April 2016 - Bure Valley School



April 2016 - Bure Valley School
Year 5 Classes
Termly Newsletter – April 2016
The sun is shining which must mean the summer term is here! Our topic will be ‘The
Journey’ which will feature pilgrimage, migration and travel-writing. We’re also
to be doing Geography for the whole term, involving comparisons between the
Netherlands and Norfolk.
By the time this letter goes out we will have been on our trip to Walsingham Shrine
which links into RE and our theme for this term.
Summer term gives us some wonderful opportunities for learning and features key
events such as sports day, orchestra performance, a food-tech week and experiencing
life in Yr. 6.
Due to our Geography topic there are many Norfolk places and buildings we will be
referencing, and sometimes focusing on, in lessons. If you find yourselves looking to do
something over a weekend, we recommend the places below to take your children. It
isn’t necessary for their education but may strengthen it and give an opportunity to
in your child’s learning. As an added bonus, they’re all very nice places to visit!
• The Norfolk Broads (waterways, animals, transport)
• Happisburgh lighthouse and beach (coastal erosion)
• Strangers Hall in Norwich (Dutch and Belgian migrants)
• Burnham Market (Horatio Nelson)
• Cley Windmill (buildings)
Celebration Assembly
This will be the last term for the class
assemblies. The dates for Mexico’s assembly
will be: Thursday 30 June at 9am.
Please come and join us in the school hall.
India’s assembly was held on 21st April.
Sports Days
Days will take place on the morning of
Monday 27th June and the afternoon of
Tuesday 28th June.
Transition Days
children will sample Year 6 life, as well as
rooms and teaching staff for next year,
for three days, from Wednesday 8th to Friday
10th July
Homework Reminder
Homework will still consist of a page of
English, a page of Maths and a page of
spelling per week.
Homework books will be sent home on a
Friday and should be in by the
following Wednesday morning.
Term Dates:
10th June – Funforce Disco
3rd May – School photos
16 – 20th May – Food Tech week
11th June (Saturday) High School family
learning day
30 June – Music performance; Mexico class
1 July – Reports sent home
6th – 8th - Yr 6 Transition Days
English –The Arrival narrative,
Maths – Continuation of National
Canterbury tales, cryptozoological travelwriting, Anne Frank’s diary and bookwriting
Science –
Living Things and their
Habitats (various life-cycles and
reproduction); Animals (describing human
changes as we get older).
Guided reading – we teach children to
Geography –
Comparisons and
differences between Norfolk and Holland,
including human, climate and topographical
RE –
read through a guided reading system.
This happens daily.
Art & Design –
Dutch painters and
journey-related work.
Music - Children still taking part in
French – Continuation of French.
orchestra. Introduction of musical history.
PE –
Outdoor games
pilgrimage; comparisons between
main religions.
Computing –
Questionnaires and
Class Staff
Mr Sykes, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Vincent
(Class Teachers)
Mrs Moll, Mrs Pusey and Mrs Yaxley (Teaching Assistants)
Journey Topic
This term’s overall topic is ‘The Journey’ which was kicked-off with a four-day roleplay involving the children having to leave Aylsham.
On the first day, children prepared to leave and worked out what to pack, wrote a
letter to loved ones and created a personal props for hand-luggage. On the second day,
children sailed to their unknown destination, introducing themselves to shipmates,
drawing their utopias and dystopias, meeting the natives and persuading them to stay.
On day three, children created businesses and products to make money in their new
home! Finally children debated as to whether they would go back home or stay in their
new country with new lives. Afterwards we welcomed adults who had migrated to
Aylsham and listened to their experiences. We also learnt about real-life migrations.
Although the week was off time-table, lessons involved Maths and English and the
students engaged in creative and thoughtful learning.

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