Harding Herald Principal`s Message



Harding Herald Principal`s Message
Joseph Niemantsverdriet, Principal
Harding Herald
February 2016
Principal’s Message:
We are quickly approaching the mid-point of the third quarter. I want to thank the students, staff and parents for their continued support of Harding Middle School. We continue to focus daily on improving student achievement. This is a good time to sit with your child and review their progress to date and help them
to set achievement goals for the rest of the quarter and remainder of the school year. Congratulations to the
78 students who made the Distinguish Honor Roll for the second quarter. These students earned a GPA of
4.0 or better. 123 students attained Honor Roll in the second quarter. Honor Roll recipients had an overall
grade point average of 3.5 or better. There were 113 students who earned a place on the Merit Roll for the
second quarter, with a GPA of 3.0 or better. The names of these students are listed later in the publication.
Please join me in celebrating their success!
February is a busy month, especially for eighth graders, who have started to plan their schedules for
the High School. The transition from middle school to Lakewood High School can be daunting for both parents and students, but LHS and Harding are committed to making the course selection process as easy as
Eighth grade students visited LHS in early January for Buddy Day. Eighth grade parents
should already have seen a copy of the High School Course Guide to come home with their children this
past week. Mrs. Dalton has also been meeting with the current 8th grade students to discuss course options
for next year. These meetings will continue to take place throughout the month of February.
In athletics, we have concluded the girls’ basketball season and have begun the boys’ basketball season and cheerleading. Wrestling also continues through the middle of the month. We encourage all Harding students and families to come support our student-athletes as they represent our school in Southwest
Conference play.
Harding students continue to support our community with events sponsored by a variety of our student groups including HIROS, student council, and 8th grade language arts. Beginning this week, our physical education department will be sponsoring a series of dodgeball games before school on Tuesday and
Thursday mornings to focus on encouraging students to become more active and supporting the Jordan’s
Family Foundation. Students should see Mr. Giorgis for details.
Joseph Niemantsverdriet
Harding Herald
I wanted to share with you some news that I reported to the Board at its January 19 meeting. With most all
the estimated costs in hand for our final phase of construction, the District finds itself with a cost overrun
of 6% or about $6 million. The District plans to cover the budget gap through a proposed agreement with
the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC).
A combination of factors are behind the overrun, and are beyond the control of the District. The factors
include construction costs that have spiked beyond projected inflation rates, higher than anticipated transition site costs, costs associated with historical preservation, unexpected issues with unsuitable soil at all
sites, and a higher cost of environmental remediation at two of the sites.
The District has a plan to cover the overruns by asking the OFCC for additional funds at its April meeting.
The District is required to cover 69% of the overrun through money that exists outside of its general fund
in various accounts, such as permanent improvement funds, McKinley property agreement funds, prior
and current construction funds, food service funds, donations and interest earnings. The state will provide
its 31% of the funding if needed at the end of the project.
There is a possibility the District will not need to dip into these funds to close the cost gap. If at the end of
the project money remains in the contingency fund required by the state, then that money will go toward
making up the cost difference.
Despite the budget challenge, the good news is that the buildings are still scheduled to be completed according to the original timetable with the elementary schools opening in August 2016 and the high school
wings ready for use in August 2017.
Jeffrey W. Patterson
Board of Education
Tom Einhouse, President
Betsy Bergen Shaughnessy, Vice President
Emma Petrie Barcelona,
Linda Beebe
Edward Favre
Superintendent Chat
On Wednesday, Feb. 17, Superintendent Jeff Patterson will hold his third Superintendent Chat of the school year. The chat
will take place at 6 pm in the Garfield Middle School cafetorium. At this chat, Superintendent would like to begin the discussion of what the future use of Taft, Franklin and the Board of Education building should be. No reservations are needed,
just show up with your questions and comments! Hope to see you there.
Harding Herald
Seventh-Grade News - February
Mrs. Kilgore - The students’ brains have been firing a lot of synapses since we started the Algebra unit. Since
it can be such an abstract concept for most kids, we’ve been taking it slowly, one concept at a time. I
keep telling them, “It’s a workout for your brain! It keeps you sharp.” Algebra is definitely a love/hate relationship. Please encourage students to keep up on their homework and
60 minutes of Math MobyMax each week. We are also holding an epic pizza party at the
end of the quarter for the class with the highest homework average! We need to continue to encourage them to have the “fire in the belly” toward their studies!
Mrs. Gray - January was a busy month for the 7th grade Algebra class. After finishing up an extensive
review of exponents and exponential graphs, we moved onto the very important statistics unit. This
stats unit is a common core requirement and includes data distribution, a study of the measures of center, standard deviation, and causation vs. correlation. We have also been using the graphing calculator
for creating box and whisker plots and will be using it for several other parts of this unit. The students
received their own separate booklet for the unit, which will last well into February.
