Family
Geraldine Gualtieri
Frank Gualtieri
Mary Hadra
Margaret and Patty Brennan
Ted and Kim Buczynski
Mr. Gus Pribyl
Mr. & Mrs. William Rustemeyer
Ms. Geraldine A. Smentek
Anna Halblander
Mr. Fabian Halblander
Ms. Kathy Murphy
Esther Halnoran
Ms. Marilyn Beck
Wesley Robert Halteman
Ms. Janet Skoglund
Lorraine Handzel
Mr. Robert Dwyer
Peggy and Al Leisering
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Schmeisser
Ms. Trudi R. Handzel
Ms. Lorraine Kochan
Ms. Carol Schaley
Richard Hangren
Ms. Laura Hangren
Anne P. Hanrahan
Ms. Florence Berens
Ms. Joanne M. Berens
Mr. Philip W. Byrne
Ms. Denise Carr
Ms. Valerie Conn
Mr. Robert Holland
Bonnie Ketola
Mr. Robert N. Pfeiffer
Mr. Raymond Seiffert
Ms. Cynthia Turchi
Saad Harmis
Ms. Bridget Harmis
Herbert Harris
Ms. Rosemarie Leger
Dorothy Hartman
Marjorie Bobzin
Dorothy M. Hartmann
Mr. James R. Hartmann
Thomas Hawkins
Ms. Diane S. Dannenfeldt
Ms. Katherine Kasten
Ms. Ragnar Lund
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth W. Wood
Jeanetta Hawley
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Adams
Stan Healy
Ms. Audrey Healy
Barbara Heckenbach
V-Gates & Welding
Roy Heider
Mrs. Marilyn Heider
Eileen Heinrich
Ms. Mary Pat Adams
Dave and Cathy Bekken
Joe and Terri Bekken
Mr. Patrick Callahan
Cassiday Schade LLP
Ms. Christine Clark
Mr. John M. Dangora
Ms. Christine B. Doyle
Ms. Patricia Grimes
Ms. Linda Hay
Ms. Margaret Heinrich
Industrial Staffing Services, Inc
Tony and Linnea Johnson
Ms. Kathleen M. Nelson
Ms. Anne M. Oldenburg
Ms. Mary Smythe
Ms. Bernice P. Stagl
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Stolberg
Ms. Hanna Sullivan
Ms. Mary Ann Summers
Thomas and Annette Whipple
William Hellmer
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Murphy
Harold Henderson
Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Fritz
The Simms Family Foundation
Patrick Heneghan
Jeanne, Mike, Valerie, Chad
and Brett Adams
Admiral’s Pointe Condominium
Mr. Christopher Agnew
Judy and Ralph Bounds
Jerry Fran and Dan Brugan
and Families
Mrs. Barbara J. Friddle
Mr. Frank Gallichio
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
GS Small Cap Team
Marilyn and Harvey Hoover
Ms. Tiffani L. Hughes
Mr. Christopher Hussey
Mr. Albert T. Kabili
Sharon and Tony Kenny
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kraft
Heather LaRiviere and
Dick Jacobson
John and Virginia Mahoney
Ms. Cara Marie Novy
Park Avenue Consultants, Inc.
Ms. Nancy O. Scovill
Ms. Dorothy Sobie
Mr. Jason Sylvester
Mr. Peter C. Wahlstrom
Mr. Thomas Wisinski
Katharina Hofbruckl
Mr. & Mrs. John Becker
Nancy Hull
Mr. & Mrs. John Morath
Charles Hoffman
Ms. Evelyn Hoffman
Carol Hunsaker
Mr. & Mrs. Gary W. Davis
Michael Hogfelt
Consolidated Electronic Wire
and Cable
The Gunderson Family
Mr. Louis Hains
Ms. Carole Hogfelt
Mr. Ryan Lehnert
Ms. Marian Nolan
The Panteli Family
The Pantelis Family
Ms. Beverly A. Perkins
Mr. Kenneth Smallwood
Marion Hunter
Ms. Jan Aimone
Ms. Beth S. Hunter
Mr. James R. Hunter
Brenda and Steve McIntosh
James and Ann McIntosh
Anne and Chuck Myers
Lois and Charles Stout
Mr. Robert W. Ter Maat
Mrs. Mary Beth West & Family
Charles A. Hohmeier
Ms. Marion M. Hohmeier
Anita Huska
Ms. Barbara Edelstein
Anne Hennelly
Ms. Anne M. Duggan
Casimir Holda
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Briggs
Ms. Avis Holda
John Hennelly
Ms. Anne M. Duggan
Elizabeth Herrlich
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Murphy
Janet Hickerson
Mr. Albert Simmons
Lois Hickey
Fr. Dennis Hickey
Robert Hinman
Ms. Geraldine Hinman
Ronnie Hochberg
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Wehner
Mr. & Mrs. James G. Blackburn
Mrs. Janet N. Coley
Ms. Kathy J. Hendrickson
Ms. Kristina Paulsen
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reif
Ms. Terri Talomaki
Dorothy Hoehn
Ms. Ruth Burkholder
William Hoehn
Ms. Ruth Burkholder
Patricia Hohmeier
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Friedrich
Theodore Hokenson
Mrs. Florence Hokenson
John Holland
Ms. Maria F. Holland
Jean Hondros
Ms. Stella Sienicki
Charlotte Hoppe
Mrs. Linda L. Hoppe
David Hoppe
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Angus, Jr.
Mrs. Linda L. Hoppe
Mary Horwitz
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Schmidt
Mary and Ted Horwitz
Mr. David Horwitz
Eleanore Hoskinson
Mrs. Terese Gillum
Mr. Donald Hoskinson
Jack Hubert
Ms. Diana M. Hubert
Christian Hug
Mrs. Andrea M. Hug
Mr. Gerald F. Hug
Robert Hurley
Mrs. Meryl Gebelhoff
James Jacques
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Davis
Mrs. Lorraine Jacques
Ms. Nancy Leitzke
Ms. Carol L. Linke
Ms. Jacqueline Y. Nithara
Dolores & Al Owiecki
Kathy, Jeff, Kelly and
Jenny Warnick
George Jager
Mrs. Viola Jager
Walter Jahnke
Ms. Hermina Baumann
Donald Jajko
Mrs. Lucia Jajko
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kasper
Joseph Jalocha
Mr. & Mrs. Rich Neufeldt
Vincent Janisch
Ms. Sophia Bertacchi
The Demianydz Family
Mr. Bobby Egan
The Finnan Family
Mr. Daniel A. Galiej
Ms. Diane K. Galiej
Frances Shizuka Goi
Mr. & Mrs. R. Koehler
Ms. Sylvia Koehler
Ms. Ruth E. Martinez
Mr. Dennis McManamon
Ms. Monahan
Ms. Kathleen Muchin Rosenman
Ms. Joan Nekoliczak
Ms. Janet L. Pacini
Lorraine Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bantz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Foster
Sarah Janish
Ms. Jeannie Beech
Ms. Vickie Neims
The Perzov Family
Mr. James Watson
Ann Johnston
Ms. Fay Anderson
Ms. Bonnie Atherton
Mr. and Mrs. Benito Braganza
Ms. Ruth H. Carroll
Mr. Robert D. Demmerle
Ms. Karen A. Froogstad
Karen and Skip Harnell
Mr. Richard Johnston
Ms. Charlotte E. Lee
Ms. Thirza A. Maitzen
Mr. Roe Mallstrom
Ms. Patricia A. Mosher
Ms. Sara S. Schmidt
Mr. Raymond Zavacki
Ms. Lois Zitow
Frances C. Zitzow
Wendy and Wayne Zitzow
Fred J. Janowitz
Ms. Rita Janowitz
Betty Janusz
Joan & Steve Janusz
Victor & Lottie Janusz
Ms. Diane Janusz
Chester Jarosz
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Decanini
Froll Tool & Die Corporation
John and Laura Kmiecik
Ms. Adeline Pawola
Susan Possehl & Family
Julio Jemeirez
Mr. & Mrs. Eusebio Perez
Anne M. Jenkins
Mr. Alex Jenkins
Frances Jensen
Mrs. Marilyn F. Jensen
Rose Ann Jenssen
Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Bianchi
Ms. Barbara Falk
Ms. Rose C. Wiggins
Heinie Jeske
Bill McNutt
Jan Phelps-McNutt
Juan Jimenez
Mr. Eduardo Jimenez
Julio Jimenez
Mrs. Virginia Jimenez
Mr. & Mrs. Eusebio Perez
Ms. Mignon Perez
Marie Johnnic
Dr. & Mrs. Terrance Glennon
Mrs. Lenore Terracciano
Larry Juedes
Mrs. Mary Ann Juedes
Angeline M. Juivingo
Ms. Norma L. Casey
Dave and Patsy Lyons
Anthony and Loretta Priola
Felix and Doris Priola
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stella
James J. Jung
Mrs. Carol A. Jung
Charles H. Jungers
Ms. Donna J. Ryding
Carol Jurek
Ms. Karen Ferraiolo
Penelope Kachians
Mr. John Langas
Mary Kaczmarek
Ms. Stephanie Gierman
Carol A. Kajohn
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kajohn, Jr.
Bella and William Kandelman
Ms. Harriet Kandelman
Ann E. Johnson
Ms. Lynn H. Grier
Eleanor Kania
Alshore Nursing Home
Lois Johnson
Ms. Marjorie and Faith E. Ring
Dolores Kaplinski
Ms. Elizabeth Kaplinski
Susan Karabin
Mrs. Lottie Pilarski
Susan Kenealy
Ms. Marion P. Kenealy
Helen Karagas
Mr. James Karagas
Michael Kensek
Mrs. Sylvia Kensek
Gerard Karecki
Ms. Paulette Karecki
Lawrence and Genevieve
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kerns
Nancy L. Karich
Mr. Russell Karich
Peter Karras
Ms. Jacqueline K. Mathews
Edward Kaufeldt
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J. Pendzinski
Bernard Kaufman
Ms. Gertrude Kaufman
William Kavinsky
Ms. Norma Kavinsky
Ann Kawales
Mr. Victor J. Capadona
Ms. Ruby S. Hirakawa
Mrs. Mary Smith
Ms. Danno J. Wellek
Walter Kicinski
Associated Risk Managers of Illinois
Mr. William A. Boss
Edens Furniture Gallery
Ms. Dawn A. Fertig
Mr. Richard Marsh
Gregg and Cindy Parker
Caroline and Scott Stucker
Richard and Judy Teichen
Shirley Killackey
Jim and Margaret Butsback
Kent Kincheloe
Ms. Paula L. Bogdan
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hermann
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Sawka
Joseph Kazimer
Gloria Kazimer
Gerry Kinnaman
Mr. Alvin D. Kinnaman
Emilia Kazmier
Ms. Mildred Wozniak
Elizabeth Kinsch
Ms. Collene Mear
Edward Keane
Ms. Karen Ferraiolo
James Kirwan
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Ms. Marjorie Kirwan
Eugene Keck
Mr. & Mrs. Erich Moh
Yeznig Kejijian
Mr. Marcos Kejijian
Lois Kellett
Ms. Ruth Baum
Robert Kelly
The Clayton Family
The De Roge Family
The Mary Furrie Family
The Mike Furrie Family
Mary Lou and Forrest Holsapple
Independent Forms Services, Inc.
