Landmark Bulletin May 22, 2016



Landmark Bulletin May 22, 2016
Prayer Request & Family Update
Our Mission & Strategy
1 Cor.12:13
Rom. 12:5
You’ve got Questions about Baptism?
Matt. 28:19
1 Cor.9:19-22
II Peter 1:3-11
Hebrews 5:11-6:3
Rom. 8:29
Phil. 3:12-14
Class tonight May 22nd.
Ask all your questions or views…
Raise any questions or different views...
What does the Bible say?
By Mike Williams
Guys are you interested in
playing softball this summer?
Please contact:
Tyler Redman
Our Mission
To win the lost for Christ and lead them to become mature, Christ-like followers of Jesus.
Our Strategy
Our Strategy is to be used God to reach lost people and see them Converted to Christ, and
then lead them around the bases by Connecting them to other Christians, helping them
become Consecrated or deepened in their faith, with the ultimate goal of becoming ChristLike followers of Jesus.
Christ’s Purposes for His Church
To Celebrate God
To Change Culture
To Care for Others
To Live Counter-Culturally
To be Closely-Connected
To Communicate Christ
To Conform to His Image
“A great commitment to the GREAT COMMANDMENT and
will grow a great church.”
The Great Commandment-Mark 12:30-31 “ Love the Lord your God with all your heart and
with all your soul and with all mind and with all your strength. The second is this: Love you
neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater than these.”
The Great Commission-Matthew 28:19-20 “ Therefore go and make disciples out of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and
teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.
Membership at Landmark
One is added as a member by God to his universal saved body when they become Christians through
faith in Jesus, repentance & baptism into Christ. We recognize all who have done that as Christians.
But there has to be some way for a local church to know who is committed to this particular church,
and that is the purpose of placing membership.
To place membership here, simply turn in a card to one of the elders or ministers stating your desire
to place membership. One of the elders will contact you to set up a time to get together. The purpose is to get to know one another, to ensure the person placing membership is a Christian as shown
in the Scriptures, and that the prospective member is in agreement with the overall direction & purpose of Landmark. Once that is settled, the person will be announced as a member at the next worship service. Personal, simple, effective.
How to be Saved
One must: HEAR the Gospel
Rom. 1: 16; 10: 17; 2Thess. 2:14
BELIEVE in Jesus
John 8: 24; Mark 16:16
REPENT of their sins
Luke 13:3; Acts 3:19; 17:30
CONFESS faith in Christ
Matthew 10: 32-33; Acts 8: 37
Acts 2:38; 22:16; Romans 6:3-5
LIVE FAITHFULLY u nto dea th
Rev. 2: 10; 3: 5, 21; 2John 9
VBS volunteers, we
are meeting after the
AM service in the big
room in the front of the
church. Thank you.
May 29th
No regular evening service. There will be a small
service conducted by Joe Priest & Mike Brantley
or those wishing to attend. Invite other church
members to your home for a meal and
fellowship !!!
Julia Reinbolt, daughter of Sheerin, is a
Harding University student. She is a summer
youth intern for Preston Rd. Church of Christ.
July 10-15th she is going to Guatemala for a
mission trip. She needs to raise $300. If you
can help, please give your check or cash to
Mike Williams and he will give to Julia. Please
make your check out to Landmark Church of
Thank You
Enrollment forms are available on the
front desk in the foyer. Pre-register &
reserve your free t-shirt.
Fill one out today !!!
Youth Focus
We are very proud of our youth here at Landmark. This is just a slice of what they are up to;
follow along as we celebrate their achievements.
Family Members here at Landmark Church of Christ: Laura Dipprey Stephens prayers please.
Phili Dipprey and the Dipprey Family. Ed Moore, father of Annette Yudizky, health issues. Randall
Bell is home doing good. Frances Burns health issues. Megan Simms & Family. David Pickron having
back problems. Gary Watson had successful cataract surgery May 17th.
Friends, Relatives, & Those in our Community needing prayers: Baylee Myers, step granddaughter of Stephanie Rogers, is 4yrs.old and has been diagnosed with Neuroblastma Cancer stage 4,
thank you for your prayers!! Doug Martin, friend of the Liggett’s, is fighting a rare virus. Casey Becker,
son-in-law of Patsy Grimes, starting chemo. Kaitlyn Amos, a friend of Robert & Margaret Bailey, is 10
years old & has cancer. Chuck Mayne had a spine procedure on May 4th. Sarah Williams, friend of
Kevin & Becca Morris, had her baby early (29weeks), prayers for her & baby. Mary Grimes, mother of
Buck Grimes, is home and doing better. Tony Doyle, son of Monte Evans, has liver disease. Tim & Tara
King’s baby, Katie, is having surgery in Colorado May 22nd. Sydney Stewart, uncle of Gwynda Brantley,
had a triple bypass.
Shut-ins: Lorraine Cave.
Mission Field: Ozzy & Jennifer McDaniel in South Dakota, Bill Bunting, Main Street Church of Christ,
Iglesia De Christo Hispana, Laredo, Tx.
Military Personal: Colton Brantley & Paige Watson.
Congratulations!!! Sarah & James Chadwick on the arrival of their new baby girl.
Ryker Jade Chadwick was born 5/16/16 she weighed 6 lbs. & 19 3/4 in. length.
Congratulations!! Abi Brantley for Graduation for Masters in Science & Nutrition.
***Please help our church office keep an up-to-date & accurate prayer request list. Please feel free to
contact Kim Lopez with any changes or additions.***
Things to Remember: To fill out the online camp applications use the promo code
LAND to only pay $50 deposit. Sign up for session 8: The Ocho to be registered for the
correct week.