Ms. Pollner - January was a busy month. Students worked hard on their legacy projects, learning how to gather, organize, and cite facts to create a research paper. Directions for part two of the legacy project
(interviews) were given. The projects are due March 7. Further information about the project can be
found on Google Classroom. Students investigated the concepts of propaganda and persuasion and will
tie them in with our new novel, the memoir Red Scarf Girl. In addition, students will write a persuasive paper using the skills learned in the research paper. Students should be completing 30 minutes of
MobyMax Language (Grammar) and 30 minutes of MobyMax reading (specific assignments) each week. The
time period for MobyMax runs from Monday to Sunday each week. MobyMax works with students at their
individual levels and covers many important concepts. Check progress book for the specific assignments each
week. Each night, material covered in class and homework is posted on Progress Book.
As always, if you have any concerns, please contact one of us as soon as possible at 216-529-4261; individual
teacher emails can be found on Progress Book.
The Seventh Grade Team
Harding Herald
Eighth Grade News
Mr. Maxhimer's and Mrs. Varga's (Ms. Ebel currently) Language Arts classes are in
the midst of a unit covering literature from the Holocaust. We will be reading
“Night” by Elie Wiesel, a true story about a young boy, age 13, and his experiences
in the concentration camps. The unit then finishes up with the students reading
the play version of “The Diary of Anne Frank”. Students will be completing projects at the conclusion of both texts!
The Revolution has ended and a New Nation is forming! Social Studies students will investigate the creation of a brand new country and the formation of rules and laws that govern the United States. Students will examine and analyze text and primary documents to best
understand America's development. Students get to express creativity and meaningful understanding through a variety of lessons and activities including: political cartoon creation, Supreme Court case debates and more!
In this math module of instruction, students learned about translations, reflections,
and rotations in the coordinate plane and how to use them to precisely define the concept of
congruence. Up to this point, congruence, has been defined as “Same size and shape”. Because this module begins a serious study of geometry, this definition must be replaced by a
precise definition. It is our goal to provide intuitive background knowledge for the precise
definition that is introduced in this module for the first time.
In pre-algebra this week, students continued their exploration of the concept of congruence. Students connected angles relationships and side lengths to congruence and similarity. Next week, students will explore the Pythagorean Theorem
based on the angle-angle citation for similar triangles. Many relationships exists between angles, including triangles and transversals cutting through two parallel lines.
You can help at home by asking you child daily what was learned in math. Ask your
child to describe rigid transformations and non-rigid transformations; reflection, rotation,
translation, and dilation in his/her own words. Watch YouTube videos posted on our google
classroom. Please remind your child that tutoring is available after school should they need
additional support with mastering the daily learning targets.
Harding is hosting it’s very first digital science fair this year. Judging will begin on
January 27th and end on January 31st. All of the judging will be done online by
teachers, engineers, scientists, and other professionals from around the country. Once the top 12 projects are selected, those students will have the opportunity
to take their projects to the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair at Cleveland State in March.
Washington DC trip update:
There was an overwhelming response to the Washington DC trip and we have 130
participants for this year’s trip! Students attending the trip are selling chocolate,
cheese, and other misc. items now through Feb 10 to raise money for their trip.
A reminder that the second payment is due the week of Feb. 16-19! Please contact
Mr. Maxhimer if there are any questions concerning the trip.
Harding Herald
Español Febrero 2016
Hace mucho frío y está congelado!
Hola padres, SP 1 kids are learning stem changing verbs and weather. Stem verbs can be
challenging and require repeated visits to lessons, notes, web sites etc., that help drill, quiz
and master the 4 different types of stem changes that occur. We are also learning weather
vocabulary and the four seasons. Your child will be able to able to tell you the weather in
Spanish for any given day of the year, just ask him/her.
A major assessment is a weather presentations using Google slides and presenting the
weather before the class with no notes. Icons and images are welcome on the slides but no
words can be used. Ask kids about their pretentions in class regarding weather.
Please recall that SP 1 is a yearlong class that has a cumulative final exam towards the end
of May. With the Washington trip occurring in later May, there will be a few days when students will not have class and therefore will not be practicing, hearing, saying or drilling with
Sp. I encourage students to review older material, quizzes, tests, presentations, and past assignments that will help them prepare for the final test.
Websites that are helpful: quia.com, spanishspanish.com, studyspanish.com, conjuguemos.com, duolingo.com, classzone.com, etc.
