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San Gabriel Valley
October 19 - 25, 2006
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The Deadly Silence
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October 19 - 25, 2006
Tragedy Draws Media
/ B4
Channels 4 and 7 vans in front of the gate to Cory’s home at the
end of a cul-de-sac.
Lights, camera, action; channel 7 with Lidle’s home at reporter’s
GLENDORA — The October
11th New York plane crash that
killed Yankees’ pitcher Cory Lidle
and his local flight trainer, Tyler
Stanger, quickly brought the media out en masse to Lidle’s
Glendora home.
On the short cul-de-sac next
to the Glendora Country Club
clubhouse, there were seven TV
vans, including four from NBC
Several other vans were also
present, including some foreign
language media.
Three of the seven TV vans outside Lidle’s home.
The memorial for Lidle was
held Tuesday, October 17th at
Forest Lawn Cemetary in the
Covina Hills.
The Yankee “family” team
members attended the memorial
Services for Tyler are scheduled for Saturday, October 21st
at Rose Hills Memorial Park in
Both men left families with
small children and Stanger’s
widow is expecting another child
next March.
Post Office Dedication to Capt. Keil
By George Ogden
Protected little brother
/ A2
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2001 Expire In 2006
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Senior Activities
COVINA — The Covina Post
Office on Rimsdale, just north of
San Bernardino Road, will have a
name change and dedication ceremony on Oct. 28th at 10:00 AM.
With the efforts of Congresswoman Hilda Solis, the Post Office will be renamed after Captain Lillian Keil who is the most
decorated woman in U.S. military
history for WWII and the Korean
War. She has 19 decorations and
she also earned 11 Battle Stars.
As a combat flight nurse, she
would fly into combat areas to
treat and evacuate the seriously
wounded soldiers. She was
known as “The Angel from
Heaven” by the soldiers on the
ground when she flew in to take
care of “her” men. Often she
would land during combat conditions to prepare those who
needed to be removed to the back
lines. In many cases there were
explosions going off all around
her and with bullets flying past
her, but she never abandoned a
soldier she was treating.
Captain Lillian Keil
The Post Office in Covina has been repainted both inside and outside in preparation of the dedication ceremony to name the Post
Office after Captain Lillian Keil, the most decorated woman of WWII
and Korean War.
She would fly into critical areas, only to have her plane
pierced by flying bullets, but still,
she and her crew braved the conditions and landed to attend to the
wounded and then evacuate
While serving in Korea, she
was in the heavy combat area of
the battle in the Chosin Reservoir, where she tended to and removed the wounded. Temperature dropped to 30 degrees below zero at times. Not only did
she remove combat wounded,
but she also helped remove many
of the cold related injuries. Many
lost all their fingers and feet that
had become frozen.
She was involved with a rescue mission where they could
not land to remove the wounded.
She could see the soldiers laying
there as they flew by, but could
not land because of the weather.
This was the first time that she
ever broke down and cried. She
saw her boys on the ground and
she could not help them. She
and the pilots conspired to return
The San Gabriel Valley
to rescue these soldiers before
they froze to death. They returned without permission and
made a critical landing. They rescued the soldiers from the runway, with some of their gurneys
having to be pried from the frozen ground. All of these men survived with the efforts and help
of the air evacuation crew.
Amazingly, with 425 air
evacuation flights from both
WWII and the Korean War, Capt.
Please turn to KEIL / B6
October 19 - 25, 2006
West Covina’s Home Town Hero!
An American aircraft carrier can
reach over a fifth of a mile long
and carry close to one hundred
In England and parts of America
it is believed by some that if your
nose itches you will become angry, see a stranger, kiss a fool or
be in danger.
By George Ogden
Masten was recently recognized
as a “hometown hero” at the Los
Angeles County Fair. In West
Covina, at the city council meeting, they also recognized the
young girl.