Ms. Mary J. Lane
Kim and Richard O’Toole
Ms. Diane Steichen
Christine Kemreit
Ms. Doris Kemreit
Laura L. Kendzerski
Ms. June Steele
Gloria Kish
Mr. Robert Kish
Loretta Klasson
Mr. Lawrence Bartley
Ms. Betty J. Steben
Joseph J. Klein
Mrs. Bonnie Ahrens
Ms. Latese L. Anderson-Richardson
Charlotte and Berton Becker
Tom and Kathy Conrardy
Susan and Bruce Forney
Ms. Carol J. Gibson
Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Lewandowski
Ms. Celeste T. Michels
Nancy and Terry Rieger
Ms. Debbie Ruttenberg
Mr. & Mrs. John Smith
Brian and Jennifer Tindle
Madeline F. Klein
Ms. Harriett E. Warnock
Rosemarie Klein
Mr. Joseph Klein
Jean Kleinfeldt
Mr. and Mrs. Walter O. Kleinfeldt
Anne Klevinski
Ms. Lillian Gragg
Walter Klotz
Daron Andermann
Mr. William A. Boss
Richard and Barbara Hess
Ms. Lorraine Klotz
Mary Ann Klym
Mr. & Mrs. Paul and
Eileen Schwarch
Lynn Koch
Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Hartshorne
Jerome Kosovich
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Chapman
Mrs. Dorothy Chapman
Ms. Annie Getz
Ms. Lorraine M. Greenberg
Ms. Michele Kosovich
Ms. Ann Madaj
Ms. William F. Ozenbaugh
Ms. Mary E. Petersen
Ms. Diane Roth
Mr. Charles E. Seitz
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Stone
Jack Koss
Ms. Marie Koss
Kazimiera Koszewski
Ms. Mary Nolan
Delores Kott
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Werba
Frank Krawczyk
Mrs. Patricia Krawczyk
Warren Kreft
The Simms Family Foundation
Adolph Kudla
Ms. Elizabeth Hrajnoha
Joseph Krieger
Mrs. Claire Krieger
Charles Kuhrt
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christensen
George Kupec
Mrs. Teresa M. Slove
Norma Kurtzner
Mr. Gustav Kurtzner
Casimer Kuss
Mary and Phil Peterson
Dorothy La Fleur
Mrs. Ronad Ackerlund
Ms. Mary Bacik
Ms. Virginia Bielawa
Ms. Mary Kay Carroll
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cerniglia
Mr. & Mrs. Skip Evensen
Ms. Barbara R. Fazekas
Mr. A. Halas
Mrs. Lillian Havel
Robert & Donna Kuhn
Ms. Violet R. Margly
Mrs. Alcie Merrick
Ms. Rose E. Parolin
Ms. Judy A. Pietrzak
Ms. Gerri Rothbauer
Chester and Nora Rychlewski
Don and Kristen Sondermann
Mrs. Joanne Traficanti
Ms. Annabelle Turchik
Ms. Jean Mary Whitford
Youkhana & Skuja, Ltd.
Susan Krieger
Mrs. Claire Krieger
Florence Kruchten
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Dold
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gara
Mr. Robert Kruchten
Ms. Kathleen Verta
Paul Krueger
Ms. Dorothy Rieck
Eleanore Kruell
Mr. Robert Kruell
Rose Kocur
Mrs. Eleanore Wlodkowski
Audrey Koenig
Mr. Steven Scholl
Cory Zanko
Marilyn Kohn
Ms. Cathie Brakke
Ms. Mary Jane Fritschel
Betty Giardini
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard McKeag
Mrs. Robin O’Neil
Jim and Joy O’Neill
Mr. Alan Sadler
Mr. & Mrs. William Staiger
Mr. William Trick and
Ms. Judy Morita
Mrs. Cheryl Ann Voelz
Ms. Ann Zimmerman and
Mr. Dick Noffke
Gilbert Kowols
Ms. Rosemarie Kowols
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kowols
Irene Kozer
Irene and Michael Bridge
Chrisopher Kolaitis
Ms. Kathleen Slowik
Peter Koziol
The Koziol Family
Harry Komornick
Mr. & Mrs. John Komornick
Al Kozmerik
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Cuttone
Thomas Kooyumjian
Mrs. Edith Kooyumjian
Linda Krause
Ms. Dena M. Balzano
Semyon Kravchenko
Ms. Sia Hertsberg
Olga Kosinski
Mr. Rick Kosinski
Ruth Kruger
Niles Chamber of Commerce
Laura Krush
Rita and George Garber
Loretta Krush
Ms. Shirley Evans
Ms. Antoinette Krush
Mr. Thomas R. Nagan
M. A. Schermerhorn
Ms. Victoria F. Strano
Vera Kubica
Mr. Joseph Kubica
Edward J. Kubin
Ms. Edwin A. Kubin
Lorraine Kuffel
Ms. Margaret D. Altergott
Kathleen Ladd
Lorraine and Kevin Mikell
Grace Laegeler
Mr. Roger L. Laegeler
Evelyn Lahn
Ms. Beth Olson
Robert Landeck
Ms. Betty Ryan
Anne Landini
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ugel
Mario Landini
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ugel
Alexander Lane
Ms. Mary J. Lane
Madeline Langan
Ms. Laurette Langan
Mary K Larsen
Niels Larsen
Clara Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz
Bobby Laskero
Ms. Carleene Laskero
Thelma Laskey
Ms. Cheryl Lombardo
Ms. Darlene Schmitt
Ms. Mary Sgarioto
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stanton
Robert and Shirley Zielinski
James and Mildred Licitrh
Ms. Marilyn Sulla
Ruth Lindelof
Ms. Chris Rabiega
Carmella Locascio
Ms. Marlene A. Locascio
Frank Locascio
Ms. Marlene A. Locascio
Joe and Julia Lasota
Mr. and Mrs. Walter O. Kleinfeldt
Leonard Lockwood
Ms. Maryln Geary
Elsa Lattemae
Mr. Helmut Kilgast
Emil Loecker
Ms. Janice E. Jenkins
Susanna A. Laurie
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Laurie
Lottie Lombardi
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Lombardi
Thomas Lavin
Mrs. Wilma Lavin
Jane Legge
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boyle
Business Districts, Inc
Ms. Gretchen T. Lane
Guido Losasso
Ms. Mary Ann Losasso
William H. Leisten
Ms. Jeanne M. Leisten
John Leski
Mr. Raymond J. Kryger
Ms. Linda Ladner
Mr. Joseph F. Lamonica
Ms. Shirley Leski
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Molaro
Ms. Maribeth Pullman
Ms. Fran Saltarelli
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Sawicki
Ms. Mary Sleger
Ms. Patricia Weiler
Ralph and Mercedes Leuders
Ms. Elsie Ciulla
Bessie Leverso
Ms. Susan Hall
Robert & Marilyn Lewis
Ms. Lynn Lewis
Mildred Licitra
Ms. Emilie Casacchia
Mr. Mario D’Agostino
Mrs. Linda Kanarowski
Ms. Patricia A. Kellen
Mr. Ramon J. Ragusa
Ann Losos
Ms. Gloria Altenberger
Mr. David E. Archibald & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Archibald, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Archibald
Stephanie and Thomas Billingsley
Ms. Kathleen Brodnan
Ken and Maureen Brogni
Helen and Judson Brooks
Ms. Kirk Cahill
Mr. LaVerne M. Davis
Ms. Amy Deboer
Barbara and Jim Drain
Mr. Mark Drinan
Ms. Julie A. Ericson
Ms. Jacqueline J. Frett
Glenveiw Senior Tuesday
Bridge Club
Marty Golden
Ms. Kathleen Hahn
Mr. Robert Hamilton
Bruce and Carol Hammersly
Ms. Jeanette Hansen
Ms. Joan M. Hansen
James W. Harding
Karen and Bill Haworth
Ms. Bertha A. Heiden
Ms. Julie Hibler
Dan and Kathy Hlavaty
The Hudec Family
Kenneth C. Knutson
Ms. Nancy L. Knutson
Ms. Gail A. Lawler
Ms. Rosemary Leahy
Mr. Edward Losos, Jr.
Glen, Veronica, Elise, Rachel
and Stephen Ma
Josephine and Tom McAuliff
Ms. Linnea E. McDonald
The David McMurray Family
Meade Electric Company, Inc.
Ms. Lori S. Moeller
Ms. Mary E. Mohr
Mr. Michael C. Mroz
Ms. Katherine Murschel
Ms. Mary Kay O’Donnell
Mr. Philip Ogrady
Ms. Jean Orecchio
Ms. Sara M. Pearlstein
Ms. Shelley M. Plischke
Mr. John Pope
Mr. Douglas Porter
Mr. James R. Powers
Ms. Marcia Powers
Ms. Denise W. Renie
Mr. Jason G. Rosenberg
Mr. Edwin J. Ryan
Jill and Don Sternard
Mr. Adam Szopinski
Ms. Joan Toomey
Stephen and Susan Uhlarik
Ms. Dawn Liane Weber
Ms. Kathleen Wingert
John T. Loughlin
Ms. Mary L. Loughlin
Elizabeth and Francis Lovell
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lovell
Francis Lovell
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lovell
Charley Lownbury
Ms. Emilie I. Disselhorst
Russell Lowry
Ms. Betty J. Nielsen
Diane Lucarini
Ms. Eileen Frendreis
William Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Murphy
Donna Luecker
Mr. George W. Luecker
Carl Lundell Jr.
Ms. Janice D. Lundell
Edwin Luszowiak
Ms. Carol Welton
Stella Luszowiak
Ms. Carol Welton
Dennis Lynge
Ms. Barbara Pontarelli
Mr. Mac Nab
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Gramm
James Mack
Roberta Motanky
Stephen & Ann Mack
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mack
Evelyn Madden
Mr. Peter Madden
Thomas C. Madden
Ms. Rose Marie A. Madden
Jack Madigan
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christensen
(Left) Kate Shannon, Pat Ahern and Kerry Shannon
William Magee
Mr. James R. Allen
Ms. Robeta S. Beckert
Jim and Agnes Blaney
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Boyle
Mr. Howard Braun
Ms. Jeri A. Brown
The Caldwell Family
Ms. Barbara A. Cataldi
Richarad and Diane Covkin
Ms. Suzanne D. Croke
Ms. Patricia Cross
Mr. Robet E. Crowley
Sam and Joann Cutrara
Mr. Jay D. Doherty
Ms. Carole Drew
Ms. Glenda Duncan
Mr. Lawrence J. Dzielawa
Mr. Donald C. Eliason, Jr.
Ms. Amy B. Harrison
John and Carol Jackson
Ms. Timothy G. Jansen
Greg and Terry Jaspers
Mr. Roger P. Laven
Mr. Ryan T. Leahy
Mr. Martin L. Magee III
Mr. Michael Magee
Mrs. Patricia B. Magee
Mr. Patrick Magee
Terry and Lou Magee
Dr. & Mrs. John McMahon
Ms. Debra Melin
Ms. Carol A. Meyer
Ms. Shirley Modjallal
Roseanne and Don Napoli
Ms. Lynne O’Mara
Mr. Xavier Polanski
Ms. Roxanne Post
Ms. Loretta A. Schneegas
Ms. Eileen A. Shannon
The Van Kampen Investor Group
Mr. John F. Tierney
Van Kampen Investments Inc.
Sheila and Thomas Ventresca
Ben Magiera
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Clark
Charles Mago
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hallihan
Stefan Makow
Ms. Camille Jakubowski
Bob and Denise Parsons
Mr. Tom Rossi
Daniel Malawski
Mrs. Marilyn Malawski
Dorothy Malloy
Ms. Patricia Mittelstaedt
Kathy, Jenny, and Bill Malloy
Mrs. Mary E. Malloy
Henry Mancini
Ms. Lynn S. Anderson
Ms. Colette Bodenbender
Ms. Dorothy Brzezicki
Margot Fraske
Ms. Lenora E. Frisby
Carla, Terry, Jennifer and
Kristen Grawin
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Hartel
Monica and Lewis Korner
The Mancini Family
Audrey and Elmer Monacell
Mr. Thomas Swoik
Jane and Jean Zari
Carole Marcus
Mr. Sheldon Marcus
Cheryl Su Marcus
Daniel Marcus
Lorraine Marek
Ms. Michele Kanya
Martha M. Marek
Ms. Loretta Marek
Phil Marek
Ms. Elizabeth Marek
Tom Marguart
Ms. Betty Dedman
Roman Marinets
Mrs. Jane Marinets
Herbert Markko
Mrs. Anna Marie Markko
Dolly Marquez
The Katsulis Family
Marguerite Martinez
Ms. Antoinette Serpico
Michael Martinez
Ms. Linda Prokuski
Gerard Marx
Ms. Lotte Marx
Richard Mastrolonardo
Mrs. Eleanor Mastrolonardo
Sister Rosalima Maszka
Mr. & Mrs. James Steel
James K. Mathews
Ms. Jacqueline K. Mathews
Helen Matusiak
Mr. Robert Matusiak
Margaret Matz
Ms. Jeanne Couture
Ms. Ethel Erickson
Ms. Elizabeth Labosh
Josephine May
Mr. Daniel Cinelli
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coteus
First Transitions, Inc.
