August 2015



August 2015
Flint mini feature
Freebies for Flint Members
with Co-op Connections Card
August 2015
Energy tips
Free. Everyone likes to get something for free, and Flint Members are no
exception. This year, Flint has been giving away free oil changes, barbecue
sandwich combos and ice cream to Members who show their Co-op Connections Card at limited-time-offer events. If you don’t have a card, stop
by any of our offices to pick one up or call us at 800.342.3616. Then “like”
Flint on Facebook to be notified of the next giveaway event.
There are two ways to reduce the
amount of energy used for washing
clothes—use less water and use cooler
water. Switching your temperature
setting from hot to warm or cold can
cut a load’s energy use in half.
Clockwise from top: Flint Energies employees Jennifer Morton and Marian McLemore
greet Members at Shane’s Rib Shack in Kathleen during a recent event; Leslie B. Chestnut
shows off her free cup of ice cream she received by showing her Co-op Connections Card
during the event at Lane Southern Orchards; Ann Warren excitedly waves her Co-op
Connections Card at Shane’s, where she received a free sandwich combo.
August 2015
The official publication of Flint Energies
Periodically inspect your
dryer vent to ensure it is
not blocked. This will save
energy and may prevent
a fire. Manufacturers recommend using rigid venting material, not plastic
vents that may collapse
and cause blockages.
Cleaning the lint screen in
the dryer after every load
will improve air circulation
and prevent fire hazards.
Flint Feature
7,000 Members
choose Pay Your Way
“I love the pay-as-you-go-way of paying your bill. It
works for me.”
“I have to agree. It seems I actually save a little each
month, or maybe I’m just a little more cautious with
the power.”
These are just a few of the comments from satisfied
Flint Member-owners who are using our Pay Your
Way, prepaid electricity service.
Seven thousand Flint Energies Members have chosen
Pay Your Way as an option to traditional electric bills.
Their electric rate is the same, but they are no longer
subject to due dates, late fees or disconnect fees.
“We had been billing electricity in the same way for
75 years,” says Senior Vice President of Member and
Community Relations Jimmy Autry. “Usage has been
measured with a meter, and we rendered a bill after the
fact.” This after-the-fact billing could provide surprises
that did not fit into the Member’s budget.
Pay Your Way is a great service for Members who are
paid once or twice a month but have bill due dates that
do not match up with their paychecks. Many Members
who are paid each Friday find it easier to pay smaller
amounts each week instead of being hit with larger
monthly bills. Members can choose any day to pay for
electric service.
With Pay Your Way prepaid billing, the Member
chooses when and how to buy electric service. Unlike
traditional post-pay accounts, Pay Your Way allows
Members to pay for electricity before they use it. This
approach gives the Member more flexibility and control over the use of electricity.
Any Flint Member who has a 200-amp single phase,
non-demand residential account is eligible.
There is no additional cost to sign up for Pay Your Way.
Existing Members can convert their accounts to Pay Your
Way service by accepting the terms of agreement and
placing a minimum of $50 on the account for daily usage.
Unlike traditional accounts, Pay Your Way does not
require a $250 deposit and Members are never penalized for disconnects and reconnects. Members who
wish to convert an account to Pay Your Way, but have
an overdue balance, can pay in full prior to converting
or choose the Debt Management option of Pay Your
Way service.
Once implemented, payments can be made at Flint
Energies offices and remote payment stations during
normal working hours. Payments can be made 24
hours a day via credit card, debit card or check through
the automated call system at 800.342.3616, or online at Cash, credit card or check payments
can be made 24 hours a day at one of the two PaySite
kiosks at the Member Center in Warner Robins or
at the headquarters in Reynolds. Thousands of Flint
Members are now paying for service on their smartphones, using the free Flint Energies app.
When Members sign up for Pay Your Way service, they
will be asked to set up alerts and reminders on their
account. Alerts can be sent in any combination using
push notifications, text messaging and emails. Available alerts include: Low Balance Threshold, Service
Connected, Service Disconnected, Service Reconnected and Payment Confirmation.