Arianna was looking forward
to a weekend of fun at Lake
They never made it. The van
the 10-year-old was riding in was
involved in an accident. Arianna
was with her 2-year-old brother,
When the accident happened,
she said the accident was a slowmotion and a blur.
Her left arm was severed from
above the elbow. The van had
turned over. Inside the van, Matthew was trying to get out of his
car seat, Arianna said.
When the van began to turn
over, she unbuckled her seat belt
and threw her arms over her little
brother to protect him from the
Matthew skinned up from the
pavement, was taken to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center
and treated for serious injuries.
His sister helped protect him
from more serious injuries.
The family was driving in two
vehicles to Neveda. Richard
Masten’s mother, Janice, 57,
niece Marissa Goodin, 16, son
Matthew and daughter Arianna
were in one van. His other
daughter, Amanda, 13, and family friend Alan Batista, 17, drove
behind in a car.
Just before 9:00 a.m. July 15
near Independence, Calif., the
driver of the van veered onto the
right shoulder of U.S. 395 and
over corrected a left turn, causing the van to flip onto the passenger side and slide about 200
The California Highway Patrol
officer Johnson said the scene
was chaotic. Arianna’s arm was
ripped from her body in the accident, but she was still concerned for her little brother.
At the council meeting, Mayor
Pro Tem Mike Touhey talked
about the girl’s bravery during
and after the accident. He then
presented her with a rather large
Teddy Bear.
Arianna Masten was recently recognized as a “hometown hero”
at the Los Angeles County Fair and at the West Covina City Council.
Mayor Pro Tem Mike Touhey presented her with a new friend.
Newcomers Celebrates 44 Years In Glendora
Hush puppies are so called, it's
said, because fried cornmeal
batter was used to hush hungry
dogs who begged for food.
Quotes of Note
Write something to suit
yourself and
many people
will like it;
write something to suit
everybody and
scarcely anyone
will care for it.
Jesse Stuart
The only difference between
the Democrats
and the Republicans is that
the Democrats
allow the poor
to be corrupt,
Oscar Levant
(1906 - 1972)
Newcomers honors its Past Presidents at its 44th Birthday celebration. Shown left to right are Mary Louise Van Noy (1987-88), Pam LiCausi
(1968-69), Lynda Siminske (2005-06), Jane Howell (2003-04), Zoe Hamilton (1999-2001), Mary Brumfield (2001-2002), Karen Langley
(199597), Nancy Gillette (1986-87), Jacque Cutler (1984-85 and 1994 - 95), and Linda Price (2004-05).
"An Afternoon of Antiquity" Appraisal Fair
Glendora Kiwaniannes Kiwanis
Club will hold its Second Annual
Afternoon of Antiquity Appraisal
Fair from 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday, November 5, at La Fetra
Center, 333 E. Foothill Blvd.,
Niles Grace of heritage Estate
Auction Co. will once again
evaluate attendees' treasures and
collectibles that have been preregistered by the deadline date
of October 27.
No firearms, coins, or jewelry
will be evaluated.
Hors d'oeuvres and wine will
be served at the afternoon affair
planned as an adult only function.
Admission tickets are $20 per
person, plus $10 per item to be
evaluated if participating in that
part of the event.
The event is one of the club's
major fundraisers, with proceeds
benefiting community service
projects involving children, teens,
adults, and seniors.
For more information about
the event and sponsorship opportunities, call (626) 335-4503,
335-0406, or 914-5049.
The San Gabriel Valley
Members of Glendora Kiwaniannes, from left, Kathy Hodge, Mary
Alice Myers, and Pam Richards look over their items to be evaluated
at the club's upcoming Second Annual Afternoon of Antiquity Appraisal Fair
October 19 - 25, 2006
The Irish Route 66er's Stopped In Glendora
Wednesday, October 11, eight
motorcyclists with escort vehicle
rode down Route 66 and stopped
at the Peppertree Café for lunch.
They were part of a group of 66
cyclists known as "The Irish
Route 66er's" on the last leg of
“The Route 66 Challenge", an
eight states in eight days, 2448
mile journey, to raise funds for
the Temple Street Children's University Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.