Ms. Tamara Kinnich Reid
Ms. Elizabeth C. Spalding
Anne Maya
The Koziol Family
John H. Mc Coll
Ms. Fione E. Gierzynski
John McCormack
Dr. P McCormack
Charles McCurry
Faculty, Staff &Residents of
Family Practice
Resurrection Family
Practice Center
Robert McDonell
Mrs. Lorraine J. Anderson
Callero & Callero, LLP
Ms. Jan Chapin
Jeanne and Arnie Grant
Paul and Dedrea Gray
Ms. Patricia McDonell
Ms. Bridget Murdoch
Laura and Joseph O’Shea
Cecile McGinniss
Mr. Edward McGinniss
Thomas McGlade
Ms. Joyce McGlade
Neal McGrath
Mercedes McGrath
Mamie McIntyre
Clary Carlisle
The Beasley Family
Heavenly McIntyre
Ms. Latonya McIntyre
Latrina McIntyre
Dale McWilliams
Mr. Charles M. Kennedy
Ms. Cyndi Rotondo McWilliams
Mr. Keith R. Stemple
Sue Ann and
Catherine Meason
Ms. Dena M. Balzano
Gladys Melendez
Mr. Eduardo Jimenez
Virginia Melkovitz
Mr. Emil L. Melkovitz
Walter Mentus
Ms. Michele Kosovich
Greg Meore
Ms. Susan Collins
Harold and Judy Perry
Ms. Rose-Marie Sopko
Shirley Merkendorfer
Mr. Frank Merkendorfer
Richard Merrifield
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schefdore
John Metropulos
Ms. Velia Metropulos
Jack Metz
Ms. Florence M. Mills
Pamela Miceli
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Miceli
Genevieve Michaels
Ms. Janice Miller
Pietro Michelotti
Ms. Genevieve Fannucchi
Ms. Rosalyn F. Meyers
Mrs. Pauline Michelotti
Ms. Linda Walsh
Miloslav Mihalik
Ms. Olga Mitas
Arthur Mikolajczyk
John and Elaine Koncos
Deborah and Ken Sahnas
Clara Miller
Mrs. Marlene Singer
Lillian Miller
George and Leona Maziarka
Mr. Dennis Miller
Mr. Thomas L. Simms
Ms. Eve Sullivan
Ms. Susan Vaughan
Joseph Milner
Ms. Maryln Geary
William W. Montgomery
B. A. Montgomery
Margaret Milner
Mrs. Jo Marie Bordis
Ms. Maryln Geary
Marjorie Minor
Ms. Anne Bell Bowdry
Helen R. Mirallegro
Mr. Daniel S. Bleil
Ms. Judith Enos
Mrs. June Hansen
Mrs. Mary Lou Novy
Mr. Richard G. Serpe
Karl Mirk
Ivanka & Larry Emerson
Grosvenor Capital
The Grousnicks Family
Morton Grove School Distrit
Sunshine Club
Ms. Annemarie Roiniotis
William and Anita Roiniotis
Ms. Debby Schmid
Mr. Ernie Waintraub
Daniel Missner
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Braude
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Missner
Charles & Anna Mitchell
Mrs. Judy F. Mitchell
Irene Moding
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Grawet
Joseph M. Molinare
Ms. Marie Molinare
Loretta Moline
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
M. Puzerewski Jr.
Willard E. Moll
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moll
Ms. Eileen B. Moll
Yolanda Monaco
Richard Dalporto
Ms. Norma J. Gomberg
Ms. Victoria Muscarello
Mr. Edward O’Halloran
Nickki and Jon Ricci
Gertrude Monoson
CCH A Wolterskluwer Business
Anna Moore
Ms. Barbara Chmura
Constance G. Moore
Ms. Rosaria Anthos
Chicago Botanical Garden
Mr. Brian D. Clark
Ms. Deborah Figura
Mrs. Marion G. Houser
Mr. David S. Moore Ret. Lt. Col.
Ms. Elizabeth Mueller
Ms. Bridie Rocks
Mrs. Dorothy E. Schmidt
Ms. Pauline Wood
John Mooses
Debbie Mele
Gertrude Mordenski
Adrian Dominican Sisters
Stanley Mordenski
Adrian Dominican Sisters
Ms. Annice Mordenski
Charles Mueller
Dave, Cindy, Christa and
Brian Inglis
Arthur Mungovan
Ms. Elinor Lang
Mr. Artie G. Mungovan
Margaret Murnighan
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Archibald
Ms. Stella Brice
Mr. Thomas L. Byrne
Mr. & Mrs. James Cagney
Cutters, Inc.
Ms. Norma J. Duffy
Ms. Patricia J. Fischer
Marilyn and Ray Gibbons Denten
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gocke
Ms. Nancy Howard
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lenke
Nancy and Scott Mackenzie
Mr. John J. Murphy
Ms. Mary E. Nelson
Mr. Jon Nilson
Ms. Mary N. Sasso
Ms. Elke Timm
Liz and Douglas Walker
Ms. Carolyn S.Young
Kiyoko Nakashima
Mr. & Mrs. Otto A. Furth
Bruno Nalepa
Mr. Leroy Daunis
Pauline H. Nalepa
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hadfield,Jr.
Joseph Nasca
Ms. Carol Brett
Ms. Doreen Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph R. Dantino
Ms. Dawn DuQuaine
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome J. Gudgeon
K & L Contractors, Inc
Mrs. Nasca
Mrs. Kathrine Schreiber
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Skora
Velcheck & Finger
Alice Nasko
Avalon Risk Management, Inc.
Christine and Scott Wade
Mary R. Neenan
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Mateja
Larry Neff
Mr. & Mrs. James Steel
Esther D. Nelson
Ms. Esther D. Nelson
Mr. Raymond Nelson
Michael Morgan
Ms. Loretta Morgan
Margaret and John
Friends of the Murnighan Family
Ms. Doris O. Hoyne
Linda and Rich Morris
Ms. Cynthia S. Wang
Brian Arthur Morley
Kathleen and Patrick Lally
Helen Murphy
Ms. Helen J. Kernan
Howard Neustadt
Mr. & Mrs. Valantine Derer
Betty Jewel Mortensen
Ms. Dorothy Calhoon
Margaret Murphy
Ms. Dorothy C. Schult
Betty Nickels
Mr. Jerry Nickels
Harriett Mostek
Ms. Karlene Mostek
Margaret M. Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Murphy
Ms. Dorothy C. Schult
Rose Nicoletti
Ms. Joan Wilke
Mary Morency
Mr. Fred P. Morency
Stanley Mostek
Ms. Karlene Mostek
Mother of Rita Brotherson &
Paul Shapiro
Ms. Ruth Rabyne
Joseph Motyka
Ms. Sophie M. Motyka
Andrew Mucha
Mrs. Peggy Mucha
Julia Mucha
Cole Taylor Bank
Richard H. Murray
Ms. Irene Murray
Regina Muzyka
John Muzyka
Joseph Nachowicz
Ms. Linda M. Nachowicz
Mrs. Marjorie A. Nachowicz
Bette Nadig
Mr. Glenn Nadig
William Neubauer
Mrs. Paulette Neubauer
William Neubauer
Eugene Niemiec
Mrs. Eileen Niemiec
Edward Niewinski
Ms. Joanne Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. G Montgomery
Mrs. Kate Cielocha
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Dasse
Mr. Joseph B. Field
Mrs. Karen Gambino
Mrs. Geralyn D. Golonka
Mrs. Barbara Goss
Mrs. Diane Helland
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Klein
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Kozek
Ms. Elaine Krueger
Ms. Sharon Lau
Ms. Nora Masterson
Mr. Al Newhart
Mr. William A. Panek
Ms. Margaret Parry-Buske
Ms. Alice M. Saracco
Mr. & Mrs. Hermann
M. Schamberger
Mr. & Mrs. Don Thompson
Ms. Midge Tranchita
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vucich
Mrs. Lynn M. Warner
Marion Niksich
Ms. Dorothy Fordsmand
Josep J. Nora
Vince and Lisa Nora
Diane Norman
Emil Heidkamp
Mr. Leonard A. Norman
Alice Nosko
Ms. Barbara Chwastek
Casimir Nowak
The Veronica Nowak Estate
John F. Nowak
Mr. Thomas Zahnen
Veronica Nowak
The Veronica Nowak Estate
Ms. Lucretia C. Shapiro
Ed Nowakowski
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bartuch
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Castellano
Ms. Catherine M. Hryniewicz
Ms. Loetitia Pacini
Mr. & Mrs. Richard and
Donna Reno
Ms. Barbara L. Ruth
Ms. Dorothy F. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn and Judy Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Greg and Pat Wegner
Edward Nowakowski
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bartuch
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Castellano
Mr. John DeFrancesco
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Engel
Ms. Mary C. Flanagan
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Grabner
Ms. Catherine M. Hryniewicz
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Huber
James B. Szal and Company
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Kelly
Ms. Donna K. Krickl
Ms. Marie Landry
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Lindgren
MBL International Corp
Ms. Loetitia Pacini
Pan American Society for
Clinical Virology
Ms. Lorraine M. Rakoczy
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Reno
Ms. Florence Schultz
Ms. Nancy J. Schweitzer
Ms. Dorothy F. Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Wegner
Mrs. Darci White
Robert Nyquist
Adventis Hinsdale Hospital,
Roger and Jodie Andress
Rakzan Aoub
Ms. Emily L. Bassill
Ms. Bridget Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Carol Bicking
Penny Donchoo
Ms. Connie Franks
Ms. Nancye Goins
Anne Jacobson
K. G. M. Inc.
Beroya Kachow
Mary Kapolnek
Betty and Donald Lancaster
Katie Meartens
Patricia and Robert Meyer
Marianne and Thomas Moberly
Scott and Cynthia Nyquist
Ted and Laura Powell
S. P. Rogers, Ph.D.
Cheryl Rosen
Amy Sakoda
Ms. Jane Seiffert
Mr. John J. Spoerl
Stop at Nothing, Inc.
Washington School
Co-Workers - Glenview
Ms. Mary Jane Wiechman
William Obal
Mrs. Margaret M. McNamara
Reiki Therapy Training
William Oberheide
Mrs. Susan Oberheide
John W. O’Brien
Ms. Marguerite Garner
Ms. Marilyn Heckmyer
Gerry Landy
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Rath
Mr. Jerry Schuhrke
John W. Obrien
Marge Burch
Ms. Dorothy Ceglarek
Ms. Laura M. Cosentino
Ms. Alexa W. Forman
Ms. Alberta Gattorna
Lisa Haas
Faith and Jess Hundahl & Family
Ms. Susan L. Husselbee
Mr. George Kochikaran
Ms. Barbara Labno
MB Financial Bank
Ms. Lucille Moore
Mrs. Lorraine O’Brien
Ms. Eileen Raymond
Rotary International Staff
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Schulte
Ms. Nancy Sheehan
Ms. Sharon Swanson
The Stejskels
TRF Receivables
Mr. A. Frederick Uhler
George and Wilma Wendt
Ron and Lynda Yori
William O’Brien
Kathleen & Ray Kulla
John J. O’Doherty
Ms. Rose Marie Sheehan
Vivian O’Donnell
Mr. & Mrs. John O’Donnell
Carol A. O’Grady
William and Margaret O’Donnell
Mary O’Grady
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buchanan
Mr. Patrick Callahan
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Diver
Ms. Dolores C. Dyra
Ms. Ellen T. Fleming
Ms. Eileen Welch Hayes
Mr. Edward Kilroy
Mr. Kevin S. Lavin
Frances Salinsky
Ms. Bridget M. Welch
Ms. Tara Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Roy Westergren
Mr. Ralph Ziegler
Mary O’Grady
Mr. Peter J. O’Grady, Sr.
