Interzoo 2016: The top new products I Dogtra Europe presents iQ



Interzoo 2016: The top new products I Dogtra Europe presents iQ
2016: The top new products
Dogtra Europe presents iQ Pet
Dogtra, leading manufacturer and global supplier of
electronic training aids for dogs,
announces the launch of its pet
brand, iQ Pet, along with the latest in dog and dog owner motivation devices, the StarWalk.
The iQ Pet brand was created
with the mission to provide families with the right tools to build
healthier relationships with their
dogs. By creating products that
are reliable and intuitive to use,
iQ Pet believes that more dog
owners can effectively communicate with their dogs.
The StarWalk will be released this summer and is the
latest in the line of sophisticated
yet easy-to-use dog electronics. As such, pet owners will
be able to attach the StarWalk,
which is waterproof, via a universal bracket to all Dogtra and
iQ Pet collar straps as well as
most conventional straps. In addition, the StarWalk will be compatible for use with all Bluetooth
4.0-enabled smartphones. As
the latest addition in the iQ Pet
brand of products, the StarWalk
will serve as an active lifestyle
motivator for both dogs and
pet parents alike. Dog owners
will be able to spend more time
outdoors by setting and tracking daily goals, comparing accomplishments with dogs in the
same breed and weight class,
all while remaining current on
meeting goals facilitated by
the StarWalk system. The StarWalk’s sleek, durable design
lets users colour-customise
the StarWalk’s smart lights, enhancing visibility for night-time
walks. StarWalk has an alert
feature to remind dog owners
of medication times, and appointments via its Bluetooth
application. Additional
features include an accelerometer to track
daily activity goals.
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Tasty expansion of the Animonda range:
new GranCarno varieties
Animonda offers GranCarno
for smaller dog breeds in 200 g
The combination of special
kinds of meat with selected
vegetables hits the taste buds
of choosy dogs and offers the
desired variety in the feeding
GranCarno Adult in 200 g
cans is available in varieties
with calf’s liver + mangold,
with chicken liver + parsnip, with lamb’s liver + green
beans, with calf’s liver + celery, with duck heart + scorzonera and with turkey heart +
fennel. For younger dogs up to
PET worldwide sample page
the age of one year, Animonda
offers a variety with calf liver
+ parsnip. For older dogs from
seven years upwards, a variety
is available with duck heart +
GranCarno dog food in
200 g cans is made
exclusively from
fresh ingredients,
such as muscle
meat, heart, lung,
liver and kidney.
The can seals in the
typical meat flavour
that dogs like so
much, according to
Dr. Simone Radicke,
a veterinarian specialising in animal
nutrition and diet at
Like all Animonda products,
GranCarno in 200 g cans contains no soya, sugar, flavour
enhancers, artificial colours or
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