The entire group, all from Ireland, started in Chicago, Illinois
on October 2 and traveled
through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New
Mexico, Arizona and California
ending at the Santa Monica Pier
Wednesday evening.
The 66 bikers broke into seven
sub-groups for safety purposes
and were to join up near the Pier
to ride together to complete the
tour. They were accompanied
by road support crews and qualified medical staff and guided by
road captains.
Captain Dennis McBride explained that the first fundraising
tour was in 2002 and they have
made the tour every two years
since, raising over $1 million for
the hospital. Each participant
must obtain sponsorships totaling over $11,000 to ride in the
The Temple Street Children's
University Hospital was established in 1872 as a hospital for
the poor children of Dublin. Now
under the care of the Sisters of
Mercy, it is one of the major pediatric hospitals catering to the
needs of children from all over
The monies raised by "The
Route 66 Challenge" will go towards the redevelopment of the
Intensive Care Unit and also towards the purchase of a CT
Captain McBride said in his
group were two riders who have
ridden in all three tours, two firsttimers and the rest were enjoying their second ride. One firsttimer expressed his amazement
at the size of the United States
compared to his homeland of Ireland and he wants to return for
the 2008 tour.
For more information about
"The Irish Route 66'ers" and their
fund raising go to:
Forever Friends
Mary Barham, Karen Baiotto, Susan, Tom Baumgartner, Lynda
Siminske and guest of honor, Claudia Askew.
by Lynda Siminske
Sandburg Middle School in
Glendora is not only an excellent
and California Distinguished
School, it is also place where past
and present employees have a real
bond of friendship.
Here are a group of present
and retired Sandburg employees
enjoying one of their monthly
breakfasts at Peppertree Restaurant in Glendora.
This was a special breakfast
as we were saying "goodby" to
retired Sandburg head secretary
Claudia Askew who is moving to
Lake Oswego, Oregon.
San Gabriel
910 E. Main St., Alhambra, CA
(626) 281-1006 (626) 576-1048
OPEN: Sunday - Thursday 9am - 10pm
Friday - Saturday 9am - 1am
BUFFET - $19.99
Thursday - Sunday 5:00pm
The San Gabriel Valley
October 19 - 25, 2006
9th Annual Citrus College "A Taste of Autumn" Event
Sunday, October the 8th,
from 4 to 8 p.m. on the campus
of Citrus College, another great
and growing bigger food and vintage wine tasting event took
place. For those of us who have
attended the previous fundraising
events, this year’s food vendors,
wine representatives, silent auction, art exhibits and musical entertainment just keeps getting
better. This year's theme "A
Passport to Temecula" was presented in a 23-page event program booklet, starting with a
welcoming letter from the Citrus College Foundation President, Phyllis A. Fritz, along with
being the Chair of this year "A
Taste of Autumn 2006".
Upon entry to the event
grounds, each person was presented with a plastic tray and a
complimentary souvenir glass
stemmed wine glass with
Coldwell Banker Millennium on
Bill Singleton
one side and the Taste of Autumn
date and emblem on the other side
as a memento of this year’s
event. Starting off at 4 p.m. with
the opening of the silent auction
with the proceeds to support student scholarships. The art exhibit
and sales was opened along with
music being presented by the
Citrus College Jazz Combo. The
food vendors and wine tasting
areas were starting to dish out
Part of Silent Auction Display.
their selections.
Around 5:30 p.m., the Citrus
Singers started entertaining the
attendees as they joined their
friends and others at the large
scattered tables within the grass
and tree lined center area, some
marked reserved and others open
to anyone's seating. The center
court was surrounded by the
food and wine vendors, convenient for all to sample the more
than 50 different varieties of
foods and the great varieties of
wines from local and out of town
vintners. About 6 p.m., President
Phyllis Fritz and Citrus College
President, Michael Viera welcomed all those in attendance for
this year's festivities.