Thomas O’Grady
Mr. & Mrs. William Allen
Mr. & Mrs. Peter O’Donnell
William and Margaret O’Donnell
Mildred O’Keefe
Mr. & Mrs. George Fine
Susan Okon
Ms. Joan Knutel
James C. Olbrisch
Ms. Jacqueline Johnson
Leonard Olbrisch
Clemens and Corrine Altherr
Judy and Gary Bonagidi
Pamela and Frank Hauser
Mr. & Mrs. James M. Indelak
Ms. M. C. Levin
Ms. Mildred Ondraka
Ms. Mildred Ondranka
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Ortlund,
Jr.Diane and Carl Reid
Ms. Regina F. Serio
Mr. Philip Vandrey
Mr. & Mrs. D. West
Marilyn O’Leary
Mr. Martin Graham
Richard Olechowski
Ms. Roberta Olechowski
Danee Oliva
Ms. Araceli Isabel M. Oliva
Donald Olsen
Ms. Mary Olsen
Kalin Olsen
Ms. Janet Jack
Marie Olson
Ms. Mary A. Provenza
Warren Olson
Mrs. Doris Olson
Peter O’Malley
Ms. Maureen O’Malley
Rita Opekan
Gertrude Zimmer
Albert and Frances Origer
Ms. Anne Harvey
Dorothy Ortmann
Mr. John Ortmann
Denise Oschger
Mr. Raymond T. Oschger
Emil Pacan
Ms. Dolores Pacana
David Parmley
Ms. Carolyn Parmley
James Pacana
Ms. Dolores Pacana
Judy Parsons Barberie
Ms. Gertrude Trunda
Gary Pachowicz
Esther Pachowicz
Genevieve Parylak
Ms. Beverly Parylak
John A. Pacion
Ms. Christine R. Marik
Ms. Ireene Pacion
Ms. Judy Watts-Lemke
Tom Pastor
Grace Pastor
Catherine Paleczny
Mr. & Mrs. John Paleczny
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Petersen
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Barlow
Thomas Pallas
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hefferan
Anne Panek
Ms. Elizabeth Marek
Grace Panico
Ms. Patricia Birch
Bernadette Paprocki
Mrs. Lottie Pilarski
Antonio Parenti
Ms. Carol Abbate
Mr. & Mrs. James Chodak
Ms. Lillian Chodak
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Dimeo
Mrs. Dorothy Frisella
Ms. Lena A. Herron
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Mruk
My Parents
Ms. Dolores Fuhrman
Gertrude J. Patenaude
Mr. John Patenaude, Sr.
G. F. Patt
Mr. Darrell Patt
Catherine Pavlik
Bruce Pavlik
Edward J. Pawl
Mrs. Jeannine Pawl
Anthony Pecoraro
Mrs. Marilyn K. Heinz
Bridie Pegler
Mr. Donald P. Pegler
Wayne C. Peithman
Mrs. Carolyn J. Peithman
Catherine Pernecke
Ms. Joan Pernecke
Robert J. Perrone
Ms. Annette C. Montalbano
Velma & William Petek
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lovell
William Petek
Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lovell
William Peter
Mrs. Jeanette Peter
Lorraine Peterselli
Mrs. Barbara Lent
Charles Peterson
Ms. Gertrude Trunda
Mildred Peterson
Mr. James Johnson
Ms. Betty Wielgus
Grace Petrielli
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Berny
Kenneth Buchholz
Mrs. Verlee Buchholz
Mary Petrusek
Ms. Mary Beth Adams
Ms. Marilyn A. Bergmann
Ms. Paula Calvey
David and Bill Hardt
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Wilson
James Phillips
Mrs. Mary Phillips
Cesarina Pieroni
Tom and Catherine Lapalermo
Alice Pinkowski
Ms. June Albright
Lorraine Pinkowski
Barbara and Mark Urbanczyk
Ann G. Pinzke
Mr. Arthur Pinzke
Rose Oschger
Mr. Raymond T. Oschger
Sylvester H. Piotrowski
Mrs. Bernadette J. Piotrowski
Sophie S. Oskvarek
Mr. Jerome Oskvarek
Robert Platz
Callero & Callero, LLP
The Willard Freise Family
Ms. Donna Gordon
Mr. Larry Happ
Shirley and Leroy Kante
Steve & Jan Kante
Ms. Barbara Messner
Carol and Dennis Sassan
Carol Oslowski
Mr. Richard Cwanek
Pamela Saltzman
Richard Ostrzeniewski
Carolyn and Thaddeus Pietron
Rose O’Toole
Ms. Rose Marie Sheehan
Sharon Pabich
Mr. Anthony Pabich
Seymour Plotkin
Ms. Rosanne Plotkin
Mae Podgorny
Mr. Stanley Podgorny
Donald Poe
Mrs. Rosemary L. Poe
Dolores Pogorzelski
Mrs. Carol Bunker
Mr. & Mrs. G. Heinrich
Mr. & Mrs. Trella
Henry Pokrywka
Mr. Robert H. Pokrywka
Harry Pollastrini
Ms. Lena Pollastrini
Regina Pollina
Mr. & Mrs. Frank De Prizio
Glenview Park District
Mr. William Norwood
Dr. & Mrs. Raymond A.
Pollina and Family
Mr. Denis R. Pollina
Mr. Leroy Pollina
Mary and Ron Pollina
Marilyn and Robert Przywara
Ms. Deborah M. Rogers
The Sunday Family
Ms. Joan Wilke
Charles Polsinelli
Ms. Joan Polsinelli
Mr. and Ms. T. C. Polsinelli
Lorrine Popernik
Dan and Diane Hupert
Nancy Preston
Ms. Mary Burks
Family and Friends of
Nancy Preston
Ms. Joan T. Kean
Sharon Zago and Mary Konkey
Cecille Priver
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan Berger
Anna Prostko
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Prostko
Sylvia Pryka
Ms. Shirley Bergmann
Cancer Care &
Hematology Specialists
Ms. Dawn L. Daus
Ms. Donna Hill
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Kimberlin
Mr. & Mrs. Clyde J. Klaczek
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen H. Moot
Mr. & Mrs. William G.Romaniuk
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Sigalos
Mrs. Priscilla Stengler-Cotton
Mr. John Timmer
Mr. & Mrs. Pio D. Uliassi
Estelle Przybek
Ms. Mary E. Hilgert
Ms. Lucy Swab
Ms. Sylvia J. Taldone
Stanley Ptasnik
Mrs. Corrine Ptasnik
Emily Quiniff
Glenn and Phyllis Stevick
John Quinn
Mr. and Mrs. Lee T. Zulawinski
Robert Quirke
Mrs. Veronica S. Quirke
Irene Rachmaciej
Mr. Walter Rachmaciej
Jerome Radtke
Mrs. Violet Radtke
Phyllis Rakoczy
Ms. Helen Bialecki
Mr. & Mrs. E Gorny
Mr. & Mrs. A. Gulik
Mr. & Mrs. B. Gulik
Mr. & Mrs. C. Gulik
Mr. & Mrs. J. Gulik
Mr. & Mrs. W. Gulik
Mrs. Val Halahan
Ms. Valentina Hallihan
Mary & Edward Kopec
Mr. Julius Krol
Mr. & Mrs. S. Kucmierz
Ms. Mary Maiss
Ms. Josephine Metz
Mr. & Mrs. Ted Mirus
Mr. & Mrs. E. Nita
Mrs. Phyllis Nita-Johnston
Mrs. A. Pawlik
Pyziak Family
Ms. Pam Ragacki
Mr. & Mrs. J. Stazel
Ms. Helen Stralka
Mr. & Mrs. A. Studenroth
Mr. & Mrs. J. Swan
Mr. & Mrs. D. Volocyk
Mr. & Mrs. E. Wozny
Ms. Martha Wozny
Leonard Rapacz
Don and Kathleen Patkowa
Ms. Gail M. Zielinski
Daniel Rapp
Abbott Laboratories
Aladdin Knowledge Systems
Nancy and Jeff Brashear
T. J. Kennedy
Ms. Ellen M. Marqua
Warren Rapp
Mauren and George Sollman
Ms. Susan J. Weber
Millie Raymondi
Ms. Florence Kranz
Seymour Reichlin
Ms. Beverly Reichlin
Elizabeth Reihsen
Ms. Mary Fagerson
Betty Reil
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DuBoux
Ms. Kathy Jarosch
Angeline Rivera
Lee Rivera
Guy Rizzo
Rainbow Hospice - East Team
Katherine Roach
Ms. Patricia Bunge
Catherine Robaczewski
Wayne Robaczewski
Betty Roberts
Ms. Marsha Wallander
Diane Roberts
Ms. Eleanor Van Abel
Helen S. Roberts
Ron Mazukelli
John Roberts
Ms. Marsha Wallander
Beverlee Robgatz
Ms. Dorothy M. Reif
Christina Reilly
Ms. Maureen Mann
Nancy Robinson
Ms. Beth Olson
Barbara Reinke
Ms. Regina D’Ecclesis
William Rodrian
Ms. Rodrian
Lillian Reiter
Ms. Carol Jaquet
Ms. Jacqueline Lenius
Lynn Mollnhauer
Roland Roehr
Ms. Rita Holm
Helen Mary Reminiec
Ms. Patricia Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lundquist
Stanley Reminiec
Mr. & Mrs. David Gallagher
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lundquist
Beverlee Roggatz
Ms. Eleanor L. Jacobson
Ms. Dorothy M. Reif
Ms. Maryann M. Wirth
Donna Rohdy
Ms. Marie Fazzini
Reggie Rolder
Mr. Edward Rolder
Albert Reynen
Mrs. Kathryn S. Reynen
Joseph Roman
Annette Roma
Rita Rice
Ms. Mollie Lazarus
John Romano
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Brown
Daniel Richman
Marsha and Charles Phillips
John Rooney
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Gramm
Katherine Riebandt
Ms. Avis J. Herrmann
Helen Rosinski
Ms. Betty Adams
Mr. Allan Hommerding
Aldona and Pattie Kitt
Ms. Audrey G. Koester
Ms. Mary Lee Leslein
Sharon and Miles Lombard
B. Personett
John Rimicci
Sylvia Rimicci
Rachel Rivas
Mike and Tamara Shibayama
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Strzyzewski
Ms. Marjorie J. Tauber
Jack Ross
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony F. Biancardi
Mr. Sherman R. Card
Ms. Patricia T. Clarey
Mr. Mark EI-Tawil
Ms. Michelle Levy
Ms. Sharon G. Lewis
Rose and George Megian
Mrs. Dorothy Ross
Ms. Elly Brownawell Taheny
Mary and Perry Zukowski
Anne Rossi
Mr. Anthony Rossi
Dorothy Rost
Mrs. Carol A. Jung
Niles Public Library
Resurrection High School Mathematics Department
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zipp
Russ W. Russell
Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Costello
Helen Rusteberg
Tim & Julie Dawson
Elizabeth Ryan
Mrs. Patricia Donoghue
Ruth Rytlewski
Mr. Roger Rytlewski
Mary Rzany
Mr. Leon Rzany
Oke Salmonson
Ms. Sandra Wojtynek
Cecilia Salvaggio
Mr. Christoper L. Markos
Ms. Joann Markos
Margaret and Richard Poska
Joseph & Marian Samson
Mr. David J. Samson
Marian Samson
Mr. David J. Samson
Lois Sanford
Mr. Troy Sanford
Roberta Sanford
Mr. Troy Sanford
Emma Sanger
Mr. Jack Bondelli, Jr.