Harding Herald
Distinguished Honor Roll
Q2 2015.16
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Al Wuhaili, Shahad
Benally, Sireena
Arnold, Emma
Broughton, Lilia (Lily)
Bianco, Sofia
Auck, Christina
Calleri, Elena
Costanzo, Quinn
Banak, Kim
Condosta, Mia
Dockus, Cole
Barrett, Dante
Darr, Ilana
Erway, Aidan
Beaver, Gabriel
Daso, Joseph
Eubanks, Holly
Camp, Logan
Elhachdani, Amal
Ferry, Joshua
Carson, Emma
Hanna-Kotula, Alesha
Getrost, Mira
Checkett, Terence
Henrikson, Mollie
Harmon, Caroline
Cunningham, Maizy
Humphreys, Elizabeth (Ellie)
Joyce, Catherine
Doerr, Miabella
Hunter, Zoe
Kavc, Jacob
Dolatowski, Esther
Hyatt, William
Kelly, Joseph
Dreger, Halina
Kavc, Julia
Kompier, Emily
Leon, Alissa
Keeper, Ivy
Lipka, Sophie
Levis, Cameron
LoPiccolo, Una
Milenski, Charlotte
Mahmoud, Nayfeh
Macaluso, Gillian
Miller, Griffin
Miranda, Sophia
Mohammed, Danish
Myers, Elizabeth
O'Donnell, Sean
Smith, Ryan (J)
Nagel, Aubree
Roderick, Peyton
Stallbaum, Samuel
Odat, Omar
Shields, Laura
Sterling, Aidan
Odat, Salsbeel
Stahl, Audrey
Watts, Miles
O'Donnell, Mary (Colette)
Thurman, Aurora
Weiss, Sophia
Peters, Hailey
Wahl, Ava
Wilhelmy, Inga
Rivera, Taylor
Wilhelmy, Sydney
Rosser, Willow
Wright, Jake
Seckers, Anastasia
Snyder, Madison
Sorge, Annabelle
Stanuch, Caden
Tumbleson, Madelyn
Wood, Caleana
Zingale, Aidyn
Harding Herald
Sixth Grade
Honor Roll
Q2 2015.16
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Abramczyk, Eric
Alniserawiy, Mohammed
Anthony, Jerry
Afram, Michael
Bannerman, Jayse (Jay)
Baldridge, Cassidy
Arnold, Callum
Bjorn, Mitchell
Chamot, Joseph
Be, Zaja Na
Bour, Elizabeth
Chanter, Ella
Brown, Evan
Bryson, Una
Clause, Ava
Chanter, Amanda
Cheiky-Fakadej, Zeylie
Cooper, Isabelle
Clemens, Cale
Constantine, Cameron
Crino, Catherine
Cocan, Christopher
Cook, Annika
Crone, Skye
Crone, Ryder
Danovi, Luca
Dressler, Jasmyn
Cronin, Joseph
Dunne, Martin
Fordu, Lily
Eisel, Noah
Fielder, Chloe
Gill, Grace
Eubanks, Noelle
Fox, Casey
Harper, Morgan
Goings, Jacob
George, Maya
Heidorf, Grace
Gutierrez, Sophia
Griffin, Rachel
Hoegner, Harlan
Hamad, Leanna
Gronn, Jason
Holden, Robert
Hill, Colin
Gronn, Samantha
Holden, William
Hoppel, Grace
Hamad, Reham
Hudak, Nicole
Hupcey, Deidre
Hanna, Savannah
Humphreys, Isaac
Irwin, Claudia
Healy, Kate
Hupcey, Jonas
Kozel, Braeden
Hudson, August Marie
Kieres, Julian
Lee, Evan
Jarecke, Sara
Kneeland, Mila
Lynch, Myles
Johnson-Saicholkrailert, Arcadia
Kocian, Taylor
Markos, Liam
Kimes, Foster
Kotansky, Emily
McIntire, Lucy
Kress, Alexander
Lammers, Dalton
Meeker, Gavin
Lazroff, Tyler
Mankin, Adalyn
Mika, Joshua
Masek, Nikolai
McIntire, Emily
Minadeo, Molly
McHugh, Erin
Mohamed, Aziza
O'Donnell, James
Melicant, Brandon
Musleh, Noor
Pacella, Ethan
Merriner, Benjamin
Neumarker, Morgan
Papadorotheou, Lennah
Miller, Kailey
Ohmer, Makenzy
Perron, Kasey
Moorman, Mallory
Reynolds, Scott
Perry, Edan
Orlando, Mason
Rigdon, Anna
Shields, Julia
Segreto, Isabella
Roe, Mackenzie
Simmons, Zachary
Sheldon, John (Jack)
Rook, Ivy
Stringer, Alexis