Everyone appeared to enjoy
the different varieties of foods
and sample all you wanted of the
great varieties of wines, many
from the Temecula Valley. The
many gifts and donations for the
silent auction started closing
about 6:30 p.m. with final closing at about 7:15 p.m. There was
also an opportunity drawing for
a trip to Temecula and visiting
all the winery areas. During the
evening entertainment, you were
musically presented with David
Cabassi, 2005 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition finalist, the Citrus Singers, Citrus Jazz
Combo and Night Shift, a poprock ensemble. The Taste of
Autumn Committee, who put together this year's bigger and better event: Michelle Bart, Jane
Cole, Tina Crosby, Mike Fehrs,
Phyllis Fritz, Paula Green, Janna
Hirth, Sharon Lewis, Rene
Martinez, Nancy Magnusson and
Adrienne Thompson. With many
other support staff and sponsors
who contributed to this year’s
success. Next year’s event will
take place Sunday, October 7th,
same place and same time, so
plan ahead and mark your calendars. Just a few of the over 50
food vendors : B.J.'s Restaurant,
Barn Burner, Candy Connection,
Casa Moreno, Chipolte, El
Cholo, Dave & Buster's, Cold
Stone Creamery, Giovanni's,
Frisella's Roastery, Glendora
Quiche, Outback Steakhouse,
Starbucks, Sweet Lumpy's BBQ,
Tulipano Ristorante, The Village
Eatery, Two-A-Tea, Dona Rosa
Bakery, and many more. Wineries present: Leonesse Cellars,
Maurice Car'rie Vinyards,
Miramonte Winery, Packing
House Wines, Rancho de
Andallusia Winery, Tour du Vin
Wine, Ve La Cereza Winery, along
with many more. Thanking everyone who attended and looking forward to next year's A Taste
of Autumn at the Citrus College
campus on Sunday, October 7th,
Guests at Taste of Autumn.
A couple of the food vendor stands.
Members of the Board.
David Corgan Completes Toyota Truck Champion Program
Corgan of Toyota Of Glendora
in Glendora has been certified as
a Toyota Truck Champion after
completing four days of specialized training on the 2007 Toyota
Tundra at the Toyota truck
Princeton, Indiana.
The Truck Champion initiative is the latest in a series of
efforts to make trucks and truck
selling a focal point of Toyota
dealership operations nation-
wide. Led by truck industry experts from across the nation,
these sessions provided Corgan
with the latest in truck business
management techniques, an indepth technical vehicle immersion and an unprecedented "behind-the-scenes" tour of plant
"We know we have an extraordinary new truck coming with
the 2007 Toyota Tundra," said
Greg Kitzens, corporate manager
for the University of Toyota,
Toyota's dealer training division.
"But we also realize that it's more
than just product that's going to
help us expand in this segment.
We're relying on Truck Champions to serve as the cornerstone
of truck-related activities in the
dealership - helping to manage
sales, marketing, merchandising,
service and training. This new
position will go a long way in
providing the professional truck
Please turn to DAVID / B7
The San Gabriel Valley
David Corgan of Toyota Of Glendora.
October 19 - 25, 2006
Covina’s Bluesapalooza & Thunderfest
By George Ogden
COVINA – On Saturday, October 14th, Covina had their annual Bluesapalooza and
Thunderfest event. The weather
seemed a little threatening, but the
crowds still came and enjoyed
the entire day and evening.
Citrus Ave. was closed between San Bernardino Road and
Badillo from 1 - 10 PM. The side
streets coming into Citrus Ave.
were also closed as thousands of
people came to this HUGE event.
Four blocks were set up with
displays of all kinds of cars and
There was a lot of fun and
good times from afternoon until
late night. Civic Center Park had
craft and food booths. There
were special areas that had fun
stuff for all ages. There were a
number of locations throughout
the event area that had some great
bands playing the good old
sounds of “rock n roll” that everyone enjoyed.