Ms. Sarah A. Cary
Gayle and Kurt Hedlun
Ms. Carolyn McCabe
David and Andrea Mccabe
Mr. John G. Sanger
William and Betty Walter
Jacob J. Santomauro
Mr. & Mrs. John Knoeckl
Virginia Santoro
Mr. Dominic Santoro
Martin Sara
Mr. John Baker
BFI Canada, Inc.
Ms. Anne Diombala
Ms. Catherine M. Irwin
Ms. Susan J. Kozelka
Ms. Patricia M. Lichter
Mr. and Mrs. William P. McGeean
Patrick and Maureen Spooner
Simelia Sarcu
Mr. Louis Sarcu
Doris Sasser
Advocate Health Care
Patricia Ahern
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Bridges
Classic residence by Hyatt
At The Glen
Mr. Scott Engle
Ms. Virginia Feurer
Ms. Kathleen Garcea
Ms. Sasha L. Gerritson
Ms. Ellen B. Hamilton
Laura and Charles Kobus
Ms. Nancy H. Matthei
Ms. Carolyn Merrifield
Pat and Roy Nelson
Mr. David J. Samson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Scharringhausen
Dee and Henry Sikora
Ms. Jean S. Sloss and Family
Mrs. Eleanor J. Swansen
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Van Mieghem
Phyllis and Dean Whitford
Mrs. Constance Wojtowicz
Ms. Irma Lannert Wolf
Ms. Catherine M. Kenney
Eleanor Sasso
Chester, Barbara, and Lonnie Bozek
Mrs. Rose Marie Calderisi
Ms. Joan Deri
Mrs. Judy Fleege
Ms. Mary Ann Klesta
Mr. & Mrs. Marc Mal
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Manzara
Mrs. Sharon A. Nardiello
Ms. Ruth Reed
Mr. Richard Simone
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Soto
Ms. Theresa M. Starr
Ms. Judy Tanaka
Mr. Peter Winiarski
Ida Sasso
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Zimmerman
Mary Saturnino
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bartuch
Winnie Saunders
Ms. Jacquelyne Duncan
Ann Sawyer
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice O’Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry N. O’Connor
Coleen, Steve and Erin Shiel
Thomas Scaccia
Mr. Sam Scaccia
Mike Scaglione
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Huber
Kay Scescke
Mrs. Grace Doherty
John Schaad
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Koenig
Jenny Schafrik
Melissa and Scott Casey
Robert and Melissa Castagna
Ms. Patricia Gartke
Mr. Stanislau Piotrowski
Damon and Dorothy Runge
Ed and Marcia Wegner
Gary and Diane Wegner
William Thomas and Susan Wegner
Henry Schappert
Ms. Johanna Sichau
Elizabeth Scharenbrock
Mr. John C. Scharenbrock
Harriett Scharringhausen
Ms. Barbara A. Blume
Lenora Schauderna
Ms. Christine M. Koza
Ms. Patricia Pasquale
Diane Schefdore
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schefdore
Richard Schenk
Ms. Rita Weber
June Schleichert
Mr. Roger E. Schleichert
Erlinde Schmalzer
Ms. Marjorie Altergott and
Duane Jensen
Mr. Clifford R. Geist
Gayle and Ken Jackson
Ms. Bianca M. La Porte
Samuel Schneider
Ms. Margaret Schneider
Robena E. Schnell
Mrs. Jo Marie Bordis
Ms. Maryln Geary
Mary Schoenfeldt
Anonymous Donor
Mr. Sigmund Bogdziewicz
Ms. Elaine Dooley
Mr. Frederick P. Heiss
Mr. George P. Hoffelt
Mr. Rudolph Iberle
Vita Rose Lau
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Lemke
Mr. & Mrs. Donald J. Mammoser
Mr. James Mammoser
Mr. & Mrs. Scott McMannis
Pat McNulty
Mr. Steve Miller
Ms. Alma E. Rissky
Mr. Carl Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon E. Stacey
Ms. Lois Wendt
Edith Schorr
Mrs. Barbara Daily
Mr. Michael Maly
Mrs. Jodie Sterba
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Stone
Lois B. Schroeder
Mobil Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Charles R. Schroeder
Robert Schubbe
Tom Binebrink
Ms. Sissy Lindsey
Gail and Steve Martin
Volunteer Marilyn Maier
Tom Schuh
Ms. Jan Johnson
Mrs. Maryann Schuh
Marie Flick Schuler
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schuler
Helen Skoli
Ms. Susan Dick
Ms. Kathleeen A. Skoli
R.C. Schuler
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schuler
John W. Skomasa
Mrs. Gloria Skomasa
Anne Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kowalewski
Zofia Skutnik
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Lipski
Casey & Helen Lipski
Schultz Family
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schultz
Casmir Slowik
Ms. Kathleen Slowik
Mary Schultz
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Huber
Tessie Slowik
Ms. Kathleen Slowik
Robert Schulze
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lueders
Harold Schwartz
Mrs. Dolores Schwartz
Virginia Schwartz
Dr. Christine Schwartz-Peterson
Audrey H. Shewell
Ms. Barbara D. Volk
Barbara Schwetz
Arthur and Ann Klimt
Ms. Dolores C. Chozianin
Arthur and Ann Klimt
Ms. Barbara Schwetz
Bobbie Shimanousky
Mrs. Ava L. Fogel
Mr. Walter Schwetz
Charlotte Scott
Mrs. Ava L. Fogel
Ms. Anna Marie Tarnow
Joseph Scoville
Mrs. Gloria Scoville
Helen Sesko
Mr. John J. Deresinski
Integrity Physical Therapy
Sharon and John Morrison
Ms. Dorothy Mykisen
Ms. Florence Sesko
SMI Home & School Association
William T. Sessler
Ms. Barbara L. Sessler
Pontus Shafer
Ms. Helen Shafer
Richard Shanahan
Mrs. Esther Shanahan
Brian Shannon
Mrs. Brian Shannon
Ms. Darlene Taylor
Ms. Sue Velon
Ms. Kathy Winsor
Henry Sichau
Ms. Martha Sichau
Barbara Sieburg
Ms. Sue Johnston
Gladys Sifnotis
Peter Sifnotis
Anthony Signa
Mrs. Patricia Signa
Anthony Signore
Mrs. Mary J. Signore
Irene B. Silberman
Mrs. Dorothy E. Abrams
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur B. Berman
Mrs. Phyllis B. Dubin
Mrs. Nancy Faulls
Mrs. Andrea B. Friedlander
Mrs. Denise M. Gallagher
Mrs. Laurie F. Gunning
Mrs. Gloria Medville
Ms. Annie Moldafsky
Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Seglin
Anne Silverstein
Ms. Ellen Semon
Isaac Silverstein
Ms. Ellen Semon
Susan Silverstein
Ms. Betty Caro
Tobie Simon
Mr. Julius Simon
Grace Sindelar
Ms. Betty Hadzima
Jerry Singer
Mrs. Marlene Singer
William Sipiora
Ms. Cecilia Sipiora
Ms. Joan Sipiora
Ms. Mary Sipiora
Harriette Siuba
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ahern
Breavement Team and
Diane Carlson
Brian and Char Cieply
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DuBoux
Michael and Maureen Flamm
Bob and Deb Hillyard
Jean Kabat
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Kaeppel
Larry and Patti Olson
Walter and Joyce Ousley
Ms. Lena Roach
Ms. Barbara Siuba
Ms. Betty Siuba
Andy and Linda Stadtler
Ms. Sheila Straukus
Bill and Julie Swart
Ms. Alice Szabelski
Arlene Smid
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome
Ms. Diane Smoczynski
Josephine Smith
Ms. Linda Burns
Victoria Smith
Ms. Theda Rice
Yvonne Smith
Anonymous Donor
Ms. Bernice Bloom
Ms. Ann M. Boggess
Ms. Amy L. Calvin
Ms. Rebecca Glazier
Ilinois State Board of Elections
Ms. Laurel Kage
Mr. John R. Keith
Mrs. Edith Kooyumjian
Ms. Dorothy M. Reif
Mr. William Sayre
Bill and Fran Smith
Mr. John Soderstrom
Bill and Fran Stewart
Bernice Snedaker
Ms. Donna Proske
World Reach, Inc.
Patricia Sniezewski
Mr. John Sniezewski
James So
Mr. & Mrs. John Komornick
John W. Sobolewski
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Morrison
Terri O’Malley
Irene Sochacki
Darlene and Len Kedzior
St. Thomas the Apostle
Church Staff
Gerald Sodaro
Ms. Doris Sodaro
Therese Sokolski
Mr. James Vollinger
Michael Somerville
Mrs. Mary Somerville
Mildred Sorosky
Mr. Leon Feldstein
Robert Sorquist
Mrs. Mary F. Sorquist
Frank Sorrentino
Mr. Henry Green
Ms. Helen I. Jensen
Mrs. Carol A. Jung
Newark InOne
Ms. Jeanne Sorrentino
Ms. Sherie Stein
Mr. & Mrs. William Sweeney
Kathy and David Tholen
Ernie and Susan Tumminia
Thaddeus A. Sosnowski
Ms. Barbara A. Snow
Mrs. Lottie V. Sosnowski
Mary Beck Souvarine
Mr. Jack Souvarine
Frances Spranger
Ms. Sharon Streba
Pauline Stevenson
Mr. Robert Wynn
Nancy Ann Suterko
Ms. Hortense Johnson
Marion Sroka
Cindy Amberger and Lynne
Mrs. Beverly J. Blinde
Ms. Mary Corey
Ms. Charlene Hiland
Ms. Peggy Kloiber
Pat Komosa
F Gay McMichael
R Chase Financial
Ms. Laura Reubens
Ms. Judy Siegmund
Mrs. Janina Sroka
Ms. Cindy L. Swaim
Emma Stewart
Mr. Nancy Stewart
Osa Svendsen
Ms. Karen Svendsen
Jack Stewart
Mr. & Mrs. John Morath
Bill Swanson
Ms. Ruth Baum
John Stimac
Ms. Patricia Hafbauer
Robert Swensen
Ms. Patricia E. Swensen
Martin Stimac
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Dean
Ms. Patricia Hofbauer
Joseph F. Szabo
Roberta Niemz Hedrick
Mary Ann Niemz Langgith
Patricia Niemz Obidowicz
Ms. Carole N. Powers
Jeanne Staffa
Mr. Joseph R. Staffa
Mildred Stateman
Mr. George Stateman
Martin Steigerwald
Ms. Ann Steigerwald
Craig S. Steil
Ms. Kathleen Blumreich
Mr. Jim Kopeny
June and Frank Le Tarte
Ms. Beatriz Sanchez Tavarez
Elaine Stein
Ms. Norene Horowitz
Frances A. Spanger
Ms. Sharon Streba
Marvin Stein
Ms. Portia M. Ball
Ms. Sandra C. Becker
Mr. & Mrs. Victor Drower
Jeffrey and Stephanie Halen
Helping Hands Therapy
Frances and Ray Kaplan
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Klaber
Ms. Bluma B. Stoller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wiegand
Burton Spellman
Ms. Roslyn H. Spellman
John Steinbaugh
Ms. Ida Rinozzi
Raffaele Spinelli
Mr. Peter M. Cooke
Mr. Mike Nicholus
Ms. Ruth Schwab
Mrs. Sally Spinelli
Lana Steinman
Mr. Jerold Steinman
Evelyn Sowa
Ms. Connie Newton
Matthew Sowa
Ms. Marlyn Habryl
Theodore Spain
Ms. Thelma Cornell Spain
Louis Spizzir
Ms. Megan Harris
Charles & Dorothy Stocco
Ms. Karen Stocco
Margaret Stockton
Janice and John Dayton
Anne Stone
Mr. David Berg
Bertha Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Stone
Mr. & Mrs. Norman A. Stone
Mae Storberg
Ms. Lois M. Dickert
Eugene Stratynski
Ms. Shirley Stratynski
Lillian & Herman F. Straus
Ms. Charlotte S. Grunlund
Steve Straza
Lorraine & Eleanor Straza
June Streich
Quentin “Bud” Streich
Howard Strom
Ms. Doris Davis
Nels Stromberg
Mr. & Mrs. William
Robert Sternberg
Ms. Patricia Wojtun
Mary Sturtevant
Rabbi and Mrs. Edward H.