Simcox, Sistina
Rossen, Payton
Stringer, Sophia
Sutliff, Eden
Snyder, Logan
Strong, Sasha
Tabor, Sadie
Szentkiralyi, Julia
Taddesse, Sahng-Hui (Sana)
Thompson, Simon
Trautmann, Lindsay
Ulintz, Riley
Warren, Audrey
Waterwash-Rodriguez, Jared
Weiss, Anna
Williams-Riseng, Nola
Weisbarth, Emily
Winters, Lucas
Zarbo, Nicholas
Wilhelmy, Albert
Harding Herald
Sixth Grade
Merit Roll
Q2 2015.16
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade
Alhamdani, Hasan
Allio, James
Abuaun, Gabriel (Jabreel)
Breitenstein, Hazel
Abukhalil, Sami
Atfield, Ella
Christou, Angelique
AlSabbar, Ibrahim
Budzar, Max
DeArmas, Jasmine
Anderson, Brianna
Cech, Keegan
Ditchman, Charles
Binfield, Marina
Cintron, Antonio
Fearon, Ashley
Bliss, Hunter
Cocan, Sebastian
Ferry, Dylan
Bozak, Edward
Crawford, Susan
Fisher, Taylor
Brizzi, Gabriela
Cuffaro, Charles
Guinther, Torren
Carson, Nathan
Dachtler, Austin
Horstemeier-Epperson, Bella
Cintron, Carlos
Do, Thien-Long
Jensen, Madeline
Deyo-Flagg, Amara
Esposito, Jordan
Johnson, Jahmere
Doss, Shakira (Kira)
Franciscus, Kate
Jones, Darron
Drewke, Michael
Graber, Ryan
Griffin, Andrew
Kocsis, Nathan
Elswick, Rylie
Moraco, Mackenzie
Feiler, Dillon
Hart, E Sa
O'Malia, Kiely
Gregg, Evangelina
Hedges, Karla
Parmelee, Connor
Grunder, Jacob
Jawad, Ahmed
Patterson, Joshua
Hamdan, Amina
Johnson, Cora
Salloum, Djini
Hannum, Patrick
Kraidich, Grace
Severino, Bridget
Herrington, Claire
Kutkut, Hussein
Smith, Michael
Hughes, Mason
Leaf, Peyton
Toledo, Dominic
Kessler, McKenna
Martin, Cullen
Toole, James
Kizzee, Arbrianna
McFarlin, Madelyn
Ungar, Natalie
Lammers, Lauren
Minadeo, Michael
Weisbarth, Jonathan
McFarland, Morgan
Mitchell, Kallie
Ya, Ro Ge
Mitchell, Logan
Mohammed, Husamuddin
Jawad, Ahmed
Moncrief, Elijah
Nagy, Emma
Nagy, Zoltan
Nelson, Ashley
Nelson, Jacob
Nieves, Isabella (Bella)
O'Dell, Gavin
Norris, Nikena
O'Malia, Finn
Sheppard, Ryan
Patterson, Olivia
Solomon, Alexandria
Potter, Maxwell
Sorge, Turner
Ramos, Ayanna
Stockman, Mariana
Rossen, Mary Claire
Westrick, Chloe
Shean, Zaid
White, Nathanial
Solomon, George
Woike, Rozilynd
Swanson, Dashell
Wynn, Jack
Teets, Sean
Yzeiraj, Erik
Tessier-Crews, Matteo
Toledo, Gabriel
Toms, Gabrielle
Valescu, Nicholas
Villafane, Ella
Wacker, Ayden
Weiss-Zirker, Kaleb
Woodford, Ethel Marie
Harding Herald
Harding Herald
Harding Herald
Lakewood City Schools
1470 Warren Road
3:15 Ski and
Snowboard Club
@ Brandywine
4:30 Boys Bball
vs. Garfield
Ripcho Pictures
8th Gr. Group
4:30 Boys Bball
@ Avon
4:30 Boys Bball
vs. Midview
3:15 Ski and
Snowboard Club
@ Brandywine
3:00 H2O
@ Cafe
4:30 Boys Bball
vs. Lee Burneson
4:30 Boys Bball
vs. Learwood
3:00-4:00 PM
Reflection Pizza
@ Cafe
9:00 Wrestling
@ West Geauga
4:30 Boys Bball
@ Amherst
President’s Day
No School
4:30 Boys Bball
@ N. Ridgeville
7:00 PTSA Mtg.
@ PD Center
4:30 Boys Bball
vs. Middleburg Hts.
4:30 Boys Bball
@ N. Olmsted
3:00 H2O
@ Cafe
4:30 Boys Bball
vs. Olmsted Falls
TBA Wrestling
@ Brecksville/
Broadview Hts.
7:00-11:00 LHS
Winter Dance
@ Gym