On top of that, there were a
number of in-house locations
with more great music and entertainment that went all day and
late into the evening.
If you are into antique & vintage cars, classics cars, hot
rods and race cars, this was the
place to be. They were there all
There were all kinds of craft and vender booths.
over the place and many of the
owners were NRHA members.
If you missed it, then you will
have to wait until next year.
The hard work with the custom cars and bikes was certainly
apparent with the huge amount
of time and money that the owners put into these fine machines
to make them what they are today.
The car owners, racing teams
and bikers took pride in their machines and answered questions
from the young enthusiast to the
old timers who remembered the
old days while checking out the
vintage cars.
Taste of Texas provided lunch
for event participants and staff
at city hall, and the same people
were treated to dinner by Out
Back Restaurants. Both meals
were fantastic and the city was
honored to have them on board
with their valued support and
Everyone from the venders to
the visitors enjoyed this entertaining, fun event.
Hot Rods were a big hit for everyone. The drivers and crews answered questions and provided information for the people.
There were a number of dragsters there. Owners and drivers
were on hand to answer any questions.
Classic cars as well as modified high speed machines were on display at the event.
Vintage cars were on display along Citrus. Many remembered the
good old days.
The weather didn’t stop people from coming and enjoying the day and late into the night.
The San Gabriel Valley
This funny car is one fast Sheriff’s Unit. Speeders will not get away
from this one.
October 19 - 25, 2006
Rock and Roll and Ghosts for Gamers
Guitar Hero 2 is almost ready
to rock dorms and apartments
across America! The sequel to
this hit PS2 title is expanding onto
the Xbox 360 as well as the PS2.
Set for release in early November this unique music game that
takes the air out of air guitar-ing
is ready to explode with over 50
new songs. Gamers will also be
able to play the new co-op mode
that has them working together
to cover bass or lead guitar. Sold
with or without the guitar accessory, plays can strut and fret their
hearts out to hit songs by matching the colored cords to the fret
buttons and hitting the strum of
the guitar in beat to the music.
This simple to pick up game
is great for casual gamers and
parties. Almost any party goer
can learn to play this within their
second song and those that can't
simply lack the basic motor skills
to play any game! A nice new
feature on the sequel is handicap-
ping that will allow advanced
players to challenge new players,
but remain on separate difficulty
Oblivious Motorists
By Lorie Pope Pauly
The other day as I was driving
down a busy street, a car came out
of a driveway in front of my car
causing me to put on my brakes
and swerve dangerously in order
not to hit him and cause damage to
other vehicles.
The driver was unaware of the
havoc he had caused and went
blissfully on his way creeping along
much slower than the traffice flow
he had entered.
If you have been driving a car
for any length of time, I'm sure you
have had similar close calls.
It seems that we motorists are
plagued with dreamers who take off
in traffic with no thought of those
about them.
They often turn without a signal, change lanes without any indication of their intention, and may
have their cell phone glued to their
sandwich,drinking coffee or putting on makeup and I have seen
several drivers shaving as they
sped down the freeway.
These folks are heedless to others and act as if they are the only
car on the road.
The most amazing thing about
them is that they may cause any
number of pile-ups, but they
squeak by without causing any
harm to their own car.
They seem to be in another
world and are absolutely oblivious
to the chaos they cause, as they
continue on their absentminded
To ease my frustration, I wrote
the following poem:
Some folks get behind the
Take off in the traffic stream,
Oblivious to the other cars,
Seems like they are in a
They change lanes without a
On impulse, they make their
Fellow driver's right of way,
Is the least of their concerns!
It will ever be a puzzle.
And, I guess, we'll never
When other cars are going
They just creep along real
They miss collisions, by the
Leaving havoc, in their path,
Fist waving, shouting, angry
Spewing out, their foaming
They may be a man or woman.