Ms. Fern Funk
Mrs. Pamela Leimer
Ms. Katherine McGarry
Ms. Charlotte C. Murphy
Niles Elementary District 71
Mr. Bernard Panke
Ms. Maria Pilati
Isabel Stevenson Lohr
Ms. Nadine Schuster
Ralph D. Surber
Mr. Daryl Harris
Peter Stelzer
Ms. Katharina Stelzer
Jean Szafraniec
Mr. Robert Dahlke
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M.
Edward Szoke
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Szoke
Evelyn Szyska
Diane and Jim Eng
Ms. Sylvia S. Kellogg
Ms. Deborah Szrpka
Ms. Sharon Wyzykowski
Robert C. Taterka
W. W. Grainger, Inc.
Augustyn Terlecki
Mrs. Stanislawa Terlecki
Paul Terry
Ms. Tami Terry
Mabel Thompson
Gerard and Susan McHugh
Fred Titoni
The Abels Family
Holiday Gift Wrap Volunteers
Ms. Camille Blachowicz
Ms. Barbara L. Blatz
Pat and Bill Bratek
Mr. & Mrs. Santo J. Callaci
Ms. Mary Catherine Catrambone
Helen M. Di Renzo
Mr. Julio Di Renzo
Mr. Frank Fiorito
Ms. Jerri S. French
Bob and Diane Hightower
Ms. Kathy Laya
Ms. Diane Morrone
Ms. Nancy Perry
Ms. W. Christine Rauscher
Robert Frost School Staff
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ryan
Manuel Torres
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Kenney
Carmilla Tramontana
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Czop
Donna Troch
Vernon & Eileen Johnson
Michael and Dolly Trulli
The Jack Boeing Family
Henrietta Tschannen
Ms. Mary Tschannen
Ms. Peggy Tschannen
Jeanne Tully
Daily Herald, Paddock
Publications, Inc
Eleanor Tures
Mr. George Tures
Barbara E. Tuttle
Mrs. and Mrs. Emil A. Gruber
Rupley School Sunshine Fund
Hala Tutunji
Mr. Mousa Tutunji
Carol A. Uecker
Ms. Jane Ingersoll
Tim Ulrich
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ulrich
Mary Ann Underriner
Mr. Richard J. Underriner
Jean Urbas-Woods
Mrs. Nellie K. Johnson
Seth Valdes
Ms. Jody Valdes
Mildred Valgren
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pokorski
Frank Vonschwedler
Elaine Vonschwedler
Local 34071
Ms. Dianne Jones
Mr. Fred Kautsky
Terry Kinsella
Mr. Christopher Koch
Ms. Llanita Koster
Ms. Carol Kurtz
Mr. Michael Linder
Ms. Carlene Lutz
Mr. Raymond Mackey
Ms. Karen McKenzie
Dr. Karen M. Peterson
Ms. Gail L. Purkey
Mrs. Jane Russell
Southwest Suburban
Federation of Teachers
Ms. Kathleen Stenson
Ms. Deborah Tully
University Professionals of Illinois
Ms. Annette R. Walter
Ms. Linda Walter
Ms. Sue Walter
Ms. Audrey D. Windisch
Tavey Wright
John Wade
Ms. Rosemarie Cozzi
Elfrieda Weber
Ms. Maria Sammartino
Ted Wade
Mr. Randall Wade
Louis Weber
Mr. & Mrs. E.H. Kaufmann
Laura Wadleigh
Ms. Florence Flader
William A. Webster
Ms. Christine Webster
Dorothy Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wagner
Frank Wechner
Mr. John F. Wechner
Marty William Wilcoff
Spiritual Assembly of
The Bahais of Des Plai
Sheldon Wagner
Ms. Lea Wagner
William Weiner
Ms. Trudi Raffel and Milton Weiner
Josephine Wilczynski
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Remijan
Helen Walley
Mary Ellen and Marvin Johnson
Mary Sue and Leo Winneke
Bernard & Evelyn Weisel
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Schneider
Jane Wilde
Mr. Richard B. Laibly
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry McClory
Ellen Vanderpoel
Ms. Lillian Dombrowski
Dororthy Veazey
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Foster & Family
Constance Venardos
Mrs. Margaret M. McNamara
Lillian Vici
Ms. Nina Masciag
David Vierra
Ms. Jean Franco
Marybelle Vlasak
Ms. Betty Duff
Neil and Tammy Maly
Ms. Phyllis Ronder
Toni and Ron Statz
Frank Von Schwedler
Mrs. Elaine Von Schwedler
Coleman Walsh
Ms. Gloria Alitto Majewski
Mr. Thomas F. Rochford
Norma Walter
Ms. Amy Alsop
American Federation
Ms. Laura Bartman
Ms. Michelle Bell
Ms. Margaret M. Francisco
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Frost
Ms. Lynn Gallagher
Mr. & Mrs. William F. Herbert
Illinois Organizers Union,
Irene Welch
Ms. Dorothy Hoffner
William Welling
Ms. Victoria E. Welling
George Wellner
Robert Durham
Mrs. Jeanne Wellner
Joseph Werderitch
Mr. & Mrs. Grant L. Rich
Stell Werderitch
Ms. Annette M. Lemke
Donald Werling
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Allgaier
Ascher & Associates
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Gill
Ms. Barbara Glassman
Ms. Barbara Gregory
Ms. Marion Karl
Ms. Sandra A. Lynch
Mr. & Mrs. J. Ruth
Ms. Gloria Sari
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Saufl
Ms. Nancy J. Schweitzer
Ms. Joanne Vaughn
Ms. Ellen Marie Villella
Mr. William J. Voges
Ms. Joanna Werling
Sharon Werling
Edward Westfall
Mrs. Gail Lockwood
Elsie Whitney
Mr. Robert Whitney
Karl Wiedel
Mr. Juergen Wiedel
Betty Wienckowski
Ms. Stoker
Shirley Wiesner
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Horejs
Ms. Catherine Wiesner
Walter Wietecha
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Wietecha
Agnes Wilgotski
Mr. & Mrs. Casimer M. Marks, Jr.
Ms. Judy A. Pietrzak
Earl Wilke
Bill and Karen Borchert
Ms. Dolores C. Chozianin
Donna and John Goulet
Ms. Gloria J. Keitsch
Ms. Shirley Lindberg
Ruth Pasturczak
Sue and Jay Weintraub
Ms. Joan Wilke
Pearl Wilke
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Wadler
Mary J. Wrobel
Mr. Ronald Wrobel
Charlene Zegadlo
Mr. Raymond Zegadlo
Doris Williams
Mrs. Sandra M. Marder
Virginia Wrzepski
Mr. Joseph Wrzepski
Leslie Williams
Ms. Aileen F. Williams
Roann Wurlitzer
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Ciesla
Ms. Jean Simon
Christopher Zelko
Rocco and Elizabeth Smeriglio
Chiara E. Zelko
Marguerite Williams
Marilyn Borkgren
Mr. and Mrs. William Fitzmaurice
Mr. Robert J. Williams
Cecile Wills
Ms. Rose A. Danz
Mr. Glenn Wills
Nancy Wilmotte
Ms. Stephanie Hanebutt
Brad Wilmotte
Mr. James Wilmotte
Ruby Winett
Roberta & Merton Silbar
Fritz Wirth
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kotvan
Marty Witcoff
Anonymous Donor
Ms. Alison Hough
Gary and Barbara Muench
Mr. Jospeh Szokol
Sophie Wlosiak
Mr. & Mrs. John Kowalski
Veronica Woerner
Ms. Dolores Bugielski
Mr. David J. Samson
Stanley Wojteczko
Ms. Jan Harahan
Dr. & Mrs. Simon Zivin
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Zivin
Mike Wynd
Ms. Elizabeth Freitag
Mrs. Teresa Wynd
Stella Zody
Ms. Elaine Langer
Hope Yamashita
The Yamashita Family
Lorraine Yarbrough
Ms. Pamela S. Schrecker
Josephine D. Yocum
Ms. Geraldine Manning
Robert Youngquist
Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Brooks
Ms. Nancy Byrne
Ms. Lianne Cero
Ms. Lilly Eide
Mrs. Mary Ellen Franknecht
Mr. James G. Harris
Mrs. Bobette Janus
Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence L. Lantero
Mr. Robert Miller
Mr. Myron Schultz
Ms. Elsa Vaintzettel
Linda Wolfgang
Larry Wolfgang
Lois Zautcke
Dr. & Mrs. John Zautcke
Harold Wolfgram
Mrs. Helen Wolfgram
Edward Zdunek
Mr. C.R. Bard
Mr. Roger A. Elmer
Ms. Barbara Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. O’Bryan
Mr. & Mrs. Brian W. Patterson
Mr. Robert Smith
Joan Wood
Mr. and Mrs. William Wood Sr.
Paula Zwolfer
Ms. Anne Schwartz
Maribel Yanez
Ms. Janet Yanez
Ms. Virginia Yanez
Shirley Zabinski
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Dubs
Ms. Suzette Dubs
Sarah Wolowicki
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Wolowicki
Margaret Wydra
Mr. Richard Wydra
Charles Wolfe
Mr. Wynell Wolfe
Paul Wolfgram
Mrs. Helen Wolfgram
Carl Ziesemer
Ms. Phyllis Ziesemer
Walter Zdunek
Ms. Johanna Olsen
Good Mourning “campers” Elizabeth Keating, Andrea Hug and Jordon Wolf
Giving Circles
Our Giving Circles include the names of those individuals, community groups and businesses who respond to the Annual Giving appeal. This appeal includes
two mail campaigns, one near Memorial Day and the second at the year end. For those who support both, gifts are combined to reflect one total.
Circle of Life - ($25,000.00 + )
Mr. George Gatto
Lorraine Ternand
Park Ridge Community Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Petkus
Dr. Christine Schwartz-Peterson
Circle of Love - ($10,000.00+ )
Advocate Health Care
Circle of Comfort ($500.00+)
Adreani Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ahern
Alumnae Club of Park Ridge
America’s Charities
Mr. Alan G. Barsumian
Mr. Michael Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. James DeMore
Anne Ellsworth
Dr. and Mrs. David Fishman
Ms. Jennifer R. Fronza
GS Small Cap Team
Mr. Fabian Halblander
Ms. Nancy E. Harte
Hegarty, Kowols & Associates P.C.