Upcoming Events:
Tonight-Combined teen [email protected]
May 29– VBS meeting after AM ser-
Don’t forget to congratulate the following students on their achievements for this past year:
Matthew Floyd: Theatre Award, “A-B” Honor
Roll !!!
Lauren Hicks: Mabank Student of the Year !!!
Kayce Ivey: Honors English Award, “A” Honor
Roll !!!
Lori Dunagan, Stephen Reynal,
Don Sturch, Grace McDaniel,
Now: Open registration for Church
Now-June 1st: Teacher Training
Big Summer Events (more information to come):
Tonight: Sunday night class: You’ve
VBS-June 13-17; Mountain Trek-June 24-July 1; Church Camp– July 17-23; 6
Tonight: Birthday/Anniversary Din-
June 13-17: VBS-”The Voyage”
Scripture for the week: “Commit your way to the Lord;...He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.”
Psalm 37:5-6
Inspirational thought of the week: “ If you want to achieve great things, you must
begin with a dedicated heart and a faith in your calling.”-Anonymous
Laura Williams, LuJan Langston,
Bea McCrary
Happy Anniversary
Stephen & Diana
Camp @
Got Questions about Baptism?
ner (crockpot dish and or dessert)
Tonight: Combined teen devo @ 5
May 29th: VBS meeting after AM
May 29th: Fifth Sunday
May 30th: Memorial Day
Church Information
Today’s Servers & Order of Worship
Landmark Church of Christ, 607 E. Fair St., Kaufman, Tx. 75142
A.M. Service
Mike Williams…..
[email protected]
Youth/ Family Minister
Kevin Morris…..
[email protected]
Meeting Schedule
Sunday Morning Bible class…..
Sunday Morning Worship…..
Sunday Evening Worship…..
Wednesday Evening Bible class…..
9:30 AM
10:30 AM
6:00 PM
7:00 PM
Everyone is welcome at all meeting times!
Children’s classes—follow the signs in the halls
JH/HS—Teen classroom in the back hall
Young Professionals– Office conference room
Families Class– Fellowship Hall
Adults– Auditorium
Jakie Allen…..
Mike Brantley…..
Steve Mitchell…..
Wade Noble…..
Joe Priest…..
Introductory song: Clay Dougherty
Announcements: Wade Ivey, alt. John Burkhart
Opening Prayer: Mike Yudizky
Songs of Worship: Clay Dougherty
Lord’s Supper: Front - David Blaylock - Bread,
Garry Hawes-Cup. Back: Jason Blackmon, Jason
Word, Chad Hill, & Larry Elzner
Scripture: Bubba Bomer: (Ecclesiastes 3:9-13)
Offering: John Bomer, & John Taylor
Song to dismiss kids to Bible hour: Clay Dougherty
Sermon: Mike Williams
Invitation Song: Clay Dougherty
Closing Prayer: Jim Thompson
Power Point: David Lyon
Nursery : Becky Prestridge
P.M. Service
Worship Leader: Charlie White
Opening Prayer: Chad Hill
Closing Prayer: Roy Baldwin
Lord’s Supper: Don Smith, & Robert Wampler
Those to Serve next Week: May 29th
A.M. Worship Leader: Steve Mitchell
Scripture: Gabe Trotter
Opening Prayer: Tyler Redman
Closing Prayer: James Hill
*Nursery: Shelly White
Power Point: Clay Dougherty
Welcome to Landmark Church of Christ
P.M: No regular evening service.
May 22nd, 2016
Roy Baldwin….. 972-679-5801
David Blaylock… 903-316-2811
Garry Hawes…. 214-317-9065
Wade Ivey…
Duston Noble…. 469-595-3786
David Pickron… 469-556-1323
Jim Thompson… 972-932-4574
Robert Wampler.. 972-268-2793
Tonight, May 22nd…..
Ask all your questions…..
Raise any questions or different views…
*Monthly Elder Contact: Mike Brantley: 972-287-1177
*Those to Serve, if you are not able to serve as scheduled please contact John Burkhart over worship.
Thank you.
*Service sheets are in the front foyer for those serving in the worship service in May.
* Bulletin information may be given to Kim Lopez @ [email protected]
Deadline is Friday 11A.M. Thank you.
Please call your announcements into the office (972-932-2352) during the week rather than handing them to
the announcement person on Sunday morning. We want to minimize our announcements and put other pertinent information in the bulletin. THANK YOU!
Church secretary’s office hours: 9-1:30, Tuesday-Friday
*For the calling tree announcements, please call the office or email on Tuesday-Friday 9-1:30.
Birthday/Anniversary Dinner
Resources for your consideration
After the hours listed call Laura Reynolds, our Preacher Mike Williams, or Darrell Hobbs.
Attendance & Offering
Sunday Bible Class…..
AM Assembly…..
PM Assembly…..
Wednesday Evening…..
Weekly Budget…..
$7,378 A great web site resource for marriages. Good articles on just about
every conceivable issue from a biblical point of view. Videos & phone help line also. (The website that corresponds with the seminar DOES GOD EXIST )
Articles, booklets, children’s info, videos, etc. Great resource. : Biblical & Thought provoking articles on living the Christian life, how a
church should function, what a healthy church looks like, etc.
The Sermon & bulletin are available on our website:
Breakfast with the Minister, Monday Mornings @ 7:30-9:00 @ Denny’s
Mike will be available Monday mornings @ Denny’s for conversation, questions, fellowship,
whatever your need is. Come by, have coffee, and visit.
This evening, Sunday, May 22, 2016 after the PM service we
will have our Birthday/Anniversary Dinner celebration. Please bring
your favorite crockpot dish and or dessert. Join us for a great
meal and

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