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Scanned Document - Beckenhauer Construction
"Since 1878, our quality stands the test of time."
Spring 2005
Norfo k Public
Schools Select
Beckenhauer As
The Beckenhauer team was very
excited when we learned we had been
selected to assist the Norfolk Public
Schools in their efforts to do some long
overdue repairs, maintenance and
upgrades to nearly all the district's
buildings. Beckenhauer Construction has
a history with the public school district
that spans many generations, so it was
rewarding to be selected to assist them
once again.
Children having their teeth examined are treated in bright, cheery exam rooms.
Employee of the Year
Brandon McLean
Project Manager Brandon McLean
was recently honored as Beckenhauer
Construction's 2004 Employee of the
Year. Brandon has consistently exemplified those traits we all wish for in our
employees: honesty, integrity, diligence
and conscientiousness. Employees like
Brandon are the core of what it takes to
begin to be an outstanding company.
Thanks, Brandon, from all of us on the
Beckenhauer team.
Norfolk Children ~ Dental
Norfolk's First Pediatric
Dental Practice
r. Gina Waite is providing Norfolk with
its first pediatric dental practice. Dr.
Waite's vision included not only starting
a brand new business, but owning her facility.
The Beckenhauer Construction team was
delighted to be her choice to assist in making
this dream a reality. Her practice is a much
welcome addition in terms of service to Norfolk,
as well as a beautiful facility in itself. We thank
Gina for putting us on her team.
The lobby has a clean, modern,
comfortable feel.
P.O. Box 882
Brandon McLean receives the Beckenhauer
Employee of the Year award from Buster
Norfolk, Nebraska 68702
FAX: (402) 371-1129
EMAil: [email protected]
Leadership Tips
Meeting The
To encourage creative thinking and
idea generation when you're in charge
of a meeting:
• Ask open-ended questions. Participants will have to answer with more
than just a "yes" or "no."
• Encourage people to continue-even
if they start to back off because they're
repeating points made earlier.
• Paraphrase ideas when someone
makes an unclear point.
• Don't force your views on others.
Always remain neutral. A dominant
tone will repress discussion.
• Make sure everyone contributes to
the discussion. Direct questions to
people who haven't spoken. And ask
for examples and elaboration
• Have opposing sides state one
another's opinions when conflict
• Direct questions to other people-or
ask to hear another view-when one
person tries to dominate the discussion.
• Say to the last person who spoke,
"Tell me more."
-from communications briefings
Elkhorn Valley Bank To Open
Third Branch n Norfolk
eckenhauer Construction was pleased to be chosen by Elkhorn Valley Bank to
construct its newest branch, along the West 275 bypass in Norfolk. Be sure to
stop by and see this beautiful building designed by architect Glenn Mannes of
Yankton. Many thanks to Fred Otten and his board for selecting us to assist with this
fine addition to the city.
Building Blocks Repeats As
APEX Award Winner
Recently, Beckenhauer Construction was delighted to learn that our newsletter,
Building Blocks, was once again the recipient of an Award of Excel-
lence in the APEX 2004 Awards for Publication Excellence. The APEX
Awards recognize excellence in graphic design, editorial content and
the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. In our
newsletter, as in our daily business, we realize that excellence can
never be fully achieved, but rather needs to be constantly pursued.
Feedback is always welcome; it's our best tool for improvement.
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