Absent mindedness knows no
They motor along, completely
Disrupting peace and causing
I don't pretend to know the
Can't guess how they stay
Unaware of causing pile-ups,
Unscathed, undaunted, they
The San Gabriel Valley
levels. This makes the game
even more fun for casual and
hardcore gamers alike. This will
be the ultimate party and music
game of the year! I can't wait
for this game to be released.
F.E.A.R is getting ready to
release on the PlayStation 3 as a
launch title and on the Xbox 360
in late November. This award
winning PC first person shooter
mixes a blend of non stop action
with suspense and horror.
Known for intense battles and
amazing physics, gamers have
been thrown into a world where
shadows hide secrets and the
government is playing catch up
to a little spooky girl with strange
powers. Also planned for both
titles is a full fledged multiplayer
mode with up to 32 players.
Sierra released a PC version
of the game called F.E.A.R Combat, which allows gamers full
access to the multiplayer mode
which can be found on their
for free. Gamers can get a taste
of F.E.A.R and get ready for the
PC only expansion pack, Extrac-
tion Point coming out near the
end of this month too. Both titles
look great and will sure to be a
hit with action gamers. Both titles
are rated M for intense combat
and realistic violence and gore.
Also coming up is the Marvel:
Ultimate Alliance title for the PS2,
PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360 and
handhelds. This action packed
four player co-op beat'em up is
like X-Men Legends or the upcoming Justice League Heroes.
With amazing graphics and a
staggering company of playable
heroes with tons of special
moves and attacks, this online
playable title should be heaven for
comic book fans as they see their
favorite characters battle it out
in memorable scenes. For action
fans this game will offer more
then you can shake an
adamantium claw at. As a comic
book nerd, I'm excited to see
characters like Galactus, Dr.
Strange and other less then top
shelf characters. This is be a
solid title and is coming out this
month for most system and
launch for PS3.
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Fun With The ‘Taste of West Covina’
October 19 - 25, 2006
By George Ogden
WEST COVINA — The West Covina
Chamber of Commerce and Westfield
Shopping Town teamed up to put on a
three day event. The event, “Taste of West
Covina” was held in the parking lot of
Westfield Shopperstown in West Covina.
The event was to raise money that
would benefit the Chamber and other local service organizations in the city. Some
of these organizations were also participants in the event as well. A few of these
were the West Covina Woman’s Club,
West Covina Beautiful, the Historical Society of West Covina, Kiwanis, PTA, Lions, Rotary and the Sunrise Rotary.
The event had some great food from
over 40 local restaurants. Folks came in
and sampled various dishes from among
the food venders.
One evening they had Casino Night
where the evening slanted to the Roaring
Twenties Days. Players played to win
prizes at the end of the evening.
The West Covina Police were on hand
with their SWAT Officers with displays
and tactical equipment. The officers answered questions and demonstrated some
of the tools they use for their job.
They also had a silent auction for some
great items. Everyone was treated to
some great entertainment with Elvis closing out the final evening.
Westfield and the West Covina Chamber would like to thank everyone who
participated and all those who attended
and had a fun time, which made this a
very successful event.
Westfield had a number of fun booths at the event.
Casino Night was a lot of fun with a number of people showing their skill at the tables.
Broncos Grill was one of the many favorite restaurants that participated.
The event was well attended and the crowd enjoyed the great entertainment..
Directions from the 210 FWY:
Take either LONE HILL AVE exit,
Turn NORTH onto LONE HILL Ave.
End at 1447 E Route 66, Glendora
Mon - Sat: 5:00pm - 1:00am
Sun 11:30am - 1:00am
The San Gabriel Valley
October 19 - 25, 2006
San Dimas Festival Sets 10th Wildlife Art Show
Twenty Artists To Exhibit Original Work; Live Animals Scheduled To Appear Saturday And Sunday
Themed "Living Wild," the San
Dimas Festival of Arts will stage
its lOth annual Wildlife Art Show
and Sale Saturday, Oct. 21 from
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, Oct.
22 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Civic
Center Plaza, 245 E. Bonita Ave.