James & Elena Hill
Ms. Avis Holda
Ms. Maria F. Holland
Mrs. Andrea M. Hug
Ms. June Jackson
Rev. & Mrs. Leroy Joesten
Mr. and Mrs. James Kelley
Kiwanis Club of Des Plaines
Kiwanis Foundation Of Park Ridge
Mr. & Mrs. John Kowalski
Ms. Antoinette Krush
Liberty Bank
Advocate Lutheran General
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mack
Medinah Mini-Chopper Club
Ms. Mary J. Miller
Ms. Janet Ortaggio
Park Ridge Indian Scouts
Park Ridge Junior
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Petersen
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rossi
Mr. David J. Samson
Rev. Lee Joesten
James Kelley
Michael Kerns
Lang Home Medical Equipment
Masonic Family Health Foundation
Resurrection Health Care
Marie Cleary-Fishman
James Hill
Ron Struxness
Robert and Doris Sasser Family
Mrs. Brian Shannon
The Blowitz-Ridgeway Foundation
Circle of Care - ($5,000.00 + )
Lynne Butler Adams
Mr. Elmer Brennan
Butler Family Foundation
Mr. Rhett Butler
Ms. Marjorie Kartinos
Ms. Kerry Shannon and
Mr. Steve Byrne
Circle of Compassion ($1,500.00 + )
Bredemann Auto Mall
Mr. Tom A. Burnight
Chicago Area Combined Federal
Chicago Community Foundation
City of Des Plaines
For All The Children
Friends of the Murnighan Family
Mr. Michael G. Koziol
Mr. & Mrs. John Paleczny
John Schumacher & Judy
MacPherson Schumacher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Schwake
Ms. Kathleen Scott
Dr. & Mrs. Harold Shafter
Mr. & Mrs. John D. Simms
Ms. Betty Siuba
St. Catherine Laboure Church
St. John Baptist
St. John the Baptist Greek
Orthodox Church
St. John the Baptist Philoptochos
St. Paul of The Cross Parish –
Guardian Angel Guild
Starbucks Coffee Company
The Simms Family Foundation
Circle of Hope - ($150.00 + )
20th Century Club Foundation of
Park Ridge
Academic Tutoring Centers, Inc.
All Saints Lutheran Church
Mr. & Mrs. John R. Anderluh
Mr. Michael Barrett
Ms. Mary Beth Benedict
Mr. & Mrs. William Bennett
Ms. June E. Bergner
Mrs. Suzanne W. Betts
Borchardt Family Foundation
Mr. William A. Boss
Mr. and Mrs. Benito Braganza
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Brown
Mr. William Bucha
Mr. Terrence A. Busby, D.D.S.
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Bush
Mr. & Mrs. Curt Carlson
Chorus Zora
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christensen
Christian Community Foundation
Mr. Stanley Chwaszczewski
Ronald Cleveland
Mrs. Karen Couture
Ms. Kim M. Day
Des Plaines Ladies of the Elks
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis DuBoux
Mr. George Epiney
Mr. Daniel G. Falotico
Mr. & Mrs. John Finney Jr.
First Congregational Church of
Des Plaines
First United Methodist Church
Ms. Jean Franco
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Friedrich
Bernard and Martha Giannosa
Mr. Medard J. Giersch
Mr. Robert Goldberg
Ms. Lori Hajas
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Hefferan
Mr. Scott Himley
Horan’s Snug
Dave, Cindy, Christa and
Brian Inglis
Ms. Diane Janusz
Ms. Kathy Jarosch
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Kenney
Ms. Marjorie Kirwan
Mr. & Mrs. Armen Kotscharjan
Ms. Paula Kramer
Kathleen & Ray Kulla
Ms. Lynn Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Libner
Mrs. Jane Marinets
Mr. Hugh McBreen
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy McCurry
Mrs. Marguerite McKenna
Ms. Cyndi Rotondo McWilliams
Mr. Dennis Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Moll
John Muzyka
Mr. Glenn Nadig
Mrs. Amelia Nowakowski
Mr. & Mrs. John O’Donnell
William and Margaret O’Donnell
Mrs. Betty Ortaggio
P.R.P. Wine International, Inc.
Park Ridge Community Church
Ms. Karen Stocco
Ms. Sharon Streba
Ms. Laura Strom
Ms. Geraldine Sztuk
Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Szymanski
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald O. Wietecha
William Blair & Company
Ms. Virginia Yanez
Dr. & Mrs. John Zautcke
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Zivin
Halina Zuniga
Circle of Dignity - ($1.00 + )
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond T. Adams
Adrian Dominican Sisters
Mr. James Airdo
Ms. Maria Alterovich
Clemens and Corrine Altherr
Mrs. Allegra Amado
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Amelio
Ms. Elizabeth Anderson
Ms. Virginia Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Angus, Jr.
Helen Apostolos
Mr. & Mrs. William Armbruster
Anne Armstrong
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Attanaseo
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ayres
Mr. Robert Ayres
Mr. Raymond Babiarz
Ms. Susan J. Bakjian
Ken Barnas
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Barounis
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bartuch
Ms. Irmgard Basaraba
Nicklos and Ruth Bauer
Ms. Sharlene Baumann
Mrs. Dolores Baumgart
Mr. & Mrs. John Becker
Mrs. Bernice Bennett
Mr. Eugene E. Beranek
Ms. Nicole Beranek
Ms. Barbara E. Berg
Mr. David Berg
Ms. Mary Berg
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bergamin
Mr. Harry Bernecki
Ms. Dorothy Besler
Ms. Janet Bickler
Mrs. Patricia M. Biester
Ms. Nanci Billing
Ms. Patricia Birch
Ms. Alvina J. Blakut
Ms. Barbara A. Blume
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bobowski
The Jack Boeing Family
Ms. Peg Bors
Ms. Diana Bottega
Ms. Anne Bell Bowdry
Mrs. Estella Boyk
Helen Boyle
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Boyle
Mrs. Katherine A. Bradley
Ms. Verna Brandl
Mrs. Lela Brangan
Mr. & Mrs. Lee Braude
Irene and Michael Bridge
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. Briggs
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Broberg
Mrs. Sue Broeren
Ms. Sigrid Brooks
Ms. Julie Brosius
Mr. Joe Brush
Mrs. Petricia Brush
Ms. LaVerne Brzozowski
Mrs. Verlee Buchholz
Ms. Dolores Bugielski
Ms. Patricia Bunge
Mr. Norbert T. Bunish
Ms. Christine Burke
Ms. Ruth Burkholder
Mrs. Beth Burns
Ms. Marie-Therese Burns
Mr. Carlos Caballero
Mrs. Jodi Cachur
Mr. & Mrs. Harley Caithamer
Mr. Paul C. Calamari
Ms.Yola Calamaro
Ms. Theresa Cali
Ms. Margaret S. Cant
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carle
Ms. Diane M. Carlson
Ms. Rosemary Casey
Mrs. Lynn Casper
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Casty
Ms. Alberta Catalano
Mrs. Laura Catenazzo
Mr. Charles F. Caufield
Mr. Anthony C. Cecola
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Cerny
Chicago Social Security
Management Assc.
Mr. Nick Chiusolo
Ms. Barbara Chmura
Ms. Helen Chodor
Christ Church, United Church
of Christ
Ms. Lois J. Christoffersen
Mrs. Grace Christoph
Ms. Jean Churchman
Citizens For O’Connor
Ms. Elsie Ciulla
Mrs. Katherine Cleary
Mr. Donato Clemente
Ms. Janice Collins
Mr. James E. Colloton
Angela and A. David Colville
Mrs. Lorraine Colwell
Community Savings Bank
Ms. Pamela Conroy
Mr. Edward Conway
Ms. Barbara Coriden
Ms. Thelma Cornell Spain
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Corpora
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Coulter
Carl Cousino
Dr. Barbe Creagh
Edward Crestoni
Ms. Marian Crimmins
Mr. Richard Cwanek
Marla and Jim Czekalski
Mrs. Margaret M. Czerwionka
Joe Dale
Ms. Sandra C. Danforth
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Daniels
Mr. Leroy Daunis
Ms. Doris Davis
Ms. Louise Davis
Tim & Julie Dawson
Mr. Federico M. De Luca
Ms. Regina D’Ecclesis
Mrs. Lisa Decker
Elisabeth Dedner
Ms. Ann Delagarza
Mr. William R. Delano
Dell Direct Giving Campaign
Ms. Dawn N. Delutri
Mr. Robert DeMarr
Mr. Brian Dempsey
Mr. & Mrs. Joe D. Dickerson
Ms. Martha Dienner
Ms. Antoinette DiStaola
Ms. Catherine Doherty
Mrs. Mary Dolan
Ms. Lillian Dombrowski
Mr. Ralph E. Donovan
Mrs. Violet Downing
Mr. Alex T. Dubinin
Ms. Anne M. Duggan
Ms. Jacquelyne Duncan
Mr. Dennis J. Dziedzic
Lucs Eckels and Anne Williams
Josh Eckels and Danelle Wallace
Beth and Steve Eckels
Ms. Marna Eckels
Edison Park Community Church
Mr. Richard Eisenstadt
Ms. Beverly Ellstrand
Mr. George W. Essenberg
Geraldine Evanchak
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Evans
Karen L. Evert
Ms. Harriet Fairbairn
Ms. Pamela G. Falotico
Ms. Ann Fastert
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore A. Fazio
Ms. Karen Ferraiolo
Mr. Joseph Ferrari
Ms. Virginia Feurer
Gail Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. William M. Fisher
Michael and Maureen Flamm
Mrs. Barbara M. Flauter
Clare and Carol Florence
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Foster & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Fox
Mr. Ross F. Fragale
Mr. Elmer Franklin
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Frigo
Ms. Dolores Fuhrman
G.L. Hills Funeral Home
Mr. & Mrs. James Galati
Mr. Oscar Garber
Mrs. Antoinette M. Garland
Mrs. Meryl Gebelhoff
Ms. Lorette Geiger
Mr. William Geistlinger
Ms. Stephanie Gierman
Mrs. Terese Gillum
Mr. Ronald Giranio
Mrs. Jennifer L. Gitzinger
Louis Glunz III
Mrs. Marilyn Goll
Good Shepherd Community
Mrs. Milena Grabow
Mr. Martin Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Gramm
Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Grawet
Mr. Kenneth Gray
Ms. Charlotte S. Grunlund
Ms. Patricia H. Haak
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hadfield,
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Hallihan
Ms. Jan Harahan
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Harkovich
Ms. Patricia Harmon
Mrs. Lillian Havel
Joanne Heagney and Helen
Ms. Audrey Healy
Ms. Carol Heffernan
Mrs. Marilyn Heider
Mr. Jerome Heidlauf
Mrs. Marilyn K. Heinz
Mrs. Kathi Heinz
Mrs. Linda Heitz
Mr. & Mrs. John C. Hermann
Ms. Sia Hertsberg
Fr. Dennis Hickey
Mrs. Nancy Hidalgo
Mary Anne Himmes & Tom Theis
Ms. Dorothy Hoffner
Ms. Marion M. Hohmeier
Mrs. Florence Hokenson
Mrs. Toni Holzwart
Elizabeth Horan
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Horejs
Ms. Norene Horowitz
Mr. David Horwitz
Mr. Donald Hoskinson
Ms. Elizabeth Hrajnoha
Margaret Huck
Mr. Gerald F. Hug
Ms. Kelsey Hug
Ms. Tiffani L. Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hurley
Ms. Dorothy Hutton
Laverna Jackson
Mrs. Viola Jager
Mrs. Josephine Jezier
Ms. Frances E. Johnson
Mr. James Johnson
Ms. Jan Johnson
Ms. Sue Johnston
Mr. James Jones
Wendy T. Jordan
Robert E. Jost
Mrs. Mary Ann Juedes
Ms. Diana T. Jun
Mrs. Carol A. Jung
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kadlec
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kajohn, Jr.
Mrs. Linda Kanarowski
Ms. Michele Kanya
Ms. Elizabeth Kaplinski
Ms. Paulette Karecki
Donald and Dorothy Kasparek
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Kasper
Ms. Gertrude Kaufman
Ms. Norma Kavinsky
Gloria Kazimer
Ms. Doris Kemreit
Ms. Marion P. Kenealy
Ms. Helen J. Kernan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kerns
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kerrigan
Mr. Helmut Kilgast
James Kilty
Mr. Alvin D. Kinnaman
Mr. and Mrs. Walter O.