If a Member’s account funds run out overnight, the
service is disconnected at 10 a.m. the next morning.
Members will receive low-balance alerts prior to being
set to disconnect, and will receive alerts once the
power has been cut off. Members can recharge their
account at any time; day or night, online, by phone, at
a kiosk or at Flint Energies offices and remote payment stations during normal working hours. Upon the
payment being processed, service will be automatically
restored within about 30 minutes.
“Flint Energies is in the business of meeting Member
needs,” Autry adds. “Pay Your Way is another value-added benefit that proves we are looking out for our
Members’ best interests.”
Commitment to community
Flint Energies
will be closed
Monday, September 7,
in observance of
Labor Day.
Briana Hart, left, Flint Energies Member Services Representative, gives away some Flint freebies on June 12. An estimated
800 to 1,000 people enjoyed the Frozen in the Park event hosted by Flint Energies and the Warner Robins Police Dept.
Bright Ideas grants fund innovative
teaching projects that are not part of
the regular school budget. The Bright
Ideas program distributes grants of up
to $1,000 for teachers of grades K-12 at
public or private schools in Flint Energies’
17-county service territory.
The day after a holiday is
extremely busy for
Member Services. Please
use automated services
like phone or the Internet,
or postpone your visit, if
possible. Your patience
is appreciated.
Giving teachers
a helping hand.
Flint Energies is powering the future of
our children with the help of those who
have their bills “rounded up” each
month through Operation RoundUp®.
Your pennies add up to support
Bright Ideas.
Visit to apply for
a 2015 grant. Hurry! The deadline
is Friday, September 4.
August 2015
Meet Stephanie Harvell
Facilities Assistant,
Cooperative cuisine
50 medium-sized chicken halves
Kosher salt
16 ounces canola oil
16 ounces apple cider vinegar
16 ounces Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce
16 ounces ReaLemon concentrate
16 ounces Texas Pete hot sauce, or substitute
Coarse-ground, cracked black pepper
Salt both sides of chicken halves. Prepare sauce by combining all liquids in a large stockpot. Heat until boiling,
then remove from heat and reserve.
Place chicken halves, cavity-side down, on a smoker
rack. Sprinkle pepper on top. Cook three hours at 250275 degrees. After one hour, begin mopping or spraying
sauce liberally on chicken at 20-minute intervals. After
three hours, test doneness by eyeball method of easily
twisting a leg quarter, or check with a meat thermometer for an internal temperature of 165 degrees. Serve
immediately or place in a lined cooler to keep warm.
Traditional Northeast
Georgia BBQ Chicken
and Mop Sauce
Courtesy of Ag Commissioner
Gary Black and Georgia Grown
Coat with remaining sauce, close cooler and allow an
additional 15-30 minutes for steaming.
If you have a favorite recipe you would like to share, send
a copy to: Cooperative Cuisine, Flint Energies, PO Box
7089, Warner Robins, GA 31095 or to [email protected]
Co-op Card deals
Each week, we feature a Co-op Connections
Card Deal of the Week. The following local
businesses offer discounts when you show
your Co-op Connections Card:
August 4: Receive $5 off a purchase of $25
at The Bird Store in Macon
August 11: Get one free drink with a $5
minimum purchase at Tina’s Place in
August 18: New subscribers to the
Tri-County Journal in Buena Vista
receive two months free
August 25: Get 5 percent off your total
ticket at Papa’s Pizza to Go in
Official publication of
Flint Energies
P.O. Box 308
Reynolds, GA 31076
Board of Directors
Neal L. Talton,
Sam M. Wellborn III,
Vice Chairman
David H. Cleveland,
Marian McLemore, Editor
Jeffrey P. Wainwright,
Member Services
Asst. Secetary-Treasurer
Patrick J. Braski
Donald Chase
Outage Hotline
Leighton Cooley
Arthur Head
Paul E. Hibbitts
Office Hours
Jane W. Perfect
Monday through Friday
Clarence J. Robinson Jr.
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Saturdays,
Sundays & Holidays
You, Flint Member
Flint Energies is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

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