Art in the gallery will showcase the work of 20 artists who
specialize in an array of subjects,
including images of landscapes
and domestic and wild animals.
Some artists discover their subjects virtually in their own back
yards. Others-travel the world to
find the exotic creatures they
depict in oil, watercolor, bronze,
drawing and mixed media.
This is a juried show, with the
top three artists awarded gold,
silver and bronze medal designed
by Glendora sculptor Richard
The appearance of a live wolf
from Wolf Mountain Sanctuary
in Lucerne Valley will highlight
Saturday's activities. Tonya
Littlewolf, founder and director
of the sanctuary, will give visitors a chance "to get up close
and personal" with one of her
wolves. She will give a seminar
on Saturday at 1 p.m. discussing her lifelong connection with
various species. She allows tours
of the sanctuary by appointment.
She may be reached at (760)
Fawn Nyvold, director of
Santa Clarita Valley-based Animal
Encounters, will stage a show on
Sunday at 1 p.m., featuring an
array of exotic animals and birds
of prey. Animal Encounters offers wildlife education programs
to raise funds for the rescue and
rehabilitation of injured or abandoned animals. Those who recover sufficiently are released
back into the wild. But many require permanent care. Some of
these ultimately are able to serve
as ambassadors for their species
and participate in programs for
schools, organizations and private parties.
In keeping with the festival's
mission to foster art education,
eight students from San Dimas
High School have been invited to
display their work on the gallery
stage. In addition, the work of
students in grades K-8 will be
showcased in San Dimas City
Artists selected for the juried
exhibit are Margarita Akerson of
Aliso Viejo, Jane Alcorn of Fremont, Rita Bechtold of Huntington Beach, Diane Bruckner of
Canyon Country, William
Churchill Jr. of Anaheim, Ron
Dotson of Jamul, Lindsey
Foggett of Forest Falls, Carol
Heiman-Greene of Orange, Patty
Jacobs of Diamond Springs,
Brenda Johnson of Crestline,
Gary R. Johnson of Encinitas,
Sandra Jordan of San Diego,
Leslie Kirchner of Green Valley,
Richard Myer of Glendora, K.E.
Pack of Ramona, Rosemarie
Rush of Yorba Linda, Nick Ryan
of Sarasota Springs, Utah, Jerry
Sawitz of Thousand Oaks, Karen
Siek of Fresno and Rob Sutton
of Monrovia.
In addition to original work,
many of the artists will bring
prints, postcards, stationery and
other items for sale in the Outpost. Some also will contribute
an original work to the Artists
Portfolio. This will be raffled on
Sunday, with just 100 tickets
sold at $15 each.
The premier opening of the
gallery will be held Friday, following a 6 p.m. dinner in Civic
Center Plaza. There is a $25 per
person cost. For reservations
and information, call Judi Smith,
(909) 599-5374. More information is on our website:
“Alpha Male” by Leslie Kirchner
For Los Ang
(626) 852-3374
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Kyle A Cline, Agent
CA lic. #: 0D16727
1275 E. Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740
Bus: 626-335-0815
[email protected]
ir w
We Live Where You Live.
ar c e
ye i e n
22 p e r
We are ready to
assist you. We
publish, file and
record your
documents. Call us
It’s no accident more people trust
Sate Farm to insure their cars.
Call today
Now with Digital X-Rays
[email protected]
(90% less radiation)
Orthodontic Consultation
Metal Ceramic, Invisalign Braces
Cleaning, X-Rays & Exam
1 Hour Bleaching
Do-It-Yourself Bleaching
9am - 6pm
*We Cater to Children
*Cosmetic Dentistry
*Fresh Breath Treatment
*Root Canals
*Discolored Gum Treatment
*Crowns & Bridges
*Dentures& Plates
*White Fillings
SOLANKI Saturday
9am - 1pm
1135 E. Route 66 @ Pacific Plaza 9755 Arrow Route @ Archibald
626-650-1111 909-476-6666
The San Gabriel Valley

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