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Klemchen
Ms. Lorraine Klotz
Ms. Joan Knutel
Ms. Cindy Kogol
Ms. Dorothy Kolodzik
Ms. Marie Koss
Ms. Rosemarie Kowols
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Kowols
Ms. Christine M. Koza
Mr. & Mrs. Hillard Krause, Sr.
Mrs. Patricia Krawczyk
Mr. Harvey Kretschmer
Mrs. Claire Krieger
Ms. Carol Krue
Mr. Michael E. Kudia
Mr. & Mrs. and Mrs. Henry
Ms. Elizabeth Labosh
Mr. Real Lacoste
Ms. Elinor Lang
Mr. John Langas
Tom and Catherine Lapalermo
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Laurie
Mrs. Wilma Lavin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Leick
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Lipski
Ms. Linda Lochner
Mrs. Gail Lockwood
Margaret and Roseanne Loftus
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Lombardi
Mrs. Lourdes Loraya
Ms. Elaine Loseff
Ms. Mary L. Loughlin
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Lubrano
Mary Lucie
Mr. George W. Luecker
Ms. Janice D. Lundell
Mr. Peter Madden
Mr. Michael Magee
Mrs. Marilyn Malawski
Mrs. Mary E. Malloy
Daniel Marcus
Ms. Elizabeth Marek
Ms. Loretta Marek
Ms. Lotte Marx
Mrs. Eleanor Mastrolonardo
Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Mateja
Ms. Jacqueline K. Mathews
Mr. Robert Matusiak
Mazzini Verdi Ladies Social Club
Ms. Marilyn McCarthy
Mr. Edward McGinniss
Mr. John McMahon
Mrs. Evelyn Medina
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Meehan
Mr. Frank Merkendorfer
Ms. Velia Metropulos
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Miceli
Ms. Margaret Mickey
Ms. Janice Miller
Ms. Barbara Milling
Ms. Florence M. Mills
Ms. Marion Mito
Ms. Patricia Mittelstaedt
Ms. Marie Molinare
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Moore
Mr. & Mrs. John Morath
Mr. Fred P. Morency
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal
Mrs. Patricia Morris
Ms. Karlene Mostek
Mount Prospect Lions Club
Anna Mozdyniewicz
Mrs. Peggy Mucha
Ms. Jean Mulkerin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Murphy
Mrs. Marjorie A. Nachowicz
Ms. Esther D. Nelson
Nelson Funeral Home
Mr. Raymond Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Nichols,
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Nicholus
Mrs. Eileen Niemiec
Mr. Leonard A. Norman
Ms. Marilyn O’Brien
Ms. Margaret T. Ochiai
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. O’Keefe
Ms. Beth Olson
Ms. Maureen O’Malley
Mr. John Ortmann
Mr. Raymond T. Oschger
Mr. Michael O’Shea
Kim and Richard O’Toole
Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Ott
P.D.Q. Forensics
Ms. Dolores Pacana
Esther Pachowicz
Ms. Ireene Pacion
Mr. Donald Palmer
Mr. Chris G. Pappas
Ms. Carolyn Parmley
Paul Pavlinek
Mr. Donald P. Pegler
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne J. Pendzinski
Mr. & Mrs. Eusebio Perez
Ms. Marie Pesoli
Ms. Karen A. Peterson
Mrs. Carolyn S. Pinta
Mr. Arthur Pinzke
Mrs. Bernadette J. Piotrowski
Ms. Rosanne Plotkin
Mrs. Rosemary L. Poe
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Pokorski
Ms. Lena Pollastrini
Ms. Barbara Pontarelli
Ms. Barbara Power
Mr. & Mrs. John L. Pracko
Ms. Linda Prokuski
Ms. Mary A. Provenza
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond M.
Puzerewski Jr.
Ms. Linda Quirk
Mr. Walter Rachmaciej
Ms. Lori A. Raffe
Ms. Alma D. Ramirez
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Reddington
Ms. Dorothy M. Reif
Ms. Ethel Reiner
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Reiser
Kathryn Reiten
Ms. Patricia Remsik
Mrs. Kathryn S. Reynen
Mr. & Mrs. Grant L. Rich
Lee Rivera
Ed and Linda Rivers
Wayne Robaczewski
Ms. Lucile C. Roehl
Frank and Sheri Rogers
Mr. Edward Rolder
Mrs. Jean Ross
Ms. Betty Ryan
Mr. Leon Rzany
Ms. Loretta Rzymek
Mr. & Mrs. Don Sanders
Mrs. John A. Sandrick
Ms. Dahlia F. Sayed
SBC Employee Giving
Mr. Sam Scaccia
Ms. Norma Schaad
Mr. John C. Scharenbrock
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schefdore
Ms. Beverly M. Schiffer
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Schimpff
Mr. & Mrs. Herb Schmeisser
Ms. Margaret Schneider
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Schuler
Ms. Dorothy C. Schult
Mr. & Mrs. Mark S. Schultz
Ms. Tami L. Schwantor
Ms. Anne Schwartz
Mrs. Dolores Schwartz
Dr. & Mrs. Jerry Seidel
Ms. Catherine Sell
Ms. Ellen Semon
Ms. Barbara L. Sessler
Ms. Helen Shafer
Mrs. Esther Shanahan
Mr. Thomas Shelven
Ms. Marion R. Shortino
Ms. Stella Sienicki
Peter Sifnotis
Mrs. Patricia Signa
Roberta & Merton Silbar
Ms. Corrinne Silver
Mr. Julius Simon
Mrs. Marlene Singer
Ms. Joan Sipiora
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Slomski
Mrs. Teresa M. Slove
Ms. Kathleen Slowik
Rocco and Elizabeth Smeriglio
Ms. Mary H. Smith
Mr. John Sniezewski
Ms. Barbara A. Snow
Ms. Janet Soderstrom
Mrs. Mary F. Sorquist
Mrs. Lottie V. Sosnowski
Mr. Eugene Sowa
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Sowa
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sparrow
Ms. Mary Sroka
Mr. George Stateman
Ms. Ann Steigerwald
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Stepp
Ms. Shirley Stratynski
Lorraine & Eleanor Straza
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Strong, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Styczenski
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel T. Sullivan
Mr. Emil Sumka
Mr. Andrew M. Sutton
Ms. Patricia E. Swensen
Mr. and Mrs. Roland Szkwarek
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Szoke
Ms. Beatriz Sanchez Tavarez
Ms. Tami Terry
Mr. Robert Therrien
Dr. and Mrs. Chester E.
Ms. Gertrude Trunda
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Ms. Peggy Tschannen
Mr. George Tures
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ugel
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ulrich
Barbara and Mark Urbanczyk
Ms. Jody Valdes
Ms. Laura Valenziano
Ms. Barbara Van Diggelen
Ms. Debra A. Van Driest
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Van Mieghem
Mr. Robert P. Vanderpoel
Vaughan and Associates
Vernon & Eileen Johnson
Susie, Ronda and Mindy Verson
Ms. Nora Vesely
Mr. James Vollinger
Elaine Vonschwedler
Mr. Randall Wade
Ms. Lea Wagner
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wagner
Mr. Joe Walk
Ms. Marsha Wallander
Ms. Cynthia S. Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wattel
Ms. Judy Watts-Lemke
Jean Webb
Mr. William A. Webster
Mr. John F. Wechner
Sharon and Bill Weldon
Ms. Victoria E. Welling
Ms. Carol Welton
Mr. and Mrs. Ed J. Wendt
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Werba
Mr. Rick Weyna
Mr. Juergen Wiedel
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wiegand
Ms. Betty Wielgus
Ms. Catherine Wiesner
Mr. James Wilmotte
Larry Wolfgang
Mrs. Helen Wolfgram
Womens Guild of Christ Church
Mr. and Mrs. William Wood Sr.
Ms. Therese Woodward
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wordel,Jr.
Ms. Mildred Wozniak
Mr. Ronald Wrobel
Mr. Joseph Wrzepski
Mr. Richard Wydra
Ms. Janet Yanez
Mr. Edward P.Yauch
Yearian & Associates, LTD.
Ms. Trudi Zbinden
Ms. Phyllis Ziesemer
Legacy Circle
The following individuals and families
are members of the Legacy Circle because
they have made provisions in their estate
plans for Rainbow Hospice. If you would
like information about membership in
the Legacy Circle, please call
Dave Samson at 847-692-8882.
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ahern
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Christensen
Ms. Marjorie Coller
Mr. & Mrs. Peter E.
Mrs. Jackie Devitt
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis DuBoux
Mr. Dennis J. Dziedzic
Mr. & mrs. Don Finney
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Friedrich
Ms. Victoria Haig
Rev. & Mrs. Leroy Joesten
Ms. Emma Lovett
Mr. Gerald H. Rasmussen
Ms. Sandra J. Rowe
Mr. David J. Samson
Mrs. Doris S. Sasser+
Mr. Roger E. Schleichert
Ms. Kathleen Scott
Mr. Patrick J. Shannon
Ms. Ethel P. Wiseman+
Giving to Rainbow Hospice—
Making a Difference in the Lives of Patients
and Families…and our Community
Whether it’s providing a volunteer to sit vigil at a patient’s bedside, a memorable experience for a
patient or a healing place for children dealing with the loss of a loved one, Rainbow Hospice stands
ready to offer help and hope. Rainbow Hospice offers enriching experiences such as pet therapy and
music therapy for patients and their families, and it helps bereaved individuals find a path to rebuilding
their lives.
These services complement the comforting, compassionate care that has earned Rainbow Hospice its
reputation for exceptional support to patients and their families who are dealing with loss and the end of life. Our non-profit, communitybased roots bring about a need to engage others to support us in effecting our mission…to be sure that we are successful at enabling people
to live with dignity and hope while coping with loss and the end of life. Rainbow Hospice is able to offer these and other special services and
programs that ensure our patients and families have the highest level of support possible through the generosity of those who give of their time,
talent and financial resources. And we are very fortunate to enjoy a very high level of goodwill in the communities we serve. Unlike Rainbow
Hospice’s traditional patient care services, several special programs we provide are entirely dependent on philanthropic support.
Your gift to Rainbow Hospice helps us continue our exceptional level of care. And, you can make your gift in a way that’s convenient for you
– whether by check or credit card.You can give today or plan to give tomorrow by leaving a legacy to Rainbow Hospice through your estate
You can also ensure that your gift supports the program of your choice by indicating your preference to us.You can choose to support music
therapy, bereavement services, Rainbow Hospice Ark – our inpatient unit, the Good Mourning program, the Rainbow LIFE Endowment,
patient care or area of greatest need.
Please consider how a friendly smile, a gentle touch and a caring heart from the staff and volunteers at Rainbow Hospice give hope for ease and
peace at the end of life when you make your gift. Please call on me if I can be of service to you in your gift planning.
As always, thank you for your support and generosity.
Dave Samson, CFRE
Chief Development Officer
847-692-8882 [email protected]
Save These Dates
9th Annual Pat “Pops”
Hundrieser Golf Outing and Benefit
July 2008
Angels Ball
Rainbow Hospice’s Annual Benefit
October 18, 2008
Good Mourning
Annual Family Camp
September 2008
Quarterly Interfaith Memorial Services
Sunday, January 27, 2008
Sunday, April 27, 2008
Sunday, July 27, 2008
Sunday, October 26, 2008
Grand Opening for Rainbow Hospice Ark
Visit the Rainbow Hospice website at www.rainbowhospice org for more information on these and other exciting Rainbow Hospice events.
Park Ridge Office
444 North Northwest Highway, Suite 145
Park Ridge, Illinois 60068-3275
847-685-9900 (P)
847-685-6390 (F)
Chicago Office
St. Joseph Hospital
2900 North Lake Shore Drive
Manor Building
Chicago, IL 60657
773-237-5950 (P)
773-348-2493 (F)
Inpatient Unit
Rainbow Hospice Ark
St. Matthew Center for Health
1601 North Western Ave
A Ridge, IL 60068